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RE: Lance TC - lithium - DC-DC charger question

This stuff has gotten so complicated in the last ten years or so. In the olden days, we just put a 90amp self-resetting marine breaker on the firewall on the line coming back to our 100amp rated Lift Gate Plugs for our charging umbilical between the truck and camper with 4 or 2 gauge wire all the way back and connected to our big banks of batteries.
JoeChiOhki 05/19/22 09:35am Truck Campers
RE: Is Facebook killing this site?

I think its a combination of the RV Life network and FB is slowly killing RV.net, who hasn't updated anything in decades.
JoeChiOhki 05/18/22 08:15pm Around the Campfire
RE: camping in the Keys

As much as I want to see Key West, it would have to be an in and out drive in the same day when I finally get into the area in a couple years as being on time for reservations is difficult when you don't know when you'll actually reach a state.
JoeChiOhki 05/12/22 05:18pm Truck Campers
RE: Gas fridge on the move?

Fridge is 26 years old. Since it has a Check light, that means it likely is a computer controlled unit and wouldn't surprise me that the Thermocouple is dirty that detects flame or your circuit board is starting to go (There's several Norcold and Dometic fridges that DinoBoards were made for that replace the original control system and are superior to the original equipment).
JoeChiOhki 05/11/22 04:34pm Truck Campers
RE: What did you do to your Camper Today?

Sold it and bought a fifth wheel! Good thing you got a 2008 Heartland, that was the last year they were an independent and before their quality went to total poop after Thor took them over.
JoeChiOhki 04/30/22 12:14am Truck Campers
RE: What did you do to your Camper Today?

got this installed. took a whopping 35 min from start to finish. Steve Umm,what is it? LOL Its an integral shade kit for a RV door window.
JoeChiOhki 04/28/22 11:33pm Truck Campers
RE: What did you do to your Camper Today?

This is the last few days: Completed installation of corner trim and ceiling trim in everywhere but the cabover Installed the middle wire shelf in the over dinette cabinets and made support pieces to hold it up (its narrower than the depth of the cabinet) Finished installing the maple cabinet face frames for all cabinets but the cabover cabinet (Still has some construction work to do) Installed about 50% of the corner molding Installed the new rubber roof cover on the snap-n-nap so that its fully sealed again and caulked the edges of all the screw strips that seal it to the camper Installed the new maple face board on the Fridge, replacing the original fake oak panel that came from Mr. KIT. Made the first of the new birch plywood drawer boxes for the kitchen drawers Purchases the birch wainscotting for the lower dinette surround Cut the maple cap piece of the short wall by the dinette and fridge and demarkated on it where to route in the recess Installed the Trojan J185h-ac 12 volt deepcycle to complete the battery bank and made the negative battery cable for it.
JoeChiOhki 04/28/22 11:31pm Truck Campers
Quality Replacement for the old Style MaxxAir Fan Mate 850

Went to order a new MaxxAir Fan Mate 850 and discovered in that in the intervening years since I started my restoration project and now, that they discontinued the good MaxxAir Fan Mate 850 for some cheap looking replacement that's held on with very small cotter pins. Is there a comparable replacement still on the market for the Maxx Air Fan Mate 850 from another manufacturer? I've loved how the one I put on my fifth wheel has both held up and performed and was hoping to put one on the big power vent fan on my Amerigo, but it appears its not to be (I even looked on Ebay to see if I could find some New old Stock).
JoeChiOhki 04/28/22 01:00am General RVing Issues
RE: What did you do to your Camper Today?

Added umbilical cord caps, made hangers so cords hang vertically https://photos.smugmug.com/AnEv942/ACinvert/i-7SMsxjn/0/9e18c49e/O/cordprotk10.jpg width=640 height=480 Recently had issue with corrosion again on auxiliary umbilical cord. (2nd umbilical cord- back up camera, refer control & aux. charge line, AC cord to run refer on trucks inverter) Though usually bungied up under camper they are exposed to the air can and do corrode. After cleaning I looked at how to avoid this I stumbled on cord caps, I was unaware these could be had. https://photos.smugmug.com/AnEv942/ACinvert/i-txVnRsp/0/d4ce6a6d/O/cordprotk6.jpg width=640 height=415 Issue though if cord is simply hung caps can fill with water and corrosion will be worse so cords need to hang vertically with cap up. I simply bent up some scrap 2" aluminum flat bar, Drilled hole cut slot to capture cords. https://photos.smugmug.com/AnEv942/ACinvert/i-Rpcf8cx/0/eda13514/O/cord.gif width=640 height=480 Drilled for mounting and bent the tips up a bit. https://photos.smugmug.com/AnEv942/ACinvert/i-63tGzM2/0/e7f0cf9a/O/cordprotk7.jpg width=640 As umbilcal cords are stiff had to mount hangers at angle. Bedded in caulk and screwed to wall. https://photos.smugmug.com/AnEv942/ACinvert/i-bPzxtVg/0/da2f77c8/O/cordprotk8.jpg width=640 height=480 Caps should minimize future corrosion, hung against camper wall so wont need to stop when loading/unloading to reposition cords, easy retrieval to plug in once camper loaded. https://photos.smugmug.com/AnEv942/ACinvert/i-x72xmJs/0/b08d9491/O/cordprotk5.jpg Likely other brands-just what I used Very nice :). What made you decide to keep the umbilical cables as attached cables vs adding plugs on the camper, allow for the cable to be completely removed and stored when not in use?
JoeChiOhki 04/22/22 01:06pm Truck Campers
RE: What did you do to your Camper Today?

