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RE: Is exhaust/fuel an issue w/ Harbor Freight 3500 generator?

You mean you want to put it in the compartment where your RV type Onan is now. Heat will likely be an issue as the HF generator is surely not designed for operation in an enclosed compartment. The RV generators have fan and air passages designed specifically to cool in the compartment. It's possible that the movement of the RV will be enough to slosh the fuel around in the carb and not let the generator run right. I have a friend who mounted a "regular" portable generator at the back of his converted bus. It ran find stationary but wouldn't run while in motion. Could have been fuel slosh, could have been the vacuum created at the back of the bus. Either way, it wouldn't run. What's the problem with the Onan? I'd fix it. If for no other reason than resale value. If I was looking at a used RV with a modified portable generator installed I would assume the owner had modified all kinds of other things and walk away in a hurry.
KD4UPL 04/21/19 05:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Air bags and shocks to smooth out ride

Bilsteins are good, so are KYB Monomax. Basically anything is better than your current worn out factory shocks. In my experience air bags don't reduce bounce; if anything they might make it worse. I suppose if you replaced your current springs with softer ones and then added air bags it might be a smoother ride. I'v never tried that. I've always had stiffly spring vehicles for big weights and don't worry to much about how it rides. If I want a nice ride I drive my Buick sedan.
KD4UPL 04/21/19 06:34am Towing
RE: Route 501 in Virginia, Lynchburg to I-81

I traveled 501 with my truck camper. No problems but it kind of windy in places. Big rigs run it so of course it can be done. With a 38' MH I probalby wouldn't since there are better options. If going north on I81 I would take 29N to I64. If going south on I81 I would take 460 west.
KD4UPL 04/20/19 01:05pm Roads and Routes
RE: towing with a esclade

Most modern SUVs are set up with very soft springs and P (passenger) tires because people want a good ride. An Escalade probably has a payload rating of around 1,500 pounds. Your 8,000 pound RV will have a tongue weight of probably 1,200. Your weight distributing hitch will add about 100 pounds. This leaves very little extra payload for people, pets, and gear in the vehicle. I have a 2500 series Suburban, it's a different story from a 1500 series like an Escalade. I put 7 people inside, hitch up my 7,000 pound boat, load the back with gear and it doesn't even squat much. Also, diesel engines have come a long way. Modern diesel trucks have more HP than semi trucks had in the 70s and 80s. They have about 50% the torque of modern semis. Since nobody builds a big diesel SUV people who want that kind of power just get trucks. I can't understand why GM never put he Duramax in the Suburban. They offered their earlier 6.2L and 6.5L diesels in the Suburban and they were fairly popular. There are several companies that make Duramax powered Suburbans and you can find them for sale if you look around a little. If you want to tow with a big SUV I'd find a 2500 Sub. Get a diesel one if you really want some power. For my use, the 6.0 gas engine does just fine.
KD4UPL 04/20/19 01:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Another question about shocks

I had Bilsteins on a Chevy 3500 and liked them. I currently have KYB Monomax on my'05 Chevy dually and think they are great as well. I don't know if they make what you are talking about. I've heard mostly good things about Monroe but I've never owned their product.
KD4UPL 04/19/19 08:05pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Harbor freight 1.5 solar battery maintainer

1.5 what?? 1.5 watts? That's an absurdly ridiculous do nothing piece of equipment. 1.5 amps? That's probably useful for barely maintaining a battery with no load on it.
KD4UPL 04/19/19 02:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Switching Refigerator Modes?

I agree with using auto mode if you have it. There's no advantage to putting it on electric mode if your electric is coming from an onboard propane generator. That's really still using propane, just going thru an inefficient conversion process. If you are talking about running a gasoline generator then I guess it might make sense to conserve your onboard propane but in reality the amount we're talking about is so small you'll never notice the difference.
KD4UPL 04/19/19 02:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Broke wires to WIF sensor on GMC LBZ. Leave as is?

I've owned my 2005 Duramax since new, it now has 243,000 miles on it. I've never had the WIF indication either. I had a 2007 Duramax I put 36,000 miles on, never had WIF on that one. At work we had an '02 Duramax with the wires broken off the sensor. In several years of ownership we never had any fuel related problems other than needing new injectors like all the early LB7 duramax engines needed. I don't think it's a big deal but, it can't be that expensive of a part to replace. I tend to keep my vehicles repaired no matter the problem. Have you priced a new float? They're only about $50.
KD4UPL 04/16/19 06:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Suggestions for RV panel install, long run

At that distance, if you are really drawing 50 amps then #4 copper is the minimum to have your voltage drop below 3%. If you want to save some money you could run #2 aluminum. However, with just one 30 amp trailer initially the situation isn't as good. Pulling 30 amps at 120v means you would need #3 copper or #1 Aluminum as a minimum to be under 3% voltage drop. Personally, I would run aluminum to save some money. Also, I put everything underground in conduit. Conduit is cheap versus getting the cable damaged, finding the damage, digging it back, up, etc. Don't try to pull a multiwire cable thur conduit. That is extremely difficult. You would pull individual wires thru the conduit. Alumiium wiring will be type XHHW, copper will be type THHN. Individual conductors in conduit are usually less expensive than UF cable and much easier to work with.
KD4UPL 04/16/19 06:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: 30A to 40A trailer fuse

