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RE: Dealers lots are filling up

Can't order a GM heavy duty right now, March before order boards open. I don't know where you get your info but I am told GM orders start 12-12 for the 2024 models. Both Chevy and GMC are advertising those 2024s will be on lots late spring 2023. I stand corrected. It is Jan. 26, 2023 for crew cabs. Element I had a GMC General Manager tell me a few weeks ago I could order a 2024 starting 12-12. The same Schmuck who told me he would come off sticker price on a 2023 2500 they had in the showroom. Upon face to face contact it turns out coming off sticker was the $500 incentive GM had in place at the time. He informed me of that right before offering a lowball number by about $5K on a trade in LOL. Can't say I am surprised by the last staement. Heck, years ago before we had kids, we'd sometimes go mess with car dealers for entertainment...great fun. Have a few cocktails watching college football and then go pretend to be a sucker for a new car...seemed fitting to waste their time once in a while, lol. WTH his going on with vehicles though? I don't keep up on auto industry scuttlebutt, but is 2023 model year basically going to be a non year for autos? Sounds like some other cheezy sales ploy. "You can get a 2024 model NOW!! Be the envy of all your friends!"
Grit dog 11/17/22 10:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: Camping at 27 degrees.

By all means, do whatever you want to do with your camper and your money. I was replying to the OP who was looking for real world advice. Pffft, real world advice is overrrated...you've been a member of rvnet long enough to realize that! LOL Cheers! On a similar note, I've really been wanting to try one of those China bomb little diesel heaters for my snomachine trailer. As I use a Buddy heater sometimes if need to warm it up on the mountain or a milkhouse heater and box fan to dry everything out at home after riding (since it doesn't get below freezing much here). If only I needed to do that more than a couple times a year....sigh...
Grit dog 11/17/22 10:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Compounding Garbage Exponentially

Is garbageopoly a word? My computer says no, but thanks to this announcement, it likely will be soon!
Grit dog 11/17/22 10:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Electric Jack Issue/ Battery Storage

If the batteries were dead on the TC, then it's probably the power circuit on the truck. You should be able to look up what fuse it will be on the truck. I like battery tenders if you take the batteries out. If it is fairly close, I'd just plug in. Could contribute to dead batteries, but not the sole cause. The truck isn't going to fully charge a pair of deep cycle batteries off the 12V lead unless maybe you drove from here to New York and back without using the camper batteries. OP, Why not test that pin on the trailer plug first to verify power or not.
Grit dog 11/17/22 10:25am Truck Campers
RE: Electric Jack Issue/ Battery Storage

First part doesn't make sense. Unless you're trying to say the camper batteries were/are dead. Any smart maintainer will work for battery storage, as will disconnecting them fully charged and not doing anything. Maybe top them up every few months, but not totally necessary either.
Grit dog 11/17/22 10:22am Truck Campers
RE: The GEO Method and Space Heaters - Thoughts?

I guess if you need squeaky clean holding tanks carry on, its your time and money. They'll at least be nice and clean until your next morning constitutional, then rinse and repeat. 2nd that. Akin to flushing before you go to the restroom.
Grit dog 11/17/22 10:19am Travel Trailers
RE: Dealers lots are filling up

I agree, buying used 1-3 years old, not best option for most. Jerry Not last year or this year it isn't.
Grit dog 11/16/22 10:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dealers lots are filling up

I've already had to do on oil change on my current rig, :B. O M G What is this world coming to? I guess Covid has affected us all, in one way or another! LOL Cheers!
Grit dog 11/16/22 10:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dealers lots are filling up

