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RE: Decent deal on a generator

+1 Huntindog. Catkins, why would a "ranger visit" when this generator fully complies with both noise and spark standards for ALL National Parks, National Forests, BLM, State Parks and local public parks? And this attitude is why we don't camp much in the campgrounds of the national forests anymore. People now a days just don't care if they bother their neighbors with the noise, they just don't care....really fn sad. Why did you camp close to others in a national forest? Some people just gotta migrate towards others, who may rather be alone. Did you ever consider that? Or did you just horn in on their space? I boondock far away from others. I have 5 dogs on stake outs. When a squirrel runs by they bark. I run my generator a LOT. All night every night. On the rare occasion when someone horns in on my space... They just gotta deal with it. I did not ask them to be part of my camp. With thousands of square miles of campsites... It rarely happens. What has happened fairly often is when we arrive for a dog trial early... And someone decides to camp close by, and wants to be chatty (often) I warn them that the area is about to transform as the trial participants show up. They never believe me. Then everyone arrives overnight. dozens of trailers, motorhomes and horses and over a hundred dogs (this is all done with paid permits)... They all of a sudden decide to camp elsewhere.
Huntindog 08/26/16 07:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Decent deal on a generator

Since this has veered way off of subject... I have some really brite scare lights on my TT. 3 of them as well as others. I can light up all sides of my TT to get things done at night, and see what I am doing. I modified them by putting multiple LED panels inside... They are SUPER BRITE! I love using them.... I am going for some popcorn now.http://www.sherv.net/cm/emoticons/drink/popcorn-and-drink-smiley-emoticon.gif
Huntindog 08/26/16 06:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Decent deal on a generator

Not a bad price, but is it too loud for camping?Yes. I have no gripe with these except when they put an RV 30a socket on them. Leads many to believe they must be ok for camping. No, not with other campers around.Why would you camp around others? I got lots of neighbors in town... I camp to get away from them and their opinions on how I should do things. This is a great generator for the money.. It will suck down the fuel, and is louder than a inverter style, but if it fits YOUR needs... Buy it, go camping, and let the naysayers pound sand.
Huntindog 08/26/16 06:29pm Tech Issues
RE: dragging the propane tanks...

My camper is a 16 jayco White Hawk 24 mbh, We had the two 30lb LP tanks fall off the trailer on our last day of a 3 week vacation. I drug them for about 5 miles or so until we figured out what was happening. Everything that holds the tanks on plus the cover were missing. The hoses, tank switch and regulator seem ok. The tanks still holding propane but are shot. Luckily the tanks did their job an held together..... I would check the top wing bolt every time we would get back on the road and it always seemed tight. The only thing that I can think that went wrong was there was no lock nut on the stud that holds the tanks to the base and it shook loose. I never had the tank cover off and I assumed it was locked in to the base and wouldn't unthread. Does that stud require a lock nut? John- Sent from my iPhone Sent from my iPhone Yes!! Every TT I have had has had that missing. My first TT it loosened up on me.. I added a locknut AND some loctite. Did the same with every TT since.
Huntindog 08/25/16 01:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Inverter install help

I did a 600 watt PSW installed with a ATF (whole house). It disables the convertor when the power transfers. I find that we can do a LOT with 600 watts. Our TT has 3 TVs, and batteries for cell phones, laptops and 4 dog collars all being used at will. In addition other loads such as my electric shaver are used as needed. It is a seamless transition from one power source to another, and we really like the conveinence of all outlets being available at all times... BONUS!! The microwave clock keeps time now! The install went really well. The inverter about 2-3' from the batteries and a 15 amp AC line from it to the ATF located next to the convertor. I would say that the install takes above average skills, but is not terribly difficult
Huntindog 08/24/16 06:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towmax PowerKing blow out pics

