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RE: How to remove a "pull-over" couch from '96 Lance 990?

Twice I've used my area (3) dealers service mgr for 'how to remove questions'. I'm sure a large dealer near you has to deal with those type removals time to time.
JIMNLIN 01/20/22 05:51am Truck Campers
RE: Calculated MPG

A 23.8 mpg from a single tank calculations from a one ton diesel is possible....just short fill the fuel tank at a fuel stop that has a down hill slope in the right direction causing the short fill/other scenarios for fantastic one tank mpg is very possible. Or use the DIC mpg down slope figures on I-70...I-80 east from the highest elevation in NM/CO/WY. I've gotten some great mpg from Raton NM Pass at 7800' elevation and east on US-64/US-412 down to eastern OK elevation 685' @ 668 miles. And going up the same way nets 3-4 mpgs less....and of course which way the 38-42 mph winds are blowing. I prefer a average mpg check over several tanks of fuel such as our 1260 mile one way annual trip to UT and return the same routes. All pencil figures.
JIMNLIN 01/19/22 11:39am General RVing Issues
RE: Am I over the Max 5fer length?

The clicky is for commercial class trailers which a rv trailer isn't. My states max length for a rv trailers is 40' per title 47. Over length permits are cheap . Just like other size and weights weight regulations or exceeding highway/street speed limits....running stop signs/etc. Just 'cause you do it and get by with it doesn't mean its not against the law. See your states max length for rv trailers (not a combination).
JIMNLIN 01/18/22 08:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: The world of tow vehicles would be a better place if

If you want to play games with the numbers for licensing purposes, play games with the numbers. Ford already does that with their 10,000lb GVW F350 SRW. Now GM is doing the same game with their 3500 srw trucks with 18 different gvwrs. Some like a 11025....11050...11100....but starts at 10000 gvwr on up to 12450 gvwr. RV website police will have fun with all the different payloads for the same exact 3500 srw truck. I have no issues with some 3/4 tons trucks having more usable in the bed payloads than some/same spec'd one ton srw trucks. Just more gvwr/gawr options we have to choose from as we all have different size truck needs. DRW vs SRW .....sure need a dead horse picture clicky.
JIMNLIN 01/18/22 12:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Sway bars

welcome to the forum where you can get free input that you don't need bars to you do need bars. I tow a heavy bumper pull equipment trailer ....several GN trailers and a 32' 5th wheel RV trailer. I use a 18' 10k gvwr bumper pull equipment trailer with the wifes 1500 chevy 4wd truck with a 7480 lb blue tractor/FEL on deck 9260 lbs on the trailer axles and 1120 lbs on the trucks rear axle without a WD/sway bars. It had a bit more sway when making a quick steering input than I liked. I asked the forum about which hitch WD hitch with bars for this truck that would see lots of fields and pasture and off road work sites that doesn't hang down low. Barney (mod) recommend a Husky Center line TS with 1200 lb bars/friction bars. Now the combo handles the same as my other GN/5th wheel trailers when making sudden steering input changes. A 30' TT has a lot of sidewall for side winds to push on or bow waves from passing semi's. I would think two sway bars would work better than one. We have some very experienced members on the TT/WD/sway bar issues like the stickies for the TT forum and others like myself who have a opinion based on little to no experience with heavy bumper pull trailers.
JIMNLIN 01/18/22 06:37am Travel Trailers
RE: The world of tow vehicles would be a better place if

Yep, and when people go looking at the internet for specs, they look at towing and payload for a stripper TV, and then buy a loaded TV, and if it is a 250/2500 they end up with less payload than a 150/1500!! Probably true for some rv folks who have no idea which specs to look at for a LDT actual usable payload. Many rv folks simply look at the trucks gvwr based payload sticker (both axles and assume the rawr can carry all the weight from the gvwr based payloads. Fleet Ford Specs...GM ordering Guide....Dodge/Ram Body builder guide from the internet shows all the trucks fawr/rawr and different gvwr packages. Newer gen F250/2500 trucks can have 6000-6600 rawr/11550 gvwr vs a F150HDPP 4800 rawr/7850 gvwr. Doesn't take a brain surgeon to see which truck can carry the most actual usable payload for a rv trailer or a truck camper. I would bet their are many more 250/2500 trucks sold than their srw sisters. And most of those probably never tow a TT or 5th wheel rv trailer.
JIMNLIN 01/15/22 07:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Let's talk air bags...

