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RE: Any problems with Goodyear Endurance tires?

I bought my Endurance tires for my fifth wheel almost 2 years ago and after 25,000 miles I replaced the front 2 due to the outer tread wearing from excess scrubbing in tight turns. I'll flip the new ones to even out the wear. The rears now have 27,000 miles. JK Good write up by telling us your tires miles of service. Size and load range would make it even better. 5th wheel trailers can have small C load 14" sizes up to 17.5" with H load tires. Most RV folks talk about so many years but tell us nothing how many approx miles on them. Makes a big difference. With only 8/32 of tread depth vs 14-16/32nds for other tire types so watch the tread wear bars.
JIMNLIN 02/19/20 06:50am Travel Trailers
RE: Registration Rant

What are you guys seeing for registration in other states for a Similar vehicle? My state (OK) for a 2001 trucks annual tag fee would be ; ...""17th year of registration and over........................$21.00"". We have no weight(s) numbers for registering a non commercial truck. However I sure wouldn't move to a state just because a bit cheaper vehicle annual registration fee/tag fee/sticker fee/etc without first checking other type taxes/costs that one has to pay in that state. You could be jumping from the pan into the fire. Such as my state one time shot when we first purchase the vehicle and is paid at the time of registration..... ** Standard vehicle excise tax is assessed as follows: New Vehicle: 3.25% of the purchase price (or taxable value, if different) Used Vehicle: $20.00 on the 1st $1500.00 of value + 3.25% of the remainder.** That state and County taxes also has to be figured. Taxes can be talked about without political blather by most folks.
JIMNLIN 02/19/20 06:27am Truck Campers
RE: Load Range G Tires

Still avoiding a simple cut n paste I see. If three are so many you should have no problem posting several. Since date mid 07 there should be literally hundreds of story’s when simply doing a “GoodYear “G” tire failures or issues” search. They just aint there. I Just saw this posted last nite....funny. A search on this website is......well lets say lacking at best about any subject. Myself I wouldn't waste time on this website search function. A quick 1 min google had pages of hits on the G614 issues from HH II...montana....forestriver.....heartland...mobile suites....others. Even saw some horse haulers....boaters/other website dot coms show up. The first one had this to say about Goodyears G614: from Simpletire customer comments : G614 issues **On 07/22/2019 gave an Overall Rating of 1 2 3 4 5 5.00 Comments: Blew another G 614 So went with 4 S637 in 235/85/16 Drove home 350 miles they were the smoothest straightest miles I have ever towed Just Love them.** ...................................... There were 18 more pages and I have no idea how they all went. Someone could spend hours searching through all those pages. Just because one poster hasn't seen and read about them doesn't mean the rest of us haven't.
JIMNLIN 02/18/20 06:02am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Triangle Trailer tires?

The G614 sure isn't the standard for comparing a load G tire. Not with its checkered history. As mentioned we don't see tire issues with foreign made brands in a all steel commercial class G load tires like we do with load C/D/E ST trailer tires. I see many haulers (commercial) using same 656 Triangles 17.5" on their service trailers with no issues. If it was me I would run them...but like any tire watch them. I also wouldn't let them get below 100 psi while sitting for the winter or running 70 mph down the road.
JIMNLIN 02/15/20 06:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: GoodYear G114 LHT

Lets turn this around and see where your facts about a great track record come from....that what I thought... their just your own. As I've always preached if anyone wants to know how a tires service record is doing "now and in the past" look around the net at the many trailering forums (rv and non rv). That way we get actual experiences from actual users...not just kool aid from one or two posters that promote one brand only for trailers. I promote different brands/types of tires for trailers depending on load ranges/sizes based on what I see on rv and non rv trailer forums... not just what I've used on my trailers. Lots of Marathon users swear by them and run thousands of miles on them and claim zero issues.....but the net with all the different trailering websites shows us a different story.
JIMNLIN 02/15/20 06:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: GoodYear G114 LHT

One might be better educated on the G114 story or current history by checking out forums like NUWA or other website for heavier rv trailers/haulers websites. These tires like the G614 has a very checkered past.
JIMNLIN 02/14/20 06:55pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Load Range G Tires

Seems odd coming from those owning a made in Mexico truck. Or a truck made in Canada. Or a truck with a engine made in Mexico. What country did those materials in the G614 come from.
JIMNLIN 02/14/20 06:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: LT tires on your TT? Let the fight begin

I was around towing for a living when the automotive tire industry moved to radials. ST were a few years behind. The issues I had with Goodyear I mentioned above were all with bias ply tires. They simply ran to hot even at max psi.
JIMNLIN 02/13/20 11:51am Travel Trailers
RE: LT tires on your TT? Let the fight begin