....snip.... Not everybody can change to LT tires even if they wanted to. ....snip... Anybody with 14", 15" or 16" ( the majority of travel trailers and fifth wheels ) can easily buy LT tires to fit. Those who choose ST tires do so because they want to, not because they have to. Well, point me in the right direction. I need new tires I have ST 225/75R15 Load range E (2830 lbs) and I've been looking for some LT tires as it's time to replace this year. I haven't been able to find any LTs that are rated to carry that much. A lot of people get hung up over Load range C,D or E etc. They also get hung up over tire size. IE: exact size for exact size...In each case a ST tire will be rated slightly higher. Both of these hang ups are not really important. What is important is that the tire have the capacity to carry the load, with an appropriate reserve... ST tire proponents generally want a much higher reserve due to the well deserved reputation for ST tires failing. LT tires, not so much. The 14, 15, 16 question is not all that important other than the tire selection gets much better as the size increases... Of course you need room for them. But don't focus on the rim size, as that doesn't always determine the diameter of the tire. The diameter is the determining factor. Since most TTs use the same components as far as springs and axles go, then most will be able to fit the same tires.. IE, I was able to go from 15 to 16 with my 6 lug axles and standard springs,,, Someone else with the same components should be able to as well. In short, a lot of ST tire proponents like to make excuses. IE: ST tire failures are caused by operator error such as curbing, over speeding, low inflation, road hazards etc.. And then they like to make excuses for why it is impossible to use LT tires. IE: My shop won't mount them. the tire placard doesn't call for them, I can't find a suitable tire in the exact size I am now using, The manufacturers recommend STs, LT tires will cost more, etc. It is a mind set of what I have is what I am stuck with. I have a different mind set. When something fails me, I do something about it so it won't happen again. When my TTs water lines froze up at 6 degrees, that was unacceptable to me. I made a lot of modifications so that I can now have running water at 40 below. When my propane regulator/changeover failed at a remote campsite, leaving us without any heat, stove etc.I looked into different types, and finding the selection lacking, I now carry a spare. In short, I look to solutions, not excuses. The same thinking applies to tires. If your ST tires are working for you.... Great. If you ever find that they are not, you do NOT have to be stuck with using them. Where there is a will, there is a way. You just gotta wanna.
Huntindog 08/24/16 03:25am Travel Trailers
RE: Towmax PowerKing blow out pics

My C rated tires were 7 years old when I replaced them. They had the 15,000 miles I put on them plus what ever the previous owner had on them. I chose D rated replacements because the load rating charts gave me some leeway on the tire pressure. You can go with the factory suggested tires, upgrade the load rating or even switch from STs to LTs. None of this makes any difference when you run over a road hazard. If not caught immediately you will shred the tire. I have had three flats while towing, one on the TT I caught as a leak while checking tire pressure and two on the TV. All three were punctures caused by a nail or similar road hazard. My truck has tpm built in which was handy. My TT does not but should, as a flat is less noticeable on a TT.We actually have a rare point of agreement here. I agree that many tire failures start out as a puncture of some sort. A nail, screw etc. This type of thing generally results in a slow leak. Running any tire under inflated will result in overheating and it coming apart. Where we diverge in our thinking is what happens during this process. I believe that since LT tires must pass a stringent high speed under inflation test, that they won't come apart nearly as fast as STs. This gives the operator time to notice the problem before total failure occurs. Though I believe such a tire should be replaced anyway, at least the potential for an accident and/or damage to the TT is lessened. OTOH... For some strange reason, my LTs don't suffer from the same fate that my many STs did... They must magically avoid nails and screws etc... Coincidence? Maybe. Better tires? For sure.
Huntindog 08/23/16 03:12am Travel Trailers
RE: Towmax PowerKing blow out pics

Yep, I`m surprised the cheapo tires lasted that long! and that front tire looks low. The front tire in the pic is carrying double the normal load. I suspect that's why it looks low. It's always difficult in a blow out to determine exactly what happened. Did the tire pressure drop (nail, bad valve leaked after using the gauge, etc.) and then shred or did it suddenly blow out then shred or did it throw the tread then shred. Just impossible to tell. Also, the remaining tire suffered some severe overloading after the tire shredded. Is it going to go soon? It isn't really important exactly what went wrong. What is notable, is that it doesn't seem to happen any more when one makes the jump to LTs. I suspect that one reason LTs don't explode like STs is the High speed low inflation test they must pass. It gives an operator some time to notice a failure in progress. STs are known for going from perfectly fine to explosion status very quickly.
Huntindog 08/22/16 01:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Level Hitches

