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RE: Would you get new tires ?

I would replace them and sell the old ones on CL. Used tires are popular with those folks that need them for their old beater truck.
JIMNLIN 04/11/23 06:57am Truck Campers
RE: New Travel trailer

I just purchased a new Cougar 32BHS travel trailer, they say "half ton tow able" is that true?, it says 34' .I have a 3/4 ton chevy duramax, will that do? Dry weight about 7000lbs., my owners manual for the truck says up to 12,000lbs towing . I'm in Montana sooo High winds and tall mountains. Your 2500 Dmax/A is a great tow vehicle for that size TT (8000-9000 lbs). And yes there are 1/2 ton trucks out here that would also tow that size TT just fine. Most rv folks tend to lump all 1/2 ton trucks as the same size which in fact our 1/2 ton trucks have had greater range of gvwr/gawrs than any of the other LDT size pickups. The last 20 years or so 1/2 ton trucks have had gvwrs ranging from 6400 lbs up to 8600 lbs . But more importantly rear axle (rawr) from 3200 lbs up to 6000 lbs. All depending on brand and year model pickups trucks. So sure....choose the right 1/2 ton truck for a 9000 lb TT and enjoy the ride. Choose the wrong size 1/2 ton truck and its not gonna' match. Enjoy the 2500/diesel combo.
JIMNLIN 04/11/23 06:52am Travel Trailers
RE: Rodent repellant

My rv trailer sets in a covered shed next to the tractor shed next to my hay meadow. Always lots of field rats and mice. 1. I close/seal all/any tiny points of entry into the trailer. 2. I use Tom Kat bait stations and block baits in both sheds. You have to place bait blocks where coons/'posum can get to them. They do climb. 3. I keep one mouse trap just inside the trailers door baited with peanut butter. Maybe 1-2 caught in the trap per year. Never botherd with mouse issues.
JIMNLIN 04/09/23 12:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: New truck. How long of a trailer can I tow?

National Trailer Convoy INC from the late '40s/'50s used very short tow trucks like the pic to tow house trailers in that era. Of course house trailers (later called mobile homes ) back then were about 35'-40' max. NTC had dozens on the road just in Tulsa, OK alone for Spartan house trailer mfg in Tulsa.
JIMNLIN 04/04/23 06:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Chaning Differental oil ???

Have an 03 F350, 90K miles, how often should the diff. oil be changed ? Ford lists the oil that came with is as synthetic. We do about 1/3 towing and the rest around town. Thanks My 2wd '03 2500 Dodge/Cummins has 377k+ miles now on the 11.5" AAM rear axle. I bought the truck new and after draining OEM rear axle fluid has nothing but 75w-140 Redline synthetic changed every 50k-60k miles or so. Depending on truck use the life of the rear axle assy depends on dumping old contaminated fluids and going with fresh fluids. Makes a difference.
JIMNLIN 03/30/23 09:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Help making a decision on truck purchase.

Buying and maintaining a 2nd vehicle didn't make cents/sense for my use and others. BTDT. Figure up the cost of a second vehicle....insurance...maintenance cost over long term. My and others issues with two vehicles is a 600-700 mile a week work commute. It made cents to keep driving my current '03 2500 Dodge/Cummins HO that ran 21.5-22 mpgs week after week month on month. 20 years later even with 380k miles on the odo the truck still works pulling my 11k lb rv and other smaller/larger trailers. Same with a older 2500 chevy 5.7 truck. Ran it for 9 years on a shorter work commute. Others that live in town and have a short commute, and money for a 2nd vehicle, may work for them. A F150 3.5 EB with a 7500 gvwr/4050-4500 rawr (20+ mpgs) will handle that small trailer with ease. The big plus here is no added cost of operating a 2nd vehicle.
JIMNLIN 03/24/23 09:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: Help making a decision on truck purchase.

