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RE: Exercising generator and A/C after winterizing question?

Ya Genny never sees a drop of ethanol, as well as every other small engine I own
Golferdude21 10/11/19 07:37am Beginning RVing
RE: Exercising generator and A/C after winterizing question?

Its a gas Onan onboard genny. Havent ran it in a few months figured before it goes indoors and away from me for 5 months i should run it
Golferdude21 10/10/19 10:33am Beginning RVing
RE: Exercising generator and A/C after winterizing question?

I guess i should probably take that outlet off to make sure no wires are messed up huh?
Golferdude21 10/10/19 07:28am Beginning RVing
RE: Exercising generator and A/C after winterizing question?

Jeeze I didnt realize this. I always used to just use the propane heater to heat until last weekend when i read that most people use a space heater when on shore power to save propane. So i used a small1 on high so 1500watts and worked good. Didnt think that ud have outlet problems frim wiring w just one....WOW. We had it goin overnight too...??
Golferdude21 10/10/19 07:21am Beginning RVing
Exercising generator and A/C after winterizing question?

I just had my travel trailer winterized for the winter. I want to exercise the generator one more time before it goes into storage for winter....and by doing this, i will need to put a good electric load on it. Am I able to run the A/C without affecting any of the winterization I just had done?? Might be a stupid question, but i know the A/C has condensation and water that builds up and runs off the camper. Just didn't know if it affected any pipes or anything inside the camper. Thanks in Advance
Golferdude21 10/10/19 06:21am Beginning RVing
Iota IQ4 question

So i Have an Iota DLS 30 and just got the IQ4 smart charger plug in. I noticed when i turn everything off and battery disconnect switch off that the IQ4 green light is on and blinks still. So with everything off it is still monitoring batteries? This is when im in between trips ill turn everything off and let it sit there camper not plugged in for week or so until my next trip....Is this have any significant draw on the batteries?? Or do ya guys just unplug the IQ4 wire from the Converter so its off? Then plug back in before u plug camper plug back in. Thanks
Golferdude21 08/14/19 06:41am Beginning RVing
RE: Battery Chargers

Smart battery tender maintainers is what i was getting at. For long winter storage to keep on 24/7 and in between camping trips to keep batteries topped off
Golferdude21 07/24/19 04:00pm Beginning RVing
Battery Chargers

I will be buying 2-6 volt golf cart batteries and wiring in series. For Standalone chargers what do you recommend? There’s 750 MA and one, two, three, four, five amp chargers....etc Noco, Battery Tender, Minder...etc. I don’t care how fast they recharge the batteries because this will be more for winter storage to have them sit on the charger 24/7 throughout many months to keep them topped off. Otherwise during the camping season if you’re using your camper every few weeks I’ve heard the regular on board converter is enough to keep fully charged Without the need of a standalone charger. Aslong as u have a battery shutoff switch. Is this correct? Or do some of you guys use a standalone charger connected to ur batteries on camper 24 seven 365 to keep the batteries topped off?? As I’ve heard that some onboard converters plugged in All the time will fry your batteries
Golferdude21 07/24/19 02:57pm Beginning RVing
RE: IOTA DLS-30 Converter with 2 6V GC2 Batteries

https://www.iotaengineering.com/dls30.htm Here is the link for that info i found. Also what standalone charger should i use when in storage? Is there a specific amps charger/maintainer i need to use to charge both batteries in series?? Throughout winter months take batteries off camper and just leave batteries plugged in 24/7 to standalone charger then? TIA
Golferdude21 07/23/19 09:21pm Beginning RVing
IOTA DLS-30 Converter with 2 6V GC2 Batteries

Hi, I currently have a IOTA DLS-30 converter and plan to upgrade my single group 24 battery to “2” GC2 Batteries 6V wired in Series. I believe based on my research that my DLS-30 should work just fine. Is this true? Also it looks like there a plug n play smart charging device called an IQ4. Should i get one of these and plug it into the port on the side...would i benefit from it?? Currently there is a wire plugged into the converter and looks like its setup for 14.2vinstead of 13.6v if it wasnt plugged in. This wire is like a fast charge wire??
Golferdude21 07/23/19 09:19pm Beginning RVing
Fridge On Propane Battery Amp Hr Draw??? How Much

I have heard soo much regarding this its funny...Some say by running a fridge on propane only...that the circuit board and igniter should use very very lil of battery a day if running 24hrs on propane...others say it will take 20+AH a day...i am looking at boondocking and dry camping and wondering what the TRUE answer is. So I can buy batteries accordingly. I have a standard Dometic 2652 Fridge/Freezer. Is it 1-2ah a day or 20+AH a day? TIA
Golferdude21 07/09/19 07:21am Beginning RVing
RE: Newby Dry Camping Questions

Also CG2 batteries and Group 27s should only be discharged to 50% correct? Or can u discharge CG2 more to get more amp hours out of single charge? Someone above mentioned it briefly
Golferdude21 07/08/19 02:50pm Beginning RVing
RE: Newby Dry Camping Questions

Thanks everyone for the responses its greatly appreciated. I was looking at getting 2 Group 27 batteries and running in parallel so at roughly 80amp hrs per battery paralleled doubles it to 160 but usable energy is 50% on the battery correct? So Id get 80 amp hours? From what I read my fridge takes about 20ah day...then ya got water pump,water heater,LED lights inside, furnace sometimes.. Figure with all that using avg about 40ah day?? So in theory without running generator at all id get 2 full days of everything because it be 80ah half of my dual 27 battery capacity of 160ah...im trying to calculate stuff With furnace on in colder weather and also for state run campsites that dont allow generator usage or are very vague, and up to management staff onsite if they allow or not which seems to be same policy in alot of WI state parks...so bare with me GC2 batteries would cost me another $60 or so to get instead of the group 27s...they would be Costco interstate batteries.Or i can get Duracell GC2 at Batteries plus which is easier to get for me. As far as an inverter or charger can someone clear that up for me too. An inverter i prolly dont have on my rig correct...its an add on device that takes my battery power and lets my outlets work inside on battery correct? As far as chargers for 12v group 27 or 6V GC batteries....do you guys keep the rig plugged in 24/7 to keep batteries charged....or does this fry ur battery. Should u connect a trickle charger on each of your batteries when parked instead?? Or buy a Noco Gen2 or similar? Thanks
Golferdude21 07/08/19 02:24pm Beginning RVing
RE: Newby Dry Camping Questions

Yes both water heater and dometic fridge/freezer can run on LP...how much battery life does the fridge use... i know its hard to tell but on average with a new group 27 battery
Golferdude21 07/05/19 10:49am Beginning RVing
Newby Dry Camping Questions

Hi guys, So my wife and I are going to start dry camping. We have a 2007 27’ toyhauler w onboard generator. Most places im seeing do not allow generators 24/7 or are very limited usage if not allowed at all. So planning on upgrading to LED lights inside to start with. And getting a new deep cycle battery cause ours is somewhat old...as far as the fridge goes are you guys that boobdock even using it??? Or are you keeping your meat eggs and such in a yeti/orca type cooler. We only plan on dry camping for a few days 3 at most right now. Dont plan to invest in any solar panels right now. I know well use lights and water pump...how much energy does water heater use. Ours is a pretty standard 6 gal unit, any input is appreciated. Do i need nultiple batteries or can i get away with one big one like a group 27? Or somethin. TIA
Golferdude21 07/05/19 09:57am Beginning RVing
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