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RE: Additional fuel carrying capacity on pickup

My '03 2500 Dodge/Cummins HO 305/555 engine nv5600 tranny 3.73 gears short bed came with the factory 34 gallon fuel tank = 300-325 miles when pulling my 11200 lb 5th wheel trailer. On the road I look for a refill when the tank shows 1/4 mark. At 300 miles and my age I'm looking for a potty brake anywayz. The old truck is showing its age mechanically at 360k+ miles. Sure wish I could buy a new one just like it.
JIMNLIN 11/20/21 08:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Anyone use a battery operated blower?

Yeah those cordless chainsaws are the cat meow. I cut and sell a bit of firewood each winter and I use mine for delimbing the tree out once I get it on the ground. Its so light and instant power cutting off limbs up to 6"-8" diameter. My 311 Stihl with the 25" bar says it weighs in the 15-16 lb range but my age and arm/shoulder muscles says its closer to 50 lbs.
JIMNLIN 11/19/21 09:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Anyone use a battery operated blower?

I bought Dewalt to match all the rest of my tools. They all take the same batteries. Same here. I'm running a chainsaw...hedge trimmer....drill motors...big blower cordless 20v DeWalt. As my other corded/gas tools wear out their gonna' get replaced with a DeWalt 20v cordless tool. Except the the Stihl chainsaw.
JIMNLIN 11/19/21 09:07am Tech Issues

uhhhhnn...any ST tire can make those kind of miles. Come back after 15k-18k miles or so and give us a report. These newer ST load G all steel carcass tires are hands down better than the run of the mill load C/D/E poly carcass tires as far as long term use goes. I'spect those CSL Carlisle's will match other steel ply carcass load G tires.
JIMNLIN 11/17/21 06:49pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Slide Support

Slide supports are from the era before our modern powered (gear/hyd) slide outs and were needed to keep the then called tip out or pull out level. I guess its possible some of those old trailers are still in use but I can't imagine they sell very many of those old supports.
JIMNLIN 11/17/21 05:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Best sliding hitch recommendation

Do people go by rear Axle weight rating or vehicle weight rating? You bet. You see those one ton drw trucks with dot numbers on their door pulling heavy GN trailers. We legally/safely load our trucks or trailer up to the vehicles gawrs/tire load ratings if need be. We don't face a DOT overload violation or a lawsuit for exceeding the gvwr based payload number. Ford may give a F350 srw a 22000 lb trailer tow rating but that doesn't mean all type of trailers. I haul cattle/other stock with a 36' triaxle GN trailer with 7k axles. I load the young stuff up front over the truck and heavy stock over the trailers axles or just aft of he axles. This allows me to load the trailer so it doesn't exceed my 2500 Dodge/Cummins rawr. You can't do that with a fixed hitch weight from a rv trailer...especially a 22000 lb 5th wheel rv trailer. You have the truck so drop by your local CAT scale and weigh the trucks separate front and rear axles. Simply subtract the rear axle number from Fords 7230 rawr. From other Ford owners weight reporting your trucks rear axle may weigh in the 3400-3500 lb range leaving around 3700 lbs for a max in the bed payload. Some with heavy trailers or a heavy truck camper with one ton srw trucks go with 19.5" tires and wheels and rear suspension help. Anywayz get those axles weighed.
JIMNLIN 11/15/21 07:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best sliding hitch recommendation

PullRite Superglide auto sliding hitch has been the gold std for many years. However where any sliding hitch is located in the bed one can still have contact with the trucks cab. At a campground in AR I was talking with another camper about his ding in his cab even tho he had the Superglide and a chevy truck. GM has the longest C/A (cab to rear axle) so most GM owners never use a slider even if the have a manual slider. Anywayz looking at his hitch in the bed it was set 4" in front of the trucks rear axle. That 4" brought the trailer closer to the cab on sharp turns ,especially right had turns, at a stop sign the bottom of a steep hill like many campgrounds have. I had him look at mine that sits zero over the rear axle for max sliding capabilities. He was a newb with a truck and trailer and let the hitch installer decide where to locate the hitch in the bed.
JIMNLIN 11/15/21 06:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Replace just one tire?

