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RE: Running your propane Refrigerators while fueling?

If you are old enough to remember when smoking was very popular, filling your car. lawn mower, 5 gallon fuel carboy, chain saw etc. With a cigarette dangling from you mouth was common. Was it smart? probably not. Was it safe? probably not. Did it cause numerous explosions and gas pump fires? No. Did anyone care or give it a second thought? Not really. Turning your propane off certainly cannot hurt but most folk do not feel it is an issue.Fast forward to today. You are not supposed to use a cell phone around a gas pump... Everyone does it. They must have seen the Mythbusters show where they tried to create an explosion with a cell phone and gas.
Huntindog 07/19/19 03:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Running your propane Refrigerators while fueling?

So I have been thinking: I am on the road in a unfamalier location. I need fuel. I am looking for an station that is easy in and out, and able to accomodate my large lashup. (36'+ my longbed crew cab) I see one, but cannot pull in, as I gotta find a safe place with easy access and probably a turnaround, so I can turn off the propane. That could take some time and miles to find. Then after accomplishing that, I can go back to the station and refuel... And now I have to stop again at a safe place to turn the propane back on. IF I AM LUCKY, I may be able to use the same place I turned it off at.... But that may mot be possible for a variety of reasons. This simple refueling process could take an hour or more.. Sounds like fun.
Huntindog 07/19/19 01:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: How to value trade?

CL around here has become almost useless for buying used. When I price a used camper I click through the base price as most options the dealer will have installed anyway when it was originally ordered. I saw one the other day on FB where they had a picture of all the nickle dime add-ons you can select on Nadaguides...that I'm not paying extra for. I would consider big ticket add-ons like an onboard generator. If you price it too high it will scare people off. I'm sure many of us have traveled an hour or two out of our way to find something that looked nice in the pictures only to get there and find it was misrepresented. One large dealer around here has their best lot about 75 miles away. I took my used albeit niche camper and scoffed at what he wanted on the trade. He flagged me down before I left the lot and suddenly offered another 1000 to the deal. I took it but still felt a bit beat up. In hindsight, that camper sat on his lot for a long time (niche camper) so maybe it WAS better for me to cut and run.And thein is the rub. A dealer NEEDS to make money. When they buy your trade, they have not necessairily made their money on your deal until they sell it. So, how long did they pay interest on the floorplan of your new unit? Then how long does your trade sit on the lot? It could be a year real easy before they make a dime on your total deal. Meanwhile they have bills and salarys to pay. So they MUST buy it right... That means cheap. So if you want to do better than the dealer will offer, you can sell it yourself.. But that means you take all of the risk, and all of the headache. There is no right or wrong answer. I am no fan of dealers, but it does help to fully understand their situation.
Huntindog 07/17/19 06:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: Revmax 68RFE Transmission Cooler Thermostatic Bypass

I looked everywhere I could to find normal/acceptable operating temp of the Dexron in my Yukon without success. Two GM shops told me that 250* was “to be expected” with what I was doing. When I added the new cooler and had the fluid changed two weeks ago the old transmission fluid that had been over 250* at least a couple of times looked fine. In particular, my experience with the 68RFE is that it will also run 200* in normal driving conditions. The person I hear significantly lower temps from also claims 100,000 miles out of a set of Michelins so they either have/had a real special truck or are full of it. Either way, those claims are suspect at best. Not saying running cooler isn’t better, but I’m also far from convinced that temps are a weak link in this particular transmission. Shiner, can you link to a document that states expected or acceptable operating temps for the 68 (or any modern transmission)? I’m sincerely interested.With synthetic fluid, higher temps such as 250 won't hurt the fluid... It will however hurt the seals in the tranny. length of time at high temps, and frequency have a bearing on this... But best to avoid it.
Huntindog 07/16/19 07:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Help!!! Frame broke

First off. I am sorry about your situation. Some pics, and more detailed info would help. My present TT has FOUR 42 gallon grey/black tanks, and ONE 42 gallon fresh tank. I routinely travel with them full. And over some really rough roads to boot. We load very heavy as well. We even mounted a 5 cubic ft deep freeze on the rear rack. We boondock in remote locactions for extended periods. If you don't bring it, you can't realistically get it. My Lippert frame is VERY stout. The welds are top notch. (I am a welder, so I know what I am looking at) This is our 3rd TT, and the first Lippert framed one. It is also the only one that I have not needed to weld up some repairs on. Now, as I have said before many times. Lippert builds what the manufacturer requests. Unfortunantly most of them are into light weight/low cost frames. Sabre paid up for a good frame. A REAL 10" I beam, 1/4" thick.
Huntindog 07/15/19 01:31pm Travel Trailers
RE: Saw my first 2020 GMC HD camping this weekend

