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RE: Battery maintenance

It really depends on your camping style and energy requirements. With minimal electric use refer, water pump, a few lights and 2 6 volt GC batteries you should last a week before your batteries are at 50% SOC I doubt your water will last that long. You can then charge them fully when you get home. A cheaper solution is to get a 40 amp portable charger to charge your batteries if you watch TV, use the internet etc.(have higher electrical requirements) and use your 6300 to top charge your batteries after the portable says full and use as a converter when plugged in. Your 6300 will only charge at about 5 amps and is more of a maintainer than a charger. Your genset is more than adequate. Check the output of your 6300, what is the voltage output reading when plugged in?
Gjac 07/05/20 08:28pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Looking at this Rexhall coach

Rexhall is a nice MH but this one has no slides and is priced higher than Nada values. Price should be between $12-$15k. Also check to see if the "Banks Power" includes headers, some Banks systems are just FF mufflers and CAI.
Gjac 07/03/20 06:30am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Disappointing test drive

I wonder how much of the handling problems are subjective. I have an old P-30 chassis with IFS and when I first bought it, it was a white knuckle ride home, after several months of driving I drove it like a car with one hand even with passing trucks. When looking for a newer MH all were on the Ford chassis with the straight front axle and other than getting used to the higher revving engine noise the ride was fine. I test drove about 8-10 over the years and never noticed a white knuckle ride. Having said all that all the Fords were 2-3 years old and only one was brand new. I felt the cracks in the road in each MH as well as DP's and HD trucks I drove in. I read on here about all the add ons of track bars, sway bars etc. that are needed to tame the ride of the F-53 chassis and wonder if we expect too much from a spring suspension truck chassis.
Gjac 07/03/20 06:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: FORD 460 Overheating Mystery

Fan clutches work off air temps not engine temperature. There is a bi-metallic coil spring in front of the clutch that expands with air temperature and a viscus fluid is released that cause the fan to engage. Some times dirt and oil builds up on the coil insulating the coil causing it to come on later. Sometimes the fluid will leak out and the fan clutch is no good. I would inspect the front of the fan where the coil is and clean it first. After 22 years it probably has some build up. Also look for fluid leaks. Some fan clutches have slots where the coil spring can be adjusted to come on earlier. When the engine is cold try spinning the fan blade, does it spin freely? Or does it stop after 1 or two revolutions? Another thing not mentioned yet is a leaking exhaust manifold, 460's and 454's are known for that. You will hear a clicking sound with the dog house cover off. Headers solved my overheating problem. Lastly on Class A MH's there is several feet between the grill and the radiator there should be an enclosure from the grill to the bottom of the radiator that forces the air through the radiator and not under it most MH's close off the top part but many don't close off the bottom. You replaced the major parts of your cooling system and said each year it ran hotter over time. Thermostats have wax inside that can leak out over time I would test it as someone already mentioned. Good luck.
Gjac 07/02/20 07:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fibreglass wall laminate separating??

Is the wood underneath swollen from water or can it be pushed back with just hand pressure?
Gjac 07/01/20 06:55pm General RVing Issues
Good Sam's Logo

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30103627
Gjac 07/01/20 07:27am Class A Motorhomes
Good Sam's Logo

I have not been a member of Good Sam's for 8 years or more but I notice the Logo is still next to my name. Has this happened to anyone else? Or when once a member your always a member for forum use ?
Gjac 07/01/20 07:27am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Bypassing charger Magnatek 6332

What voltage is your Magnatek charger putting out? My Magnatek 950 has never charged more than 13.6 v when new and now charges 13.2 v after 25 years of use. I never under stood how this voltage will destroy a set of 2 6v GC batteries or be a battery boiler. Check your output voltage, as some of these older chargers can increase in charging voltage over time and if left on for months at a time can use a lot of water. If voltage is OK you have something else going on with your batteries. Another option is to buy a portable 40 amp charger like the B&D or Stanley which will quickly recharge your batteries and has an equalizing and desulfating function and will charge and maintain your batteries much better, then use your Magnetek as a converter and to top charge your batteries after your "smart charger" says full.
Gjac 07/01/20 07:09am Truck Campers
RE: Small Class C with out tow car

