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RE: What did you do to your truck today?

https://i.imgur.com/TbM7NKhl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/v3P2bu3l.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Mo3LRIXl.jpg I upgraded from an old style digital that was failing...(10 years old), to the new style 7 color. They also have better sending transducers and in this application, I used a banjo bolt with an upgraded snubber valve right at the vp44 pump. At the rear of the filter housing, I went with another banjo bolt with the old school stone snubber and a tradition gauge (glycerin filled), that shows me pump pressure pre filter. Truck is 2nd gen cummins with a ddrp FASS fuel pump...so far so good.
KKELLER14K 06/19/22 12:08am Truck Campers
RE: Caulk used at factory

Wow go figure...LOL...added a little more info...hope this helps. Find my Sticky on repairing the door window seals, swaping windows and making my own dual panes...
KKELLER14K 05/30/22 01:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Caulk used at factory

From my expierence...They use a typical butal tape underneath the flanges, usually about 3/4"wide. Then they seal the outside of the flange with Geocell clear to keep the butal from oozing out of the flange. I will tell you getting Geocell off of the flat surface is extreamly dificult. This stuff bonds beyond belive but over time you will see some seperation from the flange where the Geocell is thin. Are you worried about leaks?.. not likely IMHO but use a heavy duty plastic scraping tool, usually the blue kind and mineral spirits...be prepaired for a lot of work. Not way off topic but there is a good STICKY over on the Truck camper forum. At the top of the page you will see the stick topics..Look for this:...good topics on what your looking for. Truck Camper University-Projects/Repairs/Replacements & Tips
KKELLER14K 05/30/22 01:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Modifications

My first mod was installing the Levelmate Pro using a Anderson style leveling block. Mine is a single axle so I only needed one. This gadget is awesome once you get it set up. Turn on the transmiter inside the TT, bring up the ap on your phone and it tells you which side is low. Get back in the tow rig and using your phone ap, level it side to side, chock the tires and now it tells you if the tongue is high or low. When you have all green lights, your level. One other funtion is when you take the TT off of the hitch, it marks the height at which it came off of the ball so you can eaisly bring it back to that height when you go to hook it back up. Also have a gadget that senses your propane levels made by Mopeka. If you want this get the kit with the inside monitor...but it also has a Blue Tooth ap. Hope this helps!!
KKELLER14K 04/10/22 11:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: truck camper sitting in a wet truck bed

I agree kohldad...I think the OP should double check the drains to make sure there are no obstrctions. One other thing..When not in use level it sligtly higher in the front so any moisture can drain out the back. Just my $.02
KKELLER14K 04/05/22 04:06pm Truck Campers
RE: A Quick Question

I'm sold. Thanks delwhjr....it is not expensive at all and moniters 2 tanks. Hey camp or glamp....I like gadgets like this..I installed a level mate pro and Wow! takes so much work out of getting set up. This monitor will be a nice addition to the toy box! Back to the OP...even though I have had auto changers, I always left one tank closed. I want to know when one runs dry then manually switch it over.
KKELLER14K 03/29/22 01:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: A Quick Question

Well I have had this setup. What I want to know is "HOW" do you camp? (GLAMP)?...I just acquired a 2016 Jayco little Baja. Only one tank..no way for me to camp. Upgraded it to dual tanks. It is tiny and no genny. My Honda I2200e and fire pit will have it's own dedicated tank. Inside heat on it's own tank. I have had high end RV's..I dumbed it down...but you have to work at it and having the switch over worked well...this is a bit differant. Honda is already converted to LPG...It works great....no gas. I can pick the size of how much LPG I want to carry as I have 8 tanks of all size..I used to be a TC and 5TH wheel guy but this little guy came as a total surprise. You can not find one..it took me 3 months ...every 2 hours on every website to find this. Just keep the lipstick comming...lots of plans for this RV. The beauty of this story in as I close ....Is that the person sold it to me for literally half..half of what they sell for..stund and amazed. Never has that ever happend to me. I have updrades but wow....crazy.
KKELLER14K 03/26/22 10:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: No Power to 7-Way Plug?

