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RE: Which 19.5" tire to choose

What would going to 19.5” give me that the 18’s that are on the truck would not? Looking at Fleet Ford specs show their 18"/20" wheels rated at 3590 lbs capacity. I've never found any weight specs on Ram/GM same size wheels but I would bet their all close to the same load ratings. Now days its the wheels or possible rear spring pack that are the weak link in most pickups GAWR ratings. Tire load capacity has over the wheels rating is a good idea but it sure doesn't mean the trucks OEM rear spring pack/wheels are good for the same load capacity. 19.5" wheels has more load capacity than OEM 18" or 20" wheels. I would go by how much weight is on any trucks rear axle and choose tires and wheels with a good bit of reserve capacity.
JIMNLIN 01/09/21 12:34pm Truck Campers
RE: I Was Stimulated Today

We got our stimulus in by direct deposit the 2nd. Called my dump truck buddy for two loads of gravel. Now I'm done stimulating the economy.
JIMNLIN 01/08/21 05:32am Around the Campfire
RE: Something I've not seen before.

Looks like a poor pin box design around the pin. I've owned three different brand 5th wheel rv trailers and all three pin box's had a 1/2" plate welded to the pin box around the pin. Then the a 100 percent weld around the pin. Several reasons a pin welded into thin metal could pull through like the picture shows.
JIMNLIN 01/07/21 04:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Comparing New Tires for trailer

The Carlisle HD as long as their not the standard worthless Carlisle tires. As others have suggested I would go with a larger size 13" tire if you have room with the highest weight rating. It sucks to have a flat on the way to a camping trip. Good point. Carlisle has 5 different trailer tires in their catalog so it makes a huge difference is which one is selected for a road trailer. At the top will be their; Radial Trail HD. Other Carlisle trailer tires are; Ultra Sport LH Sport Trail RH USA Trail CSL 16 all steel...16" load G . A few ST brands are well suited for a road trailer. Other ST brands work fine for utility trailers/other trailers that make trips around town a few times a year.
JIMNLIN 01/06/21 05:27am Travel Trailers
RE: Slide out drifts open

A previous 5th wheel trailer we had would creep out. Didn't notice it sitting till the 1st trip when I checked the outside mirror. Lordy it was out about 10" or so. I broke the wife's broom stick off to the right length where it would wedge in at the top/center inside the trailer and hold the slide in. After the trip I made a better pogo stick. Years back many 5er trailers with a slide or tip out came with a pogo stick from the factory to keep the slide out in while traveling.
JIMNLIN 01/05/21 12:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Throttle enhancement

sema clicky The wife '16 1500 chevy 355 hp 5.3 6 speed tranny takes a bit of time lag after stomping the go pedal before the rear tires start burning rubber. Its also noticeable trying to get out in traffic from a stop sign.
JIMNLIN 01/05/21 09:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: How did I do this? - Bent Ball Mount

The OP didn't ask for opinions concerning the hitch brand. Bashing the hitch brand or its the brand products sure doesn't help the OP with his question. I would look at a new hitch with the same part number and see if it looks the same. This website needs a no brand bashing rule like one of my non rv forums that is ham radio/electronic Communication devices/etc. They have a no tolerance policy. One bash and your history. Its a great forum to learn without the "my brand is best and the other brand is junk" that is a fact of life on the website.
JIMNLIN 01/05/21 08:27am Towing
RE: Truck Camper and TT Combo

How do I figure out what the axle rating is? The 2500/3500 SRW Dodge/Ram from '03 on up use the AAM 11.5" rear axle which AAM rates it around 10800 ? lbs capacity. The 3500 DRW used the same 11.5" axle till sometime in the 20teens when Ram upgraded to the AAM 11.8" rear axle. Dodge/Ram derates it by using lower rated tires...wheels and rear spring packs. So you have around 3800 lbs of reserve capacity before exceeding AAM ratings. If I was dead set on using a TC that size on a 3500 SRW, I would load it all up then hit the scale to see how much help the trucks OEM tires...wheels...and rear suspension needs to be safe.
JIMNLIN 01/03/21 06:46am Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper and TT Combo