Cabinet door making router bits, router bit for installing the plastic edging strips used in RVs, the 4 port 12volt powered USB Charging faceplate for the rear bed space. More varnish, wire shelving for the cabinets so I can finish installing the face frames, and corner molding because the stuff for the wall board is too narrow to go around corners cleanly. Finished tidying up the wiring inside the bottom of the over dinette cabinet to reconnect the outlets on it and add an additional outlet on the circuit to make one available near the rear folding bedroom. Also installed the wire shelf in the main section of the cabinet and the maple face frame onto the front.
JoeChiOhki 04/22/22 01:04pm Truck Campers
RE: Yellowing bathroom walls

Is it plastic or fiberglass? IF its fiberglass, and aging, that's pretty much what it does as it ages. You can try refinishing it with Rustoleum Topdeck walk on grade marine paint. If its Plastic, you can try what's called "Retrobrighting", which requires Hydrogen peroxide paste, saran wrap, UV light and some heat. If done incorrectly, you'll get a nasty pattern on the surfaces.
JoeChiOhki 04/19/22 03:34pm Truck Campers
RE: What did you do to your Camper Today?

Bought a Trojan j185h-ac Deep Cycle for the second battery box to give it a grand total onboard capacity of 450ah between the two battery banks.
JoeChiOhki 04/19/22 03:30pm Truck Campers
RE: Jack Failure Disaster

It may be a good time to put a stable lift on that unit, it was designed for underwing loading and unless you rebuilt the frame to properly carry the load along the truss, you have face issues again. A stablelift would be similar to how it was originally setup for jacks and you wouldn't have to worry about it tipping over a second time.
JoeChiOhki 04/15/22 06:55pm Truck Campers
RE: Help identifying a camper jack

It's a Shur Lift, Hijackers and Reico-Titans have their valve and piston at a 90 degree angle to the cylinder. Shurlifts come in from the bottom. Unfortunately, Shurlift is long since out of business, so the rebuild option is to buy a reico titan or hijacker jack set as a replacement if you want to stick with Hydraulics.
JoeChiOhki 04/15/22 06:47pm Truck Campers
RE: Is it common to remove your truck camper at your camp spot?

I did this fairly regularly for a long time when camping in one spot for several days as the truck got used to launch any boats that were brought along or used for driving around the area without needing to drag the house along. These days, though, I'm starting to lean more towards using the camper and truck as a modular motorhome option and look into getting a small late 70s-early 80s mini-pickup to use as a towed(toad) for doing the run around work and also to double as the gear trailer (I'm shopping for one)
JoeChiOhki 04/08/22 10:49am Truck Campers
RE: fridge blowing out

I have a pre-electronics anything rebranded Dometic in my vintage campers. I tried a number of things to try and solve the blow out issue from cross winds. I later figured out it was basically going under the roof vent and forcing air back down the back of the fridge blowing it out on my first one. Since there wasn't a really good fix for that while driving (And I tried all of them, including making sure it wasn't a carbon issue on the thermocouple bulb), I ended up upgrading my charge wiring to 4 gauge from the alternator and into the main electrical system of the camper and setup a manual 2-way dual pole switch that allowed me to swap several outlets in the camper to running off a 400 watt inverter and ran the fridge off its 110volt element going down the road. Unit stayed good and cold and no more blow outs or burner to remember to turn off and on at every fuel stop. On my second vintage unit, I replicated this, but setup an auto changeover mechanism to facilitate the 110 volt side instead of a manual switch. The gas burner gets used now when dry camping and the camper is not in transit as it stays lit perfectly fine without the vehicle moving.
JoeChiOhki 04/08/22 10:42am Truck Campers
RE: DRW vs SRW safety, tire blowout

