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RE: Buying a new vehicle question

You are still buying from a dealer only at pre-negotiated price arranged by AAA. There are several car buying services such as this one with Costco being another major player in that market. There is nothing that makes the price unique other than it saves the negotiating. I know all that, but I was looking for someone who has actually bought through AAA. Right now AAA's pricing is way more attractive than what I had come up with using blue book comparisons on my trade in and the new vehicle. I am guessing that there are several dealer/sales people commissions that get by passed Guy I have never bought through AAA but as a retired new car dealer I have sold through AAA as one of their supplier dealers. While the pricing is not the absolute lowest price you can ever find, you could spend a lot of time to save another $500. All of this is somewhat dependent on your area, the type of car you are buying, and a number of other variables. I would try a couple of the similar buying services in your area and feel confident you did not leave a lot of money on the table if you take the lowest one.
JALLEN4 05/10/19 05:20am Around the Campfire
RE: Buying a new vehicle question

You are still buying from a dealer only at pre-negotiated price arranged by AAA. There are several car buying services such as this one with Costco being another major player in that market. There is nothing that makes the price unique other than it saves the negotiating.
JALLEN4 05/09/19 05:07am Around the Campfire
RE: Are Idaho Ram dealers worth the drive?

When I bought my 12 Ram from Ron Tonkin in Portland Or they were nearly the same price as DD. So close that by the time I spent money for gas and diesel then a hotel room it really wasn't worth saving a few $100 dollars. That is exactly what most find around here. Dealers HAVE to be competitive or they will lose everytime to these mega dealers. If you have a dealer that wont budge off MSRP and wont honor a price when a vehicle is ordered then let the free market teach them a lesson. It surprises me a dealer would not honor a price agreed on, that said the vehicle is subject to rebates at the time of arrival. So if you banking on taking advantage of a hypothetical 10K off rebate deal, your ordered vehicle will be subject to what the rebate is when your hits the ground. That can be lower than what current pricing is or more depending on if your banking on using a current rebate that is in effect at time order is placed. That is standard practice and I get that. You should be given a price without the rebate and if you get it great, but if the rebate is increased during your build, you would get that additional rebate as well. Last two Chrysler vehicles I have bought, it was in the order paperwork that any incentives available when I placed the order would apply at delivery, and any better incentives available at time of delivery were available also. This was in Chrysler’s contract. The buyer's order, contract, is between you and the dealer...not Chrysler. The terms of incentives offered to both the dealer (Dealer Cash) and the incentives offered to the consumer (Customer cash) are different from one incentive to another. Often these incentives do carry forward on ordered units but they are also often dependent on delivery by a specified date.
JALLEN4 04/14/19 06:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: Sales Puffery?

An attorney who continuously strokes his own ego by filming this pablum that appeals to the mental equivalent of a third-grader!
JALLEN4 03/25/19 05:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Can't bring TT home because of neighbors parking in street?

I am currently the President of a condo association and it is the third association I have been the President of. In addition I have created several associations in projects I have built. Fortunately or unfortunately, this makes me very familiar with the process and what works and what does not. The Association is run by a Board which may or may not hire a management company. Whether they do or do not, the Board is ultimately the decision maker on financial decisions and whether or not to enforce rules. They are your neighbors, work for no money, and have a very unrewarding job. They are often berated, second guessed, and vilified by the neighbors they volunteer their time to serve. Someone has to do it! Most often they are the only association members that have actually read the rules and regulations documents attached to their property. I would strongly suggest going to the President of the Association and speaking with him or her about your problem. I am going to bet he or she would much prefer this initial approach versus a formal complaint. They can most likely explain why the rule is not enforced. It is very likely the owners prefer being able to park in the street and it would be a very unpopular move to try to stop the process. It is also normally somewhat difficult to change the documents rules once written but it can happen. I have seen these battles more times than I care to but usually in the long run they do not end well for the party involved. Your neighbors most likely could care less about your RV and in some cases for some reason don't like them or are jealous. They have no incentive to change their parking habits to accommodate you at their inconvenience and most likely have been parking there for years. When faced with the conflict, if the Board becomes involved, from experience I can tell you they will decide it is one of the most important items in the world. I wish you luck and hope you do approach the President.
JALLEN4 03/01/19 06:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Should I even consider a new TV with repaired lot damage?

