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RE: Lost Cruise Control

https://www.amazon.com/Motorcraft-SW6349-Cruise-Control-Cutout/dp/B000IYIUD2 Not really that hard.Use a 7/8 box wrench. Thanks for the link. I'm going to try adding the ballast to the LED lights and if that doesn't work I'll order that cutout.
Kober 03/15/22 09:38am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Lost Cruise Control

I could not find any blown fuses. Watched some youtube videos and one guy mentioned that LED lights might cause the computer to stop letting the cruise control do its thing. Also watched the video about the sensor on the bottom of the master brake cylinder. The sensor in under the master cylinder and no way to get to it without dismantling the water reservoir at a minimum. Autozone can't find the part. Ford dealer says they cant work on RVs. Gonna try a couple of private mechanics in town.
Kober 03/14/22 12:07am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Lost Cruise Control

Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll be working on it this weekend and will report back.
Kober 03/03/22 06:49am Class C Motorhomes
Lost Cruise Control

2014 Freelander on Ford E450 lost cruise control. Looked in the book for a fuse but can't find one. Any ideas would be appreciated.
Kober 03/01/22 05:25pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Fantastic Fan

The MaxxAir fans are also worth considering - Very quiet on the 3 lowest speeds, and draw just a small fraction of an amp of battery current. Personally, I would not own an RV that wasn't equipped with at least one of either brand - They are SUPERB. Looks like Maxxair is the ticket if only based on their efficiency. Thinking of going that route in a month or two.
Kober 12/06/21 08:35am Class C Motorhomes
Fantastic Fan

I'd like to add a Fantastic fan to my 2014 Freelander 29QB. Anyone know if any of the existing vents are pre-wired?
Kober 12/01/21 05:23pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: What's a reasonable towed vehicle?

Aaand another 1 and done thread by the OP. Maybe they’ll come back some other time and contribute to the thread they started with a super open-ended question. Its a condition called ‘ RV information overload’ I think some people pass-out from receiving an abundance of information all at one time. Maybe we should include resuscitation directions . :) I was looking for suggestions and I sincerely appreciate the various answers. Unlike facebook, there is no "Like" button. I have nothing of value to contribute at this point. When I decide on what if anything I want to tow I will post that here.
Kober 11/26/21 08:40am Class C Motorhomes
What's a reasonable towed vehicle?

New to Class C, come from towing 5th wheel. One disadvantage is loosing the ability to simply unhook and use the truck to go exploring so I'm looking for something to tow behind. I have a 2014 E450 with the Ford V-10. Not going to buy a Grand Cherokee so I'm looking for a reasonably priced something to tow.
Kober 11/16/21 11:10am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Toilet broke loose!

So the bolt/lag screw solution I mentioned would have been the golden child as you could have placed the bolts at the proper center to center dimension to match the toilets holes. Yup, it would have been the fastest easiest solution albeit I would be depending on 2 lags instead of 6.
Kober 11/10/21 03:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Toilet broke loose!

Looks good! I think using the metal repair ring would be better overall, gives you 4 screws into the subfloor spread out over a larger area. This means each screw sees half of the load when compared to using only two screw/bolts directly at the toilet mounting points. RV subfloors are not known for having a lot of strength and spreading out the load from two screws to four screws may prevent you from needing to do this again. Would be a different story if you were dealing with a toilet in a home where you could get directly under the toilet from the underside and add extra reinforcements to the sub floor. Yup, the 6 screws holding the ring down definitely makes it as solid as can be. The original ring only used 4 of the 6 holes.
Kober 11/10/21 03:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Toilet broke loose!

https://i.imgur.com/iKYaZ3Yl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/5oAFsLll.jpg https://i.imgur.com/qLrpaiWl.jpg First, thanks for all your replies and suggestions. If I ever have to do this again, I think I'll just bolt the darn thing to the floor. 3 trips to Ace and re-doing things a couple of times it's finally done. As you can see in the pictures I mounted the repair ring over what was left of the existing flange. Big mistake. It left the toilet sitting on top of the ring instead of on the floor. Wobbly and I don't think it compressed the foam ring enough to make it leak and smell proof. I finally Dremelled the flange to where there was a tight fit with the new ring and Voila! It all came together. I did have to dremel one4 of the holes on the toilet a bit to make sure that the bolts were perfectly vertical and not leaning to the inside due to the difference in location of the holes in regards to the repair ring. All's well that ends well. I'm posting all this in the hopes of making life easier to the next guy this happens to.
Kober 11/10/21 02:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Toilet broke loose!

