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RE: Keys to reopen June 1

OK - Two guys from FL disagree. Can one or both of you cite your sources? I live here and check the site every day; Check " Monroe county Covid-19 (Coronairus) Information" You'll have to read through, but you'll find it Guy
Guy Roan 05/29/20 05:11am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Keys to reopen June 1

Update from Tuesday evening, Directive 20-09 .... the 50% occupancy cap has been removed. No, they are recommending that it remains until June 15 Guy
Guy Roan 05/28/20 01:52pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Self Isolation (long for nature lovers)

Nice area there. I used to scuba dive at John Pennekamp Coral Reef area back in the 80's. You would not be too happy there now! The reefs are like a zoo with a zillion power boats. An interesting article just came out in the local news: The water has always been crystal clear, but slowly over the years has degraded due to the quantity of Power boats. Since they closed all the ramps and waterways; in testing they have found that the clarity is now the same as what it was twenty years ago. that will change in a week or so, since they just opened them back up Guy
Guy Roan 05/25/20 07:53am Around the Campfire
Self Isolation (long for nature lovers)

Nanci and I have been self- isolating for quite a few years now, so it is very easy for us. We own our own RV lot in Key Largo where we snow bird every year and either kayak, paddleboard or canoe on a daily basis. Over the years we have explored just about every offshore Key not only on the Atlantic side, but also on the Bayside. This year has been the windiest that we can remember so for the most part we have stuck to paddling our paddleboards in the wind protected crystal clear mangrove creeks, tunnels and small salt ponds. From our place where we launch we have to paddle just a few hundred feet in open water to reach the first sheltered mangroves, and then we can pretty much take one of a variety of routes, which are completely bounded by dense mangroves, but our favorite is as follows: We enter what can best be described as a hundred foot wide mouth of a funnel and paddle for a few hundred feet to its narrow end where we enter a twenty foot long, by six foot wide tunnel that has a mini reef bottom with tiny caves and grottos, the depth depending on the tide ranges from about three feet to about five feet. It is home for two Four Eyed Butterfly fish, (which we have seen for several years), a few Sargent Majors, star fish and a handful of other baby reef fish. We exit this tunnel into our secluded sandy bottom thirty foot long by fifteen feet wide salt water jacuzzi which once again depending on the tide that gushes through is between two feet and four feet deep. This exits at its far end to another narrow tunnel and this one has for the most part a sandy bottom that is home to some starfish along with a lot of transients. While paddling these tunnels I am always looking for the many shy small inch and half long Mangrove tree crabs that crawl up and down the dense mangrove roots and branches and try to hide on the back side of them as we approach. I have learned that if I grasp their root with one hand below them and my other hand above them, and slowly move just one hand toward them they will crawl away from it and thinking my other hand is just another offshoot root, quickly hop on thinking that it is a good escape route. Then they panic and will crawl up and down my arm until I grab hold of another branch and let them escape. I'll get back to our jacuzzi and isolation later, but continuing in this tunnel for about another hundred feet or so there is a tunnel off to the right that leads out to the main boat channel zoo out of Largo sound. where we turn around and retrace our route back to our wilderness. This tunnel is also home to Sargent majors, Four eyed Butterfly fishes and Parrot fish and where I saw for the first time in my life a free swimming large Moray Eel. If We don't take the above tunnel and continue straight the water way makes a sharp left turn after just a short distance and narrows to just about a three foot width and after a few tight turns dumps us into a long several hundred feet with varying widths salt water pond where we have seen many young Hawksbill and Green sea turtles, Nurse and Lemon Sharks, Parrot Fish, Gray and mangrove Snappers and Grunts. At the very end of this pond, we enter another creek/tunnel about the same width and depth as the others and this one has starfish,, Parrot fish, etc. as well as a young Moray Eel which we have seen with its head out of its hole four or five times, and I was lucky enough to get a few pictures of. This tunnel ends at a small boat channel that leads to and from our Camp ground to the main boat channel, and we have the choice of crossing it and entering the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State park canoe trails; returning home via it, or retracing our trip back, which we prefer. Now back to our Jacuzzi and its 81 degree gin clear with natural jets water. We normally pull our boards up into the Mangroves where we dock them, get off them and feed the fish before sitting down to enjoy our "self -isolation". At the beginning of the season back in October there were two tiny Sargent Majors, a few small Parrot Fish, and a hand full of small Gray and Mangrove Snappers. We experimented and found that the Parrot Fish and the Sargent Majors like raw oatmeal and the Snappers like whole wheat bread bits. Every day the amount of fish increased and they showed less fear of us and now after seven months, There are too many of each species to count. The Sargent Majors, (there must be fifty or more) are all about five inches long, and there is a large school of Parrot fish with a harem of smaller females. Some of the Snappers are a foot long. It is interesting to note that as we enter the pool there is not a fish in sight and then all of a sudden from under the overhanging mangroves at the far left end they all come charging out to meet us and before we can even get docked they are circling all around us. They are so tame that I have two Gray Snappers, (one bigger than the other) that will take the small bit of bread right from my fingers. After we finish feeding them we just sit in the middle of them, and if you every wanted to sit in the middle of a salt water aquarium that is what it is like. The Parrot Fish have a personal space and will only come within a foot and a half, but my two snappers come right up and brush against me. If I have my knees bent they will swim under them and if I have my arms down with my hand in the sand they will swim back and forth between my body and my arm. Nanci has taken a zillion pictures and has some great movies of the Parrot Fish and Sargent Majors that I am trying to get her to put on U-tube We have had a few exciting moments when once while sitting a good size Nurse shark came cruising on by me just a foot away and another time while I was standing, A green sea turtle came straight toward my legs and when it realized it couldn't fit between them did a ninety degree turn and headed for the exit So this is self- Isolation at its best! Guy
Guy Roan 05/25/20 04:49am Around the Campfire
RE: Protecting your trees

