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RE: And Texas Caves In

CBS just showed a guy who died, not from the virus, but because of his heart, after his elective heart surgery was canceled. If we hadn't reacted so strongly to the virus, he might be alive now instead. People forget about 'the law of unintended consequences.' Unintended consequences of what? In the NY State the hospitals are filling up. Patients with Covid are not receiving any care unless there symptoms are severe. In fact patients cannot even get tested without severe symptoms. They are being told to return home and self isolate. Patients with other conditions are indeed also only getting care when the needs are immediate. So what is the solution? Just send all Covid patients home and let them take their chances. Without vents and intensive care, we know the results. The death rate will be in the range of 5%. With no controls and no care that would mean 5 million agonizing deaths in the US.
JimK-NY 04/08/20 08:19am General RVing Issues
RE: And Texas Caves In

For those of you who think this is some sort of hoax, let me give a personal update from the Long Island suburbs 50 miles from NYC. The virus was spreading rapidly here. We are now 3 weeks into serious lockdown and social distancing. At least most of us are 3 weeks in. It took some people an initial week to get the drift. When I say serious lockdown, I mean it. Virtually everything is closed, streets are empty and people are at home. I am probably about average for taking precautions. I do not abide by the 6 foot social distancing. It is 30 feet or more if downwind. I have not been in a store of any kind in 3 weeks. We are getting groceries delivered, after a long delay. We put on gloves and masks and then handle the food outdoors. We wipe down all the packages and then we wash them and set them aside for days. We also have similar procedures for handling items that need refrigeration, taking into account that Covid can likely live for years in the cold. Today I went to one of the few "recreational" areas that is still open, an arboretum. With few people and big open areas it was still difficult to maintain suitable social distancing. I did have to put on a mask several times and some people constantly wore masks. With all the precautions we are finally seeing some decline in the cases and death rate. Unfortunately there is no end in sight. Even at the relatively low current rates the healthcare system is swamped. Forget routine medical or dental care. It is not available. I have no idea if the death rate is 1/2%, 1% or 3%. That is almost secondary to trying to provide the care people need to get through this. Roughly 10% of those infected quickly need intensive care and respirators. The cost and the facilities needed are staggering. If the rate stays low enough and the State can add thousands of intensive care beds with staff, PPE and gear, we might get through this without people literally dying in the street. You people who think this is a bad case of flu just do not have a clue. If or more likely when it comes your way you will find out.
JimK-NY 04/07/20 05:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Laundromats are closed!!

A bucket full of soapy water.....
JimK-NY 04/05/20 05:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Carrying a Honda 2000i inside generator compartment

If you have a generator compartment, why are you storing the generator on the back seat of your truck? Is your compartment already wired for a generator? Mine is. It also has two doors which allow the generator to run while in the compartment.
JimK-NY 04/04/20 04:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Understanding length of time for absorption & finish charge

My Lifeline AGM batteries call for charging up to 0.5%. That is 1.5 amps for my 300 AH battery bank. Even at 14.3 volts, it takes a long time to reach that level. I would guess I need to maintain the 14.3 volts for about 4 hours to completely charge the batteries.
JimK-NY 04/04/20 12:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Should/will Glacier, Teton and Yellowstone open?

..... Basing what is going to happen in the rest of this country upon what is happening in NYC isn't realistic. The predictions are that this virus is spreading and will continue to spread like a wildfire in a wind storm. .....Reread your first sentence. Predictions don't matter, only facts. The facts remain to be seen. OK, let me change that. We are seeing this virus spread like a wildfire in a wind storm. Here are some more facts to consider. An asymptomatic carrier can infect countless people quickly. We are not China. People have more freedom and the government less ability. There is no way we seem able to track down infected individuals and their contacts. We are not China. We avoided SARS. The Chinese got hit and learned to take precautions. The virus is transmitted by viral particles in droplets and aerosols from breathing and coughing. Aerosols can hang in the air for long periods of time. They can settle on hard surfaces and be infectious hours or even days later. You do not need to breath in the virus. Touching a contaminated surface and then your face is sufficient.
JimK-NY 04/04/20 08:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Should/will Glacier, Teton and Yellowstone open?

..... Basing what is going to happen in the rest of this country upon what is happening in NYC isn't realistic. The predictions are that this virus is spreading and will continue to spread like a wildfire in a wind storm. It can spread rapidly from people who show no symptoms and never know they are carriers. A 6 foot social isolation zone is a Minimum and no guarantee of safety. Most of us are in strict isolation, now wearing masks and not handling groceries or even US mail. I try to keep a 20-30 foot distance from others. What do you think would happen with millions of visitors in visitor centers, using campground bathrooms, touching gas pump handles, or even walking nearby others on trails? A you going to hand your credit card or pass to a entrance station ranger and then just put it in your pocket? Some people have no idea what is happening and what is headed their way.
JimK-NY 04/04/20 07:22am General RVing Issues
RE: this 20 ton bottle jack? this air compressor?

