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RE: Suggestions for RV panel install, long run

Are you running 120V or 240V? If it's simply for a travel trailer you don't need to run 240V (2 conductors). I'd run #6 copper max (I'd cheat and run #8 unless you're thinking fridge, microwave, AC, toaster and a hairdryer at the same time). Long term and full 50A capacity for that length, #6 wire is the proper choice.
Grit dog 04/19/19 02:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Extension Cord

12ga is fine for your use.
Grit dog 04/19/19 02:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: good tires

^True words. But the slew of Goodyear Marathons I had back in the day could alligator off a chunk of tread with the best of them and a full tire. Twice, I sawed the alligator off the rest of the tire tread and proceeded home driving slow and lumpy! F$^**&k those old tires!
Grit dog 04/19/19 02:06pm Towing
RE: Switching Refigerator Modes?

My rule of thumb is use AC when available, LP the rest of the time, DC when you have to. You need to have a big healthy battery bank and/or a bunch of solar to get alot out of DC fridge mode, IMO. 2 new 12V deep cycles will run my fridge for about 8 hours in hot weather before it drains the batteries. LP on the road with DC backing it up if the flame gets blown out.
Grit dog 04/19/19 02:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Removal of 10 year old trailer ugly decal pictures

Be real careful on filon/fiberglass with eraser wheels. They work, but burn the thin gel coat easily.
Grit dog 04/19/19 01:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Gas prices, weather and wildfires...

Yeah, noticed that. We're up in BC every weekend now recently and noticed a few major differences since last year. Gas is ungodly expensive (even moreso), the drinks at the Keg were weeeeak (but cost more than gas) and the service at Boston Pizza $ucked. What're you guys doing to the place up there?? Lol
Grit dog 04/19/19 01:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Leveling with air bags correctly

And if you have a twin I beam truck, or a TTB truck, then your front end issues are a function of being a poorly designed Ford idea, not a camper. I loved TTB trucks as a kid though. Made alot of wages fixing the front axles/steering/suspension on them...
Grit dog 04/19/19 01:51pm Truck Campers
RE: Leveling with air bags correctly

An attempt at a public service announcement ended up in some pretty backasswards claims and recommendations here... 1 correct observation was that if you air back up a TC load to unloaded ride height, you're not taking advantage of any of the truck's rear suspension and you create a big white heavy bouncy ball. On the other hand, "some" TC's "may" put a significant amount of weight on the front axle, but it is very few. Second, having the back at OE height and the front sagging an inch? Couldn't be much more than that if you tried unless something different than every setup you see on the road... Did not affect caster appreciably and the little caster change did not wear the front tires. (Camber with an IFS front "could" do that if you really loaded it down.) We're now disputing bad forum recommendations with bad forum recommendations.
Grit dog 04/19/19 01:48pm Truck Campers
RE: Why diesel trucks?

"jim is just trying to make excuse for his opinion. I've been to Montana and Kalispell is beautiful area, but you don't see 3-lines of freeways with bumper to bumper weekend traffic. I did not count gas stations in Vegas, but it has to be about 500 of them. How do you compare that to your local area? " Thank gawd!! If all the Veegasonians came to MT, then MT would s uck and I'd have to think about camping in Vegas instead! haha
Grit dog 04/19/19 01:40pm Truck Campers
RE: Help....advice on purchasing truck camper

Had a long response typed up but lost interwebbs. Bottom line the weight is not an issue for that truck with the right mods, regardless of what the rvnet weight cops say. Tailgate, some say no, I haul the camper with 3' bed overhang and alot of other stuff on tailgates. Just be smart about it. Length is questionable, would be my biggest concern. First because it appears to be a long bed designed camper, make sure the camper will handle a 3'+ cantilever (without tailgate). Second, you want to pull a trailer. You may very well need a 3'+ hitch extension. Good luck camper shopping.
Grit dog 04/19/19 01:34pm Truck Campers
RE: New AF865 on a 2000 Dodge 2500, tie-down question

"You may find the AF865 is a thousand lbs heavier or more if you keep the water tank full. " I don't understand. Still has a 50? gal tank. 1000lbs is like 120 gal. I guess maybe if fresh, gray and black were full?
Grit dog 04/19/19 12:13pm Truck Campers
RE: 2019 Chevy LTZ Duramax CC Dually payload?

14k gvw, payload will be around 5500lbs. Guessing truck is about 8500.
Grit dog 04/18/19 09:33pm Truck Campers
RE: Trying to narrow down a short list of SUV for wife

You should tell her about it ! My wife d@mn near refuses to drive anything other than her new SRT. She’s also the only person I know get pulled over in a known speed trap doing 54 in a 35 in a bright orange race car and not even get a warning! Happened last week...
Grit dog 04/17/19 05:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Broke wires to WIF sensor on GMC LBZ. Leave as is?

Not an urgent repair by any means IMO. I have similar experiences as above. However, most of the Internet “water in fuel” stories seem to come from down in the Deep South for some reason. Humidity, water tables, idk. Just an observation.
Grit dog 04/17/19 05:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Salt, Rust, and the value of a diesel engine

^Thats a valid point, and I’ve had buddies the same way. Car shines like a diamond in a goats @ss. How long since you changed the oil in that thing? Oil?? But in general you have a better chance s at getting a well maintained vehicle from someone who took care of its appearance. Again, it’s a judge the owner thing. One more reason I don’t buy used cars from dealers, aside from overpriced, there’s about a .0001% chance I will be able to know the cars history.
Grit dog 04/17/19 05:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Haul Gauge??

Who the he!! is Mobely? Not John Mobely from the Broncos, right? He was a stout dude, throw off the haul gauge! Doesn't anyone just change the stations on the radio anymore? Fark, I'm behind the times again, thats the trouble growing up back in the 70s and 80s, never caught onto the new fangled stuff....lol Hey we at least got to wear those plaid bell bottom pants and then phased into those Levi 501s, Jordache, and Calvin Kleins blue jeans. :B Aside from 501s I never wore that schitt! Are you from TX or California?? LOL Btw I never wore Cavariccis or parachute pants either.... well had one pair of parachute pants. My dad laffed at me then they ripped right away....thank god. Didn’t even make a good shop rag after that !
Grit dog 04/17/19 04:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: opinions on 2012 RAM 2500 5.7 gasser

That’s becasuse cng makes less power, but yes you can tow whatever the max 11k rating is in either mode. CNG will be a dog with that big of a load. And you don’t need to subtract the payload difference from the tow rating. Apples and oranges pretty much. Payload is another whole discussion. Recommended max payloads vs trucks capability. Just do a little interesting reading on that. 100threads in this forum alone that will help you understand payloads.
Grit dog 04/17/19 04:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: good tires

Jimlin, apologies, I stand partly corrected. There are some available, but the prices, expensive and less load cap than available trailer tires. To each there own. I couldn’t see dropping $150-200 ea on 14-15” LT tires that have less rated capacity than much less expensive ST tires.
Grit dog 04/17/19 04:46pm Towing
RE: Saga of Cell Phone Accident...

My wife on other hand will drop whatever she has in her hands, or leave hot dinner on the table to run to the phone before machine answers.Old habits die hard. If my ex missed a call she'd start calling each of her friends to see if they called her. Is that why she’s your ex?? Haha
Grit dog 04/17/19 04:33pm Truck Campers
RE: Saga of Cell Phone Accident...

Or, in short, I wish I could not answer the phone!! Lol
Grit dog 04/17/19 04:32pm Truck Campers
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