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Deming NM to Holbrook, AZ Rt 180

Kind of a no brainer, but see significant elevation rise on Rt 180 from Deming at Rt 10 north to Petrified Forest/Holbrook. Assuming there is no snow, which is still a question, is that road ok for RV travel? Appreciate the input.
Land Yachters 02/28/21 11:38am Roads and Routes
RE: Magnum remote fault

Thank you for the suggestions. I wound up calling Magnum and the tech just said to do a soft reset, which cleared the fault. Still unsure of what it was. Tech said reset usually works.
Land Yachters 02/16/21 10:00am Tech Issues
Magnum remote fault

ME-RC50 remote, Onan8K genny. During power outage here in Texas, I wanted to test Auto Generator Start/AGS starting based on battery volts. Set the AGS up on the Magnum remote and sure enough, it kicked on when it should have...Yea! Then it turned off after 2 min or so, then started up again, then turned off and started again. OK, I disabled AGS and just started genny and it was fine BUT the red fault light is blinking with Fault Test. I shut everything down and disconnected power and plugged in and red fault light will not stop flashing. No other symptom. Everything seems to work fine. Green led Inverter light in basement is blinking as it should while inverting. I found Fault test is the 02 part of AGS set up but can't get it out. Help? Operator error?
Land Yachters 02/16/21 08:36am Tech Issues
RE: Filling large propane tank on the road

thanks for all the input. I can't catch a break this winter. Now in Southern Texas by the border and it's going into the mid 20's for the next 2 days with 30 mph winds. I keep my fireplace/heater on all day and now just making sure pipes don't freeze. I am sure I will burn through most of my propane in the next few days.
Land Yachters 02/14/21 07:09pm Beginning RVing
RE: Soot on Dinghy

So update...I wasn't paying attention to the issue before a friend of a friend who was a Cummins mechanic, told me there really shouldn't be noticeable dirt/soot. I have attached pictures of the car, the tailpipe and the mud flap that looks like it too has soot on it. I had noticed this previously, but chalked it up to running the engine at a campground where the mud flap was laying on the ground, or close to it, it wasn't hanging as much as laying on the ground due to leveling. The tailpipe looks pretty clean. Even wiping it with my finger doesn't show much. OOps having an issue with loading pictures. Will post separately. https://i.imgur.com/ZBR668Ll.jpg https://i.imgur.com/4RCCFFDl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/h1Ea3o5l.jpg
Land Yachters 02/10/21 03:08pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Soot on Dinghy

Sorry for abbreviation....FOT is Full Open Throttle. I was recently reading about transmissions shifting and that term was used regularly. FOF/Foot on floor will also work!
Land Yachters 02/05/21 01:40pm Dinghy Towing
Soot on Dinghy

Somewhat new to the RV lifestyle and dinghy towing, so appreciate any input. Our Jeep GC gets pretty well covered in soot from our exhaust after 4-500 miles or so. I figured it was normal, but was talking to a Cummins mechanic and he thought it was not normal. I couldn't share any pictures at the time so my definition of soot covered may be different than someone else's so it's all relative. All highway driving, but do need to go FOT on on ramps and passing etc., and assume that will belch some exhaust. Nothing visible at any time. No smoke etc. only about 15,000 on coach. Normal?
Land Yachters 02/05/21 10:02am Dinghy Towing
RE: Filling large propane tank on the road

OK, update. I did get the tank filled at CG yesterday on our way out. Figured 24 gal tank and gauge showed 41% and needed to get to 85%, so my limited math skills said I needed about 12 gal. +/- or so. In a hurry blocking exit to CG and guy filled it with 17 gal saying I must have been on empty....didn't look at gauge until I got to next stop, and sure enough, gauge shows 96% full. To get rid of some propane, I am using propane hot water heater, but don't think that will "bleed" off excess propane anytime soon. Should I worry about 96% fill on tank?
Land Yachters 01/26/21 04:33pm Beginning RVing
RE: Camp Margaritaville

We stayed at Margaritaville RV resort on Lanier Island outside Atlanta last month. Very nice sites, but not many activities open since it was so #$%##@@ cold! Not cheap, but would go back when the weather gets a little more cooperative.
Land Yachters 01/23/21 03:22pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Reservations in California

Planning to go to California in April if possible. The CGs don't seem to be taking reservations due to the state Covid restrictions. How are others dealing with this?
Land Yachters 01/16/21 04:40pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
Turning Radius w/Ladder

Kind of new to dinghy towing, but have been pulling our Jeep GC for a thousand miles or so. When the installer was reviewing the installation of our Blue Ox/Air Force set up with us, I specifically asked if there was anyway the coach and toad could hit each other on a sharp turn. His response was "probably not", but don't quote me. We have a full ladder in the back and I am thinking, while watching in the rear camera, that if I turn (lock) the wheel to the right, it will hit the front of the toad. Even without a locking turn, it seems very close. I was hoping for a more definitive answer from the installer, but didn't get one. I guess I can go into a parking lot and do my own research, but wanted to ask those folks with more experience what your thoughts were. Thanks.
Land Yachters 01/15/21 08:00pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Filling large propane tank on the road