Some years back we had a post about air bag psi and a picture of a trucks broken frame rail right where the air bag was mounted at the top. Seems like the truck owner was using high psi in his bags to level his load. I used air bags on all of my one ton DRW trucks to level max (rawr) axle/tire loads when I pulled heavy GN trailers. DOT doesn't like a saggy looking truck. Air pressure needs varied between GM/Ford brands and even different year models in the same brands. The most psi I used was 35 psi in a older model Ford drw. The others usually in the 10-25 psi range.
JIMNLIN 01/15/22 12:14pm Truck Campers
RE: synergy tires

Just wondering if anybody has used the Synergy tires. Especially on 5th wheel trailer. I need to replace all four a Cameo. Looking for opinions. were in a oil farming area and dealer says he's been selling this tire for trailers. He says he's had no problem. Its a 14 ply and looks like a rib. Howdy Ken.....The 16" SP500 all steel ply load G tires have been out for a while in the regional service trailer industry. Seems like commercial type trailer mfg are the first to use a new brand tire and like others load G commercial grade have a good service rep before rv trailer owners find them. I don't have any experience with the brand but if the commercial industry has used them with good results I sure wouldn't be afraid to use them. Synergy also have a SP900 in 17.5" used for steer/trailer position that has good marks from the commercial side. Several brands of 16"/17.5" commercial grade load G and H tires out here with good service records...noting in common with the usual poly carcass ST load E/D/C tires other than their round and black.
JIMNLIN 01/15/22 11:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Curt BetterWeigh?

Might be overly OCD. The time I towed with a full water tank, I reweighed. After I moved my trailer axle to below the springs, I reweighed. I removed my spare tire from the rear rack and put it under the front bed, reweighed. The Haulgauge weighs both overall weight, tongue weight AND weights levered by the WDH. So once you get your baseline specs, I only reweigh for a significant change. My local feed mill scales down the road sold out to a big mill operator...then closed our small local feed mill and the FREE scales. I pull various flatbed trailers and a 36' triaxle stock trailer along with my rv trailer. Looks like a good device for my need keeping under my trucks gawrs when loading the stock trailer out in the pasture/stock yards or moving wheeled equipment on my flatdecks. Gonna' check into owning one.
JIMNLIN 01/11/22 05:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: 5er Noob Looking for a Hitch

The hoist is a good idea but needs a hard surface if you plan on rolling it around. Some use a small elect hoist or a come-a-long dropped down from rafters in the garage. My hitch is stored hanging from 12' tall truss ribs and a come-a-long in my trailer shed.
JIMNLIN 01/11/22 05:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Is support needed when storing for an extended time?

He will make a lot of bone-head comments just for no reason. Yeah...some guys never grew up or feel they have to bash others. Makes them feel important even tho they know very little that old or new TC store the same way. And mods/admin are part of those type problems allowing certain members to get by with those type antics. I've been thinking about finding another "vintage" TT to pull behind my '76 F-250. Love my TC and I loved my old TT and now I'd like to have both. (emoticon) My neighbor did both. The place he bought next to me came with a 1972 22' Nomad TT which he restored. He does team roping/she does barrel racing and came up with a late '70s 10' 6" Fields TC which he restored also. Pretty neat seeing the TC in the bed and pulling the TT with his 3500 DRW. Both sit in a tall pole barn out of the sun and protected from strong winds/hail/ice storms.
JIMNLIN 01/11/22 05:20am Truck Campers
RE: Is support needed when storing for an extended time?

Mine sat on concrete blocks under the floor. Jacks were down to help keep the TC from a blow over from high winds. I left my first (1972 9' 6") TC lowered just enough we could step up into it and left the TC on the 4 corner jacks from OCT to warm up time in April. The next summer the jacks were so loose and shaky I had to up size all the jacks mounting bolts so they would tighten. I didn't leave the next two TC we owned on their jacks. Living in constant high wind parts of the country where all the trees along the road lean in one direction (to the north) we have to be vigilant on sheds....mobilehomes...tall sided rvs having a blow over if exposed to those high winds. Pretty big leap to make a connection with a camper that was built the year I was born and a new Cirrus….you crack me up. A lot more TC on the road back then. Just about every one with a pickup had a TC and usually pulled a boat or horse trailer...work trailer. Now days its rare to find a TC in a campground..around here anywayz. Oh yeah...that 1972 truck camper was blow away in the Dec 5, 1975 tornado that hit east Tulsa, OK. We never replaced it but went to a small 24' 5th wheel trailer for more room. Sure miss a TC tho.
JIMNLIN 01/09/22 09:23am Truck Campers
RE: Is support needed when storing for an extended time?

