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RE: Jeep missed the boat

Jeep Renegades are built on Fiat chassis' -- 'nuff said. That must be the reason they can't make em towable. ???
Kavoom 04/17/21 08:11am Dinghy Towing
RE: Misplaced Keys

Well I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later with only one set of keys. Misplaced and of course she's all closed up for the winter with the door handles and deadbolts locked as well as the hatches. Any non destructive suggestions? I'm pretty sure the keys will turn up but DW wants something out of the trailer. Thanks for looking. I ALWAYS have a set in hand and one in the truck. Always, having learned the hard way.
Kavoom 04/16/21 07:44am Travel Trailers
Jeep missed the boat

I have both a Jeep Cherokee (can be towed) and a Jeep Renegade (Cannot be towed). I really believe that IF Jeep had made the Renegade towable, they would have sold a bunch of them to Class A owners.
Kavoom 04/16/21 07:41am Dinghy Towing
RE: Swivel TV wall mount

Project Farm - best studfinder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWMJhfMPWn4
Kavoom 04/10/21 04:46am Tech Issues
RE: Swivel TV wall mount

I have a small 19 inch LED TV I'd like to mount to the wall where it says, "Mount LED TV here". I have the muti swivel mount, the part that gets attached to the wall is vertical with 3 screw holes. Now, question of the hour, any idea how wide the mounting plate behind the wall is? I've done the old "tap tap" to hear roughly where the center is, by the sounds of it, it's only a wall stud. Of course, call the company and it's not much help. I don't have a stud finder either. I suppose I could make a couple of tiny 1/16ths holes and hope for the best. Any pointers, thanks. I just did this. My studs, if you can call them that are 24 inches on center. I have a good stud finder and it will tell you center. Watch your length on your screws. Oh, good luck with level. I "leveled" along the lines of the pattern on the backing. They...are NOT level...but not off too much. Level is a relative term in travel trailers.
Kavoom 04/10/21 04:42am Tech Issues
RE: How to get a loan for RV

See what the dealer will do and what lenders they use. THEN go check your local credit unions. They seem to often be the most aggressive on rates and more lenient on used vs new types of issues. This approach saved me .5 on my interest rate.
Kavoom 04/09/21 07:41am Beginning RVing
RE: Best shock for a light weight pop up truck camper

"walking on solid ground feels weird after a longer camping trip." That's hilarious. And why sailors walk funny... I was a Marine (Still am technically), but after six months on a Med Cruise I know EXACTLY what you are talking about.
Kavoom 04/09/21 07:37am Truck Campers
RE: New Camping World of Braidwood IL - Grand Opening

You say you have a few family run RV dealers? Not for long...after the crash after this pandemic gush to buy... Unless your local dealers are stocking up an emergency fund they might not make it through what follows... Even now, some of the smaller dealers cannot get stock for their lots because the big boys are starting to leverage the market and pressure the manufacturers to fill their lots. In my small city, I have one dealer who has four new units on his lot and two used ones. He has had to let salesmen go because he cannot get any stock to sell.. A million customers and nothing to sell them. The medium size family owned dealer I bought from who has been in business for forty years said, he is putting aside an emergency fund and fully expects there to be a period that will come upon the industry very fast where they go from a glut of customers to very few... He doesn't know when as this period is so unusual, but he KNOWS at some point things will go south for some reason... He wants to be ready to weather the storm. He really thinks there are going to be a lot of purchasers over the last year to realize that camping really wasn't their thing and driving a trailer, RV was a lot more than they expected. He said some people scare him when they drive off the lot... He said he is having to tell lots of people they can't tow what they want to as he won't put people at risk. He said a few come back with a new truck... And he still sells everything he can get his hands on fast. He says ANY bunkhouse will go first... AND then, he expects the used ones to hit the market from everyone who bought during the pandemic when they realize that camping really wasn't for them. He is trying how to figure out how to capitalize when that happens but expects to lay low for a few years until things stabilize again... Right now, hardly anything on Craigslist, a year from now? pages and pages at rock bottom prices??? My dealer says he watches the used market and when he sees the one and two year old units start to hit and then flood the used market (His prediction) and start siphoning off the new buyers as people start to dump the used ones taking a few K loss. He says right now he can't just buy them and no one wants to consign them because they can just sell them at what they paid for them two or three years ago. As one salesman on a forum noted they use NADA wholesale prices as their trade in and know it is way undervalued now so it is win win for them. He said he tells people to sell them but some don't want to deal with the hassle. My dealer says he gives close to what they are worth like he did with mine. He gave me what I owed on mine (three years old/no down payment) and sold it for 2K more. Easy money. And, that's right, he sold it for like a thousand more than what I paid. I paid 12K, got 11K trade in and he sold it for 13K. I was like, OK, a thousand bucks for three years camping. Let's go and I didn't have to hassle with it. But the new version of my old one has been really changed...and not for the better. It doesn't have a furnace anymore...uses electric "fireplace" and they made the bunks smaller. Aspen Trail 1700BH. He said he WANTS used ones has tried consignment but little interest by sellers and isn't going to pay the prices for people just wanting to sell. He sold mine within hours of putting it on his lot as it was only three years old and well maintained AND was a bunkhouse. It is a very interesting time for our entire economy and the RV market.
Kavoom 04/09/21 07:06am RV Lifestyle
RE: Bear Spray

