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RE: Sad state of national parks and public lands.

Well, they look to be faring better than the inner cities....
Grodyman 06/06/20 04:49pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: loosing old members

I check in from time to time, but sold my Lance 830 (awesome camper) only because I live in California, and got tired of the big truck fees and gas taxes, so I downsized to a small travel trailer and more efficient vehicle. In fact, when they raised the gas and registration taxes, I cancelled cable tv in retaliation, and could not be happier, don't miss it at all. Thinking of downsizing further, but the high fees and taxes make me want to run my toys into the ground. California is such a different place than the one I grew up in, I feel like a stranger. It will be time to move on one day. Gman
Grodyman 04/12/20 09:03pm Truck Campers
RE: 2019 Ram 6.4 drivers

My dad had a 6.4/4.10 with the old 6 speed, and it was a dog and a gas hog. I heard it was the old transmission that hindered the engine. 35 MPH and struggling up steep grades. If it is not fixed, I would pass. Gman
Grodyman 03/26/20 06:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Clean Diesel trucks for TC ... maybe not!

Ever get stuck behind a semi spewing a toxic cloud of white regeneration smoke for miles? Every day. Gman
Grodyman 01/16/20 09:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Suspension Enhancements for Single Axle Trailer

Great responses, after looking at the design, lowering does not seem to be an option. I will double check the axle load rating, it could possibly be #4200, it is definitely beefier than a 3500# axle, and has stock 15" 6 lug wheels. Gman
Grodyman 01/06/20 07:49am Towing
RE: Suspension Enhancements for Single Axle Trailer

I was thinking of lowering the trailer a couple inches, while at the same time upgrading the ride. Everything about the Passport ultra lite is pretty cheap, but I like the trailer. The height really affects MPG with my truck, I got as low as 7.5mpg on one stretch, with a 23 gallon gas tank. Not that the trailer rides bad per se, I did upgrade tires to LRE, trailer is 3500 dry, no more than 5K loaded. I really wanted to install an equa flex or equivalent product, but do not see one for single axles. Gman
Grodyman 01/04/20 01:19pm Towing
RE: Suspension Enhancements for Single Axle Trailer

Personally I like the Dexter Torflex axles, I recently dumped the traditional spring setup on my boat trailer and also added disk brakes with hydraulic actuator. WELL worth the upgrade!!! https://i.imgur.com/AaaBvuQl.jpg Nice install! Having been up close and personal with the frame Keystone uses on the Passport line, I would be skeptical if would handle some shock mounts without a lot of reinforcing. OP doesn't say the year, but prior to 2013 they used a frame made by Dexter, after 2012 Lippert, two different animals there. The Dexter frames were stout, the LCI are recycled soup cans. The nice thing about Torsions is the tube acts as an additional crossmember adding overall strength. In the case of the Passport if it is a model with the LCI frame, the OP would want to add a tube to the bottom of the frame rail at least 2" X 2" X 4', probably top to bottom flange gussets inside and out at the end of it, and probably the Dexter 2-3/4" lift bracket between that and the Torsion. I would doubt he can not get enough ground clearance without doing if only counting on the start angle. Haylet RV has a good video walk around and you can see that the spring hangers are welded to a 2"x2" tube spacer already. I'm not sure the OP can actually lower his TT. Looks like the 2"x2" tube spacer is there for tire clearance. Does this mean a torsion axle will not work?
Grodyman 01/04/20 11:01am Towing
Suspension Enhancements for Single Axle Trailer

I have a Passport 153ML, which although a lightweight, is a pretty tall windsail, and sits high on a 5000lb 6 lug axle with traditional leaf springs. I am toying with the idea of converting it to a torsion axle to smooth the ride and maybe lower a bit. Worth the expense? I can't seem to find a suspension enhancement product rated for 5000lbs and made for a single axle trailer, all the MorRyde/Equa Flex/etc. are mostly for tandems. Gman
Grodyman 01/03/20 08:39pm Towing
RE: New suburban and tahoe reveal! Duramax 3.0 is in!!

