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RE: Stabil or Seafoam for long term gas can storage?

So Seafoam for gasoline and Diesel engines is the product best for keeping my grass trimmer carburetor clean. Thank you!
Harvey51 12/07/19 09:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Charging electric car

Thanks for the facts in familiar units, Reisender! On the regeneration braking, kinetic energy of the moving car is converted to electric energy by the motor and that energy must be used to charge the battery or be converted to heat to dissipate.
Harvey51 12/06/19 05:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Stabil or Seafoam for long term gas can storage?

Sea Foam appears to be a corporation with many products. Which one should I use to prevent carburetor problems with the snowthrower and riding lawnmower? I always use gas free of ethanol grass Trimmers. I had a Stihl and it needed a new carburetor every spring until I gave it away. Now I’m hoping a Home Depot brand will be better. Amazon.ca search finds 100,000 Sea Foam products. Locally, in automobile repair shops I see maybe a dozen. Which one to buy?
Harvey51 12/06/19 05:06pm Tech Issues
RE: It is no wonder

I have experienced that in other forums but not this one (via goodsamclub.com).
Harvey51 12/05/19 06:58pm General RVing Issues
RE: Routing Solar Wiring from Roof to Pass Through Storage

The refrigerator vent is a surprisingly easy route for running heavy cable down from the roof.
Harvey51 11/29/19 09:58am Travel Trailers
RE: 2 12v batteries---Mallard TT help

I also think it will be disappointing to heat anything with battery power. Propane heat is the way to go for heat. Charging from the tow vehicle will also be frustrating unless a fairly heavy wire and very low resistance connectors can be implemented. In my experience a 100 watt solar panel is far better for charging and you won’t be leaving your tow vehicle running when camping.
Harvey51 11/29/19 09:41am Travel Trailers
RE: Charging electric car

“one killowatt gets you about 6 ish kilometers in most EV's. ” Unit confusion in this topic! The kilowatt is not a unit of energy. It is a unit of power - how fast energy is consumed. Analogous to a gasoline car’s gallons per hour. The unit of electric energy is the kilowatt hour. Analogous to gas car’s gallon of gas. Driving an electric car a kilometre requires some amount of energy. How many kilowatt hours is it? How much does a kilowatt hour (KWH) cost? This is indicated on any electricity bill. It may be ten cents plus another ten cents delivery charge.
Harvey51 11/24/19 10:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Seeking propane dealer

You are a long way from me in Canada, but I must say that here we have an American retail store, Costco, that has the best prices for propane refills and 20 pound bottles.
Harvey51 11/23/19 11:06pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: East Canada

We packed our tent and camping stuff in boxes and flew to St John’s in Newfoundland a few years ago. Rented a car and drove all over. The extreme southeast was very interesting with fossil evidence of once being attached to Africa, a lighthouse and radio tower that was first to hear the Titanic’s SOS. Campsites were scarce but other accommodation was very friendly and not expensive. We headed north and west along shorelines which offered cool weather near the shore and warm weather away from it. Gros Morne Park with fabulous views, boat tours and hikes was spectacular. They call a motel a Convenience Unit. We stayed in several of those, tent camped a view times and took an apartment for several days. Another year we flew to Montreal, rented a car and drove along the St Lawrence River, across New Brunswick, over to Nova Scotia where we got lucky and rented a house on the shore for 3 days. We made it as far as Cape Britain, tenting and moteling. Ferry to PEI for fabulous beaches, touring historic homes in Charlottetown. Finally the Confederation Bridge back to the mainland and Montreal. Total of 2 weeks.
Harvey51 11/20/19 09:00pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Remembrance Day

In our small town we gathered at the Royal Canadian Legion hall and walked behind the RCMP members, firemen and other uniformed service people to the town hall where a service was held with every name of the local men and women who served in war and peacekeeping was honoured, many by wreaths displayed by their descendants. Unfortunately our community doesn’t have any living veterans of the world wars living here. My family lost two Spitfire pilots in the Battle of Britain.
Harvey51 11/20/19 08:40pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Battery Monitors

I’m sure the Trimetric is much more accurate and easy to calibrate and has more useful features. I do think my cheapo Ebay one is far better than having no monitor that can count amp hours out and in. Voltmeters alone are not adequate. I do understand that more energy must be put back than is taken out due to losses so I just leave the solar panel charging after the monitor says 100%. If using generator, shore power, or a lot of solar an automatic or manual shut off would be necessary. My first set of batteries lasted one year; the second pair are working well after 8 years.
Harvey51 11/17/19 12:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery Monitors

I don’t find it complicated or in need of micromanagement. I charged it fully, set the amp hour capacity and 100% charge on the monitor when I first installed it. The solar charge controller keeps on charging slowly after the monitor reads 100% but the monitor doesn’t go beyond 100%. It has recalibrated itself so 100% means charging has replaced all the amp hours used since it was last fully charged. No adjusting ever. No doubt it is getting less accurate as the battery capacity diminishes but I always know when I’ve got a full charge. https://i.imgur.com/4e5FJhWl.jpg The battery monitor is perfectly easy to use and the only convenient means of knowing how charged the batteries are. The voltage method, including idiot lights, is overly optimistic because it reads the charging voltage for hours after charging has ceased and you think all is well until your batteries die. For me, on our first long trip, it was no heat on a cold morning. Fortunately we were near a town on Vancouver Island that had a Costco store where I could get new batteries. Those batteries I bought in 2011 now seem to be as good as new so I figure the $25 battery monitor is doing its job.
Harvey51 11/17/19 10:00am Tech Issues
RE: Battery Monitors

