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Passport 2890RL- Likes, Dislikes

Anyone out there with a Passport 2890RL? Since getting it, did you find things you really liked? Disliked? How usable is it with the slide in? PS- looking for advice from owners, not a link to the PDF or advice to go look at one. There's some things you learn AFTER you actually get a camper. Thanks! Footnote: Mods- I am aware that this duplicate post violates forum rules AND common sense (I don't like seeing multiple posts either). However, my one response suggested that the post should be here. Please adjust however you see fit. Thanks.
K3WE 05/02/19 04:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Passport 2890RL- Likes, Dislikes

There are 4 pages of discussion in the Travel Trailer forum about Passport, but not that particular model. You may want this moved to TT. Thanks- Yeah, I'm looking for model-specific comments as much as brand.
K3WE 05/02/19 02:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: What length sewer hose?

We carry a 10ft. and a 20ft. and a connecting coupler to put them together if needed. Generally, the 10 ft. gets the most usage. ^^This, too, is my vote^^ As so many have said, 10' ft works very often...20' sometimes and yes, there was once when 30 ft was not enough. The 10 vs. 20 gives you nice flexibility to have a RANGE of lengths too.
K3WE 05/02/19 01:44pm Beginning RVing
Passport 2890RL- Likes, Dislikes

Anyone out there with a Passport 2890RL? Since getting it, did you find things you really liked? Disliked? How usable is it with the slide in? PS- looking for advice from owners, not a link to the PDF or advice to go look at one. There's some things you learn AFTER you actually get a camper. Thanks!
K3WE 05/02/19 01:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Stand-alone GPS or smartphone?

I love the real time traffic updates and routing, and ice that the maps are more up to date and a much more huge and searchable database on the phone. Downside? A phone call can disrupt your map and directions at bad times.
K3WE 02/12/19 01:03am Beginning RVing
RE: How cold have you experienced?

“We were scared but...” Of what? Properly prepared have no fear. 15F up the the road from Tom’s place last week. Beautiful! Valid to be scared of LP and battery consumption:-) Per the OPs question, we’ve done several days of teens...heat is a good thing.
K3WE 02/01/19 05:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tire pressures during temperature swings

Don't overthink the whole thing. Check your tires in the morning, adjust as necessary. Do the same the next morning, and the morning after that. Trying to keep tires at a mean pressure while actually rolling down the road is just a waste of time and effort. 10 psi pressure changes as tires heat up and cool down is perfectly normal. Basically yes. The pressure should be set on cold tires and it’s expected to rise with driving down the road- and should not be reduced. (The ideal OPERATING pressure is higher than the cold pressure. If there’s big temperature changes in the WEATHER, tires ideally should be adjusted- but should be cold when you do it. Every day sounds a bit much unless you are doing the snowbird thing where you’ll get some possible significant changes.
K3WE 12/16/18 03:17pm General RVing Issues
RE: Where is the Middle Ground on the Forum?

This place has been over moderated for years. And yeah, some moderation is needed. And it is ok reading. Still, there’s a certain expectation of REASONABLE open discussion.
K3WE 11/28/18 05:38pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: cold weather camping

Don't listen to the negative Nellies. We have often camped in cold weather. Bring small electric heaters to suppliment your furnace.Fill water tank and use that. If you leave the hose on over night it could freeze. Don't leave sewer hose hooked up.Use it only when you need to dump.We also put a large pot of water on low to put some humidity into the air. Of course only do that while you're awake.Have fun. I agree with this. Can be fun as a challange. Just don't put water in the lines. If you use electrical heaters or a blanket, don't plug them in to the inverter circuit. Use circuit fed directly from shore power. Don't drive unless roads are prefectly clear. Have a good time. SHOULD the OP do it? WOULD it be a good time for him? ONLY the OP can answer that for himself. CAN he do it, COULD it be fun. Yes!!!!!
K3WE 11/28/18 12:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: cold weather camping

