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RE: CPAP machine and batteries

My wife has used a CPAP for years including all the years we travelled as part or full time RVers. If you have a CPAP that only operates on 120v, you can use an inverter. Get a small unit because inverters waste power as heat. Most get so hot they have a built in fan. All wasted energy. If you camp a lot or are getting a new unit be sure to get one that operates on 12 volts without an inverter. Most CPAPs will use about 25 AH of power so the drain is manageable. The problem occurs for the use of a humidifer or one of the new heated hoses. Those devices can use several times the amount of power. It can be a major issue in cold weather. To get by my wife sets her unit on a hot water bottle and wraps it with insulation. There was a question about the validity of CPAPs. This is not a good place for a detailed discussion but I can make a quick summary. First many people really do benefit and without a CPAP have all sorts of issues in addition to not sleeping well. Unfortunately, much of the "science" and testing is questionable. It is no accident that Respironics makes most of the CPAPs and also makes the testing equipment including the software that analyzes the results. I was among the high percentage of those tested who was told I needed a CPAP. I insisted on a retest at a different facility and got a completely negative result.
JimK-NY 07/17/19 03:23pm Truck Campers
RE: Travel Trailer vs. Motorhome (my situation)

I recommend you consider a TT. First the cost is much, much less so you can get something that is very nice without spending lots. Second, the tow truck will retain its value much more. There is a lot of demand for farm/ranch use, for use by tradesmen, etc. The tow truck does not have to be huge unless you are really looking for a whopping large RV. Next you only need to buy and maintain one motorized vehicle. Next I recommend you reconsider buying only a new unit. RVs depreciate rapidly. Mine was in like new condition and cost less than half the cost of a new unit. Also RV construction and parts are often way less than perfect. New RVs always seem to require a shake down period and fixing issues. Let someone else do that for you. If you decide on a TT you should have lots and lots of choices for used units. A lot of families buy TTs and sell them after a few years and relatively little use as the kids grow up and refuse to travel with the parents.
JimK-NY 07/15/19 02:04pm Beginning RVing
RE: What gauge wire do I use

This is not rocket science. Any wire gauge calculator will answer the question. For a 30 amp circuit 200 feet you will need 6 gauge to maintain 5% or less voltage drop.
JimK-NY 07/11/19 09:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Bad taste/smell to fresh water

Recently started noticing a nasty taste/smell to our fresh water system. Initially I attributed it to the DW using a 'new' garden hose....... The water *still* tastes/smells kinda funky. I have somewhat of a hard time thinking that using that one hose, one time, would have contaminated the *entire* system that badly. I don't have a hard time believing that. I recently bought a new garden hose. It has been used a dozen times or so to wash the car, water the lawn, etc. The water coming out of the hose still stinks with a chemical odor. After sitting for a while the first few gallons come out really, really stinky and actually sudsy. Even when you use a hose designed for drinking water, you should run a few gallons before filling your RV water tank. In addition it is important to sanitize your water system. That means 1/4 cup bleach for every 15 gallons of water and at least a soak of 1 hour or more. Sanitizing should be done at least at the start of every season. I also sanitize if the RV has not been used for several weeks. In some camping areas, the water is clean but not chlorinated. If you fill your tank with non-chlorinated water, consider more frequent sanitizing.
JimK-NY 07/06/19 07:15am General RVing Issues
RE: TC maintenance schedule

I did not delete the strainer. My RV came without a strainer and the space is limited so it would require some work to move the pump location for installing a filter.
JimK-NY 07/04/19 05:30am Truck Campers
RE: TC maintenance schedule

I never had a strainer or filter. The pump has been working for 8 years. That was 2 years of full time use and 6 years of use for several months each year. The tank is clean and has never been flushed or had any maintenance. The line leading to the pump is clear tubing and also clean. Without a strainer or filter any small debris is pumped through the system. A filter or strainer will eventually clog with silt. I use a Brita filter for drinking water.
JimK-NY 07/03/19 02:25pm Truck Campers
RE: TC maintenance schedule

I am not sure what this has to due with a "maintenance schedule". My TC has no scheduled maintenance. I do winterize and dewinterize. I check the appliances before each travel season and I also clean and check the entire TC at the beginning and end of the season. I have an extra plastic drain plug for the hot water heater. Otherwise I cannot think of any spare parts I might need.
JimK-NY 07/03/19 06:35am Truck Campers
RE: Locks on Propane tanks?

