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RE: Battery maintenance

Good luck on your new RV. Sounds like you are going camping at least every other week. Being a new camper you probably go in it at least once a week anyway to add things to it, so just check the batteries with a volt meter when you enter. You should read 12.6 + volts if they are fully charged. You will get an idea of how fast they will self discharge. Do you dry camp or go to FHU sites? If FHU they will charge when you plug in. If you dry camp fully charge them when you return home. Batteries will self discharge over time but new batteries like what you have will be fine if you have a battery disconnect switch and use it between your camping trips. I charge mine up in Nov and they sit over the winter with out a charger on them. They sit a month or so sometimes in the summer without a charge. If you post what charger you have you will get more detailed answers. Most batteries die from under charging and the plates get sulfated or overcharging and not checking the water levels.
Gjac 06/07/19 02:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trying to diagnose a loud rattle coming from the floorboard

I've had the exact rattle for years in my 2005 E450 motorhome chassis. It started after we had owned it for a couple of years maybe with 15K to 20k miles on it - just like the OP. EVERYTHING has been checked by me and others down there underneath ... all shields, mounts, brackets, torque converter cover, etc.. I'm convinced that it's probably some of the guts of the catalytic converter loose/broken and rattling at certain speeds and/or heat conditions. If catalytic converters didn't cost so much, I'd just replace it to get rid of the occasional racket. However, it seems like in the last year or so that the rattling has maybe lessened a bit and is not so irritating. (By the way, alternatively, is there some kind of a resonater in the exhaust line that could have loose parts rattling around inside of it?) I'm very interested in what the OP discovers it is if they pursue it all the way, including installation of a new cat converter. Also there are baffles inside the muffler that get rusted and can come loose. I would tap on the muffler, cat and resonator if you have one and see if it rattles.
Gjac 06/07/19 11:56am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 2002 p30 steering/brakes apply brakes steering kicks back

When you say "steering kicks back" do you mean it pulls to the left or right when brakes are applied?
Gjac 06/07/19 11:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Essential Tools or I sure wish I had brought............

I carry a set of SAE and metric sockets and racket,assorted wrenches and modified wrenches to get to toilet valve, WH drain,etc, grease gun, caulking gun,ladder, 40 amp battery charger, jumper cables,wire splices, extra wire, tire repair kit and 12 v air pump, sockets and breaker bar to change a tire, oil change pan, rags, 2 multi meters, distilled water for batteries, Shoe Goo, epoxy and contact adhesive,and a tire gauge. My friend whom I travel with at times just carries a credit card due to physical limitations.
Gjac 06/07/19 11:39am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How do you manage without a toad?

It really depends on how you like to camp. I usually put as many miles on my small tow car as I do on the MH exploring the area that I am staying in, especially out west. If I camp at the beach for a week back east I will stay in one spot and don't need the car. In a Class A over 30 ft I would not be without a tow car. Having said that in a 24 ft class B or C it would be easier to maneuver in tight mountainous roads and be able to find spots to park than a larger Class A. The only hassle is pulling the awning,putting your stuff away and breaking camp every time your want to explore the area.
Gjac 06/07/19 07:41am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Holiday Rambler Prodigy

....... I would look carefully at the CCC of any MH's you are considering. This info is sometimes hard to find on the MFG web sites. From what I have seen the sprinter models don't have as much as the gas models. Also I would try to find a model with the large pass thru storage bay in the rear, going from a Class A to a small C storage will be a lot less. Good points! I'm not sure how to figure the CCC, but if I combine the listed axle weights at 12,130lbs, and subtract the GVWR of 10,858lbs, I get 1,272lbs left. So I would make a guess that with a full tank of fuel at 29 gallons at roughly 7lbs/gal being 203lbs, that leaves just north of 1,000lbs for people and cargo/food/water/beverage, etc. IS that the right way? Something looks wrong in your axle weight ratings they should add up to your GVWR. The best way to calculate the CCC is to take the UVW(unloaded vehicle weight) subtract it from the GVWR and that will tell you what you can add in people, fluids, food and other stuff without exceeding your GVWR. Sometimes they post this on the inside door. It my say CCC or OCCC. These are hard to find on MFG web sites, so you may have to call the mfg.
Gjac 06/06/19 02:02pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Holiday Rambler Prodigy