I am thinking of buying a new truck to pull our winnebago micro Minnie 5th wheel. We currently have a 2006 gmc 2500 . I’d like to go with a smaller truck for gas mileage and was thinking of a Toyota Tundra or GMC 1500 4x4. While the trailer is fairly light and we’ve been told a 1500 can pull this trailer, I’d like to hear other opinions. Is there anyone who has any experience towing smaller 5th wheels with these trucks? . Gross Vehicle Weight is 7000 on the trailer. JMO...best non towing mpg will go the Fords F150 3.5 EB engine. Plus the F150 has several higher gvwr/rawr packages than any other 1/2 ton truck out here. However a engine in a 1/2 ton will get similar mpgs as a 3/4 ton gas truck engines when towing a trailer.
JIMNLIN 03/23/23 07:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dicor and 303

Here’s a question for those familiar with Dicor. Once the Dicor has completely cured can you use 303 on it to help extend the life of the sealant by providing extra UV protection? I would 1-800 to Dicor tech line and see what they say. Problems from adding one product over another can arise.
JIMNLIN 03/19/23 06:15pm Truck Campers
RE: F-250 vs F-350 srw

Yes, you got to make the RV.net police happy. Yeah..some years back one poor guy over on IRV2 website posted about his new 2015 F350 srw had a low payload sticker 2100-2200 lbs. He later posted the truck had a 10000 gvwr. The forum weight cops convinced him he should have bought the same model truck with the 11500 gvwr. Later he posted back the swap cost him several thousand bucks....just for a 11500 gvwr sticker...and for the same exact truck. Just one reason dot doesn't use a LDT vehicles gvwr nor is it used in a civil lawsuit case on the commercial side. With 17 different gvwrs for the F350srw does anyone actually believe rv website myth that a civil lawsuit would ever happen for exceeding a LDT mfg gvwr. It doesn't happen on the commercial side so why would it happen on just the rv side.
JIMNLIN 03/15/23 09:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2002 3/4 Ton Heavy Duty Diesel Chevy 2500

Only thing I'm concerned a little bit about now (and I don't want to cause anymore controversy lol... but I probably will) is the TT we are interested in has a length of 38'-6". Going off of the wheel base for a 2500 3/4 ton Diesel... that's probably way over the length you should tow. With Sway Control + Weight Distribution Hitch, it should be fine? Thanks in advance everyone. I'm new to the Travel Trailer lifestyle. I want to make sure I'm being safe. Thanks again for any info/tips. I take everything into consideration. Forums are made up with all types of folks. Some give you info requested to make a informed decision. Others will say no to a 3/4 ton pulling a 38' trailer of any type. And of course every forum has its blow hard know it all types who diss all input but his opinions are the only way to go. If you hang around , learn to read between the lines. Anywayz...when choosing a good WD hitch for that 38' TT first read the clicky at the top of the TT forum from Ron Gratz on WD systems. We also have several very experienced TT owners who can help you with making a good choice on brands or WD types. All WD hitches aren't the same. And of course you will get input from my brand is best,others are junk.... and those that know little experience with the WD subject....but have a opinion. JMO....you gotta' a stout older tow truck so keep a good maintenance program going on it.
JIMNLIN 03/15/23 08:35am Towing
RE: F-250 vs F-350 srw

Fords F350 srw has a 6340 rawr....6780 rawr...7230 rawr depending on wheel sizes and other selections. Fleet Ford specs shows the F250 uses the same 6340 as the F350 srw. Also the F250 6.7 diesel uses the same rear spring specs as the F350 srw. Fords Sterling axles are rated well above the OP 6900 rear axle weight plus a upgrade to higher capacity 20" wheels and tires. Sounds like the OP has done his home work.
JIMNLIN 03/14/23 07:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: T.T. Recommendation

allen camper More small 4k-5k gvwr TTs to look at....Located in Allen, Oklahoma (south).
JIMNLIN 03/13/23 11:47am Travel Trailers
RE: 2002 3/4 Ton Heavy Duty Diesel Chevy 2500

