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RE: Tow vehicle tire size not to spec

I suspect the vast majority of vehicle that have been around as long as that vehicle have different size tires on them than what came form the factory. It's quite common to change for a variety of reasons. The extra width isn't hurting anything. Technically that tire is slightly taller too but almost immeasurably so considering tread wear.
KD4UPL 07/29/21 08:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Airbags.

Probably or maybe. Year of truck? Dually or SRW? Model of Adventurer? Number of people also in truck? Towing a trailer too? Unless this is a dually and a very small camper you will probably want airbags.
KD4UPL 07/11/21 07:39pm Truck Campers
RE: 12 volt AGM battery

Deka is a very good quality / price balance. They are one of only a hand full of companies making all the batteries. They just get relabeled for many different resellers. Concord LifeLines are very good but also expensive.
KD4UPL 07/11/21 07:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Can morbidly obese person use a travel trailer?

My biggest worry would be the plastic toilet, shower, and it's tight confines. Other than that, as long as he fits thru the door it should be fine. Using the campground bathroom would probably be a good idea.
KD4UPL 07/09/21 09:25am Travel Trailers
RE: Battery/Inverter

If your only choices are wet cell and gel then for AGM you want wet cell. If you actually have a setting for AGM then use that. But, the best thing to do is to look up the exact charging voltages recommended for your particular brand of battery. Then, look up the actual charging voltages that each switch setting will give you and make the closest match you can.
KD4UPL 07/05/21 04:32pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Question: too much camper - too little truck

First how old are you shocks? Are they the factory originals? Factory shocks are basically **** when new and worse than that in a few years. If you don't have fairly new heavy duty shocks like Bilstein, KYB MonoMax, or Ranch then put some on quick. What tires are you running? Factory size load range E I hope. The larger the tires the higher the center of gravity and the more sidewall there is to flex. Also, how much air pressure are you running. You likely need to be at max pressure for those tires with that load which should be 80 psi. If you weight the truck, get axle weights, and then consult a tire load inflation chart it may say that 80 psi is too much but I doubt it. If the truck is lifted or has oversize tires that is likely contributing to your problem. How do you drive? It's a big heavy truck, not a car. Travel the speed limit or slightly below. Take the yellow speed signs at corners seriously. Take turns and corners slowly. If your trying to drive it like an empty Tundra that's part of your problem as well.
KD4UPL 07/03/21 11:03am Truck Campers
RE: battery questions and issues

If your voltmeter won't read "as exact as 6.4" then it's worthless. Get a good voltmeter or your just guessing. A 12v trickle charger likely won't damage a 6v battery in a few hours. Not checking the water in flooded batteries for 2 years likely will damage them.
KD4UPL 06/28/21 01:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Looking for new tow vehicle

Do you really mean NEW vehicle or just new to you? If you don't mind used then a Suburban 2500 would be a great choice for that weight camper. My 2009 2500 Sub pulls my 6,500 pound boat easily with anywhere from 5 to 9 people in the Suburban. I can set the cruise control on the interstate speed limit and it goes right over the mountains of VA and WV. A 2500 Suburban is a lot more vehicle than it's 1500 series counterpart. I think many people don't even know the 2500 exists, if they had they would have bought them, GM would have sold more, and maybe still be making them.
KD4UPL 06/18/21 07:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Battery charge questions

You need to look up the proper charge voltages for absorb and float for your batteries. You then need to make sure your Blue sky and your Parallax are programmed for those voltages. Will it keep your batteries charged? It depends on if you use more or less than the amount of power the solar panel produces.
KD4UPL 06/13/21 01:24pm Tech Issues
RE: sat cable

Are you sure it didn't say RG-6? RG-6 is "regular" TV coax, has been for at least 20 years. The stuff to avoid is RG-59 which was "regular" TV coax back in the 80's and 90's.
KD4UPL 06/13/21 01:22pm Technology Corner
RE: Virginia GCWR rules / commercial / travel trailer

I don't think you register the truck for the weight it's towing. You register the truck for the weight it's axles are supporting. Is this a GN or FW trailer? The rules might be different for that but I think the truck is only registered for it's GVWR. That's how all my trucks and trailers have been for over 20 years. But, I don't have any GN or FW trailers. My dually (it's registered commercial) has a GVWR of 11,400 but I have it registered at 14,000. My 24' flatbed is registered for it's GVWR of 16,xxx pounds. When I have my dually loaded heavy and the trailer hitched up it sometimes puts the truck just over 13,000 which is why I registered it for 14,000. Thus, I maintain my Class A CDL from my truck driving days even though I'm an electrical contractor now.
KD4UPL 06/12/21 05:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Hybrid inverter

