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RE: Has anyone looked at the Jeep Gladiator?

While I think the Ecodiesel is a bit too small and under powered for a 1500, I think it is perfect for a mid-size truck like the Gladiator. I know a lot people waiting to buy one when the Ecodiesel version comes out. ^ This! Make a great winter rig for the wife, but WTF??? I'm gonna sound old when I say this, but who the f would pay $45-62k for a little 6 banger gasser Jeep? I don't get it, you won't see any real discounts on them, Jeeps are too dang popular, so a new Jeep midsize pickup (not even as capable as the DMax Colorado) costs more than I paid for a brand new loaded SRT8 less than 2 years ago or the same price could buy a new Crew Cab diesel for?
Grit dog 08/23/19 10:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Battery acid crud on top of battery

There are only about 3 or 4 battery manuf. each seller puts their name on the battery. Yes they are all junk, even the new AGM’s don’t last much more than 3-4 years. I bought one of the newer AGM’s for my Excursion 10 years ago. It was still in it and working perfect when I sold it in March! I think it's luck of the draw for the most part and selective memory for some. I don't remember NOT having to replace batteries, either my dad in the 80's or myself once I was growed up, in the 90s until now. I can think of 2 instances of "bad" batteries" in the last 20 years or so. 01 Ram, original battery went to battery heaven 3 years later. Optima Red tops, bought one for the boat, lasted a year, got warranty new one, thought maybe because I just unhooked it from the boat for about 4 months an no maintainer it died. Got a total of 4 batteries for the price of 1, each a year apart basically and #2 and 3 were maintained religiously in the boat. Battery #4 got pulled and put into the old Jeep, got neglected mostly, never driven, charged, once in a while then never for a few years. It lasted 7 years? or so. Same time, a new, maintained, yellow top bit the dust in under 2 years. Those aside, I can think of a dozen or more batteries that lasted as long or are still going longer than they should right now. Including the 2 original batteries in the 07 Ram. They got the RTV treatment for leaky posts at about 6 years old. Got swapped for a couple used AGMs that needed a home at 7 years but still worked ok at that point. Those 2 "used" Odyssey AGMs are still in the truck now and they started life in the boat in 2008 and 2010 iirc.
Grit dog 08/23/19 10:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: "Downgrading" trucks

Pencil it out first, pretty easy with some solid assumptions (miles per year, commuting distance, fuel/ins/repairs, ownership cost and salvage value etc for each option. 1. Diesel and beater car x 6 years. 2. Newer 1/2 ton, no beater car x 6 years. 3. Diesel, no beater car x 6 years. I've done this before and typically (unless you can be Suuuper saavy with the beater and fix it yourself, get a great deal and don't mind driving a sardine can to get 35mpg) one vehicle, even racking up miles on it wins over 2 vehicles. Of course there's other things to consider, especially living in the rust belt. Does the expensive truck stay parked and the beater gets the salt season duty? Otherwise, that's a valid cost, in that your truck (either one since both in your scenario will be 10-15 years old at the end of the term, both being expensive and retaining value better than a beater with a heater) will likely be or be on it's way to being a rust bucket. Once you do all the numbers, then let your emotion and inner skin flint decide if you want to continue driving that 1998 Civic around or if you've earned the right to travel in style!
Grit dog 08/23/19 10:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: 5th wheel or bumper pull

Is your F250’s payload up to 2,000 pounds of 5er pin weight plus hitch, people and stuff in the cab? Or 1,100 pounds of TT tongue weight, the hitch and people and stuff in the truck? Champagne on a beer budget? Yeah, it is....
Grit dog 08/23/19 10:21am Towing
RE: 5th Wheel Insurance questions

