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RE: Maxxis Load D To E - Bouncy Ride

Since my current tires already exceeds my axle capacity, why should I buy tires that have even more more capacity then the axles that support them? Yet people do this all the time. This is pretty simple. Tires fail at a much higher rate than axles do... There can be many reasons for this. Age, heat, cumulative road hazard damage, low psi etc.... Some things can affect axles as well, but not to the same degree.
Huntindog 06/30/15 08:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Maxxis Load D To E - Bouncy Ride

Huntingdog, if they say they did not use a lug plate and say they won't rebalance using a lug plate am I better off just removing the wheel weights they put on and going unbalanced like the factory wheels come anways? tks This is a total crapshoot.... But since you are having trouble now that they are balanced... I see no harm and a real possible benefit to trying it.
Huntindog 06/30/15 08:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Maxxis Load D To E - Bouncy Ride

Does it matter if your wheels are steel or aluminum. Mine are aluminum. Read steel wheels are lug centric and need the plate but aluminum rims can use the cone to balance like a car tire. So much different information online it is crazy.I don't think so. I know that my GM dually's hubs have the casting machined so that the HUBCENTRIC rims fit perfectly on them... But all of my TTs hubs have been rough casted, with no precision machining done to them. So even if one were to put a hubcentric rim on them.... It would likely not be centered.
Huntindog 06/30/15 08:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: Maxxis Load D To E - Bouncy Ride

The E tire at 65 psi is not any stronger than the D tire at 65 psi. Its been my experience when pulling trailers for a living the E tire at only 65 psi will create more carcass heat than the D tire at 65 psi.I read that here sometimes... But I believe that the heat difference if any is insignifignant. My dually comes from the factory with LREs... Yet the door/tire placard states a 65 psi maximum for them. I am sure that Ram and Ford do the same. Since I am pretty sure they know what they are doing.... This stands that theory on its head As for strength, more plies will = more strength. I do agree that any tire will perform to it's maximum when inflated to its max. But that is not the same as saying a 80 psi tire inflated to 65 psi is weaker than a 65 psi tire inflated to 65 is.
Huntindog 06/30/15 07:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Maxxis Load D To E - Bouncy Ride

On my tt i ran 65lbs in my Maxxis E rated and it rode fine. My question then is what benefit is an E over a D if you do this? Don't you effectively give up all the extra load carrying capacity and in essence just have a Load D or is the E still a better and stronger tire at 65 than a D at 65. tksBoth. The extra capacity can come in handy. I recently spun a bearing, and lost a wheel. The 3 tires remaining got us home without a hitch. They were @ 80. You had them balanced. Did you make them use a lug plate? They hate doing it. I watch them to make sure they do it. More than once I caught them using the pilot hole instead of the lug plate as I requested. The reason this is important is that most TT rims are lug centric. Not pilot centric. This means that the lugnuts do the centering, not the pilot hole which is not perfectly centered. If they use the pilot hole, then it may well make the balance worse.
Huntindog 06/30/15 06:13pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2 Camper Batteries 12V or 6V

