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RE: Wonder if truck makers will start making 10001 # 1/2 tons.

I'm a big ol' liberal and even I can recognize that electric vehicles, as things stand now, are not practical for everyone. The initial cost is one thing. But the infrastructure to support them is another. I think of families who live in large apartment complexes or buildings. Where would they all charge their vehicles? Who is going to pay for the charging units to be installed in these places? Who will be maintaining them? Will the apartments charge the tenants to use them? What about at large employers like warehouses or factories, is the employer going to pay to install 100 charging stations for employees to use? As for the cost, even for non-electric cars, it's difficult to find a brand new car that is sub-20k anymore. Especially for a family with more than 2 kids. And the long term reliability of the current electric vehicles is still too much of an unknown to make the used market super viable, whereas a lower income family can probably find a mostly-reliable used gas vehicle. I have a friend with a Tesla. He likes to take road trips where he just wanders around to explore. He's limited to where he can go now because of the need for charging the car. He has acknowledged that buying the Tesla probably wasn't the best idea for him and his hobby. I have another friend who would love to have one, but to install a charging station at her house would be quite costly (she does not have electric at all where they park their vehicles at their house). Might work out in the long run vs the cost of gas, but it's a big up front expense. Now, some of this will probably be figured out in 10 years... but there's still a long way to go to make them viable for the vast majority of the population.
JAC1982 02/24/21 08:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: Montana HC vs Heritage Glen 1500lb Diff?

What kind of slides does the Heritage Glen have? Cable or hydraulic? I don't know if that would account for 1500lbs but MHC's have cable slides. The MHC has a front window, the Heritage Glen does not. We have the same window in our MHC and it's quite large so I imagine it weighs a decent amount. The Montana also has a larger wardrobe, what appears to be more counterspace in the kitchen, and actual cabinets dividing the living and kitchen area vs just a wall. All of these things could add up to 1500 more lbs.
JAC1982 02/22/21 01:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Looking for New Fifth Wheel with Bigger Windows

One of the reasons we chose our Solitude 2930RL. 34-4" https://i.imgur.com/q5wIoskl.jpg Yup, these are like ours! Love them. We don't full time so we don't miss the cabinets.
JAC1982 02/18/21 12:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Looking for New Fifth Wheel with Bigger Windows

All the windows are one of the reasons I love my Keystone Montana High Country 294RL. Tons of windows in the main living area (7), and 3 in the bedroom including a giant one in the front cap. The photos on their website don't do it justice as they have all the shades drawn, but there's lots of Youtube video walkthroughs. We also have the light gray interior which makes it feel even brighter.
JAC1982 02/16/21 01:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Shortest 5th Wheel with King Bed Option

My Keystone Montana High Country 294RL is 34'0" and has a king bed. They also have the 280/281CK that 32'2" and I'm pretty sure you can get it with a king bed as it's the same exact bedroom/bathroom layout as my 294, it loses the length in the living space instead.
JAC1982 02/16/21 01:25pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Looking for I70 alterantives Colorado trip in February - .

Errr yeah I70 only really stinks when the snow is actively coming down. They keep it very clear, and when you see the big accidents, that's when people are traveling in the blizzardy conditions. Since you're not in a hurry, you can plan the crossing when the weather is good. Like we have had barely any wintery days here this year. The NM route can be your backup plan. When I moved cross country (Chicago to CA that time) in winter, I took the I-70 route, but the movers took the NM route.
JAC1982 01/28/21 02:42pm Roads and Routes
RE: Montana Fifth Wheel

We looked at every 5th wheel offering from Keystone when shopping... even the real cheap ones, and then Cougars and Montana High Countrys and Montanas. Each one was progressively nicer than the last and we settled on the MHC.
JAC1982 01/28/21 02:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Voltage Triton 3521

Gotta say, really bummed. This floor plan fits us perfectly I wouldn't be that bummed. I looked and it does seem like a really nice floor plan. Yes, I said it seemed lower quality than what we ended up buying. But what we bought also cost more. Go look at it yourself, and see what you think. In the end, IMO, it's less about the manufacturer these days, and more about finding a good dealer that is good to work with on repairs (ie not Camping World or Gander).
JAC1982 01/28/21 02:00pm Toy Haulers
RE: Directv

We have DirecTV, with service at our home in Colorado. When we use our Winegard dish while traveling with DirecTV service, we still get the Denver local channels. If you want the local channels I don't think DirecTV offers a service like that, at least not one that's a total PITA to deal with as you move around. From what I read, Dish is more RV friendly. We aren't switching because Dish doesn't have our local sports station, and also we don't travel enough for it to be a big deal to not have local to our location stations.
JAC1982 01/28/21 01:35pm Technology Corner
RE: 38' toy hauler suggestions

Also late here, but finding one under 38 but with a half bath and 12' garage is going to be tough. Our last rig was a Keystone Impact 351 and it had everything you listed but the half bath right around 38', and there wasn't much living space at all. Otherwise we were happy with it, but the living space is why we ended up trading it for a traditional 5th wheel that's 34'. Doesn't appear they make the 351 anymore either. The 367 might fit the bill except it's 39'.
JAC1982 01/26/21 01:35pm Toy Haulers
RE: Questions for Quilters

My wife became more and more serious about quilting. This was just one of the reasons we quit fulltiming (in our 40 ft Dutch Star motorhome). AND NOW, she needs a BIGGER brick house (not kidding). My mother (93) has been quilting her whole life. She lives alone and likes to keep busy. She has made and given away over 1400 masks so far and it looks like she will never run out of cloth. She said she did run out of copper wire and had to buy some, she has material enough to last for years. The fabric hoard of quilters is no joke. I just spent a Saturday helping my mom organize her sewing room. So.Much.Fabric. But all that fabric came in handy when it came to making masks to give away. I appreciated her skills as a recipient of said free masks in any color I wanted.
JAC1982 01/26/21 01:33pm General RVing Issues
RE: Voltage Triton 3521

