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RE: A different video of a tire failure problem

A few things I noticed. Overloaded F150 No grease on the ball 6 lug axles very possibly "D" rated tires which are borderline on that size trailer. And way too much fun! Quite likely. My old TT came originally with C load range tires. At 50PSI the sidewalls always looked squishy. I think those were rated for something like 1700lbs per tire for a total of 6800. But wait, the TT had a GVWR of 7,600lbs :E Yep, they were planning on the 800 pound difference being on the tongue. My wheels were rated for 65PSI so I went up to load range D tires that were rated at 2500lbs per tire. Never had another squishy side wall after that. Oh, and not having all tools necessary to change a flat is just bad planning. KJI DO think that a TT should come with basic tire changing tools, just like automobiles do. I was surprised to find that my first new TT did not have this as basic equipment.... The spare was an option that I paid for, one would think that it would come with a rudimentry way to put it on.
Huntindog 12/09/16 02:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Honda Yamaha vs Kipor Generators Reliability

While considering a pair of Honda 2000s, one Yamaha dealer thought Yamaha is better because it has a gear drive vs belt drive in Honda. BNever take a Yamahas advice on a Honda. I am just about positive that the Honda has no belt... Just what is it supposed to do?
Huntindog 12/08/16 12:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Hand wash only, air dry...

my local chevy dealer is certified by ford to repair the aluminum bodies, wonder if they know something ?They probably know that GM has been using some aluminum body parts for a few years now... And those parts sometimes need fixing.
Huntindog 12/06/16 01:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: MD trucks

A couple of things to consider: Insurance. A fellow dog trialer bought one brand new. Had it less than a year. They wanted over 10K a year for commercial insurance. This probably varies by state, but look before you leap, to see if it is an issue for you. Lack of 4x4. I have never seen one with it. That is a deal breaker for me. YMMV
Huntindog 12/03/16 01:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: heater Fan Run Time

Some people have replaced the thermostat with a digital one to reduce the temp. swing. If you boondock, there is a downside: This mod makes the furnace cycle more frequently. And since the fan MUST run before and after each cycle, more cycles means more electricity used. Boondockers usually try to conserve electricity, so it is a negative for them.
Huntindog 12/03/16 01:10am Travel Trailers
RE: Oven temperature too low

Do you really use one of those ovens?? We thought it was just a place to store pans and such.We use ours all the time. It is a feature that I paid for, it is a feature that I paid for, so yes we enjoy having it. Reading here about how many (I have even known a few) don't use many features of their TTs makes me wonder why they bought one. Some don't use the oven, microwave, shower or toilet. Heck they could have bought a box trailer for a whole lot less money and been just as happy.
Huntindog 12/02/16 02:38pm Tech Issues
RE: 30,000 lbs behind the Ram

Local racer uses a KW with a huge custom sleeper to tow his rail car. Licensed as an RV with "Not for hire" decals and no CDL needed. That is because it is licenced as an RV. I am talking about regular everyday DRW pickups licences as pickups and towing a trailer with a GVWR greater than 10k. Per regulation, if it has a GCWR greater than 26k, then a CDL is required. Again, recreational vehicles are different. Well if RV's are exempt than all is good. Those who need a dually to haul heavy loads are happy. Those who want a dually to haul their RV are happy. So, it's only those who want a heavy truck and trailer to drive around empty that are annoyed and I guess they can buy a GM.:)?? My 2011 is over 26K. The newer stuff is by more.
Huntindog 11/30/16 02:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: Eternabond on a four year old Kodiak Travel Trailer

Did you remove any excess caulking before applying the Eternabond? Or did you just apply the Eternabond over top what was there? Reason I ask, my current trailer gobs and gobs of caulk around all the seams, and places like skylights, etc. I installed Eternabond on every seam and all the through holes on my roof. It is still applied like the day I did it and no leaks after three years. Good question. Hope somebody weighs in with an answer. Removing the old caulk will considerably complicate the job for sure.The little bit I have worked with it, I noticed that it likes to lie flat. It just doesn't conform very well.. So yes, IMO, gobs of caulk, or even a normal amount will be a problem. I also am skeptical of using it here in Phoenix due to the intense sun we get... I don't think it will hold up.... But nothing does here.
Huntindog 11/29/16 11:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Cordless drill for scissor jacks

I only worry about things I can control. If it bothers me, I can DO something about it. And to H*** with everyone else. Swell. :RWorks for me.:B
Huntindog 11/28/16 05:34pm Travel Trailers
RE: Door switch

All of the parts arrived, and I finished this project today. It works exactly as I wanted it to. It was a fun project that cost about $5 and will have lasting benefits. Might even help when I sell it someday. I want to thank everyone that contributed to help me figure it out.
Huntindog 11/28/16 05:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Cordless drill for scissor jacks

And now the color post police show up !Aw yes, this forum seems to have a lot of people that are really concerned with what others do. And want them to stop what ever it is so they will not be annoyed. It can be anything from the way someone pulls into camp to the way they type their posts.... The funny thing is that these people are destined to be unhappy. They have zero control over how others do things. I only worry about things I can control. If it bothers me, I can DO something about it.:B
Huntindog 11/28/16 05:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Electric tongue jack...Dead battery????

