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RE: Video: Introducing Kitten To The Truck Camper

Your video reminds me of that saying, "It's like herding cats."
K_and_I 10/29/19 01:40pm Truck Campers
RE: Little Annie - RIP

Sorry for your loss. This has been a hard year for you.
K_and_I 10/28/19 09:25am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: OT- now I’ve seen it all.

Monster Cable used to sell RCA and HDMI cables for huge amounts of money claiming they were superior to the "regular" RCA and HDMI cables. And there is always the "AudioQuest - Diamond 6.6' High-Speed HDMI Cable" priced at a reasonable $1800.00. There's always somebody eager to separate the gullible from their money. https://i.imgur.com/pfTWhBkl.jpg
K_and_I 10/28/19 09:22am Technology Corner
RE: Lock for generator

Though I have a different brand of generator, I lock mine in place when in use. I'm using a Masterlock Python model. I drilled a hole through the frame plate since it was all too easy to remove on bolt to slip the lock off the handle. Affiliate link here: https://amzn.to/2BrbHsP I use 2 of these Masterlock Pythons, wrapping around the generator on both sides, and going through a hole drilled in the rack it sits on. I found that Home Depot has these in 8' for a couple bucks more than Amazons 6' length, which was not long enough to go around my generator and rack. Home Depot Yes, a determined thief can go through these, but there are 2, and will take some time. We did a 10 week trip to Alaska, and the gennie is still sitting on its rack.
K_and_I 10/21/19 05:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Cuts to the Senior discount coming?

And as far as I know, paying a certain amount in taxes doesn't get you additional government benefits. If that was the case, why doesn't the government keep a running total of what each individual paid in taxes and when you reach certain thresholds you get to ask the government for special treatment. Say, once you have paid a total of $100,000 over your lifetime, the highway department plows your driveway for $5.00. $500,000 gets you $25.00 plane tickets from the Air Force and on and on. I like the way you think. I'm going now to gather my old tax returns to see if I qualify for getting my lawn mowed for $1.00.
K_and_I 10/20/19 03:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fairbanks-June or August/Sept

We are in Skagway now- were in Fairbanks last week. The weather has been unusually nice for this time of year. Our experience has been great- nothing we looked into has been shut down. We have not had to have reservations for most things we wanted to do- the exception has been the White Pass Scenic Rail Road trip out of Skagway. Because of cruise ships that can and will fill up. We saw the northern lights 3 of the 5 nights we were there. Days were low to mid 60's. Nights were low 30's. We drove up to Chena Hot Springs. It was OK, nothing great. I think Laird Hot Springs were better. We did not stay at the resort as we had our camper in Fairbanks. The trees are turning colors- not like New England, though. Here is it yellows mostly and a little orange- no reds. We are pleased we planned Fairbanks later in the trip, vs earlier.
K_and_I 09/11/19 10:55am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: New Meter on order

I have one more question. My sending unit has the cables on the end that go to the hall sensor, but it also has one long black cable that doesn't seem to be addressed in the bad copy of the instructions that I have. Any idea's on that? Temperature sensor maybe? If so, where does that connect? If I'm not mistaken, that is an antenna for the wifi connection between the board and the meter. I just wound mine loosely around inside the weatherproof box.
K_and_I 08/25/19 12:27pm Tech Issues
RE: New Meter on order

It's been some time since I installed mine, but, if I remember correctly, you can power the meter off of the board if they are close enough together to be practical. I bought a cheap 12v - 5v adapter off of Ebay and powered my meter from that. I don't remember using a separate 12v wire into the weatherproof box I used. I think the board used the power wire for voltage testing. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
K_and_I 08/25/19 10:43am Tech Issues
RE: New Meter on order

Thanks for the replies. We intend to be on full hookups for the next few nights, and use an electric space heater, so the trailer furnace will not need to be run. If my meter is accurate, the 2 amp maintainer will keep up with loads most of the time. I'm still hoping Best Converter will have an answer for us, as we will be boon docking some in the future.
K_and_I 08/23/19 09:50am Tech Issues
RE: New Meter on order