You may want to go put this in the Toy Hauler form. We looked at the Triton's when shopping back in 2017 for our Toyhauler. They were slightly cheaper than the Impact we ended up buying. They felt a lot cheaper in terms of materials used etc. And at the time, didn't come with auto-leveling even as an option which killed it for us. We were very happy with our Keystone Impact. No major issues other than the front AC died on one of our first trips... but that was an issue with Dometic. Also the gray exterior faded super fast, as we had it parked outside in the sun. I noticed they got rid of the gray exteriors now. We only traded it in because we decided we wanted a shorter traditional 5th wheel.
JAC1982 01/26/21 01:14pm Toy Haulers
RE: Montana Fifth Wheel

But, I think part of the problem is, people expect it to be like their house in the winter. No trailer right off the lot is that well insulated. Snipped and trimmed. I don't know about that, early last spring we were in ours at 7 degrees F. with a 35 mph wind coming from the back/street (slide) side of our 5er and we weren't chilly at all. Yes we ate some propane, but we were very comfortable and the furnace was cycling. I didn't think we could ask for anything more from it. Sure you were comfortable but you probably ate a lot more propane than if you were in your house :) That was my point... you can stay plenty warm in a trailer, you'll just use up more resources to get there than you would in a house. Reminds me of one of my first apartments when I lived in Chicago. It was a real junker, but cheap. I kept the heat at 55 because it was so poorly insulated (you could put your hand on the wall and it would be freezing) and old single pane windows, and my gas bill was still $150/mo. Moved to the next place, similar style/age of building around the corner but with better windows and insulation, and my gas bill was cut in half and I was comfy at 70. That was my first lesson in "you get what you pay for".
JAC1982 01/26/21 12:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Montana Front Living question...does the bumper hit often

I would agree with the suggestion to go on the Montana owners forum to find other 3710FL owners to ask them. It is not a floor plan they make anymore. If I recall from the Montana Owners Facebook group, the High Country 376/377FL has this issue occasionally, but it's a different floor plan and has a rear master with loft above it, so the rear is lower than normal.
JAC1982 01/20/21 01:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Newer 5ers, Slider Hitch Required For Short Beds?

We just did research on this as we just purchased a second F350 with a shortbed (still have the DRW in my signature too). As my signature states, our rig is a 2020 Montana High Country, with a curved front. It would be nice to use this new truck for trips to places like South Dakota where we want to go park "in town" to do stuff and don't want to deal with the dually's size. We determined that we could get by without a slider hitch in certain circumstances, but the last time we were in SD, the park we stayed at put us in a spot that was plenty long, but still required us to jacknife the truck to get the camper in (road narrowed and turned right there, with a post in the way). We would not have been able to park in a spot like that with a short bed and no slider. So I think it comes down to where you want to camp, and the type of camping you do. If you tend to stay in nicer "big rig" friendly campgrounds with easy pull through spots, you're fine. But if you tend to camp in places with tigher spots, might want to look into the slider.
JAC1982 01/15/21 04:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Opinion on Resort fees

If it's the only place available in that area, and you NEED to stay there... then you pay it. Who cares what they call the fees, in the end, the total is the total. We pay, what I consider to be, a really high amount to stay at the KOA in Laramie, WY sometimes when UW has home football games. We're basically only there to sleep and then head home the next day. It's not a nice park, we're like sardines, and it's right next to the interstate. But we pay it because it's the only park in Laramie pretty much, and it's still cheaper than a hotel. Supply and Demand.
JAC1982 01/14/21 01:04pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Snow loads for Trailer

We park indoors now but our previous two were both outside and we never had an issue with snow or water intrusion. The sun did more damage than any other kind of weather. Sun can be a killer on all trailers and boats. Yup especially when the trailer is dark gray (Keystone Impact). The whole side that faced south looked absolutely awful. I noticed they only did the dark gray ones for a few years and have now switched back to white.
JAC1982 01/14/21 12:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rentals

My mom and stepdad rented a camper van via Outdoorsy last summer. Their experience was good, but be sure to read the fine print. For example, after 150 miles a day, they were charged mileage, which isn't uncommon, and they did know about this before they rented it so it was not a surprise. But I could see some people not paying attention to that. This doesn't appear to be a thing with trailers, but definitely with vans/motorhomes. The unit itself was nice, well maintained and clean. The only issue they ran into was the space heater in the inventory list was missing, and the owner didn't catch it before they picked it up. Apparently the prior renters had kept it. So the owner offered to reimburse them if they went to buy one themselves. In the end I think it ends up being similar to Air BnB. It's going to depend on the owner and how well they clean/maintain the units. You can read reviews of each unit to determine how nice it is.
JAC1982 01/12/21 12:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Snow loads for Trailer

We park indoors now but our previous two were both outside and we never had an issue with snow or water intrusion. The sun did more damage than any other kind of weather.
JAC1982 01/12/21 12:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Opinions on Grand Design Fifth Wheels

When we were shopping I had it narrowed down to Keystone and Grand Design. Keystone because our last two rigs were Keystone Toyhaulers and we had a good experience with those. Grand Design because they had a decent reputation. Then narrowed it down more to Montana High Country and Reflection. The floor plans were virtually the same. What sealed the deal for the MHC was it had an option for generator prep. The Reflection did not even offer it as an option, only the Solitude did. So that decided it for us, not sure if that is helpful information for you.
JAC1982 01/12/21 12:46pm Fifth-Wheels
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