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RE: Just a thought on truck campers place here

..... Just me thinking again. How is that working out for you?
JimK-NY 10/17/19 09:02pm Truck Campers
RE: Deceptive traffic citations

Sorry for the typo. The FBI investigation, a slew of corruption convictions, illegal quota speed traps and excessive force complaints and litigation all showed up for a quick Google search of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. My opinion is that it totally unacceptable to have these sorts of "problems". That would include the investigations, convictions, illegal quotas, and legal actions for excessive force. And as I said, sadly, it seems the JSO is one of the better police groups. Sadly. Yes, "weeding out" seems to be a major issue since it violates the brotherhood code of covering up. None of this should be even up for discussion. People walking around with authority and guns need to be held accountable for proper behavior.
JimK-NY 10/13/19 11:58am General RVing Issues
RE: Deceptive traffic citations

Well said.. Thank you Retired JSO for your sacrifices. It's easy for people to ***** and moan about things from the comfort of their tidy little homes, and not have to put their selves in harms way day in and day out. Mike Isn't it great that the Jefferson Sheriffs Office is so great? No FBI investigation of corruption in the force, no convictions of police officers for corruption, no listing of major illegal speed traps with officers required to issue tickets based on quotas, less than a handful of complaints and legal actions for excessive use of force..... Oops it appears the JSO had all of these issues and more. It is sad but the JSO is probably cleaner than most police forces.
JimK-NY 10/13/19 09:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Deceptive traffic citations

I believe there are speed traps. However, I also believe that many people complaining about getting caught in a speed trap, simply got caught speeding. .... I have ZERO respect for the law and never will again.I trust then that should the occasion arise that the intervention of law enforcement might work in your favor (say your house is being broken into or you are the victim of another type of crime) you will forego calling the crooked police and just suffer the consequences. I had a theft. The police eventually took a report. I had a car stolen, they could have cared less. Years later I had a rental car stolen. They would not take a report. Budget would not file a stolen report because the rental was scheduled to last a few more days. The car was dropped a mile or two from where it was stolen. It was recovered but no one let us know and my wife had to fly from Salt Lake City to Portland, Or in order to recover her clothing. The police seem good at traffic citations and calling for donations but that is about it.
JimK-NY 10/12/19 09:57am General RVing Issues
RE: Places To dine

So you bought an RV without a kitchen?
JimK-NY 10/12/19 09:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Best way to install extra propane

For comparison - 5 gallons of gas with Honda EU3000 will run AC for about 28-32 hr. That's weird,I only get 7-8 hrs running a 13.5 btu AC with my Honda EU3000 on the 3.5 gallon tank.. My eu2000i runs about 5 hours with a roughly 10K btu a/c. That is with the roughly 1 gallon of fuel in the tank. If I need to run an A/C continuously hour after hour, it is time to move.
JimK-NY 10/12/19 08:15am Truck Campers
RE: Moki Dugway, can I do it?

This road has been greatly improved and widened and is nothing like the way it was 20 years ago. Even then it was not too bad. It was built to haul uranium ore so even then the only issue was two vehicles meeting on a sharp blind curve.
JimK-NY 10/12/19 06:05am Truck Campers
RE: Best way to install extra propane

An auto start LP generator is very convenient and might make sense for someone who only takes short trips. Otherwise it is a disaster. An LP generator will quickly drain a standard 20# propane tank. Depending on location, trying to find propane can be an issue. In fact more and more fill stations have been replaced by exchanges. Exchange stations will give you 15# instead of 20# making refills even more of an issue. Often the exchange tanks are old, out of date and not recertified. You will not be able to get them refilled even if you find a refill station. Start over with a gas generator. An EU2000 runs my A/C with no issues.
JimK-NY 10/12/19 05:59am Truck Campers
RE: Deceptive traffic citations

I believe there are speed traps. However, I also believe that many people complaining about getting caught in a speed trap, simply got caught speeding. .... Do you have a friend or relative who is a police officer? I have seen plenty of speed traps. I can even show you a small town near me that funds their entire government including the fire department based on a speed trap. As careful as I could be I still got a ticket and summons for kangaroo court. The crook told me I did not stop "long enough" at a stop sign. It was late in the evening with no other cars around and I did stop. The little town has almost no traffic but the kangaroo court held every Monday evening still had close to a 100 people with citations. After several hours of waiting, the "DA", another crook, offered me a deal. I could pay a fine of $75 and leave immediately without any points against the license. I paid up and still consider every police officer and town official to be a likely CROOK. I have ZERO respect for the law and never will again.
JimK-NY 10/11/19 10:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Moki Dugway, can I do it?

Decades ago it was a tough ride. Now you can take a bus pulling a trailer up the Moki, no problem.
JimK-NY 10/11/19 09:56pm Truck Campers
RE: Help with full timing over the winter

The "V" in RV refers to vehicle. Why would you want to spend weeks or months in an RV park?
JimK-NY 10/11/19 06:12am Full-time RVing
RE: Exercising generator and A/C after winterizing question?

