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RE: RV registration in SD

Here I begin the debate. We have been legal residents of SD while full timing. We have now bought a home in AZ. Can we continue to register our motorhome in South Dakota once we get new drivers' licenses in AZ? Thanks. You can continue registering the RV in SD but that would not exempt you from legally being required to register it in AZ. Once you obtained the AZ operators license, you became a resident of the state. As a resident, the ARS require you register all motor vehicles with AZ. There are some exception but wouldn't apply in this case. As for enforcement, unless pulled over between October through April, odds are LEO's or DOT Enforcement wouldn't be looking for violators (too many snowbirds). But come the "summer" months, DOT is more likely to be out crosschecking registrations and drivers licenses on-the-fly to see if they have a violator. Just to add; A state may allow you to register a vehicle in that state based on their regulations, but that doesn't mean it negates another state's registration requirements for residents. You may have been reading about the Montana crackdown and that's causing lots of hurt to many when caught.
ItsyRV 08/10/22 07:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Holiday Rambler 2006 shower plumbing leak

Every plumbing project requires 3 trips to Lowes. Never had that happen; go to Lowes once and get what I think I may need. Next I wait for all the retired neighbors to come over and help. By the end of the day, nothing got done, the system is in worst shape, parts all over the place, everyone ran home and I'm on the phone to the mobile RV tech. Still only one trip to Lowes.
ItsyRV 08/09/22 11:41am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Its great to compare/contrast similar C's...

My floorplan was introduced in the mid 1970's (1979 first used my manufacture) and ran continuously by the industry until about 2005 (discontinued by my manufacture in 2002) with what appears to be only different choices in material/fabric and the graphics changed outside. I'm sure they updated the mechanics and such, but to the eye, the layout did not change at all. Even today the new Gulfstream BT Cruiser 5210 uses the same floorplan. I guess when they find a layout that works, they are hard pressed to mess with it.
ItsyRV 08/09/22 11:32am Class C Motorhomes
RE: RV parking in Bardstown, KY

As for the "downtown" area, if you go a few blocks away from the main streets, you'll see street parking that isn't in marked spaces. If you don't park directly in front of someone's house or business (think street parking along a large open area), you shouldn't have any concerns. Just pay attention to the signs. As mentioned, the schools and government building has parking. But, again, pay attention to the signs as some are technically closed when the offices or school is closed. As for the distilleries, most have ample parking that can accommodate an RV.
ItsyRV 08/09/22 08:53am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Looking for quick overnight near Richmond VA

The only open to the public CG I stayed at in that area was the KOA just south of Fredericksburg. Prices tend to vary so can't say if it's still affordable. If you have authorization to use MWR/FamCamps, due to the high number of defense operations in the area, there are many MWR/FamCamps all up and down I95 area.
ItsyRV 08/05/22 06:50pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Month/Year of Mfr

Look on the wall beside the drivers seat. Ask to see the Manufactures Statement of Origin {MSO}. But if it's only a second stage MSO wouldn't that have only the completed coaches' build date, not the chassis date? Many first stage incompletes MSO's are replaced with a second stage MSO for finial builds. If the final build MSO didn't carry over the chassis build date (not required) all the second stage is mandated to carry over is the VIN which just decodes the "year".
ItsyRV 07/07/22 07:26pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Self adhesive shower grab bar needed

Since the "glass lifter" suction cup grab bars are not ADA compliant, adhesive ones would be even less so. Your options is to figure out how to attach an adhesive pad to regular grab bars or modify a towel bar with adhesive pads. If going wall to wall, you can cut down a shower rod that is pressers attached and just replace the foam pad with an adhesive pad. Just know, none of these replaces a real ADA grab bar and nothing says they will even work when needed, but it's the only option.
ItsyRV 06/07/22 05:13am Tech Issues
RE: How long has your AC run ?

Mine is on a motorhome. The date code shows 10/93 installed 02/94 on my RV. It's a Coleman TSR rotary. Still going strong, cools well and no leaks. Routine maintenance is the saving grace.
ItsyRV 06/05/22 07:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Delamination - Are we crazy?

To be clear, when I say fridge vent, I mean on the side, not the roof. Thanks The delam at the fridge side opening could be caused by a problem on the roof as it's basically a duct/conduit/chute from top to bottom.
ItsyRV 05/23/22 07:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: camping on TN public lands illegal and a felony???

Johnhicks, yes, it is now a federal case in the state of Colorado between a church (their private property) who brings in visiting ministers with their RVs (and have been doing this for years) versus the local municipality or county. The Pueblo CO case is dealing with the RLUIPA so it is limited to only the regulations on a religious organization. A favorable ruling for the ministry would not apply to a Walmart or Cracker Barrel.
ItsyRV 05/23/22 07:14pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Nearly impossible to get Class C Chassis serviced?

