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RE: Side-Trip Report: Great Salt Plains SP, OK

We've stayed over nite below the dam on trips from NE OK to southern CO /northern NM years back. Neat area. Vance Air Force base uses Kegelman aux field just south of the below dam campgrounds. The field is used as a touch and go for training AF fighter pilots from Vance. If you plan on a extended stay Vance did have a phone number to call and see what time of the day they would be using the air field. I assume they still use the field. Another recreation area is the Little Sahara state park with lots of sand for those type vehicles. Its just a few miles southwest of Salt Plains Park next to small town Waynoka, OK just north of US 412. Maybe some day US 412 will make a east/west interstate between I-40 and I-70.
JIMNLIN 11/09/21 06:05am Truck Campers
RE: Nascar Follies

Seems like networks today have a different idea what tv viewers like to see/hear. Too bad the network was stuck on showing in car vids of the 4 contenders just driving around when several cars racing each other for various top ten positions. Overall pretty good race from the top 4 contenders. Now if the tv networks would dump Jr...Burton...Letarte with thier irritating squeaky Billy Mims type voices and put people in the booth with good broadcasting voices, like we had in the past, I would watch the whole race and not use the mute button.
JIMNLIN 11/08/21 06:17am Around the Campfire
RE: 45ft, would I be too limited?

Its rare a state will check a rv combo length but my state has a 65' max combination length truck-trailer) and a 40' rv trailer total length including the hitch. I see long bus type MHs pulling long bumper pull enclosed trailers that look to be over 30' long. Other states you travel through may have similar length limits.
JIMNLIN 11/07/21 08:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: is running exhaust brake all the time ok?

When the new 6.7 Cummins came out in our Dodge trucks, Cummins had a video of how the new fixed vane with a sliding nozzle turbo works in slow motion on the 6.7 engine. Cummins gave the turbo exhaust braking around 230 hp vs 180 braking hp for my '03 5.9/Jacobs (post turbo) exhaust brake. The newer gen 6.7 turbo brake may have even more exhaust braking performance. My '03 truck has 365+ miles on the odo and the Jacobs has work fine with the NV5600 6 speed manual. The Jacobs came with a T handle that mounts on the side of the gear shifter at the top. My hand sits on the shift knob with the first two fingers pulling the EB on...or off. The truck is 19 years old and I'm still amazed what it can pull easily and gets great mpgs with very little maintenance.
JIMNLIN 11/07/21 05:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing with a 2022 Ford 150 3.5 EcoBoost

"The truck will pull as good or better than any of the early 2000s diesels which are still quite capable. No worries OP." Flat ground and long 6% grades??? Yeah .. I had a good laugh at that comment...which may have been true in the '90s era when diesel engines in our pickups had 180-200 hp and 420-460 torque. My old '03 Dodge/Cummins 305 hp and 555 torque nv5600 3.73 gears pulls my 11.5k 5th wheel rv trailer or a fully loaded 16k GN triaxle stock trailer great...and gets 11-12 mpg pulling and 21-22 mpgs empty. No doubt the 3.5 EB is a good engine in the F150 and will work fine for the size trailers F150 owners are using.... but its sure not in the same league as my early '00s Dodge/Cummins.
JIMNLIN 11/07/21 04:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: New Tires Lighten my Wallet

New Tires Lighten my Wallet Yeah I've watched tire prices on a upward spiral the last 4-5 years. Especially any product that is oil based. I had Discount Tire balance the tires on my truck last week. It was upper 30s day with cold rain so not many customers. The store mgr I guess wanted to talk so we had a long discussion about certain brand tires/tire tech and tire shortages. He made the comment DT regional office says to be prepared for more price increases until tire production gets ramped back up. This time next year you may think you got a great deal.
JIMNLIN 11/07/21 04:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tire recommendations for pick up truck for towing

