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RE: Honest RV Dealers - Are there any?

Our worst experience was our first purchase at a "Mom and Pop" type dealer. We were total newbies and they could sense that and took advantage. The year after our purchase they were bought by Lazy Days and their service department was fine there, just slow like all around here. Our second purchase was at a larger, regional dealer that has a few locations in our state. Our salesman was great, he had 20+ years of experience in the service department so he was very knowledgable, and even gave us his cell phone to call him after our purchase was complete with any questions. Their service department was also slow, but again, they all are in our area due to the high demand and lack of workers. Our recent purchase was at Lazy Days and it was fine. We knew more about the rig we were buying than the salesman did as we had done extensive research prior to purchasing, but that didn't bother us. In the end, we got the rig we wanted, at a price we were happy with. Moral of the story? Do your own research, and just use the salesman as your final stop. Oh and don't go to Camping World :)
JAC1982 11/18/20 12:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV Flag Pole

We have the Flagpole Buddy fiberglass pole and mount. We've only had it for one summer, but it did great in some pretty windy conditions. We did take it down when some 40+mph winds hit us in Wyoming :) We have two flags on it usually.
JAC1982 11/16/20 01:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Must-haves for Van or SUV as tow vehicle?

Oh also I forgot to mention, my in laws tow a 25' travel trailer or a boat (obviously not at the same time) with their Toyota Sequoia and it does just fine.
JAC1982 11/13/20 12:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Must-haves for Van or SUV as tow vehicle?

You may want to check out the blog RV Sue and her Canine Crew. https://rvsueandcrew.net/ She doesn't post much anymore as she no longer full times, but her older posts might be helpful to you, especially the very oldest when she was preparing to full time. She full timed for years with a Chevy van and a Casita travel trailer. I can answer one question, yes, any vehicle can be outfitted for towing. But the towing capacity without the factory tow package is severely limited. I'd try to look for one that came with the towing package. Often on dealership websites, you can view the original window sticker that lists all the options on the vehicle. Even my car, an Explorer, came with a towing package, but still doesn't have a brake controller, so if I ever wanted to tow anything other than a little utility trailer (which I don't), I'd need to add that.
JAC1982 11/13/20 12:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Not Utilizing RV Parks or Boondocking

Just depends on the trip. But to answer what I think the original question was, which is, have we ever parked our 5th wheel in the parking lot and stayed in a hotel room, the answer is no. We don't have one as nice as we have to just go stay in a hotel room. Plus we have 3 dogs. The decision on whether to take the 5er or stay in a hotel comes into play more for quick weekend trips somewhere (we leave the dogs at home for these, or only bring one). For that, we decide on what's cheaper. For example, in previous years, we like to drive to Laramie for UW football games and the drive is short enough where we can leave Saturday morning and still have the full day ahead of us there. We can get there faster and spend less on gas in a car. But often, hotel rooms on game nights can be $200+ a night, plus the extra funds to eat out for a few meals (vs in the camper we can bring our kitchen with us). So we weigh out which is cheaper... stay at a hotel or pay the $50-60 at the KOA and take the camper. One time, we went up there for a concert. For that trip, it was cheaper to stay at a hotel as the rates were lower than on game nights.
JAC1982 11/11/20 03:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Motorhome vs travel trailer for cross country with pets??

Pet situation... I know that the practical and probably much more sensible option would be to rehome at least some of the pets, but they are my family and my responsibility and I just have a hard time with that. The bunny may be able to go back to his original home, as I’m just looking after him as a favor. Otherwise, though, I’m pretty committed. I moved from WA to VA with 2 dogs, 4 birds, and a snake in a Subaru Outback Sport :D One of the dogs, 2 of the birds, and the snake are still with me. The others have passed away of old age in the meantime. The birds are actually awesome travelers... they just hang out in their travel cage and enjoy listening to music with the windows rolled down and the wind blowing through their feathers... :) Animals are animals, not friends or family, they are a "hobby" sort of like RVing, they are a commitment that takes considerable time and effort for you to maintain. They don't take care of you, they don't fix your meals, they don't take you to the movies, to the mall, to dinner out. Re-homing will allow you more time and energy to make your trip, get settled into your new place and get the lay of the land. You will be surprised at just how much work and stress can be involved with driving and setting up a RV even without all the extra animals. I am not against animals, just a bit more practical.. Grew up with Sisters that got fish, then got ponies, then that turned into horses, rabbits, chickens, cats, dogs, mice and much, much more.. They can't go anywhere without having to find folks willing to take on those chores or dragging a few around with them. Make your trip easy and more memorable with less luggage to take with you. One could argue the same thing about human children. But nobody tells someone to get rid of those when they are trying to decide which tow vehicle to buy.
JAC1982 11/11/20 03:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: General 5th Wheel Brand Question

