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RE: What fuel do you run in your EcoBoost pickup? (not HO)

Late to the party here but I run premium in my Explorer Sport. I have no idea if it really makes a difference but it "feels" better when driving it when I do it. Husband runs mid-grade in his F-150 most of the time. We don't tow much with either vehicle though. Side note: Premium here in CO is 91....altitude etc.
JAC1982 05/21/19 10:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: Sorta 'Survey' - IKEA RV Stuff

Hmmm. A lot of our RV stuff was stuff that came from our previous homes (before we got together so we had duplicates), and some of that stuff was Ikea. But I don't remember which is which... a lot of kitchen stuff. I have a small cookie sheet from there that fits nicely in the little oven and also doubles as a tray. As already mentioned, dish towels. I use their dish towels in my house too (the white ones with blue stripes or red stripes). Clippy things to close up chip bags and bags. Ummm... maybe the bath mat is from there? Plastic storage containers. I think we have a little basic tool kit from there too. It's all normal stuff really and it all works fine for its intended use.
JAC1982 05/17/19 01:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Storing Your RV

One of the main reasons we moved to where we are now is so we can have our camper at home with us. It's so convenient to have it there. Like our first trip isn't for a month but we can just go out there this weekend to get the entire thing cleaned and ready to go, since we are busy every weekend after this until our trip. Also, we have to take it to the dealer to have a few things done to it before the trip, so having it right outside saves about an hour of time since we don't have to drive over to the storage place first. The only negative of having it at home is it's sitting outside in a very wide open space. The sun has really done a number on the sides that face west and south. We're spending a lot of money to get it looking nice again. We're also getting ready to build an outbuilding to put it in. But prior this house we had to use a storage facility since our old HOA didn't allow campers to be outside. For us, the important things were security and how easy it was to get the trailer in/out of the space (like was there enough room to swing out to back it in straight etc. The facility we ended up using had on-site managers, they lived in a house right next to the front gates. They were former full time RV-ers and at the time, we were new camper owners so they were helpful when we had questions... really nice people. Each "tenant" had their own code to get in and out of the gate and there were cameras. Also the facility was also used by trucking companies to store extra trailers etc. so they had nice wide aisles that were easy to get in and out of. They also had 12' high fencing around the entire thing. And, sounds silly, but they had a large population of feral cats running around which helped keep mice away from the trailers.
JAC1982 05/17/19 01:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Keyless locks

A neighbor of ours put in keypads where you have to enter a code. They work pretty well for him. He was tired of camping at the lake and going down to the beach, and then a kid deciding they HAD to have something out of the camper, so he'd have to dig out the keys and hope the kid didn't lose them or leave them in the camper. Now they can all come and go and just use a code on the door.
JAC1982 05/15/19 12:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: How to calculate the cost of RVing

These days, even a basic hotel that you won't get sick from is usually around $100/night. Cheapest one we've done in the past year was $85/night and that was a horrid Motel 6 in Laramie WY. The KOA there is $50/night but we figured since it was a quick trip for a concert it wasn't worth the extra gas money to haul our trailer up there for what amounted to about 12 hours. Most other trips where we can't take the camper we either do Air BnB to the tune of anywhere from $100-150/night, or hotels in the $125-150/night range. But as others have said, we don't have our camper to save money vs staying in hotels. There are no hotels in the places we like to take our camper. So for us, it's a hobby and a vacation home. For our annual cost for the trailer, we could not afford a vacation home anywhere near here except for maybe a time share in the mountains. And we can vacation somewhere different every year. But, if you're full-timing in one, I think you do save money over a sticks and bricks or living out of a hotel.
JAC1982 04/25/19 04:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Gas prices.

If we were worried about gas prices we wouldn't have bought the vehicles we own, or have the hobbies we have. It is what it is. It'll go up, it'll go down. And I put Premium in my Explorer and commute 40 minutes to work every day so I do feel the hit/benefits to the wallet. But if I was worried about gas prices, I would have bought a little car that gets 50mpg.
JAC1982 04/24/19 09:41am General RVing Issues
RE: FL to Yellowstone 10 weeks out west what to do?

What about heading down to Moab? It won't be too hot yet in May.
JAC1982 04/16/19 02:56pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Tacoma for an F150

Keep an eye out for a used F-150 to lessen the blow. We got a killer deal on our 2015 last fall. It is in perfect condition, someone just had it until the warranty was up then traded it in. But, we've been in your shoes before. When we bought our first TT toyhauler, we had a less than a year old 2013 F-150. We did a couple trips with it and felt unsafe so we ended up trading it in for an F-250 which made a world of difference. The good thing about lower mileage newer trucks, their trade in values are still pretty good, unlike cars. We've never had to trade in a truck that was underwater.
JAC1982 04/15/19 02:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What's the one thing that you have but hardly EVER use?

https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/31M5%2Bo%2BbIZL.jpg height=300 width=300 ^^^THIS^^^ "Mountain Pie" maker.. Yeah, DW insisted we had to have one, bought it, used it once in 15 yrs of camping and it made the absolute worst mess one could imagine and the "pies" were inedible burnt to a crisp on the edges and soggy in the middle.. Kind of reminds me, I think it is under the kitchen sink, might have to dispatch that piece of junk in the garbage when the DW isn't looking http://www.sherv.net/cm/emoticons/horror/scared-smiley-emoticon.gif.. Offset her book collecting (similar to the "rock" collecting in the movie The Long Long Trailer.. LOL I bought some of these, and we have yet to use them. I think I bought them 3 years ago. As for us, we've never once turned on the TV in the bedroom area. I've also never used the oven but that's usually because I cook outside. We also use the loft bed above the slider to the garage area to store a bunch of extra bedding that we haven't touched since we put it up there. But I figure if we ever need it, like if the heat goes out, we'll be glad it's up there.
JAC1982 04/12/19 04:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Longest Lasting Roof Vent Covers

