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RE: Want to drive through Mexico, looking for truck advice

And a search is a good thing to do. This topic also comes up about weekly. "What's the best budget truck for ____?" Typically the _____ doesn't matter much. It's the things I said above that will find you a good rig. But you may find other useful suggestions in other threads.
Grit dog 04/03/20 06:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Want to drive through Mexico, looking for truck advice

It will be VERY hard to find a diesel truck with under 150,000 miles for less than $10,000. You can find plenty of gassers for that, with under 100,000 miles. Campers on mini-trucks do not preform well. Too top heavy and not enough power. What do you mean "mini-trucks" I am looking for a 3/4 to 1 ton truck. Why are the diesels so expensive? I imagine they have just as many issues as the gassers and are more expensive to fix, no? Under $10k Toys or Nissans, the biggest trucks you'll find are high miles old body style Tundras or high miles Titan. Both only suitable for a small truck camper. Depending on what model Capri you get, the small ones are totally suitable for a 1/2 ton, larger ones, not so much. Diesels, yeah, under $10k and not a basket case = high miles. And for just toting a smaller TC around, 100% not necessary. Brand, model and drive train determines which are the "good ones" and which aren't. Not being handy with vehicles is a decided disadvantage with older vehicles especially on the road, because even little things can sideline you if you don't know how or aren't prepared for otherwise "simple" repairs. That said, there is a plethora of low or lower miles 90s to early 2000s gas pickups in every brand and size that are under $10k and would be very reliable transportation ("reliable" is dependent on how much you know and can fix though). Quick Seattle CL search, examples. 90s Reg cab F350 460 V8 41k miles grampa truck, perfect cond, $7500. 97 Silverado 1500 ext cab 96k miles like new, $9900. 200 F250 V10, 137k miles great shape, $8500 Pick out the size of the truck you "want" to fit your camper needs, 1/2 ton or HD. Live with reg cab or ext cab, way cheaper than any crew cab models due to CC's popularity. And then find the right truck based on miles, service records and condition with less emphasis on brand. Aside from general condition, transmission health is probably first on the list of important items assuming the truck is otherwise totally functional, IMO. After that, get the truck and do all the maint and recommended repairs/services for the miles that you can't verify through existing records. (IE if it's 25 years old and has original radiator hoses, replace them and t stat and flush the coolant. And similar items) Drive the truck for a while. Items or issues will pop up and you can get them taken care of on your terms. Then go to Mexico! The tough part, is people get rid of trucks because they are old, "unreliable" or pending repairs. One who can fix their own vehicles, this is an economical way to get a good vehicle. One who cant, every little thing is a big bill from the mechanic, compared to the cost of a usually simple part. If this wasn't the case there wouldn't be so many new cars sold! Presuming your on a tight budget based on your question, take this into consideration and force yourself to do all the things you can achieve on your own. Example, bought an "old beater" commuter rig recently. Only 19 years old, 105k miles and honestly in very good condition. I've put about $500 into maint and repairs. However, if I paid someone to do it, it would have been a couple thousand in cost and I would call it an expensive lesson. CO is an ok place for rust free vehicles, but the sun gets to vehicles that aren't garaged, if you find one that stayed out of the mountains. Honestly, the BEST place to look for old vehicles in good condition is the wet side of the mountains here in the PNW, OR and WA. Simply put a predominately cloudy, rainy, temperate climate is the healthiest place for vehicles to live to a ripe old age for a variety of reasons. Hope this helps
Grit dog 04/03/20 06:02pm Truck Campers
RE: GM trucks outsell Ford first quarter !

Since the thread derailed almost instantly......$5k, zero turn? You got off easy! Those things are like gold up here, and never any good used ones that someone doesn’t want like $500less than new for... I’m rockin a probably 30 year old Exmark walk behind for the front yard and places the big mower won’t get and a 20+ year old Ferris 60” zt rider. Took a long time to find both and for what $3k I’m into them, they’re great. But it would be a $15k + bill to replace them both in kind . Nice part is, I (I really mean the kids) can knock off 5ac of mowing in about 4 manhours!
Grit dog 04/03/20 11:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: Battery time. 6V?

In the RV world, the idea that 6V batteries are always the way to go, for everyone, every time, is a myth as persistent as never letting a battery sit on concrete. :):) Curious, what are the downsides, beside not being universally compatible if you want to yank out the camper batteries and use them on another vehicle? I generally maintain the slew of batteries in our stuff pretty well, and get good battery life. These just didn’t get the love they needed and I fried them. Will see if they are the right choice, years from now. Now that I’ve idiot proofed my charging from myself, lol, they “should” net me 10 years or so. Hoping....
Grit dog 04/03/20 11:22am Truck Campers
RE: Battery time. 6V?

