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RE: Buying a leftover 2019 Chevy or GMC 3500

I've been interested in the new GM's mainly because I could get by with a single rear wheel but would like some cushion in the capacity. Ford or GM both work for me but the new GM 20's look like they will have a little better capacity in the single rear wheel models. I did a comparison of 19 vs 20 3500 crewcab, single rear wheel, standard (short bed) diesel. Not sure if this is enough to change your mind on the 19 vs 20 debate but it does appear GM has stepped up the capacities some. The wheelbase increases from 153.7 to 158.9. GVWR goes from 11,500 to 12,100 (I did see 12,250 and 12,500 also but going with the lowest). The GCWR goes from 25,100 to 29,700. The bed length goes from 78.86 to 82.2 inches. Couldn't find anything on the 19's but the 20's can tow up to a 21,300 pound fifth wheel. Mine weighs 15,500. The pricing is also now available. I priced out a 2020 Denali on nadaguides.com. Ouch but I said ouch when I got the Ford, twice.
JTrac 06/21/19 09:18pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Is older really better than newer....

We have committed to keeping our Excel for the forseeable future. We just can't find anything in our price range that is as well built. I have upgraded the suspension to MorRyde IS and a few other things that will hopefully help with its longevity. A good, solid used unit is a very reasonable way to go, if you can find one and you may have. It all depends on how well it was maintained. Any of them will deteriorate without proper maintenance. Even though ours is a "garage queen" stored inside when not on the road, I still do an annual inspections of all the seams and screws. Leaks are the enemy of any rv. The first thing I would do if buying used would be look for any signs of water damage. Good luck.
JTrac 06/09/19 06:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2020 Powerstroke upgrades

My "old" 17 Power Stroke has plenty of umph for towing my fifth wheel. I guess having even more would be nice but gotta wonder how much is enough. Anyway, I wonder what kind of mileage the revised engine will get. I had a 2012 GMC single rear wheel Duramax, 2wd, and it would get over 20 mpg solo on occassion and around 11 towing. My next was a 2015 GMC dually, 4wd, and it would average around 17 solo and 10 towing. We recently did a 500 mile solo trip in the Ford and it averaged a little better than 14. It is not unusual for it to get around 9 towing. I know, if you have ask the mileage you can't afford it but still... Our life's circumstances and the aging process have us slowing down some with our travels. I am curious to see what the new 7.3 gas engine will do. I hope it will be a nice alternative to the expense of a diesel for those of us who mostly use our trucks for things other than towing an rv but still want to at least keep up with the little old ladies and gentlemen driving 55 mph on the interstates.
JTrac 05/27/19 08:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: Hitch cover for Trailersaver BD5

A cheap fix might be a boat motor cover. I have the BD3 and a BakFlip Revolver X2 cover that keeps mine dry. I also have a bass boat with a 200 Mercury and bought a Bass Pro cover for it for less than 50 bucks. It has a strap at the bottom to cinch it tight. If you want I can see how it fits over my BD3, just not tonight.
JTrac 04/19/19 11:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Lug Nut Torque

May not help but I have 8 lug, 17.5 inch, H rated tires on mine. The torque spec is 120.
JTrac 04/19/19 07:22am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trying to narrow down a short list of SUV for wife

I would add the Subaru Ascent to the list. It has the highest safey rating, is quiet and handles the bumps and rough stuff with ease. It can be had with a tow package. It is a 4 cylinder turbo which uses 87 octane gas. It may sound underpowered but trust me it takes off like a rocket if you want. We've had ours for 3 months now and I have been thouroughly impressed with everything about it. It is made in Indiana.
JTrac 04/05/19 08:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: Water hose

Whoever said Zero G is spot on. I've had mine for several years and used it when camping in freezing weather. We unhook it, of course, when the temps are going below 32. As long as you don't let water freeze in it it will roll up, or fold up if you prefer, just as well as it does in warm weather. The neat thing is it takes up very little space. I had to order my 25' rv type but Lowe's has a 50' version that is drinking water safe. I have both.
JTrac 03/18/19 05:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Extended Warranty Question

My answer would be save your money for future serice and forget any warranties. Too expensive at this late date. When we bought the wife a new Subaru Ascent from an out of state dealer in December the push to buy a service contract was monumental. I was prepared but the finance guy was as persistent as any I have experienced. It was from an aftermarket company and since we were financing about half he was building the cost of the contract into the payments. He never gave me a total price but my quick math showed the cost would be close to $5k over 48 months. Each time I said no he would lower it until I finally explained no means no. He was visibily po'd when I told him I would buy nothing but factory backed warranty. He never gave me a price on a Subaru warranty so we signed the papers and left. I ripped them pretty hard on the follow up survey for the heavy handed tactics. The sales part was great but they ruined it with the ordeal they put me thru trying to sell me something I didn't want. If we hadn't sold the wife's vehicle and desperately needed the new one I would have walked. I did some internet shopping for the Subaru warranty after we got home and found a dealer who was selling the 7 year, 100K mile no deductible warranty for $1550. If it is a factory backed warranty any dealer can sell them and some have much better pricing. I found this out when we bought our Ford F350.
JTrac 03/14/19 06:59am Tow Vehicles

I have the 25 gallon Enduraplas also. It fits under my bed cover and is super easy to use and efficient. It will empty itself in about 3 or 4 minutes. On my last 2 trucks I had Titan replacement tanks installed, not cheap. When I traded vehicles I'm pretty sure I got nothing for them. The Enduraplas is easily removed as needed, empty of course, and stays with me if I ever get another truck. The one issue I had with it was keeping strapped down when full. The heavy duty plastic it is built from is a little slick. Part of the problem is the connecting points on the truck did not line up well with the grooves on the tank for a strap. To solve the problem I framed a couple of boxes out of 2X4's to wedge it in place on the sides. A couple of boards against the hitch frame and the back bed wall stop the fore and aft movement. It may sound like a lot of effort but it is acutally super easy to load and undload.
JTrac 03/06/19 07:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Payload rating on F-450.