it's a "2002 3/4 Ton Heavy Duty Diesel 4x4 Chevy 3/4 ton truck from that era had around 9000 gvwrs and 6084 rawr. My 2500 Dodge/Cummins 305/555HO NV5600 tranny 3.73 gears has a 13400 lb tow rating. A '02 2500 GM diesel will have around the same tow rating. A 13000 lb 5th wheel trailer can have around 2600-2800 lb hitch weight which will go over the truck 6084 lb rated rear axle. The weight of the hitch and other gear in the bed adds up also so your looking at approx 3000 lbs at the most for your 2500 truck. 3/4 ton trucks that era rear axle weighs in the 2700-2900 lb range. You have the truck so drop by a CAT scale and find the trucks front and rear axle weights with attention to the trucks rear axle numbers.....then do the math. You don't want to exceed GM 2500 6084 rawr numbers (tire/wheel/rear spring pack). I would stick with a 12k-13k gvwr (9000 lb dry weight) 5th wheel trailer as a max size. .
JIMNLIN 03/10/23 05:15am Towing
RE: Michelin commercial tire lifespan

michelin Q&A What is the expected service life of tires? While most tires will need replacement before they achieve 10 years, it is recommended that any tires in service 10 years or more from the date of manufacture, including spare tires, be replaced with new tires as a simple precaution even if such tires appear serviceable and even if they have not reached the legal wear limit.** The OP truck is a F350 srw.. more along the line of the same truck we use in commercial service carrying same heavy loads in the bed.
JIMNLIN 03/05/23 03:12pm Truck Campers
RE: Axle and tire?

Quality commercial grade all steel ply carcass LT E tires like the XPS Ribs or Bridgestone R-238 are gonna' cost more than run of the mill poly ST E made in china/USA tires however run a cost per miles years of trouble free service and the Ribs and R238 will be cheaper to operate in the long run on a trailer especially for those of us who travel 10k-15k miles per year.
JIMNLIN 03/04/23 08:58pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Axle and tire?

I have ran 235-15 Good Year wranglers from Walmart. This is a 3 axle trailer. In the late '90s and early '00s Goodyear Wrangler HT came as OEM on several rv trailer brands with 5.2k and 6k axles. Most were LT235/85-16" load E size. Then in the mid '00s Goodyears started having issues with their G614 load G and the Wrangler HT tire lines. By the late '00s to Goodyears credit both had their issues fixed (mostly tread loss).
JIMNLIN 03/03/23 12:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question about double towing

I would love to pull my boat behind a FW. I have specifically asked 3 DOT officers about this. All have said the same thing; it's illegal. I asked about commercial doubles since I already have a CDL. They said that if my truck, FW, and boat trailer were all registered as commercial vehicles Yeah ...A CDL gains noting for towing non commercial doubles. I went from a chauffeurs to a commercial chauffeurs then grand fathered to a CDL when they became available. I dropped my CDL years ago simply because showing it to a LEO brought other questions about my non commercial/not for hire truck/trailer and my personnel equipment.
JIMNLIN 03/01/23 06:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question about double towing

As you say regulations varies between the states. Your state doesn't allow non commercial double towing so how are you planning on getting out of town.
JIMNLIN 02/28/23 12:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Tires

Also depends on the type of tire used. If the tires are 5-6+ years old and the usual load C/D/E ST maypops then they don't make a good reliable spare at that age. If the tires area LT or a commercial grade load G or H ST then they make good spares for several more years....assuming their protected from the sun. Now if the trailer sees maybe 1500 miles a year then cheap quality low cost tires may work best. On the rv trailers I've owned and several GN or bumper pull service trailers I never buy a new spare. Run a quality tire on a road trailer and the spare may never roll on the ground.
JIMNLIN 02/27/23 12:08pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Truck to fit camper

For a SWR truck, depending on the exact size, tires will have a load rating of about 3500#, 7000# for both tires. The base weight of the truck will be about 3500# on the rear axle, leaving about that same amount for cargo. Yeah...some seem to think those big 4000- 44xx lb payload stickers on some 350/3500 srw trucks is what we use for carrying a truck camper/heavy GN or 5th wheel hitch loads....and ignore the trucks rawrs. Those big payload sticker numbers come from the newer gen high gvwr's but the truck mfg's are still using older gen 7k-ish truck mfg rawr.
JIMNLIN 02/25/23 08:02am Truck Campers
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