Who can afford these anymore?
Grodyman 12/11/19 10:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Another tire thread

"For 14" the best tire is the Kumho Radial 857." I'd agree with that 10-15 years ago, but I'm pretty certain those tires haven't been available for a while. Dang, too bad.
Grodyman 08/29/19 09:01pm Towing
RE: Another tire thread

For 14" the best tire is the Kumho Radial 857. For 15" I will probably use a load E st tire, and change every 3 years. For 16" definitely a LT tire load E. I am going through this right now, I have a single axle trailer with 15" wheels, but it is a 5000 lb. axle with 6 lugs. I have the option of purchasing cheap 16" rims and going with LT E tires, or I can step up from a load D to a load E ST trailer tire, and still have plenty of reserve. I have Trailer King bombs on there now, that have sat on a lot in Phoenix for nearly a year before I bought it. Cost is not much more, unless I buy Michelins. Gman
Grodyman 08/29/19 02:28pm Towing
RE: Another Tire Thread

I am contemplating going to the 16 LT tire. How about a budget LT225 75R16E, something like a Corsa from Discount? I don't really want to spend the $$ for Michelin. Gman
Grodyman 08/26/19 10:47pm Travel Trailers
Another Tire Thread

Cheaper tires and replace every 2 years, or Goodyear Endurance that cost nearly 3x as much, and replace every 4-5 years? My tires will age out (Socal) well before mileage concerns. I am stepping up from a Load D to a Load E (15"). I don't think there is a LT tire in 15" Gman
Grodyman 08/25/19 09:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: Portable Solar Smoking

I used a 120 watt suitcase kit with the controller attached to the back of one panel for years and I connected the batteries to the controller after I had the panels set up. I never had a problem and never heard anyone mention having to hook up the batteries before the panels were exposed to sunlight. Instructions don't mention this either, just says plug into port or connect to batteries. I'll buy a cheap controller and try again.
Grodyman 08/08/19 09:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Portable Solar Smoking

Controller is connected to rear of panel, so I would need to connect the clips while keeping the suitcase covered from the sun, then open the panels to the sun after connecting.....Is this the standard procedure?
Grodyman 08/08/19 07:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Portable Solar Smoking

Not reverse polarity. Interesting about the controller needing battery before opening panel. I wasn't aware of that. It is a cheap plastic controller, garbage.
Grodyman 08/08/19 06:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Portable Solar Smoking

Reversed polarity? Maybe, if the red and black wires are mixed up from the factory. Also, no current going into the battery was registering on my battery monitor.
Grodyman 08/08/19 06:08pm Tech Issues
Portable Solar Smoking

I inherited a NaturePower 120 Watt suitcase solar kit. Opened it up and hooked alligator clips to terminals of battery, after a short time, smoke coming from the wiring/charge controller area behind the solar panel. What could cause this? Wire run was maybe 6 feet. Gman
Grodyman 08/08/19 05:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Sad state of our National Parks-II

Enjoy your democratic socialism, comrade: https://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2019/08/07/you-gotta-hear-what-happened-at-the-socialist-convention/ So what's your point, argument or thesis? And please, Rush "Oxycontin" "Failed All College Subjects" Limbaugh again? What does he know about economics? Just watched the video again! Your comrades even oppress their own members! I thought it was a SNL skit, but it's real.....wow
Grodyman 08/07/19 09:53pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Sad state of our National Parks-II

Truth is, you need wealthy people to invest in businesses and corporations that create jobs. When you take away the incentive, jobs are lost and the system collapses (Socialism). This is the myth that has developed since the '80s. I'm reasonably sure that if there is no demand for a good or service, there will be no investment in businesses or corporations to create new jobs. Instead the try to buy existing business, merger, cut costs (Workers). While Socialism is considered a foul word, if Capitalism is not regulated by Government, or IMHO better, strong unions, the wealth will be concentrated in fewer hands until the middle class is only people that used to be rich. Hear, hear, this is a knowledgeable view. This is Keynes economic theory which Reaganomics tried to replace with trickle down – giving tax breaks for companies to invest and expand without the underlying consumer demand. We got instead bigger deficit, higher borrowings and eventually 3 recessions. Looks like history will repeat this time again. Let’s also update ourselves and not be scared-sh*tless with the word “socialism”. It’s not the 50’s or the 60’s anymore where this means Soviet Union nor Russia. The new economic-political system now refers to it as Democractic Socialism modeled by the Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, etc. These countries have been surveyed to be the happiest and healthiest on earth with free college, universal healthcare, 48:1 CEO to worker pay gap (US is 354 times average worker), and comfortable social security pensions for seniors. Enjoy your democratic socialism, comrade: https://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2019/08/07/you-gotta-hear-what-happened-at-the-socialist-convention/
Grodyman 08/07/19 04:43pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
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