Pick up a can somewhere in West Yellowstone, YNP it's self, or a sporting goods store when get near YNP. They are priced fixed from what I have seen and when I bought a can. Forget branding. You can also rent in YNP. Hit a Costco in Western MT. Two for one price... One to practice, one to use. They will charge you 40 bucks in the park or surrounding area...for one. They all are about the same. Hit Amazon for a small handheld boat horn https://www.amazon.com/Seachoice-46211-1-5OZ-Signal-Horn/dp/B001B3DEN0/ref=asc_df_B001B3DEN0/?tag=bingshoppinga-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=&hvpos=&hvnetw=o&hvrand=&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=e&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=&hvtargid=pla-4584070147615899&psc=1 You want a defense in depth with them. The best defense is to travel with someone slower than you you don't particularly care for...but...If you see one that displays any interest in you whatsoever, blow the boathorn at them, quick short. Use your unfavored hand e.g. left if you are a righty... If they move closer, longer and short bursts. This will make them at least stop for a moment and make their ears go back... That buys you time if it doesn't make them turn around and go. The time should be used so you can unlimber your bear spray with your favored hand instead of trying to get to it in a panic... Learn how to flip off the plastic trigger protector with one hand. Keep it pointed away from you. IF, they keep coming, make sure you are upwind from them...move slowly and away so the wind is at your back relative to the bear. Do NOT run. That triggers them... They move like lightning when they want to and can outrun the fastest man by double his speed. Most of the time unless you trigger their chase reflex or come up unexpectedly close...they will come carefully and not superfast toward you but most the time they don't want to have anything to do with you. Keep using the boat horn until they have made it perfectly clear that isn't going to stop them. If they stop and huff and sort of jump up and down on their front legs, it is a warning. If they just keep coming, you got a problem. Drop the boat horn. Aim the bear spray. (Be sure to try the bear spray out before you go into bear country so you know how far it shoots and how it spreads out. That will help you judge the most opportune time to use. It generally stops them in their tracks at least at first. It takes guts to stand while they move quickly toward you, but that is your only hope. Now, at this point, I usually also ensure that I can get my hands on my handgun (Ruger Alaskan). I will make a decision later on whether to use it on me or the bear... I have seen too many emergency room pics that are frankly horrifying... We used to have to give rabies prophylaxis recommendations for victims. Now that you are really concerned, remember, 90% of the time, they know you are there and will hear you first and you will never see them. Most of the rest of the times, you will see them far away across the side of a mountain. Do NOT attract their attention if you have a choice. Curiosity can lead to a predatory assessment on their part... You do not want to be a part of that equation at all if you can help it. So, get behind a rock, bush, trees and take your pictures without noise. At all times keep at least a couple of football fields between you and them and NEVER take your eyes off them. I have been the subject of their interest on two occasions. The boat horn worked both times. One much less than one football field... They supposedly are NOT in my mountains (Elkhorns) but that pic one of my neighbors showed me of a place less then three miles from my house last summer sure wasn't a black bear. We had fish wildlife and parks put one of the wheeled barrel traps in my neighbors yard/acreage here a few years ago. Montana is the last best place. I kind of like not being the top predator. It keeps you on your toes in a subtle way you don't get anywhere else in the continental US. And, do not underestimate mountain lions either... How about a 150 lb kitty cat with claws the size of your small finger. My friend (late 60's) hurt his knee on a hike within a mile of our neighborhood. He was limping. He sat down on a rock and looked up at one in a tree getting in that ready to pounce mode... He yelled and screamed and waved his walking stick and it ran... It was likely tracking him for quite awhile. It recognized his limp as a weakness. Dogs and small children are viewed as snacks. AND, otters are not cute little animals. They enjoy killing dogs who swim in to play with them and then go after the humans coming in to try and save the dogs... Yep, rabies prophylaxis every time...and dead dogs... AND PLEASE, don't try to pet anything. Watching bison throw people 20 feet in the year may be a Montana form of entertainment, but I'm pretty sure it isn't pleasant for the human involved. But hey, NO rabies prophylaxis for that one unless he bites you... Mostly they just gore you...
Kavoom 04/06/21 08:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Opinion on Weights

