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RE: Need help understanding Truck Capabilities

OP...this comes up often when some one with a '00 to '06 1500HD asks about pulling a 5th wheel trailer or carrying a truck camper. Some think the 1500 HD is a std duty 1500 truck which it ain't. This is a paste and copy from a Silverado/Sierra forum for a bit of input on what your truck is................... ***The 1500HD was the old 2500 (non HD) replacment. At one time GM offered a 8600 lb 3/4 ton and a 9000 lb 1 ton single rear wheel truck. They came out with the 2500HD at 9200 lb and a 2500 at 8600 lb. The changed the 2500 to a 1500HD (I think it was so they could claim the highest towing capacity in the 1/2 ton market). When they brought out the 2500HD they dropped the 9000 lb 3500 single rear wheel truck. The 1500HD was only available with a 6.0L but you could get 3.73 or 4.10 rears (the 2500HD was only offered with 4.10 ratio unless you got the 8.1 or the 6.6). The 2500HD was offered with the 6.0, the 8.1 or the 6.6 engines. The 1500HD has a 4500 lb front axle and 4500 lb front suspension vrs the 4800 front axle and 4500 front suspension in the 2500HD. The 1500HD has a 6000 lb rear axle and rear suspension vrs the 6900 rear axle and 6084 rear suspension on the 2500HD. The 1500HD was only offered in a crew cab with a 6.5' box vrs a full line offering for the 2500HD. The max payload of the 1500HD was 3129 lbs. vrs 3606 for a comparable 2500HD. This info was found in the 2006 Chevrolet Truck Order Guide*** As some others have said GM gives these trucks a 6000 rawr. The truck rear axle may weigh in the 2700 lb range leaving approx 3000 lb in the bed payload. The truck sure won;t have any issues carrying a 3k load or stoping or moving it down the road. You have a very popular truck with those that like and use them. Weigh the trucks front and rear axles that way you know how much real world payload you have to work with.
JIMNLIN 10/10/19 10:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Eternabond vs Dicor

caused one trailer owner to loose his new trailer roof warranty. Care to provide details? This sounds ridiculous... Not really. The trailer owner had a brand new trailer and bit into the add Eternbond thing and you won't ever have to do anymore roof maintance thing some like to push. From his discription he applied it over much of the roof fixtures/jacks/cap seams. He had the trailer back for some warranty issues and someone from the dealership saw all the bandaids laying on the new trailers roof. Apparantly Eternabond was not a factory approved sealant. The trailer owner was a rv.net member ("novice" or some thing like that). He was a prolific new poster 4-5 years back. Had tons of questions. Nothing new there as trailer owners on other rv websites have talked about that problem when applying it on a new trailer. Much also has been posted on the net about resale value of a new trailer concerning the use of Eternabond. I did a quick google and found several websites where both issues were discussed. Interesting subject as some members have said their trailer mfg had no issue with using the product.
JIMNLIN 10/08/19 09:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tire Time

Think I am going with what has worked on the last two 5er's. Another set of Maxxis. Thanks to All Good plan. You know what to expect from them.
JIMNLIN 10/08/19 09:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: ST Tires ???

Look on the side of sailun tires and see where they are mfg. Why everyone looks over this in these discussions beats me. Meaningless reply as the Sailun S637 16" load G are top shelf right now. They've been on the market for over 10 years and have that long term service record that the Endurance may hve some years down the road. The 16'/17.5" Sailuns got there start in the service trailer industry. Later rv owners looking for a better load G and load H tire that would stay together long term started using them. The Sailuns have that earned years and miles of trouble free service over on the commercial side unlike the Endurance that simply hasn't been there yet. JMO but when Endurance owners around the trailering world , report 3-5 years of actual use and 30k-40k miles of trouble free then a statement can be made what type of service they can give. Just being on the market for 2 years and X months is not a indicator how they will do long term. I've said before...the Endurance may have that long term service record from around the trailering world (rv and non rv).
JIMNLIN 10/08/19 05:36am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tire Time

The Endurance is built just like any fabric carcass P/ST or LT tire with two polyester carcass (body) plies and 1 or 2 nylon caps under the tread plus the usual 2 steel tread belts. The Sailun S637 has a all steel ply carcass plus the twin steel tread belts. Its intended for regional trailer service work and also rv trailers.
JIMNLIN 10/07/19 12:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Nascar Follies

It had to happens sooner or later but it came at the right time for K Larson and the 42 team. Good win. Seems like the Camero guys are finally getting the slug worked out for them to compete. And what a nitemare for the 9 and 22 car the first few laps.
JIMNLIN 10/07/19 08:11am Around the Campfire
RE: New to towing, hitch weight question

My wifes 2016 1500 chevy 5.3 6L80e 3.42 gears 4wd trailer package OEM reciever is rated at 1250 lb load and 11k lb tow. Look on the bottom of the hitch on the truck for its load and draw weight rating.
JIMNLIN 10/07/19 07:45am Towing
RE: Tire Time

Or put the Sailun S637's on it, then you have a steel ply carcass tire, which would not require the full 110 lbs on inflation. 90-95 should be fine. Chris Good plan unless the OP's wheels are rated at 80 psi max. Never over pressure a tire or wheel. BTDT on both back in my younger knew it all days...even after my tire dealers told me what can happen.
JIMNLIN 10/07/19 07:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: ST Tires ???