They NEVER bought brand new cars. Yeah, "be fiscally responsible, buy used cars." They don't manufacture USED cars. They only manufacture NEW cars. Put another way, someone has to buy the NEW cars in order for there to be any USED cars out there to be "fiscally responsible" with. Unless you buy some clapped-out chitbox, the cost of used these days doesn't pencil out. You pay almost-new price for a 3 year old used truck with 45,000 miles on it, except with no discount off "list," less on trade-in, no dealer incentives (which Town Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Buffalo are offering on their RAM pickups, BTW), and worse financing terms. Heck my bank won't loan money on a vehicle >5 years old! Don't try to justify this based on Covid supply chain and pricing. I know you're old enough to remember the decades before this current mess we're still digging out of. 2 years ago, almost to the date, $37k for the truck in my signature line. Yes it was a good deal, but the normal prices were nowhere near the last 18-24months and that will not sustain, already heading back to normal (the original message of this thread...). And you need a new bank... The 1986 GMC we bought a couple years ago, title had a lien release from, I think 2013 on it. Not that I would advocate taking a loan for a clapped out chit box. Reference my comments about working in another thread. Yes, someone does HAVE to buy new cars for used ones to be available. I even do it occasionally. 2001 and 2018, bought new off the lot. And that's why it doesn't bother me to see other folks buy new when they probably shouldn't. Keeps me from having to when I can, easily.
Grit dog 11/16/22 10:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dealers lots are filling up

When they make journeyman, sure. Correct me if I'm wrong but in most trades, getting to journeyman is a SEVEN YEAR MINIMUM commitment. During that time you work for minimum wage, or even for free, as an apprentice, sweeping floors and doing very little related to the trade, all while being treated like dirt. Then you'll turn around and grouse about how young people need to be coddled and hand-held, right? It's not either-or. There is a middle ground between abusive and coddling. Don't give me "That's how I came up through," because times have changed. Obviously the old way doesn't work anymore because you're short on skilled workers. You're wrong. 3-4 years is the max for most all apprenticeships and that's only if a person possesses very little skill and less motivation passing up the ability to journey out quicker. Alot of its based on hours. Work more hours, journey out quicker. Also, you're talking Union apprenticeships, of which you obviously aren't well read. However the non union trades, while not as guaranteed for pay have other benefits, like no set time limit for apprenticeships. Far more merit based. I journeyed out about 2 months after I graduated high school. That was the skill part. And I've pushed through many young men early to journeyman scale for the same reasons. On the other hand, some also journey out faster based on hours worked. Be the first guy at work, last one to leave, volunteer and beg for OT as it available, and the same can happen just on work ethic and not above average skill. And we're short on skilled workers, just like you and everywhere else in this country thanks to the abundant gubmint cheeze available. Reference my post above. BTW, the 2 kids I talked about, his buddy is going to school for Cicil Engineering and wants to get into construction. My kid couldn't be farther from his buddy's aspirations (marine biologist) but what they do have in common aside from being friends is they know that work = money and no work = no money. No abuse or coddling needed. Just a smidge of common sense and a good work ethic. It's hard to understand, unless the "don't want to work" thing is true, how in an industry like construction, one of the few industries left where one expand into supervisory and even management positions without a formal education, why there isn't a line out the door of applicants. And it's not a secret, the trade schools and diversity career fairs do publicize this. But ya gotta show up...
Grit dog 11/16/22 10:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dealers lots are filling up

Our means have not kept pace with the price of goods and services, even if you don't consider recent events. Work harder, get a better job, right? You need to be pulling in a 6-figure income to have the buying power of the average family in the 1950's. There are only so many middle management jobs out there. You're not wrong about the cost of goods and services, but a young person doesn't need to be middle management or even have a college degree to make six figures, at least in my area. In my job I talk with lots of folks in the construction trades, mostly sprinkler fitters and fire alarm technicians, who are screaming for qualified apprentices. Once they make journeyman that six figures is a reality. Where they run into problems is finding people who are actually willing to show up every day, work hard, be eager to learn and get cold, dirty and uncomfortable once in a while. Bingo. My kid and his buddy were pulling down $42 an hour this summer, fresh off the turnip truck after their first year in college. ZERO construction experience. Why? Exactly what you said AND the fact that they were willing to WORK and work hard. By the end of the summer, Got a call from one of the awesome laborers that I hired years ago, still working for the company, saying he's never seen a 19 year old kid (who's about 150lbs soaking wet) pull a 30' high cycle vibrator on an entire pour for about 6 hours straight. But he worked like 10 weeks this summer and went back to school with over $10k in the bank after whatever he spent this summer. Had to remind a friend's little brother who was complaining recently that his "covid pay" went away and he was back to $16.25/hour, that if you want to make more you have to work harder. Heck our younger son's gf (in high school) is making $18/hr making sandwiches and they can't find enough kids to work so she gets more hours than she wants. Idk what you actually can do in Seattle that only makes $16/hr but it must be a real dog balls job!
Grit dog 11/16/22 09:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Safety: Microwave Fire!

