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RE: Brake parts for 1994 winnie minnie

Are yo sure it's a Mini-Winnie and not a Sundancer? That model# is assigned to the Itasca line made by Winnebago and not the Winnebago Mini-Winnie line.
ItsyRV 03/09/21 10:40pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: campground reservations

What part of Arizona? AZ has vast weather swings based on location. Phoenix could be 115 while Flagstaff is only 75. You could have a nightly temperature in Tucson of 95 while Williams is 45. A fifty plus degree difference based on location is to be expected and is why "where" in AZ is an important discussion item.
ItsyRV 03/01/21 11:05pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Indio, CA or Yuma, AZ Casino parking

If you're a guest of the hotel, you can park your RV overnight at the casino. If you're a participating customer of the casino, you can park while playing. But, if you're just using it as a free campground, that section was closed.
ItsyRV 03/01/21 10:44pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: CC&R dated 1973 says no RVs, trailers, boats can be stored

After speaking with the code enforcement division, and the city planner, there is no CITY code I would be violating at this particular residence, parking the dutchstar the way I have indicated, which is, on the concrete pad that is to the left of the house along the side of the property and behind the gate. You're confusing two issues. Most municipalities do not enforce CC&R's. What you need from local codes isn't about enforcement but the definition of "parking" and "storage". Like AZ, NM also uses the "common meaning as defined by local authority". Even if the city or county has no rules on the RV, their definition of parking and storage would apply to the CC&Rs absent any specific wording in the CC&Rs. The 1973 CC&R document has not been updated since 1975 and indicates that it lasts 20 years. In which at that time "Auto renews" for 10 year successions unless there is a vote by the land owners to discontinue the CC&Rs or a portion of it. So, by that definition, the CC&R's are still valid, but there is no forum held to discuss the continuance or discontinuance of the rules or any part of the rules. You're again confusing two issues. The CC&R are valid and enforceable per NMS Chapter 47. Absent any wording in the CC&R as to the abolishing or amending the CC&R, it resorts to the property owners to obtain a court acceptable agreement to eliminate or change the CC&R. Just because it's not written in the CC&R doesn't mean they can't be enforced through a private lawsuits. Any property owner can sue any other property owner for violating the CC&R. Based on NM case law, unless the the violation is against good public order, the courts generally uphold the CC&Rs. You can't change the rules because there is no forum held to update/change/delete any of the rules, so they just kinda go on and on. Yes you can. NM Statutes say you have to obtain an agreement by the majority of property owners to change the CC&R if there is nothing in the document establishing a formal mechanism. A property owner opposed to the change can sue you and it would require a Judge to review the agreement and if the majority agreed to the change, it's changed. The process and procedures is a bit sketchy but there is ample cases in NM on this and your lawyer should be able to walk you through the process. If there have been repeated, continuous and open violations with no enfacement, it appears that will go greatly in your favor if you sue to abolish or are sued to enforce the restriction. The easiest seems to come down to someone writing a formal document that the the majority agrees on and it survives any opposing court challenge.
ItsyRV 02/23/21 11:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Heavy Duty leveling block suggestions

I use the HD FasTen Blocks for Dual Wheels. They are larger than the standard ones so they can spread out the load on the ground. I have used them as a emergency frame jack stand when fixing my RV on the side of the road. They are super easy to go from a block to a ramp. I have used them for traction boards when needing to get out of snow, mud or sand. When not being used for leveling, they make a great campsite ottoman. You can even use them as a chocks. The down side is they have been known to fracture when placed on very uneven ground and weight has been applied to a spot over a void. I have also seen them crack when larger heavy RV's use them as traction boards. Because of their larger size, you have a higher chance of having voids under them when used for static purposes. But likewise, on soft ground, the large size means more stability (honeycomb design) as they form into the soft material making their own level surface.
ItsyRV 02/22/21 01:54pm Toy Haulers
RE: CC&R dated 1973 says no RVs, trailers, boats can be stored

