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RE: Hooking up backup camera in 1984 Vanguard

What troubleshooting have you done already? Is the camera actually getting power? Ditto for the transmitter? Is the monitor powering up? If multiple video settings on monitor, are you sure its on the right wireless one? So how far have you gotten?
ItsyRV 08/23/19 05:09pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Roof Repair - Lance Aluminum Roof

In addition to the insulating effect, here's another advantage to using a High Solid 100% Silicone roof coating (regardless of manufacture). Should you get a rip, puncture or slice in the roofing materiel, you can make a fully bonded repair by just applying any 100% High Solid Silicone materiel to the damaged area. No need to play with sealing tapes or lap sealant. Just clean and squirt the designated caulking into the damage area; smooth and level with anything flat, and let dry. It will bond into the existing silicon roof to form a seamless repair. Usually only the color difference will give it away.
ItsyRV 08/23/19 04:55pm Truck Campers
RE: Yipping little dogs!! Ugh!!

There is no need to speak with the person as I'm sure they know fully well their yappy dogs are an annoyance. Go right to whomever is incharge and complain. Let's be real here, does anyone really think the owners don't know or haven't been told before their dogs are a nuisance? Odds are they just don't care!
ItsyRV 08/14/19 09:34am RV Pet Stop
RE: Ways to Save on Fuel at Pilot Flying J

You need to swipe your credit card first. It then asks for your loyalty card. We just follow the pump instructions. Swipe our VISA CC, then our GoodSam card. Yep, that's what the pump says to do; swipe your payment card first followed by the GS card. But seems many get it wrong.
ItsyRV 08/14/19 09:29am Good Sam Club
RE: Tax me

After years of not getting taxed from Camping World,they taxed me. I dont have a camping world or Gander Mountian so i should not get taxed Why not? Pennsylvania passed the Marketplace Sales Act and has been collecting taxes from online retailers since April 2018. Online retailers without a presence in the state who reach a sales level within the state must charge, collect and remit sales tax to the state. This is not new news.
ItsyRV 08/06/19 01:47pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: Closet/shelf suggestions

I went to Lowes and in their closet organizing section found some drawer baskets type units that had the right depth and width. Bought the corresponding snap in sliding brackets and just attached them to the existing RV shelves. Because these units are modular, you pick the size and brackets to meet your need. You can get full extension brackets or shorter half slides. They even had drop down brackets that let you slide a basket/drawer on the top so it extends and drops down to a lower level to access whats inside. Baskets or draws came in wood, plastic, laminate metal, etc., in all sorts of sizes.
ItsyRV 08/06/19 12:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Bad city connection check valve cause low water pressure?

If the city water inlet is connected to a flexible hose/tube inside, it's a remote possibility the hose/tube somehow got kinked and is restricting flow.
ItsyRV 08/04/19 07:31pm Tech Issues
RE: Another Rear End Accident Story

It is my understanding that you can file a Loss of Use claim for any monetary damages you suffer while your covered units are not usable. Now this is where I found out it gets tricky! Once they settle your claim, all financial loses after that date are on you. The theory is you were made whole and can go out and immediately buy another unit and still use your reservations and storage space. So you claim would probably only be for the period from the day of the accident until they settled and paid you.
ItsyRV 08/04/19 07:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: What's it look like under there?

As all the others said, most likely it's inside the RV. Could be under a couch, dinette seat, bed, cabinet....
ItsyRV 07/29/19 03:41pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Kwikee Electric Step Problem

If you remove the 4 screws holding the metal motor cover to the plastic housing, you can slide out the motor. Make sure you mark the position in relationship to the plastic and metal pieces as they are often reinstalled backwards causing the retracting when door is open and extending when door is closed. A clean cloth and solvent will remove the gunk buildup on the worm gear exposing it for inspection. A good cleaning, re-lubricating and Proper reassembly often solves many ills on those steps. Now a word of caution, depending on your unit, you may have to pay particular attention to the reassembly where the two spring loaded guides (brush) on the shaft are in the proper position. This is a common cause of steps not opening or closing. The the guide will hug the shaft and move in and out opposite each other to ensure the motor remains in a specific working position while spinning freely when working. However a good jolt or other forces can cause just enough of a gap between those two guides on one side for the entire motor to jump put of alignment and not spin freely. So pay attention and make sure it can spin before remounting. I found on my unit that a small rubber bumper epoxy to the end cap area of the metal housing was enough to keep the magnets from moving the motor when the guides hiccuped and allowed enough of a gap to no longer hold the shaft in the exact position needed to have the steps move in and out. So, you'll be surprised how much a cleaning and greasing/lubricating can restore full function to those steps.
ItsyRV 07/27/19 11:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Leaky waterhose

There are two spot for common leaks. The first is the threaded connection to another threaded connection. The second is where the hose itself meets up with the metal/plastic end connector. The solution is based on which point has the leak.
ItsyRV 07/11/19 09:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: slow drain of freshwater tank