Thanks, CA Traveler. No problem using a charger if that will work. I've been reading that the current crop of automatic chargers will shut off if a dc load is detected when they are charging. I don't have the luxury of disconnecting the batteries while I charge them, so I question if an automatic charger will really work for me.
K_and_I 08/22/19 11:52pm Tech Issues
RE: New Meter on order

Well, it may be that I found the problem. I kept watching the voltage drop on the batteries when I was connected to shore power. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to electrical things, but I tested the converter as best I know how, and I don't think it's putting out any charge. I replaced the WFCO with a PD from Best Converter a few years ago. I have a call into them, but have not heard back. In the mean time (I am in Alaska, and have limited options) I jumped the batteries with the truck for an hour, then hooked up a 2 amp maintainer I have to help overnight. I have read through the battery charger thread going on, but there is too much drama for me to engage there. If Best Converter cannot walk me through a fix, what is the best option I have for a charger at an auto parts store? I don't think I'll have much success finding a good converter in stock in Homer. Suggestions?
K_and_I 08/22/19 11:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Using an automotive battery charger when onboard fails

Usually thegreen light means the charger has stopped applying 14.x volts. It might either completely shut off, or hold a 'float' voltage which on a flooded battery is around 13.2v at 77f and 13.6v on an AGM at 77f with a few variances depending on manufacturer. The ammeters on chese chargers are not to be trusted without confirming it, and like most 'smart' chargers will actually stop absorption voltage before the battery is indeed full. Charging does still occur at float voltage, but at a very tiny rate as the electrical pressure is so low. So voltage tells only part of the story, how much amperage is flowing at that voltage tells nearly all of it. Unfortunately, I have found on the three different chargers that have their own needle analog type of ammeters, to be generally representative of current high vs low but nowhere near the actual numbers printed along the bottom when tested with a known to be accurate DC clampmeter or an inline shunted wattmeter and often, both. Good enough for most starter battery/garage applications, and any charging is better than no charging, but the regularly cycled lead acid battery craves the true full charge applied regularly, and plugging in for many hours with a charging source incapable of achieving the true full charge, just ain't right. The key to reaching true full charge is holding the battery at high enough voltage for long enough, and no longer. Few automatic chargers do a good job at even approaching this ideal. The inability of chargers to hold high enough voltage for long enough to truly fully charge a hard working deeply cycling battery, has had some of us resort to adjustable voltage power supplies that seek and hold a chosen voltage until turned off, by a human or a timer set by a human. I have achieved a nearly unbelievable amount of deep cycles from my current AGM battery by insuring I can get it truly full, often, and I take it well below 50% state of charge, often. PM sent.
K_and_I 08/22/19 11:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Just back from two weeks in AK

We left Seward last Sunday (2 days ago) a little before Noon, headed toward Soldotna. We got as far as Cooper Landing, when we got caught up in a traffic jam due to wildfires on the Sterling Hwy. We got stopped around 1:00, and sat there until Noon on Monday, when they finally opened the highway. Many campers turned around, so we assumed the campgrounds would be full. We just camped on the highway. It was pretty scenery, but we got tired of it after the first 12 hours.
K_and_I 08/20/19 09:37pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: New Meter on order

no jumps in reading the meter K & I how are you powering the display mine is on all the time it sounds the converter charge current is NOT going thru the sensor, but some parasitic load is being measured where did you place the hall effect sensor ? you might need to move it to a different location in the wiring, how many wires connect to the battery posts, and how many wires are going thru the sensor ( a picture would help) what does the meter display, if you hitch up and start the engine but DON"T move it works in either the Positive line or the negative wire, just flip the sensor the other way IF you change wires do NOT use the battery disconnect switch, when using shore power The hall effect sensor is in a weatherproof box mounted beside one of the 6 volt batteries on the A-frame. The positive wire from the battery goes through it. 3 wires come off of the positive battery terminal: the main battery wire; a wire powering the jack in front; a wire feeding the board on the meter in question. A comment about interference reminded me that I recently replaced my tire pressure monitoring system. The new one came with a repeater for the tire sensors. It needed to be mounted toward the front of the trailer, and is weatherproof, so I mounted it to the weatherproof box I'm using for the meter components, and ran the repeater =/- wire into the box and connected to the wires I am using to power the meter components. It was the path of least resistance at the time. Do you think the repeater is messing with the meter?
K_and_I 08/20/19 08:38pm Tech Issues
RE: New Meter on order