Sounds like you have problem with charger when you boiled old batteries dry? Start with getting better charger. I use car & boat batteries in my camper. When they are not deep-cycle, I never had a problem with it. When you buy designated batteries for camper, I would remove the try and put GC batteries. Best bang for the money and cheap batteries from Sam's lasted me 12 years, even they were not carried about much. Having 24V battery bank in my motorhome, I used them for welding. Just out of curiosity. You’re correct, but my charger/converter is good. I knew I cooked them. Just got a charge wizard for it. $25 to turn it into a smart charger. I was gonna just get some $99 specials and I agree, they work fine. But ended up going 6V. Mighty max 200ah batteries. Fwiw, they are packaged slightly smaller than most 6V with similar ah ratings. Just small engouh to fit in the tray and slide in.
Grit dog 04/03/20 11:19am Truck Campers
RE: Battery time. 6V?

If the cost isn't a factor for you, go with a 100ah LiFePo4 battery. The same capacity at a quarter of the weight and size. It is maintenance free and has a built in battery monitor keeping your investment safe from undercharging. Although the initial investment is high, they are coming with a multi-year warranty that will protect that investment for years to come. Cost benefit ratio is a factor. Camper only gets used a couple weeks a year on average and sits in the shop or under a cover for about 50 weeks a year. So considering my camper batteries are virtual paper weights 90% + of the time, not spending that kind of coin on batteries. Plus I use it sometimes in the cold which is not a Lifepo4’s forte. Thx for the suggestion though. I understand the advantages of them.
Grit dog 04/03/20 11:16am Truck Campers
RE: Replacement for Onan 4000

It’s understandable not everyone has the spare time to exercise their stored vehicles, tools, equipment and toys. If I did it monthly to every engine that gets used seasonally, I’d have an average of at least a dozen items to fire up, year round, every month. Proper maintenance and the most applicable combination of fuel care from drain/run dry to stabilize the fuel to use fuel that can handle long term storage is the key. I’ve used Onan built in generators , never owned one or more to develop a personal opinion on their reliability, so cannot comment specifically to those that take proper care and still have issues, but I would bet that a lot of the issues are due to lack of maint/storage technique vs being inherently unreliable.
Grit dog 04/03/20 11:12am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Replacement for Onan 4000

cody, be more specific what the problem is. Presume your overpriced carburetor job means you're having fuel delivery issues, or is it something else? Agree, makes no sense to junk a basically new built in 4k generator unless you ran it out of oil or something catastrophic. Just stop taking it places that charge $300 to replace a $30-60 carburetor. On to the myths. Generators DONT "need" to be excercised monthly or anywhere near that. No more than your lawnmower or car. Who starts their mower every month all winter, lol! However regular starting is an ok band aid for lack of proper layup or maintenance. Regular use with degraded crappy gas will have a better chance at keeping it from getting varnished or gummed up than letting it sit. That however is the only reason for frequent operation. However simply running it out of gas also eliminates the possibility of the above issue. Starting ease and running quality is greatly increased with quality fuel as well. Likely the OPs issue, feeding off a tank or **** gas in the rv that has sat for months with no consideration for that. Excercising to maintain residual magnetism between the armatur and windings is not needed monthly either. LONG term storage or another issue can kill the magnetism and require re-exciting the generator, which is also easy. But in 30+ years, I've seen one dead generator and idfk how long it sat, but years though. Bottom line, just take care of the generator the right way if you don't want to band aid it and you won't have issues. And for portables or any other small engines, non ethanol with stabilizer/sea foam if you can't or aren't going to run out or drain the carb, or AV gas or race gas will do wonders to keep from varnishing the carbs. Want to start a small engine reliably even a year or 2 later? Spend a couple bucks and store it with AV gas in it. Plus it smells better! Another myth. Unless you have a metal fuel tank or super wet climate/ stored out in the open, condensation in an empty fuel tank is a non issue. Way better to fill up with a tank of fresh gas than have to use a tank of crappy gas. If water is a concern, that's the one great thing about ethanol gas. A little water will be absorbed by a fresh tank of e10. Why do you think frozen fuel lines are a thing of the past? Ethanol blend gas is to thank for it.
Grit dog 04/03/20 12:55am Class C Motorhomes
RE: The numbers were too good to resist

