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RE: Antonito, CO to Chama, NM Scenic Route

That drive on the highway 17 is one of or our favorites. The trip by rail is even more spectacular. We've seen mountain goats and sheep...elk by the dozens and even a mountain lion running up a ravine as the train went over a high trestle. This time of year sometimes 17 in places is full of cattle being trailed down out of the mountains to lower pastures. Oh yeah and if you come up on a loaded semi trailer full of cattle ...don't tail gate. Great pictures and can't wait to get back up to one of our favorite mountain areas in southern CO and northern NM.
JIMNLIN 10/18/21 06:55am Truck Campers
RE: Why a Diesel Ranger is better than a RAM as a tow vehicle

another troll alert from down under !!!!
JIMNLIN 10/18/21 06:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Which Hitch do I buy?

I like my Husky Centerline TS with 1200 lb when towing a 10k car hauler with a 7400 lb blue tractor. The tractor on the trailer is right at 11' 10" tall....very top heavy load. Real pleased with the hitch. Tracks the truck like my GN and 5th wheel trailers now.
JIMNLIN 10/16/21 11:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Running lights on cars

For local 2 lanes highways I don't like DRLs especially when looking around a slower car trying to see where a on coming vehicle is to make a safe pass. On coming head lites on bright on a flat stretch of highway its hard to tell if that vehicle is 100 yards or two miles down the road. Now the automatic DRL to turn the lights on at dusk is fine as we all can forget to turn the lights on while on the road.
JIMNLIN 10/15/21 06:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Host, Eagle Cap, Lance Suspension Requirements

GM gives that year model truck a 9350?? rawr for carrying weight in the bed. These trucks rear axle may weigh in the 3400 lb range for approx 6000 lb in the bed payload. You have the truck so drop by your local CAT scales at a truck stop and get your trucks separate front and rear axle weights with close attention to rear axle weights as its carrying just about all the TC.....That way you know how much truck camper your particular 3500 DRW can carry. I wouldn't do a thing to the truck before adding a truck camper and make a short local trip. Then is the time to decide if suspension help is needed.
JIMNLIN 10/14/21 12:12pm Truck Campers
RE: New TT Tires

Having access to shop machinery we ran some trailer wheels on a big engine lathe. Ran four 14" and two 15" and a set of 16" for my tri axle flatbed. All were new still in the shipping box. The bead seat flanges on all the wheels were way out of radial and lateral specs for automotive wheels. Several reasons a savvy tire shop doesn't recommend balancing a tire on a trailer. My neighbor had his 38' GN triaxle horse trailer tires balanced. The tires had no weights from the factory so not familiar with trailers he thought they should be.... and dropped by a tire shop and had them balanced using a lug adapter. The trailer shook his F350 drw crew cab long bed all the way home. He dropped by my place and said no shaking before but only after balancing. I found three wheels that had two 4" long weights next to each other. He decided to remove them. He got his smooth ride back and learned a lesson. Cheap tires...no as these were LT235/85-16 E Michelin XPS Ribs on 6k axles. Those 26-28" long trailer springs act as a huge damper.
JIMNLIN 10/13/21 07:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: Winterizing black and gray tanks

I have a dump at home so nothing ever sits in my tanks very long. I open the drains and take the caps off and place piece of window screen over them to keep the critters out.
JIMNLIN 10/13/21 06:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tires again

Samson 16" GL 285T load G is a go to tire on haulers websites. One thing we do not use or recommend to others is derate those heavy tires with 80-95 psi low pressures like we see on rv websites. Top rated 16" load G for trailers with 7k-8k axles on rv and non rv trailering website without doubt is the Sailun S637 which comes in two 16" sizes at 4080 lbs or 4400 lbs capacity. I have six S637 on a triaxle GN stock trailer/7k axles with around 35k-37k miles with no issues. I keep 110 psi sitting for weeks or full loads or half loads on local runs 400-450 mile runs.
JIMNLIN 10/07/21 06:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2021 No Bo 19.5 bent axle

