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RE: Solar Panel Mounts

I tried well nuts for my solar panel mount (using Z mounts). They pulled right out. Well, 17 years later it's obviously too late to argue about how exactly you did the install... but in my limited experience (putting several of them in last fall/winter), on the first attempt (or two) they *did* pull 'right out'. Turned out it was a mistake on *my* part, and when I went back and did it correctly, they held very solidly. The metal version aka 'riv-nuts' should work at least as well, with the slight difference of not being inherently water-tight. Since most people are going to cover everything in sight with some kind of sealant, it's debatable whether that's worth it or whether it's better to go with some thing that is mechanically stronger like you did. Either way works. What was your mistake in putting in the well nuts and how did you do it correctly? I distinctly remember drilling the proper size hole, inserting the well nut, and tightening the screw. In my case, the brass insert in the rubber pulled out quite easily.
Geewizard 04/16/22 07:25am Truck Campers
RE: Solar Panel Mounts

With the thin luan on the top of my RV it seems picking the best screw can be challenging. Look up 'well nuts'. There is a rubber sleeve with a flange on it, and a metal (brass) insert. You drill a hole big enough for the sleeve to slip into, so it stops on the flange. Then when you screw the bolt in, the threaded insert pulls it towards the head, mushrooming the rubber body and sandwiching the thin wall material (luan, in your case) between the flange and the mushroom. Think of it like a rubber rivet. Other uses include attaching glass windshields to motorcycles, or providing attachment points on the sides of water craft. They provide a fairly water-resistant connection to begin with, and when utilized underneath a mounting bracket or rail and then covered with additional sealant like Dicor or Sikaflex you shouldn't have any issues with UV degradation either. I'd double check with the manufacturer (Arctic Fox) about the actual construction of the roof. Adventurer has their 'TCC' i.e. 'true composite core/construction' equivalent, but even that has aluminum frame members, and weirdly enough, three additional random wood cross members. That's in addition to the cheap/light white pine stuff they put around the roof openings for screw holding. I'd be shocked if AF doesn't have *some* kind of structural cross members in the roof. I tried well nuts for my solar panel mount (using Z mounts). They pulled right out. I wouldn't trust them at all. I used aluminum rivet nuts placed through the rubber roof/luan and into aluminum roof crossbeams. They have held up since 2005 without fail. A healthy coating of sealant was used.....of course. Marson Ribbed Rivet NUT KIT
Geewizard 04/15/22 07:40am Truck Campers
RE: Let's talk air bags...

I run 5 PSI unloaded and 70 PSI with the camper on. The camper weighs about 2200 Lbs all up. No bouncing unloaded and of course no bouncing loaded. No overload springs, just stock leaf springs in the rear. Wouldn't be without the airbags.
Geewizard 01/16/22 09:01am Truck Campers
RE: Mr Buddy Heater Permanent Install?

I plumbed in a flexible propane hose from my cooktop for my Camco Olympic Wave 3. The hose has a shutoff valve and quick connect so I can disconnect the Wave 3 and store it when not in use. The Wave 3 gives me very adequate heat. I looked at Mr Buddy heaters but the Wave 3 was much better for me.
Geewizard 01/02/22 08:04am Truck Campers
RE: New polar cub Mach 8 AC and the Honda eu2000i question

I've had my EU2000i since 2004. It has always started after months of storage. All I've done is add the correct amount of Sta-Bil to the fuel tank and run it for a few minutes to get that mixture into the carburetor.
Geewizard 12/16/21 08:26am Truck Campers
RE: Camper Battery doesnt charge while going down the road

Right -- need a dedicated high capacity wire from an engine charge point to the camper battery(s), protected with fuses, and solenoid (or equiv) activated. My simple circuit . I agree. My setup is the same and has worked for years.
Geewizard 12/07/21 08:12am Truck Campers
RE: Anyone ever mounted a FoxWing batwing 270 to pop-up camper?

I contacted Oztent and Hallmark asking about mounting the Fox Wing and got no replies. I moved on.
Geewizard 11/05/21 08:09am Truck Campers
RE: Potential Pop-Up TC.....Thoughts on a Hallmark Guanella?

