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RE: In a quandary

Isn't the entire point of you being vaccinated is so you could protect yourself so you could pursue normal life - like holidays? You might be right, but my understanding a major reason to get the shots is attempt to remove the virus from the population before it mutates into something more deadly.
JRscooby 10/19/21 07:32am Around the Campfire
RE: Cold weather, generators, and campgrounds

But, outside of that, I prefer to not be in agony because my joint rubbed against a pillow. Sounds like a fire hazard to me.
JRscooby 10/19/21 05:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Running lights on cars

Back in the '50s law started requiring ID and clearance lights on trucks and trailers. The idea was the amber lights above headlights, or the extra red lights, would let motorist know the vehicle was larger, (And likely slower uphill) than normal. And it was thought that by spacing the ID lights you could judge how far away the truck is. This century they are only used as a reason to write tickets. Back before all the daytime driving lights, and all the improvements in headlights, I could tell how far from a car I was by the brightness of the lights. When the law declared I could no longer delete the turn lamps from my MC, I argued that until they where made self-canceling, electric turn-signals should be illegal. Nobody is to stupid to pull their arm in. Maybe the best idea would be stop the ones without lights, hold them for a few days for mental health evaluation. Why are you trying suicide?
JRscooby 10/19/21 05:10am Travel Trailers
RE: Anyone dribble their gray ?

1 mod Dad had me do to his 5er was add a drain about 3/4 up on his grey tank with 2 valves. Open 1, the top of tank would drain thru hose bib. Open the other, back in the stinky slinky. Always had plenty to chase the black. Where allowed, let the grey run to bushes. On FHU sites, run small hose to sewer except when dumping black. When no hookups, if the grey was full he could bucket some into black tank.
JRscooby 10/19/21 04:28am General RVing Issues
RE: Latest project...parking pad for our cargo trailer

Good job! It might not matter with the little trailer you have, but over decades I have learned that where you plan to run off the edge of asphalt it is better to have the grade higher than the pavement. If the tire drops off, it is more likely to crumble the edge. And once the edge breaks, it makes a new edge to break...
JRscooby 10/18/21 03:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: In a quandary

Think about it for a minute, from this POV. The man that did the most to make Covid 19 something to fight over, instead of something to fight against required people that wanted to come to his public parties sign a release. "If we catch it, we will not sue you" I assume that any person that has not taken the vaccine, it is likely they do not take other precautions. If they bring the virus to your get-together your vaccine will protect you, but will do nothing for your grandkids. By now I know who in the family are not vaccinated . All of the family with kids, and most of the others will be avoiding them.
JRscooby 10/18/21 04:30am Around the Campfire
RE: Residential fridge

Many companies that offer res fridges also include an inverter to convert DC to AC for the fridge. You should find out if you have one and how to use it. I'm by no means a expert, but I would bet that if you do not have enough power input to the inverter you can't get enough to power the fridge. I have a little inverter that plugs into lighter socket. Plugged in the outlet in sleeper, it would not start my coffee grinder. Move up to outlet on dash, warning squeal, but would grind the beans. When I put a outlet hooked up to the heavy wires of the tarp motor switch, could charge laptop, Dustbuster, and grind the beans. A friend would freeze a couple blocks of ice before he traveled. Move 1 to fridge to help it stay cold, move the fridge stuff that really needed cold to freezer
JRscooby 10/17/21 06:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Do you always need an RV Park ? .....

Then you get into the "if you let that guy stay overnight in a class B, why can't stay overnight in my minivan" argument. And then, " if you let that guy in the minivan, why not my SUV". To me this statement says people that can afford a MH should be allowed to stay for free, but the people that can't should pay for a campground.
JRscooby 10/16/21 02:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Non-level campsites Class A

Yeah, I quit using the plastic blocks when we got the motorhome. Those plastic one work OK for towable RVs, but don’t trust them to handle the weight of a class A. Good idea on the carriage bolts. I just screwed all 3 on mine together somewhat permanent, with long wood screws. The blocks I built where for Dad's trailer. He had made some (I re-used the boards) He had laid out the holes, drove inch long screws drove halfway in and then holes for the heads to fit in. They bothered me because I know boards split, and wood screws, with their points, can flatten a tire. The carriage bolts, if split out of wood will have a round head on 1 end, and a nut on the other. If it does go thru a tire, tire is ruined, but the ends are large enough not likely to stick in tread. If you decide to replace your screws with bolts, you might want to countersink the nuts into the bottom of boards, if you use them on pavement. Will slide, or damage pavement (All-thread and nuts much cheaper than bolts long enough to reach thru 3 2bys) Another idea would be sandwich rubber belt (Mud flap?) between the bottom 2 layers, with a tongue sticking out long enough to be under the tire before it hits the ramp. This would make sure they did not slide as you pull on. For a MH, would want shorter boards, because the top board doesn't need to be long enough for tires on 2 axles. But with a trailer you only need 1 ramp, because only need to put 1 side on ramp. MH, OTOH, might need to ramp 3 corners to 3 different heights. My single axle trailer is light enough for plastic. The 30 I carry are lighter, and easier to pack then the lumber. And I often use them to level other things around the site.
JRscooby 10/13/21 04:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Non-level campsites Class A

Go to a lumber store, buy you a 2x12 or two, and cut it up into a bunch of squares. Throw a bunch of them in your outside storage. I'm not real smart. Instead of cutting squares, would it be better to cut different lengths so you can stack short on long, drive up a ramp? Good point. I should have been more specific about how I cut up the boards. I actually bolted a total of 3 pieces of 2x12 together, stacked 3 high. Top piece is about 12” long, 2nd piece is about 24” long, and bottom piece is about 3’ long. Provides stair steps to drive up, basically - 3 different steps/levels I can drive the wheels up on, depending on how far off level. I built two of them, carry those as well as a handful of square pieces for the jacks. I cut some 2X8s with 6 inches different lengths. Then drilled pilot holes thru the stack for alinement. Used 7/8 paddle bit top of half the holes, and 3/8 thru the others. I put carriage bolts thru with nuts and washers. Decide how tall stack, the nuts drop in the large holes to keep boards in line. Now plastic blocks use similar idea. But I have never seen plastic long enough for a tandem.
JRscooby 10/12/21 05:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Latest project...parking pad for our cargo trailer

One mistake I can see already; Should of done the digging before you picked up the ties. Then you could park close to where each tie belongs before unloading. I did not get this fat working harder than I needed too.
JRscooby 10/12/21 02:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone else run out of diesel ?