Are any of you familiar with 24ft C's with a big storage bay in the rear some are pass tru's and some go half way through like the 2019 Leprechaun 2030CB I saw and test drove?
Gjac 06/30/20 06:44am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Opinion: 1991 Fleetwood Southwind 30'

Also check for exhaust manifold leaks which both Chevy and Ford were known for in the early 90's. The hot exhaust would burn ign wires and add a lot of heat to the dog house. A set of headers fixed the problem and would add about 80 more HP to the MH a very good mod for that vintage MH. Check for over heating, radiator could be partially clogged, the fan clutch could come on to late, stuck thermostat etc. If a P-30 Chevy chassis check the IFS system I spent a small fortune fixing mine. I would rather have the straight axle front end because of fewer moving parts to lube, and replace and the ride is not noticeably different. But like others have said at that age maintenance trumps brand or model. Check maintenance records, were the transmission and rear end fluids change every 30k miles or so, eng oil every 5000 miles, genset every year etc. When I bought mine 15 years ago it was a part time job fixing things and learning how things worked, but if the MH is well maintained and you don't mind doing the work your self go for it if the price is right.
Gjac 06/29/20 04:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: slide vs no slide

Nobody posts about their slides unless there is an issue, so you get a biased understanding reading thru the forums. They really are pretty reliable unless you do something stupid. Generally they work fine and the difference in space and feel is MASSIVE. Add in the difficulty in finding a non-slide unit, you would likely have to special order (with little or no discount off the MSRP) to get one. My MH is 24 years old and out of all the systems in the MH it has been the most trouble free. It also has a hand crank to go in and out but I only used it once to see how it worked. Mine is electric with cables. The only real issue with a slide is making sure you have enough room in the drivers seat to slide your seat back to a comfortable position before hitting the slide out, especially if you have knee arthritis. The other thing to look for is a slide without the refer in it, they need fans to properly vent and if dry camping will use battery power, not a major issue for most campers. Slides add weight not only for the weight of the slide but the reinforcement to compensate for the cutout in the side wall. Again not an issue for most campers unless you have limited CCC. slides add much more living space especially with more than two people. Lastly most campers want slides and resale value will be higher with them.
Gjac 06/24/20 07:40am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Small Class C with out tow car

Also, flexibility to travel in a Class C without towing depends upon the WIDTH of it ... in addition to it's length. We don't tow with our 24 foot Class C ... but it's "widebody" coach style (~101 inches wide) can sometimes make for white knuckle driving and parking. However we are turtle-type RV travelers in that we like our home with us at all times, so we do take it along with us off-highway out in the boondocks on rough roads where some folks might want to use only a vehicle that they tow along. ;). There is something to be said for having all your stuff with you when you sightsee. I always forget some thing in the tow car when sight seeing. Need a cooler for lunch, did you pack your bathing suit and towel if a nice swimming hole appears or your fishing rod if a opportunity arises. Are there some C’s narrower than 100 ins? If so which ones are?
Gjac 06/23/20 03:32pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Basic questions about Class B's

On the surface the 24 ft B, B+, C- or C are all the same length same height and the B + and C are slightly wider. What are the details I am not seeing? Your statement: "It had the Ford 350 chassis and did not ride as well as the B's that I test drove..." for one. They drive completely differently. Your second statement "...B + and C are slightly wider" is interesting. My B is 76" wide while the Regency "B+" 94" wide per their specs. That's 18 inches of "slightly wider" :B which takes you out of parking between the lines in pretty much every standard parking spot. DaveIf you look at them side by side you will certainly see a difference. If you put my B next to a View (for instance) you will see a huge difference. Smaller in every way. My B can park and go anywhere a van can since it is one. A B+ (C-) View can't. MPG will also suffer when you are driving a large box down the road compared to a van. But - you do have to be a special person to own a B. Not everyone can do it - or will want to. Good luck!. You are right. We used to camp in a Hi top van when younger and really enjoyed it . Then people said to me buy your last RV first because you will want to end up with a 40 ft DP anyways. Some do some don’t , as we get older many off us want things easier and simpler. My wife of 52 years wants to just stay in hotels now, she backpacked With me into our late 50’s. So to me smaller RV’s seemed like a good compromise and become more attractive but every thing Is a trade off and finding the right one for your stage of life takes some research and understanding the details and your wife.
Gjac 06/23/20 03:19pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Basic questions about Class B's

