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RE: Ideal length for Class A

We are at 32' or 33' bumper to bumper. It fits in two end to end parking spots at WM. You can go about anywhere an UPS dually truck can go. It has a good size bath with tub and a walk around bed. We have no slides so today a 28' class A might have more room. If we had slides they would have to permit usage if never opened. Hey in the end only you will have the best idea of what will work for you. Took a trip by truck this month and saw a lot of new like Class A's that were generally much shorter than 10-20 years ago.
Gale Hawkins 08/29/15 12:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Trying to decide if we need a bigger truck

If you are asking then you may already know the answer. :) Had a cousin trade to get a bigger truck to pull the new RV for safety reasons.
Gale Hawkins 08/26/15 03:00pm Towing
RE: 460 or V10

I agree both engines are just fine. Age I find is more of a real concern and it is very hard to find shops with knownledge about 15+ year old chassis of any brand. Non chassis issues can multiply with age and give diminishing return on investment. For the person with the knowledge and health to maintain old MH's they can be OK. When one goes out for MH upkeep anything over 10 years old can be difficult.
Gale Hawkins 08/26/15 08:51am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Eternabond prep and install advice

6" eternabond is 2" wider than what you are suggesting and the EB doesn't need to be coated with sealant We used Eternabond Webseal on our RV and it does need to be coated to give it UV protection. You are correct if talking about PVC Eternabond. Webseal can be used over a 90 degree angle and still seal well. We coated with Rubber Roof coating.
Gale Hawkins 08/26/15 12:02am Tech Issues
RE: Eternabond prep and install advice

Spend the money and buy a roller. Eternabond sells one but, you can get the same thing cheaper on Ebay. I like the steel roller, some like the wood roller. They do a good job. I would probably use two sections for the arch. It will be easier. Maybe someone has a better idea for the arch area. 2x on getting the roller. There is the mechanical sticking more like duct tape then there is the chemical bonding. It takes a lot of pressure to pop the chemical bonding properties (westend covered that well). We use acetone to clean. Eternabond typically comes off for two reasons over time. The surface had silicone on it or not enough pressure was used to trigger the chemical bonding. In direct hot sun in hot weather it will stick to itself fast after you remove the plastic film we found if not carefully. We started it and pulled the plastic film out as we hand pressed it into place then rolled with a lot of pressure. This is all covered well on Eternabond site. It is not hard but doing a short test strip in a place it is need can be helpful. IF you have to lap it on the edges of the roof because you run out of a roll we started from the rear so limbs would not find a catch edge. Just like cutting lumber we did the long runs first to reduce odds of splicing. It is awesome stuff.
Gale Hawkins 08/23/15 10:17pm Tech Issues
RE: 460 or V10

Newer is better with all things being equal. We do have the 454 TBI in our 1992 P30 chevy chassis. Very pleased with it but it is old but all tuned up so it might be good for another 10 years BUT it is old. Any kind of accident will total it out. I have the Ford V-8 big block engine in our F700 farm truck but in a MH I would prefer a V-10. Try to not go over 10 years old if possible would be my thought if buying today. There is no hard and fast rule on what to buy.
Gale Hawkins 08/22/15 09:09pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: License Plate issues

We know plates are to be visible but I think short of drawing attention for being dangerous on the road that private/non commercial vehicles are not on the law's radar. We re did the rear of the bed on our farm truck and the tags have been laying on the dash for the last year but we do not drive it much. I would make a new mounting bracket if I was going far or out of state.
Gale Hawkins 08/22/15 10:41am Truck Campers
RE: How much does a new engine cost?

This may explain why the new MH's we saw traveling last Sun/Mon were fairly short and gas for the most part and looked to be 25-32' $30K is not bad for an over the road tractor that will see 1 million miles. Not so good for an older MH. Good pulls sounds reasonable however. With older farm tractors often you can buy an entire good used tractor for what the company will charge for a new replacement engine. There are sources for most any kind of used engines and transmissions as have been noted.
Gale Hawkins 08/22/15 10:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: NEW VA Policy - Coordinated Care for Traveling Veterans

This sounds like a step in the right direction. Some VA regions seem to have heavier patient loads. Appointment time wait seems to be short to get services at the St. Louis hospital but much longer to get an appointment for a clinic in the Nashville hospital for example. I think the VA is an example of government ran health care services for better or for worse. I have found the VA to be a solid health care option and selected it over Medicare. One thing that helped me mentally was if I have a 15 minute appt I still block out the ENTIRE day. :)
Gale Hawkins 08/22/15 08:13am RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Does your fridge maintain the same temp on AC & Propane?

jmcgsd I find it depends a lot on the outside air temps. When we switch to propane the temps behind the frig will run about 20 degrees higher. Over time that can heat soak the box from the outside. By the way of testing a lot one summer I found at the typical setting of 3 the frig temp will rise 1 degree for 3 degree rise in outside temps. Example: At 7am if air temps are 60F and frig temp is 32F then at 5 pm when the air temps have climbed to 85F then the frig temp will be about 40F which is still in the safe range for milk. These test were done with NO door opening using wireless sensors. When ran with two gallons of water in the freezer and three in the lower box the temp rise was less and slower.
Gale Hawkins 08/22/15 08:02am Travel Trailers
RE: Does your fridge maintain the same temp on AC & Propane?

