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RE: Tow/Haul off or on(ram)

Regardless of what vehicle you have, I think you should only use tow/haul or OD off modes if you actually see some NEED for that......like the engine is lugging going up small hills. I would think with an 8 speed transmission it should handle most situations without intervention. Wrong, you should always engage TH when towing, it is what the manufacturer recommends and how the vehicle is designed. The fuel efficiency focused shift patterns of the details maps are not appropriate for towing and the extra heat generated by the torque converter when not locked under load is not good for engine or transmission. In addition at least on my vehicle the hill assist feature is pretty worthless unless in TH mode. How can Sam be wrong when your both saying T/H should be used or did I miss read what your both saying.
JIMNLIN 08/21/19 06:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: Rough Ride

JMO but from my experience I would say way too much tire for the job. The Sailuns (4080 -4400 lbs capacity) work best for 7k and 8k axles but not the best idea on trailers with light loaded 6k-5.2k axles. I got into the over tire issues on my tandem axle cargo trailers with 5.2k axles with 15" OEM load C tires. My other trailers (heavier) with 6k-7k axles had 16" tires so I moved both cargo trailers (our job site tool trailers) to 16" E tires. After that move we found tools scattered all over the trailers floor. At that time we had many 15" LT tires available so went to a 15" C load tire. No more tools shook loose from their hangers/shelves. I would put those G load Sailuns on CL and use that money to re tire the trailer with a 16" LT E Bridgestone R-238 commercial grade all steel ply carcass like the Sailuns if they fit or a ST E tire like the Provider....Endurance....Carlisle HD in that order. These are a better class ST tire than what we used 6-8 years ago.
JIMNLIN 08/21/19 06:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tow/Haul off or on(ram)

This thread was interesting from the standpoint of how much bad information and lack of knowledge was expressed. :S Perhaps interesting but certainly far from unique on this site. LOL...yeah the OP has a 1500 Ram hemi and 8 speed tranny which will have different TC lock/unlock and shift parameters in T/H mode than a Ford or GM. My wifes 2016 1500 chevy 5.3 6 speed tranny T/H mode is nothing like what my neighbors 2016 2500 Damx/A work truck T/H mode...apples vs pickles. He also has a 2018 2500 chevy 6.0 (his wifes) and its T/H mode operation is different than the 5.3/6 speed or the Dmax/A. Now throw in a Ford or older Dodge/Ram or a GM and we have input all over the place.
JIMNLIN 08/20/19 02:05pm Tow Vehicles

AS was said drop by a local CAT scale and get the trucks front and rear axle weights. A single gross weight doesn't tell the real story. Trucks unladin weights isn't generic as it varies from weight the truck owner has added to get the truck road ready.
JIMNLIN 08/20/19 05:36am Truck Campers
RE: Ram 2500 Diesel

More input from a actual auto engineer on GVWR vs the GAWRs....( copy and paste from another rv website;) grindstone01 Senior Member Join Date: Oct 2017 Location: FULL TIMERS Posts: 2,325 Registry *** I'm a retired auto engineer and Marketing has a big impact on GVWR. As a engineer, it was our job to make sure the frame, brakes and powertrain components were designed well above the GVWR ratings that Marketing wanted, so we would design in a safety factor for each component. You don't really think we would build a truck and then test it to determine what the surprise GVWR number should be! Axle ratings are also well above the GVWR rating and in commercial vehicles, axle ratings are the pay load determining factor and even they have a big safety factor designed into them. It would be unusual for a lawyer to accept a overweight case unless it was grossly over the safety factor weight and even then a vehicle manufacture would not share that info because it is not a hard fast number that will break if one more pound is added. There are many videos of million pound plus loads being moved by trucks across country. It's all about the axles.*** Just stay under your trucks FAWR/RAWR/tire load ratings that way your safe and legal. Oh yeah...and any kind of weight your state requires for registration purposes...if any.
JIMNLIN 08/19/19 06:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 2500 Diesel

thanks for all the replies. I was looking for "real world" experience. I know that the factory numbers will be overshot if I buy the camper I mentioned but is going over the numbers a reciepe for disaster? I don't want to risk life or limb and I don't want to tear something up. Do most people stay under the factory numbers? Most RV folks stay under FAWR/GAWR unless they mod the trucks tires/wheels/rear suspension. A few rv folks seem to use the trucks GVWR minus unladin weight to determine a payload or some like to use the trucks payload sticker numbers. However GVWR isn't used to determine a legal load limit. GAWRs and tire load limits are. The older 2500 Dodge/Rams with leaf spring rear suspension could be modded with 19.5" tires and wheels along with air bags or other after market suspension help to safely carry more weight. I'm sure there are aftermarket products for helping the rear coils to safely carry more weight. A 40' trailer can weigh 15k plus lbs and is a bit much for a 2500 Ram truck and OEM rear suspension.
JIMNLIN 08/19/19 06:26am Tow Vehicles