OK, Going to buy LT tires, thats what I have now and never had a problem. Thanks to all who wrote. That would be your safest/best bet. There is no fabic ST tires in 16" load E/D/C that compares to a commercial grade all steel ply carcass LT tire like the Michelin XPS Rib or a bridgestone R-238. Both tires have enough tread to run 50k-70k miles and 7+ years of trouble free service....something a 16" ST E with those thin 9 or 10/32" tread depth isn't capable of doing.
JIMNLIN 10/07/19 06:59am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Lot's of rain in the last 16 hours. So the wife..

Great pictures. Wifes family is from the Green Forest/Berryville area. Those streams like your pics always seem to be running pretty clear after a big rain event. Nothing like NE OK flatlands around Vinita/Miami area where streams are always muddy from farm land. I just got 3.8" from the same system that started 10 oclock saturday nite and just now still getting showers. My creek is mud brown and seldoim clears up. NW AR is a beautiful land.
JIMNLIN 10/06/19 09:09pm Around the Campfire
RE: Towing small utility trailer behind 5ver

Can someone provide a link for what state's this is legal in? I've searched and can't seem to find reliable info. Alabama specifically. AS others say those clicky states websites aren't accurite in many cases. Or they don't tell the whole story. Having towed for a living in a eight state area I found the only law enforcment departments that had the experience to answer combination/weights questions was a local state troop post. Either drop by or give them a call. The dispatcher can get you in contact with one of the posts certified size and weights officers to answer your questions. Not all state troopers are certified size and weights. Same with about all city/county leo's. They, like anyone, have a opinion on the subject.
JIMNLIN 10/06/19 08:58pm Towing
RE: Eternabond vs Dicor

How do you folks tell if its Dicor or a similar product. I've used nothing but Dicor on my '97 31' 10" trailer. The last time I had any issues was in 2008 when the OEM sealant cracked a bit around one side of the skylite. Simply worked it loose with a putty knife and added self leveling Dicor. looks like OEM. The trailer has never leaked. Eternabond laying around the roof on all the fixtures/roof jacks/etc looks like bandaids which affects resale and has even caused one trailer owner to loose his new trailer roof warranty. If you go with Eternabond work it down per instructions and add Dicor (or similar brand self leveling sealant) around the edges like the pros and like the jplante4 picture. Great stuff for its intended use but is not a permenant fix like some say.
JIMNLIN 10/06/19 08:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: ST Tires ???

Wait, what about the Goodyear Endurance , it’s has a stellar reputation one said, but how’s that possible , at 2 years old . I agree Sailun is the only one for me , it TRULY has a stellar reputation The Endurance is popular. However just about any brand tire that is two+ years old shouldn't show any assues yet. Hell many old Carlisle radial trail maypops for past years would last that long. Too early yet but I would bet they will have a better service record than the tires they replaced. We saw this with the Maxxis ST8008 when they first came out. 3 to 5 years later as they accumulated miles and years of service they started coming up with issues. The Sailuns 16" load G S637 has been around now in the trucking side, and recentley the rv industry, for over 10 years now. Right now there the holy grail for 16" load g tires for serious haulers...and even rv trailer owners. 10 year service record vs 2+ years service record. Make your own choices. For 5.2k or lite loaded 6k axle the Bridgestone R238 LT235/85-16 E at 3042 lbs commercial grade all steel ply carcass would be my pick. For a max loaded 6k axles or 7k axles the Sailun S637 in a ST235/80-16 G at 4080 lbs capacity. For heavy loaded 7k and 8k axle the Sailun ST235/85-16 G at 4400 lbs capacity. Both would be great choices for the job. WE get these tire help requests all the time with no input what the trailers gvwr or axle ratings are...or the OEM tire sizes and load ranges. Need a sticky for trailer tire requestion that has all the info so we could give the OP a better less cluttered choices.
JIMNLIN 10/06/19 06:42am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Lowering TV tire pressures