Up in the NC Mountains, none of the mills want red or white oak. The big demand is for Poplar, which is used for furniture frames I heat with wood, and my first choice is Locust The second is white oak and the third is red oak, but all three need at least three years to season after they are split. One by one all of our big three foot diameter, 100 foot tall Hemlocks have been dying from the "Wooly Adelgid" so I have been using that mixed with Oak or Locust. The hemlock seasons in a year and burns hot, but quick. Locust used to be the wood of choice for bridges and bridge abutments, but my first bridge that got wiped out in a "thousand year flood" had to replaced with White oak planks since no saw mills cut Locust any more Guy You do know you can treat the hemlocks? Sure if you have a million bucks! The National Forest Service basically gave up Same with the national Park Service Along the Blue Ridge Parkway they are all gone or are standing dead I know all about treating them systemically and it is a losing cause Guy
Guy Roan 05/24/20 05:13am Around the Campfire
RE: Protecting your trees

Up in the NC Mountains, none of the mills want red or white oak. The big demand is for Poplar, which is used for furniture frames I heat with wood, and my first choice is Locust The second is white oak and the third is red oak, but all three need at least three years to season after they are split. One by one all of our big three foot diameter, 100 foot tall Hemlocks have been dying from the "Wooly Adelgid" so I have been using that mixed with Oak or Locust. The hemlock seasons in a year and burns hot, but quick. Locust used to be the wood of choice for bridges and bridge abutments, but my first bridge that got wiped out in a "thousand year flood" had to replaced with White oak planks since no saw mills cut Locust any more. Guy
Guy Roan 05/23/20 07:59am Around the Campfire
RE: Boating Safety

I am all for PFDs when riding jet skis, water skiing, wake boarding, operating a small fast boat but where I live PFDs are not mandatory, not even for small children. Before the RV & while our kids were growing up we were very avid boaters. Our daughter was 6 days old when she spent her first night on a boat, a 21' cuddy cabin on anchor. We had one heckuva thunderstorm that night. Our kids never did wear PFDs onboard. We had safety rules for them & they were enforced. No walking along side decks while underway. No sitting with feet over the side unless a handrail stanchion was between the legs. As soon as they could swim we had MOB drills in open water so that they would know what it was really like to be out in the open watching their boat get smaller. They learned that water is a dangerous thing from an early age & to respect it. We never did have one of them accidently go overboard. They know that the coastguard is not going to rescue them just in time as seen on TV. People do dumb stuff on the water. Kids bow riding is one of the worst. That PFD won't be much use if they go overboard & the boat runs over them striking them with the running gear. "Our kids never did wear PFDs onboard" If you were under way and they were under 13 in age, then you were breaking the law Guy
Guy Roan 05/22/20 04:42am RV Lifestyle
RE: Keys to reopen June 1

It’s only goin to happen if they want it too. It’s all in how they play with the numbers. And it’s been proven in the last couple of weeks just that. The Covid deaths have been manipulated. I can assure you it’s not going to be bad! Can i ask how it was proven that the death numbers have been manipulated? Hopefully that is not true.Yup - Florida is manipulating their numbers - here's the story. I just read the story. Please point out to me where in the story it mentions "deaths" What I read said "data", -Nothing about deaths Guy
Guy Roan 05/19/20 01:20pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Keys to reopen June 1

100 cases? Is that a typo, that's a very low number? No it is not a typo ! As a matter of fact today the count went down to 99 The reason it has stayed so low is because the Keys have been closed to all except home owners and essential workers. Everyone who is out in pubic has been wearing face masks and everyone has been obeying the six foot rule and the one way isles in the super markets. I talked to one of my daughters in North Carolina and she said no one is obeying the one way isles and a lot of people are not wearing face masks Guy
Guy Roan 05/19/20 08:04am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Well, I have learned one thing during this pandemic...