KMB, they way ti works in AZ is the CC&R's are enforceable by private lawsuit if there is no HOA. Any property owner in that sub-division can sue you to enforce the CC&R. It will be up to a Judge to decide if the CC&R will be enforced as written, enforced with modifications, will not be enforced as it goes against public policy, or not enforced as it's been abandoned due to no prior enforcement of violation. as for the dissolution of the CC&R, there usually is a mechanism in the CC&R that is also done via a private action lawsuit. It may not actual be in a section for dumping the entire CC&Rs but it may be under a section about modernizing or updating the CC&Rs. In the absence of any specific wording in the CC&Rs about duration, it defaults under AZ law to municipal regulations. You need to find out what definition the municipality (town, city, county) has in their ordnances on issues of duration (not to be confused with where it applies on the property but only the definition of duration for "parked" or "stored") if not spelled out in the CC&R's. You will find that many of those older CC&R's are still legal simply because nobody ever decided to take action to dissolve them. Sadly, attempting to get rid of them could backfire and result in people suing each other to enforce them.
ItsyRV 02/22/21 01:36pm General RVing Issues

Will check them, I know I replaced them about 3 years ago but like I say the sun out here and 120 deg, temps destroys everything...put solar street lights on the house back in may and by aug they were all destroyed, one even fell off the mounting pole when the sun just made the plastic housing so brittle that it just fell off... ty and when you do find and fix the leak, make sure you are coating all the exposed non metallic parts for UV protection. You can use 303 as a general coating that works good on everything or something like TriNova that is excellent for rubber type parts. Unlike hard plastics, the flex parts need that extra protection to keep them from getting brittle and stay flexible.
ItsyRV 02/13/21 08:22am Tech Issues
RE: Light Japanese Trucks used as Tow Vehicles here

Yeah, when Isuzu calls it "light", they are talking light in their commercial lineup. Here's the US GM version of the same vehicle and we would never call them "Light US Trucks". Chevrolet LCF Cab-Over
ItsyRV 02/13/21 08:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ladder rung end plastic insert

I go to the RV salvage yard and they usually have a bin full of exterior and exterior ladder end caps of various types. They may also be able to tell you what hack is available if unable to find an exact match. They average about $5 each out of the bin (not reconditioned and you match it up) or $10 if bagged (cleaned and labeled).
ItsyRV 02/10/21 08:55am Tech Issues
RE: AZ hwy 88

As Janss linked, check the Open/Close status prior to any trip for the road section you plan to travel as various things can cause a closure. The paved section is doable in a large RV so long as you're aware that some section may require you to take up the whole width due to turns. As for the unpaved sections, it's mostly doable but common for RV's (any tall vehicle) heading to Roosevelt Lake from AJ to get up and personal with the rockface from time to time. And if rutted, you're in for a jolting ride. Prior to the fire, it wasn't uncommon to find souvenirs from RVs along the rockface or even articles that were shaken loose from an RV. Also, along some stretches, the cliff side has no room to pull over so those on the rockside are expected to yield to them. That adds to the chances of scrapping the rocks in narrow lanes and turns. I would say, once passed the towers (Fish and Game) and certainly ADOT, you may want to consider turning around even if the road is open.
ItsyRV 02/09/21 05:53pm Roads and Routes
RE: Camping near water in AZ

Lake, river, running wash or wastewater retention/recharge? Also, full hookups, partial, nothing? Paradise Lake. 10 minutes from North Phoenix. Paradise Lake is south of Phoenix in AZC, did you mean Lake Pleasant?
ItsyRV 02/07/21 04:05pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Indian Tribal road closure of federal highways ????

