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RE: This is our RV electric future. It's the future man!

I'm sure with the power grids that were close to tripping out this summer we can plan on plugging in 10 or 20 million cars next summer. Yeah, And I want to see the first one of you idiots that think EV is the answer right now, bring it down and climb Wolf creek pass with your big 5th wheel in tow. We have a cliff that takes care of stupid. Way ta come out swingin' for the fences dude!
Grit dog 09/22/22 12:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Toy Hauler Truck?

In as much as EVERY RV configuration excels in some way(s) and is a compromise in others, that configuration sounds like a great option for that particular (very limited) use. General limitations or turnoffs for everyone else who may not have the exact same wants, needs or preferences... Can only haul 2 people comfortably, like you said. Non starter for long trips or families. Doesn't tow well, compared to other options. That combo is a guaranteed pooch in all but flat towing down the road at low altitude with the wind at your back. Overall comfort. A stripped down F350 reg chassis cab is not exactly what most people expect for passenger and creature comforts. Cost/benefit. Most people use their daily driver pickups to tow their RVs. Dual use benefit. A personal box van, if not a rental scenario, is even more useless unless you're going to home depot. And the appearance thing and lack of practicality of using a 16' box van as a daily driver. Appearance. If I'm moving stuff, I'm moving. If I'm on vacation, I don't want to look like a homeless person driving a Uhaul. And, no, I've never seen any rental 6pack box vans. Gonna say those don't exist. If buying a crew cab chassis with box, refer to the 2 reasons above. I applaud the ingenuity and yes it works, but there's a reason it's not a thing, at all, for recreational RVers. Although dirt bike race teams do it all the time. Different application, really.
Grit dog 09/22/22 11:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Stolen Ford 350

I have never heard of doing a "VIN search" on a new vehicle at a dealership. Buying used from a dealership also wouldn't occur to me to VIN search the vehicle. Is this common at dealerships? I’ll go out on a very short limb and say it’s not at all common. But on Rvnet, ANYTHING can be a sky is falling type of issue…
Grit dog 09/22/22 08:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: This is our RV electric future. It's the future man!

Apparently most studies show cognitive decline begins in the late 50s. So if someone was of only "average" intelligence up to that point, they'll be deficient from then on. Explains a lot. How old are you?
Grit dog 09/22/22 08:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: Power voltage to brakes??

Thanks for trying to keep the peanut gallery on topic GDE.
Grit dog 09/21/22 04:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Sold Truck and Camper

We actually enjoyed less crowds the first half of the pandemic but that increased once people started suffering cabin fever. Now it has flattened out and we are looking forward to off season camping with less crowds. Yeah 2020 and 2021 were great! Save for gettin the Covid on New Years Eve, ruined a good night of drinking. The Dang fast food joints that still aren’t all back to dine in. Oh and the horrible aftermath of supply chain and unchecked inflation. And the worst part, the kids education went bad for 2 years…. But from a day to day standpoint… NO traffic in Seattle for months. And less traffic for a good year plus. Made driving to work very pleasant. Like when it snows here….lol. No issues finding campsites and traveling was great with so many people locking themselves up at home afraid to go breathe good clean air. Got a little break from kids sports which made some free time for about the first 6 months of the pandemic. Actually got a few projects done and a couple more started. Older son got out of taking college entrance exams. He was happy bout that! Airports were not crowded nor were flights. And flights were cheap. Made air travel awesome for about a year. I wish more people were still staying at home, honestly. Like the good ole days in 2020!
Grit dog 09/21/22 12:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Stolen Ford 350

This is weird…. Are these things y’all actually think and care about?
Grit dog 09/21/22 12:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Both blinkers flash for right and left

7 wire color chart Absolutely WRONG! This is the problem with using the Web to find out things. This is the correct RV 7 way. Doug https://www.pinterest.com/pin/497647827547757482/?nic_v3=1a1U2AKFw The wiring of those two charts is identical. Try again...
Grit dog 09/21/22 10:27am Tech Issues
RE: Smaller Propane Tanks

What do you do if you are in an area where you must swap tanks rather than refill them, but the swapper is not the empty one? I'm still trying to figure out how any of this is a real world issue... Unless of course, you're LMHS, who would make Hank Hill very proud!
Grit dog 09/21/22 10:26am General RVing Issues
RE: This is our RV electric future. It's the future man!

