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RE: Transeagle 14ply tires

We have the Goodyear Endurance tires which came on our Pinnacle now but really want to go to a G rated tire. Good idea. Looking at Jayco website shows the '22 Pinnacle 36 FBTS same trailer you have now has 17.5" H load range tires. What was Jayco thinking when they selected a load range E 80 psi tire for a big 16500 lb trailer. Especially a Endurance with those thin 8/32" of tread depth. The Transeagle ST load G are another all steel ply carcass commercial grade tire. These plus several other brands of all steel ply commercial grade ST tires are made in china but beat any made in the USA tires for reliability in this class. Now load C/D/E poly carcass ST tires aren't in the same class so they don't compare well at all. As long as your present wheels are rated for 110 psi and 4400 lbs IMO its a good move considering your present tires.
JIMNLIN 02/28/22 07:20am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Would $7 per gal effect your RV lifestyle?

Were also on fixed income so yeah high fuel costs will effect distance from home and how often we travel. Hopefully like the last 5 bucks a gallon it will slow the speeders down like last time we faced 5 bucks a gallon.
JIMNLIN 02/24/22 08:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Today in History

Musta been a bad one for those that were there. I had a uncle who was on the 3rd wave to hit the beaches. All his later life my aunt said he would sometimes have flash backs at nite and wake up shouting. He's gone now but never talked about it with other uncles/family friends who served in WW II, other than to say most of his unit never made it off the beach. Much to learn on history.com websites about the taking of Iwo Jima campaign.
JIMNLIN 02/23/22 12:12pm Around the Campfire
RE: Nascar Follies

Good race at the 500 finish line today. Anytime new kids can win instead of the same ol' same ol' top 6-8 drivers it has to be good. As usual I make the start of a race till Faux starts showing in car camera's looking at another cars front/rear bumper I find something else to do. But timed it just right with 20 laps left and the finish. Replays showed lots of wrecks from pushing with the new cars.
JIMNLIN 02/20/22 09:00pm Around the Campfire
RE: How heavy on a srw crew cab f350 3.5 with godzilla

I know I can research it but I also know you guys can answer in a heartbeat. I’m stuck on 7.3’s. Still rolling with my 97. Not much different than a F350 with the 6.7 diesel. As others say Fords F350 srw gives you a 7230 rawr which will be carrying most if not all of the truck campers weight. Rear axles on these newer gen srw trucks have been weighing in the 3300-3400 lbs range leaving around 3800 lbs on the rear axle. A 4600 lb payload in the bed will blow the hell out of any brand one ton srw crew cab 7000-7230 rawr numbers. You can always upgrade to 19.5" tires/wheels and air bags for a 4xxx lb truck camper.
JIMNLIN 02/18/22 12:41pm Truck Campers
RE: Trailer King Tires

Wheel psi/load rating ID ?? This may be true on rv websites but wheel psi/load rating IDs are a big problem on commercial type haulers websites with lots of split bead seats and cracked valleys are the result of using cheap trailer wheels with no max load/psi numbers. Too many folks just assume cause its a wheel. OP first question. Never guess how much load a axle carries. You have the trailer so drop by the CAT scales and find your truck and trailers axles loads. Never go by actual axle loads for choosing a minimum psi from tire mfg load/pressure charts for trailers tires for many reasons. A couple of good reasons is some trailer are heavier a bit or a lot on one side. Loads on trailers tires change constantly (side to side/fore and aft) and especially strong side winds causing much higher tire/wheel loads on the trailers lee side. And of course trailer tires side scrub as the trailer is pulled around a street corner or making sharp turns while backing. Tire on our cars/trucks/suvs/vans do not operate in this extreme environment. Those higher rated load E ST tires are a good choice for 6k trailer axles. second question. Run them at 80 psi cold set and don't worry if they run at 90 psi +. Tire mfg know tires get hot from carrying a load at highways speeds...all is normal. third question. If its a 6 lug X 16" wheel then their good for 80 psi. Trailer wheel have load rating some where either stamped or a sticker. These can be on the wheels outside/back side or in the valley. A valley load/psi ID requires the tire to be removed. last question. Having made a living pulling non rv trailers using the same axles/tires/wheels that come on rv trailer I've had more cheap OEM tire/wheel issues than any rv'er ever faces. I always sell cheap off brand ST tires/low cost trailer wheels with no pressure/load ID on CL and go with LT235/85-16 E tires like Bridgestone R-238 commercial grade all steel ply carcass on 6k or 5.2k axles. And purchase a known trailer wheel brand that has a psi/load ID or if the wheel mfg can verify the wheels psi rating. My 32' rv triler has 10060 lbs on 5.2k axles. I use LT215/85-16 E poly carcass tires. I get 50k-55k miles per set and with three sets running with no issues.
JIMNLIN 02/16/22 08:40am Toy Haulers
RE: 40 or 45 ft 5fer, any difference

