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RE: Wet Bolt Installation

I used the Dexter wet bolt kit. No issues with getting grease in them at 3 and 9 position now going on a couple years. Of course it depends which end of the spring gets the 3 or the 9. If you are greasing the unloaded side, the grease will flow easily and do little or nothing.Not correct. The grease will flow to where the clearance is the greatest. So yes, initially the grease may not get everywhere. But as soon as the TT is towed, and the suspension moves, those clearances move as well. When that happens the grease continues to move to where the clearances are then the greatest. There is no need to over think what the manufacturers state on this. Install as they say, and grease away. Not much grease stays in them anyways, no matter how it is done. There are no seals on the ends, so that is where it all eventually goes. That is why they want you to grease so often. But even with that drawback, SOME lubrication is applied to a BETTER bushing. So it is a substantial upgrade. I have used them on two TTs. On my present TT, I have installed the Lippert Never fail bushings. No greasing involved with them. So far, so good. Time will tell if they are a winner.
Huntindog 10/26/16 02:43am Travel Trailers
RE: Slide out roof and leaves

This is not a problem for me out west. The only issues I have had is ice stuck to the roof sometimes... That is a pain. As far as leaves, I had this issue once, in Michigan. I simply used a broom to get them off. The camper across the road from me had a much tougher time of it. He had a slide topper, and the leaves found their way under the topper. It took 3 of them over an hour to get it cleaned off... Or at least that is when they finally stopped and pulled the slide in.
Huntindog 10/23/16 06:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

I would be concerned about long term durability of such a set up. I see no mention of upgrading things like the differentials, u joints, wheel bearings, etc. Many of these setups are FAR above what the automobile was originally rated for... That WILL take a toll on many parts.
Huntindog 10/22/16 01:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: Advice needed on separated weld in cabover framing

I was thinking of getting some beefy aluminum corner brackets and screwing or bolting them to the framing as an alternative to welding. Anyone have any experience with this? I don't think that would hold up. If you want to reskin it with filon, I don't see an easy fix for this. The aluminum tubing is pretty thin so any bolts, screws etc. will just either strip out, or crush it. It needs to come apart more to clean up the metal and remove flamables from the area before welding. If you are willing/able to reskin it with siding, then there are some other methods that could be used.
Huntindog 10/21/16 04:48am Tech Issues
RE: Advice needed on separated weld in cabover framing

Huntindog 10/21/16 04:46am Tech Issues
RE: Advice needed on separated weld in cabover framing

I believe that is aluminum. Is the actual weld on the bottom cracked? Hard to tell from the pic. The open joint that the pic shows clearly, isn't welded at the factory on purpose. A weld there would show thru the Filon as a bump. That is what I was told by the plant manager at Sabre when I toured the plant. I think it COULD be welded there, but would need to be ground flush afterwards... This would take away some of the strength. The factory won't do it this way as the hundreds of joints they weld would all need grinding. Too much labor for them. That is what I would do, AFTER removing the foam insulation. Welding is dealing with molten metal. It is way hotter than what it would take to set the unit on fire. I would not even consider welding it without removing all the flamables/meltables from the area. I do not think that ANY good welder would either.
Huntindog 10/21/16 03:19am Tech Issues
RE: Costco GC2 spec

You need a charger that has Dailithium crystals
Huntindog 10/20/16 08:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Better outdoor speakers

I have reluctantly ordered another set of the same Jensens I have. I am really limited by the size constraints of my TT. Only 1.5" depth available, and the cutout is 4.5". And due to where they are, I really can't enlarge the openings. I will make some covers for them while it is in storage, and just replace them often... They are cheap enough.
Huntindog 10/20/16 08:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Cold weather towing with water tank filled?

You can even run the furnace while under tow. I have done so when temps were in single digits. I'm guessing that becomes an issue pulling in to gas stations?Nope. Not for me. Frozen water lines without the heater, or figure out how to deal with it. Your choice. I don't think that shutting off the water heater for 10 minutes or so to refuel would cause the pipes to freeze. I always shut mine down even when way above freezing. bumpy We ar talking about the furnace, but that is close enough... We have a winner!!
Huntindog 10/19/16 03:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Cold weather towing with water tank filled?

You can even run the furnace while under tow. I have done so when temps were in single digits. I'm guessing that becomes an issue pulling in to gas stations?Nope. Not for me. Frozen water lines without the heater, or figure out how to deal with it. Your choice.
Huntindog 10/18/16 05:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Better outdoor speakers

I prefer peace and quiet and the sounds of nature.That is wonderful. Not really very helpful to the question though
Huntindog 10/17/16 04:42pm Travel Trailers
Better outdoor speakers

I have the factory Jensen MS5006W outside speakers. They are shot, and I never did like them. What else is out there that will drop in and is a better quality unit?
Huntindog 10/17/16 04:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: sawing stainless steel ?

You guys are almost funny. I just went in the shop, didn't have any 1/4", but just hack sawed a 3/8 (3.75) rod in 8 seconds. Don't know the type, but zero magnetic. It was a pin out of a Motor Guide (Mercury) trolling motor. I don't even own a hacksaw any more. I have an angle grinder just for cut off wheels, and another for grinding wheels. I have a sawzall for when the angle grinder won't work. (rare)
Huntindog 10/16/16 07:25pm Tech Issues
RE: sawing stainless steel ?