^All good points, and Mr. Reisender has a setup that works well for him and the Mrs. Although, I agree with your post. Driving home on Thurs/Fri nights westbound, it's a literal line of RVs of all shapes and sizes heading east for the weekend. The vast majority are much larger than a midsize car pulling a canned ham. And the destinations, based on all the recent real world EV towing reports would require 1 or 2 charges to get to the destination that evening....IF the owners downsized tow vehicles considerably from what they're already towing, to smaller 5-6klb trailers and ditched the Class Cs and As pulling boats and toys, etc.
Grit dog 09/21/22 08:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Both blinkers flash for right and left

7 wire color chart Absolutely WRONG! This is the problem with using the Web to find out things. This is the correct RV 7 way. Doug https://www.pinterest.com/pin/497647827547757482/?nic_v3=1a1U2AKFw Maybe you know, as I only learned this a few years ago, that there are 2 completely different wiring color conventions. Why?
Grit dog 09/21/22 08:29am Tech Issues
RE: Both blinkers flash for right and left

I am learning from you people and the interweb. After a few searches I see the ESCO KAL wiring harness has 6 wires (yellow being aux), with red(LT&B) brown(RT&B), green(tail lights). The harness wires go in to, (I wish I was smart enough to know what every part was called) a rectangular rubber "thingy", and a red, brown, green set of wires comes out the other side and goes to the back of my trailer. Anyone who has forgotten more that I will ever know is laughing at my ignorance. Anyway, it looks as if the right wires are indeed going to my tail light modules. BINGO, That box is your problem. Once they went to LED trailer lights(low amp pull), some OEM's installed that box to allow the SIDE clearance lights to flash when turn signals ON. Left turn signal Left side markers flash. Right turn signal, right side markers flash. That box is defective. There should be a Brand and P/N on the box and if you are still under warranty, the OEM will replace. Doug Thank you Doug. Very informative, learned something new today!
Grit dog 09/21/22 08:27am Tech Issues
RE: I thought the RV market might be getting soft. I was wrong.

^To your point, I’m gonna put the boat up for sale too this weekend. Wrong time of year, but been considering upgrading anyways and now have friends with a new surf boat so we can mooch back some rides from them for a year if necessary. With these stupid high prices it’s silly to not cash out unless some extenuating circumstances or extreme emotional attachment. I’ve had $20k offers for the squarebody we redid as well. How often do you get unsolicited offers for a not rare semi restored vehicle that are for more $ than you have into them? Not often. And I’m not a good enough painter to claim it’s a $10k paint job…lol OK, now you've got me thinking about selling my trailer and boat again....but the divorce lawyer would cost me much more than what I would make off of them! :B Haha, I shoulda sold the boat too. But I gotta pick my battles with the family! I chickened out…
Grit dog 09/20/22 11:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Running portable generator off vehicle fuel tank.

On another forum someone posted about running a Honda EU2200i off the original fuel line from the removed Onan. I have been using the mighty little Honda forever and never heard of tapping into the vehicle fuel supply. Does not seem right? Any input on this. If you don't have a RV where there is already an aux fuel line and pump to a built in generator, it would be very prohibitive IMO. If you do, then it would still be quite involved to make it a Hands Off system, although it could easily be a handy storage tank and gas pump to fill a remote located generator.
Grit dog 09/20/22 04:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Sold Truck and Camper

