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RE: Swintec slide stuck out

Got it in, just needed to push it in and out a few times with someone pushing or pulling to help it along. I found the controller and its throwing a error code saying a short between motor and controller. Have an appointment with the dealer middle of next month and we will see. Dan
Hammerboy 06/17/19 01:37pm Tech Issues
Swintec slide stuck out

I'm at the Campground right now and cannot get my wardrobe slide in. It goes in about 3 inches and one side dead stops as if it is hitting something although I cannot find any obstructions. Ideas? Dan
Hammerboy 06/17/19 07:59am Tech Issues
RE: F250 PSD vs F150 5.0L towing 9k lbs

Didn't watch the video so I dont have an explanation for the low mileage. What I can say from my own personal experience is I average 12 pulling our 10,600# loaded mid profile fifth wheel. Yesterday we pulled 220 miles and averaged 12.3 mpg. With that being said this is Not hand calculated but what the computer is telling me. But based on the fuel gauge I got to believe it's not far off. The only time I get sub 10 mpg is when it's in regen mode. Edit: I wanted to add I travel at 65 mph to average 12 mpg Dan
Hammerboy 06/15/19 08:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: Upgrading to electric stabilizer jacks

Just understand that they're less stable than anything you're replacing now. My thought was that the title is wrong and should say: "Downgrading to electric stabilizer jacks." True, our fifth wheel has them and when they **** out someday I will not be replacing them not to mention they are slooooww. Dan
Hammerboy 06/14/19 02:03pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Installing a clean out at home

Customer involvement is required to have a successful project. Of course you want (and need) to satisfy the customer. The customer is part of the project and needs to feel that way. However, customer meddling into the means and methods of the contractor, especially when the customer knows nothing of the work being performed, is problematic. If you're using white pipe instead of black pipe, it's reasonable for the customer to ask why you chose those materials, but it's unreasonable for the customer to demand that you use black pipe because the Internet says so. Maybe in a perfect world, but contractors are notorious for doing shoddy work, skipping out half way through a job, not being there when things go wrong. As far as 'to code', just remember that is the MINIMUM quality that is acceptable by a government bureaucracy, written by politicians who have NO mechanical, engineering or construction skills and lobbied by unions that are paid only to protect their members, not the clients who hire them. I know that every state is different, but licensed contractors in my state have statutory requirements to not do shoddy work, skip out on the job or go away when things go wrong. In FL, they do that and it gets reported, leading to an investigation and then license censure. Now unlicensed contractors are a different story. Most people agree that you should always hire a licensed contractor...until they get sticker shock and choose a guy without a license. Then they cry when things go wrong. Funny thing is that you'll hear more stories about the customer not paying their bill than you will about the contractor skipping out on the job. I currenty have multiple customers that are way late on payments. Your statement about the code being written by people who don't have a clue is flat out wrong. The code is developed and maintained/updated by industry professionals who have the proper accreditations. That's not to say that they don't have influence from lobbyists or politicians, but to say that it's written by politicians is incredibly false. Now, as a contractor, I don't always agree with the code and often wonder how it was determined, but that doesn't mean that the author was clueless. As a licensed contractor of 25 years and in the business for over 30, I couldn't have said it better myself. Fortunately in my time I have only had couple jobs that went sideways and they didn't amount to much. I will always take the time explain how something will be done, take pictures, show them if I run into something before I fix it and how and why I chose to do it a certain way before doing it, etc. My fellow builder friends when I hear them complain about a customer it isn't necessarily their fault if they have a problem but didn't take the time to explain or keep them up to date, they just assume. Communication is key. Every once in a blue moon I'll come across a customer who is demanding and think they know everything that needs to happen and how it needs to be done and sometimes you realize they don't have a clue. They learned their misinformation from friends who are also clueless but they trust them more than the professional. Most of the time I will take a pass in these projects before I even get involved. The majority of contractors are hard working and want to do the best job possible and keep their customers happy, after all positive word of mouth is your best marketing. Where I see homeowners getting burned is when they don't want to pay a fair price for work done and hire some hack on the side. It often ends up costing them more in the long run. Dan
Hammerboy 06/14/19 01:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Buying a leftover 2019 Chevy or GMC 3500

Why are your cons,cons? Are you a fan boy that needs to show off the latest and greatest? Latest and greatest? That is not me and that's why I'm considering a '19 model and NOT the latest and greatest. Dan
Hammerboy 06/13/19 10:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: not enough hitch weight capability

