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RE: New RV Electric RV Toad In Depth Review - Mike Mas

LMAO @ the toad! looks perfectly safe unless you hit something...anything, really,,,larger than a 10-speed bike. Thanks for the reply - its certainly much safer than a golf cart and its up to par with a lot of ATV's. Don't think of the negatives, you're missing the whole point of the comfort of being dry, AC, heat, windows, and close to 100 miles or range etc. Regards
Idle-Up 01/09/20 07:15am Dinghy Towing
New RV Electric RV Toad In Depth Review - Mike Mas

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30022927
Idle-Up 01/07/20 11:08am Class A Motorhomes
New RV Electric RV Toad In Depth Review - Mike Mas

Hello Forum Members - Got another great review for your guys on a new high tech “Electric” LSV / Golf Cart vehicle. There’s a fair amount of RV owners who pull their golf cart or Toad behind their rig to get around when they tech their destination who will be interested in this great little vehicle called Atomic S2. The Atomic sells for around the same money as a golf cart yet this car comes equipped with a full automotive quality cab with air conditioning, heat, power steering, power brakes, radio, electric windows, locks, lights signals and much more. For who are interested in technical aspects, this in-depth article covers the motor, controller, down-converter, air conditioner, heater and even check the current draw at different speed. Click on this link for the story; http://rotory.com/PC/atomicrv/ Enjoy - Mike Mas http://www.rotory.com/PC/images/aopen.jpg width=600
Idle-Up 01/07/20 11:08am Dinghy Towing
RE: In-Depth RV Lithium Install & Wiring Film - Mike Mas

Hey guys - We had another great “Off The Grid” trip in our Lithium RV over the Holidays on a ride to Cincinnati, Ohio to to pick up our new BMW i3. The trip was five days and we never plugged one time or stopped at a campground. The battery system operated flawlessly to provide plenty of heat at night as well as run the entertainment devices. The beauty of lithium RV conversions such as mine is they offer the ability to spend a night where you want to stay, rather than in a campground miles from your destination. For this trip we ended up staying two nights right on BMW dealers lot, surrounded by millions of dollars of new BMW’s as they prepped our new I3. http://www.rotory.com/bmw/images/ohio1.jpg While on the subject of lithium, new technology in lithium chemistry is transforming electric cars and RV's. Using the same battery space my older I3, the new BMW i3 has almost tripled its electric mileage. Our older 2014 I3 had a range of around 60 miles on battery and 58 miles on gas for an average good weather total of 120 miles. Thanks to this new lithium technology, the original 18 kWh battery has been replaced with a 42.2 kWh. / 120ah pack. The i3 can now travel 180 miles on electric and 85 miles gas for a total of 265 miles. Should you run low on battery, the I3 RX version includes a gas powered range extender using a de-tuned BMW 650 motorcycle gas engine. So if you're going on a long trip you can either fuel up with gas or stop at a number of Walmart's new network of super chargers which can charge the i3 battery to 80% in 20-30 min. http://www.rotory.com/bmw/images/ohio2.jpg Since we’ve been back the temperatures have been getting down to 25-35 degrees at night. Thanks to special venting I incorporated to circulate air from the trunk to the coaches interior, the 350 watt lithium heater in the rear trunk keeps the entire coach at around 45 degrees, eliminating a need for winterizing. In the image below you can see the open area on the firewall where it vents to the coach. Regards - Mike Here's the link to the RV Lithium Upgrade video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyAAxNqKCOg&feature=youtu.be
Idle-Up 01/05/20 09:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: In-Depth RV Lithium Install & Wiring Film - Mike Mas

For those who are planning a lithium installation using Lithionics Deluxe BMS, you’ll be happy to know their BMS is comparable and talks to any RV-C protocol display system. I provided some information below regarding the handshake. Enjoy - Mike http://www.rotory.com/transit/images/rvc.jpg
Idle-Up 12/06/19 11:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: In-Depth RV Lithium Install & Wiring Film - Mike Mas