Maybe you need to stop using the microwave and leave it to your wife. My wife doesn't "Test" things like I do. That's my job. I'm happy it happened to me & not the wifey. Do you also jump in front of a train to test if it will stop in time? Microwaves have been in use for decades. There is nothing new or to test about avoiding running an empty microwave. They are not idiot proof but they do require opening the door and presumably adding material in order to run. If you ignore the basics, why did you also leave the microwave running with just a piece of paper in it? I guess next time you can test what happens if you run the microwave with a metal container. Don't bother to warn us about the outcome. Shall I also tell you not to eat yellow snow? Let's not throw sarcasm in this thread! You're being unreasonable here. I'll explain it again... I didn't know there was a piece of towel in the microwave. I wanted to run all the appliances in the RV to test my 30 amp outlet. I wanted to see if the new installed 30 amp would handle all the RV loads w/o tripping the breaker. If this is something you find not reasonable then this thread is simply not for you. You must be one of those "fool proof" people that have made no mistakes. At least I'm willing to share mine. :C He pretends he is.... Thank you for sharing. I didn't know that.
Grit dog 11/16/22 09:39am Tech Issues
RE: Chew on this.

In 1972 I bought a new 8' 6" truck camper at the boat sport and travel show for 975 bucks. Even top of the line big name brand 10'+ truck camper with all the ginger bread sold in the 2800-3000 dollar range. In '72 I bought a new Super Cheyanne half ton. Cost about the same as 7500 gallons gasoline. At todays price of gas, what pickup can you buy? On the fuel cost subject...as long as the feds let shipping industry add fuel surcharges, costs of products won't come down for a long time...if ever. Do you understand without the FSC, very few trucks could keep running? And without the competition freight rates would go up much more than the FSC. And in times of rising fuel prices, the FSC does not make truckers well, just slows the bleeding. This is because fuel price this week determine the FSC next week. You couldn't quite buy a stripped down version of a 2wd base model pickup, although the new basemodel comparable truck is still around twice the power and features and longevity. Take the recent politically charged "events" and high fuel prices out of the picture and you could only buy half that new base model truck. More of a testament to historically low gas prices and the bargain we were getting compared to most of the rest of the world than vehicle prices. Although my response in the Dealer Lots Filling Up thread explains that in more detail.
Grit dog 11/16/22 09:37am General RVing Issues
RE: New Chevy chassis

Yet both the 7.3 and 6.6 are pretty close in power and both are an improvement over the outgoing 6.2 and 6.0, but not enough to write home about. Fact is cutaways and bread truck chassis are really not intended to tow much, smartly anyways, in tough conditions. That hasn't changed
Grit dog 11/16/22 09:33am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Four Wheel Campers

Right now I could buy a comparable one for less than I sold it for less than 2 months ago. Not many people buy RVs during Late Fall in Western Washington, so how much is time of year? A good deal of it for sure. But that was my point. Even after Labor Day I got good money that I feel was an anomaly. And the 20/21 fall/winter, I was searching the whole time and not near as much for sale for typical bp toyhaulers and the prices were still crazy.
Grit dog 11/16/22 09:30am Truck Campers
RE: Dealers lots are filling up

^^^ Yep. Folks should be pondering why that is, instead of all the distractions they get lathered up about. And by the same token, I have no issue with people being stupid with their money. Buy new and buy often is my motto to them!
Grit dog 11/15/22 02:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dealers lots are filling up