I had a cougar 28rbs and a 2017 f150 ecoboost for several years. This combination seems to be perfect. Last year we upgraded to a Sportrek Touring 312VBH. It was 3 feet longer and weighed about 1500 pounds more. Not a big deal.........or so we thought. It was a nightmare towing as the trailer would push the truck around. Power was fine, it was the stability. We now just trader in the truck for a 2017 ram 2500 diesel. This truck sits almost a foot higher than my old truck so I have to completely re-adjust my equalizer hitch. Went to get weighed and the following are my weights. Truck Only- Front- 5000lbs Rear- 3400 With Trailer and no Bars Front- 4480 Rear- 5200 Trailer- 7120 With Trailer and Bars Front- 4660 Rear- 4960 Trailer- 7200 I seem to have lost 20 pounds between the two weights. Not sure how that happened, but whatever. I had the bars in the bed of the truck so the total weight should not have changed. I am re-distrubuting enough wait? I can see that my tongue weight it pretty high which was likely the issue with the F150. Should I adjust the hitch or am I good to go. Does anyone see any issues with Tow vehicle trailer combination and these weights? Asking for opinions on weight... What? Are you a masochist?
Kavoom 03/29/21 01:08pm Towing
RE: Drill Holster (tip)

"I've tried to help but, then I get yelled at for doing everything wrong. " Hmmm, that's never happened to me...in the last couple of hours.
Kavoom 03/29/21 12:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Best TT in the western parks?

We had similar requirements and we live in the mountains. I don't want to be stuck on a concreate pad looking into the next trailer either and so you are right shorter is better for nature, longer is better for an RV parking lot with all the amenities. And 28 feet or shorter is a sweet spot for places like National Forest campgrounds etc. The shortest you can get will be in the 5K dry weight range and 25 feetish. For that, you will likely need to have either a Murphy bed approach or a sideways RV queen with the full size bunks in back (teenagers). Remember, trailers are either 7 feet wide or 8 feet wide. Go 8 foot is my recommendation. More room. Have good tow mirrors. A catalina 221DBS is an example. Dry Hitch weight will run 500 to 600 lbs. Here is a sample vid on one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tTvKx8lV1M The advantage of this approach is you get REAL "full" bunk beds AND a place to sit other than the dinette. The disadvantage is that you have little privacy for the front bedroom. This type will run 5K to maybe 5300 lbs and 25 - 27 feetish. The other approach is to have a separate bedroom with doors AND full bunks. Here is what we ended up with an Aspen Trail 2340BHS or BHSWE (western edition). Here is a vid on them a couple years old. They have added some bells and whistles since like power stabilizers and hitch, fireplace etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3sXOlpxv-s For the permanent bed AND privacy, you gotta add at least two feet to the unit. Ours is 27 feet four inches and 5500 lbs dry. These floorplans run 27 to 30 feet generally. Our Dry Hitch weight is 614 lbs. Add 200 for bigger tanks and two batts. You give up the sofa sitting. So, based upon what you indicated these types of floorplans would be my recommendation. There are quite a few of each type with variations from different manufacturers. I's steer clear of the ones that have the small 29 to 32 inch bunks...unless you have small kids and intend to go bigger later... And watch for the small dinettes if you don't go slideout as they will realistically only hold two people of any size. The seven foot wide units usually have these. And, as you may already know, your gray tanks are the weakness of any system. Our little one had a 28 gallon gray tank and it was good for three days two people and maybe three showers total not each person. We got ours for 23,600 AND, used trailers are very valuable now days. You will find yours is worth a few thousand more than just two years ago, so either sell yourself or find a dealer who will give you what it is worth. WE had one dealer offer 8K and another 11K so keep that in mind as you deal and negotiate in 2021.
Kavoom 03/28/21 09:40am Travel Trailers
RE: Travel Trailer Floor Plans