Any advantage of DRW trucks regarding blowouts can’t be discussed in a vacuum IMO. The extra cost, lower MPG, width inconvenience etc. need to be factored into the discussion. But if you need the weight carrying availability, discussion over. As one who has converted a SRW Truck to a DRW through running gear/axle changes, here's my own personal experiences and thoughts regarding this: 1.) Extra Cost Additional Options when purchasing new always cost more, same goes for Diesel vs Gas engines, Regular Cab vs Extended Cab and so on, so on that front its more of a moot point since its simply an option cost, a DRW axle is generally a stronger piece of equipment in terms of Bearings, load bearing capability braking capacity, etc.... than a SRW, so it costing more as an option is entirely logical. In terms of Maintenance costs, that comes down to having two more tires to replace at serving time. Other consumable parts, like brake pads/shoes brake drums are generally not immensely different in terms of after market replacement parts, usually a little more, but not drastically more. 2.) MPG Fuel economy is somewhat negligible, as the actual larger MPG differences are more likely visible from different axle gear ratios (usually 4.10s, 4.11s, 4.56s are more common on DRW trucks vs SRW trucks off the lot) vs the rolling resistance of the extra two tires. From my own real life experience where the same truck with an axle swap done, but the gear ratios remained the same and having gone from SRW to DRW, the total change in normal MPGs was around 0.2-0.4 mpg from the extra mass spinning. This is with a pre-Multi-port modern Fuel injection system and on an older style TBI gasoline engine. If the truck had the diesel engine, the recordable difference between the two would likely be even smaller as the diesel power plant from the same era was vastly more fuel efficient than its small block V8 counter part. 3.) Width inconvenience This one is highly subjective, and comes down more to the personal driving skills of the operator and less down to the extra tire width. I've actually found length to be more of a challenge with my own truck, as its a Extended Cab truck, and the 4x4 package of the era made the turning radius very wide. The only thing I had to relearn was to accomodate slightly for the rear wheels in very tight driveways and that was simply altering my turning rate slightly, but you can have the same issue going between different sized vehicles in general, even without the extra rear tires of a DRW truck. In terms of parking, the DRWs are usually not the limiting factor but length of the space and width of the driveway between spots. Alot of businesses that are new have very narrow pathed parking lots, meant for small cars, and even when my truck was still SRW, the same problem was present due to the parking lot design. 4.) Blowouts The original subject of the thread :), if one has a blow out on the front tire, the experience SRW or DRW will likely be the same. On a rear tire, with a blowout, the experience will be different, as a SRW will pull much harder to one side in this scenario than the DRW will, as the DRW still has a tire on the failed side bearing the load and keeping even contact with the road way. That is not to say that the vehicle will not still potentially pull to that side some due to the additional resistance of the blown tire, but the immediate impact will be less. As another poster note before me, on medium duty/heavy duty gear its easy to miss a duals blow out and why they normally check for low tires by "pinging" them with a hammer or other object to listen for the telltale sounds of a low inflation or flat tire. I adopted the same practice when hauling my camper, especially on longer trips to use the "hickory stick" I keep in the truck to thunk the inner and outer duals and listen for pitch changes to discover if one is losing air.
JoeChiOhki 04/08/22 10:30am Truck Campers
RE: 1977 Sunline Truck Camper FULL BUILD

So glad you came back with progress. I was searching here and utube but could not find your site. Their username on here is the name of the channel :)
JoeChiOhki 04/01/22 02:48am Truck Campers
RE: Help with Skamper Heco Lift System Corner Brackets Setup