Hey guys - Just wanted to update the thread concerning my operation of the heating system. Last week my coach was exposed to temperatures of 14 degrees, yet the heater kept the battery and BMS temperature and compartment right at 41 degrees. Lithium battery manufactures recommend that lithium not be stored in extreme lower temperatures. The heater is primarily designed for when the coach is parked to prevent the BMS from shutting down the 12 volt power system, allowing the battery to be charged in colder weather where otherwise it would not be possible. This heater system serves a few other purposes since I store some of my drones and their lithium batteries in this same compartment. It’s important to keep the drones IMU and lithium batteries within proper temperatures as well. The heaters secondary use is for traveling in cold weather where the battery that powers the RV and heater circuit is charged by the engine alternator. Thanks Mike http://www.rotory.com/transit/b+/heater.jpg http://www.rotory.com/transit/b+/heater2.jpg
Idle-Up 11/17/19 04:52pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: In-Depth RV Lithium Install & Wiring Film - Mike Mas

Steve, You're right any constant draw will bring down almost any battery. Seems the one best option is my dis-connect at the entrance door. On my Newmar I I had to put a total disconnect right on the batteries since the Silverleaf continues to draw the battery down. Mike
Idle-Up 11/10/19 04:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: In-Depth RV Lithium Install & Wiring Film - Mike Mas

I installed 200 ah of lithium lifepo4 batteries in my small battery box in my 1997 Xplorer 230XL (classB) in early July. Then I fractured my hip & have been diagnosed w stage 1 multiple myeloma, a blood cancer. I had a partial hip replacement & am still recovering, was in the hosptial & rehab 3+ weeks. My Trimetric showed the batteries were almost totally discharged. Plugged the van in to shore power & it has been recharging slowly. The PD charger people told me to charge it full I should manually push in the boost button for lithium batteries. I have not been able to climb into the rv let alone reach down neaar the floor where the charger boost button is. The state of charge on the Trimetric shows 67% SOC with a little charging ongoing. So I think I'm OK with the batteries and it may be best to just leave it plugged in with the slow charging as the batt mfrs said it's best to store them near 50% SOC. Any thoughts on this? First I'm so sorry to hear your terrible chain of health events, if your storing the coach, its best not to store the battery with a full charge. In fact 65% is a perfect state to store the battery. Do not leave the charger on unattended. there is only around a 3% loss per month with lithium. I sure wish you luck with your health. Regards - Mike
Idle-Up 10/31/19 01:53pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: In-Depth RV Lithium Install & Wiring Film - Mike Mas

Thanks for the reply's guys - It really will change the way you use your RV. Regretfully Lithium is not cheap, but if you're considering keeping your RV it makes a good investment. ksg5000 I'm not sure what you mean by a commercial, I have no connection or received any payment from any of these companies. I'm an independent RV owner and only went through the massive amount of time to do the video to help other owners. Besides companies like Xantrex is a Icon in our industry and surely does not need my video to sell their products. Regards- Mike
Idle-Up 10/29/19 12:54pm Class A Motorhomes
In-Depth RV Lithium Install & Wiring Film - Mike Mas

In-Depth RV Lithium Install & Wiring Film - Mike Mas Hello RV Owners, With all the excitement and activity regarding the integration of Lithium Batteries to RV’s, Linda and I decided document our own independent installation and share it with other RV owners who might be considering a lithium upgrade to their coach. While there are many different levels of installations, our film shows a total conversion from flooded batteries, to a state of the art advanced lithium system. The film includes an overview of 12 & 110 volt wiring. It also covers our five different charging sources and most important, having the right RV appliances with a lithium coach. This film is applicable to type; B, B+, C, or A motorhomes. A few of the key components are a pair of Lithionics Battery 400ah lithium packs (800AH) providing over 10 kilowatts of lithium power. The packs are regulated by a Lithionics advanced Bluetooth BMS module. The secondary component is Xantrex’s Freedom 3012, 3 kw inverter, with its 150 amp lithium protocol charger, SCP panel and Combox wireless system, connected to our MoFi 4500G 4G cell router, allowing monitoring and making changes to the system from any location. The system also includes a Mastervolt’s Charge Mate Pro for charging from the stock Transit alternator, and Victon’s solar controller and 400 watts of roof panels. The film also includes installation of a Ring 4G alarm system with cameras and a lithium heating system. Enjoy - Mike Mas YouTube Video http://www.rotory.com/rvvolt/images/L99.jpg height=640
Idle-Up 10/28/19 12:11pm Class A Motorhomes
Midwest Designs Sprinter 4x4 In-Depth Review - Mike Mas

