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RE: Online sales... a good idea?

Online almost for us. When we went searching for our Outback we shopped locally and found the exact model a couple hours away and looked it over good and decided that was the one, then online we went to find the best price, we were not trading in our Lance TC so it was a little easier. Anyway we found the best deal online with General RV online sales, gave them a deposit over the phone with our cc and delivery was a month later and we picked it up at General rv dealer only a couple miles away, they handled all the pre check and walk thru at the local dealer and after treated us like we had actually purchased locally, but beat their local price. I believe it was the best of both worlds, we received warranty for the nose fading and they did us right. So I believe if you can buy locally thru online for best price you win if you need service later.
Keithk3628 03/12/19 06:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: North Georgia Mountains

Black Rock should not be a recomedation to a guy pulling a 27ā€™ trailer up that hill where the max RV is recommended at 25ā€™. Just driving up there in our long wheel base truck requires me to be in the oncoming lane at many switchbacks. Agree with RetiredJSO Camp at Unicoi, Moccasin Creek, or Talulah Gorge and visit the Black Rock SP in your truck. I was staying at Moccasin creek SP when we visited Black Rock and we all said the same thing, glad we didn't haul the Rv's up here. Both times we visited Black Rock there were tow trucks attending to Rver's up there, go visit and you will see why. It really is a great park, but without my 5ver was better. Keith
Keithk3628 03/04/19 05:34pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Delamination on '09 Sierra

Todd ScottG is correct, make sure the back wall is supposed to be glued. My Outback was loose as could be and I never noticed it until we traded it in and I was washing it to tow it in for trade-in. I just told the salesman on drop off expecting a change of agreed trade in value and was sure we would take a 2-3000 dollar hit. The salesman told me upon inspection they appreciated our honesty but not to worry because they were never glued back there on the Outback, he said a lot of trailers were like that. So check and make sure it is supposed to be glued/bonded back there. Keith
Keithk3628 02/08/19 05:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Did DutchmenSport Bug Out?

DutchmanSport is one of about 6 posters I have always made it a point to read his stuff. Didn't' matter the subject but I always enjoyed his posts. His posts were never bitter or spiteful and seemed to always be helpful. I hope he comes back because we need more like him. Keith
Keithk3628 01/25/19 08:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Good Sam Trip Planner almost unusable.

JDB Where is the refresh icon you speak of? In my upper left is the back arrow or show sidebar icon, the only refresh I can find is the reload page arrow in subject line box. Everyone, appreciate your thoughts and advice, tonight it is working as it should, and I have not done a thing to fix it, this is very confusing. I am using a 2011 MacBook pro, high sierra Ver 10.13.6 I am not a computer person so anything else I will have to ask the kids. Keith
Keithk3628 01/16/19 05:44pm Good Sam Club
RE: Good Sam Trip Planner almost unusable.

Yes, just tried the planner again, upon logging in the trip did not show up, I logged out/in again and the trip still didn't show, then I loaded a different trip and then back to the current and now it showed. I was then able to get campgrounds to show on the map, but it would not add any to my current trip, I have never had this much trouble with the planner. I am using a Mac laptop with safari, I tried RV Trip Wizard demo earlier and am thinking of purchasing it for a year, too bad the Good Sam planner has been pretty good for a year but just frustrates me now. I'll wait on the Team for any suggestion, Thanks for the help. Keith
Keithk3628 01/16/19 09:40am Good Sam Club
Good Sam Trip Planner almost unusable.