He wasn't scared off. He thanked everyone and decided, in light of what he has learned, to go the hotel route. His wife is attending a conference, it's not a camping trip. Ok, campers cannot be used when attending conferences. Must have missed that when I read the owners manual. Seemed like it could have been fun. Or maybe you're ok with taking sponge baths parked in a truck stop at 10below zero, while trying to do your hair and makeup and put on your dress clothes to go to a decidedly white collar function in the middle of winter survival camping. The best part is the OP appeared to not have much cold weather experience, so that could be even more of an adventure! From actually making the trip, to staying warm, to roughing it for a formal event. Yeah that sounds awesome.......not. He asked a valid question, got some good things to think about and moved on. I'll sleep in my snowmachine trailer with a cot and buddy heater, pack into the backcountry and sleep in a hamkock with a tarp over me, camp with no water, wash up in the crick before and or after fishing in it. LOVE those type of trips. BUT when I go to a business event and have to wear a monkey suit for 3 days, the last thing in my mind is how do I keep the water from freezing in my camper! You could run the furnace and solve the problem of doing your hair at 10 below...and maybe he has a winter camper where he could have running water. He asked for CONSIDERATIONS. I am disappointed when folks offer narrow opinions: That a camper can only be used for camping. Indeed there are some good posts. You’ll need to use a lot of LP. Campgrounds may be closed. Running water is an issue. Dressing up for a conference is a consideration. Conversely if it’s paired with some planning and fun stops along the way and the right food in the fridge, it COULD be fun. The wife could confer, hubby could tour and worry about the water. I trust that the OP made a good decision, but I like seeing BOTH sides as opposed to “I would NEVER take a camper to a conference because you have to do your hair at 10 below”. Read the title (Cold weather camping) Other folks may see the title and wish to think about the pros and cons of other non- camping uses. The mother in laws driveway has made for some great Christmases- and yes, we burned some LP.
K3WE 11/24/18 06:16am General RVing Issues
RE: cold weather camping

He wasn't scared off. He thanked everyone and decided, in light of what he has learned, to go the hotel route. His wife is attending a conference, it's not a camping trip. Ok, campers cannot be used when attending conferences. Must have missed that when I read the owners manual. Seemed like it could have been fun.
K3WE 11/22/18 09:52am General RVing Issues
RE: cold weather camping

Wow- I agree- too many negative comments. I see that the OP was scared off. Many good comments- a camping mentality is good- doing without running water can be a great simplification (drinking water from the store & sponge baths) furnaces suck propane, space heaters do not. We have many positive winter experiences. You CAN fill the water tank, maybe some pink stuff in holding tanks... if you can keep the heat on and want to rewiinterize.... Everything with a camper/MH is some work, but we do this for fun, right? No foul if you don’t want to, but sad to see the discouraging comments.
K3WE 11/22/18 09:12am General RVing Issues
RE: how to prevent dragging?

I’m surprised your jacks are unprotected. Our camper had skids and we drag a lot. They ground through, so put I some wheels back there. We did consider the “axle flip”. Kind of bad that they make things that REGULARLY drag on routine unlevelness.
K3WE 11/22/18 05:34am Beginning RVing
RE: Towing when raining on mountain

One other poster hit on it. Engine and exhaust brakes ONLY work on drive wheels. Regular brakes work on all wheels. If traction is comprised, engine and or exhaust braking can cause those wheels to break traction SOONER and that can lead to a control loss. Might be wise not to use it in rain and snow or at least be very cautious.
K3WE 10/27/18 09:15pm Beginning RVing
RE: Propane

If you are camping you need it. If you are parking and plugging in, you won't. There it is in a nut shell.... Yes. I get it that one can use MINIMAL propane, but yeah- need it for the fridge from time to time... AND, most stoves and ovens are propane and fairly convenient to use (without being a big consumer) And we sometimes like to "dry camp". (And we have an old camper without electric hot water). Yeah, we will use a space heater when we can, and sometimes cook out on the picnic table with a portable stove, and an electric water heater sounds neat, but I struggle to say eliminate it totally 100% all together. One COULD do that...not sure we WANT to. (By the way, if you limit your propane use, you don't have to fill the tanks up as often :-) )
K3WE 10/03/18 07:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Colour of water hose