Some times a truck that has been rebuilt may not have the FAWR/RAWR certification sticker. If its missing go to a GM dealer and have them run the VIN number for the trucks certification numbers.
JIMNLIN 08/19/19 06:05am Truck Campers
RE: Spare Tire question- doesnt match our new TT tires

Am I worrying over nothing? JMO but your worrying over a non issue. Having owned as many as eight trailers at a time (non rv) with five on the road daily (28 tires on the road) many never had the same tire brand or size or load range spare tire. However they were all close to the same diameter and load capacity. The only down side I found was in a different tread pattern...or load range....or tire diameter on the same axle could cause uneven braking on that axle especially on wet pavement. Usually causing one tire to lose traction. When I buy new tires for a tandem axle trailer I buy 4.....or 6 for my triaxle trailers. JMO but buying a new tire that may never see the road was a waste of my hard earned money. I use LT tires so most trailers spare tires saw little road use. I look at a spare as a tire to get me back on the road to the nearest tire dealer to fix or replace the flat tire. The Endurance and Carlisle HD both are new tires from their MFG and have been out just over two years. Both seem to have about the same service record (good) so I wouldn't say one in better than the other.
JIMNLIN 08/19/19 05:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing 5th wheel near the trucks limits

Agree with Old-Biscuit, it will work if you can stay under rawr/tire rating. You will likely be over payload some, but 2014 truck won't break in half over a few hundred lbs. Jerry The tires are L/T BF Goodrich All Terrain KO2, so they have a higher rating than stock tires. I will check it out, Thanks! JFI for your next truck or trailer....your trucks rawr is the lessor of a tire....wheel....rear suspension....axle rating. Up rate one component is fine but don't forget the others.
JIMNLIN 08/15/19 07:16am Towing
RE: Tires

A tire maker like Cooper/others may have several lines of LT tires to choose from. One line can be better than another for your size truck.....load carrying requirements......traction needs and long term service. Which Cooper LT tire line are you interested in ?? I've used Cooper LT and P tires over the years and always had good results. The last Cooper LT E I used the SRM II which were discontinued and replaced with the Discoverer HT 3. Cooper recommends them for commercial service.
JIMNLIN 08/14/19 08:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Hitch choice

OP says; ""Well, we settled on a B&W Patriot 16,000 non-slider. Good price, good reviews. Having never used a 5th wheel hitch before, I have no idea how good it is, but it seems to have a good reputation. I'll be pulling a 5th wheel with GVWR under 10,500lbs. Thanks."" You bought one of the top 5 rv type hitch brands and being a new to a 5th wheel trailer world I would suggest you follow B&W recommendations on this subject.
JIMNLIN 08/14/19 08:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hitch choice

B&W recommendation on page #5; B&W pull test PULL TEST ***Have the truck stationary with the emergency brake on, the trailer wheels blocked and landing gear still resting firm on the ground supporting the weight of the trailer. Make sure no one is between the truck and trailer, return to the cab of the truck. Release the emergency brake and apply the trailer brakes. Try to pull the trailer forward with the truck. If the trailer is properly hooked up, the wheel blocks and trailer brakes should not allow the truck to move forward. If trailer is not hitched correctly, the trailer will separate from the truck. However, with the landing gear resting firmly on the ground, it will support the trailer and not allow it to drop or fall on the truck sides.*** B&W like all lite duty rv or heavy duty OTR 5th wheel hitch makers offer this bit of advise. Being in the industry they all know and understand the reasons for a tug test which has less to do with a liability statement but rather a fact of life with any brand, or jaw type, 5th wheel hitch. If your a bla bla bla brand hitch owner and don't want to do a tug test then thats fine. Thats doesn't mean a tug test isn't needed for that brand hitch.
JIMNLIN 08/14/19 08:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hitch choice

Rv websites are a hoot when it comes to folks bragging about their hitch brand/type doesn't require a tug test or bashing other brands. On haulers type websites everyone is in agreement only a fool doesn't do a tug test with any brand OTR professional type 5th wheel hitches.....and admit any brand can be hi pinned which can result in drops. There isn't a hitch maker out here from the lightweight rv type hitch on up to SAF Holland.....Fontaine.....Jost/other OTR type hitch that doesn't recommend a tug test. RV world tug test is optional because its a xxx brand hitch :R. Haulers world tug test is usually mandatory regardless of hitch brand. Some trucking companies require it or your fired. When I hauled I did the tug test when the hitch slammed shut....then a visual when raising the jacks and hooking air and electric up. I use the same procedure with all rv 5th wheel trailers I've owned.
JIMNLIN 08/13/19 12:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Another tire thread