If a person doesn't trust the remaining 3 tires, why would you save one for a spare? Buy 5 new tires. For my use the spare is used to get me to the next tire shop to fix or replaced the ruined tire that was on the trailers axles. Using a quality tire on the trailers axles means the spare may hang for many years before or even if its ever needed. I assume the stock tires, Castle Rock ST205/75R14, 8PR load range, D105/101L, are fairly cheap tires? I think maybe they are only 6 ply tires as it says 2 ply tread, 2 wire ply and 2 sidewall ply. The 8pr (8 ply rated) is the "ply rating" (not actual number of plies). The tire has 2 sidewall plies which is the number of carcass plies but is equivalent in strength to the old tires of years gone with actual 8 plies. Castle Rock tires ?? Not the best tire for cruising 8k-10k miles a year with lots of all day runs at interstate speeds. Myself I would sell them to some one with a lawn service trailer and go with a Provider ST or the Endurance ST. Years back I ran LT tires on my non rv trailers. We had lots of 14" sizes available but their all history now.
JIMNLIN 11/13/21 07:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Sailun Tires

I see on Taskmaster website Providers come in a all steel ply carcass in a ST235/80 16" G @ 4080 lbs and a ST235/85-16" G @ 4400 lbs capacity only....and have 19/32nd tread depth. Thats a serious tire for haulers trailers. Should be good for 80k-90k miles per set.I don't heard about Taskmaster probably made in China it can be good but not to many reviews. The Providers first hit the streets in the 2010 era on several types of equipment trailers. They are the usual poly carcass tire with two steel belts plus the nylon cap and among the first ST tires to have the higher speed ratings and come in 13"/14"/15" and 16"E/F load range. Some rv owners have said the Providers came OEM on their trailers. The all steel carcass Providers I mentioned above is a newer line from Taskmaster. And as usual they show up on commercial type trailers first till some rv folks see the type of service haulers are getting.
JIMNLIN 11/13/21 06:57pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Sailun Tires

I see on Taskmaster website Providers come in a all steel ply carcass in a ST235/80 16" G @ 4080 lbs and a ST235/85-16" G @ 4400 lbs capacity only....and have 19/32nd tread depth. Thats a serious tire for haulers trailers. Should be good for 80k-90k miles per set.
JIMNLIN 11/12/21 08:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RVs over 10 years old are valueless

I've been asked twice for my 1997 rv age. The first one was a Branson, MO rv parking lot. I told him it was 14 years old...he looks out the big front window at the trailer and keeps writing info down. No problem. The last time was last summer in a SLC rv parking lot. Same scenario. He looks out the window and was a nice looking unit. Its been trailer shed kept since 2000. We don't stay in many rv parking lots but some times its the closest/handy on long trips.
JIMNLIN 11/12/21 05:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Sailun Tires

I've read some of those on the GD forum (other forums) who had issues with their china and VN made Sailun. Some were pretty sketchy reports like running the 235/85-16 G at 4400 lbs capacity with only 80 psi for two years. Thats simply tire abuse especially on a heavy sidewall tire... BTDT and a expensive lesson learned. Others were not the 16" load G but said they were 17.5" H load range Sailun S637 or just Sailun tires. And one motor home owners reported his 22.5" Sailun lost a tread but no details. Some never gave any details other than just my Sailun made in china or made in VN. One had deep chunks and rubber on that one same side of the tire ground down like a metal object getting hung up in the wheel well doing the damage. I saw only two (on three different rv forums) that gave all the particulars that pointed to 16" G S637 tire issues. The rest IMO were owner neglect or ignorance of derating psi on heavy tires or cuts and bruising from admitting to rolling over curbs/etc. Sailun has around a dozen different lines of tires for commercial trucks/trailers ranging from 16"/17.5"/19.5"/22.5"/24.5". Sailun S637 16" load G is just one of them. I would run them but make a quick looky at the tires tread on every stop. you make
JIMNLIN 11/12/21 04:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Vin vs door sticker