I have a 2018 Silverado 1500 LT that use to pull my TT. Looking for suggestions for quality tires for my truck. Not really interested in Chinese products. Any thoughts are appreciated. Welcome to the forum Roger. Asking a which brand tire (any product) question on a forum and you get answers all over the place. I use the wifes '16 1500 chevy 4wd 5.3 pulling a couple of bumper pull 10k and 12k flatbed trailers. Having towed for a living with LDTs I'm not a fan of big tires so I stick OEM 17" for her truck. After the OEM Bridgestone 684 II P265/70-17 all season wore down close to the wear bars at 38k miles I had Discount Tire install a set of Bridgetone LTH in the same P size. The LTH are a very quite all season tire. The P tires handle both trailers just fine with my tall 7600 lb blue tractor with a cab. I'm not a fan of D or E tires on a 1/2 ton truck. I've tried using them but always went back to a P or a C load range tire. I bought a set of used 17" wheels and had DT mount a set of Goodyear Duratrac LT265/70-17 AT C load range for muddy worksites/pasture work and any winter snow events.The Duratrac are called a all terrain but tread is a lot like a MT tires tread. They do the job in mud and snow.
JIMNLIN 11/06/21 06:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: Best skylight shade

We buy used rv trailers and Unfortunately the damzed things are already installed in the trailer. All three rv trailers we've owned had at least one some where. The first thing I did was buy a jug of white elastomeric product like Kool Seal and put several coats over the outside of them. Cuts the summer heat and not so noisy in a hard rain/hail storm. I use ethafoam cut to fit snugly up inside and use a couple of strings like in the the pictures to hold it in place. However I didn't add strings to our current rv trailer and it falls out while in transit but stays in while in otherwise. Maybe someday I'll have the money to order new a rv trailer but a skylight will not be on the roof. Too much heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer for my use.
JIMNLIN 11/06/21 05:50am Travel Trailers
RE: Best truck for large 5th Wheel

Leaning towards an F350 4x4 Crew Diesel but flexible. I'm not a Ford fan but the F350 drw will handle that size 5th wheel rv trailer with ease. Also, any input on 6.5 vs 8ft beds is welcome. Thank you MC Either works fine. Most new gen 5th wheel trailers have the rounded/notched front corners made for 6 1/2' beds. I have owned long and short bed trucks but I prefer short bed crew cab trucks for pulling my rv trailers and even my longer GN equipment/stock trailers. Short bed trucks today have well over 140" wb vs 118"-120" wb in earlier short bed models. You'll get differing opinions on the short bed vs long bed subject...some quite amusing. Just choose the one that works for your situation.
JIMNLIN 11/06/21 05:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Should I cover my tires?

Getting ready to cover the trailer for the winter, and I'm wondering if I should cover my tires. They're not in bad shape. You can follow what tire experts like Roger Marble who is a actual tire engineer and a rv member under the user name Tireman9 https://www.rvtiresafety.net/2011/06/tire-covers-do-they-do-any-good.html tire blog or opinions expressed on the net. andtire covers You may also want to google what your tire mfg has to say on tire storage/tire covers subject.
JIMNLIN 11/04/21 03:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Should I cover my tires?

Don't forget to change the air in your tires every month. Old air is the silent killer. :R And of course changing blinker fluid goes along with those type recommendations :R :R
JIMNLIN 11/04/21 03:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Should I cover my tires?

Good point. Every tire mfg recommendation on the subject I've read say about the same thing as Goodyear Tire. Our trucks don't sit for 5-7 months a year with max loads on them like our RV trailers and expect them to last 6-7 years. My rv trailer sits in a shed with 1" crusher run with the tires on 2"X 8" wood from around OCT 1st to around some time in mid April. I use 16" LT E tires and get 50k-55k miles and around 7+ years of service. There is nothing wrong with following tire mfg recommendations on tire storage. If you don't feel the need for following them or don't want the added complexity of doing so, no one is going to think badly of you for your decision not to use those recommendations.
JIMNLIN 11/04/21 06:55am General RVing Issues
RE: Upgrade from 2500 to 3500 Question

