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RE: Best stabilization upgrade(s)?

I use the sledge hammer method. Take two tire chalks (I know its chocks), drive them under the tires with a small sledge, problem solved. I tried those X things between the tires, but I kept forgetting about them when hooking up and heading out so ruined a couple. You can have them. A little trailer shake is part of the pleasures of trailer camping.
LVJJJ 05/29/21 08:48am Travel Trailers
RE: 1 month old TT totaled?

I'd think the chances for immediate or future leaks would be one of the main problems with a repair. My mantra is that your trailer either has leaked, is leaking now or will soon leak. Fixed a lot of 'em. One of the joys of TT ownership.
LVJJJ 05/29/21 08:42am Travel Trailers
RE: Trailering

Our 94 Burb has a 42 gallon tank so at 10 mpg with our 383 we can go 420 miles, rarely do that in a day. Love it, if we hit a lonely stretch in the middle of Nevada don't have to worry about running out of petrol, love having this extra protection. i quit worrying about gas mileage years ago, cause when I did I didn't enjoy RV'ing very much. Fill it, drive it and enjoy it. I usually don't look at the gas pump while its filling or afterwards. If you worry about mileage a lot, buy a Prius and stay in hotels. Big tanks are necessary for tow vehicles. We started out with a 1965 Chevy Van pulling 24' TT's with a 292 engine, had a 16 gallon tank so we planned our trips from gas station to gas station. actually still have the van and it still will tow.
LVJJJ 04/24/21 08:28am Travel Trailers
RE: Looking for a new trailer

We have always been concerned about weight as we started in 1988 with a 1965 Chevy Van, flat front, installed a stroker 292 6cyl with TH350, headers, weber 2 bbl carb, etc. Towed with that several years and 90,000 miles. Had a 30' 2000 Trail Lite for a while and were amazed how easy it towed. Then went thru a whole bunch of other brands we were never really satisfied with. After over extending ourselves buying a bunch of new TT's, we started buying used cause I like to repair and fix them up. For our "ultimate" TT the DW spent about a year on the computer looking for a Trail Lite or Trail Cruiser, they are truly light. We found a 2005 26' Cruiser with a walk around queen bed. Then came across a better 2005 28' Cruiser with a rear door and better floor plan, with the walk around queen. I weighed it probably half full of stuff, propane, etc. it weighed 4100 pounds semi-loaded. Incredible for a 28 footer. We have been towing with a '94 GMC Suburban that originally had a low compression 350 and it struggled with anything it towed. Last year dropped a 383 stroker with dual exhaust and headers in it, now can go as fast as I want and it will pull most mountain passes in 3rd and steeper ones in 2nd. Still gets 10 mpg towing, 13 running solo. Used to pull a very heavy dual slide 30' Arctic Fox with a 88 Suburban with a 454, would get as low as 6 mpg (the 383 is more powerful). That was dumb. Don't feel The Trail Cruiser much back there, and with Equal--i-zer hitch tows straight and rock solid, no swaying at all. Longer trailers sway less than short ones, ask me how I know. I'd recommend looking for R Vision products for great floor plans and ease of towing. Oh yeah, the Burb weighs 6,000 lbs so the tail doesn't wag the dog.
LVJJJ 04/24/21 08:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Best 14” trailer tires

I've used "no name' Chinese tires for years, mostly from Les Schwab. Never had a blowout in over 30 years. Secret is to keep them up to 50+ lbs and inspect them each time you stop for gas or back into a camp site. Looking at how far over the edge of tire they are running tells you if the pressure is correct. Have absolutely no use for the pressure sensors, not accurate enough for me. Wish I could get rid of them in my HHR. Also, don't overload or drive much over 65.
LVJJJ 04/24/21 08:02am Travel Trailers
RE: Fast tongue jack

our "new" Trail Cruiser had an electrc jack when we bought it. it was really slow. then the switch failed, altho if i took it out of its housing i could get to work. then one the side lights burned out. so i replaced it with an old manual jack i had sitting around. much better, and helps keep me in shape, I'm 75 and need the excercise.
LVJJJ 04/24/21 07:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Spring Time Trip to the Desert

Love it!!! so envious you're close enuff to go there, I'm up here in the rain in nw Washington. Nice pix.
LVJJJ 04/02/21 07:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: Air Flow Deflectors

The rear of the trailer is the place to take care of aerodynamics. I used to have a deflector on top of my Chevy Van and Suburban, didn't feel like they did anything. Flat back trailers are the worst design ever, they don't allow the air flow to detach from the trailer, so there is a vacuum behind the TT that tries to suck it backwards. I now have a 2005 Trail Cruiser that is very aerodynamic, a very laid back front that curves up from the bottom the slants way back above the propane tanks. The rear of the roof curves down and the bottom is angled in so air comes up from the sealed underside and is routed up to break the vacuum. It's also very low the the ground, which I prefer. When i had flat backs, I built a rear deflector that directed the air coming off of the roof straight down the back to break up the vacuum, the difference it made was noticeable also kept the rear end clean. So don't bother with a front air deflector
LVJJJ 04/02/21 07:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: Sharp reverse turn with Equl-i-zer hitch?