Who is going to steal a propane tank? They are not worth much to begin with. I got my last 2 for free. They were discarded because they had aged out. I just turned them in at an exchange station.
JimK-NY 07/01/19 05:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Roadside Assistance Question

I decided on the "premier" RV option from AAA. I have had the basic AAA roadside plan for years and it has paid for itself. It is valid for any time or place and for any vehicle. You don't even need to be the owner of the vehicle that has broken down. You can add multiple vehicles or family members for a modest increase in the annual cost.
JimK-NY 06/30/19 06:12am General RVing Issues
RE: I hate dinettes

I was raised with the idea of eating while sitting at a table. I even find that restaurants provide the same accommodations. I am not sure how you eat without using a table. Do you balance your plate on your stomach? What about a glasses, silverware and soup or salad plates? Or do you just stand up and eat with your hands instead of silverware? Anyway I have never had any issues sitting at a table. When camping I end the day sitting at the dinette reading, working on my laptop or just resting.
JimK-NY 06/30/19 06:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Does my full-time TC plan seem reasonable?

IMO a truck camper is ideal for travel. That is not really your goal. It seems your travel will be limited and the ultimate goal is to have a place to live temporarily while you acquire land and build a cabin. I recommend looking at a simple trailer. You won't need to spend a lot for a dually. A used travel can be quite inexpensive and you will have much more space at a fraction of the cost.
JimK-NY 06/30/19 05:58am Truck Campers
RE: Texas?!? I'm shocked.

No inspections in South Dakota, at least there were none when I was a resident.
JimK-NY 06/25/19 11:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Survey-- City Water vs pump

I hooked up once 7 years ago. Then I had an issue with the valve so I just capped off the city water line. I use my tank and pump. I shut off the pump at night or when I leave the camper.
JimK-NY 06/25/19 07:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Truck camper mileage

Don't think I've ever run my truck at 80. Way too fast for a sane person I’m not sure if I’d feel safe at that speed with your truck either, but 80 is just the speed limit in parts of some Western States with minimal exits, minimal traffic, and the biggest concern being wildlife. No, you don’t have to go that speed, but I don’t think every pickup driver I see is insane. Lol. 80mph??? That's crazy bro! Fark, if you can't drive 80mph you could have another birthday crossing Montana! I have crossed the country including Montana numerous times. I doubt I have ever hit 80 mph. When I had 19.5 wheels and tires the speed rating was 70. Tires are a big concern in the heat with a heavy load.
JimK-NY 06/21/19 01:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Wanting to upgrade camper

I agree with the above. I have a Northstar and it is well built and should last. There are a number of models that might work for length and weight.
JimK-NY 06/21/19 01:34pm Truck Campers
RE: Atwood Hot water heater drain plug

I had issues with the plastic plug. I seemed to have leaking every time I drained the tank and then tried to reseat the plug. For a while I got by with a heavy application of teflon tape. I bought new plugs and that helped a lot but I still need at least some teflon tape. I would rather do that than worry about a metal plug stripping threads or freezing in place.
JimK-NY 06/21/19 08:04am Tech Issues
RE: How do you begin to plan for extended road trips?

Last year was the first time I did any planning. I traveled for 4 months and I made a single reservation for 4 nights in Arches NP. The campground in Arches is usually booked well in advance and it had been years since I was able to stay for more than a night or two. Otherwise, I usually have some vague idea of the National Parks and areas I want to see. It also makes it easy since I rarely stay in RV parks and I do not need hook ups.
JimK-NY 06/20/19 02:04pm Beginning RVing
RE: Truck camper mileage

Head winds, tail winds, speed, stop and go, highway versus side roads, and finally mountains. Everything changes the mileage. I kept track of every gallon of fuel for 70K miles in my 2010 Ram and am also doing this for my 2018 Ram. The trucks are similar, CTD with crew cab. The camper is identical a Northstar Igloo. Final weight for both rigs was about the same at close to 13K pounds. The 2010 averaged about 12 mpg and rarely exceeded 13 or so on the highway. The 2018 does noticeably better at about 13.5 overall and often 15 on the highway.
JimK-NY 06/19/19 08:19am Truck Campers
RE: On line source for Lifeline batteries?

I used "Battery Guys". The price was good with no taxes, no shipping charges. I received the batteries within a few days of ordering. They were well packed and crated.
JimK-NY 06/13/19 02:11pm Tech Issues
RE: On line source for Lifeline batteries?

I used "Battery Guys". The price was good with no taxes, no shipping charges. I received the batteries within a few days of ordering. They were well packed and crated.
JimK-NY 06/13/19 02:10pm Tech Issues
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