My truck has about 2450# payload and when I went to the scales with loaded 5ver in tow and wife in truck I was #280 over the weight limit of the truck but 660# under my rear axle rating. I'm happy as long as I'm not over my axle or tire ratings. Dan
Hammerboy 06/12/19 12:58pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Buying a leftover 2019 Chevy or GMC 3500

I think part of the equation as far as pricing goes will be do you keep your trucks a long time. Since your replacing a '13, I'd assume you don't keep them a long time. In that case I'd go with the newer body style, less depreciation since it will still be more current when you sell it. If you keep it 10-15 years the generation won't matter much. I have a while before I decide, time is on my side currently. Yes a 2020 may be worth more than a 19' on resale in ten years but as I said in a previous post I would have to get a great deal on a 19' to more than offset that difference - maybe $10K less than a 2020? If so I doubt the newer ones will be worth near that much more in ten years than the current generation. And I don't know than answer yet. Typically I would keep it 10 years but there are a few reasons like how long do I want to run the Duramax with the CP4 fuel pump to the 2020's are getting simply to big and long for my tastes. I would like it to fit the garage. 10 speed or not the current generation Chevy/GMC are sharp trucks and more than capable for my needs. Who knows, If I really like the new 2020 GMC HD's in person and cannot score a 2019 I will wait a few years until most of the bugs are gone. Dan
Hammerboy 06/10/19 12:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Well, I can see a trend on you tube

It's the same with the Rv door lock, all of a sudden a bunch of videos. Dan
Hammerboy 06/06/19 05:16pm Around the Campfire
RE: 2015 GMC Sierra Denali-catastrophic fuel pump failure

I had something similar (but not nearly catastrophic) with my truck when my DEF pump when out after the 3 year 36,000 but before the 5 year 100,000 mile diesel warranty was up. The Chevy dealer near that could get me in (not the selling dealer) said it wasn't part of power train so it wasn't covered. Fast forward a couple weeks and I am chatting with another Duramax owner and come to find out he had the same issue and his was covered as part of the power train warranty! I went to our local GMC dealerwhere I actually get my truck serviced for an oil change and asked them about it and he confirmed it should have been covered. Long story short the second dealer did some legwork for me and a few weeks later I had a check in the mail. It's amazing they don't know what's covered and not. Dan
Hammerboy 06/06/19 02:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Fold up stairs blocking door

Another vote for the Torklift here. I put them on last fall and couldn't be happier as well. My In laws liked them so much all us kids chipped in and my brother in law and I installed a set on their fifth wheel. Dan Hammerboy, how do these differ than the standard 3 step fold down stairs that come standard with fifth wheels? If you are referring to the old school springboard style they are simply much much more solid as they are on the ground. If you're talking about the new standard that you are seeing with the kind that folds out of the door, these don't store inside but in the cavity where the old school steps would be. Lots of you tube videos. My in laws are getting older so we went from a tall 3 step old school to a 4 step Torklift for a easier step for them. Dan
Hammerboy 06/06/19 02:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Attaching screws to aluminum floor joists

I did to my current and past units and not a hint of a problem. As said if it's dry you wont have a problem. Dan
Hammerboy 06/06/19 12:22pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Fold up stairs blocking door

Another vote for the Torklift here. I put them on last fall and couldn't be happier as well. My In laws liked them so much all us kids chipped in and my brother in law and I installed a set on their fifth wheel. Dan
Hammerboy 06/06/19 12:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Buying a leftover 2019 Chevy or GMC 3500

Thanks everybody for your input. If I can't score a good buy on a '19 I will wait a few years for the bugs to be worked out on the upcoming trucks. I re looked at the Gmc trucks and they do look a lot nicer that I remember from a couple of months ago. Chevys are still ugly though, it's going to take more that a 12 pack to make them look good. Dan
Hammerboy 06/05/19 02:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Buying a leftover 2019 Chevy or GMC 3500

First, I will say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That said, I have seen very little positive feedback on the looks of the new Chevy trucks. Maybe they will look better in person, but I really wonder if there won't be a increase in people doing the same that you are talking about - grabbing the last model year. If that is the case, not sure how much lower pricing you will see than there is right now. I personally would have a very hard time buying the last year of a vehicle when there is a significant update coming. That new transmission sounds like a reason to upgrade in and of itself. If you can make the size work, I'd say go for the GMC version. Yea, maybe I'll have to go for the GMC as all the Chevy guys will be going after the leftover 19's lol. I know what you mean about buying the last year of something when something newer and shinier is around the corner. I never buy first year of a new issue however. But how much is newer and shinier worth for the an as close to equivalent truck? Is it a 10K,15k premium vs what 19's can be had for? I don't know what the tipping point here is yet. I imagine it's the same dilemma with the Ram boys with the newly redesigned torque monster 2019's and leftover 18's
Hammerboy 06/03/19 05:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Buying a leftover 2019 Chevy or GMC 3500