I think I'd remove the EQ bars before making that manuver. I've had to take the bars off only twice backing in. Once when backing into an uphill camp site, the bars took so much weight off the rear tires of the TV that it lost traction part way up. Had to roll back down and remove bars first. The other problem is not being able to disconnect one of the bars when the TV is tipped at an angle from the TT. Simply cannot get the downhill side bar off the "L" bracket. Finally disconnected chains, electrical & emergency brake and raised TT off of ball and pulled forward, bar came off with a loud bang. Nothing hurt.
LVJJJ 03/24/21 08:05am Travel Trailers
RE: Which of these two trailers tows better

In terms of fuel economy, it's pretty much a wash. In terms of handling, I would expect the shorter TT to behave better due to less tail to wag the dog. Nope, long trailer less sway, easier, short trailer whip back and forth.
LVJJJ 03/20/21 07:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Which of these two trailers tows better

In terms of fuel economy, it's pretty much a wash. In terms of handling, I would expect the shorter TT to behave better due to less tail to wag the dog. Nope, longer the trailer the easier it is to tow with less sway. Had both long and short, know what I'm talking about after 33 years of towing experience.
LVJJJ 03/20/21 07:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Rear Kitchen - good idea or bad idea?

We have a 2005 Trail Cruiser 27 RKS, (rear kitchen slide). Got lots of miles on it, no problem with any part of the kitchen, we love it, best place for it. That salesman is nuts. Note, our personal facts at the bottom of this post are wrong, we no longer have the 26 foot Trail Cruiser, but I don't know how to change it. Note, also we got rid of the 26 footer and bought the same year 27 because we liked the rear kitchen and floor plan so much better. The 27 has a rear entry right thru the kitchen, saves lots of room in the rest of the TT. Makes it seem so much bigger. Also like it cause it weighs only 4100 lbs partially loaded. Pretty good for a 27' 11" trailer.
LVJJJ 03/20/21 07:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Battery Storage between trips

Don't ever disconnect batteries (two Deka 6 volts) Leave it plugged in all the time as we use it as a pantry and storage area between trips, and a second and third bedroom when kids visit. We live in a park model so don't have much room for things or extra people. Just installed a new 9260 Progressive Dynamics converter/charger that has 3 stages of battery re-charge. Its plugged into a 30 amp circuit breaker in the shed. Been thinking about it, never have disconnected any batteries in 33 years of RV'ing, why would you? My batteries have always lasted as they should.
LVJJJ 03/19/21 08:20am Travel Trailers
RE: Water Hookup Order

Hook up at the supply, just a regulator and blue filter. Got a Zero G hose when they first came out, love it.
LVJJJ 03/19/21 08:14am Travel Trailers
RE: Used “Canadian” trucks

I live next to the Canadian border here in Blaine, so we have dozens, maybe hundreds of Canadian vehicles stored in lots around the area. When I was looking for a Suburban I looked at several and everyone of them had a lot of rust, dirty trans fluid and dirty oil and lots of miles. I guess they get them from northern British Columbia where it snows a lot and use a lot of salt. I wouldn't touch them. Finally found a local creme puff one owner always garaged 94 K1500 GMC with clean underside. the 350 engine from that year wouldn't do the towing job so now have a 383 stroker with dual exhausts. Go as fast as I want now (no faster than 65 tho).
LVJJJ 03/10/21 11:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: Progressive Dynamics converters

Yessss! talked to Randy and have decided on a Progressive Dynamics 9260 which is the stand alone converter cause I've got lots of room to mount it behind the panel. he said the Boondocker Chinese converter would fit best in my Atwood panel but i wanted the PD made in the USA unit. Its on its way. Thanks again all.
LVJJJ 03/06/21 06:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: Progressive Dynamics converters

gonna do that, thanks. they are supposedly open on weekends. Best Converters are saying that Amazon and others are selling knock off or unboxed PD converters and PD won't honor warranty if you buy from Amazon etc.
LVJJJ 03/06/21 09:27am Travel Trailers
RE: parking on hill

I park my TT on 2x12's, would be a more solid base to screw into. for a short term solution maybe stack 3 or 4 2x12's, screwed together to raise the tires, dig the front in so they are level.
LVJJJ 03/06/21 08:14am Travel Trailers
RE: Progressive Dynamics converters

thanks guys for the responses. Next question, My 2005 Trail Cruiser has a 55 amp Atwood fuse panel/converter charger, but I don't see that mentioned in any of the Progressive catalogs which new converter/charger will replace it. Anyone know who the Atwood thing is made by?
LVJJJ 03/06/21 08:08am Travel Trailers
Progressive Dynamics converters

What's the difference between the 4600 and 9200 series of Progressive Dynamics converter/chargers? Replacing a 2005 Atwood 55 amp converter that's only charging up to 13.1 volts.
LVJJJ 03/05/21 09:35pm Travel Trailers
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