Montana or cedar Creek....neither one are considered higher end units. They both take their basic unit and add some bling to make it pretty. Nothing in particular is done to make the unit better except for heavier tires. Same Lippert frame and components. Ken This isn't really accurate. While I will agree they aren't high end (which is a fairly loose definition as you could spend a TON of money) they certainly aren't entry level. Hung wall construction, real gel coat, residential insulation, real ducted air, screwed frame construction 16" OC, higher end suspension, the list goes on. These things aren't "bling" and you won't find them on entry level units. Having looked at nearly every make and model from $35,000 up to $80,000 available over the span of 6 months before deciding on a Montana High Country (which is not as nice as regular Montana), I can attest that Montanas and Cedar Creeks are both definitely nicer than most unless you're getting into the rigs that are $100k+ even after the normal discount off MSRP.
JAC1982 11/11/20 01:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Opinion on a campground?

We had a similar problem at a park on Memorial Day weekend. We had been at this park before, but not on a holiday weekend. This park had cabins, and those were the groups that were the worst. They had 10-12 people in each cabin and partied until 2-3am including music so loud I could tell what song it was and sing along from inside my camper, from 3 sites away. The campground didn't have any quiet hours that I could find. I don't think we'd go back there on a holiday weekend. When we visited on a non-holiday weekend after Labor Day, it was totally fine and very quiet. The owner of the park in the OP was put in a rough spot too... one person vs a group of 50+ drunk people can turn badly very quickly. I would ask for a refund and then decide what recourse I was going to take from there.
JAC1982 11/10/20 04:41pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: No 3/4 ton trucks.

This lack of new trucks, has made the GM used market go thru the roof. 9 months ago, you could get a 20-50K mile 2014-18 1500 truck for $18-25K, add $10K to that now. Rigs with 100K+ miles are going in the high $20K relm...... The used uhal reg cabs can still be found for around $20K......Seen a few new ones for mid 30K, et cab rwd for $30K......These are work truck level mind you. Marty We saw at a nearby dealer that they had our same 2017 King Ranch dually for sale used. It had 50k on it. They were asking $62,000 for it. That isn't much less than what we paid new for ours in 2017. Sure made us feel nice with ours with only 10k on it LOL!
JAC1982 11/10/20 12:56pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Carport or individual covers for slidouts?

Our last rig had damage from the sun from being parked outside... on the side of the camper, not the top. Do the full carport, and if you can, at least have some kind of sun protection (walls, UV screens etc) on the sides that face south and west.
JAC1982 11/09/20 01:19pm Beginning RVing
RE: No 3/4 ton trucks.

Same here w/ Ford. Husband wanted a new "daily" truck, and was originally looking at F250s, none to be had. Not much choice on F350s either, but a bit more. In the end, he ordered an F350 (so yes, we will have 2) since the cost wasn't much more to do the 1 ton over 3/4 ton. Hopefully we will have it before Jan 4th as a rebate runs out then.
JAC1982 11/09/20 12:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Folding Camp Chairs

We have these and like them. https://www.amazon.com/GCI-Outdoor-Freestyle-Portable-Folding/dp/B077J9N283 They don't fold up as small as a bag chair but they're more comfortable. It looks like they also have a version that folds up more, but may cause the same issues a normal bag chair would.
JAC1982 11/09/20 12:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fifth Wheels with an onaboard Onan