Mine seems to operate the same in either mode. A refrigerator thermometer consistently indicates about 34 degrees F. in the fresh food section. Furthermore it cools down in just a few hours from an ambient start. Same here.
Gale Hawkins 08/21/15 12:09am Travel Trailers
RE: Continue camping or pet friendly hotels

It's a no brainer. You don't use the RV enough to justify the cost. Try either renting an RV or renting cabins in your favorite campground. 2x especially just from the $$$ angle. When we did the 2011 cross country with the 14 year old twins we still did 8 of the 31 day trip in hotels but had not pet concerns. In some places we got a nice motel with TV, WiFi, 300 gallons of hot water and a free breakfast for the price of the local RV park area. Because we were moving fast on that 8000 mile trip we could find a motel better than some of the 'hidden' camp grounds at 12 am. :) Retirement funds are not unlimited in our case of $$$ is a real factor. The cost of RV ownership is going up even if one has a $10K rig.
Gale Hawkins 05/31/15 06:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Working for AMAZON!

I keep using Amazon so I hope that gives some job security. :)
Gale Hawkins 05/04/15 01:52pm Workamping Forum
RE: New to RV'ing

Loodgeek that looks like a good deal just from the photos. New tires and greasing the hubs plus a lot of cleaning inside and outside may get it ready for the road. Best of luck.
Gale Hawkins 04/26/15 08:55pm Beginning RVing
RE: New to RV'ing

Lordgeek jumping in with both feet is a good way to get started I think since that is what most of us do. :) Some miss a lot of life by testing the waters one toe at a time. :) At $2700 if it is a total loss you will have lost less money than most posting here did on our first RV purchase. Letting the family pull the trigger was a great move and will be a great learning experience for the kids that can help them make fast decisions for the rest of their lives. Our kids were 9 when they asked for a MH and selected the one that we still have as they are about to turn 18. They have put many hours into its upkeep and have skills because of the MH that otherwise they would not have today. :)
Gale Hawkins 04/23/15 09:15am Beginning RVing
RE: New to RV'ing

Welcome to a new learning experience. The kids will love it and you were smart to let the wife and kids to pick it out.
Gale Hawkins 04/22/15 07:51am Beginning RVing
RE: Weight of such a Conversion?

I do not remember if it was mentioned but it may be more like a park model vs a self contained MH?
Gale Hawkins 04/17/15 12:49pm Class A Motorhomes
Weight of such a Conversion?

This looks like a cool rig but it looks heavy for sure.
Gale Hawkins 04/16/15 03:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Onan 4KY Consuming Oil After Change, Breather Tube/Crankcase

If it is not dripping oil then it would have to be getting pasted the rings I would think and smoking like crazy. Now that the weather is warm I want to look at our generator issue soon. No trip planned but non startin stuff eats at my brain. The PO must to have left the dipstick loose and blowed oil out the crank case and made a mess that we cleaned up. The High Mileage M1 10w-40 would have been the motor oil of choice too for a used air cooled engine. Keep us updated at you work with your generator. If it was not using oil and started using oil right after the oil change that is a clue. The MH1 oil could not start a leak really fast I would think.
Gale Hawkins 04/13/15 09:18am Tech Issues
RE: Buy 1-2 year old rental unit or private?

Bluesconnector there is no right or wrong answer to your question. MH's are wild cards at best. Sadly many private owners are in love with their purchase price wise and they can not be touched price wise. Rental units can be good or bad. They should have service records and tend to be basis in features meaning less to go wrong if the purchase turns out to be long term. We bought 15 years old at 91K miles but the 10 year owner was a motivated seller after losing his wife to cancer and was starting his own round with chemo in two weeks we learned after we agreed to his printed take it or leave it price. Newer the better. If I were to do it over again I would jump on a new like rental that was not abused/wrecked so I had min retirement capital tied up in a depreciating toy. There are many factors to consider but being an RV owner you already know that. Best of luck which ever way you go. The V-10's or V-8's would be ok in a general sense as far as I would be concerned. Any chassis will be OK but the house part can make/break long term satisfaction.
Gale Hawkins 03/01/15 06:55pm Class C Motorhomes
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