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RE: Anyone use or intalled a E-Z Flex suspension?

My present TT came new with the Lippert Equa Flex. It also came with a tall Lazy Susan in the pantry. DW and I both thought that there was no way the food would stay on it because of the roads we habitually drive on.. In fact She wanted me to remove it immeadiatly. I put it off, and 6 years later it is still there. It is amazing but nothing falls off of it. I figure it has got to be the Equa Flex that makes it possible. When I upgraded my axles last year, I got the next size up Equa Flex as well. Cattlegards and RR crossings are barely felt by the TT. I don't put a lot of stock in the marketing propoganda amongst the three brands... They all pretty much work the same way.
Huntindog 02/13/16 12:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: Controlling Sway Stresses Trailer Frame?

I don't understand how you could be stressing the frame when there is virtually no movement - I'd think the actual sway occurrences would be more damaging. I used a Propride 3P for two seasons before the new 5er and i'll say that towing a 5er or a TT with a Propride feels about the same. You are thinking that if there is no movement, then there is no force. That is incorrect. The force is still there. It is just being stopped from moving by the hitch AND what it is connected to... BTW, I feel that the reciever is the most likely place where the results of this force will appear. It may take awhile, but metal can and does fatigue if the force is high enough. Both the HA and the PP can put signifignant sideways force into the reciever... There have been pics posted on tis forum in the past of recievers that failed as a result. There is a signifignant difference in operation between hitches that virtually move the pivot point, and the one that physically moves the pivot point. The Pull Rite is the best design in this respect.. Of course it has some drawbacks in other areas.. There is no free lunch.
Huntindog 02/12/16 03:43am Towing
RE: Tool Storage/Carrier repair

I have a similar situation.. But my plastic box wouldn't keep things in place when it was new. I got a thin piece of foam rubber (about 1" thick) and cut it to fit in between the two halves of the case. Now when the case is closed, all of the sockets are held tightly in place byb the foam. It even took a "set" pretty fast and fits right into place like a glove. It's been working for about 30 years now, I haven't lost a single tool because of this. When finished wrenching, it is easy to look at the box and see what tools were not put away.. Perhaps this, couple with the strap idea may be your "fix".
Huntindog 02/12/16 03:09am Tech Issues
RE: Extra Front Axle Weight

There are more issues than just the weight. Engine/tranny cooling will be reduced. How much is uncertain, but it WILL be reduced. Bugs. From what I sometimes see on the front of my TV and windshield, you may arrive at camp to find the bike is quite a mess... May not want to touch it let alone ride it. Of course you could cover it, but that would reduce cooling even more.
Huntindog 02/11/16 08:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Anyone use or intalled a E-Z Flex suspension?

Lippert makes a similar product, the "Equa Flex", also known as the Trail air. I have it and like it a lot. I also had the Dexter bronze bushing on my previous TT. and was not overly impressed. I had too much wear on them. I think it was because my use includes many miles of dusty dirt roads on most trips.. I think the dust mixed withthe grease making an abrasive mix... I would have had to grease them way more than I am willing to prevent this. I just installed the Lippert never lube bushings on my present TT. This should solve my dust attraction problem. I have read some good reports on them from users... I will post up my results in a few years
Huntindog 02/11/16 05:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Interesting article on tire rack about tire applications

I know that people switch from STs to LTs all the time with good results. But the TT industry puts a million tires on the road every year. Let's see what happens when a significant number of them are LTs.It's not all that hard to figure out. Since everyone here has had their tire problems m disappear when they awitched to LTs, then you either believe that it has been an incredible coincidence, or the LT tires are better suited for our use.. Many of us went to extreme lengths to give STs a chance... When that failed, LTs fixed it. I don't believe in miracles. I do believe in better tires. LT tires are simply better tires. Once again, read and try to comprehend the govt. testing standards for each type. The LT tires must pass a much more demanding test. These tests has nothing to do with marketing propoganda. They are just the facts of the matter. Believe it or not, that makes a big difference.
Huntindog 02/10/16 12:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Who's insurance pays

This is the sort of thing that happens when city slickers try to replicate how they live daily by camping so close together.:B
Huntindog 02/09/16 07:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Interesting article on tire rack about tire applications

It will be interesting to see the back tracking that will take place when the LTs in trailer service start failing. The number of TT tire failures is relatively small and virtual all TTs come with STs. If the percentage of LTs grows to any significant amount, I suspect the results will be the same. Time will tell. Don't hold your breath. Quite few here have made the switch. Many of them like myself because of repeated ST tire failures... Yet these problems go away when using LT tires.
Huntindog 02/09/16 05:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Getting Batteries and Propane Off Tongue

Like the OP I would like to be able to take a hundred or so pounds off my hitch weight and transfer it to the rear axles. Then I could load more into the bed. Unfortunately, the TT design does not lend itself to doing that. I have did not noticed any difference in stability between 9 and 14 percent tongue weight with a light or heavily loaded TT. I did notice the increase towing weight.You will not notice it until it goes from OK to OH ****. It is not something that changes gradually. Trying to setup a TT for the minimum TW is like playing Russian Roulette. You win until you lose. Don't ask me how I know this.
Huntindog 02/06/16 02:15am Travel Trailers
RE: Is J2807 worthless?