You can change it to a 40A if that is what GM designed it for. It's possible someone previously swapped the 40A for a 30A because it was easier to find. I would look in the truck's owner's manual and see what size is supposed to be there. If it says 40, fine, put in a 40. If it says 30 then leave it alone. I'm not surprised it's blowing. 30 amps is only about 360 watts. Your refrigerator likely pulls a good bit more than that. I would have thought the long run of small wire in the truck and trailer would have limited the current but maybe not. Or, you could have an intermittent short in the wiring somewhere. If you get a clamp-on amp meter that reads DC you can measure the current flow with the refrigerator running. I take it you have a residential electric refrigerator? If your ref. will run on propane I'd just run it that way since trying to run it on 12v is pushing the limits of the circuit.
KD4UPL 04/15/19 03:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Which 12.0 volt?

"not going below 12.0 volts" is the resting voltage. You can only accurately measure it when the batteries are neither being discharged or charged and have had some time to sit there unused.
KD4UPL 04/15/19 03:33pm Tech Issues
RE: I bet glider pickups would sell!

I'd actually rather go the other way. I'd like to have an old square body GM truck ('73 - '87) with an LBZ Duramax and an Allison automatic.
KD4UPL 04/13/19 12:55pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck and camper height and overpass question?

I've found most low underpasses are typically beneath railroad tracks. The tracks have often been there for 150 years or so, well before vehicle got so tall. It's quite foolish not to know exactly how tall your rig is by measuring carefully. Otherwise, you could hit something you "estimated" you would clear. Or, you could spend a lot of time and fuel detouring when you didn't have too. My TC on my '05 Chevy was 11' 5" to the top of the AC. There's a bridge under the train tracks near me that I went under a lot. It was marked as 11' 10". I went very slowly the first time watching to be sure it was right and it was.
KD4UPL 04/13/19 06:54am Truck Campers
RE: Inverter charging the camper from the trucks batteries.

It should work just fine. I carried my camper on a truck with an inverter but I never plugged it into the inverter. I just ran some #2 cable from the truck battery to the 7 pin connector for the camper. The final 6 inches was #8 so it would fit in the 7 pin connector. It charged well enough like that.
KD4UPL 04/11/19 12:59pm Truck Campers
RE: Samsung microwave

I bought a smaller microwave at Walmart for $30. I mounted it with some metal brackets I made. I pocketed the remaining $170 of the refund. It worked out great for me.
KD4UPL 04/11/19 12:56pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Stuckey's

We stopped at one in SC in January. I don't remember where exactly. I think it was off of I-95.
KD4UPL 04/09/19 03:28pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: minimum amount of solar

The larger the panel you buy the less it will cost on a dollar/watt basis. Above about a 150 watt panel you will need an MPPT charge controller to make it work with your 12v battery systems but those are becoming much more affordable too. I agree with FLY 4 FUN, after you go to all the trouble of running wire, mounting controller, mounting panel, etc. you might as well put in a bigger panel. The additional cost will be quite minimal.
KD4UPL 04/09/19 03:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Overwhelming

Assuming your Class C has the "normal" 5,000 pound tow rating I think you might be asking a lot. It looks like your Kawasaki weighs a big over 1,600 pounds. That leave less than 3,400 for the trailer and whatever else you put in it.
KD4UPL 04/06/19 06:59am Toy Haulers
RE: Truck trailering packages

Good advice so far. Remember that there are many different types of trailers: flatbed, dump, cargo, cattle, horse, RV, etc. A hard sided RV is more difficult to tow than the other types. They have a huge frontal area, a high percentage of tongue weight, very little ability to shift the tongue weight, and a big side area to act as a sail. You can't just assume that a manufacturer's television ad stating a certain tow capacity is automatically applicable to every trailer type. A truck that might easily handle an 8,000 pound boat might be over-matched by a 7,000 pound RV. Truck payload vs. tongue weight is usually a much larger factory than tow rating; particularly with 1500 trucks. Looking at the door sticker payload and computing backward to a trailer tongue weight and gross weight is critical.
KD4UPL 04/04/19 07:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: MPG and RPM Question for Chevy truck-New RVers

I would think 6 is a bit low. I would have expected maybe 8 or 9 from that combo. Your RPM doesn't seem too out of line. I'll assume you were on flat ground since you are in IL. Depending on gearing, speed, etc. you should be able to cruise on level ground at a lower RPM I would think. I used to drive a 2015 Chevy 3500 with th3 6.0 that would get about 8 MPG towing a 24' flatbed trailer with various equipment and supplies on it. My 2009 Chevy Suburban with 6.0 gets about 10 MPG towing my 7,000 pound boat.
KD4UPL 03/30/19 07:53pm Travel Trailers
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