OPs trailer from the manufacturers brochure says it has Torsion axles. A bent or out of round wheel has the potential to cause considerable stress to a torsion axle at high rates of speed from excess bouncing. But I sort of doubt it was the main cause of the axle damage but may have been a contributing factor.. I seriously doubt any repair shop whether it is a big rig or small mom and pop can fix a torsion axle once the rubber has been damaged which is highly likely what gave out since the rubber in a torsion axle is the weakest link. Op mentioned it is a single axle so "scrubbing" as you would know from dual or multiple axles does not happen.. Both big rig trailer repair shops I mentioned did rubber torsion axle service of all sizes. Torsion axles have other parts that aren't rubber. However the OP didn't say the trailer was squatting more now. Granted single axle trailer tires don't side scrub going around corners but a single axle tube or the spindle (torsion or std leaf spring axles) can bend when hitting a curb at 5 mpg. At that speed usually a cut sidewall and bent rim damage from the curb can be normal. The company I sub contracted through sent a letter to all their subs stating they weren't going to give any more out of warranty service to those who used torsion axles on mostly cargo/enclosed trailers we used as construction job site tool trailers. I had a 22' tandem enclosed tool trailer I used on my job sites and could not keep the tires from odd wear patterns and premature wear on one side of the tires tread or the other. Back to the trailer mfg and traded it for the same trailer with std leaf spring suspension. Torsion axles just couldn't stay lined to specs in those conditions.
JIMNLIN 10/03/21 01:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Not much posting

One of the websites I frequent (ham radio/PB scanners type) has a zero policy for personnel bashing and brand bashing. Like one strike and your membership is history. Off topic replies are given a warning to stay on topic. Snarky replies like others replies are dumb will usually result in canceled membership. Much more enjoyable to learn from others experience(s) and especially those that have vast knowledge and experience with a devise in question. Threads stay on topic. Everyone gets a voice without the usual bash from known forum know it all types we have on a couple of forums on this website.
JIMNLIN 10/03/21 09:08am Around the Campfire
RE: 2021 No Bo 19.5 bent axle

I big rig trailer repair shop can bend the axle back to specs and have you on the road in short order. Rolling over a curb at 5mph ? That quite a impact especially if the trailer was going around a corner and with the tires side scrubbing "into" the curb. One of the two big rig trailer repair shops I've used said they see lots of lead axle/curb side bent wheels and axles....cut tires or just outside rubber cuts on rv trailers. A bent wheel won't bend a std leaf spring suspension axle. Jack the wheel up enough to roll it by hand. If it wobbles its bent and needs replaced....and have that tire checked internally.
JIMNLIN 10/03/21 08:37am Travel Trailers
RE: 4 season package?

Advertized 4 season unit can vary widely depending on year models...brands...models within a brand...other. My current old '97 was advertised as a 4 season unit...but it was a long way from units with say Arctic packs. This trailers black/grey tanks were not enclosed but were advertised as heated. LOL....in this case the mfg had chopped a hole in the floor over the tank so it could receive heated air from the trailer. The tank has a plastic shroud around it but the shroud has no top. Its a joke. I plugged the holes and had heat pads on the bottom of the tanks and then enclosed the tanks with exterior grade expanding foam. This unit also had R7 walls/floors and roof insulation values and single pane windows. I'm sure others can tell you about their brand/year model units 4 season stacks up.
JIMNLIN 10/03/21 08:20am Fifth-Wheels
RE: What's you remaining payload weights as configured?

350/3500 srw crew cab long beds 4wd diesel trucks with those big 4xxx lb gvwr based payloads if all placed in the bed over the trucks rear axle may overload the truck 7000 rawr. I've seen some owners of trucks this size say their truck unladin rear axle weight was in the 3400-3500 lbs range leaving 3500-3600 lbs for a max rear axle payload. Best to weigh the rig on a scale that way actual loads on the trucks axles/tires/suspension are known. A upgraded in those components can then be addressed ...if needed.
JIMNLIN 10/03/21 07:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: jayco small travel trailers