Fixed(?) the images. https://uc7796ceddc0e423b60ee50f0fc9.previews.dropboxusercontent.com/p/thumb/ABe5r4te_TA59wJ-IQlO_IA705jDTt4acZlgMNJe07E83yM-BO_ZOblUo2juygDE6doGUh4l5hQvhkjQximaf31sMmLMlKxVjYhXoLRcz3j1gb7kWo2Ltkbs8D_ZK_9Qx3aWwuVDAVGWn91EnqI07Yes7IbdUZuH0GyQe7c_MbEBkEekYd3x5Q-GuVW3Qrcs7FHuVB2c1PolrQdpTnBxmbVHMgSPkr3b-u4MA8r483DeZVuCJ6iKxt1mUSYM8kXw7xK1Yz_OcuwfbVwOvpzd5yS7e0dREvkQaBF5mDLmYH9YOnu9dCJ-75u7_tbpdK6ya52uwAZq2vjhgDwX79SXzlLX_lu3XBwhxx6Ya2phPNfRPT_ATNbVjXpC3qM5xWT6GjOpOc1JBxFRMezkfXvEovcsuSapEUR07_WstgkLUAKE0g/p.jpeg?size=2048x1536&size_mode=3 height=640 width=480 https://ucec950984c6d3688f8681952fd6.previews.dropboxusercontent.com/p/thumb/ABfALUdSFlCgbEPK67_KXe4TJnIPWfzhVmitKkZwICP8tmPa4Ynu-igteXeafJJZ7GxpQoY0Pa3gP24LoNzLHZ1hKEcltd32YKhwGvNFc3BRdb7cR4dnCQAbvlxLdqzTcNkORLGlmyWZPR9NXoAwfn5DZj8Z0ZP7my_mYwYagVJHLis7pyT5d69E94_7d_QSC9TFbBPJXxQSP1pRCmIzj7E7n25Q-jIdz-8BlSe58I7SE9puqIl94ZCQgRo7RbHOWQC4mjvFD87_nB3mLVsb_9bVMKIJtlZQRabcfTCoqXyiPpEezbKvl9gdojR57T-8kY7IF-F_Vt_ND7_P84PYf4jR3AAsgERx1rFO32BvqN63_-CujuQnZT23Vrr78XlkrBAN32DdogmmL7-c0d2fodL6iUCly7Rb4NZf9hVm5QXN0A/p.jpeg width=640 height=480 https://ucd3d4b8055e9d88be26fb02275e.previews.dropboxusercontent.com/p/thumb/ABce4Zn_v9MO0HmpRDbIvt_1N8sCZKox8nx87gsL0_nrDNX_gTHL9Cj1sRwGYeIOy5RxQO_x6XWCoWG7kG39g2758SKu9vybUPAUnSp7ukAWR3UDGHK5SyeuP20m6vrbOPcDBhnR4u5uwIvf0cvi6yObfilvjeH2BjFpaq932mynhJoSwjjdgVn3xWycdg0toKXEUbKZMi5un5W8TbB0x-PFbb7BoEBBK-m4SxG2PbNs-GzyanAujAVivykK0UGGF0f2f0c297UlK7fyAhakAUHKcUq_yzugoRIgXESC_uuD55CW3Q9TZkoq1n4gFyiSKfXj3O05v_5KeM_Oc0qWoi7xNdIZEer3Eb8J-OjI5drWc8WPoWeDHlQIhAHrQCZFKUCVQsQYjWaHutdfxMvb9I1VTmzBK6Pdx9UIQUcOJAeaiQ/p.jpeg width=640 height=480 https://uc18eb98a3135a4767e9a73e3318.previews.dropboxusercontent.com/p/thumb/ABewORKvUl3trIVyvsKCop0xIfx4vKvNGWV9aotbUeIwNj0YiAOVpncZiBBBRakLmBZgMNQj5FMHWIyg9qLfF7x-tmwupFGaKOanOorko-sy_Ivfas21x1Y68l9n3p6dannRFBF6QXBqQx32iO68yKhPhNtoC2oqcOwA9q3ArS9nTADTeIhJeuzFmmVgz5NFGtInuY2gBasqjGJvUsD6TM9kMw_-LCWO7mEJkOUw-Hw8BLBHLu22rUIrvQnesvGiZ6aBJg0pArhal6ls_HedW7-BQYOtWGimTxRg47_INBpm_rLHtaCvppiefOVpgLF-WtB8y42e2WXD_TLlTifLbbkANEE66YP3XsDuh7emlamlpHncg6XSb9UkZvXhBj6qO794pKNV6uW_4z_Ujn9HZkdPU6aNOE3wRl0WDJdUI-y2kw/p.jpeg width=640 height=480 Movement in action - 01 Movement in action - 02
JoeChiOhki 03/14/22 01:12pm Truck Campers
RE: Micro-Air/RecPro AC problem

For those not familiar with the A/C in question: RecPro RP-AC2801 As to the original question, I'm not sure if these were designed to support the RecPro line, as they do not include any wiring diagrams for that model line, though they do have a generic wiring diagram that does not appear to remove the run capacitor completely from the circuit. If I was to guess, your only option would be in the middle left hand side between the front and rear sections in the housing, attaching it in some fashion to the side of the inner shroud that I believe houses the cabin air fan housing.
JoeChiOhki 03/11/22 04:15am Truck Campers
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