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RE: Hwy 54 in Kansas vs Hwy 56

My route, with a semi would be catch US 54 at Tucumcari. Run that up thru Pratt, catch Ks 61. That will put you on US50, just west of Hutchison. Ride 50 over to Emporia where it meets I35, or the Turnpike. Pike up to Topeka, then north on US75, or (More likely for I35 or I29 to Iowa Now, there are probably better ways if you want to do touristy things as you go, but this is a good way to get there.
JRscooby 03/19/23 05:48am Roads and Routes
RE: Towing Frontier on Dolly

Have you put MH back on highway without toad? Think you might have worn or binding parts in front end. The new toad pointed out issue
JRscooby 03/17/23 04:31am Dinghy Towing
RE: Seven States to Ban the Sale of Gas Powered Cars in 2035

they can talk all they want, i,ll never happen. 12 years? By then the demand for new ICE cars might be so small you have trouble buying anywhere. Upcoming ban might force upgrades on the grid.
JRscooby 03/17/23 04:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: Camping With Toddlers

One extra recommendation that has nothing to do with sleeping accommodations.... Put some kind of a look on the camper door that the kid can't reach or manipulate. A friend's eldest decided to go for a midnight walk. Fortunately things were contained and there were no real issues except to the parent's nerves. Matt Not saying this is bad idea, because I think it is necessary. But while thinking about the type of latch to use, remember there might come a time you need to open that door while panicking.
JRscooby 03/15/23 04:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Camping With Toddlers

I have seen deals that look like fences, hinged to fold flat to store but when folded out to a L, allowing 1 leg to slide under cushion, make the 4th side of kid cage.
JRscooby 03/13/23 03:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electric and ICE forever together?

Yours as well. Yes, there are two sides. You should check it out. One problem is most discussions are limited to 2 sides, which totally blocks out some solutions that could "save the planet" In how much of the world does the average meal travel thousands of miles between field and table? And where else in world does most of workforce spend hour a day by themselves in a car going to/from work? Good points! And it’s amazing to think how many “things” or processes could be changed to be entirely more efficient from a “travel” standpoint. None of which rely on finding a “better” means of propulsion but moreso a more efficient means of production. Nice thought, but until I can grow enough lettuce (the edible kind not the folding kind) in WA efficiently enough to compete with the folks growing it in Arizona. Or the US ranchers somehow become more efficient than those supplying McDonalds beef from Brazil or wherever the story said, generally the most “efficient” path has been carved. And what “if” one only at local foods and didn’t commute? That sounds all warm n fuzzy and saving the planet type stuff. What if 50% of people did that and reduced the need for air travel and cars and fast food restaurants? Well that’s a lot of industry that just went belly up and quit supporting a significant chunk of the population, financially. The employees. Apply the same theory to a bunch of other stuff as well until one is literally surviving off of what is available locally. Then you need less roads and infrastructure so Scooby couldn’t have earned a living delivering dirt and gravel. And pretty soon, we’re all sitting around a campfire in animal skins waiting for something to run by to spear for dinner! I will confess in my lifetime I have made money transporting things with questionable utility. Mid 70s, load swinging beef Ks, Co, or Iowa, to the east coast, wash out, load swinging beef (from Argentine at that time) back to Kansas for Mcdees. But Bell, last year I worked, loaded a load of dirt at a excavation site north Phoenix, delivered to parks department to a town in Texas. (Midland? Odessa? They wanted it to spread on little league infield. Packed, with little slope, rain won't soak in. Game can start as soon as stops) As for growing food. If we, as a society would work on expanding the technology a lot of food could be grown inside. (Year round employment for many people) I don't know if the canine has yapped about it, but food production in much of the country (Fruits, nuts and veggies in southwest, wheat in Ks. And people are mad regulators reduce chances of dumping oil into water we have left) is at risk from climate change.
JRscooby 03/13/23 05:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Swingout extensions?