For those of you with diesel HD trucks that lower their tire pressures when not towing, what do you set them to? I’ve currently set 55 front and 60 rear which is a much smoother ride but I’m wondering about the effects. Tire wear? Controllability? Will lowering the fronts cause steering issues? Since all the weight is up front with the diesel should I lower them at all? In theory, with all the weight up front and little in the rear I should be able to lower the rears to less than the fronts. Any problem with that? OP has a 2500 Ram with the Cummins and seeks help with unloaded pressures for that truck. It would help is he and others that are interested in helping him need to add his/their tires size/load range. Depending on what size the OP tires are 55 psi may or may not work the best. I would think 55 psi with a heavy diesel sitting on them (especially 17" tires) will be under pressured causing premature wear issues/hotter operating temps.....but sure would ride good. 60 psi in the rear tire on a 2500 truck ? Regarles of size IMO 45 psi would be a good place to start. Always moniter tire wear patterns. It a good indicator of your tires pressure needs.
JIMNLIN 10/06/19 06:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: Hearing aids

I had normal hearing at one time. But over time and high noise levels the left ear auditory nerve is dead. Hearing aids won't help there. My right ear can't hear high pitch noise very well like my little kid soft voice. So I wear a Resound hearing aid in it. I can hear a bit better but I cannot tell wich direction the sound comes from. Like most old coggers I still can't hear the waiter/waitress with soft voices and depend on the wife to clue me in. I would like to see Medicare move to cover hearing aids. I could see it clearing the house right now but not senate.
JIMNLIN 10/05/19 07:06am Around the Campfire
RE: Lowering TV tire pressures

My '03 Dodge/Cummins came with LT265/70-17 E. The door post says 50 psi front and 80 psi rear and came from the dealer as such. The trip home the front tires had the roll over feeling. A RR showed the outer edges were badly scuffed so I did a chalk line test. I increased psi to 65 which gave the 115k miles of service empty or loaded with GN's and 5th wheel rv trailers. Ran the chalk line on the rears and it showed 45 psi allowed a full tread contact patch. Like the front tire they ran for 115k miles till they finally wore down to just before the tread wear indicators. After owning eight different one ton DRW trucks for my hauling business.....six 1/2 ton trucks.....four 3/4 ton trucks I could care less what the door post psi says. I'm tight so I use the best pressure that gets the best tire milage/ride comfort for my tires. Living out here (rural roads and interstates) will give my vehicle longer tire mileage over city driving.
JIMNLIN 10/05/19 06:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: Chassis strength of 20 -26 ft trailers with one slide

Your wanting tech infomation we don't have...and also bashing all LCI frames is total BS. Having owned a Fleetwood...Thor and Skyline built trailers which was bashed by a few individuals at that time, mine had no issues. Thousands of satified LCI customers vs those that had issues some years back. You will have to go to each trailer mfg and ask them those type questions. When I look at frames I go underside and see for my own self how its made and the type of steel extrusions the frame rails are made of. And of course the trailers with the best frames is the one owned. I would advise anyone looking at "lite" models to R&R their frames to their satisfaction.
JIMNLIN 10/04/19 06:14am Travel Trailers
RE: Experience towing w/ 2WD F250, 2500 or other 3/4 ton

My F250 has a rear GAWR of 6340 lbs and a payload of 3,759 lbs...so we have lots of safety cushion and can carry a generator in the bed of the truck if we want. Another reason to go w/ 2WD if you don't need 4WD to get the extra payload etc. over 4x4. There is no 250/2500 LDT that can carry 3759 lbs as payload in the bed on the rear axles like a truck camper or GN/5th wheel hitch weight. This is just anothor example of the fallacy of a gvwr based payload for "some" gas powered trucks. Looking at fleet Ford specs on a 2019 crew cab 176" wb 6.2 gas show around 7 lbs difference in dry rear axle weight in a 2wd vs 4wd. And around 140 lb difference in dry rear axle weight in a same truck above in 6.2 gas vs 6.7 diesel. The only way the a 250/2500 truck could carry 3759 lbs is with a bed/front bumper mounted overhead rack like we see on Overhead Door service trucks. The rack allows that 3759 lb payload to be spread over front and rear axles. Running some number on the OP rear axle shows a 6340 rawr. These trucks rear axle are weighing in the 3000-3200 + lb range leaving around 3200 lb for a max in the bed payload.
JIMNLIN 10/02/19 06:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tires Date

Depend on their use. When I was on the road I could use tires that were 2 years old because I could wear them out in 50k-70k miles and 8-9 months. Now if the tires are on a vehicle that sees maybe 3500 miles a year then I would want them 6 months or newer. Or if the truck carried a heavy truck camper I would want them fresh also.
JIMNLIN 10/02/19 11:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: BFG tire disintegration

After removing tire, found a nail embedded, but should only be a slow air leak. Tire with 32k miles under a truck camper... tire ran on low pressure to long....tire ran hot till it came a part which is to be expected of any tire under those circumstances.
JIMNLIN 10/02/19 11:46am General RVing Issues
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