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RE: Lock for fast guns

I visit very high crime areas, parking on the street and have never locked mine. The higher crime the area the less you need to worry because nobody knows or cares what a truck camper is there. They certainly don't know what fastguns are or that they can be removed. I'd say it's campgrounds that you should watch out in.
HadEnough 02/20/19 09:40pm Truck Campers
RE: How is this for a power system? Solar vs battery balance?

You need a lot more solar. Why spend all that money on the batteries and have a weak charging system? You should have more like a single 350 watt or a pair of 350 watt panels. The charge acceptance is pretty high on those lithium batteries. Find out the charge acceptance rate on them in amps per hour and size the panels to match that output.
HadEnough 02/17/19 06:36am Truck Campers
RE: Truck mounted air compressor

Just make sure to put the compressor in the engine bay. I had one mounted on the chassis and it died within a week of exposure to road salt. Moved it to the engine bay and it's been going for years now.
HadEnough 02/13/19 02:57pm Truck Campers
RE: How Do You Think This TC is Laid Out?

So the back porch and rear overhang do work in a way that allows the door to still work normally back there. The overhang isn't all the way through from one side to the other. There is a spot for the door to still open. From my spotty memory, there is no longer a slide at all on the other side. Wish this guy would come on here so we could see the interior. Fascinating.
HadEnough 02/13/19 07:25am Truck Campers
RE: How Do You Think This TC is Laid Out?

That's what I'm wondering. What's the interior like? The rear "cab over" has me confused. The extra length on the standard cab over also has me confused. It's usually a bed up there. What is gained by making that he'd longer? Unless it's a sitting area now for him with bed in the rear. And yeah. Seems to work. He's in South Florida with it.
HadEnough 02/12/19 11:46pm Truck Campers
How Do You Think This TC is Laid Out?

Saw this TC today. Huge. There is an enormous regular cab over and even more "cab over" space in the back. There's a back porch too. How do you think the interior layout is done? Use for both "cab over" spaces? https://i.imgur.com/vo2js03l.jpg
HadEnough 02/12/19 05:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Electric Heater lowers Voltage ??? HARMFUL ???

Where are you measuring this voltage drop? It can be dangerous because a drop in voltage means an increase in amperage assuming the same power output. It's sometimes a precursor to an electrical fire.
HadEnough 02/12/19 09:20am Tech Issues
RE: Getting a New Generator in Fort Meyers or Tampa?

Transfer switches don't cause a generator to not output power. Mine is not working fine. It doesn't produce power, unfortunately That is true.....assuming that you are testing for power output at the right place. That assumption might not be true. Edit: And given your last post, it appears that you were NOT testing at the right point to see if the genset was actually making power. It appears you need to read more closely. If testing the wires inside the generator is the wrong place, what's the right place?
HadEnough 02/12/19 05:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Getting a New Generator in Fort Meyers or Tampa?

Wrapping up for anyone with an Onan running great that won't produce AC power... I was able to pry the generator up enough to access the torx screws holding the control panel. That allowed access to the circuit breaker. One of the connectors to the circuit breaker wasn't making good contact and created huge resistance.That melted something inside the breaker and singed the wires connecting to the breaker. I replaced the breaker and made sure the contacts were good. It's fixed. Used the air conditioning off it today.
HadEnough 02/11/19 02:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: FastGuns / Hallmark - how to provide extra camper security?

I'm actually surprised to read this. I've been full timing all over the continent for about 2 1/2 years. I have pins with clips holding my fastguns closed. That's it. No locks. I don't even go to campgrounds. I park anywhere and everywhere. New York City, Miami, sketchy small meth type towns, Los Angeles, El Paso, Coachella, Detroit, San Diego, San Francisco, LA suburbs, San Fernando Valley, West Covina, Santa Clarita, Orange County, Burning Man, Denver,Boise, you name it, I've parked overnight in it with this setup. Never even in a secure campground. I think you're overly concerned with fastgun theft. No one even knows what they are or notices them except other TC owners. I also doubt anyone is stealing a TC/truck combo. They stand out like crazy and are impossible to make a getaway from law enforcement in. Stealing the TC by itself is literally impossible without a forklift specially designed to have long tines to support it. Mine has been on the streets about 900 nights now. Only security issue was a truck driver trying to break in in Ottawa Canada. He gave up after he found the door was locked.
HadEnough 02/11/19 04:23am Truck Campers
RE: 2000 Dodge Ram 2500 weight questions

Similar Dodge here. 2002 model. Hauling Arctic Fox TC with slide and full 48 gallon water tank. No issues. Have different rims with 19.5 Load Range G tires. Not dually. Done go lower than load range G because you need about 110psi to carry a load like this. The F tires only go to 100psi and don't stand up properly to the load. They "cup" where the tread touches the road and wear on the edges only while overheating.
HadEnough 02/10/19 10:49am Truck Campers
RE: This ever happen to you?