Now which is more reasonable for this 350/3500 truck to be rated to tow...30k or 23k? Again, keep in mind that the truck will not be test going down the hill towing that weight. Funny thing is, most of these 350/3500 DRW trucks were rated at around 23k before J2807 came out. Although, I would have to ask how many typical people tow 30k in their 350/3500 or how many people hear tow 12k in their 150/1500 trucks? That is what these trucks are J2807 rated for since the standard is so low at 40 mph for SRW and 35 mph for DRW. The test itself makes little difference if all trucks perform the same tests. Now we can compare. It doesn't matter if the tests represent what YOU will need. I can now compare one truck with another. Its not difficult to derive expected results for your particular needs. I can pull my 5'er up highway 68 at 50mph. Mine is rather lite at 10K. I can downshift and pull at 65mph easily if I want to redline the engine the entire way. Would that be an accurate test? Again, it makes little difference as long as the conditions are the same for which to compare. Most here realize that tow ratings are maximums with expected low speeds. Car manufactures also give 0-60mph times. How many people actually do 0-60mph starts on a typical basis? Very few but the times do give a good comparison between vehicles. Then why are you for such high 30k tow ratings if you or the "typical person" will never even tow that much? Also, I am not against a standardized tests to make sure everyone is comparing apples to apples. I just think the standards on that test should be raised so that the ratings from the tests are more inline with reality and safer towing. I don't see why one would be against having lower tow ratings to a more reasonable and safer number. Are you seriously telling that you think that a DRW 7,500 lb regular cab 3500 should be rated to tow over 31K? Or that a half ton should be rated to tow over 12k? That is the ratings of trucks now due to the low standards of the J2807. I like to tow at or slightly above the posted speed limit. Therefore I think your idea of a "test" is inadequete.:B Give it a rest. There is no such thing as a "perfect" test in everyones eyes. We could go back to when there were no standards, and they could just pull numbers out of a hat.
Huntindog 02/05/16 02:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: Getting Batteries and Propane Off Tongue

Hi All, Experienced Class A'er, but recently got our first TT, a 30' keystone and in the process of getting ready for a long (8 months-ish) trip in the US. I'm installing inverter, larger golf cart batteries, and these alone will add a hundred pounds to tongue weight. I am also interested in larger or more propane capacity beyond the 2x20lb. Our TT's frame is covered with a plastic cardboard which is nice and clean but am reluctant to hack away at that to find areas to use. Looking for creative and safe solutions to place batteries, propane and inverter gear closer to axles.For some reason, you want to remove these items from the toungue? Most TTs are designed with the weight of these items being on the toungue in mind. Relocating them may leave you with too little TW. Adding a 100# is not a problem unless you have weight limitations on the hitch or tow vehicle. That is usually the case when someone asks such a question here. Yes anything is possible to do... But there are drawbacks as well. Installing a permanent propane tank under the TT will take away one of the advantages of a TT over a MH. With a TT, when propane is needed, you can just take the tank in to be filled... With a MH, you have to break camp and take the MH in to get propane. Locating the batteries under the TT. Can be done, but usually makes servicing them very difficult... AGMs are the best canidate for this, not Golf cart batteries. (and I am a fan of golf cart bats.)
Huntindog 02/04/16 12:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: EquaFlex Bushings

I have had the bronze bushings fail. I am now using the Never Fail ones. I have not seen a single report of the Never Fails... Failing. One thing is certain. You cannot use the greaseable bolts with the NeverFails. It says so in the instructions. I think the previous posters are thinking of the "stock"nylon bushings. The Never Fails are different, and relatively new to the market.
Huntindog 02/04/16 02:12am Travel Trailers
RE: Jerking Feeling when Towing

Are you so lightly loaded that the TVs overloads are either not engaged, or just barely? I experience this some when lightly loaded (not often). It is caused by the overloads engaging and disengaging. More weight keeps them egaged and smooths it out.
Huntindog 02/03/16 05:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: rear axle

We really need more information to help you figure this out. What is the TV GVWR? What is the TT GVWR? What is the actual loaded weight of the TV? Do you have a tranny cooler? Do you tow in the mountains? What kind of lube is in the axle? What color is the TV? What color is the TT? What kind of beer do you drink> What is your sign? Once you get all of this info together, we will be able to help you much better. :B Just kidding. Load it up and go camping.:B
Huntindog 02/03/16 03:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: Is J2807 worthless?

