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RE: toilet bowl water

Thetford toilets have a double seal gasket where the blade slides in. Thetford made/makes a tool to clean it. I made one out of a metal coat hanger. I bent one end with about a one inch point. The length is about 6-8 inches. Insert short into groove to remove any debris. I made the same type of tool and clean it out occasionally. My seal is 25 years old and still holds water. If it runs dry for any length of time it will leak, it won't leak as long as water is in the bowl and seal is clean.
Gjac 04/20/21 07:08am Tech Issues
RE: Anyone have the new Ford 7.3L V8?

Nice report Tim. Which model did you end up with? Did it come with leveling jacks? 10-12 mpg is nice compared to your A.
Gjac 04/20/21 06:55am Class C Motorhomes
RE: onan generator synthetic oil filter

The possibility of a leak exists in any engine, or any type. So therefore you should never use synthetic oil in any engine. :R I have to wonder about the advice given by some of these so-called experts. Full synthetic oils are clearly superior to conventional oils. This isn’t even debatable. At both low and high temperatures, synthetic oils have better viscosity and thermal stability than conventional oil or synthetic blends. Full synthetic oils are designed to flow quickly in winter temperatures and resist extreme heat. So now the “experts” are advising that we not use it because it “might leak”. Maybe I should just start using an old fashioned non-detergent oil so a healthy layer of sludge can build up on the inside, and help prevent future leaks. :):) If you are using my post for this post. READ it again. What the Mobile engineer stated was, in a "used" engine it is not advisable to start using Synthetic oil. In a NEW engine, continue using Synthetic oil. IF your NEW engine does not have Synthetic oil then use it at the first Oil Change. All my Vehicles except my 1075 Corvette came with Synthetic and I use Synthetic for replacement. I change the OIL FILTER every 5K and do NOT change the Synthetic oil at that time. I change the Synthetic OIL every 10k. I could go longer, but I am old school and feel better at 10k. Remember Mobil 1 was touted as a 25k life oil 40 years ago. Oil Filters are there to trap the contaminants that are produced from Metal on Metal to prevent them from circulating thru the Engine. Which will cause problems if allowed to circulate. Doug I believe what your oil engineer friend told you based on my experience. About 12 years ago I switched to synthetic oil in my genset, tow car and MH. Genset had about 300 hrs on it, my 2002 Toyota Corolla about 80k miles and the MH about 35k miles. Both the genset and the tow car leaked oil the MH was OK and never leaked and now has about 130,000 miles on it. I had to tighten the pan gasket about 3 times to stop the leak in the tow car and switched back to dino oil in both the tow car and genset. Genset still has a minor leak probably because I rarely use it. My other 2 cars I have used syn oil since new and never had a problem with oil leaks.
Gjac 04/19/21 03:56pm Tech Issues
RE: '92 Coachman Chugs & Stalls Cold Gas to Fix - Another Way?

Leah how are you making out with your problem?
Gjac 04/16/21 06:25am Class C Motorhomes
RE: On the road, battery and charging problems

Ltrip said: Re: using the external charger. When I hook that up to the new 12v battery, I expect the battery monitor to show > 12.7v. It does not. The battery monitor was at 12.3 this am and did not change when I hooked up the external charger. Sounds like your battery monitor is not working because it is disconnected somehow. Again check voltage with a multimeter at the pos and neg terminals of the battery when using your portable charger it should read 13 plus volts. Let us know what it reads. Do you have a multimeter?
Gjac 04/15/21 02:24pm Tech Issues
RE: On the road, battery and charging problems

Your batteries are brand new. It worked at home and I assume you changed no wires on your trip. If you are plugged in somewhere set your multimeter to 20v setting and check what your batteries read. Then check at your converter. If converter is charging but batteries don't see the charge reset all your circuit breakers. If you hook your portable directly to your batteries disconnect converter and check battery voltage with your multimeter you should see 13 plus volts. Let us know what your get.
Gjac 04/15/21 06:53am Tech Issues
RE: Overhang construction

Phil, I read somewhere the forward facing windows in the newer units are installed like your windshield so they are less prone to leakage.
Gjac 04/15/21 06:22am Class C Motorhomes
RE: toilet

I replaced mine twice without removing the toilet. They are prone to leak.
Gjac 04/14/21 04:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Multimeter Question

I have an old yellow HF meter I bought 15 years ago and the cheap leads fell apart. I bought replacement leads from Radio Shack several years later. I don't stop at FHU CGs often but when I do I have never had a problem checking voltage. I never knew it was a problem until I read this thread.
Gjac 04/14/21 03:48pm Tech Issues
RE: 12 volt only refrigerator

Every thing is a trade off based on how you camp and how much stuff you want to add to your TT. I only dry camp usually in the forest away from sun. My Norcold 682 is 25 years old and still works fine with a new burner tube. Two 6v GC batteries last me 7 days without generator use before they reach 50% SOC, so by then I am out of water and my wife wants to do laundry. Water has always been my limiting factor while dry camping not battery power so no need for solar. I know many people full time or have greater electrical requirements but for the average partimer who likes to dry camp in a NF,NP, or SP CG I would stay with a propane refer. If you always use FHU CG's a cheap residential will work fine.
Gjac 04/14/21 03:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Overhang construction