Do you think the TC alone (not towing a TT) is still too much for my truck? Assuming we try to keep the tanks empty and pack light. What Kayteg1 has some good advice. Simple numbers tells you 3320 lb rear axle minus 7000 rawr leaves 3680 lbs. I wouldn't recommend driving 24/7 over axle/tire load ratings. Now if your just hauling 4k lbs of green wood or a load of RR ties from Lowes or a bed load of gravel for short run then you won't hurt the truck any.
JIMNLIN 01/02/21 12:10pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper and TT Combo

Your idea was ok...its just any one ton SRW cannot carry 4000+ lb in the bed without exceeding the trucks 7000 RAWR. That 7000 RAWR will be the lessor of the tire...OEM wheels...rear spring pack. That high payload sticker comes from the trucks both axles. Just the fallacy of using GVWR number for how much load the rear axle can safely carry. Tires aren't the weak link anymore with many in the 3700-3800 lb range. The 18"-20" OEM wheels which are rated in the 3600 lb range. Rear spring packs about the same as OEM wheels. Just a higher rated tire won't get you there To use your 3500 SRW for your idea your gonna' need uprated 19.5" tire/wheels and rear suspension upgrades such as air bags or reworked rear springs for more load capacity.The rear axle is rated by its mfg in the 10k-11k range so its plenty strong up to that amount. Every truck owner should know their trucks front and rear separate axle weights before loading. This will be the workable payload for a TC and a TT hanging way out back.
JIMNLIN 01/01/21 08:17pm Truck Campers
RE: Greasing the hitch

I use high pressure red chassis grease from my grease gun on the ball and heavy contact spots on the 1200 bars/10k trailer. The truck gained 6 mpg and another 200 lbs of capacity :B Hey Jim...good to see your humorous side! Must be the thought of a new, hopefully better year! :) Jerry Its a tribal thing. But, a better year would be good for us all.
JIMNLIN 12/31/20 07:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: SRW Tires

The Ford Super Duty brochure showed that the F-250 used a lighter capacity axle from 2011 through about 2015. There was a great debate online with most contending that the same axle is used in both the 250 and 350 SRW for mass production cost saving. Ford tech guys over on FTE forums say the F250/F350 SRW 6.7 diesel gets the same rear axle with the larger diameter axle shafts. They also say its the F250 gasser engine with much less torque get the smaller rear axle (smaller diameter axle shafts). Make sense as axle shafts on the full floater rear ends has nothing to do with carrying weight. The axle shafts just twists the gears. The two bearings in the axle tube ends carry the load.
JIMNLIN 12/31/20 12:03pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Greasing the hitch

I use high pressure red chassis grease from my grease gun on the ball and heavy contact spots on the 1200 bars/10k trailer. The truck gained 6 mpg and another 200 lbs of capacity :B
JIMNLIN 12/31/20 11:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Employment VS Unemployment

I always find it amusing how many folks think all others should or could climb the ladder of success like they did. I'm nearing 80 now but I learned many years ago one can't paint a picture of how to climb that ladder of success that fits all others. Impossible. My ladder had periods of drawing unemployment from layoffs....economy down turns ....oil and gas industry crashes...other reasons above my control. I made it through but many others didn't....for their own reasons. For the millions out of work do to covid-19 unemployment will be their life line for many months like my 31 year old neighbor with a wife and 5 kids (3 his and 2 hers). She takes care of the kids. She was doing house cleaning part time but c19 stopped that. He had a full time and part time job but both are gone due to c19. Unemployment and a min wage part time job is keeping the kids fed. I'm sure right now hundreds of thousands of other new families are faced with the same problems as my neighbor.
JIMNLIN 12/31/20 08:31am Around the Campfire
RE: GMC/Silverado 2500 Gas

So probably a 5.3. That explains your experience. You made a huge jump. Not only did you get the 6.6 but you went to 3/4 ton or better. It would have been a huge jump in towing performance also from his '12 1500 with the old low hp/torque to the newer 1500 5.3 with 355 hp and 383 torque and a 8 or 10 speed tranny. Of course anytime one moves from a older low performance 1/2 ton size truck to any new gen 3/4 ton truck with a bigger engine/heavier chassis/more axle load capacity its a big plus. The wife is looking for a new 2500 GMC 4wd crew cab std bed now to replace her '16 1500 4wd 5.3 355/383 engine with the 6 speed tranny. She's leaning a bit towards the 6.6 gazzer over the Dmax but hasn't made her final decision. I'm guiding her towards the gazzer as her truck won't be pulling any of my heavier trailers (14k-16k lbs). I still have my Dodge/Cummins NV5600 tranny for that purpose.
JIMNLIN 12/31/20 07:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: Busted!