American Family has standalone ins for our TC and boat/trailer so I'd imagine they do other towables too. Bottom line just shop around and find the best rate for the coverage you want. I don't believe for a second that the "service" offered from one company to he next is repeatably better than others. Based on positive and negative experiences with a host of "premium" companies. From great service to outright fraud. One thing is, it pays to shop around every so often, if you get a sniff of your rates going up without a material reason (at fault accident or something). Insurance companies are no different than your Cable TV or cell phone service, except that their "introductory" rates last longer usually and you don't know going into it when the great rate will end. Last one was Progressive, had them for all the stuff with wheels for quite a while prob more than 10 years and several different states. 2 years ago, went to add a new car, got a quote on the whole policy, seemed like minor increase across the board, then the 6 month renewal hit a month later and everything jumped up by like 25-30% (no claims tickets accidents etc to cause it). Was told it's simply a market adjustment. Got a new policy for about $800 less a year somewhere else, same or better coverage.
Grit dog 08/23/19 10:20am General RVing Issues
RE: Clean Trucks? Electric Truck?

"Look, you’re probably one of the posters I most respect here and you always know exactly what you're talking about. You have great ideas and solutions to problems. But isn't this just a little aggressive? Hauling my truck camper "just fine" is a pretty subjective matter" You're right, the last part was totally tongue in cheek though, should made a smiley with it! Please don't take offense at a little sarcasm, I apologize. Subjective, yes, but just fine is what I meant. Everything is a bit of a tradeoff and while exhaust brakes are up there with beer in a can for great inventions, they are not in the least mandatory for simply hauling a truck camper down a grade. Even moreso with todays trucks with 6-8-10 gears, great lockup converter programming and other features that basically let the truck do everything for you except steer. What I should have said was, while I'd prefer a diesel, I'd have no issue doing the same TC hauling with a newer gasser except for the gas mileage and the fact that I might actually need to use the brakes going downhill. Either way, employ the KISS principle. When in Rome.....It's probably better to have a Roman RV! Cheers!
Grit dog 08/23/19 10:02am Truck Campers
RE: Time to install tires on my truck camper setup

My AT3's were factory siped and I slid around like on a skating rink..Took them to Les Schwab and had them sipe them,and it was a night and day difference..Super traction now. 10-4 good buddy. Anyone who talks down about it, is either a wannabe keyboard hero or never tried it.
Grit dog 08/23/19 09:54am Truck Campers
RE: Time to install tires on my truck camper setup

I have a 2016 Ram 3500 LB SRW CTD that is stock (suspension, tires, etc). The truck carries my Northern Lite truck camper (around 4000 lb total payload) around half the time. With the stock setup, the truck is slightly nose up such that I sometimes get flashed at night (it's not that bad, but could be better if I was picky). I hate the stock Firestone tires (boring, narrow) but they performed ok on road and seemed fine on snowy roads. That said, I want something a bit more aggressive looking and wider in an AT for my next set. I have been told by tire shops that I can fit 34x12 on stock rims without issue. If I want wider (35x12.5), it would require rims and should add front leveling. If I do that, I'd need air bags too. Anyone with a similar setup want to recommend a setup? If leveling and air make a huge improvement to the ride quality, I'd rather get it done now to open tire options. I don't think going to 35's over 34's would make as much difference as the width. Thoughts? I don't think a leveling kit and air in back will make for a more stable ride and I've not leveled the Dodge solely because it hauls a big TC. The object of airbags (with a top heavy load like a camper) is not to restore unloaded ride height. If you do, the bags are holding all the weight and it's like driving with beach balls for suspension. You want some squat to get some load in the spring pack and get the overloads engaged. If you do, say a 2" level on the front, you'll be much more nose high when your rear ride height is set right. I suppose that doesn't hurt anything theoretically though if you like the Cali lean look! Wide tires on your OE negative offset rims won't increase track width appreciably and if anything, 12 wide and taller tires on 8 wide rims will be more prone to sidewall flex and contribute more to body roll than lower profile tires that are the right width for the rims. Now, if you ran some 20x10 rims at a slightly negative to 0 offset with basically 35-12.50 tires, the sidewall height would be about the same as 18s with stock size tires, the additional positive offset wouldn't be crazy with respect to stress on the axles (IMO) and you'd gain a total of 4-5" of track width compared to stock. You don't mention if your wheels are stock now or if they're 18s or 20s. If they're 17s get rid of them, they're worthless for hauling a camper now that you can't buy good heavy 17" LT tires anymore. Either way, you can fit a 295-70-18 or 295-60-20 on stock wheels without rubbing and get into that 34x11.5" range without any other modifications or being way over width for the rims. 295-65-20 on stock rims, I've seen rub a little at full lock on newer Rams.
Grit dog 08/23/19 09:47am Truck Campers
RE: Time to install tires on my truck camper setup