If you cannot crank a manual jack 30 rotations up to pre-load the bars, you loose you man card. :) I am 72 years old and just do it because it needs to be done. I suspect the manual jacks are on their way out because the electric model is a popular feature that can be advertised as "standard" and the market will accept the price. Like power windows in autos, they are handy and popular enough to be installed on all models. However, to say a manual jack is some form of drudgery is bit of an overstatement.I would like to invite you to Phoenix next summer, when I am hitching up. I will install my factory manual jack just for you. If you can do it, I will buy the beer. My 1 ton crewcab dually fully loaded with 3-4K in the bed, plus 1400# of TW..... Oh yeah, it will be around 115 degrees. I will watch you cry as you surrender your 'Man" card.
Huntindog 11/28/16 04:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Cordless drill for scissor jacks

Surprised no one has fashioned a motor to each jack and a central control for all 4 or 6.Motors are available, but pricey. I am sure it has been done.
Huntindog 11/28/16 12:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: Electric tongue jack...Dead battery????

I am mystified as to why some TTs still come with manual jacks. Just about any TT should be using a WD hitch. Most all of these hitches are much easier to hook up when using a power jack to take the pressure off the bars by raising the rear of the TV.... In my case, with a 1 ton CrewCab dually and about 1400# of TW, there are not to many popeyes out there with the kahuanas to use a manual jack for that load. But even for the lighter units, it is a substantial amount of weight, and with more women that ever involved in RVing, it just seems that PJs should be standard equipment. As for reliability. Good jacks simply don't fail. I have been using Atwoods since 2000, with no problems. Batteries can go dead, but that is a problem whether using a PJ or not.
Huntindog 11/28/16 03:11am Travel Trailers
RE: Swap from St tires to LT

However be warned suspension lift blocks on a trailer aren't the best idea for several reasons. Side loading as a trailers tire/wheel and suspension slips sideway as the trailer goes around a corner or backing makes going to the next diameter U bolts.....heavier top plate.....and especially heavier spring keepers is a wise choice. Blocks add more leverage to all those components. Some trucks come from the factory with lift blocks. In fact Ford was removing them for some customers for free at one time, when they wanted a lower ride height. I have been using blocks on TTs for over 10 years, and LOTs of off road travel. No problems to date.. I do think that one should keep the size reasonable... But 2" is within my comfort zone.
Huntindog 11/26/16 12:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: Swap from St tires to LT

I got steel blocks here:Custom lift blocks Yikes. That's a 1997 vintage website. ick. I have purchased from him several times. Talking to him, he seems to be an older gentleman that makes these things himself. Very good to deal with. I could care less about a flashy up to date website.
Huntindog 11/26/16 12:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Swap from St tires to LT

BlocksThose blocks won't work for trailer springs. They are 2.5" wide, trailer springs are usually 1.75" wide.
Huntindog 11/26/16 03:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Swap from St tires to LT

I used 2in blocks because these tires are 3 inches overall bigger than the stockers and i already had a few marks where the factory tires rubbed above them. Also i got the blocks and U-bolt from http://www.trailerblocks.com/ A little pricey but great quality!Wow they sure are pricey. I got steel blocks here:Custom lift blocks When I did it, they only offered steel blocks with a maximum 1" thickness. So I ordered double and welded them together. I see they now are offering aluminum blocks in many thicknesses... And the prices are a lot more reasonable.
Huntindog 11/26/16 02:58am Travel Trailers
RE: how to fix? major wear of rack & pinion electric slide

Finally realized all the jumping and jerking of the slideout in this rv really isn't normal. I can see on the underside of the slideout that the "rack" is pretty chewed up. I *think* this would be the rack & pinion system ?? The last time I brought the slideout in, it actually slid halfway back out all by itself! Had to tow it a few more miles, and that was scary, thinking it might jump out and hit a car... Not having any luck at all trying to find info on this tiny phone screen. How do I even start to take things apart and figure out what parts to buy? I've never done *anything* to a slideout. Have fixed lots of other systems, but I don't even know how to start this... It's a 2007 Palomino Puma 25RKS TIA JoyI have never heard of a rack failure like you are describing.... We need pics for sure. Gotta figure out why it failed.
Huntindog 11/26/16 02:42am Travel Trailers
RE: Hand wash only, air dry...

I have never taken my vehicles thru a car wash, but as a boy in the 70s, my dad took us thru one every Sunday.... It was the kind with brushes, and he never removed the antenna.... Never had a problem either.
Huntindog 11/25/16 05:41pm Tow Vehicles
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