You want to warm up the generator, drive out the moisture. You do not need to put on a load, just let the generator run 15 minutes or so.
JimK-NY 10/10/19 08:20am Beginning RVing
RE: Deceptive traffic citations

Sadly you cannot beat townhall. Even more sad most local governments are flat outright corrupt at the highest levels. Local government and State and the Federal government do all sorts of things that are often illegal and unethical. There is more at the local level because it is less likely to be discovered. There is nothing new about this.
JimK-NY 10/09/19 02:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: Question for full timers...

You are asking for the impossible. Costs are going to vary hugely depending on lifestyle. I am sure some couples living in a van conversion spend more than others in a Class A. Here is where I would start. First consider "fixed" costs; e.g., RV insurance and payment if any, healthcare insurance, food, personal items, mail service, etc. We also had a $200/mo charge since we had a lot of items in storage. Next look at direct travel related expenses: e.g, fuel, maintenance, tires, tolls. Again, this will vary all over the place depending on the number of miles you drive. We traveled a lot so this was a major item for us, around $1500/month. The next big variable I would look at is the costs of camping. We had solar panels and rarely needed a generator. We almost never stayed in RV parks or expensive campgrounds with hook ups. Most of our stays were in National Parks with a senior pass or on BLM or equivalent campgrounds. We averaged $7/night. We also spent almost nothing on generator gas, maybe $5/month. We camped in warm locations so a $20 propane refill would last for a month or two. We also expected to spend a significant amount on entertainment, entry fees, eating out, etc. That turned out to be insignificant with a senior pass giving free admission.
JimK-NY 10/07/19 07:46am Full-time RVing
RE: Gas water heater not turning on

Clean the contacts at the board and try again. If that doesn't do it, it sounds like a new control board is in order. If warranty is still good take it to the dealer if not order a dinisor board replacment. No. People make this mistake so frequently the Atwood manual even has a warning about NOT replacing the board. They hardly ever fail. Some of the older Atwood water heaters had issues with loose connections to the board. I actually had to put a metal binder clip on the harness connector to keep it tight. Eventually I also had the ignitor burn out. That was a $10 replacement. The ignitor did spark but the flame detector portion stopped working.
JimK-NY 10/05/19 08:55am Beginning RVing
RE: Keeping part of the wet bath DRY when using the shower.

I have never had any issues with using my wet bath. The cover on the toilet keeps the seat dry. I certainly have not used a towel to dry the walls of the shower. I have a squeegee. It takes less than a minute to wipe away most of the moisture. The remaining water will dry quickly. I typically take Navy style showers to conserve water. I wet down, soap up and rinse off. The whole shower takes less than a gallon and the vast majority of that runs off me and down the floor drain.
JimK-NY 10/04/19 05:40am Truck Campers
RE: Mintance Free Deep Cycle

So you want to buy really cheap batteries and then ask if they will last and perform well?
JimK-NY 09/24/19 06:56am Tech Issues
RE: Propane tank recertification

I have had my propane tanks refilled at a great many different locations all across the country. I guess there are places which might refill an out of date tank. More likely they will check the certification and not refill tanks which need re-certification. The first time I experienced this was with an exchange tank from Home Depot. I checked Lowe's and found the same issue. A great many of the exchange tanks are very old, out of date and do not show re-certification. Dealers will not refill them. The exchange places also rip you off by selling a 15# refill instead of a full 20 pounds. On the positive side they will take any tank as an exchange. I rounded up all my old tanks and searched through the exchange tanks for relatively new ones. Then I stopped using the exchanges and only have my tanks refilled.
JimK-NY 09/24/19 06:49am Truck Campers
RE: What do you leave behind when gone for the day?

I leave behind a small orange traffic cone with a sign that says occupied. I usually put that in the driveway area. Typically I also leave a folding chair. Even with those steps, I have had issues. In Rainier I returned for the day to find someone just about finishing erecting their tent in my campsite. They thought I "left". In Canada I had the same. They were desperate and I actually gave them my spot and stayed in parking lot where I could do night photography. I had a similar incident at Mammoth, Yellowstone, where the campground host got confused. I think there were a couple of other incidents which I forgot or suppressed in my mind. It is a sinking feeling to return to a full campground late in the evening and find your site taken.
JimK-NY 09/15/19 08:24am Beginning RVing
RE: Cost of accessories new camper

I have never purchase a truck camper before do you find these installed prices to be average and reasonable: 4 Torklift Brackets W/4 Happijac Turnbuckles & Chain includes Qwik Release Handles ($150.00) N/C $1,095.00 Torklift Expandable 4 Step (GlowStep) $ 328.00 2 Group 24 12V AGM Batteries of average quality $590.00 2nd Solar Panel 100watt $475.00 Thanks in advance I could not find anyone near me to install the Torklift brackets on my new truck. It was a lot of work and required a couple of phone calls and some slight modifications of the predrilled Torklift bolt holes. AGM batteries can be expensive. I replaced mine last year. The best price I could find for 2 150 AH Lifelines was close to $1000. I think I paid about the same to have a second solar panel installed. The costs included the panel and the time knowledge and expertise of the installer. I have done a lot of my own repairs and modifications but I would not be interested in wrestling a heavy solar panel onto the roof and installing the brackets.
JimK-NY 09/15/19 08:17am Truck Campers
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