When you wear eyeglasses, plus over the ear hearing aids on both sides, these mask with elastic bands that go on each ear are a pain! Every time I try to remove the mask, it pulls one or both hearing aids out and hangs up on my glasses. Had DW do surgery on the mask and make elastic bands that fit over my head to hold the mask on, much easier. Guess what? I get a haircut today, after three months!!! I had to laugh, since I am in the same boat ! My method now: 1. take off glasses 2. take off hearing aids 3. Put on mask 4. Put on hearing aids 5. Put glasses back on 6. Remind myself to pull mask over y nose 7. If all goes well I don't have to curse Guy
Guy Roan 05/18/20 12:53pm Around the Campfire
RE: Chipmunks

I usually miss with my 22, but now with my shot gun, I can't even find the body. Guy
Guy Roan 05/18/20 09:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Keys to reopen June 1

And just yesterday the Keys jumped to 100 cases. As of June 1'st this place will be a zoo ! We will be packing up and leaving May 31'st I just hope what I think will happen, won't happen ! Guy
Guy Roan 05/18/20 08:08am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Florda State Parks mostly open for day use, camping 5/20

Looks like a civil war is brewing between north Florida and South Florida. Makes no difference to me, I'm in the Conch republic Guy
Guy Roan 05/17/20 01:45pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: rubber roof sealants

If it is the top of the roof I wouldn't use anything except Dicor self leveling. Guy
Guy Roan 05/17/20 01:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Boating Safety

Hello Fellow RV'ers. As an RV'er and a member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, We like to travel and go boating where available. We want to remind everyone that National Safe Boating Week is May 16-22. This is the week before Memorial Day Weekend. The Coast Guard and the Auxiliary strongly encourage everyone to use safe boating practices and always" WEAR YOUR LIFEJACKET"!Let's have fun this summer and please, BE SAFE.For more information, I invite you to check out our website at www.cgaux.org, Thank You. always" WEAR YOUR LIFEJACKET" For children under a certain age, it is the law, but there is no way I am wearing one in 100 degree heat. As a long as there is one for everyone in the boat I am within the law Guy
Guy Roan 05/16/20 01:44pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Building own travel trailer legality?

We sold our 2009 travel trailer in 2018 for 7,800 dollars. It was a 25 footer and with the modifications I put into it I think it was better than when we bought it. Why not look around for a used one ? Don't go through a dealer though. Look for ones for sale by private parties, and then do a thorough inspection Guy
Guy Roan 05/12/20 11:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Shower head bracket/holder

May be a heavy duty tie wrap or two ? Guy
Guy Roan 05/12/20 04:29am General RVing Issues
RE: our current FINANCIAL situation

So I read the post here where it's claimed that RV sales are up. I heard that Class B van types campers are up slightly and everything else is down. My thinking is... I'm not going in debt right now until things calm down and get more back to normal. And I have been out of work for 7 weeks. Unemployment is through the roof right now. I really don't see how RV sales could be up since this crisis. Unless theres something I'm missing. When you are out of work or on a reduced schedule why go into debt for something like an RV. Even if you are still working isnt it in the back of your mind "what does the future hold"?? I would expect to see alot of RVs, boats, motorcycles, etc up FOR SALE and an increase of repossessions. Me personally, well, I was at the RV show earlier this year...just looking. Glad I didnt buy anything. Ive only been in debt once when I bought my first house,, fliped it 6 month later and bought another for cash. Never been in debt since and never plan to,especialy for such depreciating aset like RV. Paid cash for my new truck too. If everyone thought like me,you wouldnt ever need to worry about future or economy. Hmmm ... why pay cash for a new truck during certain times - such as now ... when instead you can finance that truck at zero/near zero interest and instead wisely buy certain securities that are going to go through the roof when this temporary situation is over?? I completely agree with you and think like you,except it took me a little longer to get to this point. Guy
Guy Roan 05/08/20 04:37am General RVing Issues
RE: Jacking points on a travel trailer

Under the "U" shackle that holds the axle is the correct way. Never the frame! Guy
Guy Roan 05/08/20 04:30am Travel Trailers
RE: Florida State Parks reservation question

Florida State Parks to reopen Monday, May 4th. Wish they would give me back our May 11 oceanfront site reservation at Curry Hammock State Park in the Keys that they automatically canceled in March. The entire Florida Keys are closed except for residents, property owners and essential workers through the entire month of May Guy
Guy Roan 05/02/20 05:03am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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