Thanks all for the input. Asked CG where we are staying, and where we are going, and no delivery available, but now know what to look for. I passed a large "gas" dealer here outside of Birmingham and called for delivery, and was told "NO" we don't do delivery to RVs. I was a bit put off on their attitude and was going to ask if was ok to pull RV into lot, but decided I didn't want to give them business due to attitude. We still have 30% left in the tank. God, I am tired of being cold here down south. Wake up cold, go to bed cold. Took the dog out last night in "freezing fog", and thought I was in the Twilight Zone. Couldn't see the dog at the end of the leash. I have been in lots of weird weather and seen this before, but it was odder than previous because there was no light besides my headlight and it kind of blinded me. That's why we love doing this ....right?
Land Yachters 01/14/21 03:57pm Beginning RVing
Filling large propane tank on the road

A bit colder here in the south than I was expecting and using significant amount of propane. I have built in 24 gal tank and wanted to ask how everyone finds local sources for propane fill ups. Any experience with delivery, or too expensive to consider? Upper 20's at night with highs in the 30's-40's in GA and Alabama for past few weeks and we just started full timing. Brrrrr. Appreciate the help.
Land Yachters 01/12/21 08:50am Beginning RVing
RE: Charging issues?

Not wishing to highjack this thread, but I have related question and thought it would be better to put in this thread instead of starting new one. Stored my Tiffin for 30 days in Georgia and was very careful to make sure both chassis and house batteries were shut off. Inverter off. Was unable to get any electricity for charging due to storage facility. Coach started right up, but NOTHING worked off house batteries. (4 6v, golf cart batteries). Not even dome light would light. Had to use emergency "jump" from chassis side to get generator going and charge house. Drove straight to campground. Have not checked battery charge since plugged in. 2 questions; What the hell killed my house batteries? Any idea what could bleed them to death in 30 days? Will they have useful life for a little while? They are original in coach and probably 2 yrs- 3yrs. old. Thanks
Land Yachters 01/09/21 07:27pm Tech Issues
RE: GFCI at shore power tripping

I had an almost identical issue a few months back but without the water heater element. For no reason that I know of, the GFCI I had been using for almost a year, popped as soon as I plugged in. I was using a 50 A to 30 A to 20 A dogbones. I finally plugged it in to another outlet, (non GFCI) and there was no problem. Never figured out why, but I was told RV's and GFCI's typically do not play well together and to avoid using one if possible. I have been on the road since this episode, but expect I will have to replace outlet when I return.
Land Yachters 12/22/20 08:40am Tech Issues
Sharing our location/travels with others

Not sure where to put this subject, but what I thought was easy question. We are just starting full time this coming week and would like to easily share our travels with our family and friends. I was thinking interactive map of some sort. Would rather not use Facebook or other social media platform, but just internet site of some flavor or another. Is there an easy answer to this? thanks.
Land Yachters 11/07/20 02:03pm Full-time RVing
RE: GFCI outlet is popping when I plug in coach

OK, in an effort to share our experiences and make all of us a little smarter, I will try to share a pic of what I found when changing connection to a different outlet. ****, I was using a cheap 30 amp/15/amp adapter and saw the ground lug broke off in the extension cord. I think that may be the culprit. Lesson learned.. Look for the weakest link Look for the most obvious and easiest to fix I couldn't find another adapter locally, and had to get one from Amazon I will let all know if this is not issue> Thank you all https://i.imgur.com/5YYSQ4xl.jpg
Land Yachters 11/02/20 04:22pm Tech Issues
RE: GFCI outlet is popping when I plug in coach

Thanks to all. I have tried many of the suggestions, and returning to the coach this morning to plug it into another outlet. I use my daughters house for storage. Need a longer extension cord. I had no electrical work done while in shop. I know many have asked, but all I had done was a rear camera repair and fixing the support on rear engine cover.
Land Yachters 11/02/20 08:08am Tech Issues
GFCI outlet is popping when I plug in coach

So, picked up our Tiffin 33aa from dealer for some various service issues. Went home and plugged in to same outlet I have been plugging into for a year outside. A 15 amp, exterior GFCI outlet that I just use for charging the batteries. I typically turn charger off when I plug in because I figure it’s a good idea to limit variables. I typically hear a “pop” at the surge box and then turn on charger and hook up trick L start for chassis battery. Today, as soon as I plug coach in, the outlet GFCI from the house pops. (the outlet I plug into outside). I checked power at outlet, extension cord, charger setting etc. and plugged in again. POP, the GFCI pops every time I plug coach in. Turn off batteries, check outlet with hair dryer and nothing I do can keep the outlet from popping. Start generator…all good. See GFCI in coach in bathroom popped. OK, I reset it thinking somehow that had something to do with issue. Shut generator off and plug in again. GFCI pops again that I am plugged into. (Also, GFCI in coach pops.) OK, I turn main 50 amp breaker in box OFF, thinking I could turn on circuits until I find one that pops outlet. Still, the outlet GFCI I am plugged into pops. I check charger/inverter breaker and it’s ok. No breaker on Surge Gard. What am I missing?
Land Yachters 11/01/20 12:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Hulu, or something similar?

We have used Hulu for the past couple of years at home. We are now just starting to go full time and are going to cancel Hulu because you can stream the content to a phone or tablet, or PC, but Hulu won't let us "cast" the content to our TVs in the coach when we are away from our "home" area. We want to watch TV on a TV most of the time. Also, Hulu is really poor at keeping up with streaming. Picture freezes all the time. This is with a very high internet connection in our house and is a known issue with the service. Just google Hulu quality. Still trying to decide what we will do for TV content. Our coach has Direct TV satellite antenna, but we haven't tried it yet.
Land Yachters 10/24/20 12:28pm Technology Corner
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