Mine sat on concrete blocks under the floor. Jacks were down to help keep the TC from a blow over from high winds. I left my first (1972 9' 6") TC lowered just enough we could step up into it and left the TC on the 4 corner jacks from OCT to warm up time in April. The next summer the jacks were so loose and shaky I had to up size all the jacks mounting bolts so they would tighten. I didn't leave the next two TC we owned on their jacks. Living in constant high wind parts of the country where all the trees along the road lean in one direction (to the north) we have to be vigilant on sheds....mobilehomes...tall sided rvs having a blow over if exposed to those high winds.
JIMNLIN 01/08/22 12:55pm Truck Campers
RE: Spring suspension issues

My '97 32' 5th wheel trailer has 1" between the tires on the drivers side and 1 1/4" on the passenger side. The trailer has over 200k miles of service and no issues with that gap. Increasing tire gap by moving the axles farther apart causes more tire wear from side scrubbing and tire/wheel/hub side stress issues....BTDT on one flatbed GN trailer and a cargo trailer. I had my trailer repair shop move them both back to 1 1/2 " OEM specs
JIMNLIN 01/04/22 05:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Half ton towing

Looking at these numbers and forums for towing and it is very annoying. Most of these trailers say micro or light but have 900 to 1,000 lb tongue weights. Basically, you need a 2500 to tow anything but a pop-up camper. IMO the OP fell victim like many newbs to towing trailers are doing. Their under the impression all 1/2 ton truck are the same when in fact our 1/2 ton trucks have and still have the largest span of different sizes in towing numbers. The F150 for example with 8200 gvwr on down to 6xxx gvwr but more important rawrs from 3200 lbs up to the HDPP 4800 lbs. Many bought the wrong F150 platform thinking all F150 were the same ...then upgraded to a 3/4 ton disregarding higher rated F150 that would have done the job in spades. And lets not forget we still have many GM 1500HD on the road. My retired lady OTR O/O neighbor has one. It has the 8600 gvwr and 6000 rawr 6.0 engine 3.73 gears 4wd she pulls her 24' 10k gvwr enclosed trailer daily in her home/office cleaning business. And the '00s 1500 Dodge Mega cabs which sit on the 3/4 ton frame with a 8510 gvwr and 6000 rawr E tires. So yeah... choose the right 1/2 ton truck and like those that did make that good choice have enjoyed the ride. Choose the wrong 1/2 ton truck with the small gvwr/rawr like many have done and its not gonna' be a good ride. Look at the trucks gvwr/gawr/tow specs and choose wisely. Oh yeah ...don't bit into Fords F150 "max tow" package thinking it tows the max....its a good option but doesn't tow the max trailer size as it can be optioned on just about all F150s regardless of gvwr/gawrs.
JIMNLIN 01/04/22 05:32am Travel Trailers
RE: New tires for 5'r

quality will go to a commercial grade all steel ply carcass tire like the XPS Ribs or the R238 over any ST C/D/E tire poly carcass tire. Apples vs pickles. Not good tires for a trailer savvy why anyone would use a a S637 Sailun load G/110 psi for that size trailer. Kinda like recommending the 16 " load E XPS Ribs for replacing a 14" ST load C tire like we see on rv forums.
JIMNLIN 01/03/22 04:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New tires for 5'r

Replace them with the same commercial grade all steel ply carcass Bridgestone R238. You get the same size and load range commercial grade tire as the XPS ribs but at a lower price. Their the tops for 6k axles and smaller. Great selling point for selling your trailer. The Endurance is just another poly carcass tire and can't be compared to a commercial grade all steel ply carcass tire. If you go with a poly carcass ST tire the only ST tire that size/load range I would use or recommend is the...Providers..Carlisle HD....Endurance which are at the top in load C/D/E tires. These three ST tires have very few tire complaints. The Sailun S637 is a Load G load range (14 ply rated) tire at 4080/4400 lbs capacity at 110 psi which requires a 110 psi rated trailer wheel. Way too much Over kill for 5.2k/6k axle .
JIMNLIN 01/01/22 06:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tandem axle vs single

aj, I'll reveal my ignorance -- why is a dual axle better off-pavement than a single? I take my single axle trailer off pavement all the time, and it seems to do ok, as long as I keep the speed way down. But I have never towed a dual axle trailer. Thanks in advance for your insights!! Off road ?.... one really big advantage I've found with multi axle horse/stock/enclosed trailers in a unpaved construction site/pastures is a tandem axle walks over a obstacle and walks through a large hole/ditch unlike a single axle trailer that will bounce if too much speed.
JIMNLIN 12/30/21 12:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: strong winds- tornados

strong winds....leave it all hooked up and if possible drop the trailers stabilizers. squall line 70-90 mph straight line winds....best to leave it hooked up and point the truck/trailer into the wind. Tornados .....get out of both and get in a shelter. There is no exact generic answer as every winds from storms will be different and may even blow from more than one direction. Too many variables such as are you on the road traveling or set up in a campground....and expected wind speeds. Growing up in OK and camping in just a simple rain storm to overhead funnels ....90 mph straight line winds has shown me to be aware where your at in regards to storms path.
JIMNLIN 12/30/21 06:01am Travel Trailers
RE: Tandem axle vs single

I've never pulled a single axle rv trailer but several single axle company cargo trailer used as on site tool trailers. We finally convinced the company to do away with the all single axle trailers and go with tandem axles on anything over 14' long. The benefits of a tandem axle trailer far out weighs a single axle trailer...JMO after pulling them for a living.
JIMNLIN 12/26/21 08:27pm Travel Trailers
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