I tried to find a suitable bottle jack for my camper and quickly ran into two issues. First I needed completely different initial height and throw specs for the front and back of my truck. You need to make sure that when a tire is flat, there is sufficient space under the lifting point to fit the jack. A second issue was the lack of a cradle on most bottle jacks. For the rear of the truck, I needed to lift on the axle. I needed a cradle to securely hold the axle. Eventually I found a floor jack for home use but it is too big to try to carry if I needed it during a trip. You should be able to get by with the OEM jack. Just undo the tiedowns and use the camper jacks in conjunction with the OEM jack. Ten years ago I bought a relatively small Slime compressor from Walmart for about $40. The current cost would probably be about $50-60. It has lasted and I use it frequently to keep my tires at max pressure. I was also able to use it to pump up new, semi-flat 19.5" tires to 105 psi. That was slow and reflected what would be needed to pump a flat tire. I had to run the compressor about 10 minutes. Then I let it cool for a few minutes and it took another 5 minutes or so to finish. That nuisance is worth it to me in order to keep the size and cost of the unit low.
JimK-NY 04/04/20 07:09am Truck Campers
RE: Should/will Glacier, Teton and Yellowstone open?

Living in NY State and fairly close to NYC, I can tell you I have a different perspective than expressed by several on this thread. Infections and deaths and the huge costs are becoming evident. Even 50 miles from the City, my neighborhood is starting to look like a war zone. There is a huge "Mash" unit and testing facility that has already been erected in a large parking lot. Another mile away construction is underway to erect another unit. I think it will house something like a thousand hospital beds. People are hunkered down and still the infections are growing at a rapid rate. Everything is at a stand still and people are dying. Not just old people who would have died anyway. People of all ages are dying and many of those who recover talk about a near death experience. This is a big deal, not likely to end in a month or two. In fact it is by no means clear how or when it will end. This is not China where the government has endless power. In the US we cannot even keep track of tens of millions of illegals who are also becoming infected and dying. Flattening the curve does not stop the infection. Flattening does not even keep the infections down to the level that our healthcare system can cope. Flattening certainly does not end the infections.
JimK-NY 04/04/20 06:23am General RVing Issues
RE: GM/Chevy 2020 fitment odyssey

Years ago full sized pickup trucks had wider openings at the tailgate. My Northstar Igloo has a bumpout for the shower. With a Ram or a Ford pickup, I have 1/4" clearance with the camper centered on the bed of the truck. The Chevy opening is narrower by a quarter inch or more and my camper would not fit.
JimK-NY 03/28/20 09:46am Truck Campers
RE: Well, They gone and done it

You must have hair that grows like wolfman. It has only been less than 2 weeks since barber shops closed. Hair typically grows about a half inch a month. I typically go a couple of months between haircuts and even then the main issue is just a furry neck. I am glad your hair is your only complaint. Those of us in the NYC area have additional concerns. Store shelves are empty, hospitals and morgues are filling up and the number of dead is expected to top 10,000 within about 3 weeks.
JimK-NY 03/26/20 06:03am General RVing Issues
RE: Cleaning NL (fiberglass) shell

Some of the kitchen scouring pads are quite abrasive. I used pads that were plastic and sold as non scratch, soft scrub. Bar Keepers Friend and Bon Ami are very mild abrasive cleaners. They can also be used. Never use Comet or any of the coarse abrasive cleaners or any of the aggressive cleaning pads. You may not need to use any of these products and if necessary a gentle scrubbing should be sufficient. I used a soft plastic kitchen sponge and BKF because I had some oxidation on a 10 year old camper. The light scrubbing also helped to remove layers of wax. Before deciding to use ZEP I had spent a full day waxing with Mequire's Marine Wax. I had rubbed on 2 coats and the finish still looked nasty, mottled and uneven. I have been told and believe that in order to achieve a long lasting ZEP finish it is necessary to remove oxidation, dirt and old wax. Anyway with thorough surface prep, my ZEP finish has lasted without any cracking or peeling and no yellowing that I can detect. Using a scouring pad and BKF sounds like a lot of work. It was actually quick and easy and way less work than wiping the haze with a typical carnuba wax application. The little work needed is all in the prep. Wiping on the ZEP finish could not be easier. You just want to use a small rag dampened in ZEP and wipe on several thin coats. Just be sure to avoid any runs and dripping.
JimK-NY 03/26/20 05:50am Truck Campers
RE: Cleaning NL (fiberglass) shell

I have not had any need to repair roof caulking for several years. Since I have an aluminum roof, I have not used ZEP on the roof. If you have caulk covered with a ZEP finish, I would use a little ammonia or wax stripper, then clean with mineral spirits.
JimK-NY 03/25/20 08:50pm Truck Campers
RE: Cleaning NL (fiberglass) shell