Although it's not a solution for the need a repair now scenario, but often you'll find a service location through advance scouting. That's what I needed to do with a move. I have no problems with the GM medium duty truck center servicing my old RV. But, due to parts and labor issues, coupled with more people keeping their older vehicles that need service, appointments can be a bit in the future. So, I went on a hunt to find a place. I first started asking other RV owners for suggestion. I spoke to the drivers of church, day cares and retirement villages small buses. I drove in areas where repair shops congregate and looked for similar vehicles being serviced. I visited some with a picture of the RV so they knew the size I'm talking about. Fortunately, it's been the size that has come to my benefit as it's in line with many of the mini buses or small box trucks they service. I think it also helped that the "technology" end of the vehicle was on the pre computerize everything side. I also found some have no issues with "jack stand" maintenance on the chassis but won't do lift work. Yes, it's a challenge, but it gives you a reason to get away from the house for a day.
ItsyRV 05/22/22 06:28am Beginning RVing
RE: Transferring Propane?

If there is NO LIQUID PROPANE INVOLVED, it IS easy and safe. But the OP wants to transfer the propane from one vessel to another. Unless they are going to try and fill a backyard full of cylinders with vapors or have a mega vapor tank, there no relatively safe and easy way to transfer liquid propane in its liquid state between vessels.
ItsyRV 05/22/22 06:12am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Cracked Propane fittings

The info is also wrong in that the recall notice was a batch release. It included other items not related to the gas issue. So, not all the manufactures mentioned had gas issues, some were cracked insulation on electrical wires or a mounting screw that could cause a part to come loose. This is borderline sensationalism reporting for the panic effects.
ItsyRV 05/18/22 02:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Water Pressure Regulator

I've used one of those brass non-adjustable (not even a gauge) regulators I picked up for about $15 or so bucks and it's worked forever with no problems. Never needed to adjust the pressure and wasn't that interested in what the pressure was so long as it was safe. I even have a few of those $8 plastic regulators in a baggie in case I need another one or run into someone who forget theirs on the last bib.
ItsyRV 05/16/22 07:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dentist in Mexico

If you have a dental plan, check with them first to see if they reimburse for care in Mexico. Some plans do provide coverage (reimbursement not direct bill) for care at select offices in Mexico providing the dental office properly completes the paperwork. I know someone who used Castle Dental in Los Algodones and the office completed the insurance paperwork and provided copies of the documents required. He submitted the paperwork to his US dental insurance, and they reimbursed him a sizable portion.
ItsyRV 05/16/22 07:40pm Snowbirds
RE: ez pass/toll pass placement on class A

Wait! License plate mounted on? what is that? I can use the window for now. Some states/providers offer what's called a Bumper/License plate mounted EZPass. It's basically a snickers size plastic unit that can be screwed to a bumper or a license plate. For most RV's with windshields that have no overhead obstruction, regular EZPass units work fine. For RV's with overhead obstructions, the windshield units may have issues. The amount and frequency of issues probably are not worth the added potential for the EZPass transponder to get stolen (held on by screws in plastic tabs that can easily be broken off) when out in the open. I have the exterior that is mounted up near the clearance lights. This gives me no obstruction (highest clearest area on my RV's front) and never had any issue with it being read. Never had a missed toll or red light since mounting it high and forward.
ItsyRV 05/12/22 02:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Black tank not draining!

If when you use the toilet, the drain appears full and when you open the sewer valve the flow is "solid-less" water, yep, the clog is between the toilet and the holding tank. You can add some commercial dissolver (RV tabs take too long) along with enough water to get it flowing through to the clog or use a mechanical device to break through the clog.
ItsyRV 05/10/22 11:20am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Brake lights don't work

Does the brake and turn signal using the same "filament" on your coach or are they independent? Here's where you can look up the wiring diagrams : 2004 Winnebago Wiring Diagrams (not sure which model you have)
ItsyRV 05/10/22 07:18am Tech Issues
RE: Replacement catalytic converter

I just ran your vehicle on the Air Resource Board's website and it returned over 3 pages of approved aftermarket Cats for your make, model and engine. All that would be needed to cull the list is the Test# off the sticker in your vehicle. With that, it's basically the approved shopping list as to what you are allowed to install. They also include a downloadable pdf of the EO for the specific item. Of course the proper paperwork would need to be completed when installed, but that's routine for installers. Sounds more like the issue is everyone is passing the buck. Ford doesn't want to service the RV even though they can at their commercial service facilities and your insurance company is blowing you off.
ItsyRV 04/29/22 07:14pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: 1983 Midas Kingston - free RV with a locked engine

No major damage to the inside. Unfortunately, major damage to an RV coach portion is often hidden.
ItsyRV 04/29/22 06:39pm Class C Motorhomes
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