It was on the news that there is a very small percentage of dealers allowed to be open, I wonder what politics is involved. Also there was a lady with a totaled car and can't replace it, I guess she is to walk now. Can’t believe they can’t do online sales like everyone else, but who knows. Or....go find a dealer that IS open.... Novel idear there.... For the “poor lady”, there’s a million cars for sale on Craigslist and just as many people willing to take her money there as at a dealer. Sensationalism is getting thick on geezernet.com....
Grit dog 04/02/20 09:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: The numbers were too good to resist

I'd bet that if the cruise was set back to about 65 mph that the fuel mileage would go up considerably. And it would be even better at 55mph. But what’s the point? Nice to hear a normal , real world , fuel mileage review rather than “My new 7.3 F250 gets 19mpg (downhill, tailwind, hypermiling and rounding up the numbers all at the same time).”
Grit dog 04/02/20 09:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Used tow vehicles

Love hearing the guys who don’t understand inflation and technology complaining about the cost of stuff...... Coupled with the common attitude that a lot of people have that somehow makes it a “right” to have a new/big/expensive vehicle. Just because they offer it, doesn’t mean you earn enough or have earned the “right” to one. Sorry, if your career involves regular use of a mop and broom or a headset saying “would you like fries with that?” then you don’t have the jam, mentally or economically to buy a new diesel. Maybe Bernie will get ya one though....lol. Depends where your priorities are I guess. If I liquidated a bunch of stuff, could go buy a new diesel truck every year for the next couple decades and burn the old one when I was done with it. But part of the reason I can do that is because I DONT do that.
Grit dog 04/02/20 09:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: 12v outlet question

You have a 120V AC television, correct? Is there an AC outlet near the TV? Even if there isn’t, wire the inverter directly to the battery (fused) or nearby off the 12V fuse panel/distribution block. If direct from the battery doesn’t matter which battery if they’re 12v batteries in parallel. If 6V series wires batteries then you need to hook to the +/- posts going to the load, not the series jumper wire posts. Wire the inverter into the AC electrical system in the camper then you can use the inverter off of any plug in the camper. Then plug in TV direct or ext cord from a 120v outlet somewhere.
Grit dog 04/02/20 09:09am General RVing Issues
RE: Did I forget anything? ordering a new Hallmark pop up camper

Great looking setup!
Grit dog 04/02/20 09:01am Truck Campers
RE: Gag!

Coulda been Preparation H....you got lucky! LOL
Grit dog 04/01/20 09:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Winter Front Cover for Ram Diesels

^ Cardboard ftw!
Grit dog 03/31/20 01:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Used tow vehicles

Well, when Ford didn’t offer anything worth buying in a diesel pickup for over 10 years after discontinuing the 7.3, that certainly didn’t hurt the 7.3s value! But if you’ve looked, the “good” pre-tier IV trucks most all seem to hold their value a bit better than they should. Although later this year, might be a little different story across the board!
Grit dog 03/31/20 01:12pm Tow Vehicles

But to that point, the OP doesn’t post much and ghosted his original thread 2 weeks ago and then asked the exact same question again, soooo Open discussion I guess. Or waiting for that magic answer of a not so full size minivan that pulls like a full size suv.
Grit dog 03/31/20 01:08pm Tow Vehicles

The best tow vehicles are trucks. They work fine as daily drivers. I have driven a one ton Ford diesel as a daily driver for 18 years. Best vehicle I have ever had. And the best fried chicken comes from Louisiana, but that has almost as little to do with the OPs query as your post. Unless you didn’t read his post...in which case, still applies.
Grit dog 03/31/20 01:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Rallys

Really? You really think that rallies will be scheduled when there is a pandemic killing thousands of people that spreads easily people to people? You really think rallies will be scheduled when businesses have been closed and church services closed to prevent the spread of this killer virus? You really think the public health authorities would allow a gathering hundreds if not thousand of people RV enthusiasts when they don't even allow anyone to eat at a dine in restaurant in much of the country. I don't know what to say or think about that! Get outside, go for a walk, get durnk, do something.... You're losing it No one suggested behaving badly, was merely a comment.
Grit dog 03/31/20 01:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: It's time for a replacement truck

Disclaimer: I'm not a RAM fan and never have been. If I was dragging 14K arounf the country it would only be behind a 3500 DRW truck at a miniumn. I would even look at the 4500, 5500, 6500 HD Chevy trucks. He said 14k, not 34k Lol. A dually is firmly overkill, but you must have never driven a class 4-6 truck. Not daily drivers to put it mildly. Why not just roll a bobbed class 8 ftw?
Grit dog 03/31/20 09:22am Tow Vehicles
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