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RE: Figuring this power stuff has my head spinning

We never plug in to shore power even at home except battery charging once or twice in winter. No generator. We camp only in Canada, usually fairly far north where air conditioning is not necessary. Some charging from the engine while driving. I tried a single 100 watt solar panel flat on the roof first to see what it could do. I was very pleasantly surprised that it fulfilled all our electricity needs. Since installing the solar panel about 5 years ago I have never seen the batteries below 80% charge. Now we don’t worry about electricity at all - water is the limiting factor in our boondocking. We were just out for a full week in campsites without electricity with the battery monitor indicating 100% all the time. The freshwater tank and two jugs of drinking water just made the week. We use propane for the fridge and making tea or coffee on the stove.
Harvey51 06/24/19 06:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Leaking Gray Water Valve

I had a small leak from the black water drain. I bought a replacement valve, noticing that I couldn’t replace it without cutting out a short piece of the pipe and adding a rubber connector with flexibility. Then I read on RV.net that pouring a bit of vegetable oil in the tank after draining lubricates the shutoff valve. Tried that with some doubt - but it works very well. Several years later I still have no leak.
Harvey51 06/24/19 05:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Insurance recommendations for Class C

I’m in Canada so dont have experience with US companies. I did have an interesting experience after using TD insurance on our small class C for years, and reducing the coverage to fire and theft for the winter months when not camping. Cost of roughly $250 a year. All of a sudden they said I had to keep liability insurance year round, increasing the cost a lot. It happened we bought a used wheelchair minivan with a loading ramp and low floor. TD refused to sell insurance for it until I had it towed to a city more than an hour away so they could figure out its value. It had been insured by Cooperators so I called them, getting an an employee who knew me. She had no problem emailing a pink card insurance certificate in 10 minutes at a reasonable rate. We didn’t want collision insurance on the 6 year old van anyway. Later I got a quote for the motorhome - one third of the TD price for the same coverage. And I could reduce that if I didn’t keep liability coverage in the winter. When I called TD to cancel the guy on the phone told me TD was not interested in insuring motorhomes so they didn’t have a good price.
Harvey51 06/17/19 09:09pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Trimark latch with twin keyholes: lubrication

Graphite spray may be obsolete now. It was always tricky to avoid black messes. Now there is a new lock lubricant spray that is clear in hardware stores. Hopefully more than half of it can be sprayed out of the can. On the padlocks, try silicone lube spray. On our trip in the spring when we arrived at our first campsite the cargo compartment door lock was seized up. One squirt in the key hole and a ten minute wait solved the problem.
Harvey51 06/13/19 11:24pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: What to do

DW and I decided to buy a class C motorhome in 2008. We test drove a new 26 foot 2007 with an attractive price. Actually I test drove it; DW found it just too big to drive. So we tried a 20 foot 2oo4 former rental. We both drove it and bought it. Ten great years on we are still enjoying it. The size seems just right for two people. I do most of the driving but she drives when I get sleepy. One problem, the E350 mirrors don’t adjust so she can use them comfortably. I installed a rear view camera but it isn’t very useful in traffic. My suggestion - be sure to test drive in traffic and make sure you get something you are comfortable driving. A class B or C has to be easier to get comfortable with than a trailer.
Harvey51 06/01/19 10:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Help with electrical please

A single 100 watt solar panel and a battery monitor that displays per cent of full charge all the time solved all our battery problems.
Harvey51 06/01/19 04:00pm Truck Campers
RE: Trying to narrow down a short list of SUV for wife

We have a 2018 Highlander LE, purchased in January 2018. We like it very much, particularly the AWD and lane departure safety feature. Dislike lack of navigation and high parasytic battery draw of half an amp. Hot tip: I got it down to a quarter of an amp by turning the headlights to off rather than auto when parked. Still caused trouble in the cold of winter but in summer it went down to a tenth of an amp - no idea why!
Harvey51 06/01/19 03:49pm Tow Vehicles

The thing is the voltage on the battery will be the charging voltage for quite a while after all charging has stopped. Could be 8 hours or even more. This surface charge effect means voltage method is at least inconvenient. A battery monitor that measures the energy in amp-hours flowing in and out will indicate the % of full charge all the time. There are battery monitor discussions on this forum ranging from the $30 eBay ones to top of the line. I am very happy with the eBay one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/DC-120V-100A-Battery-Monitor-State-of-Charge-Remaining-Capacity-AMP-Voltage-AH-/182147916411?hash=item2a68dca27b:g:gWUAAOSwyQtVz1vp This link to seller Elite Element includes a new type of monitor with wireless link to the display and simplified wiring. Here is a link to the RV.net discussion on it: https://forums.goodsamclub.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/thread/tid/29798122.cfm
Harvey51 05/31/19 08:56am General RVing Issues
RE: battery

I don’t have a relay. A wire runs from the battery to a switch at the door and back to the convertor compartment connecting to the fuses that supply power to the house, except the refrigerator whose power doesn’t go through the disconnect switch at the door. It sounds simple but the wiring looks complicated. A diagram of how your setup is wired would help us to help and probably de-mystify it for you as well. Some voltages at various places would clarify various things. For instance is there 12 volts between the two connections on the switch?
Harvey51 05/30/19 10:54pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: HOW YOUR IPhone could save your life.

