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RE: Curious: difference between a WD hitch and Hensley Arrow

A Hensley-patent hitch is night & day different. Makes all other types obsolete. Sway is guaranteed eliminated. Handling problems (solutions) are now limited to the TV, and even MPG improved as trailer DOES NOT move out of alignment thus reducing a huge number of minor steering corrections (especially with adverse wind direction). A 5er is a pig to tow in comparison. Top-heavy & unstable. Any winds and it’s time to stop. Set the hitch as with any other (same as 5er): Steer Axle same weight value solo or hitched. The trailer cannot move out of alignment UNLESS the TV initiates a turn. I would not go as far as to say fiver is a pig. Fiver's do not require weight distribution. Weight is placed directly over axles. 5'er tows well right out the gate. I have towed both fiver and Hensley equipped TT.
Lantley 09/26/20 10:18am Towing
RE: Curious: difference between a WD hitch and Hensley Arrow

Once upon a time I towed a 36' 11KGVW TT with a Hensley and a 7.3 PSD Excursion. It was a fantastic combo. It towed as well as my current fiver.
Lantley 09/26/20 06:29am Towing

I think generally speaking people towing 10K regularly don't buy and F150 Ecoboost. For instance, I bought an Ecoboost because it is my daily driver. I use it 80%± as a daily driver and get great mpg every day doing so (leaps and bounds better then the F250 I got rid of); and yet, when I need it for towing, it's tow beast also (getting nearly the same mpg towing as my F250). I agree. My point was I think the 10k rating is mostly marketing because Ford knows very few will push that limit while doing a lot of towing miles. If they do it once in a while mostly flat land towing, they will probably get away with it. Most people towing a lot up near 10k will jump up to the 3/4 ton trucks. For the 1 in a 10,000 who actually does tow heavy regularly with the ecoboost, it's such a small percentage that it really doesn't impact the reputation if they have issues as it's so rare. If Ford really trusted the engine to regularly tow heavy like that, you would see them offer it in the 3/4 ton trucks because commercial operators would be salivating over the fuel saving of a 3/4 ton that can get even 17-18 mpg when not towing and yes, you do see a lot of them cruising around empty or with just a light load where boost would be negligible and MPG would be much better. I agree its mostly marketing however promoting 10k tow rating only adds to the confusion. Most consumers simply don't understand the tow ratings. They see an F-150 can tow 10K and they are sold. They don't realize only a few rare F-150's can tow 10K and those trucks are generally not found on dealer lots. RV manufactures promote 1/2 ton towing as well. We are reluctant to state that to tow a big trailer you need a big truck! Instead we promote a confusing, misleading tale of 1/2 ton towing.
Lantley 09/24/20 11:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Multiple blowouts in short time

My prior TT gave me all kinds of headaches with flats until I finally figured out the problem was a leaky rim. I ditched the OEM painted white rims and purchased 4 new aftermarket aluminum rims, problem finally solved. The rims were cheap , the twisting and skidding forces the wheels endured when backing up and making a tight turn caused the rim to separate and leak. I eventually sold those aftermarket rims to forum member Burbman when I sold thee TT and went to a 5th wheel
Lantley 09/22/20 02:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Camping in cold temps, bad idea?

Camping in cold weather is not a bad idea as long as temps go above freezing during the day. However when temps remain below freezing for prolong periods, multiple days cold weather camping is a bad idea. Camping than becomes more of a survival mission which takes the fun out of camping.
Lantley 09/20/20 07:46am Beginning RVing

I currently have a 2011 F150 heavy, SCREW, long bed, w/3.5 EB w/3.73 gears. I have over 200,000n miles. I just finished going over Chief Joseph Highway, Beartooth Highway, up the west side of 14A in the Bighorns pulling my TT. I may loose a bit of mpg when not towing but I love the grunt when I am towing. When I reorder, it will be a similar vehicle. I don't have a problem eating up my brakes. I have never smelled hot brakes on my truck either. The truck still looks good and runs great, so I don;t plan on a new one soon. If my fact finding is correct, your pulling less than 4K. payload is not a big concern at 4K GVW. Lots of 1/2 tons can handle 4K. An Eco boost maybe over kill pulling 4K?
Lantley 09/19/20 10:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: Bed rail clearance