Don't have a dog in this, never loaded a camper in a pickup. (Is it similar to loading salt spreader in dump truck?) My question is how much tolerance do you have between camper and inside of bed? Could using the extra space fender/jack put extra strain on mounts when bed hits camper? ??? It probably could if you bash the truck into the camper, lol. If that’s the recommended procedure for loading a salt spreader…. But most people back under their truck campers very slowly and carefully. the tightest spot on mine is the tailgate sides, I have about 1" of clearance on each side. probably about 2" on each side between the wheel wells. and I don't let the camper hit the bed, I take it to about 1/4 to 1/2" from the board I put at the front then using the jacks I wiggle it against it while I lower it. Steve I have about 1" or a little less each side inside the tailgate, and about 3/4 or so each side between the jacks and dually fenders. It is a little fiddly, but I've done it dozens of times. I actually don't want too much clearance outside the fenders, because it is a pretty good guide to what's happening in the box, and much easier to see in the mirrors. Someone will make a nice dual wireless camera setup to make it easy. Pretty cheap these days too. I should do it but not motivated enough I guess. No, bashing bed/spreader is not normal for loading spreader, but does happen. Looks like 2 out of 3 stand under what I'm saying. If you have a inch each side as tailgate or inner fenders, a extra 5 inches, or even 5 feet outside does no good. If you are not lined up at tailgate, or fender, where driver can't see can have camper/bed contact. And that contact, no matter how gentle will add strain to jack mounting points. Any extension to give more room between fender/jack will increase that strain. OTOH, if you have the jack set to just miss fender as you pull straight out, back in just missing jack with outside of fender, you have room at tailgate and inner fender. I have maybe a max of 3/4" clearance between my dually fenders and my front jacks. I have dually swingouts. I see where eTrailer has extensions to mount on the swingouts. Item # HJ54FR. It would position the jacks 5" farther out. I haven't done any measuring yet, but it will be real close having enough wire from the jack motor to the plug. Anyone using these extension? Any thoughts overall? I wouldnt have any issue with the bracket its self, but if I did do that I would upgrade the bolts to grade 9 as it only uses three on each side. the higher shear strenght will give you a little extra peace of mind. Steve How strong is the area the jack mounts to camper? I would think that if snot hit the fan, would be better for bolt to break than pull mount out of camper.
JRscooby 03/12/23 06:59am Truck Campers
RE: Electric and ICE forever together?

Yours as well. Yes, there are two sides. You should check it out. One problem is most discussions are limited to 2 sides, which totally blocks out some solutions that could "save the planet" In how much of the world does the average meal travel thousands of miles between field and table? And where else in world does most of workforce spend hour a day by themselves in a car going to/from work?
JRscooby 03/11/23 09:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Swingout extensions?

I'm concerned about cutting a tire on the sharp edge of the concrete block. I should rethink what I'm using to block under the jack foot. For years I worked truck/trailer combination where could not see the eye for several feet when backing to hook up. Go home at night never knew if would need trailer or not next day. I set a 8 ft long 2X4 in gravel drive so could just see edge. Every time I parked I backed left drive tires along that line, stop with rear tire almost to end. Don't need trailer today? Unhook before move truck. End of day, back on same line until feel pintle touch eye. If need trailer, in position to hook without moving. Now for you, loading camper. Start with timber (6X6,8X8) 8 ft long, cut a foot off it. Use short end under right front jack, set left jack near end of long piece. Next time load, back in with left rear tire alongside that timber, will be lined up to put camper between fenders. Don't have a dog in this, never loaded a camper in a pickup. (Is it similar to loading salt spreader in dump truck?) My question is how much tolerance do you have between camper and inside of bed? Could using the extra space fender/jack put extra strain on mounts when bed hits camper? I live on the Texas Gulf Coast. I know nothing about salt spreaders in dump trucks. I have a couple inches total clearance between the bed fender wells and the camper. Okay. You set up so you have 6 inches between legs. If you use any more than that 2 inches you have on the inside, the fender hits camper, what have you gained? OTOH, if you set the legs where you have the same 2 inches, you can watch bed go between legs, know will miss inside the bed. Maybe it is a defect in my eyes, but I can't see what's happening inside the bed, but that post/bedside gap is right there in the mirror.
JRscooby 03/11/23 07:41am Truck Campers
RE: HDT/MDT tow vehicles alert