Most every state has a law on the books with a threshold amount where the dealer would not need to disclose the damage to the consumer. This can easily be found for each state by googling the topic. The amount generally runs in the 5% of MSRP range. Interestingly enough there is no law about damage at the plant before shipment to the dealer. This is not an uncommon occurrence and repairs are most often made before shipment. If I were buying the vehicle, I would ask to see the repair order where the vehicle was repaired. As long as the amount was relatively a small amount for the repair and visually it looks OK, buying it is not a bad decision.
JALLEN4 02/14/19 06:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: How much do I offer for a brand new 2017 Ram 2500 Diesel?

Go online to Autotrader.com and search nationwide for a similar 2017 truck. Get a good idea of the asking price on average and subtract a couple of thousand for a discount without trade. From that price point add what would basically be the cost of an extended warranty to cover the miles already on the used truck and you have a proximation of value. New vs. used has some value to the individual but you must be the judge of that amount. For the most part, purchasing what is now basically a two year old "new" vehicle is hard to make sense with unless you plan to keep it for a very long time. If you wind up having to sell in the next four or five years it is very difficult to realize a true savings on the cost of ownership.
JALLEN4 01/13/19 07:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: Chevy commercial parody.

I must admit it is one of life's biggest mysteries why the people who actually know and understand the automotive business don't work in it. Instead, people who know nothing about the business, run it 24/7. On the other hand I am sure those who don't work in it but know everything about it are all multi-millionaires from buying and selling automotive stocks.
JALLEN4 12/17/18 06:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: A Strange Dealer Price Story (...at least I thought so.)

I took my son to a dealership a few years back. He was ready to buy his first ever pickup. We found the pickup he was wanting and went to visit with a salesman. We had only seen the sticker price of this new pickup so we visited about the features it had and got all the info we needed. Of coarse at this point during our conversation he had asked my son what kind of payment he wanted to make. I had told my son after the salesman's first time of asking that to not talk yet about payments. So we asked him what could the pickup be bought for. We were interested in the cost of the truck. This guy would not give us a price on the truck. He continued to ask what kind of $ amount of payment he wanted to pay. I finally stepped into the conversation and told the salesman that my son was ready to by a pickup and it was none of his business how much he could afford to pay on the payment. I asked one more time if he wanted to give us a price and he said he really wanted to finance it for us. I simply told my son to come on let's go. We walked out the door and left. The salesman never once answered our questions on price. A couple weeks later he seen my son up town and got all over him for buying a truck somewhere else. My son did the greatest thing and turned and walked away from him. I, nor he has walked back in their door in about 19 years. Dad While I would 100% agree that you should never negotiate based solely on payments, payments are in fact normally the most important part of the purchase. Even when paying cash, it still involves one payment. Any good salesperson would be remiss in not asking either what kind of payment you want to make or how much do you want to spend. One would be amazed how many folks walk into dealerships of all kinds without any idea of the relationship between the purchasing price and the payment needed to support that price. People often have a budget of $400 monthly while looking at a vehicle that requires a $600 payment with their available down payment. The salesperson can spend hours extolling the virtues of the potential vehicle and taking demo rides only to find they are no where near affordability. Generally this leaves the customer walking out because they are either upset with reality or embarrassed... which means a lot of wasted time. Discussing payments with the salesperson is not necessarily a bad thing but you can always remember the ultimate sales price determines the final payment.
JALLEN4 12/08/18 07:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Towing With A Subaru 2.5l

I'm not sure how you're going to drive I-15 from California to Washington, maybe you mean I-5. You'll have to go over the mountains in northern California on I-5. I'd be a bit concerned after reading the owner's manual for your 2019 Subie. Here's one quote: SUBARU warranties do not apply to vehicle damage or malfunction caused by trailer towing. Here's another quote that isn't encouraging: When towing a trailer on a long uphill grade continuously for over 5 miles (8 km) with an outside temperature of 104F (40C) or above Maximum total trailer weight 1,350 lbs (612 kg) I didn't think I needed to explain how you get to Washington from the I-15 but just to let you know it connects with the I-90. I am leasing the car so if the trans takes a ****, its theirs not mine. It came with a tow package so it must mean you can tow with it under 2700lbs. As long as you can prove that you are under that, then the language means nothing. I think I'm safe at 1100 lbs I don't know a thing about the towing question but I know a lot about leases. If the warranty repair is rejected, they will hold you responsible and they will collect.
JALLEN4 10/28/18 05:59am Tow Vehicles
RE: Diesel Particulate Filter cleaning solutions