My meter is powered off of the battery and is on all the time. I've run the + line off of the battery through the coil. The readings are fairly erratic making me wonder if something is wrong with it. I can't see it now- we're sitting on the Sterling Highway waiting for authorities to open it back up when the wildfires are away from the road. We've been here since 1:00 pm yesterday. Thankful to have the camper, but my meter is behind a slide wall, and I can't put the slide out due to trooper and forestry people driving by the camper on a regular basis. I'll see if I can make something out from the instructions but if I remember right, I had a hard time making anything out from them.
K_and_I 08/19/19 11:44am Tech Issues
RE: Just back from two weeks in AK

We're in Seward today. There is heavy smoke in the air and it's quite windy, and warm. Perhaps we crossed paths somewhere along the way. Glad you enjoyed your trip- we are certainly enjoying ours.
K_and_I 08/17/19 07:39pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: New Meter on order

Wiz, or anyone else who uses this meter (and understands it). My DW and I have been on an extended trip with a number of boondocking opportunities. I have noticed that, when I am on shore power after a couple of days off grid, and batteries down to 89% or so, the meter does not show amperage going into the batteries. In some cases, with the converter running, the meter shows the batteries continuing to drain. This morning, I had run the generator for a couple of hours, with the meter showing a declining percentage of charge. After hitching up and driving 3 or 4 hours, then connecting to shore power, the meter instantly showed 97% charge. Is there a long interval between meter checks of the battery? When on shore power, should I not be seeing amperage going into the batts? Can someone help educate me on this? Sometimes I know just enough to be dangerous. TIA
K_and_I 08/17/19 12:22am Tech Issues
RE: not your normal tire thread

Why are those tires sitting in a warehouse for 3 years, aren't they selling? Don't they FIFO their stock? Five years/15k miles and falling apart is not a sign of quality. For comparison I bought a new explorer in 2002 and put the original spare (michelin crossterrain ) on the car in 2009. Replacing the tire this month after 10 yrs on the road and 17yrs since manufacture with about 60k miles. Apparently, they use the FISH inventory system- first in, still here.
K_and_I 07/26/19 07:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Go 5 miles over in Indiana and foreit your vehicle

Don’t be so gullible Did you know that the word gullible isn't even in the dictionary...? https://i.imgur.com/sLsz4XOl.jpg
K_and_I 07/10/19 05:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Replacement mattress

My husband and I own a 2000 Coachmen Catalina travel trailer. We are debating a new smaller more efficient one, but we would be trading for less space and more expense. My biggest gripe in the old one is the mattress. I am considering buying a Zinus 10 inch memory foam. I have tried putting 2 4 inch memory foam mattresses on the bed together but it is horrible and my pressure points sink to the hard wood platform. Will the same thing happen with a Zinus? Also we have a soft bathroom floor that my husband has patched up, but it is still soft and uneven. Has anybody just ripped out the entire bathroom, replaced the floor and put in a new toilet and shower? I hate that useless little tub in there. I'm thinking that maybe a small investment is better than over 25,000 for a new smaller trailer. Advice??? After dealing with the mattress that came with the camper, trying a memory foam topper with little success, we bought the 10" Zinus at the beginning of this season. We've slept on it about a dozen times, and are happy with it. I'm 250 pounds, my wife about half of that. We both like how it sleeps. I had the pressure point problem with the old mattress and topper, but no longer do with this one. I was able to get it for around $200 from Amazon. I don't know what they cost now.
K_and_I 06/13/19 07:16am Travel Trailers
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