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RE: RV Crushes Truck

Looks like he has posted a follow up video...No real answers to what might have happened. Sure looks like he could have understood the hitch a little better.
Jetstreamer 12/20/19 08:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best Fuel Preservative for Pure Gas ???

100LL avgas is good stuff if you can get it, but it’s against the law for airports to sell it to someone not using it in an airplane. They usually are supposed to ask you for your aircraft registration number when purchasing gas. FYI
Jetstreamer 12/14/19 09:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Boeing 737 crashes..........why ?

Folks, don’t get too wrapped up in “extra training cost” hoopla. Almost all large transport aircraft that the airlines fly are all continually being modified and upgraded. “Differences training “ is an integral part of most any ground school training or recurrent training event. That MCAS stuff would have been a fifteen minute dissertation in a classroom and maybe a simulator demonstration to the flight crew. That’s it.
Jetstreamer 11/13/19 07:37pm Around the Campfire
RE: Boeing 737 crashes..........why ?

Thanks Jetstreamer, a airline pilot friend called me and added that he thought the 737 MAX did not have a stick pusher/puller. The next question is; does the MCAS system go offline at even the first notch of flaps? If so, would this stop a runaway stab jackscrew? I ask because the reports indicate that the doomed crew could only disable the MCAS stab trim motor momentarily, at which time they would hand-wheel trim it. But, they ran out of time. Again I don’t fly them but I can’t imagine any Boeing aircraft without a stick pusher. It’s never a “puller” because it is always meant to lower the nose. It’s technically a shaker/pusher. There isn’t any reason the trim cutout switches could have been left off. But what followed was that the pilots didn’t pull the power back in a level off and the airspeed got so high that they couldn’t manually trim anymore. So I believe the switch got turned back on somewhere thereby reactivating the MCAS trim input. And I’m not sure about the flap thing. They wouldn’t of came down anyway due to their speed. Again, I’m no expert on this scenario at all but I do know some Boeing basics.
Jetstreamer 11/04/19 12:26pm Around the Campfire
RE: Having a SENIOR moment

My speed driving my motorhome is 62-64mph. I'm about 60' long and don't have the power or brakes or maneuverability to change speed as quickly as a car. If I move over to the left lane to let someone in then by the time they get in and ahead of me there is usually a line of cars behind me getting PO'd because I'm in the left lane driving much slower than they are. Many times they whip around the right side of me and I'm blocked from getting back in the right lane. So it is much safer for me to remain in the right lane. The person merging can easily adjust their speed to merge either before or after me. So no I won't usually move over for someone to merge unless there is no one coming up behind me. It's all about safety. This is very true.
Jetstreamer 11/04/19 10:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Boeing 737 crashes..........why ?

Another question, on the 737 MAX?... IS the stick puller/pusher interfaced with the MCAS. It occurred to me that back when I went to school to get my first type rating and ATP rating, I was taught the procedure for the survival attempt in event of entering a microburst when established and coupled on the ILS, gear down and 30 degrees flaps:... immediately hand fly, go to take-off power and pull back and hold yoke at first indication of stick shaker, maintain runway alignment, and communicate intentions. What is the procedure in the MAX? My guess is, DO NOT venture into a microburst. I’m not an expert on this because I haven’t flown the Max but to answer your question I’m sure that a microburst escape maneuver wouldn’t be flown any different. The MCAS isn’t even online if the flaps are down.
Jetstreamer 11/04/19 10:15am Around the Campfire
RE: Boeing 737 crashes..........why ?

The "book" did NOT say that it was all the same. But, if it had said it was all the same, ONE look at the airplane, and I would've walked away,..because it sure doesn't look all the same. The chief pilot at Southwest knew already the MAX had many differences, and demanded CHANGES. If you were buying one, would you not want to know all about it? And, more so if you were going to fly it. Remember the Concord that would not let the pilots command the airplane to climb out (after takeoff) and crashed into the trees? I believe that was the Airbus A-320 incident?
Jetstreamer 11/02/19 08:42pm Around the Campfire
RE: Boeing 737 crashes..........why ?