Bumpy, you could try the hack saw with the scrap your going to use to test the using your dremel and 4.5 angle grinder. I just cut some 1/4-20 all thread for battery hold down bolts and did it with a 12 point hacksaw blade. Of course I buy good quality British or USA made saw blades. If it works, it'll be faster than installing the 4.5" grinder disk. All thread ,and stainless are worlds apart in what it takes to cut them. Good quality stainless will eat saw blades up. BTDT
Huntindog 10/15/16 07:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Cold weather towing with water tank filled?

If you run the heat (you should) then the top of the tanks will be against a pretty warm surface, from the heat migrating out of the TT. This makes pretty cold temperture camping possible without freezing problems. Night time temps in the teens should be OK. You can even run the furnace while under tow. I have done so when temps were in single digits.
Huntindog 10/15/16 07:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: sawing stainless steel ?

Bumpy, are you gonna cut it or ain't you? :h :W when I get up the nerve I think I will practice with both the Dremel and the 4 1/2 inch cut off wheel before tackling the actual item. will advise but it will be a while. bumpyBoth will cut it. But the 4.5" wheel will get it done before lunch time.:B
Huntindog 10/15/16 05:55pm Tech Issues
RE: What size cable betwee 6V batteries?

All these wire gauge questions come to the same thing: A. ampacity so you can do the amps at all B. voltage drop so you can operate your equipment Lots of people seem to read the ampacity tables to get the safe size of wire, and miss the point about such things as staying above the inverter alarm voltage, converter voltage as seen at the battery, and solar controller set points Once you have the safe ampacity solved then the lesson learned is often to go bigger than that to address the voltage drop issue.Voltage drop won't be an issue for a length of less than 12 inches. I use the stuff sold at the auto parts store. Everyone here (I think) understands that upsizing wire is necessary for long runs.... I once used some really thick stuff for a 25' run, I forget the gauge, but it was thicker than my thumb. But for the short, wire pairing the sixes, I used the auto parts store stuff... 4 Gauge as I recall.
Huntindog 10/15/16 01:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Duramax is king of the mountain again

GM is very clear about SAE Flywheel horsepower. Seems they always did well with "less power".There has been lots of speculation since 2011 or so as to why that is. Many at first (and some still) think that GM was sandbagging their ratings. This never made any sense to me, as that would sacrifice sales to those that want to buy the truck with the most power. Quite a few think that the Allison has much less power loss. I never really bought into that. It may have been true in the past, but the Ram and Fords offerings are much improved over what they had. I doubt there is much difference anymore. One of the hill climb tests I read did it different. They ran the trucks at the same time together rather than seperate timed runs. They wrote that at certain times, the Ford seemed like it had more power as it was able to pull away from the GM... But these incidences were brief. Overall, the GM was faster. Later I read here on this forum about GM being the only one that followed the SAE protocols for Dyno testing. That was an eye opener for me. With todays computer controlled motors, it is pretty easy for a motors power to be increased briefly until the computer detects imminent damage, and reduces the power. SAE testing is very specific, as to the duration a motor must produce the rated power. Not using SAE dyno standards would allow for a higher HP/TQ figure to be obtained... Hence the term "advertised power" This fits in with what the magazine testers observed, and explains why GM was so confident in the Dmaxs power ratings. So that is what I have come to believe after trying to understand why the GM was winning all the hill climbs with less power. IOW, the Ford had advertised power, and the GM had real power. Only one counts when climbing a hill
Huntindog 10/13/16 04:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Carlisle HD Tire Review

Stupid question: what is a 'lug plate'. I've balanced a few tires in my day, but never heard of a 'lug plate'. Must be something new. Had 2 done today, on a spin balancer. Used stick-on weights. The only stupid questioned is the one unasked. A lug plate is an adaptor that allows a rim to be mounted on the balancing machine using the lug holes instead of the large center hole (commonly called a pilot hole) On most TT rims, the pilot hole is just stamped out approximently in the center of the wheel. The lug holes are what centers the rim. This is known as Lug centric. Most automobiles are the opposite. What this means is that most TT rims cannot be balanced using the center pilot hole. A lug plate MUST be used. If this is not done, it is indeed possible to make the out of balance condition worse than is was without any weights at all. This is nothing new. But tire shops HATE to use them, as it takes a little more time, and they may not have the plate on hand. You have to tell them that you want it done this way. I have had them go to another location to borrow one. I have also on several occasions not do as I asked. I watched them use the center hole. So they got to do the job again. I also have an old Blazer with aftermarket white spoke rims on it. It had a vibration that could not be found. Tried a lot of different things chasing it. I had a thought that maybe those rims were lug centric. Discount argued with me, but I insisted they try it. That was the problem all along
Huntindog 10/10/16 06:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Carlisle HD Tire Review

Be sure they use a lug plate. Or it could end up worse than.it was. OK, I'll balance my tires and1 see if I can tell a difference.
Huntindog 10/10/16 07:58am Travel Trailers
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