Look first for a medic alert bracelet.. A first aid person could leave a note in the person’s pocket more easily than in the iPhone. I think the most useful Apple feature in this area is the Find Friends App that makes it easy to find the location of a friend or family member.
Harvey51 05/26/19 01:22pm Beginning RVing
RE: Boarder crossing insanity - CBP gone crazy...

Some really strange things happen at borders. Our son, who has common fist and last names gets put in a jail every time he crosses from Canada to USA, complete with guards pointing guns at him. The grill him for an hour, then someone asks if he is black. He says, no, and then he is free to go. It seems he has a name similar to a suspected terrorist who happens to be black. I used to know an American lady whose son got the same treatment whenever he crossed into USA. In January, DW and I went through customs in Vancouver on our way to Hawaii - hardly any questions and no search of our luggage.
Harvey51 05/23/19 04:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Very slow propane leak: how to find it?

When I couldn’t detect a leak with soapy water spray on our old popup tent trailer I tried the very sensitive flame test using a propane torch. It clearly showed the regulator leaking.
Harvey51 05/18/19 10:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Side Mirrors

Is it possible to adjust the mirrors for a shorter driver? They work well for me with a small wide-curved stick-on mirror but it doesn’t work for DW.
Harvey51 05/18/19 10:08pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: RV water door key from older 88 RV

My water fill door lock seized again this spring. I got a vice grip on the lock and twisted it until the door opened. Measured it and bought a new one which came with two keys. I happened to try a new key on the old lock and it worked! On the registration problem, I also have an experience. When I purchased a new utility trailer from Home Depot about ten years ago I didn’t buy a new license plate, used used the one from our old pop up tent trailer. Last year I loaned the pop up to son in law so I needed a new plate for the utility trailer. I went to the local licensing office and was told a sales slip from the store was needed. Home Depot didn’t have a record of the purchase. Then the lady at the licensing office said she could deal with this problem by having my wife sell me the trailer. That transfer cost $20 and another $30 for the license plate with registration papers.
Harvey51 05/12/19 10:02am General RVing Issues
RE: 20W solar...need controller?

I would be afraid to connect 17 volts to a battery connected to a vehicle - who knows how much voltage the computer can handle? A Toyota mechanic told me our Highlander can handle 16 volts. It’s easy to drop the voltage by 1 volt, just run the current through two diodes in series - there is a drop of about half a volt in each diode. The Highlander parasytic current draw is less than half an amp so a 1 amp battery maintainer is adequate for its current addiction. I have heard that disconnecting the battery on a late model vehicle can cause problems, such as having to replace sensors because the computer learns to live with sensor aging and when it loses memory it has to learn again from a new sensor.
Harvey51 05/10/19 08:09pm Tech Issues
RE: When leaving for the day...

We leave lawn chairs and table cloth and have never had an invasion.
Harvey51 05/09/19 10:09pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Salesman trying to talk me out of a Class C

I’m an avid reader of Louis L’amour western novels. He often writes that covered wagons heading west looked like Spanish treasure ships to thieves. In the same way, I would feel insecure driving or camping in a huge class A and embarrassed to be showing off such wealth. Our neighbour had to get his 40 footer with 20 foot toy hauler trailer behind out of town because it was blocking traffic when parked on the street near a busy corner. All RVs seem too big when driving and too small at the destination. We must each choose our comfortable medium.
Harvey51 05/09/19 10:04pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Freshwater tank question

Our tank is under the floor right at the back with its drain tap somewhat obscured by the bumper. I keep a clear plastic tube on it so I can see the full level in the tank easily and accurately by just opening the tap.
Harvey51 05/09/19 09:52pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Lights But No Blink

X2 on the flasher.. It happened to me on our 2004 Ford E350. The flasher unit was under the dashboard behind the steering wheel. A small metal can plugged in to a cable hanging from above. I bought a new solid state one for less than $20 and it immediately fixed the problem. signal light flasher: https://www.acklandsgrainger.com/en/product/p/TRIHD12?cm_mmc=PPC:+Google+PLA&ef_id=CjwKCAjw2cTmBRAVEiwA8YMgzcGEI1bGW8Of3KK8FK5W1Mdj40v3XJ4UZ9nAYbaNV1u6sWzFzNrebxoCSDkQAvD_BwE:G:s&s_kwcid=AL!3645!3!303439922072!!!g!542982169582!&gclid=CjwKCAjw2cTmBRAVEiwA8YMgzcGEI1bGW8Of3KK8FK5W1Mdj40v3XJ4UZ9nAYbaNV1u6sWzFzNrebxoCSDkQAvD_BwE
Harvey51 05/07/19 12:44pm Tech Issues
RE: No Power to chassis...new battery

It looks like the engine battery isn’t getting charged. The voltage on the battery when it is supposed to be charging should tell if it is. When the engine is running the alternator should supply over 14 volts to the battery to push current into it. If it doesn’t then probably the alternator has failed. As for other problems, I would connect a charger to the battery, then try lights, etc to see if they work when power is supplied from the charger.
Harvey51 04/26/19 08:45pm Class C Motorhomes
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