Truly I have rarely seen an issue with big rigs anywhere in this country. Of all my traveling full time around it, they seem to be the victims of dopes in cars that don't realize it's hard to stop a truck or RV short or quickly change course. Only once have I seen a trucker really out of line. There was an exit ahead and cars were going down a bit of the breakdown lane to get off the exit. That may not be ideal, but it does bleed off quite a few cars that would otherwise be making even more traffic. It's a good thing. This guy tried ramming each car that came down the breakdown lane. I reported it.
HadEnough 02/09/19 03:28pm Roads and Routes
RE: Dometic New Generation refrigerators

The only way to have more interior volume and the same exterior volume is to reduce the insulation volume. They may be using more efficient insulation
HadEnough 02/08/19 07:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Yellowstone with no hookups?

You definitely can't run a ceramic heater off a battery. You'll need to use the furnace, like it or not. It takes 1200-1500 Watts to run a ceramic heater. That's a minimum of 100 amps per hour at 12 volts. How many amps in your battery? Remember also you can only really get 50% of the rated deep cycle anls out of a battery. Based on everything in your post, you should get a Honda EU2000 generator. Yo can run the ceramic heater off that. Plus charge your battery. And it's fairly quiet.
HadEnough 02/08/19 07:15pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Is an RV generator worth it?

Yikes. 00 is where I'd be. At least.Yeah. His post seems to indicate he's running 4 separate #10 to the inverter. Length of wire, connections and TIME are what make #10 for 30 amps risky. Running high-amp draws requires extra due diligence. Charts are one thing, operation is another. I speak from experience. I'll go by what engineers have discovered rather than the anecdotal experiences of someone online, thanks. Also, been an aircraft mechanic for over 25 years, and never have I seen an issue from using the wire sizes stated in the charts. Well, you didn't name the distance yet, now did you? If we're having a pee niss contest here, things I've designed and built are still in space and make the news on occasion, as they send data back to Earth regarding plasma levels in the heliosphere. But I do stand corrected in the sense this is an inverter connection you're talking about. I had thought this was your run from the monster alternator you'll need to install to the battery bank. In any case, get the generator fixed. As an engineer you should already see that you absolutely cannot run your air conditioner off the setup you propose. Your LRA is around 3500 watts. At 12v that's 291 amps between the inverter a d batteries not counting losses from the inversion process. So round to 300 amps on those wires. You're at 1500 watts all day long running that air conditioning. That's 125 amps per hour battery draw all day long. Or... If running that engine you need to increase the idle and have about a 200amp rated alternator to keep up. With no other load. Except at idle, even high idle, a 200amp alternator puts out less than half its rated current. Or put another way, you can't do this. You can't get an alternator that will keep up with an RV air conditioner. You'd have to use a belt driven compressor. By the time you Rube Goldberg all that together, you would have made a far better choice just fixing the Onan.
HadEnough 02/08/19 06:09pm Tech Issues
RE: Is an RV generator worth it?

With 4 batteries, that is only 29 amps from each battery. I won't need to worry about heat build up at all. .At 116 amps I think you'll need substantial wiring to the inverter. 10 gauge wire for 29 amps, 2 gauge if I had 116 amps through one wire, but I don't plan on doing that. They have charts which tell me what wires to use. Yikes. 00 is where I'd be. At least.
HadEnough 02/08/19 03:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Camper mods and things

I think you should mount the China Diesel Contractor Generator on the rear bumper. That way you can carry your straight pipe Harleys on the front bumper on a rack. With that disco setup you can invite all your buddies in their orange and black Harley costumes up to party untill dawn. Of course you'll need to sneak in some drugs too. Coffee just isn't enough to go all night.
HadEnough 02/08/19 03:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Getting a New Generator in Fort Meyers or Tampa?

Problem almost solved. So the Cummins guys knew a shortcut to access the back of the control panel without removing the gender from the TC. With that trick, it's clear the circuit breaker had a meltdown. The circuit breaker being bad would allow the genset to keep running while not putting out any AC power. So, for $44 I ordered the breaker. I'll install it next week when it arrives.
HadEnough 02/08/19 02:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Getting a New Generator in Fort Meyers or Tampa?

Transfer switches don't cause a generator to not output power. Mine is not working fine. It doesn't produce power, unfortunately
HadEnough 02/07/19 08:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Getting a New Generator in Fort Meyers or Tampa?

Typically the ATS is connected to shore power by default, with the generator being the priority connection. That is to say, it stays connected to shore power unless energized by power from the generator, at which point it switches over, generally after a brief time delay. ****. That's what I thought. Thanks for confirming that.
HadEnough 02/06/19 10:47pm General RVing Issues
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