Ok I have heard this so many times and now I figured I would get more opinions! I was told by 3 different RV stores/ Shops that putting 2- 6Volt batteries in Series will give me more Amp Hours than 2- 12Volt batteries in Parallel. They tried explaining to me that if you put them in series the voltage and a.h. will go up and I said I don't think that is how it works for 6volt batteries in Series. When something is in series you get double the Volts but the amp hours stay the same.. I have a good understanding of electronics and how it works. What is your thoughts and experience about this? Do you have 2 12v or 6v batteries? Is this different because of the deep cycle batteries? I want to get more run time out of my deep cycle batteries. You do NOT add the amp hours when using two 6 volts. Where the additional available amp hours come from is that the 6 volts are taller, so they have more internal volume than a group 24 (generally standard on TTs) battery, and the fact that the 6 volts being true deep cycle batteries can be discharged deeper than the standard hybrid 12 volt that most use. On most TTs, there is room for two group 24 size batterys in the tray on the toungue. Most have lots of room to go taller, but not wider. So that leaves out 12 volt group 29, 31, etc. This is one reason why two six volts is so popular. Plus the 6 volts are much more durable than the widely used hybrids. Then their is the relatively low cost and pretty good availability, and it all adds up to the best bang for the buck. As for the 12 volt fans concerns about a 6 volt failure leaving them without power.... It is not too likely... Though as 12 volt users, they are probably used to them failing a lot, thus the concern. And of course, if 1 of their 12 volts does fail, they probably won't notice it until the other one is dead anyway. Most of us that RV for long, will end up wanting better than what is available at Walmart or the local auto parts store. There are several options. True 12 volt deep cycle batteries ARE available. But they are rare, expensive, and heavy. AGMs. Expensive, and finickey with charging. Make a mistake with them, and it's an expensive proposition to replace them.. Still they have their place. Those with solar, and /or specific chargers swear by them... IMO, they are best suited for those with more than average knowledge of the care and feeding of their batteries. Lion batteries are getting better and cheaper, but still out of reach for most. There are quite a few battery geeks here on the forum. They know a lot about how to wring the last bit of performance out of them. That is great as they seem to enjoy it, and it is good to have that knowledge here on the forum. But it is more effort than I and many others want. I generally discharge mine until the converter starts screaming, then fire up the generator. No idea how many amp hours I have consumed, or just what the voltage is when that happens. I don't care to know. This just works for me. Sure if I was to really get involved in my batteries, I could probably make them last a little longer, but I have never actually worn a pair of 6 volts out. I have been able to get at least 5 years out of them. One pair had an unfortunate accident, and their replacements were sold with the TT. When I used 12 volts, it was pretty much a annual replacement ritual.
Huntindog 06/28/15 04:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Cleaning EPDM Rubber Roof

I have stripped the paint off my house with my pressure washer. I wouldn't recommend it.
Huntindog 06/28/15 03:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: 1st oil change = bath

Another Fumoto fan here. And another tip. When using the Fumoto valve (nipple version) with a hose, you can drain it directly back into the jugs it was in when new. No need for a pan, except for the filter. If one was so inclined, they could measure how much oil comes out with a pretty high degree of accuracy. People HAVE discovered problems early that way, without sending the oil out to a lab. As for the Fumoto security issue... I don't worry about it. The drain plug doesn't have a lock on it either. I figure that if someone is going to slide under my truck with the intention of draining my oil.... He will likely have the wrench he thinks he will need to do it.
Huntindog 06/27/15 06:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I really hate to admit this......grey tank overflow

his was in mid April? Too little too late.
Huntindog 06/27/15 02:50am Travel Trailers
RE: TH with garage slides

It could be done by having the slideout floors go UNDER the garage floor... Yes this would present many problems requiring a totally different floor design, that would be somewhat limiting in vertical space (not usually a problem fot THers) and requiring slots in the floor for the walls to retract into. It would be expensive to do. VERY.
Huntindog 06/26/15 08:41pm Toy Haulers
RE: Lippert Installing Wrong Axles.

I am pretty sure that the axle tube wall thickness is different as well. I know for a fact that the 5200#s I am replacing with 7000#s weigh 50# less per axle. But all of them will physically interchange with one another even though the ratings differ.
Huntindog 06/24/15 08:13pm Tech Issues
RE: Maxxis Tires

I buy from discount. The warranty is legit.. But as it clearly states it is for 3 years. Not a lifetime. Since I have never had an ST tire last 2 years, it is a moot point. Since I have been using Michelin XPS RIBS since 2006, I don't buy the warranty on them. I replace them at the 5 year mark. Never had a failure and they take LOTS of abuse. High speed, curbings, washboard roads, nothing fazes them. Since they have lots of tread left and look good, I sell them on craigs list. They sell really fast @ 150.00 for four. Get a nice chunk of change to put towards the new set.
Huntindog 06/24/15 07:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: What happens when you lose a tire at 70-75 MPH?