I’m sure the Roadtrek Zion is nice but you just switched gears. Your discussion has been the you seem to get more in a B+ or a C verses a B, but when I pointed out some major differences you say you liked the Roadtrek B. I’m just kind of losing track of what you are trying to compare and what point you are trying to make. Dave Not switching any gears, don't know much about them just started looking at them. Test drove one B one B+ and one small C. Just trying to understand the differences, advantages and disadvantages to all three. I said I liked the ride of the Roadtrek but that is just one factor to consider in picking the right RV for me. Everything is a trade off there is no perfect vehicle that will have everything you want.
Gjac 06/22/20 06:26pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Power cuts out when pump runs (on DC)

Another thing to check is the set screws that hold your 12v wires in place on either side of the 12 v fuses a loose screw could cause an intermittent problem.
Gjac 06/22/20 05:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Generac genny quit working

Did you get your genset working yet?
Gjac 06/22/20 05:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Small Class C with out tow car

Our B+ SEEN HERE measures 23'-8" over-all, small by class C standards. We went on one big long trip out west without our tow vehicle. Our mobility was fine for general transit, shopping, restaurants, etc, but there were times we missed having our Jeep Liberty for exploring and increased mobility in national parks. We also missed the convenience of leaving the RV at the camp site to avoid prepping it every morning to drive off. We are not the kind of people who hang out at the camp site. I don't hang around the camp site either that is why I asked the question. I have an A now and would not be without a tow car. Noticed most B campers don't tow but many small C campers do, did not know whether the added width made a difference or not because most of the B's are about the same length as yours which is very nice. I looked at the new 2350 models and they only come with a slide and less FW than yours.
Gjac 06/22/20 04:42pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Basic questions about Class B's

On the surface the 24 ft B, B+, C- or C are all the same length same height and the B + and C are slightly wider. What are the details I am not seeing? Your statement: "It had the Ford 350 chassis and did not ride as well as the B's that I test drove..." for one. They drive completely differently. Your second statement "...B + and C are slightly wider" is interesting. My B is 76" wide while the Regency "B+" 94" wide per their specs. That's 18 inches of "slightly wider" :B which takes you out of parking between the lines in pretty much every standard parking spot. Dave I looked at the RoadTrek Zion Class B on the 3500 Promaster chassis it is 83 ins wide not counting the mirrors, I guess the Mercedes chassis is more narrow. I did not test drive any on that chassis. But the ride on the Promaster was nice.
Gjac 06/22/20 04:14pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Basic questions about Class B's

Have any of you class B owners made the transition to a short class C? I have not and would not. You are comparing two completely different animals. As someone recently pointed out, it’s like comparing a sports car to an SUV. They both get you from here to there but serve different wants and needs. Also, I don’t think people purchase B’s using a price/space ratio. Dave. On the surface the 24 ft B, B+, C- or C are all the same length same height and the B + and C are slightly wider. What are the details I am not seeing?
Gjac 06/22/20 09:38am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Basic questions about Class B's

I'm not sure what you need so much water for. But there is a thing that looks like a long tube on top of the MH VAN that come in 2-sizes and a hose that swings down for taking a shower and the water is hot. I'm not the size. I just did a simple search and I think if you type Portable water tanks you will find more than a few ideas listed. Yeah I have seen those set ups, water is important if you dry camp mostly which I do, more important than battery power to me. I still don’t understand the Li battery up grade for $ 7000 when 2 6v GC batteries last me a week and water will be gone in 4 days or less with a std set up.
Gjac 06/22/20 08:58am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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