If this is just a straight full gravity drain, you can try and shoot some water from a hose backwards into the line. Maybe even a shot of compressed air. There are commercial fresh water tank cleaners that uses relatively safe compounds to remove algae and sludge from the tank and lines.
ItsyRV 07/10/19 02:51pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Air conditioner shroud

First look through all your paperwork to see if there is any manufactures build sheet that identify the actual AC unit installed. Sometimes the sheet is attached to the inside of a cabinet or door, so look around. If that fails, you can always go to the unit and remove the shroud. On the AC unit is an identification plate with all the info for that unit (make, model, amps, etc.). I strongly suggest if you reach this point to take a picture of that plate and keep it for future reference. As for where to get a replacement, just about any RV supply house or center can get a generic, general or specific shroud to replace the one you have. many generic and general shrouds are designed to fit multiple models across several manufactures. Before ordering the shroud, make sure you understand the installation as different shrouds can use different methods. Some may be identified as fitting your unit but with a bit of research it could show that some slight alterations need to be made to fit exactly. And you always have the option of taking it into a place and have them look and make recommendations. They may have several shrouds and can tell you which is easy for you to install yourself or if modifications can be a bear. It doesn't hurt to at least get a quote.
ItsyRV 07/10/19 02:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Cable TV surge protection

Do most folks use an in-line surge protector on their cable tv coax cable? If so, where are you connecting it to ground? I made mine using a standard coax cable in-line surge protector. It hooks up to the campground's cable connection using the attached 6" coax cable with a standard coax cable hooking to the other end. I had attached a short 18" bonding cable with an alligator clip to the ground screw. The alligator clip just attaches to the electric or water ground clamp at your spot. The coax cable surge protector (not to be mistaken for a ordinary grounding connector) was about $25 and the bonding cable was $5 from a welder who didn't need it.
ItsyRV 06/17/19 07:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Fuel economy and additives

WOW. an RV full of info. would moving up the octane to 89 help or would that just add more cost for 50 gal. I am using 87. Your engine was designed to perform best at a certain octane. Using a higher octane doesn't improve anything. Read the owner's manual and use the octane rating they state. Using a lower octane could cause engine damage.
ItsyRV 06/12/19 10:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fuel economy and additives

I fully agree with rgatijnet1 that additives mostly just clean the fuel system and a cleaner fuel system can improve gas mileage, but not so much it will be that noticeable. However, too much of some fuel additives will have the opposite effect of lowering gas mileage until the excess amount is used up. The only additive that will improve engine performance immediately is octane booster but only if you're using a lower octane than the engine requires. If the engine calls for 92 octane and you're using 89, octane booster will help. But if the engine calls for 89 and you're using 89, octane booster won;t do anything and may do harm not good.
ItsyRV 06/12/19 08:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: AZ to NV, UT, ID, WY, CO and NM

Before Grand Junction, you may want to consider exploring the Dinosaur Scenic Byway through Colorado and Utah, hitting Vernal (KOA if you desire) as the next stop. I would next continue on the loop back around to Moab (again another KOA). From Moab you can head east to Grand Junction, down to Cortez or Grants (both have KOAs). From there I would try and make a drive through (if not done already) of Painted/Petrified before heading over to Meteor Crater. (Don't forget to go standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona.....)
ItsyRV 06/11/19 11:22pm Roads and Routes
RE: 86 between Ajo and Tucson AZ

Its a decent route for RV's looking to avoid the 8 & 10 to get to Tucson. Just a small maintained road with not much to see or do.
ItsyRV 06/04/19 10:15am Roads and Routes
RE: Glo-Brite Lens 122R

Contact an RV salvage yard as they may be your best bet for lenses. I know the one by me has bins of lenses and lens/base combos. I also think they ship parts (your expense) anywhere.
ItsyRV 06/03/19 04:57pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: $$$ to maintain and repair?

I have never had a problem finding a part (except original decals) for my Winnebago and it's over 25 years old. If the Winnebago dealer doesn't have it they can usually special order it. Most times the reason parts can't be found using the original part number is because the part was updated and even though it still fits your specific coach, the part number will be different. A dealer with smart people in the parts dept can easily look up the cross reference on their system and find out what new part number will work. You also have Winnebagoparts.com outside Forest City Iowa that I;m told buys up dealer excess or aged away inventory. You would not belive the obsolete parts they have available (original decals also). Since they have a whole lot of stuff, calling them is the best option. They are not Winnebago so sometime people get confuse and think they are just another dealer so they don't check with them. And, if your lucky to be in an area with a regional RV salvage/insurance yard, you can pick parts off their yard stock or shop inside for what they already pulled for resale. The local one by me always seem to have things and they tend to know what parts work with what. You do have to be quick as many RV repair places love to yank used parts from insurance totaled RV's and bill for new. Seems they get RV's in almost every day and Winnebago's are common with many newer upgraded parts already on them. So, there really isn't a reason not to have access to parts and often it's just a matter of knowing what "part" you need, not so much the original part number.
ItsyRV 06/03/19 04:47pm Class C Motorhomes
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