I also have a 2015 ML250 which I assume is the vehicle you are discussing. I have done a lot of research on the same subject and do understand the high cost of the DPF when purchased through a dealer. I would look into finding a qualified independent Mercedes shop in your area or someone who does a lot of Sprint service work. The cost of a DPF replacement should be much less than through a dealer. A number of companies are using the Sprints and are getting over 400,000 miles of service out of them. From what I have found, once a week might be overkill for a long highway trip but certainly the motor needs to be exercised monthly. As with a number of Mercedes parts, dealers tend to protect the price aggressively and they are kept high. Spending time looking for alternative sources of the necessary parts will be well spent. I have decided to keep mine and to spend what is necessary to maintain it, at least until I can find a suitable alternative vehicle which they are hard to match.
JALLEN4 10/23/18 05:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: How long should I wait for title on a new purchase?

Washington will have a department that regulates dealers normally attached to the DMV. Find and call this department with your information. They will see to it that you receive your title. When the dealer goes to or communicates with the title bureau has nothing to do with the process. They know the rules they operate under within the state and it is their responsibility to follow them.
JALLEN4 10/14/18 04:01am Camping World RV Sales
RE: Coachmen Motor Home Warranty issue

What you can do is use the Federal Manuson-Moss Consumer Protection Act. Basically it states if a product is out of service 30 working days, the manufacturer must buy it back. Attorney on a contingency basis can solve your problem with one letter and get paid by the manufacturer. There is NO lemon law on the house portion just the chassis. I doubt the Texas attorney general will be able to help. Document everything involved with the coach and keep a complete timeline of . The act makes no such statement pertaining to motor vehicles. Several state Lemon Laws do incorporate that provision as a potential. In 40 years as a new car dealer I never saw even one vehicle case litigated using Magnussen-Moss. Many lemon law cases though.
JALLEN4 09/18/18 07:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Have dealership service depts gone downhill lately, or...

It's been a long, long time since mechanics actually worked for the dealerships. Now most mechanics are basically independent operators working in the dealership shops. They get paid according to the Chilton manual estimates for working on problems. So if there's a loose bolt causing an oil leak but they can sell it to the Service Manager as something more significant, they'll get paid for repairing the bigger issue even though it only takes them a minute or two to fix the real problem. Then they can move on to work another vehicle - time is money. Best to stay away from dealerships, even for warranty work. In warranty work the factory will only pay for a clearly identified problem. So if the problem the customer reports could be caused by three different things and they don't know which one it is, the dealership won't want to work on it because if they guess wrong they won't get paid. Learn to do your own work or find a good independent shop and build a good relationship with them for any repairs. An alternative is if you really have to take it into a dealership, take it to one other then the one you purchased the vehicle from. Chances are they'll assume you're upset with the selling dealer and they MAY work harder in the hopes of getting your future business. Wow!!! I don't think I have seen a forum post with so many erroneous statements in a long time. Technicians work under the same rules and employment guidelines they have for at least the last fifty years I have been involved. Dealerships and good independents alike have stringent standards they expect technicians to meet in the areas of training, equipment, customer satisfaction, production, etc. They are professionals whose job it is to satisfactorily make repairs and live within the ethics of the industry. As in any other field, there are varying degrees of talent and dedication involved but it would be just as stupid to state all Doctors are attempting to take advantage of insurance companies at the expense of the patient. Padding time on repairs and billing for work undone is nothing brilliant and technicians attempting to do this on a regular basis are soon discovered in any shop. The statements made about warranty repairs reflect a total lack of knowledge as to how warranty operates. Often repairs are multiple causes and there are guidelines in place for the technician to follow during the diagnosis and repair. If the tech follows the proper procedures and the shop documents the repairs properly, the warranty will not stop paying until the problem is corrected. There are a number of failed no-talent techs crying about how unfair warranty is. They often wind up working in a back alley garage where they are paid for their time ...not their talent. Suggesting you take the vehicle to a different shop than the one where purchased is a great idea if the original dealer has demonstrated he cannot properly fix your vehicle. Otherwise, a stupid suggestion! The dealer you buy from is where you have the leverage and if you are smart you buy where you expect to get the best service. Running from dealer to dealer just confirms to the dealer you are visiting that you well may be a problem customer. Building rapport with your servicing dealer as with anything else in life always results in a more satisfactory result.
JALLEN4 09/13/18 05:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: What would you do?