Today, I see a truck that has become available that is identical to my 2500 HEMI, except in 3500. It is SRW. It has almost 6,000# cargo capacity. There is no one ton SRW any brand gas or diesel that can carry 6000 lbs in the bed as pin weight/5th wheel hitch/load of mill feed/etc. A gas or diesel 3500 srw Ram rear axle (7000 rawr) weighs close to 3400 lbs leaving approx 3600 lbs for a in the bed payload. Payload stickers are gvwr based and come from both truck axles. You have the same engine in a 2500 truck so the engine in the 3500 srw won't have any more pulling performance. Just more payload capacity.
JIMNLIN 11/02/21 08:13pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Nascar Follies

My wife asked why nascar says the winner of the last few races of 2021 season is the winner of all 2021 season races. I actually tried to explain but I even got myself confused. I says thats just the way men do it and that satisfied her.
JIMNLIN 11/02/21 06:34am Around the Campfire
RE: How could this be?

You need a few more trips under your belt to see if it is related to what you are towing or just road/wind/temperature/fill conditions. This. A single tank mpg can be high or low. I use a several tank average when figuring my trucks fuel usage. A single tank can be high or low number.
JIMNLIN 11/02/21 06:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Nascar Follies

Best race of the season. Its gonna' be interesting to see how NASCAR handle Hamlins tantrum with fines and/or points penalties. He sure didn't like the huge booing he got. All the cheering went to Bowman when his car got away from him and pushed Denny up the track and into the wall. Love it.
JIMNLIN 11/01/21 08:35am Around the Campfire
RE: When do Snow Birds head south??

Some snow birders winter here in ne OK however their from way north in MN/ND and around the Winnipeg Canada area. They come around the 1st of October. Their escaping snow in conditions/way below zero temps up there. Around here we average around 8-9" of snow a winter and maybe zero temps a couple of mornings so they think their in heaven. Most folks here in NE OK I know that snow birds heads out just after Xmas.
JIMNLIN 11/01/21 08:22am Snowbirds

The F350 srw will handle just about any size TT. If you go with a used F350 srw they come with about a dozen different gvwrs from 10000 lb up to 12400 lbs depending on year models. Same with the F350 srw rawr at 6340 lbs....6780 lbs...7230 lbs. Point being choose the F350 srw with the 12400 gvwr with a 7230 rawr.
JIMNLIN 10/30/21 11:53am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Replacing New Trailer King RST+ : Only Option Is Carlisle??

I had a blowout on a Sailun on our 5th. I replaced with Herculles. So far great. I have Carlisle on a dual axle boat trailer and 2 utility trailers no issues. Had the Carlisles on a Montana 5th wheel no issues. Sailun like other tire mfg has many different tire types...S637 is just one of them. Even the S637 has 16"/17.5"/19.5" sizes so its important in reporting which Sailun size/load range product had a blowout. Several years back one one member posted he had a Michelin XPS Rib blowout. However later we learned the tire was 6 years old and had 30k+ miles on it. But more importantly he ran the tire till it shredded down to the rim. No blow out ...just a run flat. Some folks got upset about finally a XPS Rib blowout and there no different than a ST tire. Makes a big difference when all the facts come out.
JIMNLIN 10/30/21 05:39am Fifth-Wheels

Starting to research and if you have had or know of any Major issues with the Brands or models below, Id love to get your input. Internet is all over the place. Welcome to the forum. This forum or any general rv forum (not brand specific) is just like searching the net where your gonna' get input all over the place. You may be better served by searching/asking question on brand specific forums. Your looking at used units so that cheaper built unit you listed may be in better shape than the better built high end unit. 5th wheel trailer vs a travel trailer ? Your choice there. I double tow at times so the 5th wheel trailer was my choice. And 28' up to 35' trailer ? That can be a huge jump in the trailers weight especially with 5th wheel trailers. A 28' 5th wheel trailer/no slides may have a 7k-8k gross weight while some 35' 5th wheel trailers with multi slides can weigh 18000+ lbs. Are you contracting the unit to be moved every 6 months or are you doing the towing ?? Moving a 35' TT or a heavy 5th wheel trailer can require a one ton drw diesel truck. The 28' TT or 5th wheel trailer can easily be moved with a 3/4 ton diesel or big gas engine truck.
JIMNLIN 10/29/21 07:55pm Fifth-Wheels
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