Any feedback is appreciated. MC Just sayin' but states do have max rv trailer lengths laws. My state is 40'. Other states set their own max rv trailer length limits. Some thing you may want to look into as you travel around the states. I've never heard of a rv'er being measured for a single rv trailer length but we have had other members, myself included measured for a max double tow length.
JIMNLIN 02/16/22 07:42am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Truck Bed Weight

Hey Jim, What did you search for when you found this page? I would love to know how far they went back for DRW Chevy 3500. Fantastic info page on ford. Ford specs pages Open the clicky.. click vehicle specifications... Just below 2022 specs click on show more which brings up model down to 2014... Other clickable links to search. One is the Body Builders Book. It would be nice if Ram and GM had this much tech info on their trucks.
JIMNLIN 02/13/22 08:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Hats

I wear a ball cap or a western style hat much of the time when going places like Lowes....farm and ranch stores...feed mills...Walmart....small town restaurants or cafes.... Tractor Supply....fast food joints. My cap/hat isn't removed....just like 99 percent of other rural men and women who wear them in those type establishments. Now if were going to a nicer eating place then the cap/hat is left in the truck. Those that want to wear a hat/cap in a restaurant doesn't offend me at all nor do I consider them rude .
JIMNLIN 02/13/22 09:24am Around the Campfire
RE: Truck Bed Weight

(1) Pickup Box Delete available with Regular Cab 141.6" WB, SuperCab 164.2" WB and Crew Cab 176.0" WB models with 6.2L or 6.7L engines only. Base Curb Weights shown above are for completed pickup truck models with standard equipment and the engine/transmission combination indicated. To adjust the “Base Curb Weight” to reflect Pickup Box Delete, add 20 lbs. for SRW models and 22 lbs. for DRW models to the “Front” weight and subtract 366 lbs. for SRW models and 417 lbs. for DRW models from the “Total” weight (adjust the “Rear” weight by subtracting “Front” from “Total”). This provides the weight effect of deleting the pickup box, rear step bumper and standard spare tire, wheel and carrier. Please also refer to footnote 3. Fllet Ford specs clicky Foot note #1 in all the weight spec pages says the same; Box removal includes the box...rear step bumper....and spare tire....wheel and carrier.
JIMNLIN 02/13/22 08:58am Truck Campers
RE: New travel trailer delivered with bubble along the edges

It can be common. My 1997 32' 5er has 3' spots on the top edge like that on both sides. Some have said their new rv came with what you described but after about a year they disappeared. Give your trailer mfg a 1-800 for their input.
JIMNLIN 02/10/22 02:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: Nascar Follies

I made my salsa and was looking forward to watching a good race. First thing Fox did was in car camera and down on the track watching wheels roll by. I gave up after the first 10-12 laps and watched old rerun westerns with Randolph Scott. Salsa was great. Maybe some day network sports will drop racing by in car cameras and lots of track noise. Anywayz ...did anyone win ??
JIMNLIN 02/09/22 01:06pm Around the Campfire
RE: Propane prices

I've noticed even when LP was cheap (1.45 per gal home owner prices) some places that sell exchange tanks can be three times higher per gal than prices charged by LP dealers filling home owners tank.
JIMNLIN 02/08/22 08:21am Around the Campfire
RE: Need help narrowing down 5th wheel

Sure lots of arm chair lawyers on rv forums...or maybe just watch too many lawyer type adds on tv. Gotta' ask all the rv forums lawyer types posting on this topic to show the forum any credible links where a LDT owner was sued and lost in a civil court case regarding gvwr over weight contributed to a wreck with injury opinions being expressed . I didn't think so..... Now we'll hear all kinds of excuses why there never has been.
JIMNLIN 02/07/22 12:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Need help narrowing down 5th wheel