This is the Process For Applying Zep. Looking at some boat forums, it looks like Zep is highly regarded (!), but some users are saying at best it lasts 1-2 years more than wax, and then you're in for a bigger job to strip the old and apply the new. Frosting and peeling were two issues raised. Still, I'm curious what others have experienced on campers. Re-waxing the sides is easy enough, but I'd love a longer lived roof coating. --SiletzSpey I am on my 5th year with ZEP. No peeling, no yellowing, no signs of any deterioration. If I had to start over, I would strip the old finish with a couple washes with dilute ammonia. I would probably use a kitchen scrub pad to make sure all the old finish was removed. Then I would just reapply by wiping on coats with a rag dampened with ZEP. I expect to have to do that one of these days...maybe a few more years from now. ZEP should work just fine for a fiberglass roof. It will even stick on top of caulk after the caulk has thoroughly dried.
JimK-NY 03/25/20 06:48pm Truck Campers
RE: Can You Pass Through States with Stay at Home Orders?

Sorry to those who can't take some humor. This virus has scared far too many people (snowflakes?). Were you all this scared in 2009 when the H1N1 killed 12,468 people in the US and there were 60 million reported cases? As I recall nothing much happened during that pandemic, no panic, no empty store shelves, no stay at home orders, no closed businesses, no nothing. Yet this new virus comes along, which isn't a fraction as deadly as the H1N1 and everyone is losing their minds. Maybe we've gotten too soft. I live near NYC. There are currently about 15000 known cases and 150 deaths. Those numbers are expected to double every 3 days and in fact it appears that the rate is increasing. Experts are predicting a quarter million cases in NYC within 2 weeks with 2500 deaths and 25,000 requiring hospitalization. Three days after that the number of cases will again double and those requiring hospitalization will exceed the total number of hospital beds in NY State.
JimK-NY 03/24/20 10:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Cleaning NL (fiberglass) shell

I have checked zep's web site but dont see one that appears to match what you've described. Could you post a product link or number to get an idea of what you're recommending? This is the product I used: https://www.zep.com/product/zepcommercial/high-traffic-floor-finish It is available at Lowe's. A gallon goes a long, long way and costs under $20.
JimK-NY 03/24/20 09:56pm Truck Campers
RE: Cleaning NL (fiberglass) shell

I have posted my results and recommendations several times recently but the response seems minimal. I will try once more. I put ZEP acrylic finish on my 2005 camper about 5 years ago. The results are still amazing. My camper had sat over a year under trees. The roof was covered with muck and green scum in addition to twigs and leaves. I cleared the roof then I rinsed off the camper. I did not even need to wash it. There were no streaks, no dirt or stains. The finish still looked great and water still beads on the surface.
JimK-NY 03/24/20 05:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Driving With a Pop Up vs Hardside??

99% of the time I have had no issues driving my 9.5' camper on my old 2500 or now on my 3500. The downsides have been driving in high winds. On rare occasions I have driven in 50 mph cross winds. No fun and anything worse would be unacceptable. I have also pulled into campsites with low tree branches. Of course that might also be an issue when trying to set up a popup camper. There are also rare occasions with low bridges or tree branches overhanging a dirt road.
JimK-NY 03/24/20 10:46am Truck Campers
RE: Can You Pass Through States with Stay at Home Orders?

They've taken hundreds to jail for violating the stay at home orders. If I were you I wouldn't chance it. Bypass Delaware and any other state that will confine you for being out and about. Better yet, stay in Florida. There is always one scumbag who wants to spread rumors and lies and upset others. I should probably use a more correct internet term: "troll". This is just disgusting when people are panicky, upset and trying to decide what they should or can do.
JimK-NY 03/24/20 08:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Time for maintenance/projects?

Two weeks ago, I was ready for an extended trip of 15000 miles and several months. There is not much left for me to do except to transfer the food, supplies and clothing back to the house. I do have a possible recommendation for anyone with time on their hands wanting to make an improvement. Someone mentioned applying a couple of coats of wax on their camper. Waxing is a lot of work and at best only makes a difference for a few weeks or months. I would recommend using some time to apply ZEP acrylic floor finish. I did so 5 years ago and the results are still impressive. A few weeks ago, the camper had been sitting under trees for over a year with piles of leaves and rotten muck on the roof. Normally that would have meant really dirty sides with black streaks. Instead I did not even need to wash the camper. I cleaned off the muck and merely rinsed the sides. No streaks, no dirt. The finish still looks good and beads water. For the 5 year period, my maintenance has been minimal. Every couple of years I have applied an additional ZEP coat. That just involves wiping down the camper with a rag dampened in ZEP. Most of the time and work is just spent going up and down and moving the ladder. If you do a ZEP finish, plan on taking a full day for prep and the initial coats. You will need to thoroughly clean and then scrub the camper with wax stripper and bar keepers friend to remove any carnuba wax or oxidation. Then you need to apply 4 light coats of ZEP.
JimK-NY 03/24/20 08:17am Truck Campers
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