https://i.imgur.com/r6x7q9rl.jpg The lessons one learns when dealing with this stuff! No wonder plumbers make $75 an hour. The distance between center of the slots where the bolts will go is 1/4 inch more than the center of the holes on the toilet. If I install this way the two bolts will lean in toward the toilet bowl and will present a weak point in the plastic. My only choice at this point appears to be to enlarge the holes on the toilet to by 1/8 inch to the outside.
Kober 11/10/21 11:56am Tech Issues
RE: Toilet broke loose!

WOW someone got aggressive on the Throne. ;) Leave the flange alone. Get two toilet bolts that are a machine thread on one end and a lag screw on the other end. Lay out your holes and Pre drill The size of the solid portion of the lag. Screw lag end into your plywood floor and then set toilet and bolt down. That sounds too way easy. But eminently doable.
Kober 11/09/21 05:22pm Tech Issues
RE: Toilet broke loose!

https://i.imgur.com/CbYBl3cl.jpg Thanks for the replies guys! The flange is glued to the riser pipe.
Kober 11/09/21 12:50pm Tech Issues
Toilet broke loose!

Went on a shakedown on our new to us Class C RV and managed to break the toilet loose from it's moorings on one side. A small piece of plastic broke off from what must be some sort of ring that held things together. I'd like to do the repairs myself to prevent the RV from sitting at some repair shop for months. Anyone ever deal with this? I'm afraid I'll have to drop the black tank to see what broke ...
Kober 11/09/21 09:23am Tech Issues
RE: Refrigerator issues

I do not know but move the clip holding it as far up the fin as you can. Adding a fan inside may help as well.. I did It helps two ways one it circulates the air so the COLD is more even Two.. Fins don't frost up as bad with a good set of Fridge fans in there (There is a firm or 2 that make fans specificlly to mount on dometic Absorption cooling units) Also,, Clean the beast.. Open the outside access panel and the top panel (If in a slide out) or roof cover (If not) using an air compressor and fairly low pressure setting on the regulator BLOW down through the heat exchanger Fins (Looks a bit like a car radiator) blow STRAIGHT down (Be careful on that) see if a bunch of "Crud" gets blown out the bottom (NOTE TURN OFF FIRST Some of that crud.. burns) I'll try the blowing out although it looks pretty clean. Also, it's empty so a fan won't do much. I thought maybe an aftermarket thermistor might do the trick?
Kober 11/09/21 09:19am Tech Issues
Refrigerator issues

2014 Dometic 2 compartment freezer/refrigerator. Wont cool below 50 degrees either AC or LP. I f I disconnect the thermistor from the control board it should go into max cooling mode, no?
Kober 11/07/21 09:17am Tech Issues
Valve extenders

Discount tires put the new wheels and new tires on my Class C. The kids weren't real swift. They could not understand the video which showed them how to install the hubs on the Alcoa Rims. I had to show them how to do it. Then They were going to use the old rusty lug nuts. Had to stop them and get them to use the new ones with the builtin spinning washers. I get home and look and find I can't reach in to the inner valves to even get the cap off, let alone check the air pressure. What kind of extension do y'all recommend for the inners? I guess I could just have them install those 3 inch long metal ones.
Kober 11/05/21 12:21am Class C Motorhomes
RE: replacement camera for Garmem 760

This may work: BC-20 Camera Link Thanks but that's what's on there now. Unless you're going North, the sun hits the lens on these things and you get a great big glary blotch on your screen which makes it hard to see anything. They're designed to go on the license plate and are shaded there. The lens even protrudes out from the camera body making things even worse. The camera on my 5th wheel has a shade over it but it is wired. I was hoping for a wireless camera to work with my existing Garmen screen.
Kober 11/03/21 02:56pm Tech Issues
replacement camera for Garmem 760

My wireless camera has been sunburnt. I need a replacement if that is even possible.
Kober 11/01/21 06:56pm Tech Issues
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