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RE: Oxygenics Fury RV Handheld Shower

An Oxygenics shower head uses about 1 1/2 gallon per minute. I use a shower head with a slow gentle stream. I use about a gallon for an entire shower. If you need to conserve water, an Oxygenics is a poor choice. If you are using hook ups then it doesn't matter. How much hair do you and your family have? My hair is medium length and I can still wash it and rinse along with the rest of my body with about a gallon of water. My wife has shoulder length hair or perhaps a bit longer. She probably needs another quart of so to rinse it but she typically does not wash it everyday. My point is simple a shower head which uses a gallon or more a minute is going to waste a lot of water. When it is important to conserve we do so by wetting down, soaping and then rinsing with a gentile stream of water. If water conservation is not important then turn up the water flow and any shower head can be used.
JimK-NY 12/01/19 03:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Howling wind

If the winds get into the 50+ mph range you will need to be very careful where you park. Try to face into the prevailing wind. I had high winds in Hatteras and in the Mojave Preserve among other places. At Hatteras we were trapped for a couple of days. At Mojave the temps dropped into the 30s and the wind made it impossible to use the furnace. I also encountered really heavy winds at Furnace Creek, Death Valley. The winds hit a 5th wheeler, pushed it sideways about 4 feet and dropped it on the ground.
JimK-NY 11/29/19 09:58am General RVing Issues
RE: suggest a heated mattress cover

A modest 5 amp electric blanket means 50 amps at 12 volts. That would pull down an averaged sized battery to half power every hour of use. Another option is hot water bottle(s). There are some really reliable heavy duty models available through Amazon. They will put out heat most of the night.
JimK-NY 11/29/19 09:52am Beginning RVing
RE: Stabil or Seafoam for long term gas can storage?

I live in NY and have never seen non-ethanol fuel for sale. It is a shame because it seems to be mostly just a subsidy for the ag industry without any positive environmental impact.
JimK-NY 11/29/19 09:01am Tech Issues
RE: Oxygenics Fury RV Handheld Shower

An Oxygenics shower head uses about 1 1/2 gallon per minute. I use a shower head with a slow gentle stream. I use about a gallon for an entire shower. If you need to conserve water, an Oxygenics is a poor choice. If you are using hook ups then it doesn't matter.
JimK-NY 11/29/19 08:57am General RVing Issues
RE: pressure washers

If you are too close the pressure washer will definitely do damage. I think a full powered stream would cut right through a fiberglass panel. If you move far enough back to be safe, you might as well just use a garden hose with a good nozzle.
JimK-NY 11/29/19 08:54am Beginning RVing
RE: dumping tanks

I have a Northstar camper with a built in cassette toilet. I can dump at home in the toilet. If I had to go to an actual RV dump station, I am not sure where I would need to go. There was a small campground and dump located about 7 miles from my house. That is now closed. There are two other places listed on sanidumps.com but they would take close to 2 hours round trip not counting making arrangements and dumping. I have had this same sort of issue in many locations. I love my cassette toilet giving me the option to dump in dump stations, outhouses and even in toilets. I rarely use a toilet and when I do I selection a more remote location with a door to the outside and limited other users. It is not messy to dump in a toilet but there is an odor that needs to clear.
JimK-NY 11/29/19 08:49am Truck Campers
RE: pressure washers

I have never heard of anyone attempting to clean their car with a pressure washer. If no one using it on a car, why try with an RV? Several years ago I put a ZEP finish on mine. I add an additional coat every year or so and the RV washes clean easily.
JimK-NY 11/28/19 05:33am Beginning RVing
RE: RV tires

To do the job. you would have to tow/haul the RV around for a number of miles and not just move it. Absolutely for a number of reasons. First you need to warm the engine and lubricants to cook off the moisture. Then you need to drive enough to make sure the batteries are completely charged. Finally tires need to be used at highway speeds periodically. When tires are used, chemicals in the tires migrate to the surface and protect against dry rot. Unused tires will dry rot to an unsafe level within less than 4 years.
JimK-NY 11/17/19 10:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best truck for Northern Lite 10-2

Dually!! No choice Diesel!! Not just for the torque, but for the diesel braking. Consider moving up from a 350/3500 to 450/4500 or 550/5500. With a 350/3500 you will still need to consider Timbrins or something similar. I would skip the airbags. I tried those initially and had poor results. They made the sway worse and one broke after a few months of use. Chevy, Ford or Ram will work. I lean towards the Ram primarily because of the CTD. Don't worry about DEF. It is a minor nuisance. You can find it everywhere for less than $15 for 2000 miles of driving.
JimK-NY 11/17/19 06:41am Truck Campers
RE: Bringing extra fresh water.