Agree. I owned a LOT of Marathons. They all failed in short order. At every replacement, I upgraded size and load range. LOL...that brought back some painful memories about my dealing with Goodyear over their Marathon issues. When I was young and dumb I let a car tire shop down on the corner talk me into letting him setup all my trailer with the new and great 15"/16" Marathons all made in the USA back then. There were five trailers involved with 28 tires on the ground. In this type of work we can run 60k-80k miles a year so non had time to sit around and rot. Well long story short after 5-7 weeks myself and my other drivers was changing a ruined tire on just about every trip. I even had two spare per trailer. We were using Goodyear replacement warranty every week. Goodyear finally stopped replacing them under warranty. What to do. Finally a very experienced Goodyear truck tire dealer that had lots of commercial customers made me a deal on switching all my trailers to a LT tire. WOW....that move saved my small hauling business. With LT tires we could actually run 40k-60k miles till the tread bars showed...and zero issues. This type of work we can't afford using a tire with 8 or 9/32nds of tread depth. And we use the same size axles/15" and 16" tires and wheels as on any rv trailer. One thing I notice RV folks may brag they never had a issue with a ST tires in bla bla years never say how many miles on their tires. Most say they timed out...which tells me they don't tow much in a years time. Hell I have a utility trailer that sits probably 10 months out of a year with ST tires with 2610 DOT build date code. Guess I could brag no issues in 10 years also. But then thats not all the story.
JIMNLIN 02/13/20 07:13am Travel Trailers
RE: More power for Godzilla

Huffers were tried on older 454/460 gas engines on tow trucks mostly one ton DRWs back in the '70s and 80s with not so good results as heat was a engine killer with towing duties. Kinda early yet but it would be interesting to see how this outfit copes with heat on a working 7.3 gasser. Now a huffer on 1/4 mile drag trucks faired better as heat build up wasn't near as big of a issue.
JIMNLIN 02/12/20 07:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: can someone please explain this for me?

Apparently you know your Fords pretty good. My rear axle is rated at 6084. How would I go about finding out if this truck was equipped with the camper package or anything like that? Also why would you calculate the weight of the axle itself into the payload? The axle weight is resting on the ground not the suspension. That one doesn't make sense to me. Actually up until a couple of years ago Fleet Ford had all their trucks weight spec available from 1999 up to current years on a website. Great for anyone interested in actual mechanical specs for Fords trucks from F150 up to F550s. Now all I can find in specs from 2014 to present. However that 6084 rawr numbers was used by GM and Dodge for years. So it sticks in your mind. I'm not a Ford guru but we do have some on the website that are. Especially on the truck camper forum. Those guys haul 3k-6k truck campers ...many with the Fords. You might check with a Ford truck dealer commercial side. Or Ford diesel truck websites like FTE (Ford Truck Enthusiast)... a great source for a tech question about a Ford truck. I'm sure we have Ford truck owners here who may help so stand by. Weights are measured at the tire/ground interface...just the way it works. Thats why we use dry air in the tires :B
JIMNLIN 02/12/20 12:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: can someone please explain this for me?

According to this my max trailer weight without a 5th wheel is 12,500 and with a 5th wheel it drops to 10,600. Why is that? No one knows why a truck makers assigns ratings to a particular truck. Its been this was since mfg started assigning numbers to their trucks. RV folks like to guess and some guesses get pretty wild. However we do know a 5th wheel trailer places all the hitch weight (pin weight)..plus the weight of the hitch itself over the trucks rear axle. That model F250 has either a 6084 or 6100 RAWR. These year model F250 rear axle can weigh in the 2900-3000 lb range leaving around 3000-3200 lb for a in the bed payload. You have the truck so drop by a set of CAT scale and get your trucks front and rear axle weights. These are the numbers that will tell you what the truck can safely handle in all situations. The RAWR includes rear axle assy....tires....wheels...brakes....rear spring pack. Now if your F250 has the heavy service package or camper package the front and rear brakes...suspension is upgraded two times. Same as a F350srw GAWR packages.
JIMNLIN 02/12/20 09:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: LT tires on your TT? Let the fight begin

No need for a fight. Just put some tires on and go camping. I don't see anyone fighting....just the same old stuff same ol' same ol' bilge repeated repeatedly over and over by the same and a few new players :B Good troll thread though.
JIMNLIN 02/12/20 08:40am Travel Trailers
RE: Chucking

Certain concrete slab joints can cause chucking with any truck/trailer/hitch combo (not all). Some sections may be several miles long or maybe a few blocks long. Years back it was referred to as freeway hop. I've notice it with GN/bumper pull/5th wheel trailers also over the same sections. Some were just noticeable on the rougher roadway joints while other trailers were severe enough I had to slow down.
JIMNLIN 02/11/20 07:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Insurance Denying Claims