This is typically where most tire threads end up when the OP dosn't tell us what size tire he need or was OEM on his trailer. The OP tires may have been a 14" D tire at 2040 lbs capacity or a smaller size 15" C tire. JMO but this is a typical case of using the wrong brand ST class tires. I recommend some ST tire brands like the Providers.....or the new Endurance.....or the new Carlisle HD in that order for trailers that see little long run road service miles. These are the new gen higher speed rated ST class tires. Older Marathons....older Carlisle radial trails and other brands the OP mentioned work better on lawn service trailers that see little to non long run highways miles (600-1000 miles a day after day).
JIMNLIN 08/13/19 08:13am Towing
RE: I need a large 5th wheel but am I looking too large?

Thank you! And thank you to the others offering great opinions. I guess I will be topping out the F350. I will consider the Dodge... OR F450.. Ugh. Maybe going smaller is really the solution here and give up some comforts. This was a really good discussion so far. The F450 pickup has the same front and rear axle ratings as the F350 DRW so you gain no weight carrying capacity there. Its the F450 Ford or a 4500 Ram C&C (cab and chassis) that has the 11k-12k rear axle ratings. These are popular as a MDT with big RV trailers or commercial haulers, especially with a custom made bed of your choice. I want to stress this to you.....With many state having length restrictions you need to do your home work there. Most offer a (1) day over size (length) permit as you pass through their state.
JIMNLIN 08/07/19 06:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: I need a large 5th wheel but am I looking too large?

States can have a vehicle length law on the books and same for a combination max length. My state is 42' for a RV and 68' for a combination. I've yet to hear of anyone (rv folks) being pulled over for being over either max lengths. A '17 F350 DRW has a 9900 rawr that will carry all the hitch load and other gear in the bed. Many owners report around 3500 lb unladin rear axle weight (actaul weight depends on scaled axle weights). This leaves approx 6k-6.5k lbs for a in the bed payload. Your gonna' have close to a max loaded truck. Just for fodder.....Next truck up is the F450 cab/chassis with those big 11.5k-12k rawr numbers which will give you plenty of reserve load carrying capacity.
JIMNLIN 08/06/19 06:50pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: proper hook up procedure?

If your the type as some must be that lifts the trailer off the jacks as they back under the pin then they would need the trailer wheels blocked. With 3 different 5th wheel rv trailers and 4 different 5th wheel flatdecks I've never lifted the trailer off the jacks while backing under the pin. My trailer sits in the trailer shed also with no chocks. I use them in the camp ground on a extended stay or storms in the area when over nighting.
JIMNLIN 08/06/19 07:16am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New To TT game, need some help/advice/smacking

Your 2018 5.3 chevy 3.42 gears with the 6 or 8 speed tranny won't need any help with towing duties. I tow a 10k trailer with the wifes 2016 crew cab chevy 4wd 5.3 6 speed tranny. I use a Husky Centerline TS with 1200 lb bars. The newer 1500 trucks don't have much in common with the older 1500 trucks with 5.3 engine and 4 speed trannies. Get a good WD hitch and go enjoy the new camper of the wife's choice :B.
JIMNLIN 08/06/19 06:05am Travel Trailers
RE: Hitch choice

I have owned 5 RAM's two US Made and 3 Mexico. Many on the TDR would say their 2nd gen Mexi trucks were better built. I can't agree as all of mine have been great. The trucks made in either place are MOSTLY US Made components. My two US Made rAM's have over 400k each and are in great condition. Chinese Made Products are simply Made In China. Same can be said about made in china Reese hitches or any product made in china.....or your Ram made in Mexico. You like your made in Mexico Ram. Same for those that like their made in china hitch. Just be happy with your foreign made product.
JIMNLIN 08/05/19 08:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Hitch choice

Long live REESE, :B that is all this ole country boy ever used. The original US Made ones or recent years CHINESE Made units? And would it make a difference , like Sailun tires believe it or not there are standards to build too. The US is not the only country that builds quality products . Are you going to tell us now Reese is no good ?? Same with the older Dodge/Rams made in the USA vs the newer Rams made in Mexico. Same size shoe.
JIMNLIN 08/04/19 06:06pm Fifth-Wheels
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