There are ways to mitigate the noise in an Equalizer and I have used them and have very little noise in my set up. I'm about to purchse a new TT with an Equalizer hitch because of recommendations here and elsewhere. This will be our first TT towing experience ever, moving from a small motorhome. Could you please elaborate on mitigating noise? Turn the radio up.:B Seriously, I have never understood the noise complaints. It is not like it makes noise all the time. Going down the road it is quiet. I can only hear it at low speed,and sharp turns... Lets me know it is working... If the radio is off.
Huntindog 08/21/16 07:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towmax PowerKing blow out pics

I just posted on fifth wheel forum of my blow max failure on my 2014 Jayco Eagle. Load range E. Unbelievable that this just continues to happen.It has been happening for many years. It will probably continue happening too. The "market" simply isn't interested in paying up for better tires. Most everyone goes for the lowest possible price, as MOST TTs don't get towed very often or far. So the owners cannot justify in their minds paying as much for a TT tire that will age out when it still has a lot of tread left as they will for their automobiles which get the tires replaced when the tread wears out. The manufacturers are simply meeting the desires of the "market". It is kind of like a race to the bottom. Build the cheapest tire possible that will meet minimal performance criteria to make the most profit... And this model continues to work for them.
Huntindog 08/21/16 07:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Issue with awning

My Dometic has been flawless, in spite of my abuse. I did have to replace the fabric this year. The AZ sun did it in... But the replacement was cheap and easy. About 200.00 for factory fabric and about 1.5 hours to install it.
Huntindog 08/21/16 01:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Honda EU2000i gas cap rattle.

I think the new cap is some sort of new emissions equipment. I put on my old cap, as it was set up for extended run tanks. They interchange perfectly.
Huntindog 08/21/16 03:02am Tech Issues
RE: Busted Leaf Spring

Thanks folks for the replies. Here's my choices. Trailer has 4400# axles and springs are 2200# 4 leaf. I can change to 2500# (5000 total) or 3000# (6000 total) 4 leaf springs. Which do you think would be better? I understand my capacity will remain at 4400# per axle regardless of spring choice. I was just concerned that the 3000# springs might be a little stiff and tend to shake up the trailer more than necessary. Any thoughts?I would go with the heavier springs and replace the equalizer with a shock absorbing type. Lippert makes one that I have called the Equaflex. Dexter makes a similar one. My Equaflex works like magic smoothing out the ride. I read a lot of good reviews on the Dexter one as well. I would go with whichever one you get the best price on... Do this and the TT will ride much better than it did with the stock weaker springs.
Huntindog 08/18/16 04:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Stabilizer supports with electric stabilizer jacks?

It depends on which power jacks you have. The Lipperts (and at least one other knockoff) adjust automatically to uneven ground and maintain equal pressure between the two legs. This can be an advantage when boondocking as the legs will settle/sink into the ground. More so if it rains. This settling is usually not equal from one leg to another. The equal pressure of the Lipperts keeps this settling from racking the frame. If you install the BAL locking mechanisim it will defeat the equal pressure feature. If you camp on concrete or asphalt pads, then this is not a concern. If you boondock, it is something to be aware of I boondock a lot and always in unimproved sites. So I would rather keep the equal pressure feature. If you choose to install it, and sometimes camp off the beaten path, you can simply not engage the locking struts. You lock the struts in place AFTER stabilizer jacks are extended and snug. No change in how the jacks deploy/adjust to uneven ground What I am talking about is the settling that occurs after setup. With the old style jacks, this settling was often uneven resulting in sticking doors and a bathroom door that would not latch. It was usually a lot worse when it rained after setup. With the new jacks, settling still occurs, but even pressure is maintained... So no racking of the frame and the resulting door problems. You are correct that this feature does allow some side to side movement. It is a trade off. When it gets annoying, I know its time to tighten up the jacks as they have settled. A quick touch on the buttons and all is good. As I said, you can have the best of both worlds. Use the locking struts when on solid surface, and don't use it when on a surface that can settle.
Huntindog 08/17/16 10:29am Travel Trailers
RE: Power while hooked up to TV

Will I be able to open my slide and have a light on while hooked up to my Tundra? If I stop somewhere on my way, I'd like to open my slide and I'm not sure if I can. Any help? thanks!Sure, Just make sure there is room for it.
Huntindog 08/16/16 05:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Stabilizer supports with electric stabilizer jacks?