In general I prefer more clearance but if you have been a year without issue I imagine your fine at this point.
Lantley 09/19/20 09:14am Fifth-Wheels

The OP is a new member and like so many new folks asking their first questions get scared off or put off. I'm posting all this for the OP but If I was ordering a new F150 I would get the "MAX TOW" option which Ford says is: Available on XL, XLT, LARIAT, King Ranch®, and Platinum models. Includes: • 3.55 Electronic-locking rear-axle • 4-pin/7-pin wiring harness • 36 Gallon fuel tank • Auxiliary transmission oil cooler • Engine oil cooler • Class IV trailer hitch receiver • Pro Trailer Backup Assist with Tailgate LED • Smart Trailer Tow Connector (standard on LARIAT and higher) • Integrated Trailer Brake Controller • Upgraded front stabilizer bar • Upgraded rear bumper Requires 3.5L EcoBoost® engine. Does not include Trailer Tow Mirrors. Trailer Tow Mirrors are a standalone option and must be ordered separately. Max GCWR/Max Tow achieved on SuperCrew® when equipped with 20-inch Wheels. This configuration will also come equipped with max springs, steering gear, and upgraded stabilizer bar. Also the OP needs to make a decision on GVWR/RAWR packages as the F150 has many different selections..all can be had with the 3.5 ecoboost engine and the MAX TOW option but have different payloads depending on RAWR...some quite small. Package #2 may not be offered anymore. We see so many new folks buy a F150 with the small 6700-6800 gvwr and tiny 3800 rawr with MAX TOW option thinking the truck can pull a 8k-10k trailer...'cause it says MAX TOW. #1. 7850 gvwr...4800 rawr....2500 lb in the bed payloads. #2. 7600 gvwr...4550 rawr... 2200 lb in the bed payloads #3. 7050 gvwr...4050 rawr... 1800 lb in the bed payloads #4. 6750 gvwr...3800 rawr...1500 lb in the bed payloads. 2020 fleet ford specs This is for 2020 selections but will give you a idea of all the packages and specs on the F150 from Ford. My point in all of this is that the difference in price between an F-150 set up to tow with eco boost engine and a F250 diesel is not $10,000. As posted there are lots of packages and combinations. Max Payload , Max tow are a must have, towing mirrors are also prerequisite. Comparing a base price eco boost F-150 to a base price F-250 does not tell the whole story. The F-150 will require additional packages($$$) The F-250 is capable right out of the gate. In the end the bigger chassis and brakes of the F-250 will make it a better tow vehicle. Much in the same way the higher rear end will always deliver better towing performance. Multi speed transmissions tend to blur the issue but the higher ratio always wins when towing. If your plan is to tow a large 8-10K GVW TT the 3/4 ton truck is the better option. This is a towing forum where the focus is on towing ability. If your plan for the truck is for purposes other than towing then all bets are off and the advice given becomes relative to the desire to have a fully capable tow vehicle.
Lantley 09/19/20 09:07am Travel Trailers

Not a bargain by any means. Quick comparison on the Ford build and price site 2020 F150 Lariat crew-cab with 3.5 ecoboost $48850 base price 2020 F250 Lariat crew-cab with diesel $61450 base price I don't think max tow max payload is included in the base price of the F-150?
Lantley 09/18/20 09:02pm Travel Trailers

SHHH! Don't tell the 3/4 1ton diesel guys that! They don't want to be reminded of it! What is the cost of a crew cab, max payload, max tow 3.5 eco-boost F-150? I don't think they are bargain priced?
Lantley 09/18/20 07:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towing vehicle Ford vs GMC Dually Super Duty (used)

Check on the price to replace GM injectors on the diesel, and they all go bad. GM injectors are an old issue my 07 had 300K with original injectors. They don't all go bad. For the most part the drive trains of all the big 3 are pretty solid at this point.
Lantley 09/17/20 07:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Storing a Trailer Aid