I'm betting it's a factory test truck. It's just been within the last week or two that automotive journalists attended a media first drive event near Bend, OR, so it seems impossible that trucks are for sale already. Order banks opened in March and first deliveries were scheduled for last week. Check autotrader.com and you will see some already listed for sale. Some of the models like the duallies do have a later production start. I hit a couple of dealers today. N0 2020s around. Nothing on AutoTrader.com today either. I did spec out a pending order for a 3500 Dually. The paperwork states that the duallys are available to order 7/18-7/19
Huntindog 07/13/19 03:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 6 people in an F350

When I was a child, My dad installed additional seatbelts in a 1967 Galaxy 500. They were every bit as sttrong as the factory ones. We were a family of 7, and on occasion we had 8 people in that car. Everyone was belted in, everytime. Dads rule.
Huntindog 07/12/19 06:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Should I get a 2020 GM 3500 DRW or a 4500?

What kind of toy haulers offer that kind of GVWR? All the three axle ones I've seen are 18k, and around 13-14k empty. Momentum, DRV,Luxe, New Horizon. probably a few others.
Huntindog 07/11/19 01:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Should I get a 2020 GM 3500 DRW or a 4500?

Not sure what your wallet will handle, but have you by chance looked into a Frieghtliner Business Class truck (new or used)? Can get w/ air ride susp and seats and possibly cab too. Don't think you'd ever have to worry about weights. Larger brakes, tires, frame and all. Will agree with others tho that service on the road for MD trucks can be difficult and $$$$. I doubt they would fit in the garage due to height. And I think they may be hard to get in 4X4. I could be wrong on both counts though.
Huntindog 07/11/19 01:33pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Should I get a 2020 GM 3500 DRW or a 4500?

Check with the Arizona DMV. Both will be registered as commercial. On my 3500 I had to declare the max weight I would have and the fees are derived from that. DaveHmmm. I am presently on my second 3500 DRW. A 2001, and a 2011. They are tagged and insured pretty much like my other vehicles. Not commercial. There is a small charge for the GVW on the duallys, but that is it.
Huntindog 07/11/19 03:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: Should I get a 2020 GM 3500 DRW or a 4500?

The big question you didn't answer is: What are you going to use the truck for? I have pushed my '05 Chevy dually well past it's GVWR numerous times with both my TC and my work. I often have the truck's axles supporting over 12,000 pounds while pulling another 14,000 or so pounds. It's done well but I always figured the next truck would be a 4500 and I was excited to see Chevy make them again. But, a new 3500 is so much more capable than my '05 that with my same weights I would be within it's ratings. I've sat in a 5500 and while really nice it is also really tall. I wish they had kept them low like RAM and Ford did, basically still pick-up height. The big problem with the tall cab is that it would be nearly impossible to use it for a truck camper. You would have to raise the camper up to clear the tall cab. That's not something I really want to do. As for the bed, I run a flatbed with boxes above and below. Previously I had a utility body with storage. Both of these are for my business use but they worked out great with TCs too. I had plenty of storage for tools, fluids, cord, hoses, camp chairs, etc. even with the TC in the bed. If you want to pull a FW a nice hauler bed would give you lots of storage and make hitching and unhitching the FW real easy. The real kicker is they lowered the HP and torque on the 4500 and larger trucks. They are still incredible powerful but not absurdly powerful like the 3500. I've decided my next truck will be a 3500 ordered with no bed so I can have a new utility bed put on it. Will be getting a 5th wheel TH in the 20-24K range.
Huntindog 07/10/19 07:52pm Tow Vehicles
Should I get a 2020 GM 3500 DRW or a 4500?