The Honda will run the air conditioner ok, if batteries not down. I am probably mixing to issues together. I run the generator to charge batteries with the charger inbuilt in inverter, charges at about 100A. I also run generator to run air conditioner, but if batteries are down the load is to high for it. My setup is unique in as much as being in Australia we have 240V, so has a manual double trow treway switch, op 110V or generator, central of and down 240V true a step down transformer. My question is the inverter has load sharing as if inverter can’t support the load it will take some power from batteries, how do this work, is it automatically done . Proof read man. I'm not sure what you said. Are you pulling 120v from your generator, running that thru a step-up transformer, and feeding 240v to the inverter? If you you are trying to pull too much from your generator. 15 amps at 240v on the output of the transformer requires 30 amps at 120v at the input.
KD4UPL 06/12/21 05:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Virginia GCWR rules / commercial / travel trailer

I'm in VA. You aren't commercial because you aren't doing anything that can produce income. You will register your truck and trailer just like any "normal" person would register any other truck or trailer. However, If you have the vehicles registered to a business or lettered for a business or go to a competition where you can win money then you will be considered commercial and you would need a Class A CDL.
KD4UPL 06/12/21 05:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: Hybrid inverter

Check your manual. I'm not that familiar with the hybrid Magnums but I've put in many of the non-hybrid models. With the non hybrid models they are looking for a 240v split phase input. If you are only feeding it a 120v input then you have to set the max AC input setting to half what you want. If you want to only pull 15 amps at 120v you need to set the limit at 7.5. I think it only takes whole numbers so use 7 or 8 amps.
KD4UPL 06/12/21 05:19pm Tech Issues
RE: How big of a window air conditioner will a Honda 2000 run?

As long as the window AC has a normal 15A 120v plug it's very likely your Honda 2000 watt will run it.
KD4UPL 06/06/21 11:40am General RVing Issues
RE: 12v vs 110v on TC

It's a good list of equipment and will likely work well for what it is. I would absolutely have a 3 way refrigerator and run it on propane when dry camping. Without getting into all the math a 20lb propane tank will run a refrigerator for weeks, maybe months, before needing refilling. You will not be able to run your AC on solar and battery power no matter how hard you try; particularly not with the space and weight restraints of a TC. Sure, with a big enough battery and inverter you can start and run the compressor for a few house but not for any meaningful length of time like overnight.
KD4UPL 06/06/21 11:39am Tech Issues
RE: Regular Microwaves vs RV Microwaves

When my RV Samsung quit I replaced it with a $30 microwave from Walmart. It worked great in my Rv.
KD4UPL 06/04/21 07:22pm Beginning RVing
RE: Inverter Will Not Start A/C Compressor w/Micro Air Installed

When Trace Engineering sold out to mainland Chinese Xantrex 25 years ago the trace engineers abandoned ship for good reason. I differentiate because Taiwan Chinese make excellent inverters although as they say They Are Not Thunder Proof. As I understand it Schneider bought Xantrex, at least the home inverter equipment, and renamed it Conext. Are you saying Schneider is Chinese, the RV Xantrex is different from the home stuff, or am I missing something entirely?
KD4UPL 06/04/21 07:20pm Tech Issues
RE: F-350 6.2 gas - cruise control response lazy

When I had a 1996 Dodge truck years ago the cruise was even worse than what you're describing; it would drop nearly 10 mph before accelerating and overshooting the cruise speed by nearly 10 mph. All the Chevy truck's I've owned have kept the cruise speed pretty close, I'd say normally only a 2 or 3 MPH variance. The few Fords I've driven seemed to be somewhere between the two extremes. I've found that when towing with my 2500 Suburban that has the 6 speed auto it actually works better to lock out 6th gear. The truck doesn't pick up as much speed on downhills and it picks speed back up quicker on the up hills. I ran the numbers on the ratios and it's like trading my 3.37 axle gears for 4.30.
KD4UPL 06/03/21 07:40pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 3 axle break controller issues

I have no idea why your set up won't work but you don't want to do it like that anyway. You need a separate brake controller for each trailer. Use the built in for your first trailer and install an aftermarket one for your second trailer. You will need to adjust each independently to get everything to stop straight. Incidentally, having more brakes connected does not increase the resistance (assuming you wired it properly) it will actually decrease the resistance causing the brakes to draw more current than what 2 brake axles would.
KD4UPL 06/03/21 07:35pm Fifth-Wheels
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