How about we all agree that everyone has different needs and preferences? One is not necessarily better than the other. As for us, we like our onboard Onan for when we need two ACs, and know that we will need to refill the propane tanks. That would be the case with a gas generator too when running two ACs all day in 100+ heat and full sun. We have the portable Onan 4500 on order for the other trips where we don't need two ACs. This is the set up that works for us. My father in law runs twin Hondas and that works great for them and their set up (one AC). Solar works great for other people too, but without spending tens of thousands of dollars, wouldn't work for us and our needs. Besides, this is way off topic. This post is about what models have the onboard Onan available.
JAC1982 11/04/20 09:52am Fifth-Wheels
RE: General 5th Wheel Brand Question

I think both have their pluses and minuses. These days, it feels like such a crapshoot with any brand. We've had no issues with our Montana High Country, but I'm in a few Montana owner Facebook groups, and some with the same model year have had nothing but issues. I'm guessing we are in the majority vs minority since people w/ issues yell louder than those without any. In the end, I think finding the floor plan and finish level you like is more important (in addition to how it's constructed as previously mentioned), and then just do thorough walkthroughs and inspections prior to taking delivery. Also the dealer you buy from can make a BIG difference.
JAC1982 11/03/20 10:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fire in Grand County CO - 10.31.20 update

Winding River Resort (the one popular with RVers) is OK. They only had minimal loss. Winding River Ranch, which is nearby and an event venue/guest ranch was destroyed. Here's the update from Winding River Resort's Facebook page: The East Troublesome Fire came in from the South and the 1st structures it encountered were at our Sasperilla Saloon (Before and After Photos). In addition to the Saloon we lost 2 large buildings and a small horse shed. All other barns, buildings, cabins, campsites and houses remain standing. The fire skirted around Winding River Resort property. Update from Winding River Ranch: We were devastated to learn about the total loss of The Winding River Ranch at the hands of the East Troublesome Fire that raged out of control last night. As many of you know, the wildfires in Colorado took a turn towards Grand Lake last night. The Winding River Ranch was in the path of the fire, and all buildings were burned to the ground. This event venue and the animal sanctuary were destroyed; however, all of the animals, Granny, Travis, Kristin, and their staff, are all safe.
JAC1982 11/02/20 04:49pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Fifth Wheels with an onaboard Onan

Don't get me wrong, we have a lot of use for a built in generator as we boondock a lot (hence why we bought a rig that could have one), but it was just disappointing that it uses up so much propane. That's basically the only thing I miss about the toyhauler.... the gas generator.
JAC1982 10/29/20 05:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fifth Wheels with an onaboard Onan

I think most any 5th wheel has a generator prep package. We too thought that and found we were sorely mistaken.
JAC1982 10/28/20 03:33pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fifth Wheels with an onaboard Onan

The reason we went with a Montana High Country was because it was the only one in our price point that came with a gen prep option for the Onan. Grand Design Reflection, Jayco Eagle etc. did not, not even as an option. I think all the "higher end" ones do though... Montana, Solitude, Redwood. But sub-60k, Montana HC was it from what I could find. We had the generator installed ourselves after purchase from an authorized Cummins dealer/installer, it was a little cheaper than having the dealer do it. We came from a toyhauler with the on-board gas Onan as well. This new one is propane, and honestly I liked the gas one better. It seemed more efficient. We're actually buying a 4500 portable generator for use when it's colder, because the onboard uses up a lot of propane.
JAC1982 10/28/20 03:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rapid City, SD area RV park

Also Heartland is a nice resort, but it's literally in the middle of nowhere. It doesn't have the normal "Black Hills" scenery as it's on the east side of the hills. If your goal is to just sit at your campground the whole time, then it's good for that, but if part of the goal is to go view the sights in the Black Hills, I'd find something else closer to "stuff".
JAC1982 10/27/20 04:06pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Rapid City, SD area RV park

In June we stayed at Custer's Gulch in Custer that would fit the bill I think. When we arrived on a Saturday, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation was having a meet up there. Mostly Full hookups (some electric only, but they do have a dump station on site) and sites of all sizes, mostly back in but long, a few pull throughs, The sites are spaced out so you're not crammed in like you would be at the KOA and many other parks in the area. Clubhouse, and some cabins too. Only caveat is there isn't much for kids to do if that's a concern for your group. Rafter J Bar looked really nice too. Just was more expensive than Custer's Gulch, probably due to having a pool etc.
JAC1982 10/27/20 04:00pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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