I've owned truck campers....a TT and several 5th wheel rv trailers but I sure wouldn't want one parked next door to me that stuck out next to my front yard so I had to look at it every day. Dangz things look like a gawdy painted storage shed on wheels anyway :B WE lived in a housing addition from '66 to '75. The wife and I were country kids and we hated every year in that addition. Bought this 40 acres in '76. Now my 32' gawdy painted storage shed on wheels sits in a trailer barn...and I or my closest neighbor 1/2 mile away don't have to look at it. :)
JIMNLIN 12/30/20 08:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Collecting 5th wheel Tow Data, just for fun, 2000 mile trip

I have over 1.2 million miles pulling mostly GN trailers commercially with the same size trucks we rv with, and I'm always amazed how rv folks can tell by looking a truck is overloaded. I can't. No way I or anyone could say a particular truck is overloaded without a front and rear axle scale ticket. You can’t tell when a truck is sitting on its axle? Or when the front end rises up? Or the guy fighting sway b/c he’s not set up correctly? I can. I guess I’m gifted. You said your looking for overloaded 1/2 tons....not 1/2 tons sitting in the bump stops. And incorrect set up can cause sway but doesn't mean the truck is overloaded. Your biggest battle with looking for a overload condition will be in knowing if that 1500 GM was a std duty 6800 gvwr and 3800 rawr. Or was it the 1500 with a 8600 gvwr and 6000 rawr. Same with the F150 that has 13 different GAWRs from 6200 up to 8200 with a 3800/4050/4550/4800 rawr. All this while going down the highway.....IMO it can't be done. I would stick with looking for a 1/2 ton sitting on the bump stops for a overload condition.
JIMNLIN 12/29/20 12:19pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Employment VS Unemployment

Very few people with families or a individual will choose unemployment that ends in a few weeks vs a steady job that pays the bills and puts food on the table. I don't know of anyone who does this. Does it happen. I'm sure a few people do it but the vast majority IMO don't. The topic always turns political ie;... poor vs not poor....low wage earner vs high wage earner....C word vs L word....other reasons its a political hated or liked program.
JIMNLIN 12/29/20 09:54am Around the Campfire
RE: SRW Tires

With todays 18" and 20" LT E in the 3800-4000 lb range tires the weak link is OEM wheels and OEM rear spring pack ratings. F250's come with 17" or 18" and 20" wheels so moving up to LT E in a 20" wheel gains a lot of capacity over 17" sizes.
JIMNLIN 12/29/20 08:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: Busted!

I've been researching storage places. I only need to find a place for the months of February and March this year, because they gave me to the end of January to comply. I'll probably move it to storage this year and then work on making a place for it in the back yard. The tree is no stately, towering, majestic natural wonder. It was damaged in an ice storm many years ago, and it is sort of ugly as a result. It won't be missed. The leveling and other work can be done relatively inexpensively. -Speak I think this is the right decision Speak. Maybe you can make some coin from this. Is the tree a hardwood tree that you could cut up, split and sell face cords or smaller bundles of firewood? Craigslist and Facebook marketplace would be your friend in that case. Good advice even if you give the wood to some one that removes tree like yours. I had the same thing happen to me when we moved into a new housing addition with no HOA protection out of the city limits. In five years time the addition looked like a slum area on the wrong side of town. Dump trucks..garbage trucks...service trucks...broken down cars...race cars on trailers...fishing boats...rvs of all types sitting in mud in new homes front yards yards. At that time I had a 9' 6" truck camper sitting beside my garage. One neighbor had a tree service including removal. He also was in the same fix with his equipment and even sold firewood out of his front yard. Anywayz he removed two hackberry trees for the wood. I then made a double gate in the chain link fence wide enough to back the truck through. I added 3/4" crusher run limestone and let bermuda grass grow over it so the gravel didn't show. Most welcomed the new city codes as the addition lost the slum look.
JIMNLIN 12/29/20 08:14am Travel Trailers
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