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RE: How much weight is too much?

The OP asks how much can he pull ..not how much load can the truck carry. Big difference. The '11 2500 chassis sure won't have any issue carrying 3000-3200 lbs in the bed however 11900 lb trailer is a lot of weight for a smallblock. I pull a 11200 lb 5er with my 2500 Dodge/Cummins/NV5600 6 speed manual with 325k miles on the odo. I made a living pulling heavy GN trailers (25k-32k gcw) for several years with the old 454/460 big blocks massaged by Crietz automotive (tow motors) to around 300-325hp and 450-475 torque. For my use I wouldn't be comfortable towing that much weight with a smallblock. I would guess if the truck was designed for 150k miles at max loads it would make it 145k miles before 1st over haul. You also will need a good Maintenance schedule operating at those weights.
JIMNLIN 06/15/19 10:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Do airbags help?

Air bags will help overall. However I wouldn't depend on the bags to transfer weight. Bags can lesson rear spring compression and rebound I pull a 10k car hauler with a 7400 lb blue tractor with the wifes 1500 chevy. I went with Sumo springs which helps stiffen up the rear spring pack. What I like about the Sumo is I can remove them in about 3 min when I don't need them for a stock ride. I thought about bags but for my use 6-7 times a year didn't make cents/sense for me. My Husky Centerline TS WD hitch brings the trucks front down to normal ride height.
JIMNLIN 06/15/19 10:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Skirting Material

WE lived in a 30' 5th wheel with a super slide for one winter on the property while our house was being built. I bought vinyl mobile home skirting to do the job. Made a huge difference in the winter winds.
JIMNLIN 06/15/19 10:05pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: wheel stabilizer

I use BAL Delux adjustable chocks. Lots out here to choose from
JIMNLIN 06/15/19 12:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Greetings and weight question

So there are two stickers. One with weights, one with tires. The one with weights says GAWR FRONT 6000#, GAWR REAR 6500# GVWR is 10,000# The one with Tire info says Combined weight of occupants and cargo should never exceed 1,970# I ooked on the sidewall of the tire and it says 3649# rating Which one do I go by? For safety and legal considerations you go by the trucks makers 6500 RAWR as it carries all the weight in the bed. The RAWR includes the lessor of the tire/wheel/rear spring pack and the rear whole rear assembly. Looking at Rams body builders guide shows the rear spring pack and the wheels have the lessor ratings. The tires have a 3649 lb capacity for a good reserve. The axle assy itself is a AAM 11.5" and has around 10700 lb rating and is the same one used in the 3500 SRW truck so your not even close there.. Anywayz simply drop by a set of CAT scales and weigh the trucks front and rear axles with attention to the trucks rear axle which may weigh in the 3000-3100 lb range leaving over 3000 lbs for a in the bed payload. Scaled numbers tells the tale. The 17k lb trailer tow rating is real as it covers all types on trailers (not just rv trailers). Triaxle trailers can have less pin weight. Equipment or flatdeck trailers farm and ranch implement trailers can be loaded with less hitch weight to stay within the trucks 6500 RAWR. A 17k lb 5th wheel trailer is best handled by the 3500 DRW with those big 9750 RAWR numbers.
JIMNLIN 06/15/19 12:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: it has happened to all of us

growing up in rural Oklahoma trotline/bank poles and limb lines fishing from a boat on rivers and streams at nite for catfish is a fun sport especially when you slide the front of the boat under a willow tree finding the root where you tied the line to.....and a snake drops into the boat. Makes for some good jokes later back at camp..... where did Joe get off to or did you see where Earl went...or who throwed the light at the snake. Black snakes are excellent swimmers and climbers. A 6' footer can easily crawl in the back of the boat when someone has the light in front of the boat. Then some one yells snake. I don't do that kind of fishing anymore. Hell I'm nearly 80 now and I can no longer run up a vertical bank in the dark or even climb the tree.
JIMNLIN 06/14/19 08:05pm Around the Campfire
RE: Cargo Trailer Shopping

Reality Check wrote: A $3k trailer is just that...it will pull and keep stuff covered, but I wouldn't be putting a bunch of heavy point load items in there. Excellent point. We used cargo trailers as tool trailers when I had my small construction company. These trailers were moved in a 8 state area to different construction work sites. My first one was a 7k GVWR trailer with 14" tires. Every trailer I bought with 13"/14" I upgraded to 15" or 16" P tires. I found them to last 35k-45k miles at max axles loads. I found taller tires roll over obstacles/potholes/curbs/etc easier than shorter tires. WE learned a lot with this trailer. As business grew we needed more tool trailers with more robust axle/frames so I moved on up to 10k trailers. Depending on trailer brands I looked at they come with Dexter or Rockwell American axles. The 10k trailers had cross members on 16" centers/heavier flooring/more sidewall studs/etc. When looking at the different trailer brands and sizes go under and check out frames/axle sizes (brakes)/cross members/out riggers and sidewall framing construction. There is a difference. And don't forget brands can be marketed in one area of our country and not in another.
JIMNLIN 06/14/19 08:57am Truck Campers
RE: Medical marijuana