I am having a lot of issues with the GS trip planner, is any one else having issues. Issues like click on campground to add to trip and nothing happens, click on campgrounds to find campgrounds in the area and none show up, unable to add to a trip. Just a big pain in the ___ to use right now. I have never had issues this bad before, and if I did a reboot or close window and get back in or sign back in always fix'd. Thanks for any help. Keith
Keithk3628 01/15/19 07:41pm Good Sam Club
RE: Georgia/Alabama Campgrounds

High Falls SP is nice, it's south of Atalanta off I-75, and Veterans Memorial SP (not sure of the name) is good if you want to be near the water. Georgia veterans state park at Cordele Ga, yes it is a great park. Good fishing too. Keith
Keithk3628 01/15/19 05:07pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 2016 F350 tow mirror - oops

Why not just turn it in to your insurance, if your deductible is not too high let them do the shopping. That is what we pay the premiums for. And if you don't back up into everything everyday too often it shouldn't affect your record/premiums. Keith
Keithk3628 01/05/19 07:01am Tow Vehicles
RE: Does Your Bed Cover, Cover Your 5'ver Hitch

I have the Retrax pro on my 2016 F350 and it covers my B&W Companion hitch with room to spare.
Keithk3628 11/22/18 10:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Help with auxiliary fuel tank decision or replacement.

I had a Titan replacement tank on my last 2 trucks. They work very well and by far are the most convenient. What I hated was I don't think I got anything for them when I traded trucks, in fact, I'm sure I didn't. So, money lost. When I got the new Ford last year someone on this forum, or maybe another one, not sure, suggested the Enduraplas 25 gallon transfer tank. It is easily removeable, as long as it is empty, which means if and when I get another truck it goes with me. I've used it several times this summer and it worked like a champ. The fill nozzle has an auto shut off which I tested and can confirm it works. It will empty the 25 gallons in less than 4 minutes. Just another suggestion. Appreciate your thoughts, and I am thinking of the aux for the same reason of new truck later, my problem is I have to keep the size really small cause I only have 8 inch's under the Reflex roll up cover box in the front, and the drain tubes coming from it only gives me 48 inch's width and 20 inch's of room before the slider hitch. So I think I am tied to the RDS 20 gallon If I do it myself or the local truck shop will custom order one which adds about 8 more gallons for a total of 28. But of course the price for them to order and install doubles so that is a consideration. Really appreciate everyones thoughts, really helps with the solution. Keith
Keithk3628 09/19/18 05:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Help with auxiliary fuel tank decision or replacement.

Really appreciate all the thoughts and your experience. From the majority it seems I am over thinking the fuel going bad in either the aux tank or the replacement Titan 50 gallon. I am definitely going for the additional fuel capacity, now to just make a decision of aux or replacement. Thanks for any and all thoughts, I will keep looking at your ideas and recommendations, appreciate it. Keith
Keithk3628 09/18/18 10:20am Tow Vehicles
Help with auxiliary fuel tank decision or replacement.

I am trying to decide between a 50 gallon Titan replacement tank or a 28 gallon auxiliary tank added to my bed. My thinking is the Titan is probably best except for one thing, I put very little use or miles on the truck for 8-9 months of the year and I am worried that 50 gallons of fuel could go bad in that kind of time frame. I always keep my tank full or as close to full as possible inorder to prevent condensation in the tank, and 50 gallons will sit in the tank for months with the occasional top off. If I went with the auxiliary tank I am thinking I could leave it dry for the idle time and only fill when I am traveling for the 2-3 months pulling our 5ver. I have a 2016 F350 with a Reflex roll up bed cover so the auxiliary tank will be small and in front of the hitch, but below the bed cover. I have priced both and the cost installed the way I want is pretty close with either tank. So I am looking for some advice from those who may be more knowledgable or experienced and would appreciate any comments on my decision. Thanks for your thoughts. Keith
Keithk3628 09/17/18 06:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: trip planner

Smiley Try signing in to the goodsam site and try again, that happens to me also and usually just signing in or signing out then in again solves it. I too use a Mac and I think it is a cookie or something thing. I get something like that too with my credit union site, spoke with the cu rep and she said Mac users have that issue sometimes and I have to restart my laptop to solve it, she said same, a cookie thing or something like that. Keith
Keithk3628 09/04/18 08:40am Technology Corner
RE: dawn dish washing trick ?