I have never read the manual on any electronic engine except 3406-E, and don't remember what it says. My fix has always been pull and fill the filters with clean fuel. Disconnect input line from filter, blow in tank until fuel comes out line. If the 2nd filter was real low, I take the input to it and repeat. Work my way up the system, bleeding air, until I get to injector or to the point where leaked fuel would get in the oil. Then I crank it. If the primary pump is in the tank, and you can make it run you would not need the air. But a pump is often lubed by the fuel. If run dry might damage it.
JRscooby 10/12/21 04:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Non-level campsites Class A

Go to a lumber store, buy you a 2x12 or two, and cut it up into a bunch of squares. Throw a bunch of them in your outside storage. I'm not real smart. Instead of cutting squares, would it be better to cut different lengths so you can stack short on long, drive up a ramp?
JRscooby 10/10/21 06:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Non-level campsites Class A

As long as the rear wheels stay in the ground (parking brake) you will be fine for a couple days. If you have to lift the rear be sure you have good wheel chocks on the front wheels. In times past I have had to work under a truck on a slope, with the rear jacked off the ground. Chock the front. Release all brakes, including parking. If it does not move, or more likely, moves a little and stops, this will make sure the slope of grade doesn't sideload the jacks.
JRscooby 10/10/21 03:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Biden to restore 3 national monuments cut by Trump

The only reason this could be considered political is one party does not believe in science, history, or even math. They demand party members believe what they are told by party leaders, not their own eyes. Yeah, those Dimrats are pretty effin’ stupid. :W :):) Yes, that "alternative facts" idea sure fooled a lot of them... I am of the opinion that we shouldn't turn every special place in this country into a National Whatever. With National attention comes crowds, signs, paved paths and rules to follow. Along with visitor stations, rangers, more pavement and more signs. Even just since Bears Ears first came on the national stage, I have noticed an significant increase in the numbers of people there (did an amazing backpack trip through Dark Canyon well before anyone in Washington knew of the place). These additional people mean the managing agencies will need to put more into infrastructure, and perhaps even limit the number folks entering the area. It's special to wander down a remote canyon and feel like you are the first (white) person to see something. But that (all be it, false) sense of discovery would not be there if there was lots of on-line information to follow, a parking lot, paved path and signs pointing the way. I realize that Monument Status is a long way from paved paths and signs, but over the course of my life I have watched quite a few "special areas" go from simple BLM/Forest lands to Wilderness Study Areas, to Wilderness, to Nat. Monument, to Nat. Park (not necessarily in that order). But never, have I seen it go the other way. So I say, lets leave the next generation the ability to have this same sense of discovery and leave some places alone without turning them into the over loved amusement parks that all our National Parks and some of our National Monuments have become. While I agree with what you say, think about the avowed reasons for removing the protections. We see every day record heat, record fires, record storms. For half a century, every scientist in the world that is not paid by the fossil fuel industry has been telling us this will happen. But we must pump every drop of oil out of ground, we can't save any natural place. And I bet there is a lot of overlap between the group that cheered when the area lost it's protection, and the group that was throwing a fit about statues moved to places where they could only be seen by people that want to see them. THE'RE DISTROYING HISTORY!
JRscooby 10/09/21 04:29pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Biden to restore 3 national monuments cut by Trump

The only reason this could be considered political is one party does not believe in science, history, or even math. They demand party members believe what they are told by party leaders, not their own eyes.
JRscooby 10/09/21 07:08am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: High profile tires on off road packages on trailers. hmmm

Why do they always feel the need to use a lug tread when they go to taller tires?
JRscooby 10/08/21 04:18am Travel Trailers
RE: landing gear issue

If it's like mine there should be 2 wire nuts about 6 inches from the motor. Take those off and separate the wires. Hook your jumper cables directly to those wires and your trailer battery. Warning! Yes, it will make a spark. Better to hook the cables to the battery, then to the wires. It will still spark, but the spark not be right at the battery. Much less chance of a explosion.
JRscooby 10/05/21 07:33am General RVing Issues
RE: landing gear issue

Also make sure all connections are clean (ground too) If the wires are marginal, a weak connection can reduce voltage for a motor to run slow. And low voltage can kill a DC motor in short time. Just for snots and grins, use a good pair of jumper cables to by-pass all the factory wiring. Bet the motor runs much faster than new.
JRscooby 10/04/21 03:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: A richer man !

Back when I was getting paid to tell Police where to go (not I get paid because I used to tell police where to go retired dispatcher) we had a number of folks who tried to dash across the 55MPH speed limit (normal speeds closer to 75) and I had to send troopers. to investigate. Tow trucks for the car belong to the poor smuk who hit'em. the ME with a shovel and a mop to mop up what was left of 'em and so on... Do not "Dash" across a high speed road.. It can be suicide. From the description the OP is crossing at a light controlled intersection. When I took the test, the drivers where required to allow the person to safely cross the street. I guess somebody decided to pay instead of yield.
JRscooby 10/04/21 07:12am Around the Campfire
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