This is all a pretty accurate assessment. It is true that there was a lack of pilot training pertaining to the MCAS system as Boeing’s mistake was to hide this little pitch enhancer to run in the background. There is a switch to turn off the horizontal stabilizer trim in a case like this but the flight crew has to recognize the problem first. I know that in one of the accident scenarios the trim switch was turned off but then turned back on again and in the meantime they weren’t paying attention to the power setting/airspeed and basically dug themselves a big smoking hole. So in a nutshell it’s Boeing trying to keep upgrading this model aircraft while trying to maintain the same type rating for the aircraft. Go look up a picture of a 737-200 model and you will see how the aircraft was initially designed with the JT-8 Pratt and Whitney engine design. Nicely tucked up under the wing with no ground clearance or adverse nose trim handling characteristics. I’ve got a ton of hours flying them. The aircraft sits pretty close to the ground and with the upgrade to a high bypass engine in the -300 model changed some handling characteristics and ultimately with the latest engine iteration causing more issues.
Jetstreamer 11/01/19 10:55pm Around the Campfire
RE: Need help with sulphur smelling water

Isn’t the sulfur smell a product of iron content in the water? I have an iron filter on my well system and without it I have sulfur smelling water...
Jetstreamer 10/08/19 08:29pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Honda 3000eu issue using a bonding plug

Another possibility, and I'm not saying I think this is the cause, is something I could see myself doing. That's using a stranded wire for making the bond, and having one wayward strand touching the hot terminal inside the plug housing. That strand would likely go up in smoke without shutting down the generator output. That’s a distinct possibility I’ll take a closer look Thanks
Jetstreamer 09/08/19 12:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda 3000eu issue using a bonding plug

I know I probably should have left well enough alone, but I researched the heck out of this before I did it and was completely confident that it would solve my monitor alarm issue and wouldn’t cause any harm....Oh well...
Jetstreamer 09/05/19 08:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda 3000eu issue using a bonding plug

Check polarity of 30 amp outlet against 15 amp outlet, e.g. "hot wire to hot wire" should show zero voltage. If it shows 120v they are wired reverse from each other and one of them should be changed. Triple check the bonding plug. This only makes sense if both: 1. 30 amp and 15 amp have reversed polarity from each other and 2. something in your RV has a neutral/ground short The reason this would explain the problem is the RV's neutral/ground short puts one leg of power on the ground wire (the leg that is hot on the other outlet). The bonding plug puts the other leg on the ground wire. That is a dead short between the two legs through the ground wire. Thanks.. The plug is correct and I’m just surprised that a breaker wouldn’t have tripped somewhere... Certainly could be something wired wrong...I doubt it from Honda it’s more likely that I’m wired wrong.... when I get home I’ll do some further inspection...
Jetstreamer 09/05/19 08:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda 3000eu issue using a bonding plug

OK, let me understand: The Generator was running and then you plugged in your RV using the Neutral/Ground bonded plug? If that is correct, are you sure there wasn't something on in the RV that caused a surge of current when the plug made contact with the Generator outlet? Anything is possible... the bonding plug was already in the generator outlet when I started it.
Jetstreamer 09/05/19 08:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda 3000eu issue using a bonding plug

Have no direct answer, but just wondering why you made this bonding plug..? I made the plug so I can utilize a volt/frequency meter without the alarm going off. https://i.imgur.com/yiaWnGEl.jpg
Jetstreamer 09/05/19 08:15pm Tech Issues
Honda 3000eu issue using a bonding plug

I made my own neutral ground bonding plug to use with my generator. I had it plugged into one of the outlets on the generator. When I went to use it for the first time, I had a spark and a bit of smoke very briefly come out from somewhere on the panel. I immediately pulled the bonding plug out and the generator continued to run normally. I double checked that the plug was assembled correctly and it was. Also there was zero evidence of any arcing or burning on the plug itself. None of the panel breakers tripped. There was a 30 amp cord attached with a very light load. I’m out on a road trip and maybe when I get back home I’ll take the panel apart and take a look for any arcing evidence. Any ideas what may have happened??
Jetstreamer 09/05/19 04:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Ice cream?

I didn’t think my fridge was performing as well as it should be either, so I removed it and made some improvements to the baffling and insulation. I also installed that modification that allows you more range of temperature control. I can’t remember the name of the product but I have no problem now with keeping ice cream super cold.
Jetstreamer 08/13/19 02:58pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Very slow propane leak: how to find it?

I can’t believe that the flammable gas detector wand couldn’t find the problem for you... was it properly calibrated before use? I bought a relatively inexpensive one to trace some leaks and I couldn’t believe how sensitive it was. It sniffed out a couple of incredibly small leaks right away. Ones where I would have never smelled any gas.
Jetstreamer 05/19/19 11:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Is a 13,000 BTU AC enough for a 22' trailer?

The smaller unit might be easier for a portable generator to handle if there will be any future dry camping... we had a 24’ trailer with a 13.5 in it and you could hang meat inside.
Jetstreamer 05/13/19 07:35pm Travel Trailers
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