Want more room, get a slideout. For us, the dog no longer has to back up to move around... And we don't have to play the human chinese puzzle of OK, you sit down so I can cook, wash the dishes. Now move to the bed or dinette so I can get to the bathroom. Or the ultimate solution, GET OUT and take the dogs...
Kavoom 03/28/21 09:18am Travel Trailers
RE: Anyone making a reliable new truck now?

As far as vehicles it ain't like the old days.. it's much better None of the above exist on my 1922 Ford Model T Did you get the roll up windows?
Kavoom 03/27/21 11:43am Truck Campers
RE: Anyone making a reliable new truck now?

My next one will likely be the Ram 2500 with the tried and true Hemi 6.4 gas engine (save 9K vs Diesel). I saw a 2021 69K (MSRP)pretty much loaded including the tow package with... Surround View Camera Trailer Reverse Guidance Cargo View Camera Trailer Tow Mirrors with Trailer Spot Lamp & Power Convex Mirror Blind Spot Monitoring (trailer included) with Cross Path Detection 3.5-inch Color Driver Cluster Big Horn/Lone Star Grille They also have the bigger cooling alternator... AND even a sunroof for 58K after discounts and change here a week or so ago. It was the best deal I've seen in awhile. It had everything I would order... I can get 15 to 18 trade in on my 1500 and now days I'm only using the truck for towing and the transfer station so, that ought to do me till I"m personally done. I won't tow anything that is more than that can handle.
Kavoom 03/27/21 11:39am Truck Campers
RE: Drill Holster (tip)

Well, I still have to manually put down my stabilizers... Years ago I got the drill adapter but when we stopped, It was always a few minutes to get to the drill to lower the stabilizers... So, I got a "drill holster" and screwed it to the wall just inside the front storage area door up high. https://www.harborfreight.com/drill-holster-67165.html It is a great solution. Just open the door, pull it out, a couple minutes and SHE can get inside... Now, it would be nice to just flip a switch...but that is on the list for the next RV... OK, got the "next" trailer WITH the electric lippert stabilizer jacks. I am mixed on them so far... One, they are slow, very slow... Another bell and whistle to break? The manual put down instructions sound like a good half hour excercise in cussing. Scissor jacks are simple and reliable... Drill in holster right inside the storage door, five minutes done. May just put some scissors on it. I got a high quality pair on the Amazon warehouse for like 35 bucks. So far, with the new ones, I have to push on the switch side to get them to go down so they work... What's the deal... In the driveway, concrete underneath...
Kavoom 03/27/21 10:21am Travel Trailers
RE: Torquing tire stud by hand

https://www.harborfreight.com/12-in-drive-digital-torque-adapter-63917.html Works, has good reviews check out on Youtube.
Kavoom 03/27/21 10:08am Class C Motorhomes
RE: advice for a newbie