I google news around 5:30-6 am every morning. Several days back I read where some vehicles had the wrong door tag gvwr assigned and advise was to check with the vehicle mfg/dealer for them to issue the correct sticker. I would say the vin is correct.
JIMNLIN 11/11/21 11:44am Truck Campers
RE: Leaf Spring Question

delte ...wrong reply
JIMNLIN 11/09/21 07:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Side-Trip Report: Great Salt Plains SP, OK

We've stayed over nite below the dam on trips from NE OK to southern CO /northern NM years back. Neat area. Vance Air Force base uses Kegelman aux field just south of the below dam campgrounds. The field is used as a touch and go for training AF fighter pilots from Vance. If you plan on a extended stay Vance did have a phone number to call and see what time of the day they would be using the air field. I assume they still use the field. Another recreation area is the Little Sahara state park with lots of sand for those type vehicles. Its just a few miles southwest of Salt Plains Park next to small town Waynoka, OK just north of US 412. Maybe some day US 412 will make a east/west interstate between I-40 and I-70.
JIMNLIN 11/09/21 06:05am Truck Campers
RE: Nascar Follies

Seems like networks today have a different idea what tv viewers like to see/hear. Too bad the network was stuck on showing in car vids of the 4 contenders just driving around when several cars racing each other for various top ten positions. Overall pretty good race from the top 4 contenders. Now if the tv networks would dump Jr...Burton...Letarte with thier irritating squeaky Billy Mims type voices and put people in the booth with good broadcasting voices, like we had in the past, I would watch the whole race and not use the mute button.
JIMNLIN 11/08/21 06:17am Around the Campfire
RE: 45ft, would I be too limited?

Its rare a state will check a rv combo length but my state has a 65' max combination length truck-trailer) and a 40' rv trailer total length including the hitch. I see long bus type MHs pulling long bumper pull enclosed trailers that look to be over 30' long. Other states you travel through may have similar length limits.
JIMNLIN 11/07/21 08:15pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: is running exhaust brake all the time ok?

When the new 6.7 Cummins came out in our Dodge trucks, Cummins had a video of how the new fixed vane with a sliding nozzle turbo works in slow motion on the 6.7 engine. Cummins gave the turbo exhaust braking around 230 hp vs 180 braking hp for my '03 5.9/Jacobs (post turbo) exhaust brake. The newer gen 6.7 turbo brake may have even more exhaust braking performance. My '03 truck has 365+ miles on the odo and the Jacobs has work fine with the NV5600 6 speed manual. The Jacobs came with a T handle that mounts on the side of the gear shifter at the top. My hand sits on the shift knob with the first two fingers pulling the EB on...or off. The truck is 19 years old and I'm still amazed what it can pull easily and gets great mpgs with very little maintenance.
JIMNLIN 11/07/21 05:19am Tow Vehicles
RE: Towing with a 2022 Ford 150 3.5 EcoBoost

"The truck will pull as good or better than any of the early 2000s diesels which are still quite capable. No worries OP." Flat ground and long 6% grades??? Yeah .. I had a good laugh at that comment...which may have been true in the '90s era when diesel engines in our pickups had 180-200 hp and 420-460 torque. My old '03 Dodge/Cummins 305 hp and 555 torque nv5600 3.73 gears pulls my 11.5k 5th wheel rv trailer or a fully loaded 16k GN triaxle stock trailer great...and gets 11-12 mpg pulling and 21-22 mpgs empty. No doubt the 3.5 EB is a good engine in the F150 and will work fine for the size trailers F150 owners are using.... but its sure not in the same league as my early '00s Dodge/Cummins.
JIMNLIN 11/07/21 04:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: New Tires Lighten my Wallet

New Tires Lighten my Wallet Yeah I've watched tire prices on a upward spiral the last 4-5 years. Especially any product that is oil based. I had Discount Tire balance the tires on my truck last week. It was upper 30s day with cold rain so not many customers. The store mgr I guess wanted to talk so we had a long discussion about certain brand tires/tire tech and tire shortages. He made the comment DT regional office says to be prepared for more price increases until tire production gets ramped back up. This time next year you may think you got a great deal.
JIMNLIN 11/07/21 04:11am Fifth-Wheels
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