Work harder, get a better job, right? You need to be pulling in a 6-figure income to have the buying power of the average family in the 1950's. There are only so many middle management jobs out there. You can blame women for a large part of this as well. Womens lib, equal pay, etc spawned many (or maybe even the majority) of 2 income households (not the case in the 50s and before and into the 60s). Even modest income jobs put a 2 income household at over $100k easily...IF the people actually work. The mean and median incomes, remember, are diluted by the deadbeats and lazy people. Then, back to living within your means. Take my parents for example. Mostly 2 income household, very modest incomes, no post secondary education. Survived the union busting of my dad's trade (he made the same in the late 70s as the early 90s....sad). They NEVER bought brand new cars. We fixed 'em ourselves. We tent camped on family road trip vacations. Small house, finished the addition ourselves. They didn't pay for my college education. Etc etc. They had money to retire when they retired and provided us kids a good (not lavish) life and family. Fast forward 30 years. We are a single income family (not by choice) but I fortunately make more than enough to do that AND live far more lavishly than my parents did. However, most folks in my income bracket have newer more expensive homes, buy brand new vehicles, pay someone to do EVERYTHING except maybe lawn care and very basic home repairs. AND they are in serious debt. 2 car payments, making payments on not just that and mortgage but some make payments even on their kids sports and activities. HIGH dollar toys, that they also buy brand new and take loans for. 2 completely different scenarios but the common thread is fiscal responsibility. Something many people don't have, whether they admit it to even themselves, or not. Very little to do with cars being "too expensive."
Grit dog 11/15/22 02:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dealers lots are filling up

:)There are a few advantages to being old. Seriously, what happened to 36 months and buying within our means? Our means have not kept pace with the price of goods and services, even if you don't consider recent events. Work harder, get a better job, right? You need to be pulling in a 6-figure income to have the buying power of the average family in the 1950's. There are only so many middle management jobs out there. ^This is part of the issue, however, speaking for vehicles in particular (and not all the other things that are "cheaper now" than say 20-40 years ago), the other part of the significant cost of newer vehicles is the power technology and features. Example, from say early 70s to late 80s, vehicle power/technology etc was basically stale. Went backwards in some respects. 90s and 2000s saw big advancements as have the last 10 years or so. Not the least of which is all the newer mandatory safety requirements which weren't present when most of the readership here were young and buying brand new $4000 cars and trucks. Mfgs aren't eating the cost of big brother's overreach... Reliability, yup, none of those $4000 1974 cars went 200-300k miles on original motors and major components. Power, 500hp and 1000+ ftlbs out of a pickup truck vs 200hp or less. Technology. Skip the power everything panoramic moon roof heated and cooled seats, multiple suspension and shifting modes, 10 speed transmissions and get yourself a base model 6banger half ton reg cab or a gasser base model HD truck which still last MUCH longer, have far more tech and comfort features and are far more capable even in base model config and you can have your new vehicle for half the cost of the "popular" ones.
Grit dog 11/15/22 01:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Class C Sprinter questions

lack of range on standard tank(24.5gal), and the lack of dealers for service. We have a Winnie Revel based on a sprinter. It has 2 alternators, one squeals on startup, and CW and Benz are reluctant to even look at it. Getting the run around from dealerships and it's 200 miles each way for service. And it's still under warranty from both. SMH There is a Ford dealer 13 miles away. ^This While Sprinters are generally regarded a reliable and VERY popular in the delivery and hospitality markets, what cptqueeq said is what our company equipment dept came to the conclusion of as well. Although we didn't have a huge number of them, the cost of parts and availability of service was expensive and lacking. Mercedes cornered the market with the only van like this 15 years ago or whenever and was the only way to get an efficient little diesel in a van for quite some time. I wonder if not for the diesel, if they would have gained the popularity they seem to have in the industries.
Grit dog 11/15/22 01:27pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Beware *** Poor Build Quality 2021 Heartland North Trail

I liked our Heartland trailer, but the FW tank always looked reeeeealy pregnant underneath. So I sold it, lol.
Grit dog 11/14/22 05:18pm Travel Trailers
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