One issue is that for Commerical class 8 trucks etc, the useable life of the engine is often decades so it takes a long time to get them out of service. Maybe an old farm truck that sits except at harvest time. Semis that put on lots of miles are usually good for 10-15yrs. Yes, you can keep refurbishing them but usually not financially viable. So not drastically different from cars. The "service life" of OTR engines can very a lot depending on changes in engine technology. Example, late 60s, early 70s dealers where selling about 10% glider kits so buyer could use old engine, trans and rearends with new cab and front axle. (I ran the engine number on my last 1693 Cat, found the 76 Pete was the 3rd truck it was in) Then oil embargo forced engine manufactures to re-design, improve the efficiency of engines. For decades few kits sold, because engines where improving, new truck buyers wanted the more efficient engines. Then there was a spell where emission regulation hurting the availability of some engines, and more importantly the dependability of the engine. (Shipper don't care if load was late because turbo exploded or the emission system shut it down. The load was late is only concern) So some companies are buying kits, using old engines. (The 3406E out of the 95 Pete I sold in 13 is in a Western Star kit from 2016.)
JRscooby 03/11/23 05:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: The Ford Explorer Men only Edition

I'll be away from the computer for an hour. I need to instruct the wife as to how to fix my supper. bumpy Better hope she still not using cast iron skillets, those things can do some damage. :) My first wife had a tendency to throw things. Cookware, knives, in fact she would sometimes MT kitchen cabinets at me. Not much of issue, because I was champion dodgeball player in grade school. But when she threw the cat... 4 foot around, and a claw or tooth ready for the near miss.
JRscooby 03/10/23 04:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The Ford Explorer Men only Edition

Cute. I get it . . . in recognition of Women's History Month. OK. So, when is Men's History Month, or did I miss it? The world's population is almost an equal split, 50.4% men, 49.6% women. So, we should expect equal billing, right? Women haven't had equal billing ever. They just got the right to vote in 1920. They still are told what they can and can't do with their bodies by old white men. They still get paid less. 18% less. There might be as many women as men but they sure as heck don't get equal billing IMO. Well they live longer then men so there is that. I would say that is an advantage. Affirmative action has more than made up for any advantage that men once had in hiring. Still told what they can do with their bodies by old white men? Old white men prevent the use of women using birth control? Never seen that... If you mean abortion, that is society driven at the State level now, Your free to vote for whomever you like to make that decision for you. Affirmative action has solved the issue, but women are still paid less for doing many jobs? And look at the fight about law eliminating that gap. Birth control? If you got news from a verity of sources you would know some old white men are discussing limits on BC. And on the other thing, if the OWM is paid by state, instead of Fed, he is still telling her what she can do. If free, she could make the decision for herself.
JRscooby 03/10/23 04:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Folding Cedar shower mat?

I remember my Dad made something like that for Mom, don't know where it went. His woodworking tool set was a skill saw, tape measure, and drill, so shouldn't be that complicated.
JRscooby 03/10/23 04:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Swingout extensions?

Don't have a dog in this, never loaded a camper in a pickup. (Is it similar to loading salt spreader in dump truck?) My question is how much tolerance do you have between camper and inside of bed? Could using the extra space fender/jack put extra strain on mounts when bed hits camper?
JRscooby 03/10/23 06:24am Truck Campers
RE: Electric and ICE forever together?

If DW or I were still working and needed a second vehicle for commuting to/from work, probably would have focused on either a plug in or full EV.I bought a Nissan Leaf from Carvana last summer. Charged it to 100% in October, left for the winter, and 4 months later it was still at 100%. Like George C Scott said about his Cadillac in 'The Hustler', "I like that car." How many miles a year do you put on it? On Acura MDX hybrid, we had plans for many many long road trips, That was in Feb 2020......... Well we all know the rest of the story.... 2020, 2021, was only about 6K/year mostly in town or short trips, 2022, back up to about 8 K with a few longer trips. 2023 is likely to be around 15K, with the 6K or so around town at 26-28mpg vs 15-16 or so with the non hybrid. With current fuel prices around here the around town economy difference amounts to about $650-700/year in fuel saving and the initial price difference was $1500. So we've already paid off the price premium. Sounds like pay-off for hybrid option on a car is a lot quicker than the pay-off for the diesel option on a class 3 truck. Of course when discussing the truck talking pay-off sets hair on fire.
JRscooby 03/08/23 04:53pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Electric and ICE forever together?