I am in the same boat as you in looking for a smaller C. I looked at their web site but could not find any specs. I would look carefully at the CCC of any MH's you are considering. This info is sometimes hard to find on the MFG web sites. From what I have seen the sprinter models don't have as much as the gas models. Also I would try to find a model with the large pass thru storage bay in the rear, going from a Class A to a small C storage will be a lot less.
Gjac 06/05/19 08:43am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Pop up camper vs hard sided camper

YIKES!!! Not an experience I'd care to have... Glad you made it out unharmed. It may still make sense to seek help for the trauma, and possibly even continue in (another) Class A. The traumatic experience could be triggered in any vehicle in the right circumstances. Wishing you luck with whatever approach you chose! Fear is sometimes hard to understand. She has never liked mountainous road thinking the vehicle is top heavy and would over turn on a curve. Fear is hard to understand in our 50's she would scuba dive with sharks. I tried to talk her into a New Class A like the 30 ft Newmar Bay Star but that did not work for her. Someone once told me that FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.
Gjac 06/03/19 10:01am Truck Campers
RE: Ball joints?

Correction. I just went out and looked. Mine is rear disc. Then you need the larger ball joints. Be careful because the mistake that almost cost us our lives was the parts guy saw HD ball joints listed under the drum brakes thinking if they said HD they must be better, but the tapered shaft is slightly under sized.I don't want to write a novel here but if you want to see the details look in the archives 2 years ago under Gjac. I ended up using the MOOG ball joint purchased from Henderson.
Gjac 06/02/19 08:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Pop up camper vs hard sided camper

That’s quite a change from a Class A (of any size or type) to a truck camper (of any size of type). What is the DW trying to avoid that would have her want/accept a TC? Just curious. Lots of options. You are right if it were my choice only I would stay with a short A and a small tow car. I think that offers more storage, more FW capacity, and obvious more room inside. We have had two front end failures do to a shop installing undersize ball joints. The first was at about 20 mph around a corner entering a hiway. The front end was fixed in PA. When I returned home some additional work was done and the correct ball joint was replace with an under size ball joint because the local shop told me the wrong one was installed. I told her everything was good now after the front end rebuild and we went out west the following year. On our return trip in Mt. rounding a curve at 60 mph the rh ball joint failed and the front end just collapsed I thought it was going to roll over but somehow manage to keep it straight and upright. The hot rubber or sparks from the front end started a fire in the grass on the side of the road and almost reached the MH before some people stopped and helped me get it under control until the FD came to put it out. It was a very unnerving event for her but she was so traumatized by the accident she wants to give up on RVing altogether. We did a lot of traveling and camping in two Hi top vans over the years which she drove as a DD. So I thought a smaller RV such as a TC, B or 24 ft Class C with a FW slide might make her feel safer especially out west in the mountains. I am not ready to give up and just stay in hotels yet.
Gjac 06/02/19 08:30pm Truck Campers
RE: Time for new batteries.

For the price per AH I don't think you can beat the Sams Club 6v GC batteries. I paid $ 74 a piece in 2007 and I dry camp 95 % of the time. They are still going strong with some loss of capacity. I think most batteries will last long if they are well maintained. My first set of Trojans only lasted 4 years due to sulfation. I dry camped for 3 mos so the stayed under charged.
Gjac 06/02/19 09:59am Truck Campers
Pop up camper vs hard sided camper

Just started recently looking at TC's. My wife no longer wants to travel in an A. When I went to Alaska I always admired the spots the TC's were able to camp in that I could not. Having said that The pop up type campers seem much lighter so a SRW truck could be used rather than a DRW truck. (I have no need for a DRW truck nor would want to us it as a DD) So a smaller lighter truck to use as a second vehicle would be an advantage. Also being lower in height the CG is lower, does this make much difference in how the vehicle handles? Less suspension add on's? I imagine it would be better in cross winds. Being lower it seems that getting into forested roads and site would be easier also. What would be the disadvantages? Less FW capacity? Colder in fall? Warmer is summer? Has any one on here owned both?
Gjac 06/02/19 09:48am Truck Campers
RE: Ball joints?