The weight claim is usually made on a stripped down truck with few if any accessories. And it varies quite a bit in the real world depending on axle ratios, engines, transmissions and so on. He is referring to the yellow sticker on the driver's side door jam. That sticker gives the payload for that particular truck. I was really tempted by the 450 when we bought our 17. It was only a couple thousand more but just couldn't wrap my mind around needing a 450 to pull a 35 foot fifth wheel. You would think the payload figures would be more for a 450 than a 350 but not so. We like our 350 a lot. It is one of the quietest riding vehicles I have ever owned. It does take a bit of room to turn it around and the tighter radius on the 450 would probably be nice.
JTrac 02/17/19 06:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: Motorhome to 5th wheel

Went from a fifth wheel to a gas motorhome to a diesel pusher. Kept the dp for 7 years. We enjoyed the motorhome but not the expense for repairs and maintenance. Finally said enough and went back to a very good fifth wheel and truck. Comparing new for new you can get a lot more truck and trailer for the money. We have not missed the motorhome one bit and really enjoy the space the fifth wheel offers. Plus, in 7 seasons of use it only required one return visit for a slide adjustment. I have repaired a few component things that wore out or broke but I could do it myself.
JTrac 02/15/19 08:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2017 or newer F-350 DRW 4wd, suspension question?

May not help you much because our fifth wheel is in the 16K range and not much a strain on our truck. We do have close to 4k pounds of weight on it when fully loaded and get very little squat. I had self leveling air bags on our prior GMC 3500 dually and they did help with the ride somewhat. The Ford rides better even without them.
JTrac 02/10/19 12:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Sad Development At Cedar Creek!

We went to our local boat/travel show last week. For the past several years my wife has enjoyed looking at the few Cedar Creek models there as she thought she might like one someday. We went in a couple of them and she asked what happened. Her impression was they did not have the quality look and feel of the past models. It was hard for me to tell the difference between them and some on the floor at half the price. In their defense that was just an eye test so they may be great for all I know. Having needed only one minor slide adjustment on our orphaned Excel in 7 seasons of use it will probably get 7 more, if I'm lucky. We've put over 50K miles on it and had it over some the nastiest roads this country has to offer and so far it has held up well. I did invest in the MorRyde IS a year ago to hopefully help it hold together on the rough stuff. We love the floorplans on some of the new models but that is only part of the equation. I want something that holds up. It it seems most manufacturers know quality means higher costs for their products which starts limiting their market. I think that is what happened to Excel and few others that tried to produce a decent product. They just could not compete with other manufacturers who could dress up their units and sell them for half the price.
JTrac 02/05/19 06:37am Fifth-Wheels
RE: MorRyde IS

We were there last year for installation of the 7k's and disc's on our Excel. There was a constant flow of unpainted DRV's the 3 days we were there. I didn't pay that close attention but I remember thinking they must be coming in for an alignment since they were in and out much faster than mine.
JTrac 12/12/18 10:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: oldest 5er that wouldn't need to be lifted for 2016 RAM

Mine is a 13 finished in June 2012. I remember when I did a factory tour while it was being built that someone mentioned the revision to the height of the trailers to accommodate the higher sitting trucks. Mine sits no different on the new truck than it did with my previous 2015 GMC dually and a 2012 GMC single rear wheel prior to that. It's just slightly nose high and I mean just slightly. When we had MorRyde IS installed last year the technician said the ride height was good and didn't recommend changing it. I'm not sure when trucks started getting higher. On the trailer side, I guess it would depend on the manufacturer but I would think in the last 5 to 7 years maybe. I'm basing that on mine which was 6 years old in June but it is just that, a guess.
JTrac 11/13/18 09:58pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Kodiac Brakes

I wish my memory was better but when we bought our Excel in 2012 we had 2012 GMC 3500. The Excel dealer wired in what he said was a magnet that did something to make the brake controller work properly. I have never removed it even though we have a new truck. Everything still works normally.
JTrac 11/08/18 06:47am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Back up camera

I'm not sure but I would think a Furrion plug would not fit another brand. Anyway, at least you have a power source if you get a different brand. My wife has been wanting me to get an observation/backup camera for our fifth wheel ever since we got rid of the motorhome in 2012. My Ford has the camera towing system but didn't come with the backup camera for the trailer. After looking at it closely to get it and a conversion kit to be able to hook it up inside the bed I would be spending close to $600 to have a camera that only worked in reverse. I'm going to try one of the cheaper wireless models like 2edgesword suggested. If it doesn't work I'll send it back to Amazon and move up in price till I find one that does.
JTrac 10/17/18 07:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Mor ryde IS

When we had ours installed last year they had a winter discount program which we took advantage of. I think it is around 10%. A little chilly in Elkhart but tolerable while we were there. We did the 7K axles and disc brakes. We already had Dexter discs but I wanted something more readily serviceable so went with Kodiaks. We have been very pleased. We've put about 5k miles on the new system and the ride is much improved.
JTrac 10/16/18 07:15am Fifth-Wheels
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