I may have been a bit misleading. So It is an isolation switch that you install usually on you firewall and beef it up with a bigger charge wire than stock. It is powered directly from the truck batteries. When you turn on the truck, the isolator opens the flow of power. When you turn it off, obviously it closes the flow of power beteen the truck and RV. The reason I set up my 2 sytems was first, I could deliver more power to the TC. Again running dual batteries in the truck and the TC. So I used the stock bummper 7 pin to plug in my boat so I could keep some power going to the boat batteries...just redundicy and peace of mind. That bumper connection is also isolated but just not as powerful. ....HEY! congrats you are getting a good education.
KKELLER14K 03/04/22 07:59pm Truck Campers
RE: No Power to 7-Way Plug?

Replace the 7 pin....and work your way back to the front..It could be something so simple like a ground wire.....keep at it. You will find the fail. 7 pin plugs go bad all the time..when did you use it last? How did you know you were not getting power to the RV?...I'm stummped here...External charging wire? WHY? SO...you have 2x 7 pin connectors? My truck does....but you say your using the rear plug on the rear bumber? This is confusing...if I try to help we all need more detailed info. The TC power is hooked up where? Do you have a battery switch? Connected to the fire wall? For a second plug? When you have two seperate systems that supply power to an RV it is common that the rear bummper plug will be hot while the rig is running but like mine it is split... When you turn off the rig, the bateries are seperated from the RV. I have a 7 pin on the front interior of my truck bed. I have a 7 pin at the hitch. The wiring at the bed connection is beefed up from the factory because I made that tweek to help make the batteries get more power when we travel.. I hope this makes sence..I was running dual 36 Interstates with a 100 watt sollar. All I needed. I am not going to rule this out...but have your alt checked..It is the prosses of elimitation...keep working you will find it!!!
KKELLER14K 03/03/22 12:43am Truck Campers
RE: Something I found that is amazing!

Well all camper batieries are out side and vented that are wet cells ....but AGM or litium is another topic. It just looked like this guy went a ways to make something that we all know won't last forever but... it is where we all want to be...on your porch tipping one back....whatever your beverage. A very thoughtful build.
KKELLER14K 03/02/22 11:50pm Truck Campers
Something I found that is amazing!

https://youtu.be/ENZ2KjlN71A This is a lot of work but the end result will inspire...Happy Trails!!
KKELLER14K 02/28/22 05:05pm Truck Campers
RE: World famous figure 8 trailer race,,,,have you seen this?

If you can't laugh at this ....really don't camp close to me...this is trying to get out of the camground at 5:AM....
KKELLER14K 02/18/22 11:44pm Travel Trailers
World famous figure 8 trailer race,,,,have you seen this?

It is so funny....and it must take a week to clean it all up...sorry can't find the link but just Youtube it ...I was laughing the whole time....I think most of you will too.
KKELLER14K 02/17/22 11:34pm Travel Trailers
Alllergic to camp fire smoke.....? RV coming 3 weeks!!!!

I love camping and it is the best thing. Here is my issue.. I am so allergic to the fire smoke ...I just can't do it any more! The wood..so much work.I am going to move into a campfire ring that is LPG. Does any one have any info on this? Any feed back? Well I am finding some things but I all want you to do is chime in and educate me...I want to clean up my outings. Burning wood does not go with my new way of camping...it is just old school...sure if you had to burn wood ....OK!! But clean burning fuels does it make any sence?,,, why not use it?? It certanly has me looking in a new direction...damb I am getting cranky...I just want to turn on the gas....hit the ring with a long lighter and the show is on....you go and the cold ones are flowing.....now we can have campfire tales..that quick!!
KKELLER14K 02/15/22 02:01am Truck Campers
RE: Another Question About Level Mate Pro

Most important is to physically level it side to side with a bubble level first. I just put the level on the floor. You will have to do a little back and forth work here. Chock your tires! Once you got that done ...now level front to back. Now that you got it level all round you can install and calibrate the level pro. You should mount it as far forward in the trailer as possible so you get a good signal on the phone app when you are in the tow vehicle. A good place is if you have front cabinets with a center solid area the cabinets are going to be level with the trailer. Only one small detail is you have to remember to turn it off when your done. There is only a small red light on the transmitter but the app dose not have a " turn off" reminder when you close the app. This thing works great...just got it about 8 months ago. Check out the Anderson level wedge...you only need one for side to side. Your tongue jack will get you front to back until you can get all of the landing gear down. Hope this helps!
KKELLER14K 01/29/22 04:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Where do you put your levels?

Just installed a LevelMate Pro....got it calibrated and installed the app. It is by far the greatest and easy to use in combo with the Anderson style level blocks. I think it is worth it....simple to use
KKELLER14K 10/11/21 04:17pm Truck Campers
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