Be very careful when replacing ball joints on a P-30 chassis. Some P-30 chassis have rear drum brakes and some have rear disc brakes. Drum brakes are on the smaller lighter P-30 chassis. I had two front end ball joint failures because a local shop installed the wrong ones twice. I have disc brakes and they installed the undersized ball joints for drum brakes. And yes they will only last a year or less if undersized ball joints are installed. If you hear a clunking sound the tapered section of the joint is probably working back and forth in the hole work hardening the shaft and elongating the hole until you are going around a corner at 60 mph and failure occurs.
Gjac 06/02/19 08:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: MH trip to Keys & New Orlean lessons

Thanks for the update, have not been to either place in a while. First went to the keys in 1955, it was very remote and not many people. went diving there when I got out of the Navy in 1971. Live in Miami for about a year. It was still very nice, acres and acres of stag horn coral very nice. By the 1990's the coral was all brown and dying. Loo Key sanctuary was still nice into the 2000's. I would not go back today. Have not been to NO in 20 years but the few times we went there they used to wash the streets and sidewalks every morning to remove the trash and stuff. I liked Preservation Hall with the 90 year old Jazz musicians . Also liked the craw fish at Lake Pontchatrain. Things change over time but the NP's are still nice except more crowded that 40 years ago.
Gjac 05/30/19 06:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wife thinks I'm nuts...

Maybe your wife is really saying that you spend all your time waxing the RV hood but won't wax the house floor or furniture.
Gjac 05/28/19 03:26pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: How much does 30+ feet actually effect ability to find space

It really depends on where you want to camp, RV parks are no problems however if you want to camp in a NP like Glacier or Yellowstone it is really a numbers game. There are some sites that will accommodate 40 ft MHs most will not, so if you plan your trips well and stop early enough you may find availability. The advantage of a shorter MH is that you will find more sites available to you. Most NFS CG's usually have larger sites and are less crowded than the NP's and can usually accommodate larger MH's.
Gjac 05/28/19 03:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Battery corrosion? 's

What I have done is to cut of the corroded end strip to clean wire, slide shrink tape over wire then crimp and solder new terminal on, finally shrink the tape over the wire and terminal. I don't have crimping tools so I just used a modified vise grip to crimp and hold the terminal so solder can run in between the strands of copper.
Gjac 05/27/19 06:35am Tech Issues
RE: Camping in the upper Peninsula of Michigan.

You have received a lot of good information, the only thing I would add is to stop at Bay Furnace CG it is a NFS CG right on Lake Superior. We saw the northern lights from there. Take the tow car to Pictured Rocks CG and hike to the lake, nice hike different views than you get from the boat ride. Lake was clean but cold.
Gjac 05/25/19 06:07am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Heading to Mt. Rushmore

...No matter how many pics you see of this, they will never measure up to IRL.... Okay, so a few years back an artist decided to carve some faces in to the mountain. HOWEVER, take the time to understand why *these* men were chosen to adorn this mountain. It really is the early history of our country, the perils it faced, and its ascension to the world stage. From the Revolutionary War, through the expansion of the Louisiana Purchase, surviving the Civil War, and to the Great White Fleet announcing our presence to the world. These men were giants in our nation's coming of age. As awesome as this monument is, it does not do justice to the history it represents. I am an American. I fly the flag outside my home. And I am always humbled every time I visit Mt. Rushmore. To the OP... Lots of fun stuff to see and do in the Black Hills. Enjoy it!! However, I suggest you take some time to make sure the grandkids understand what Mt. Rushmore represents and that is is not just some random tourist attraction. They are at an impressionable age, and this is a great learning opportunity. -Eric Eric good post, I had my 11 year old GS read the Declaration Of Independence and he could not understand why I got emotional when he read "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." When I explained to him that we had the liberty to purse happiness with our 3 month trip out west and that in many countries people don't have that same freedom he understood better.
Gjac 05/22/19 08:54pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: New Battery boiling

Double post
Gjac 05/21/19 12:35pm Class A Motorhomes
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