That's what I was thinking. My last 3 that went on my Ranger (BFG, Hancook, BFG) were all factory siped. But I've heard that diesel's chunk out siped tires. Les Schwab has siped my tires for my diesels since 2006. They’ve been fine. However, I run 19.5s. Depends what type of tires and how egregious you are with the skinny pedal. For the record, siped tires are the bomb! Especially in the wet greasy coastal winters around here. If you slice and dice an AT tire that already has factory sipes, then there is a greater chance of chunking out the tread every time spin a tire on some rocks. That said, the siped Toyo AT's on my half ton work truck turn it into a billygoat on crack in the snow. I believe they would wear quicker under the camper though. Conversely, the siped MT's (solid tread block tires, no factory sipes) on my personal rig that hauls the camper sometimes have held up great. Based on my experience with siped Toyo MTs under the camper previously which wore considerably faster than the fronts after about 5000 loaded camper miles in AK, I'm surprised the Firestones are not wearing quicker. Last year I ran about 2000 miles camper loaded plus heavy tongue weight boat for half of it. There was 0/32 difference in tire wear. Same this year so far with about the same miles. Mostly high speed highway travel and a little mountain roads. Just my limited experience...
Grit dog 08/23/19 09:33am Truck Campers
RE: Overland camper

^^^^ Lets see Alaska, Canadian Northern territories, Mexico and the desert states of the U.S. Current rig has been down quite a bit off dirt roads been to the Artic Circle and the whole length of the Baja Penninsula. As far as being important thats irrelevant just another form of boondocking for me an I'm retired an enjoying life just going to try another style of RV . Dude, let 'er rip! Can't wait to see the creation! While the price of admission is off the table for most, I can think of worse ways to spend your money of you're well heeled.
Grit dog 08/23/19 09:22am Truck Campers
RE: Overland camper

Interested to see what you pick, and why. These seem great for Africa, but not so much America. Maybe you want the size of a big class A RV, but want to go down a few dirt roads??? This is not an "off-road vehicle", it would compare to a stock 4x4 Tacoma on car tires for its ability, but have less clearance relative to wheels base. I'm curious where you could take this vehicle in America that is so important. Forget anything or any place on the Eastern half, the West will be treeless enough you do not have to worry about overhang, but there is just not that many places I have seen where you could go explore with this, the roads would be too twisty. There are truck campers built on flatbeds that have a lot more room and make more sense and are more off-road capable than the traditional bed and camper setup. Though these are smaller. Or why not tow a trailer, as big as you want, then drop it at the trail head and go for a drive in a much more capable (even stock) 4x4 vehicle? Yes, Earthroamers are neat, but other than crossing a flat desert, where do you take it? You cant fit up mountain dirt roads or over passes, and the ones you could fit up could be driven by a stock RV, you can't get into the forest because of trees and more narrow twisty roads. I guess you can drive in blizzards down the interstate… Where do these go? aj, bud, I don't think this is about practicality or even capability. It's about having the baddest looking unique RV out there. IDK what a person would do with a 6x6 Kwhopper or Mack that would be even remotely comfortable to drive or fit into these "back country" boondocking areas in a 40-60k gvw overgrown semi tractor. Maybe js218 is a retired concrete truck driver and really likes the feel of driving a big truk. Get one of them stuck in the NWT and you'll be contracting Halliburton or someone from the oil patch to bring a bed truck and a D8 to get u out.
Grit dog 08/23/19 09:09am Truck Campers
RE: Clean Trucks? Electric Truck?