Yes, you should be able to get 15-20% off a new 2019 GM HD making them a good buy, especially as the dependable Duramax continues unchanged. I will say this: I can understand you ruling out the hideous 2020 Chevy, but the 2020 GMC HD looks fantastic. And the 10-speed auto plus updated weight ratings will be a boon for towing.... Thanks for the response. Yes the GMC does looks much better. A couple of other things I didn't mention about the new 2020's is it sounds like they are taller, wider and longer than the previous generation which I'm not sure I like as they are getting to big already. The latest tranny I think is a Allison branded and not a true Allison as before if that matters remains to be seen. The current generation has more that enough grunt for me anyway. Dan
Hammerboy 06/03/19 10:57am Tow Vehicles
Buying a leftover 2019 Chevy or GMC 3500

Yes I know it's early and I'm planning ahead. Kicking the idea of this fall or winter after the new style 2020 HD's come out of picking up a leftover 2019 Chevy or GMC 3500 SRW HD Duramax. Cons: - A model year old already when I buy it. - Not the latest generation Pros: - Helluva lot better looking than 2020's - will NOT consider them. - Hopefully considerably less $$ to make up for being an "old" new truck I'm on my second Duramax/Allison (2013) and they have been good to me and I still like the looks of the current GM offerings. Ford and Ram are good as well but don't have the appeal to me as much for various reason even though they are all good offerings. I was planning on and may still end up waiting another three years or so before purchasing a new truck BUT because of the following: - I won't buy the 2020 generation GM HD trucks. - I have a concern that maybe I am over thinking and that is the CP4 fuel pump that I have in my current truck and the new Fords and 2019 Rams have. The Chevy/GMC do not currently. - I generally like to buy new because I can get into a new truck (diesel) for close to or slightly more than a 1-2 year old used one, why buy used if it's nearly the same plus a full warranty. At least that was my experience the last time. My current truck I purchased for 11K below the sticker price and hopefully can do the same or better now that a new generation is coming out. Then again maybe with the looks of the upcoming ones it will drive up the demand for the leftovers ;) Thoughts?? Dan
Hammerboy 06/03/19 10:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: Diesel vs gas......................

If it makes you feel any better a 2 MPG gain over 7 MPG is a 28.5% improvement. OTOH, do not do the math to figure out how many towing miles until you've made up the cost premium. Best regards, Chris 25-30% is what I figured diesel gets over gas so it appears he has a good increase to me, but on the other hand he drives with a heavy foot at 75mph. No need to figure out the math to figure out making up the cost difference. That's like figuring out the math for buying a top trim package, I bought mine more for less stressful towing and not for making up $$ at the pump. Some people like leather, air conditioned seats, and 15 cameras, I don't really care about those things but I like a comfortable towing experience. How to you put a price creature comforts? I paid a lot less for my truck than a top trim package in a gasser. Their isn't a right or wrong way it's just what you prefer while staying within your budget. Dan
Hammerboy 05/27/19 01:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Diesel vs gas......................

Others have stated they get 12+ mpg towing large fifth wheels is what I was expecting. This is my first diesel so I only went by what others posted. Obvisouly they are full of ****. I just got back from a 800 mile round trip with the 5er and only managed to average 8.6mpg @75 mph in Pa and NY. This is what I get with truck in my signature, I get between 11-13 mpg towing my mid profile 10,700# loaded fifth wheel. I also tow at 65mph, your killing your mpg going that fast not to mention I hope your tires are rated for that. Your truck may get less also as it seems the more powerful they get the less mpg they get. I know my current truck gets less than my old 2004 duramax. Dan
Hammerboy 05/27/19 01:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Cat Scale Results

All I know is my GVWR is 10,000 and a door sticker that says 2466# payload, If payload is figured with a full tank of fuel then it adds up perfectly because me, hitch, aftermarket accessories bring usable payload down to 1900#. I know this truck is a bit heavier than my 2004 Duramax, but that one only had 9200# GVWR.
Hammerboy 05/23/19 01:00pm Fifth-Wheels
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