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RE: 2020 Silverado HD Media Launch

Nice fab on the step!
Grit dog 06/26/19 10:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Why a discrepancy between sticker payload & actual weight?

Marty, your GM is about as different as it could be from my reds truck. The argument is still a valid one that 3/4 tons don’t really have much payload or cargo capacity left after adding 2 more doors, a Diesel engine, bigger trans and a topper. Hence the age old argument about the gvw rating and it’s validity compare to the trucks design. That said, this exact same “debate” is currently ongoing in several threads and 1000s across the interwebs. Fact is, there’s no right answer for everyone at the same time and people’s knowledge, perception or perception of their knowledge or others will always differ.
Grit dog 06/26/19 10:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Why a discrepancy between sticker payload & actual weight?

Your truck is packing some lead for being a gasser if it weighs 7800lbs empty (my Mega cab diesel came out of the dump empty at 7800lbs and it's much heavier than a Chevy cc gasser by a bunch) and your gvw is even lower than the newer 10klb 2500s. You can do one of 2 things. 1. Worry about it. There are plenty of fools/tools on this forum to help you worry about it fwiw. 2. Believe the door sticker allows you 2900lbs and call er a day. 3000lb "factory" payload is a good round safe number for a 3/4 ton truck. And don't worry about hauling anything that you hauled with your old Ford previously.
Grit dog 06/25/19 08:13pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Wheel /Tire/which combo?

If you are hauling the camper all the time and alot of miles, I'd do 19.5s. If you want to have a comfortable ride when empty, want the option of great traction in the winter and don't put on ALOT of camper miles then heavy duty 18s are preferable.
Grit dog 06/25/19 07:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Dually tire pressure?

This thread needs to die...
Grit dog 06/25/19 07:48pm Truck Campers
RE: Survey-- City Water vs pump

Grit dog 06/25/19 01:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2020 Silverado HD Media Launch

Chevy and GM always seem to produce markedly different looking front clips. Good and bad in that. Sometimes the GMC is the ugly duckling, sometimes the Chevy. I really like the new 1/2 ton Chevys. gmc not so much. New HDs, Chevy is fugly and the GMC looks pretty good. Although after driving a 19 Silverado 1500 for the last month, there's too much plastic **** on the front, even though it looks nice, it doesn't look durable as a truck.
Grit dog 06/25/19 12:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2018 TT has been deemed Total Loss by insurance company

^ Sounds like it'll work out good for you. That's great to hear. Understand not wanting to do any work to it. Totally, but as proof it isn't destroyed, the camper guy couldn't wait to buy it. Bionic man, your totally right. No wood to rot in our boat either, but wet cushions and carpet will mold or mildew just as easily. Point was, it's summer. Wet turns to dry pretty quick anywhere south of the Arctic circle. Similar example. Water heater in garage was leaking for a couple weeks before I got a chance to replace it. Wood buildup platform under it was saturated, drywall moldy behind it Replaced water heater, wiped mold down with some Windex (works as good as bleak I found out from my plumber buddy). Turned a fan on it for a couple days. Poof. Good as new. Not allergic to mold though
Grit dog 06/25/19 12:24am General RVing Issues
RE: Park Model /RVFlood Insurance

You can't even buy good flood insurance for a house. Don't be stupid and park your AreVee in a flood plain.
Grit dog 06/25/19 12:15am General RVing Issues
RE: NADA Pricing versus Actual

Double or triple NADA? Lol. Maybe didn't math right. 20-30% above, I can see from an optimistic seller.
Grit dog 06/25/19 12:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Gas

I have gas.....Sonic chili cheese fries. Think that's the cause!
Grit dog 06/25/19 12:07am Beginning RVing
RE: Interesting delam issue - revised 6-24, more pics

Looks good from here! I wouldn't fck with it. Or I guess glue it up, make sure you compress the glue. Worst case it doesn't stick and you have to screw it.
Grit dog 06/25/19 12:04am Truck Campers
RE: Which to comprimise on? Toilet or Heat?

I don't think you compromised at all. Never have really ad trouble finding a dump site. Winter is a different story though, so that could be a consideration, but I have no desire to pack and dump 5 gallon cans of ____ in a toilet! Uuurp!! Find a sewer or septic clean out somewhere you can use when dump stations are closed or the local turd farm (sewer treatment plant). Awesome choice in campers, love the look of Cirrus campers.
Grit dog 06/24/19 11:57pm Truck Campers
RE: Dually tire pressure?