A friend of mine just put a deposit on a car. It is completely refundable, non binding pending his daughter taking a look at it. As I mentioned before, most of the time these token deposits are fully refundable. As for the person who replaces the fuel after a test drive, you gotta be the only one on the planet who does this. Your friend with the non-binding deposit, what would he say if he takes his daughter back and it is sold since it was non-binding?
JALLEN4 08/29/18 05:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ordering a new truck is frustating

The dealer could care less what options you buy. Buying more options does not equate to making more money for them. Their profit is based on the sale price minus the cost of any particular unit. You overlook that two are directly linked. The dealers stock cars with more options than what one might order, because it gives them the most profit potential. Every option on the vehicle adds to the invoice a certain amount, and to the MSRP a different (higher) amount. Therefore a vehicle with more options has more profit 'built in' to it from the start. Now, you can saw that the MSRP is not the same as the sale price, which in most cases is true, but that difference is simple the amount of the potential profit, that the dealer is willing to give up, to move the unit. Its also worth noting that the vehicle with the most profit built into the MSRP, is also the vehicle that allows the dealer the most negotiating room on that sale price. This holds true for the manufactures as well, as there is the Invoice price the sell the vehicle/option to the dealer at, then there is the 'cost' of the item from the OEM supplier to the manufacturer, and invoice is always more than cost. While I am sure that makes great logic to you, it is not accurate. Again, the dealer stocks what sells. Simply ordering more equipment to create more "potential" profit would be a very silly idea. In a highly competitive market where people walk for a hundred dollars, how stupid would it be to price yourself out of the market adding accessories. The true way a dealer adds profit is through financing, warranties, add on accessories, etc...not by increasing their carrying costs stocking more expensive individual units. The reason I can say these things very assured I am right are the tens of thousands of units I sold as a new car dealer for 40 years. My people ordering units would not have lasted long if they tried to build potential margin rather than following the guidelines of what sells in volume.
JALLEN4 08/25/18 05:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ordering a new truck is frustating

The dealer could care less what options you buy. Buying more options does not equate to making more money for them. Their profit is based on the sale price minus the cost of any particular unit. The option limitations are the manufacturers doing based on engineering and manufacturing concerns and profits. Dealers order what they sell, not necessarily "loaded" units. Heavily optioned units actually increase their carrying costs unless they turn them more often.
JALLEN4 08/24/18 05:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: What would you do?

an HONEST dealer Thats funny. Want to hear something funny? The oxymoron "Honest Customer".
JALLEN4 08/20/18 05:17am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dealer Negotiation & markup question

Every time this topic starts you get the two basic answers. Read a book and ask a banker. The books are written by and for the dealers and the only thing a banker knows is what he reads in a book. If either source knew what they were actually worth, they would be out making real money buying and selling them. Here are some basic realities. They are worth exactly what a willing buyer will pay a willing seller. There is no substitute for a pretty nearly perfect used unit and the right ones are worth far more than you might think. Opposite, cheap is no substitute for quality and there is no cheaper price one should pay for a poor condition unit. Never negotiate "out-the-door" price. You can't negotiate taxes. Negotiate the price you are paying for the unit, argue about any other fees charged and then figure the tax. Never let yourself get in a hurry to buy. Look at enough of them and you will discover what you really want and better yet...you will know when you find your bargain. There is no standard for pricing used units nor a negotiating formula. You will find some way over priced and others seem to be cheap at full retail. It is all dependent on what you can find when shopping enough units. Most important, buy quality! No amount of saving when buying is going to pay for fixing junk.
JALLEN4 07/12/18 05:35am General RVing Issues
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