Guns and drugs ?? All types in the new USA
JIMNLIN 06/14/19 08:09am Travel Trailers
RE: Tire pressure

Calling Chineese made tire junk is more political than fact. Many Chineese tire are ISO cetified and many so-call American tires are made in China. So folks please don't confuse facts with politics. Buy American is a good thing however. The issues with poly carcass ST tires came with load C/D/E ratings even when all were made in the USA and made later made in china. I was around towing for a living and our domestic tire makers ST tires had the same issues if not worse. BTDT. The 16" Sailun S637 were probably the first new gen made over there load G tire that hit the streets sometime in the '10 era mostly on regional service trailers.....later on rv trailers. Now we have several brands made over there commercial grade all steel ply carcass ST load G tires with real service records (years and miles). And we have lots of excellent P and LT tires made in china to choose from for our tow vehicles/trailers.
JIMNLIN 06/13/19 08:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: not enough hitch weight capability

Good advice so far Adrain...just to expand a bit. Your 2500 Ram has the same AAM 11.5" rear axle used in the 3500 SRW trucks. For a while it was used in the 3500 DRW as a 9375 rawr. Get some scaled axle weights.
JIMNLIN 06/12/19 08:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Tires for Tow Vehicle

Load E can ride OK if the pressure is dropped to 35-40 psi however that was a lot of parasitic drag on older V8 engines when they had 220-250 hp. The newer V8 with 375-400 hp not so much. You won't get a generic answer for those big LT E for a 1/2 ton truck as we all don't perceive things like a rough ride/handling/etc the same.
JIMNLIN 06/12/19 08:00pm Towing
RE: New member from Oklahoma

Howdy Yeti....welcome to the forums From the foot hills of the Rockies at Black Mesa in the far panhandle at 4700' elevation across the mid section plains to the eastern hills along with many large COE lakes and rivers, OK has a big selection of camping on state and fed campgrounds. However right now were at record flood stages so not much camping goin' on....so we slipped off to CO/NM/UT trip a good days drive to the west.
JIMNLIN 06/12/19 08:12am Around the Campfire
RE: Would the Dodge 2500, 5.7 Hemi be a good tow-er?

Our TT forum will have lots of actual owners that can give you their input. Ask the mod to move you over there.
JIMNLIN 06/12/19 07:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: New Tires for Tow Vehicle

I found the Defenders on sale locally. What is the biggest difference between the load rating 123/120 with a PSI of 80 vs load rating of 116 with. PSI of 44? Thanks! Load E tires with 123 rating = 3420 lb capacity at 80 psi. Load P tire with 116 rating = 2760 lb capacity at 44 psi.
JIMNLIN 06/12/19 07:50am Towing
RE: Terrible condensation/mold? What to use to prevent

My 21 year old 32' trailer sits in a trailer shed that is open the last 4' on the sides for air flow. I close all the windows but leave 3 roof vents, with Maxx air covers, cracked about 1/2". Also we leave the trailer out for a couple of days in the sun after use to dry the interior out. No mold issues. My son lives in mid FL about 25 miles from the coast. He keeps his trailer in a closed trailer barn with the windows closed and the roof vents cracked open a bit. He keeps three buckets of DampRid in the trailer for their humid environment being close to the coast. Mold issues vary depending on where one lives and how they battle or not battle the issue.
JIMNLIN 06/12/19 07:27am Travel Trailers
RE: 10 ply tires?