It depends on which power jacks you have. The Lipperts (and at least one other knockoff) adjust automatically to uneven ground and maintain equal pressure between the two legs. This can be an advantage when boondocking as the legs will settle/sink into the ground. More so if it rains. This settling is usually not equal from one leg to another. The equal pressure of the Lipperts keeps this settling from racking the frame. If you install the BAL locking mechanisim it will defeat the equal pressure feature. If you camp on concrete or asphalt pads, then this is not a concern. If you boondock, it is something to be aware of I boondock a lot and always in unimproved sites. So I would rather keep the equal pressure feature. If you choose to install it, and sometimes camp off the beaten path, you can simply not engage the locking struts.
Huntindog 08/16/16 04:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Skid rollers,

I did this on my first TT. It was really old and had a very stout frame. It worked well, but once i raised it for better ground clearance the problem was solved. With todays engineered frames, many don't have any extra strength for using the wheels. I would look to raising the TT as the solution. If you believe in the theory of stabilizer jacks being able to twist the frame when over tightened/unqual tightened (I do) then wheels are really bad for the frame... I would urge extreme caution.
Huntindog 08/16/16 01:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: The China-Bomb debate Put to rest

If I had 16 inch rims (or room to change to 16 inch rims) I would use LT tires. We don't all have that option. there are 14" and 15" LT tires available NOT in the load range req'd by some trailers. My 4,000lb single axle 15" wheels cannot be fitted with LT tires for that reason. The reason the Airstreams are sometimes offered with Michelins as an option is because this same ridiculous bantering at the Airstream forums led a whole crowd of voodoo believers to demand them. Airstream makes a very nice profit selling $750 (each) wheel/tire options to the afflicted. I have ST load range E Carlisles on mine because there is no load range LT tire in 15" to fit. These new Carlisle HD's are rated at 81 mph, but I'm not so foolish as to run 'em that speed.Oh they can be fitted. You just gotta wanna. As for these new Carlises... This is the same company that touted how great their previous tires were.... As they gleefully took many peoples money (including a lot of mine) for junk tires. MAYBE they have turned over a new leaf, and these new tires will prove out over the long term... But this experminent will not take place with any of my money. A awful lot of people feel the same way.... Fool me once..... I sincerely hope that your experiment goes a whole lot better than what many of us experienced in the past. If it doesn't, and you decide to try something that WILL work... Just come back here and ask. Those of us that have already traveled the road you are now on will tell you what and how we did it. Good luck to you.
Huntindog 08/16/16 03:12am Travel Trailers
RE: *FINAL UPDATE* Stuck in Newton NJ with a blown transmission

You can still order a manual in the HD trucks can't you?Ram was the last one. Not sure if they are still offering it. I know the Ram HD trucks can still be ordered with a manual was wondering if the Ford and GM twins could? DonThe hard truth here is that the demand for a manual fell off shortly after GM made the Allison available. Ford later for the same reason.. Once the autos get reliable, the public doesn't want them. The Rams auto trans has drastically lagged behind the other two. So they NEEDED to keep the manual around. Now that they seem to have fixed that issue, it is likely that the manual will soon disappear.
Huntindog 08/15/16 05:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How common is common.

"Common" is an opinion base quantive. Does it happen? Yes, I have read about it on this forum all too often. For my purpose I meant Common as in the Websters dictionary. a. Occurring frequently or habitually; usual: It is common for movies to last 90 minutes or more. Not "Does it happen" everything in life eventually happens to someone or some place but is it Common? Like the one person that posted if it happens to you then yes it is common. looking at how many of these are built, it has to be common. Many here have posted pics of particle or chip board being the primary support that the factory installed... I find it ironic that many of the home brewed fixes posted here involve replacing the chip board with plywood.... IMO, wood should not be involved in supporting the tanks. I will note that I have never seen a report of an automobiles gas tank just falling out... They are not supported by wood... Just sayin.
Huntindog 08/15/16 04:38pm Travel Trailers
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