I you are going to tow a trailer then toting extra water might make sense. Personally I have learned how to camp and use minimal water. My typical camping trip involves hiking often in the heat. I take a daily hot shower. I manage that with about 1 gallon of water: wet down, soap up, rinse off. I use 2 more gallons a day for drinking, cooking and dish washing. I could probably cut back a tad with disposable plates and plastic ware but I rarely bother. Three gallons a day will get me about 10 days of camping. If my wife is along, we use another 2 gallons a day bringing the 30 gallon tank down to 5-6 days of camping.
JimK-NY 11/14/19 04:11pm Truck Campers
RE: winterizing

Antifreeze is so much easier... Yup, and you are less likely to leave water behind and have an expensive repair. Don't forget, even if you are successful in blowing out the lines, you need to add antifreeze to the pump and to the drains.
JimK-NY 11/12/19 06:38am Tech Issues
RE: How much SOLAR?

300 or 400 watts of solar is not going to do what you want!! To find out for sure you need to do an energy audit. TV and computer screens are major energy hogs. Also remember that you need to plan for cloudy days. You also need to plan for very low sunlight in winter months.
JimK-NY 11/11/19 09:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Brake fluid change?

But you are unlikely to find that in a newer model's manual. It seems that reservoirs are now made to be sealed. The bodies are made with clear plastic so levels can be checked without removing the cap.
JimK-NY 11/11/19 06:05am Tech Issues
RE: Water Usage

RV builders are responding to the clients and giving them what sells. What sells is not solar, or batteries or large tanks. What sells is "style", modern appearance, fabrics, cabinet faces, the kitchen and big easy chairs and couches. Yes, all the comforts of home including the size and weight of a mobile home.
JimK-NY 11/11/19 05:52am RV Lifestyle
RE: Brake fluid change?

I checked my 2018 ram manual in detail. There is no recommendation to change brake fluid. There are several warnings. First only fresh fluid from a sealed container should be used. Second, the fluid level should be checked from the outside without opening the reservoir and finally the cap should be secure at all times. The manual also warns about adding fluid unnecessarily.
JimK-NY 11/10/19 07:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Is 70 the age to stop towing

Accidents per miles driven are still way lower for those over 80 than for drivers under age 30. I wish the insurance companies believed that. Do you think the old folks drive as many miles under as many conditions as the young drivers? They stay home when the conditions are bad. Even the slightest rain keeps grandma and grandpa away from the roadways. I used to drive 25,000 miles per year no matter the conditions, now less than half that and only when it is safe. Which is more likely to be involved in an accident? This is why I specifically looked at accidents per mile driving.
JimK-NY 11/10/19 11:58am General RVing Issues
RE: 2019 Ford F-350 Sat Antenna Issues

I have not done any modifications on a Ford, but I had the same issue with my 2018 Ram and also my previous 2010 Ram. The 2010 was easy. I found the connection on the passenger side kick panel and substituted a magnetic "puck" style antenna that was placed on the hood just in front of the passenger side window. The 2018 was way more difficult. I could not find any sort of 3rd party kit or devices. I had to order the factory "shark fin" and wiring harness. The connection was under the passenger side grab rail and the wiring was just long enough to reach to the hood. I had to fabricate a weather seal and method to attach the fin with large rare earth magnets. Sometimes I can still lose the signal when driving due North. I guess it depends on the satellite location because even when driving north, I typically have a signal.
JimK-NY 11/10/19 11:57am Truck Campers
RE: Brake fluid change?

... My data is in the file cabinets and computers of the firms I worked at over a 35 year mechanic/Fleet Management career. Data is available from many resources besides the OEM manufacturer in all the business segments named. If hard data is what you need - where is yours to support your position. You have only attacked the real world knowledge that is trying to help educate people. Bottom line here is safety and that is being ignored for the most part in this thread. ..... So according to your "data" maintenance schedules from manufacturers are insufficient both for routine service and also for safety. Let us forget the analysis. What are your recommendations for overall maintenance requirements?
JimK-NY 11/10/19 11:48am Tech Issues
RE: Water Usage

I have a small (30 gallon) tank, rarely have hook ups and often camp where it is difficult to obtain water. Since I often camp in desert areas or do a lot of hiking, a daily shower is all but a requirement. For camping by myself, water use is about 3 gallons/day. About 1 gallon goes for a shower: wet down, soap up, rinse off. About 1 gallon or more is for drinking. The remaining gallon goes for cooking and cleaning dishes. Typically cleaning dishes would be about a cup of soapy water in a dirty frying pan or cooking pot. Use a paper towel to wipe down and clean the pan, silverware, dish(es). Rinse with a trickle of water. When water is really scarce I use disposable paper plates but still use the regular flatware.
JimK-NY 11/10/19 11:42am RV Lifestyle
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