No one is forcing anything. No one is forcing you to go to a dealership and buy an EV today or tomorrow. Stop fussing over stuff that isn't happening. Stop creating conspiracies that aren't there. Ah but you're wrong. The government has pumped Billions into the EV industry making Musk the richest man in the world. Where does that money come from? It comes from tax payers. So yeah, I am being forced to contribute whether I want to or not. And if you haven't missed it by the dozens of pages of these arguments, that's the biggest rub. It is being forced - literally forced, because EV's couldn't make it on their own for the past 100 years. Capital injection from taxpayers backed by cherry picked, half baked science, forcing auto makers to bend to your will is not the way to go about it all in the mantra of saving the planet. But Ev's won't save the planet. This isn't about being resistant to change, or being dumb or being a science denier. The contrary - it's about peeing down my back and telling me it's raining while forcing me to pay for it. because EV's couldn't make it on their own for the past 100 years. Have you ever considered that maybe "EVs couldn't make it" because of the subsidies the same government has given oil companies for well over 100 years? cherry picked, half baked science It has been proven that in-house science of the oil companies have known for decades that burning oil is harmful to life on earth. But to protect profits company management buried those reports, and paid other scientist to cherry pick what is published to keep population in the dark. Will EVs save the planet? Maybe not. But it is dead certain sure that continuing as we have gone in the last 100 years will destroy it.
JRscooby 03/08/23 07:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: Some worry about payload……

We don't need no stinkin solid frames. :B Or tailgates that will open if the frame is twisted a bit on uneven ground. Solid frames? What uses a solid frame? I remember a city uncle had a Chevy pickup, one of fancy ones that had no gap between cab and bed. We where behind in fields, but this uncle was pretty useless. Grandma needed chicken feed, so Granddad asked him to take his '51 Chevy half ton to town. Uncle knew Grandma would like the new pickup better. Friend from town brought Grandma and uncle home, because could not open cab doors.
JRscooby 03/08/23 04:48am Tow Vehicles
RE: Which BIG RIG TRUCK atlas do you use?

Remember to that "it's just tall enough for me to get under" on paper/screen may not be true in reality. Many underpasses have been repaved since being measured and can end up several inches shorter than the stated height. Where does this happen? Going back decades I always see pavement milled out under overpass before re-paved. Would think if a vehicle struck overpass that had less clearance than sign said the liability would hurt whoever was in charge of signage. I have measured a few when moving permit loads, normally taller than what sign says. When checking the height of your rig a level long enough to reach from high point past side of vehicle makes it easier.
JRscooby 03/07/23 09:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Electric and ICE forever together?

Nope, it's because no one can answer the question. EV's aren't solving anything. They're just creating new and different problems along with exacerbating some old ones. Because it's *not* a question, it's your opinion. Others have given theirs. You disagree. Nothing more. Even if that were true, my opinion doesn't require digging into your pockets to support it. But money out of that same pocket has been supporting your side of the discussion all your life.
JRscooby 03/07/23 08:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: Electric and ICE forever together?

Not a single person has yet to explain to me what problems EV's are actually solving.Automobile and truck tailpipe emissions of co2. Yeah it's always "tailpipe emissions". That was the original earth saving mantra. Unfortunately that's only a small percentage of the actual impact. You think the machines that mine raw materials have decent tailpipe emissions? How about the ships that transport it, or the trucks that delver them? How about the caustic and hazardous waste, ecological impact from mining, continued dependency on foreign nations and the lack of their eco and humanitarian friendly operations? Nevermind the continued emissions and impact from producing electricity to run EV's. Ev's aren't saving the planet and reciting "tailpipe emissions" means you haven't bothered to do any real research on the topic. You have to look deeper. You'd think people really interested in saving the planet would do the homework to ensure that their fancy purchase is having the actual benefit they have been lead to believe. But snippet "talpipe emissions" and bury heads in sand to justify the continued digging in pockets to support them. Just don't look behind the curtain so you can keep feeling good about it. Of course the ever popular responses when presented with these facts are "we never really cared about it being green, they're just cool". Years back, a company I hauled for had a portable rock crusher powered by a Cat 3406E driving a generator. Same time, I was running a 3406E in Pete, hauling the rock. If I ran a 10 hour day, I expected to pump 100 gallons of fuel in it. But the fuel tank on that generator was only 60 gallons. If they wanted to run over 10 hours better put more fuel in. Somehow I don't think the 2 engines put out the same pollution. You want to include all the pollution of production and transportation of materials and vehicles in the total for EVs. Asa example, is it cleaner to mine the coal, make the coke, if the steel goes into the body of ICE powered car? I don't know how much overlap there is between the group NEED A NEW CAR EVERY 3 YEARS, and the NEVER HAVE EV crowd. But if there is any overlap, the All new will be EV mandate will save a lot of pollution just because people will want to drive the ICE they have for a lot longer.
JRscooby 03/07/23 06:14am Tow Vehicles
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