I like Hallmark's campers. I own an 2004 Outfitter Apex 8 and have yet to regret the purchase. It has a bathroom and shower.
Geewizard 10/29/21 01:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Australian Truck Campers are dramatically growing

I do enjoy your periodic posts showing the Australian version of truck camper. Me too, Robert. Thanks.
Geewizard 10/03/21 06:56am Truck Campers
RE: Truck and accessories for New Popup Camper

I've been carrying my Outfitter Apex 8 for years on a Tundra. The last time I weighed it (full up weight), it was at 2200 lbs. I've never had any issues. I do have load range E 10 ply tires and Air Lift air bags but nothing else. I can only relate my experience with Toyota Tundra trucks of which I am a firm believer. They are NOT 1/2 ton trucks. It looks like the Tundra double cab has a payload of about 1450lbs. That doesn't sound like a 3/4 ton or 1 ton. Ok, how about a 0.725 ton? I've seen payload of about 1600lbs depending on model. That's 0.8 ton. All I'm saying is that it works, works well, and I have never felt unsafe. Of course, what you do is up to you.
Geewizard 09/13/21 01:34pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck and accessories for New Popup Camper

I've been carrying my Outfitter Apex 8 for years on a Tundra. The last time I weighed it (full up weight), it was at 2200 lbs. I've never had any issues. I do have load range E 10 ply tires and Air Lift air bags but nothing else. I can only relate my experience with Toyota Tundra trucks of which I am a firm believer. They are NOT 1/2 ton trucks.
Geewizard 09/13/21 06:14am Truck Campers
RE: Load center wiring

Yes, I have traced the negative battery wire from both ends and it runs directly from the battery to the load center. And yes, I do know and understand that the frame is ground. I don't find any bare ground wires inside the load center attached to the negative battery wire. They are separate. This isn't a real big deal but more of a question of why the bare ground wires, which are bonded to the frame, are carrying a load at all.
Geewizard 09/10/21 07:09am Truck Campers
RE: Load center wiring

I'm not on shore power nor am I connected to the truck. If I disconnect at the battery end, everything is unpowered as it should be. I'm trying to find out if this is normal. I think it is because the negative terminal of the battery is connected to the frame ground as are the ground wires.
Geewizard 09/09/21 09:59am Truck Campers
Load center wiring

Here's my question: If one were to disconnect the negative cable from the battery to the load center (fuses, breakers, etc) AT THE LOAD CENTER, shouldn't one have no power to all the 12v devices? And if one still has 12v going to those devices with that negative cable disconnected, doesn't that mean there's a wiring error? Such as the negative part of the circuit being carried by ground wires? Just curious.....
Geewizard 09/09/21 08:38am Truck Campers
RE: How fast do you drive with camper on? .

I drive 65-70 most of the time on interstate highways but have comfortively driven at the same speeds on good gravel roads in AK and the Yukon.
Geewizard 08/21/21 08:03am Truck Campers
RE: 18" tire question - ANOTHER UPDATE

Mine are working well after 5 years. Hankook Dynapro ATM RF10 LT265/70R18 E/10PR BSW Tires
Geewizard 08/12/21 06:56am Truck Campers
Roof concern?

The EPDM (I think it is EPDM) roof on my 2004 Outfitter TC is coming unglued from whatever is underneath it. I see several areas that are lifting up. None are raised more than 1/4" but they show up. I have no signs of leakage. Should I be concerned? Can I or should I do anything about it? Looks very similar to this: https://www.rvhometown.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/TPO-vs-EPDM-RV-Roof-Whats-the-Difference.jpg
Geewizard 08/10/21 01:44pm Truck Campers
RE: solar question

I have about 100' of 4ga cable for my solar panels so I can too chase the sun but stay in the shade. Works for me.
Geewizard 08/02/21 09:10am Truck Campers
RE: solar question

Solar! I have one 100W panel on the roof and (now) two 100W panels in a suitcase I made myself. It works for me very well. I don't use any AC in the TC. I used this article for my DIY suitcase with some modifications. For example, I attached the hinges so the front part of the panels face each other when close for more protection. And I set up the wiring differently. The price is right. https://www.adventurousway.com/blog/diy-portable-solar-panel https://i.imgur.com/ljUzasr.jpg https://i.imgur.com/g11QBp9.jpg https://i.imgur.com/nXxIx6L.jpg
Geewizard 08/02/21 08:25am Truck Campers
RE: Front Motorcycle Carrier

What's your motorcycle and carrier weigh? And what brandis the motorcycle carrier?
Geewizard 07/24/21 08:09am Truck Campers
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