Below is a link to the Winnebago brochure for our 2005 Itasca Class C. The last page shows the layout of the internal aluminum framing within the coach walls. Looking closely to see the aluminum framing of the cab overhead, I do not see how the cab overhead structure is going to move up or down, or left or right ... in any motions separate to those of the coach's main living area structure. Hence, how is the cab overhead going to get jostled around any more, or differently, than the whole coach when traveling? https://www.winnebago.com/Files/Images/Winnebago/brochures/2005/05-Spirit-bro.pdf (However, a forward facing cabover window is really going to get blasted by water when traveling in a rain storm - along with the cabover clearance lights!) When I worked for an Aircraft company I used to watch computer models that the stress engineers would develop and was very surprised at the movement of the aircraft when under load. A 737 model actually looked like a bird flapping its wings several feet at the wing tips. I would imagine that a short class C has a lot less movement but vibration would still be there. From the brochure you posted it looks like your Spirit has corner seams. The 2021 Spirit 22R looks like a partial wrap around and no front window which would prevent the water from hitting that front seam directly. It also has a nice big storage bay in the rear.
Gjac 04/14/21 08:15am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Overhang construction

Hi Gjac, You may have read my long-winded reply in the past over this subject matter. If so, then you already know my opinion. Given your list of candidates, I would place the seamless fiberglass front overhang as your highest priority and let the other deficiencies fall behind it. Nothing is worse than water damage..."PERIOD"....and a seamless frontal area addresses the worst of such a threat. Yes Ron I read your very informative post and agree from a design stand point a one piece FG cap is the best design, the only issue is the one piece C's I have seen have very little outside storage which is also important to me. So now the trade off is a partial front cap or being very diligent about water intrusion and caulking to get a large rear pass tru storage bay. I caulk my roof once a year now anyways, so to me that is not a major inconvenience. I still wonder if the overheads that hold 750Lbs rather than 350lbs are a structurally better design? It would seam so.
Gjac 04/14/21 07:42am Class C Motorhomes
RE: LiFePo4 vs Lead Acid...Some points of interest.

Jayco creek said: With the price getting so low for Lifepo4,I can't see a reason not to switch when there about the price of a quality lead acid...JMHO,.. So what is the current price comparison? for making your own you can build a 280 usable AH for about 600 bucks now. to get that in deep cycles batteries you probably over 1000 for high quality and about the same in cheep on sale (these prices are CDN). other advantages besides price now days is weight that would be about 46LB and it would give me more capacity than the 240lbs of 6V I have now that only have 235AH usable. also the size, this one Li battery is the side of one of the 6V batteries. so 1/6th the weight and 1/4 the size. Steve So $600 CAD is about $580 US if I converted right. I realize everyone has different electrical requirements but 2 Sam's Club 6vGC batteries are still under $200 in us dollars so I don't see a similar cost. I'm not sure what you mean by high quality deep cycle batteries, but I paid $74 apiece for my 2 GC batterers from Sam's Club 14 years ago and they are still doing fine and I only dry camp. If they failed tomorrow I can still buy them for $90 apiece, so I don't see a cost comparison that is close yet. I understand the weight is a lot less as well as the foot print and in time with all the EV's coming out they may be cheaper.
Gjac 04/13/21 09:45am Tech Issues
RE: Disposable Razors Observation

I have NEVER gotten a good close shave with any disposable....single blade or multi blade My whiskers are like wire....tough, curly Only good shave is with shaving soap, brush and the ole double edge razor Wash face with soap/water and then rinse (hot water) Get up a good lather...cover face, wait 15 seconds the apply another coating Couple strokes with the double edge, flip to other side...couple strokes then open/rinse in hot running water to clear whiskers and have a go at it again I just wish Barbers did shaves.....haven't find one in years Hot towel, warm lather and a straight razor....oh yeah! I was a barber in the Navy. I cut hair and gave shaves almost every night. I used to shave with the straight razor even after I got out. As I got older the straight razor seemed to get duller, I still cut my BIL's hair but no longer shave around their ears. I use the Bic single edge razors in the shower with my 50 year old shaving brush and a bar of soap. Hot water makes a big difference. Also I found that a few laps in the pool after a workout really softens your beard before you hit the shower.
Gjac 04/12/21 03:25pm Around the Campfire
RE: Great Movie

I have been sick in bed for 2 weeks so just watched Capricorn 1 it was good. I like a movie that is suspenseful, that I can't figure out. A newer movie I liked was The Illusionist. It was a love story, suspenseful and did not figure it out.
Gjac 04/12/21 03:01pm Around the Campfire
RE: LiFePo4 vs Lead Acid...Some points of interest.

Jayco creek said: With the price getting so low for Lifepo4,I can't see a reason not to switch when there about the price of a quality lead acid...JMHO,.. So what is the current price comparison?
Gjac 04/12/21 10:32am Tech Issues
RE: Generator stalls

I would try running it with the genset door open to allow for more cooling, and see if that makes a difference.
Gjac 04/11/21 11:26am Tech Issues
RE: Battery price question...

I bought mine from Sam's Club in 2007 for $74 apiece. They are still going strong after 14 years of dry camping. One thing to be aware of is Sam's and Costco change who they buy from over the years. Mine were either Duracell's or Energizers. I replaced 3 Costco batteries on my cars under warranty and many complain the Costco 6 v GC are dying prematurely. I would stick with Sam's club if they still sell these two batteries brands.
Gjac 04/11/21 10:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Battery observations of winter storage.

I think disconnection is a very good storage method. I have a small car that I just disconnect the negative cable, and after 6 months of winter it starts right up. Yes I have always done this for 14 years. One thing I don't hear talked about on here is when you keep your batteries plugged in 24/7 which many do there is some kind of chemistry taking place that must lead to some plate shedding. I only dry camp so the only time I hook up is to recharge the batteries after a week or so. Maybe someone can shed some light in this area.
Gjac 04/08/21 07:23am Tech Issues
RE: Battery observations of winter storage.

A 30 watt solar panel and a $25 WindyNation weatherproof 4 stage controller will solve all your battery issues when in storage. I think my post proves I have no battery issues while in storage.
Gjac 04/08/21 07:05am Tech Issues
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