Yah, I hear ya... Sorta doing the same thing down here in AZ (from Seattle, WA) Back and Joints aren't what they used to be but still riding the buggy.. on rallies then back to a home... Happy trails, you have a lot of memories to look back on, nice.. Cheers... I've seen your rig on the road multiple times around Western WA!
Grit dog 09/20/22 04:34pm Truck Campers
RE: No 12VDC Power

I just had my Styker 2918 toy hauler serviced they had a white cable crimped with a red terminal connected to the POS, which caused me to not have battery power to the lights or jack. I traced this wire and found it to be a NEG grounded to the frame. When I switched it to NEG on the battery, power was restored. Everything works now. Take pictures of everything before you disconnect anything. So ya they use all colors for whatever trace your wires and use a meter. Saved me couple hundred bucks and the hassle of dropping my rig off. Either the neg side of the battery(s) was disconnected from ground, or your story is incorrect. Unless you left the part out about the melted, burnt up white cable that was live shorted to ground.
Grit dog 09/20/22 02:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Smaller Propane Tanks

This thread reads like a Progressive Insurance TV commercial about becoming like your parents....
Grit dog 09/20/22 02:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Diesel Ram Owner Forced to Scrap Truck !

That 16 year old reprobate was probably enabled by an "adult" who never grew up .... Shoot....I still roll coal (well, new truck wont), roast tires, drive fast cars, jump my snomachine off of cornices and even drink whiskey straight outta the bottle occasionally. And last I checked, I'm pretty sure my daily level of responsibility that I've maintained for the last 30 + years since legally becoming an adult qualify me as being quite responsible and "grown up." It's too bad that your life has apparently not been nearly as exciting... Hopefully you've gotten everything out of it that you've wanted so far.
Grit dog 09/20/22 02:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: This is our RV electric future. It's the future man!

Battery Technology is certainly progressing. To think there will not be significant advancement in batterry technology is very short sited. It sure is. Along with many other technologies in many other realms. No different since the first caveman sparked 2 rocks together and began eating cooked brontosaurus instead of raw... But for so many to be so smug (not saying you are, as you're quite clear-headed about this subject IMO) to believe unconditionally that the technology will make EVs the clear and best choice (same people who already preach that in current day but most haven't put their money where their mouth is) to the point that govt entities are trying to enact legislation that will take effect 10-15 years from now is either absolutely short sighted or proves an agenda that is some sort of departure from what is best for "everyone". Many view the motive here as an attempt to establish or maintain more control over the population in general. Or think about it this way since so many like to compare this EV advancement to the last turn of the century change from horse drawn transportation to ICE vehicles. Very similar. New technology usually wins... Did the govt (here or anywhere in the world) have to outlaw the sale of horses. Or artificially raise the price of hay and horse feed, or put a tax on veterinarians, blacksmiths, farriers, and farmers, to raise the cost of owning a horse, to convince the average person to up grade to a car? Nope. End of story. As that is not the case now...
Grit dog 09/20/22 02:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

What the ....? Why do you even have to lie and distort to give excuses to these grossly incompetent and criminally negligent Texas leaders and electric company? Those who died froze to death inside their homes for lack of power for heating. Re-read you post then, if you mention your experience of being inconvenienced of a canceled game in the same breath of topic of people freezing to death, it is implied. No argument that TX utility companies weren't prepared for a record cold spell of that magnitude and geographical breadth. But think about what you're implying. First, you're implying intent to harm...ya pretty sure that wasn't the case. Second, I can think of any number of natural disasters or weather extremes that kill people who are either not prepared or in the wrong place at the wrong time. This was no different. Could those folks have been spared if the power didn't go out? Sure. By the same token, everyone killed in a tornado could be spared if the govt builds a huge tornado shelter in every trailer park. But wait, at some point for that to work, also requires everyone to GO to the shelter. Same thing here, bud. I understand that your view (and others) differs from mine and that general mindset that "nothing is MY fault" and "the Govt's responsibility is to take care of ME" is hard to overcome when you've literally become dependent on everything but yourself.
Grit dog 09/20/22 01:07pm Tow Vehicles
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