Put it on craigslist? Then buy a low profile jack which will fit in more places and be more universal than that ramp.. Not to mention your tow vehicle SHOULD have a jack anyway, it's not like you are going to be able to use that ramp to change your Tow Vehicles tires.. Just another unitasker device solution in search of a use to find a home for.. ONE Multitasking solution like a jack often beats a single tasking device.. If you ever used one its much easier and safer than a jack for along the roadside tire changing. Granted the trailer aid does not work on all tandem axles however if it works on your trailer its certainly worth having around. I just keep mine in my fiver's basement storage area beneath the lp tanks
Lantley 09/17/20 04:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Towing vehicle Ford vs GMC Dually Super Duty (used)

Id buy brand new and take good care of it,starting with proper undercoating. Have 08 Silverado that stil runs like a dream,but then I dont race or let it overheat and change all fluids at recomended intervals. If that was in my budget. It is not. I sort of thought the same thing when I was buying. But at $42-$45K I was only 10K away from brand new with zero miles, better financing and 100% warranty. Look closer at the numbers, consider something less than Denali and platinum packages and new is a viable option. I purchased new in 2019 and found better new deals than used. While I like all the bells , whistles and creature comforts AI found a LTZ to be a better value than High Country. Don't be afraid to travel to a high volume dealer that promotes trucks they are out there!
Lantley 09/17/20 08:41am Tow Vehicles
RE: Run with only one propane tank

Bad idea. You are over thinking it. Why not remove the window screens? You really don'y open the windows much right!
Lantley 09/14/20 10:21am Tech Issues
RE: File transfer via Bluetooth

I'm no Apple expert but I believe you need Itunes to transfer files with Apple products. Android can transfer files via Bluetooth however Apple does not allow it?
Lantley 09/11/20 03:40pm Technology Corner
RE: BEWARE Keystone Hideout

When my frame self destructed I contacted the manufacture. I don't think a failed frame was part of the original bargain I don't know what your time frame was, but I would still ask, why not? Is there something about a frame weldment that you think should have an indefinite warranty? Is a frame something that is impossible for a user to damage even if built properly? I know some have had luck getting Keystone or Lippert to help with frame repairs, outside the warranty period, but within the first few years. Lucky for them. Doubtful that would happen 8 years out, but sometimes they do surprise us with good will. And we know good will really means bad press avoidance. In my case my insurance adjuster felt my frame was defective. Lippert came out and knew what the problem was. My entire bedroom was removed and more steel structure added to the frame. However in the end I had to pay for it! Go Figure... paying to add steel that should have been there from the start was not part of the bargain
Lantley 09/09/20 10:17am Travel Trailers
RE: BEWARE Keystone Hideout

Industry-wide quality issues aside... This individual has one post to his name, and obviously only joined this forum to lodge his complaint. Probably hoping to stick another spear in the side of they who wronged him. At some point in ownership, you have to just suck it up and become an owner. Warranty is over. Deal with it. Our own rig is nearing 10 years old. Approaching the manufacturer for repair assistance would not even occur to me. It belongs to me, has for a long time, and maintenance and repair are all on me too. Get over all the victimhood stuff and grow up. When my frame self destructed I contacted the manufacture. I don't think a failed frame was part of the original bargain
Lantley 09/09/20 09:39am Travel Trailers
RE: Bathroom Dry Pipe

... But I just put a tee with valve on the existing 1/2 toilet supply line. Does the water supply provide enough pressure? In general yes. The RV is not creating its own pressure. The supply is as strong as the incoming water source!
Lantley 09/09/20 09:36am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Bathroom Dry Pipe

I get your idea and if it works the way you want to it's all good. I have something similar. But I just put a tee with valve on the existing 1/2 toilet supply line. I then have a short garden hose always attached. I saw no need to run a 2nd dedicated line into the bathroom? I can use the garden hose as a turd blaster or a toilet filler. The garden hose has a lot more pressure than the toilet rinsers found on many RV toilets That 2nd dedicated line might be good for winter camping? you could fill and flush toilet without putting water into the entire plumbing system!
Lantley 09/08/20 09:36pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: What do you guys use for a BBQ?

I got rid of my Roadtrip for a Weber Q 1200. You might want to consider a 17" Blackstone Griddle as well
Lantley 09/07/20 06:25pm Truck Campers
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