Huntindog 02/02/16 01:23am Tow Vehicles
Is J2807 worthless?

A recent thread was locked due to brand bickering. Before I got a chance to respond to the latest turn of the conversation. It was stated that J2807 a worthless standard by a few people... Primarily because it did not address a specific need that the poster felt was important,,,or did not have a high enough standard in a specific area... This is nit picking. A standard is just that... A standard. If all meet the same standard in determining ratings, then the playing field is level. The alternative is leaving it up to the smoke and mirrors of the marketing gurus, to come up with a number (and assorted fine print) that will sell to the public. There will never be any standard that will totally satisfy everyone. So it is better to have a minimum standard than not. Those that for whatever reason think that the standard is not good enough for them... Are free to do their individual analyisis of the vehicles using the standard as a baseline to decide what TV meets their specicfic needs... They have been doing this now without any standard at all for years... So this standard would even help them.
Huntindog 02/02/16 01:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: What's the advantage of the frame design on our new TT?

As far as I know it depends on the model and weight! A lite weight trailer will have the A frame all one hieght. The heavier trailers got the dropped A frame. I kinda think its the other way. An inline A frame seems stronger to me, as it has more contact area with the rest of the frame and more places for strong welds. The dropped A frame always seemed chintzy to me, allowing a relatively small area for welds. I prefer the integrated inline A frame myself. My 9500 lbs GVWR Jayco has the integrated inline A frame. I've only seem the dropped A frame on "lite" models...Most toyhaulers (which have really high TW) use the dropped A frame design. I don't thjink that strength is an issue with either design... Done properly of course.
Huntindog 02/01/16 05:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: J2807 SAE towing standards

I think so on half tons, but Ram is still the only one who uses it on their heavy duty models.GM has been there "unofficially" on their HDs for a few years. GM and Ford had agreed that they would both do it one year. (IIRC, 2012 or 2013) GM released their figures which were actually a little higher than what they had been advertising for most of the HDs, but lower for the 1/2 tons. Ford reneged, and GM quickly withdrew the figures. It was posted on this forum for a short time back then. GM did not want to take a sales hit on the 1/2 tons, goiung up against Fords fake numbers. So they used their own fake numbers. Isn't marketing great?:B
Huntindog 01/30/16 01:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Problems with Boondocker 60 amp converter

In have had a powermax for 2-3 years now. It replaced the WFCO which never worked right. I got the PM from Randy as well. I remember after installing it, that it wasn't doing exactly what the manual said. Randy said that the manual was incorrect, and to just give it some time.. He was right. It has worked perfectly ever since.. I have had a couple of PDs over the years. They have the gee whiz factor going for them with the pendant, but IMO do not work any better than the PM. In fact the PM floats at a little lower voltage which is a good ting in the PHX. AZ summers
Huntindog 01/29/16 02:03pm Tech Issues
RE: 2011 duramax and up fuel pump problems

If there is a variance in the rates I would think the 100K powertrain warranty has a lot to do with it as well.I don't know what the warranty is for the others. I do know that I am out of warranty now due to time, not mileage. My rate is now 57.?? for 6 months... About what the Ford guys were paying in 2013 while they were under warranty. Rates a based on historical repair cost as well, to some degree. I wonder if the higher rates are a result of the dismal reliability of the 6.0 and 6.4? Maybe?It was my understanding that Ford honored the warranty on those motors and went after Navistar for reimbursement. When they started making their own motors, warranty claims came out of their pocket. Yes, I'm well aware of the warranty repairs and how it all works. I was referring to repairs outside of Ford's warranty period for which MBI would have paid for. Think I'm done. That would fall under the definition of unfounded speculation.. I am pretty sure that Geico's MBI wasn't around for the 6.0 fiasco But since we are speculating.. I have a different theory on it. Ford put the filler for the DEF tank right next to the Diesel filler. It is not hard at all to find someones telling of their having a brain fart and dumping DEF into the fuel tank. GM put the DEF filler under the hood. That and the location of the tank was roundly ridiculed in 2010 by the Ford crowd, and even quite a few of the GM faithful. But I have never seen a single report of an GM owner mistakenly putting DEF into the fuel tank. DEF in the fuel tank is much worse than water. It is corrosive and forms crystals thru out the fuel system. It ruins the entire fuel system. I think that ford became aware of this early on and told the dealers that they would not be reimbursed for fixing trucks that experienced this mishap... The knee jerk reaction from many dealers was to not take any chances and blanketly deny coverage. Insurance ended up picking up the tab for many of these repairs, and rates reflected that expense. This is my totally unprovable opinion.. That I think makes a lot of sense.
Huntindog 01/28/16 06:12pm Tow Vehicles
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