Ryoung, you're completely off base. % of total weight is irrelevant. Actual load on the axle is what matters. Empty truck, any truck, drop a big load in the bed, centered on the rear axle and the front sees the same weight as unloaded regardless of the %. 55psi on the front of a stock tire size dually (215-245 wide tires) is LOW unless maybe it's a gas motor. 50-55 psi in a wider tire like 285 wide is about min before it starts detracting from handling with a diesel. As well, too much pressure for the weight does also detract from handling and braking. Harder tire = smaller contact patch and less compliant and greater rebound rate than a softer tire (less pressure). Ever see drag cars with a lot of air in the back tires? Nope, poor traction. Air up for more traction, nope, the opposite. However, with a high CG load like a camper, the advantage of a bit harder front tire, even though the static load is the same or slightly more or less than empty, is less sidewall flex when the load is transferred laterally when the camper/truck gets body roll. Think about it before replying.
Grit dog 06/24/19 11:48pm Truck Campers
RE: Looking for advice

^ And while I believe that whole heartedly (I'm hauling an Arctic fox on an older Ram 2500), the newer coil spring 2500s are an inherently poor design for high center of gravity loads. Haven't used one, but reports are they are less resistant to body roll than leafs and it makes sense. However, if I had that truck, airbags and the biggest sway bar I could find and I'd try it. If someone makes stiffer coils IMO that would be preferable, but not sire I've seen any. But with a Cirrus 720, it might handle it pretty darn good, especially if the truck is a long bed. I'd go for it and not worry.
Grit dog 06/24/19 11:05pm Truck Campers
RE: Slide in Jack height

^This. And if it feels tippy, like shaky or unstable, that's because the jack legs are maxed out. If you need 5" of lift then put the camper on something stable like 12x12 blocks or an entire timber or cut a couple plywood rips and run them transverse and screw the blocks to them (where you back over the plywood when getting under the camper. Then the blocks can never kick out sideways.
Grit dog 06/24/19 10:56pm Truck Campers
RE: 04 Chev 1500 as a tow vehicle 8000lb camper

Dangerous, just plain dangerous..... Please explain, my truck maintains highway speed with low rpm, i have an upgraded suspension, upgraded brakes, and the trailer has absolutely no sway. We all cant afford 3500 diesels, but my trailer tows great with what i have. Might be different if i planed a trip across the country Z1k, I believe you. And even if I didn't, I tow that kind of weight all the time with 1/2 tons. Been doing it since 1988, lol. You're on the right track, you seem to understand the strengths and limitations of your truck and when you first posted this, I was waiting for all the "experts" who are afraid of their own shadow to jump up and tell you what you did just couldn't be possible. If your truck is in good condition and well maintained, it should do what you're asking of it no problem. Is it the best, ultimate tow rig, nope. Will it pull your trailer on local trips safely and competently? Yup I'd suggest quitting even responding to the blathering going on here. Have fun this summer!
Grit dog 06/23/19 11:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: GM Colorado bent frame towing 2,100 lbs

Yeah he probably played Luke Duke with his new off road pickup. They used to hold up to that kind of “hold my beer “ fun, but the last pickup I got more than jus the front wheels off the ground was a 1990 Z71. That thing saw a lot of air time!
Grit dog 06/23/19 11:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2018 TT has been deemed Total Loss by insurance company

Well, mold could become a problem in the ducts if they were full of water like he said... I see what you are saying Grit, but he's on the East coast and we are on the West coast and I don't think things dry as well over there?? (humid) Anyway, no idea what I would do in that situation.. I stopped hooking up to city water a long time ago. Even with a sewer connection, but that's just me.. Good luck with it all OP. Mitch Dry? Here? Maybe this month and the next 2 months. But unless you’re in a different Puyallup than I’m thinking of. OP made it sound like it just happened. Yeah sitting for long period of time wet/saturated is no bueno, but seriously, my boat gets soaked inside all the time in the summer. Wet carpet and cushions. Park it in the garage, open up the hatches and flip up the seats. Boom it’s dry in a couple days tops.
Grit dog 06/23/19 11:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2018 TT has been deemed Total Loss by insurance company

The reason there is no overflow to the ground is that in most if not all states it is unlawful to discharge waste water on the ground. Water from the bathtub is considered waste water. Pfft who cares. Pretty sure no one ever went to jail for an overflowed bath tub. Now we also have rvnet superfluous law cops...
Grit dog 06/23/19 10:58pm General RVing Issues
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