Hello all - For the past few months, I have been compiling my In-depth review of my Midwest Automotive Designs 4x4 “Patriot”. This type B offering provides a classy looking conversion which doubles as a RV when needed. One of the main reasons I choose the Midwest conversion is because unlike some other builders, they retain a stock "Panel Van" look on the exterior. I use my Midwest coach for play and work as well as for occasional traveling for business. Motels are now a thing of the past, no longer do I have leave my vehicle in a motel parking lot with my valuables and try to sleep in a motel room. I’ll also be documenting a Lithium Upgrade for both this Midwest coach and my Leisure Travel “Wonder” Type C. By doing the upgrade myself, I’ll be able to retain my propane generator, as well as carry an extra 15-19 gallons of extra propane fuel for a total of around 40 gallons for off the grid use. Another major benefit is, I’ll have a "4th Power Source” consisting of 110v grid power, engine alternator, lithium or generator. I'll equip these coaches with a Xantrex E-Gen 600 ah pack, battery control module and a Xantrex 3012 inverter charger. The system should run the roof top AC for 6-8 hours on just the lithium battery, making it ideal for parking next to other campers, state parks, etc. I'll put up a link on this forum when it's completed. Enjoy Link to Review: Midwest 4x4 Conversion In-Depth Review Mike Mas www.Rotory.com
Idle-Up 05/07/19 07:03pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
Lithium & 2nd Alternators Verses Onan Generators - Mike Mas

Greetings - I have a great In-Depth RV article on the integration of Lithium Batteries and 2nd Alternators in our RV’s and how they stack up compared to our Onan generators. Aside from talking about lithium batteries, we’ll discuss diesel engines and how temperature affects the engines oil shear abilities and viscosity. I’ll also cover cold weather idling which causes “Wet Stacking”. We’ll also look at the many advantages of lithium over flooded or AGM packs, where just one 600 amp/hr lithium battery about the size of one 8D battery, can operate our RV’s roof top AC (50% cycle), lights and TV for 6-8 hours on just one charge. There is also major weight and space saving advantages with lithium, where the same 600 amp/hr lithium battery weighing just 150 lbs. can replaces 4-5 flooded D size batteries, weighing 500-650 lbs, or 2-4 AGM D batteries for weight saving of 300-600 lbs. This is big news when considering some smaller RV’s like type B’s have limited space and weight carrying capabilities. We’ll also compare how an RV equipped with lithium batteries and 2nd alternator stacks up to a RV with just one 8D AGM battery a few solar panels and propane generator. I guarantee you’ll be surprised when you find out the Onan generator RV, actually provides more “off the grid” time than a lithium powered coach. Most important, we’ll also look at the damaging effects of extended idling to a diesel engine, turbo and diesel particulate filter. We’ll also talk about how cold weather and hot temperature idling has a major effect on the Sprinter’s engine. We’ll also look at other RV applications where lithium companies are taking out big 10kw diesel generators from 45’ Type A’ coaches and equipping them with massive lithium 136 KW packs using three inverters to run the coach. I’ll also provide information on companies and vendors so owners looking to upgrade their existing coach, can consider if lithium will be part of their future in RV’s. Please click on the link below for the Story http://www.rotory.com/sprinter/lithium/ Enjoy - Mike Mas
Idle-Up 04/04/19 01:08pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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