I don't want to jump into a axle rating vs. GVWR debate. But the fact that every owner's manual clearly states do not exceed GVW makes the whole debate more than just RV forum myth and innuendo. To think exceeding GVW cannot become an issue in a civil matter is naive. LOL.... you didn't want to jump :B...but you just had to just like I had too jump in when someone makes the same ol' same ol' tired "civil lawsuit/gvwr" bogus claims. I've been around trucking using LDTs since the early '60s and have never heard this claim till I came on a rv website in '03. Sure we had civil issues regarding exceeding a weight number caused a accident with damage/injury. But a LDT gvwr wasn't one of those numbers. Ford F350 srw and now GM 3500 srw have gvwrs ranging from 10000 lbs up to 12400 lbs. We can buy a srw with a 10000 gvwr or a higher gvwr up to 12400 lbs..... for the same exact truck. Just another reason a LDT gvwr isn't used for any "legal weight" issues (civil or dot). The OP mentions the 3500 srw Ram which may come with a 12300 gvwr. The 6.7 Cummins crew cab Aisin 4wd truck may weigh close to 8000 lbs and as many Ram owners claim a 4400-4600 lb gvwr based payload sticker number. As my reply above that brought out the gvwr/civil matter comments I still recommend not exceeding the Rams 7000 rawr. These trucks are heavy and can carry maybe up to 3600-3700 lbs on the rear axle. For those that use a gvwr number.....3600-3700 lbs in the bed in no way exceeds the Ram 12300 gvwr number.
JIMNLIN 02/05/22 09:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Need help narrowing down 5th wheel

Jimnlin, you state go by rear axle weight rating , that is fine if you choose to do that, but to recommend it to others, can place them in legal limbo! Baloney ...... There is no legal limbo with (DOT or other legal theories) for exceeding the truck mfg gvwr. Thats just plain rv website scare myth thats been pushed by a few rv owners opinions..... yourself included. For those that swear by the trucks gvwr or its gvwr based payload sticker.... loading 3500 Rams rear axle to full 7000 lbs will not exceed a 3500 srw Rams 12400 gvwr.
JIMNLIN 02/05/22 06:55am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Need help narrowing down 5th wheel

Long or short bed 3500 srw have the same 7000 rawr regardless of GVWR or gvwr based payload sticker numbers. Looking at Ram Body Builder guide base weight specs shows the same cab/drive train/6.7 Cummins/Aisin/etc std bed...rear axle is around 140 lbs lighter than the long bed version = 5th wheel hitch weight that sits on the trucks rear axle, load carrying advantage going to the std 6' 4" bed.
JIMNLIN 02/04/22 08:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Multiple Buyers. Who gets the RV?

I've sold two 5th wheel rv trailers.....maybe 14-15 non rv trailers up to 22k gvwr.....two truck campers.....and I don't know how many trucks I used commercially.....cars.....motorcycles....boats...house hold appliances/etc and numerous other items. I always tell a caller if other(s) are in front or a sale pending and if they leave a phone number I'll call when their the next in line. If I get a call back or the next in line I ask for a time they want to look at my sale item. In the OP situation I would give #1 looker a chance to come up with the bucks and let #2 know a sale pending. Some times if a looker has to talk it over with a spouse they aren't that interested.
JIMNLIN 02/01/22 08:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Am I over the Max 5fer length?

Since they're licensed by the state to issue titles either there's 0 enforcement of what the legislature put on paper, or they sell the majority of their inventory to out of state folks, I'll tell you which I think is more likely =) Checking rv vehicles for legal lengths isn't on our state troopers every day radar according to my local state DOT trooper. Most cars/trucks sold today will exceed the vast majority of posted speed limits....but a car/truck dealer can legally sell a 180 mph vehicle. You just take your chances pulling a over length trailer or speeding or shooting at a LEO or selling crack to drug crazed Americans or busting any other laws.
JIMNLIN 01/26/22 08:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Propane prices

Just had my propane dealer fill the 500 gallon LP tank at the house today for 2.55 a gal northeast Oklahoma.
JIMNLIN 01/24/22 08:32pm Around the Campfire
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