Battery monitors are wonderful! I got a cheap one with a built in shunt about 6 years ago. Now I always know what per cent of full charge the batteries are at. I bought a Hall Effect one with wireless display screen last year for a car that had a bit of a parasytic current problem that got solved before I installed the monitor so I have a spare for the motor home.
Harvey51 11/16/19 04:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Fresh water tank under camper-Camping in colder weather.

We bought a former rental class C in 2008. Our first trip was early in the spring when we headed south toward Jasper. Of course it snowed and got cold so we could learn by experience. Highway 40 got tough due to quite a bit of snow so we stopped at a rest stop/campsite high in the foothills for the night. We enjoyed our nice warm camper, really comfortable compared to popup tent trailers. I remember it was -10 C, 15F and the plastic drain tap on the freshwater tank froze up so I couldn’t turn it. I put a warm mitt over it and the tap turned easily in the morning. No other signs of freezing. It was lucky that happened so we learned that we were okay down to -10. I carried a jug of RV antifreeze on trips that might be colder.
Harvey51 11/16/19 01:16pm Beginning RVing
RE: battery charging

We always boondock. Never plug in, never bring the generator. A 100 watt solar panel and charge controller keep the batteries over 80% charge all the time in summer here in sunny northern Alberta. I have the house batteries and engine battery connected so It is also kept charged. We have all LED lights, no TV and the microwave oven serves as a bread box. We just had a week at 20 below zero C and a foot of snow. The snow on the solar panel put it out of production, and the engine parasytic current draw discharged the engine battery well below 50%. I’ve got the smart charger on it now and am hoping it isn’t damaged too badly.
Harvey51 11/12/19 04:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Figuring this power stuff has my head spinning

No winter camping for us. We are 500 km north of Edmonton and our motorhome waterworks is only safe down to -10 C so I winterized in October. Also, it isn’t fun for seniors to camp in the cold and short daylight time. The solar panel doesn’t produce much energy in winter when the sun is low in the sky. From Calgary, you could easily go south to find summer.
Harvey51 11/03/19 09:53am Tech Issues
RE: Urgent Need of Advice re Winterizing!

On our first trip we discovered that at -10C, 15F, the only part that froze was the freshwater drain tap. I put a mitt over it and all was well in the morning. Nice to know we are okay down to -10 without winterizing. We had -7 last night here in Alberta. Using the pump to pull pink antifreeze its good down to -40. I pour some pink stuff down the sinks and toilet to protect the traps, tanks and drain valves.
Harvey51 10/11/19 04:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Repair costs and frequency frustration

How about differential oil changes and automatic transmission fluid change for our 2004 E350 with 100k km? Time to get these jobs done?
Harvey51 10/10/19 09:14pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: I Think I'm Outta Here

I find this forum still worth reading daily. In contrast the BC RV forum out of British Columbia is practically dead. I read it once or twice in 6 months and often my previous posts are the most recent. BCRV went through two host changes - to Tapatalk - and away from it. That is upsetting. Thank goodness RV.net is stable and independent of for profit hosts. And free of politics. Let’s keep on encouraging new posters and all those who help others!
Harvey51 10/05/19 01:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Brand New Deep Cycle Batteries Keep Dying Overnight

Clampmeter with DC amps range for $50. https://www.amazon.com/Multimeter-BTMETER-BT-570C-APP-Resistance-Temperature/dp/B07CFWL3SY/ref=sr_1_25?keywords=dc+clamp+meter&qid=1569816381&sr=8-25 Uni-T brand for about $50. https://www.ebay.com/itm/UNI-T-UT210E-Digital-Clamp-Meter-Multimeter-Handheld-RMS-AC-DC-Mini-Resistance/303171177473?epid=10024590837&hash=item4696690c01:g:~UcAAOSwNqRcLYXX I have had a Uni-T brand for about the same price for years and it works perfectly. Careful going lower in price - it may only measure AC amps. Measuring DC amps without contact requires a very special Hall Effect sensor to measure the tiny magnetic field that circulates around a current flowing in a wire. My batteries apparently died overnight in the first year of use on a long trip. I was using the idiot lights and voltage readings to get the state of charge. The thing is the voltage on the battery is what the charging voltage was for hours so the voltage method can be overly optimistic for hours after any charging. I thought engine charging was keeping the batteries fully charged but it wasn’t. The solution is a battery monitor that counts amp-hours going in and out of the batteries to calculate the per cent of full charge. I have a $30 one from eBay that works very well. https://www.ebay.com/itm/DC-120V-100A-Battery-Monitor-State-of-Charge-Remaining-Capacity-AMP-Voltage-AH-/182147916411?hash=item2a68dca27b:g:gWUAAOSwyQtVz1vp
Harvey51 09/29/19 10:20pm Class C Motorhomes
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