Sure if you want 7000lbs following you at 87MPH a foot off your bumper, LOL. 7K??? That's for light weights. My TT grosses over 11K:B
Huntindog 06/23/15 05:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: What happens when you lose a tire at 70-75 MPH?

You should not be going 70 MPH towing a trailer. Trailer tires are rated for 65 MPH Max. I have an edge controller in my truck which which I canprogram to alert me if I go to fast. i have it set at 66 MPH. I don't think that any tire should be run close to it's max. That means that ST tires at 55 are not for me. I run LTs rated for 95.
Huntindog 06/23/15 02:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: What happens when you lose a tire at 70-75 MPH?

Huntindog 06/22/15 08:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: What happens when you lose a tire at 70-75 MPH?

UPDATE: About two weeks ago the axles arrived. They were damaged in shipment, and were not what I had ordered. They were 5200#s like the originals instead of the 7000# I had paid for. I refused them and called Lippert. Talked to a gal named Angie. She told me that the BOGO offer was only for the same capacity axles that were originally on the TT. After some discussion, she said that she would have her supervisor listen to the recording of me ordering the axles... Two days later I talked to Angie again. She confirmed that I was in fact told tht my axle order was for 7K axles, and that they would rush my order into production. The axles arrived today. This time in perfect condition and exactly what I ordered. When this deal started to go south, I was skeptical that it would have a happy ending. I had no proof of what was said on my phone order. Lippert had the only proof and could have easily blew me off. Many companies would have. I am impressed with Lipperts integrity and effort to make a situation going bad right. Lippert is a often maligned name here.. I have nothing but good things to say. I think that they are a good fair company that tries to do the right thing. My hat is off to Angie and Lippert. A class act.
Huntindog 06/22/15 08:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: Honda EU3000is and Coleman A/C Won't Work

I read your link. The problem they are having is NOT your problem.. Your AC starts and runs for 7-10 minutes. Forget about these "known issues" as they are NOT YOUR issue. You need to do basic troiuble shooting to find out what YOUR ISSUE is. A kilowatt meter would be an excellent place to start.
Huntindog 06/22/15 04:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Honda EU3000is and Coleman A/C Won't Work

This is a well known problem with the Model 48253C966 Coleman A/C combined with the EU3000is. I'm not looking for troubleshooting assistance but for information from those who have experienced and solved this known problem. Just by reading your symptoms... I can tell you that a hard start capacitor won't do anything for you. You say that the AC runs for 7-10 minutes before the generator goes into over load. A capacitor will only help for the intial surge of power required to get the AC started. It won't be doing any good 7 minutes later. What is probably happening is that another AC draw comes on line, and that or those along with the running AC causes the overload. Prime suspects are the fridge running on AC and/or the converter need to charge the batteries. A converter can draw over 1000 watts. Not sure about the fridge, but I have read that it can be a lot too... It is not hard to see where the 3000 watt generator can fall short of what is demanded by these 3 draws.
Huntindog 06/22/15 02:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Weld integrity of tongue to frame on autumn ridge 266rks

Funny, the Jay Flight 32BHDS is one of the heaviest on the road and it uses the integrated tongue. http://images.traderonline.com/img/3/dealer/747988/114895381_1thumb_770x574.jpg The 36BHDS is even bigger and uses the integrated tongue. http://crestviewrv.interactrv.netdna-cdn.com/src/rv.ashx?bg=LightGray&height=300&width=400&img=/images/inventory/456644_1.JPG My TT which has the tounge in question grosses over 11K (I would have to go look at it for an exact #) So those Jaycos are lightweights.:B If you were to go back and READ it again.... I said "they tend to, and they may". No reason at all that the Jayco design cannot be made strong enough.
Huntindog 06/21/15 07:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: Weld integrity of tongue to frame on autumn ridge 266rks

If done right, there is nothing to worry about. That design tends to be used on heavier units, so it may be even stronger. It does allow fo better ground clearance. My present TT has this, and it hasn't been a problem in 6 years. I am a "heavy, Hard user" We load heavy, drive on bad roads, tow fast, and use it often.
Huntindog 06/21/15 02:07pm Travel Trailers
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