Kayteg has the best solution if you want to stealth RV around Europe. Buy a European RV.
Grit dog 08/23/19 09:02am Truck Campers
RE: Time to install tires on my truck camper setup

I wouldn't go any wider than 295s on stock 8" rims. Sipe them if you want or need better traction in the snow. Don't sipe the outer rows of treads, just the 2 or 3 interior rows. They may wear quicker on the back if you put in a lot camper miles. The Firestone MTs I have currently don't seem to be wearing more but they're hard tires and had no sipes so may help a bit with them.
Grit dog 08/23/19 12:12am Truck Campers
RE: Towing speed

A good rule of thumb is that for every 10 mph increase in speed you will see a 10% decrease in fuel economy. My experience is with two separate RVs. On each I got a 50% increase in gas mileage for a 14% decrease in speed. 1. Class C on an E450 chassis - 70mph and 6mpg vs 60mph and 9mpg 2. Airstream TT behind F-150 - 70mph and 8mpg vs 60mph and 12mpg I drive Memphis to Colorado Springs (1,000+ miles) to visit my sister. I believe this. I got about 14mpg to Bend OR and back with the camper on the truck driving slower 2 lanes. 65-70 tops for most of the trip, sometimes slower, little 75+ on the freeway. Straight to Spokane and back at 80, I get 10-11. Less if there's a headwind on the way back. Noone doubts that driving slower burns less dinosaurs....but
Grit dog 08/22/19 06:00pm Towing
RE: "Downgrading" trucks

A 1/2 ton is not a tow vehicle. Only in your world bud...
Grit dog 08/22/19 05:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Arctic Fox 811

I'm not too afraid of being a little over ratings (other than tire ratings, and I can go up to the 285/75/18 size on my rims or higher rated ones and get 4080lbs/tire) but I don't want to be at 8k on the rear axle either. Looking mostly at the 811 or the adventurer 89RBS, the artic fox is a little nicer and better looking inside IMO, but the adventurer seems to be lighter also. Honestly, if you're running 4000lb tires, the only potential weak link is the OE rims. Published rated capacities are hard to find, but it's been generally accepted that they're typically rated 3500-3600lbs for most aluminum wheels (same for typical aftermarket wheels). I say potential, because one of the few primary things that have a very large factor of safety is wheels in my experience. I'm in an industry where we beat the snot our of 100s or 1000s of light duty trucks daily, as well as my own experiences hauling heavy on srw trucks for many miles and lots of less than ideal road conditions. I have a good deal of confidence in newer OE wheels close to or at 4000lbs/wheel. The axle itself is rated for 10klbs, 7500-8k is not stressing it and the rest of the chassis is the same as a dually. Frame, brakes, spring hangers, etc. That said, it WILL NOT handle as well as a dually, even with the proper upgrades. The narrower track width is the main factor here. However I do not feel unsafe with it, just have to know the limitations, which is start paying attention to the suggested speeds around curves that you'd normally blow by in in unladen vehicle.
Grit dog 08/22/19 04:42pm Truck Campers
RE: 6.4l 8 speed towing review

While I think the tfl videos are pretty silly, the Ike is a good benchmark kind of test that is easily accessible and consistently repeatable. (IE don’t get stuck doing 20mph up some grade 1/2 the time and have to make repeated attempts at a “best” run.) Does everyone drive I70 in CO? Nope, but there’s a 99% chance your rig, apples to apples will perform as well or better in the vast majority of conditions as it does pulling that grade. If a person is not interested in performance and only getting from point a to point b, then it probably doesn’t matter to that person. Doesn’t dispute the validity of the test though.
Grit dog 08/22/19 09:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: Revenge is mine, says the buffalo herd...

Sometimes yer the bull, sometimes ya get the horns!
Grit dog 08/22/19 09:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Crispy Camper

And that, kids, is why you don’t doo drugs!
Grit dog 08/22/19 09:26am Truck Campers
RE: 6.4l 8 speed towing review

That’s phenomenal service life out of the trans! 10,000hours dang...
Grit dog 08/21/19 10:10pm Tow Vehicles
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