So far our Fan-Tastic Fan vents have survived a few hail storms and a crazy blizzard we just had here. Not to mention the sun that beats down on it.
JAC1982 04/08/19 05:12pm Toy Haulers
RE: What to do about faded exterior

It's a gelcoat finish, correct? Not aluminum? Either way, rotary polisher and rubbing compound and then polishing compound to remove the oxidation. Or for a bit more than buying the polisher and supplies, have a detail shop cut and polish it, then cover it. If you do it yourself, I'd expect a 38' camper side to take 2 FULL days. Or you could hit it with the Zep floor polish for a temporary "fix." Correct, gel coat finish. I like your idea of just hiring someone to do it LOL!
JAC1982 04/02/19 10:56am General RVing Issues
RE: What to do about faded exterior

Try some polishing compound on a small spot. That will take off the oxidized paint. Then apply a good wax . If that works, you have a big job ahead. Thank you. And yes it would be a big job... 38'1" big. LOL!
JAC1982 04/01/19 01:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: What to do about faded exterior

I should add covers are hard where we are too... it's very windy a lot and I'm not sure if a cover would stay put. Maybe it would?
JAC1982 04/01/19 12:21pm General RVing Issues
What to do about faded exterior

Our camper is a dark gray color, and we park it outside for now (saving to build an outbuilding to put it in). It gets full sun all day, and we've noticed the side that faces south has faded quite a bit. It looks pretty bad, especially since it seems that anywhere there's something directly underneath the surface (like brackets to hold stuff inside), it has not faded. Is there anything we can do to help it look better? Our previous rig was white so we didn't notice issues like this. We loved the dark gray when we bought it, now we see why most campers are white :(
JAC1982 04/01/19 12:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best guess as to fuel mileage on these trucks

I didn't see if you mentioned it, but keep in mind the Eco-Boost really should get at least mid-grade, if not Premium gas. But your 19mpg number is about right for the F150 EB. You will probably even see a bit better than that on highway driving on a road trip. But towing... you'll get like 7 :)
JAC1982 04/01/19 10:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Made the Purchase....New to me 2009 Thor Tahoe 284SA!!

Gosh that must be a rare find in So Cal, to find a trailer that's never had dirt toys in it! Congrats!
JAC1982 04/01/19 10:05am Toy Haulers
RE: state park and federal park amenities

When we do longer boondocking trips, our black tank is more of a concern than running out of water... and I shower every day in the camper (I'm a lady :)). My husband will only do it every 2-3 days unless we've been out on a ride and are muddy. We can go about a week with the two of us and never run out of water, black water starts to be a concern around that point though. I will say we have a toyhauler and they normally have larger tanks than a typical travel trailer. Other things you can do to conserve water is stuff like use paper plates/plastic utensils so there's no dishes to wash, cook as much as you can outside on a firepit or grill so you aren't dirtying up too many cooking utensils too. Kids don't need to bathe every day. Brush your teeth outside using a bottle of water. Also, many of the campgrounds that do not have water at every site often will have bathroom facilities at least, and often showers too (bring quarters). Use those during the day and reserve your camper toilet for night time.
JAC1982 03/28/19 02:28pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Cheap camping in Colorado!

I'll gladly pay higher prices and make reservations if it means that the parks can stay open and remain well kept. Also, due to our size, we have to make reservations pretty much anywhere anyway. Last thing we want to do is show up somewhere and find there's nowhere we can fit. My dream one day is to have a small travel trailer or truck camper in addition to our current rig, just for local shorter trips so we can utilize more of the lovely places on fanrgs's blog.
JAC1982 03/26/19 01:46pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: New Ranger MPG

Who buys a truck of any kind to get good gas mileage? Gas mileage numbers are just estimates and they come up with them using optimal conditions... As for me, my Explorer averages right around what they give for combined city/highway, and I do more on the city side of driving.... around 19mpg. Crawls up to 22-23 when I'm on a road trip. I have a lead foot as well.
JAC1982 03/21/19 01:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: thru Denver?

For the first week of May you'll also want to keep an eye on the weather. I remember 2 years ago we went camping the first weekend in May. It was 80 degrees on Saturday. We left Sunday morning and 2 hours after we got home, it started rain/snowing with a lot of wind.Another thing about early May is that most of the NFS CG"s in CO aren't open yet. So private CG's are your best bet, but they get a little more crowded with fewer camping options. James Robb SP out in the Grand Junction area is open at that time and does take reservations. Fruita and Island Acres sections are both convenient to I-70. Island Acres is probably a little more noisy. Rifle Gap and Rifle Falls SP's north of Rifle are also open but a few miles off the highway. Rifle Falls would be my pick there. But there are a limited number of sites that will take longer rigs. We've stayed at Island Acres, it is noisy in some spots. We stayed on a spot by the river that had our trailer between us and the south side (where the road is) and the water noise helped drown out the road noise, but you still didn't really feel like you were in the middle of nowhere camping. It's fine for a quick overnight stop though, and easy in/out. There is also an RV park across the street from the state park in Fruita, I think it's called Monument RV Park, we've stayed there too for an overnight. It's the typical RV park.... everyone sandwiched together, but has full hookups and is well maintained. It's perfect for an overnight stay while passing through if the state park is not available. The Mexican restaurant near there is very good.
JAC1982 03/19/19 01:43pm Roads and Routes
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