Building quality can be scary! I'm getting back into the RV adventure and am looking for a 2014-2018, 20-25 foot travel. As it pertains to quality, which manufacturers in the 2014-2018 rise to the top? THANKS. Many folks don't read a bash the rv industry thread. JMO..... you'll get more responses by starting your own thread with your question. However asking a which is best question can result in my brand is best and bash other brands. My first 5th wheel rv trailer was a 26' from Skyline .....my second was a 28' from Fleetwood 5th wheel....my current 32' 5th wheel trailer is a Thor brand. All three brands were bashed/trashed by many. The most problems I've had were from appliances which were the same brands in just about all types of rvs.
JIMNLIN 09/30/21 12:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: trailer saved the day

We keep several 1 gallon jugs of distilled/spring water water on hand for making coffee/etc and emergency situations. That way there is no waiting.
JIMNLIN 09/29/21 06:22am Travel Trailers
RE: What's you remaining payload weights as configured?

I am trying to stay “legal” in terms of payload weight, trailer weights and combined vehicle weights. Payload seems to be the biggest challenge. The payload sticker isn't used for any legal weight issues. Weights you need to stay under can be if your state has some type of weight for registration and the vehicle axle/tire load ratings and in particular the trucks rawr as its gonna' carry all the weight in the bed. I have more than one truck but my favorite is my trusty old '03 2500 Dodge/Cummins 2wd quad cab short bed SLT NV5600 tranny 3.73 gears 9000 gvwr and 6000 rawr. My rv trailer weighs in at 11200-11400 lb (depending on how its loaded) with a bedroom slide and a super slide. The trucks unloaded scaled axle weights are 2860 rear and 4180 front. Hooked up scaled weights are 4160 lbs front axle and rear axle scales in at 5260-5480 lbs depending on how the combo is loaded. My sliding hitch and the pin is located zero over the trucks rear axle. GM has a weights calculatorclicky link on their website ordering guide. However for some reason it stops in 2020 year models. This gave us the std equipment and all options as equipped axle weights and a the trucks gross weight.
JIMNLIN 09/28/21 11:59am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Touchy subject - proper toilet paper for black tank

We've used reg TP at home and in all our truck and 5th wheel campers since 1972. Our current '97 5th wheel trailer has had nothing but Charmin reg TP and no clogs. We also use lots of water on each flush. Our neighbors bought a 36' motor home to use in their show horse business and plugged the toilet the first year with camper TP. His rv dealer unclogged the tank and said it was caused from not using enough water.
JIMNLIN 09/28/21 05:20am General RVing Issues
RE: Forest River Wildcat OR Grand Design Reflection...???

Welcome to the forum. I would be more concerned about any used trailer regardless of brands or floorplans. Your familiar with rv appliances so you know how they should work. Also running gear and frames need to be looked at. First trip on the road isn't a places you want to have issues with them. FR or GD...I would choose the floor plan I liked and if it fit my budget...or my tow vehicle weight specs. A 5th wheel trailer that size can have well in excess of 3000 lb hitch weights... plus the hitch...plus other stuff the truck will be carrying.
JIMNLIN 09/25/21 12:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Chinese RV tires... holding up!

Yeah... most of the current 16" G rated tire brands are made for the service trailer industry. Most are commercial grade all steel ply carcass tires and have became popular with rv trailer owners looking for a long trouble free service tire on 7k-8k axles. Their good for 60k-80k miles depending depending on type of use.
JIMNLIN 09/25/21 11:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Chinese RV tires... holding up!

Actually Goodyear Marathons were made in the USA many years before moving them out of the USA. The orig made in USA Marathons were basically a 3500-5000 mile tire before throwing their treads or internal structure issues. Goodyear improved them a bit some time in the Y2K era with a circle S stamped on the side wall but due to their narrow tread design on a 75 series carcass they were still prone to failures especially high mileage trailers. We called them Goodyear may pops. Being a niche tire the materials and tooling/molds were moved to china In 2017 Goodyear did a complete redesign on their ST tire with the Endurance. The Endurance lost that basket ball shape carcass and a narrow tread. Goodyear points this tire more to RV type trailer with the very thin 8/32nds tread depth. The tire is very popular on rv websites.
JIMNLIN 09/24/21 08:14pm General RVing Issues
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