Most 15" 6 lug trailer wheels today come rated for 80 psi unlike our older 15" trailer wheels that came in several lower psi ratings ie; 50 psi....65 psi. A 15" load E tire is a good upgrade choice for a 15" 6 lug wheel. Never over pressure a wheel or tire when carrying a load.
JIMNLIN 06/11/19 07:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tire pressure

Your 17.5" Sailuns have a 6008 lb capacity per tire at 120 psi on a trailer with 7k or even 8k axles. The 16" Sailun G load range with the 4080 lb or 4400 lb capacity would have been a better fitment. But you gotta' work with what you got. Remember some input comes from some that have just a few years pulling a couple of road trailers. Lots of websites 'splains why we should use max sidewall pressures in a tire on a trailer. However this recommendation works best if the tire load capacity has been fitted to the trailers axle ratings with a 10-15 percent reserve capacity. So we find some websites that says this when we over tire the trailer such as a 6000 lb tire on a 7k axle; fifthwheelstreet.com Step #5.. Selecting the Correct Tire Pressure for Your Trailer We at Fifth Wheel St. no longer recommend adjusting trailer tire inflation pressure below the maximum load PSI rating molded on the sidewall (and only if the wheel/rim is appropriately rated) regardless of the measured scaled weight of individual tire or axle positions for all multi-axle trailers. However, we do strongly recommend weighing individual trailer tire positions to ensure none of the axles or tire positions are overloaded. Reports have shown that trailers do not have equal weight across all tire positions. Some RV load configurations may reveal as much as 20% difference between the front and rear axle. This especially true for Toy Haulers. It is possible that mismanaged trailer load distribution will cause one end of an axle or a tire to be overloaded. It has been stated, but never confirmed by any RV Weighmaster, that there are many RVs traveling on the road with at least one tire or axle side overloaded. The only way to ensure tires and or axles are not overloaded is to weigh each tire position on your trailer. Unfortunately, attempting to obtain accurate individual tire position weight is practically impossible at all truck scales.**
JIMNLIN 06/11/19 07:16pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: TC Options for My F250

Generally tall tires with those tall side walls like a 290/75 can exhibit more carcass roll than tires with shorter sidewalls. Now add a tall top heavy load like a TC and a trailer pushing the back of the truck around can make a ill handling vehicle. Yeah I know...everyone has their idea of what is a bad handling truck or truck/trailer combo. I went through that when 16.5" tires were the norm on our trucks. Maybe some one has experience with todays newer gen low profile 18" and 20" tires. I see on fleet fords website their OEM 20" wheels have the same 3590 lbs capacity as the OEM 18" wheels. Check out 20" LT tires and see if capacity and maybe shorter sidewall height than 18" tires.
JIMNLIN 06/05/19 11:52am Truck Campers
RE: TC Options for My F250

We were truck camper people back in the late '60s/'70s and early '80s. During that period we had three different TCs (8' and a 9' 6" and a 10' 6") on various trucks. I never did a thing to them till I loaded it all up, made a short trip, and then made a decision if any type mod (suspension...drivetrain/etc was needed. Now having hauled commercially I never carried weight above any of my trucks GAWRs especially RAWR as its carried all the weight. Lots of confusion on a rv website concerning gvwr and GVWR weight numbers. OP... here's what a auto engineer has to say on the subject; **I'm a retired auto engineer and Marketing has a big impact on GVWR. As a engineer, it was our job to make sure the frame, brakes and powertrain components were designed well above the GVWR ratings that Marketing wanted, so we would design in a safety factor for each component. You don't really think we would build a truck and then test it to determine what the surprise GVWR number should be! Axle ratings are also well above the GVWR rating and in commercial vehicles, axle ratings are the pay load determining factor and even they have a big safety factor designed into them. It would be unusual for a lawyer to accept a overweight case unless it was grossly over the safety factor weight and even then a vehicle manufacture would not share that info because it is not a hard fast number that will break if one more pound is added. There are many videos of million pound plus loads being moved by trucks across country. It's all about the axles.
JIMNLIN 06/05/19 07:15am Truck Campers
RE: What am I missing on GVWR??

Tires are 265/70R17E 2731 lbs. So does that mean for the pair of rear tires I have 5462 lbs of capacity? Well under what the axle can handle... what a flaw of initial design... The 2731 lbs is for a dual wheel application as in a one ton drw truck (dually) LT265/70-17E have 3195 lbs of capacity when used on a single wheel. The BC clicky posted is not any type of weight code and is just a fact or info sheet. RV websites are notorious for posting them. For actual weight codes we have to go to..... BCs Motor Vehicle Act and Regulations. Looking at BCs "weight scales" section says: (4) The gross weight of any vehicle or combination of vehicles shall be the sum of the individual gross axle weights of all the axles of the vehicle or combination of vehicles. BC posters have chimed in on our trailering forums and other rv websites and all agree they register their trucks at a gvwr however it can be the truck makers gvwr or use the sum of the GAWRs as the trucks GVWR. BC weight scale code confirms this. BC is no different than states weight codes according to those that make their living pulling trailers (non rv) in the US and Canada.
JIMNLIN 06/05/19 06:18am Truck Campers
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