Well it is getting to be New truck time again. First off, I am not married to any brand. I have owned them all at one or more points. That said, The Rams and Fords did not make the cut this time around. You may disagree, but it's my money, and my rules as to what I will base my standards on. I was thinking of a GM 4500, but moved away from it, as the overall length would make some garage modifications necessary. And the fact that it is not available with a factory bed like the F450 has. So an aftermarket one of some sort would be needed. The costs seem to vary wildly on these. When I started reading about the 2020 GM 3500 DRW, it checked off a lot of my boxes. Then last night, I saw the overall length spec. A tape measure of the garage confirmed my suspicion. It has grown enoughto require pretty much the same garage mods as the 4500. So that part of it being a tossup, has me on the fence now. 4500 pros: tougher truck all the way around. Wide track front axle, for tighter turning radius. Available now. Cons: Not sure about the insurance situation. Are they typically insured as commercial? Or is it just another vehicle on my private policy? This may vary with the state and the company. I am in AZ, and curently with Gieco. Probably a much harsher ride. The next one could end up in the pro collum. The aftermarket bed. What do you have? What do you like/dislike about it? Cost? The niceties are just not as nice. The tranny. There are several options available. I simply do not know enough about them to decide, which one would be for me. This too could possibly end up in the pro collum. 3500 DRW pros: Very nice in the High Country trim. Features such as the virtual trailer camera system are a game changer. Upgraded capabilities would be more than enough. 10 speed tranny is likely a plus. Can pretty much nail down the price now, since the bed is included. Same thing on the insurance. Cons: Not as stout as the 4500. This may be a long term durability issue. Not available now. That is about all I have thought of so far. Would be interested hearing others thoughts. Especially from those that have already made the decision either way, and what they have learned since. Oh yeah, a new 5th wheel TH in the 20-24K range is in the future.
Huntindog 07/10/19 06:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Endurance failure

How do we know it was an Endurance? Just because it's Goodyear doesn't mean it's an Endurance.Well, Goodyear doesn't make the Marathons anymore. Besides, someone asked him a little further into the thread. He confirmed that it was an Endurance.
Huntindog 07/10/19 06:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: Running your propane Refrigerators while fueling?

Fortunately gasoline vapors are heavier than air.There you go stating facts...
Huntindog 07/09/19 04:26am Travel Trailers
RE: Endurance failure

Brand new tires just installed before your first trip......I'd be asking the knuckle heads at the tire out let how they let a tire with a bubble in it get mounted in the first place. Seems like it's part of the job to give each new tire a careful inspection as they they get mounted.It is quite possible that the bubble wasn't there when it was mounted. There have been a LOT of reports over the years, with pics of ST spare tires, that had never been on the ground exploding on their mount.
Huntindog 07/08/19 02:44am Travel Trailers
RE: Endurance failure

Well so far this movie is pretty much an exact rerun of the others.:E The suspense is killing me.:R Actually I am hoping for a different ending.:B
Huntindog 07/07/19 02:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Endurance failure

I wouldn't be too concerned about a couple of reports about any tire. Now when we see the same issues across the trailering world (rv and non RV) on a regular basis like we've seen in the past then its time to look for a better tire. Or the tire had a event with a curb or obstacle and severally bruised the tires carcass. This tire was brand new, freshly installed. and about to go on it's first trip. I hope you are right. But this seems a lot like the movies I have seen before. A new ST tire comes out, everyone rushes to buy them, a honeymoon period ensues, where everyone reports early sucess stories. Then failure reports start appearing. Slowly at first, and everyone denys it,,, then it happens with increasing frequency. It happened with the Maxxis, and with two subsequent Carlise tires, and with the several Marathon different country manufactured tires. Maybe, this time will be different.
Huntindog 07/06/19 09:42pm Travel Trailers
Endurance failure

Uh oh. This is how it always seems to start. . Always check your tires! I found a sidewall bubble on one of the brand new Goodyears. Got it swapped the day before we left.
Huntindog 07/06/19 06:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: ? About a particular TT

TTs are a lot like people. They tend to gain weight from the day they are born.
Huntindog 07/04/19 03:55am Travel Trailers
RE: 2020 GMC

Visually I see 2 maybe 3" MAX in the video. They did state that GM used the position of the axle on the springs and the shackles as their reasoning for the change.. Which goes along with my theory... Makes no difference though. We already KNOW what the result is due to the CAT scale tickets. 100#, so do some backward computations until you arrive at a method that matches the result. That will be the correct method. As an aside, banter on GM forums is that this move was only for the SB/CC models. It kind of makes sense, as that configuration could benefit from such a change.
Huntindog 07/04/19 02:33am Tow Vehicles
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