In search of the elusive middle ground: I do detect a taste when I drink unflushed water from my garden hose. And when camping, THE WATER DOES SIT IN THE HOSE INSTEAD BEING LIBERALLY FLUSHED OUT. So, I do hook up with the official, hose-police-approved "white" hose- seems to taste better. AND I try to flush out my garden hose before drinking from it (need to do it to get cool water anyway- you know). And, I'm sure my green hose contains materials, "known by the state of California to cause cancer". However, my biggest worry is that the vast majority of water supplies contain extremely high levels of dihydrogen monoxide.
K3WE 10/03/18 07:34am General RVing Issues
RE: Backing with a sway bar

I never had any problem at all whatsoever backing up with the sway bar on until I broke one (over-stretched). You probably don't have to remove it every single time you back up, but if you anticipate getting a very sharp angle between the trailer in the car maybe it would be good. Your mileage may vary.
K3WE 10/01/18 04:44pm Towing
RE: 3/4 Ton Suburban Transmission.

Why couldn't you manually shift the Sub when towing? The manual control option on Chevrolets/GMC's does not allow you to "FORCE" upshift. If you are completely stopped, and have it in manual selection mode and 6th gear, you are going to run through the gears. I have driven other cars where it gives you the exact gear you select, but in GM's its a 'ceiling'/downshift option, not a forced selection/upshift option. Actually, in perfectly flat areas, I will often turn off tow haul mode and THEN get fifth gear more (I watch trans temperature for safety). Of course that will bring out the wrath of the tow haul police, for it is written- when towing a big TT, you need to be in tow-haul mode.
K3WE 10/01/18 04:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 3/4 Ton Suburban Transmission.

I think the high engine speed you notice downhill is engine grade braking. No... On flat to slight (and I mean slight) downgrades, it is still in fourth). In fact, on a typical mountainous interstate, and 5% downgrade with all the yellow signs 'the rig' brakes just fine from wind drag with the tranny in neutral. Without the camper, it speeds way up and I've even felt the brakes get warm. With the camper, it maintains around 70 very nicely. I have had it downshift for braking, but know the difference. In particular, I have my foot almost always off the gas AND the car going FASTER than the cruise control. The issue I am talking about is you've just topped a hill in fourth gear, level off and it never upshifts... Not only that, but I observe differing behavior through the day- sometimes it does upshift, other times it does not. A most mysterious black box runs the thing. Oh, one more fun story- one day- somehow I got some bad gasoline. You could tell the engine lacked power...That day, the transmission was giving me low gears with the light trailer and struggling to do 70. Got off and bought 10 gallons of premium and boom- cured.
K3WE 10/01/18 04:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Changing from 3.73 to 4.10 gears

FWIW- I have had 3.42, 4.10 and 3.73 rear ends. (Chevrolet Suburbans and a 27 ft 7000 lb gross TT). I have noticed very little difference in performance. We downshift to go up hills. Worse yet we rarely get into high gear EVER (even on downgrades). Engine RPM's differ by only a few hundred RPM between rear ends. I understand the fiziks and the idea with different rear ends- it does not affect horsepower much at all, but it does affect "the amount of pull" available- and maybe...MAYBE could get you to some sort of magical "sweet spot"...but doubtful. If you are really maxed out- maybe you should have the lower gear rear end. Conversely, I usually wish I had a higher one (due to the car 'feeling' it has to be in fourth gear so much...if you are going to be stuck in 4th, use a higher rear end to cut the engine RPM a tad- and then get better mileage empty. I agree that newer transmissions tend to make the rear-end choice a lot more trivial (not totally worthless, just somewhat trivial). Based on my experience, I agree that the $ to swap out may not be worth it.
K3WE 10/01/18 04:15pm Tow Vehicles
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