There's also this one with a squirt bottle, cool idea except he keeps using the silicone word. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4t6VDmwbD8 Keith
Keithk3628 08/22/18 07:20am Truck Campers
RE: Siriusxm

Big Kahuna, You got it, Except the phone acts like a phone and plays music too. LOL Live music and truckers your out of luck with Amazon prime I believe. Whats a trucker station?
Keithk3628 08/01/18 06:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Siriusxm

Iā€™m a Prime member too. Am I missing something? How do I listen when I dont have WiFi or cell service? Not sure of your truck, but if you connect wirelessly to your phone, or with w usb cable and can make phone calls then you should be able to. I put the free Amazon APP on my phone, then downloaded songs I liked to my iPhone from the Amazon site to my phone. Now whenever I get into the truck it automatically syncs to my phone and starts playing the music. Every time since I started using Amazon it has automatically started, the one time it didn't I just opened the phone to the music page and pushed start and it played thru the truck again. So far I have no complaints and really like it. If you have any music on your phone from anywhere it should also play thru the truck, I had a bunch of downloaded music from other places and it plays them too, just have to use phone to move to the song you want. I have just started using my phone for music so I am not sure if you can use the trucks voice control to search for songs yet, me and that Ford lady don't always speak the same language, my wife always laughs at me when I get frustrated with her (the truck). Keith
Keithk3628 08/01/18 02:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Siriusxm

Funny you guys should bring this up. I'm on the call every 6 months diet also. Started 5 years ago when I was on the mostly music plan for about 200 bucks a year for 2 radios. I was driving to work and it was the day Christmas Traditions was turned on. Holly had been on for a couple of weeks already. I tuned to channel 18, and it bounced back to 17. Tried again and again. Nothing. Called customer service. She checked everything and said she would send a reset and hung up. I saw the reset happen and nothing. Called back. Another person checked everything for about 5 minutes and told me, oh you have the mostly music, 18 is on the select package. After a few back and forths I told him he had to be s*&^%n me, just because I don't want to listen to Howard Stern or the NFL games you are telling me I can't listen to my favorite Christmas channel for a stupid 6 weeks? I was fummin... get me to cancellation. Told him about the Christmas channel and I'm done. He couldn't believe it either. Supervisor. Couldn't believe it either. I told them to cancel and they did. My account was closed and I got a refund. They reopened my account with the select package for both radios for 6 months free so I could listen to Christmas Traditions. And now I do the 6 month negotiations. Bunch of turkeys. Keith Yes I didn't look forward to have to call every 5-6 months to argue over a bill, and when i figured in my usage it was kinda dumb, i might have used the lifetime if it had been available but I was happy to find Amazon included the music, I use their Prime for TV, shipping, and now music so it works. And the Christmas music was already on my phone, I had tp "purchase" a lot of Christmas songs because I sequence our Christmas display to music every season, you can't use any music on the software that isn't owned by you. So I would not be able to use Amazons Prime music on our Christmas show because it is not owned, just downloaded, I'm guessing here. Keith
Keithk3628 08/01/18 11:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Siriusxm

downloading music is one thing. can you for free have access to the various news/comedy/etc. type of programming? bumpy I don't know, I was just trying it out for a choice from paying for Sirius, but I doubt it, I believe i read somewhere you would have to pay for their unlimited to get sports or news casts. I only listened to 2 channels on the Sirius anyway so it was really a waste to pay for all those channels when i only liked 2. The Amazon thing fit perfect, and i'm only putting 3,000 miles a year on my new truck right now, so it really was a waste of even $30. I will probably put some more on the iPhone later when we start traveling more.
Keithk3628 08/01/18 11:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Siriusxm

...The Amazon Prime seems to be working in my truck for free so far. Again with the free statement. :h :B Do you pay extra for music, I don't. I pay $99 a year for Prime, is that the money your talking about? I think you like stirring the pot don't you. Oh well, stirring the pot is fun sometimes. All other readers, Amazon Prime includes 2 million songs at no additional cost for free. I downloaded a couple 50's-60's albums onto my iPhone and listen in my truck. I don't think there is a coax or modem following my truck that they are mysteriously charging me for. Keith
Keithk3628 08/01/18 08:35am General RVing Issues
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