Indians can't close Federal highways, they don't own those. Not entirely true. They can not close an Interstate, but they can close Interstate entry/exit points on their land for health and safety reasons so long as it's not a connection to another Interstate or barred by agreement. They also have the right to close or restrict travel on any road on their land if it's specifically for health and safety reasons. In many states, such as Arizona, the nations have agreements in place to keep most roads open for thru travel. Odds are you will be able to travel along those roads if going through a tribal community, just access off that road may be restricted. Most secondary native roads can be closed by the nation as they see fit, be it labels as a state or county numerical road.
ItsyRV 02/05/21 07:03pm Roads and Routes
RE: Dishes for RV

So CampinHappy, as you can see, on the question of non disposable dish sets, (I believe that was what you were asking about) Corelle is the standout favorite.
ItsyRV 02/04/21 11:58am Beginning RVing
RE: Apache Junction, AZ to El Paso, TX

Depends on what you want to accomplish during the trip. If it's the fastest time with the least aggravation and lesser of everything but sightseeing, you can't beat the 202 to the 10 to El Paso. If you negotiated Main Street in Mesa/AJ, I10 through Tucson is a cake walk in an RV so don't let that discourage you. It will come down to the time you have to spend enroute. As a side note, the trip from Main and Signal Butte to Wild Horse exit at I10 was only 30 minutes. That same time won't even get you to the 60/79 turnoff. And if there some slow poke RVer in from of you on 60, (or any of those back roads) you may want to plan an overnight before El Paso.
ItsyRV 02/04/21 11:53am Roads and Routes
RE: Dump Station Etiquette???

Most folks in line don't natter, so long as you keep moving ahead with the job. Standing around looking at your navel will irritate the next guy. Yep, that is my trigger. Just be ready to do the deed when it's your turn. I could care less if you spend some extra minutes on a quick rinse, just keep moving and not be some slow sloth with a 10 minute grandpa hose coupling routine combined with a repacking as if shipping delicate china to the moon!
ItsyRV 02/02/21 09:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: Nomad Internet experience

Like many of these new style cellular based warless internet plans, the quality is only as good as the network your on at the location your at. If you pick a plan based on Big Red's network, if the Big Red brand name service sucks, so will your service. Likewise if Big Blue has lousy reception in an area with their own named service, your service will also be lousy if on the plan based upon Big Blue's network. So, the real question has to be what about the plan/price options (forget reception as that's carrier/location dependent) steers you towards this service? Also, what is it about your old service that makes you want to switch?
ItsyRV 02/02/21 09:11pm Full-time RVing
RE: Dishes for RV

I second Corelle. Never had any issues in or out of the RV using them for pretty much everything you listed. The only negative is finding the initial set you like and any additional pieces afterwards. It's not uncommon for a style to go dormant for a while before magically reappearing and widely available. So, when you find a design you like, grab it and grab extras just in case they go "out of stock" for awhile. ;)
ItsyRV 02/02/21 08:15pm Beginning RVing
RE: Filling large propane tank on the road

Should I worry about 96% fill on tank? Depends, how accurate is your gauge? On my RV when it's 80% capacity the gauge on the tank shows full and the gauge inside shows full (although it's just a guestimate bar display).
ItsyRV 01/26/21 10:35pm Beginning RVing
RE: St. Mary’s Glacier NP inconsistent dimensions??

Different campgrounds use slightly different definitions, but overall, I belive it means: The Site Length is the length of the spot you are using. Basically, it's the private use spot assigned to you. Driveway Length is the length of the driveway from the campground road to your actual camping site. You may be the only site on that driveway or it could be a shared driveway with another site. The driveway may not be level or straight. Generally the driveway is for access to the site but not part of your private site. Maximum Vehicle Length can be the maximum length of the combined RV set up or the maximum length of any single piece that the campground sets based on what can negotiate the campground, the driveway or the actual spot. It may be because of a turn or narrow roads, or tight squeeze, etc. You need to verify with the campground their definition of this.
ItsyRV 01/17/21 10:41pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 13'5" clearance

There may be a fudge factor of a couple inches depending on the overpass. Some places the posted clearance could be 6 inches lower than actual height while others could just be 1 inch off. Now, I'm sure you know this but the height listed may not be the actual height when attached to your vehicle. Always verify the actual true height when hooked up unloaded.
ItsyRV 01/14/21 07:18pm Toy Haulers
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