Make sure your tow vehicle is up to towing whatever you buy. Be careful. Threads involving towing can be like black holes of opinions. Carrying capacity is your usual limiting factor. My truck can tow 10,300 lbs... BUT I can only put 1500 lbs IN THE TRUCK when I tow. So, when you put a 500 lb hitch weight add 150 lbs of battery and propane tanks, people and dogs and anything in the back of the truck and a full tank of gas at 8.3 lbs per gallon, you suddenly are there at your capacity and you haven't even put anything in the back of the truck... and if you have an SUV, usually worse... What kind of tow vehicle do you have? Longer trailers are easier to back up than short ones. Much easier. Short ones will give you fits as about an 1/8th of an inch turn on the steering wheel is enough to make them go sideways. Always assess anyplace you are pulling into to ensure you don't get stuck or have to back out of some place with other people coming in... They are all roughly the same quality unless you have money squirting out of your ears. Consider a one or two year old unit to save money and have the original owners work the bugs out. Buy new and YOU will spend the first year working the bugs out. BUT in 2021, the costs of used ones has gone up dramatically. I had a three year old 22 foot bunk house and was going to sell it for what I owed. The dealer gave me that in trade. Essentially I got to use it for three years for about a thousand bucks. Well worth it. So, new may be better at this point in time. My dealer put my 3 year old unit up for sale for the same price I bought it. OH, And with a new one, THERE WILL BE BUGS... Look at RV trader for pricing information. Put the model number in and you will see prices being asked. You will see as much as 5 to 10K differences in pricing with the lower ones being in some cases deals and others used...Look. You will also see a bunch in a range. That is the general average. High price units will negotiate. Some dealers are easy to work with. Some dealers are like shady used car lot shysters... Do you want a TT for you and a wife? Or a family? It is is just you, then having one main bed up front can work. If you got kids, a bunkhouse may be in order. Oh, those little dinettes they say you can sleep two in? Yeah, right if they are four feet tall and do not grow. Bunkhouses are few and far between under 25 feet and look carefully. Many bunks are like 28 to 32 inches wide... Trailers themselves run either 7 feet wide or 8 feet wide. I personally lean to the 8 footers as I have a pick up and good mirrors and sometimes they have full bunks even in relatively short lengths. It will give you more room inside. If you can swing it, look at a "small" slide out unit. A slide out will give you a lot more room. My big labrador retreiver hated backing up in the non-slide unit. Cooking and other things can involve a chinese puzzle like approach like OK, you sit down, the dogs better be on the bed, She goes over lights the stove, you get up and move to the bed, she gets the pots and pans out until she finally tells you to GET OUT and take the dogs and you go poke tires or get the fire going or something. With kids...even more interesting. Youtube is your friend for research as are most of the manufacturer websites with the 360 degree view functions. Many often say, get your second unit first as people often get what they think they need...realize its limitations three years down the road and get what they want... That's where my slideout advice/suggestion comes from... The dog really hates backing up... OK, do you like to boondock (no electricity or water) or do you want the full deal and intend to have water electric and sewer every single time you camp preferably on a concrete pad...or a bit of both. This can influence your decision. Are you OK with one axle? or two? Remember always, your gray tank is your limiting factor. For example, a 28 gallon gray tank is good for about three days with at least one taking a shower a day. How low is the unit? If you go off grid, make sure your shut offs don't hang too low. You can do things like "flip axles" to get an extra five inches on some units... Do you care about an outside shower? How about an outside kitchen? Want to hook up a TV outside? I do recommend a San T black tank flush. It helps... Just a few of the things to condider...
Kavoom 03/27/21 09:33am Beginning RVing
RE: Sharp reverse turn with Equl-i-zer hitch?

"I too need to make a sharp turn and at an angle when backing my TT at the house. I simply remove the WD bars and do what I need to do." I have the same issue with a sharp turn into the driveway. I have a great pull through place to pull the bars off about a mile from home and do so... Then No Problem.
Kavoom 03/24/21 08:08am Travel Trailers
RE: Buying a Former Rental Class C. How many of us out there?

My wife and I are considering buying a Cruise America former rental. We are leaning toward the 19G but have also thought about the 23A. We are new to RVing and will be renting a 19G for a trial run in about a month. We like the 19G for its size, maneuverability, and ease of parking. The major concern I have with that model is the limited size of the fresh, gray, and black tanks. We would like to have the option to do some dry camping, or go to state parks with limited hookups. I'd appreciate any comments or advice about this model, people's experiences with the rather small tank capacities. Thanks. I'm a TT owner, but tank size in relation to dry camping is universal. I had a small 22 footer with a 30 gallon tank and 28 gallon gray watee tank. The weak point is your gray tank. Get over it. Thirty gallons will get two people through a weekend with like four showers, no real conservation. The gray tank as noted is your weak point. We bought one of the smaller portable tanks with wheels and would dump 10 or so gallons of gray water on day three to make it. So, that's my experience. Not too much of a problem but you do have to adjust and lift 80 to a hundred lb's of gray water into the back of your truck... This IS one of the reasons we went to a bigger TT with a 50 gallon tank AND 48 Gallon Gray tank AND slide out so the (big) dog doesn't have to back up to get around...and we don't have to do a chinese puzzle approach to moving around. I see few trailers that seem to adjust tank sizes according to this phoenomena. You will never fill your black tank so why not make the gray tank bigger in all units. I do see a few that make this adjustment. I give them a thumbs up as I know they were likely designed by someone who had actually camped...
Kavoom 03/20/21 06:46am Class C Motorhomes
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