The sidewall outside skin cracking at the slide bottom has/was a issue with many 5th wheel trailers even back as far as my '97 trailer. Mine started cracking at the front corner. From the corner it worked down at slight angle. Drill stop the crack didn't help. Finally dropped by my rv dealer for their input. Service mgr gave me a 18" foot long piece of flat plastic molding. I cut the skin all the way down (13") and sealed the crack with a sealer...then installed the molding with a sealer with two SS button head scrws over the crack. That was in '03/'04 and its never leaked. Everyone noticed many 5ers came from the factory with flat piece of molding over that same place. I assume the factory cut the skin so it would stay under the molding. My trailer had no frame stress issues.
JIMNLIN 02/11/20 09:25am General RVing Issues
RE: LT tires on your TT? Let the fight begin

From the Michelin website FAQ Must I replace my present tires with the same size tires? Never choose a smaller size than those that came with the car. Tires should always be replaced with the same size designation, with approved or greater load carrying capacity or greater load carrying capacity -- or approved options -- as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer or authorized dealer. The way the question is asked puts Michelin or any tire mfg into a liability corner. So sure Michelin answer to this specific question will always be the same as the Q&A answer. Now if the question is worded differently such as in many emails from Michelin that have been posted on this website over the years we get a different answer such as this.... **In regards to the email you sent stating: I have a 2006 Montana 5th wheel Trailer that has two 6,000 lb Dexter axles and 4 deluxe aluminum Rims each rated at 3,042 lbs. I would like to install your Michelin XPS® Rib™ LT235/85 R16/E's on this 5th wheel. Will the tires be fully waranteed in this application? Answer..--------------------------------------------- We appreciate your request for information regarding the Michelin XPS Rib. The XPS Rib, size LT235/85R16/E, part number 13080 would be a good fitment for your 5th wheel. The tire carries 3042Lbs at 80-psi max pressure. For best pressure recommendation, run at maximum pressure until you can weigh your axles either call or reply to this email for a pressure recommendation. It is a good application, so there are no warranty issues. Your tires are covered under applicable warranty. We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing Michelin.** This is old stuff and this website has been through all this many times before with Cal who was posting same non sense as FastEagle back then.
JIMNLIN 02/11/20 09:04am Travel Trailers
RE: What is wrong sir?

My guess; maybe he bought a damaged/gutted trailer and was getting it home 3 miles down the road for a re model. Lots of guessing on this one.
JIMNLIN 02/11/20 07:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel tires

The average consumer seeking replacement tires have no real reason to cross over to something different than what has been recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. When looking around the net at the many rv and non rv trailering websites (dozens) just about every member that asks the same old question about a better replacement tire than his OEM tires is looking for a better tire. There are no state/fed laws that enforces the tire placard or say we have to stay with the trailer mfg tire choices . The tire placard is required by law for the vehicle mfg to list his tire choices . These choices have to be on the trailer at first retail sales. After that the vehicle owner wants to upgrade the tires before making the first trip or replacing worn out/time out tires, he/she is under no legal obligation to use the same tire on the placard. The only legal aspect would be if the owner for whatever reason gets weighed and the tires capacity doesn't meet the actual load on them then he may receive a over weight ticket. IMO the tire placard is a good idea (a place to start) for those who don't have the experience or knowledge to choose a proper/safest tire for his/her tow vehicle or trailer.
JIMNLIN 02/11/20 06:54am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel tires

1/4” tread seems thin but they have a high tread wear rating. Most will age out before wear out. The thin tread depth is one reason some trailer owners who rack up thousands of miles a year can't afford ST tires. There better suited for rv trailer owners who run 20k-25k miles in 5 -6 years at the most. I run 50k-55k miles in seven years with poly carcass LT E tires on my 5th wheel rv trailer. I 'm on the third set installed late last fall. Many 16" LT E tires can have 14 or 15/32 of tread depth so ST E tires doesn't make cents/sense for those of us who run lots of miles per year. The all steel ply carcass R250 and Xps Ribs have ran 60k-80k miles on commercial class trailers. Both of these tires make better sense for the long haul on a high miles per year rv trailer. Beside they have many years and miles of service records to back them up vs the Endurance that been on the market for 3 years and no miles of service record yet.
JIMNLIN 02/10/20 07:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th wheel tires

FWIW, I just checked Discount Tire and their price for the R238 is =higher= than the same size Michelin XP Rib by a few bucks. Used to be t'other way 'round. Lyle I just ran the LT235/85-16 E on DT website. XPS Rib ...281 bucks R238 ......265 bucks Simpletire.com shows the XPS at around 265 bucks R238 at around 250 bucks Jeeze the first XPS Ribs I bought for a equipment trailer from DT was 148 bucks each....some years back. I've read some replies from rv folks that DT won't install a LT tire on a trailer for all kinds of reasons. Both DT stores near me will install LTs on a trailer. Both store mgrs said DT corp left it up to the store owner for that decision. Both of these store have lots of commercial and non commercial trailer customers so their well up on any legal/liability issues vs tire placard recommendations. I thought I knew "some" about this issue but one store mgr had much more input on a companies liability issues. He seemed ready to talk with a customer that knew something on the subject other than the tire placard sayz bla bla bla.
JIMNLIN 02/10/20 07:34pm Fifth-Wheels
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