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RE: Carolina Pines RV Resort Myrtle Beach

I Understand you disappointment however a place to stay without full amenities beats no place to stay at all. At this point if you can't find anything else why not just stay there?
Lantley 06/19/19 08:01am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: OH Happy Day... for now..... only 2 cents apart

It dropped to $2.50 a gal here at a couple stations. However at other station it was $2.89. I can’t understand how stations a couple miles apart can be that far apart on prices! Diesel is around $2.75. I have wondered about the pricing differences as well. I think it has to do with what price the station purchased their fuel at. They can't begin to sell the lower priced fuel until they sell all of the more expensive fuel previously purchased. A high volume station will sell through their supply faster consequently their prices will adjust faster.
Lantley 06/19/19 06:15am Tow Vehicles
RE: Amazon Prime and Alexa

You have sort of created your own mess by sharing an account vs. paying for your own. My best advice is to start fresh with your own account. Yes your data may be lost but that data belongs to the original account owner.
Lantley 06/19/19 06:10am Technology Corner
RE: How long should drums & brakes shoes last?

After installing disc brakes I realize how poorly/terrible magnetic drum brakes perform. Disc brakes will transform the entire towing experience. Secondly a vehicle with an exhaust brake will deliver a better braking experience vs. a vehicle without an exhaust brake. A disc brake RV pulled by a exhaust brake vehicle will brake significantly better than a magnetic brake RV pull by a non exhaust brake vehicle. There are ways to improve braking performance. It starts with getting rid of those magnets!
Lantley 06/19/19 05:38am Travel Trailers
RE: It sure is complicated.

They over complicate things because they think their way is better not because they dont know how. . Sometimes life over complicates things. When it comes to camping. IUt be nice if we didn't need WD hitches, air bags, air hitches, surge suppressors, inverters, converters, jacks straps,blocks,gensets, extensions etc.... you name it. It can be as simple or as complicated as YOU make it. My goal is to relax when camping, some of the above items help me to relax on the other hand some of those gadgets can cause lots of grief. Unfortunately there is always dichotomy. One step forward can equal two steps backwards.
Lantley 06/18/19 04:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: It sure is complicated.

A lot of people make it more complicated that it needs to be. Its camping not rocket science here. Camping is not rocket science,but there is certainly a learning curve. There are a lot of aspects to learn. You do need to pay attention and being handi helps. Most of it is common sense. The real question becomes? How common is common sense?
Lantley 06/17/19 05:39am General RVing Issues
RE: storing power cord on new f'ver

I grab one end of the cord....then the other...drag those to the storage and place the ends in the compartment first...then pile the rest on top. Always the last in and first out. Works for me :) Funny but that is basically what I do. I just put the cord in last on top of everything else. No need to coil it or spool it or put in a bucket! It's not that complicated. Just toss it on top at the end of a trip and pull it out 1st at the beginning of a trip I guess you and Learjet never boondock, where you don't need the cord but need stuff under it. :B Lyle Correct I don't boondock often, but on the rare occasion when I do I just move cord out of the way by tossing it on the ground!
Lantley 06/17/19 04:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: brakes

My thought as well were you actually rolling when testing? You also need to be moving a minimum speed not just 5 MPH
Lantley 06/16/19 03:08pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Camping with Dobermans

I'm not happy that your deal fell through. But I am glad that you knew enough to walk away. So many end up with a bad deal because they don't do a thorough PDI and are not prepared/willing to walk away if necessary. You did the right thing.
Lantley 06/16/19 12:27pm RV Pet Stop
RE: rv extension cord

Get the cord on the road if and when needed for the minimum length. That will mean cross your fingers and there is one available. At that point you will be happy to be overcharged and pay and inflated price because you have no choice. Or you can be prepared and have an extension cord in your storage area.
Lantley 06/16/19 12:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: rv extension cord

When we got our 1st 5er (30amp), bought a 25' or so 30 amp ext cord. Now that we have a 50 amp 5er, I needed to use the ext cord, but in doing so, only used what we needed to because of lack of avail power supply thru cord. In other words, only 1 A/C unit out of 2 or and water heater. No probs. If we had to, could have switched wh over to gas, and have lil more power to use otherwise. But overall, just have to live within the means of of the 30 amp cord. If a 50 amp ext cord is avail, might be a heavy thing unless a sow cord can be found (just learned of this cord last week). They make 50 amp extension cords for a reason. If you have a 50 amp RV it is wise to have a 50 amp ext. cord vs. a 30 amp cord. For the OP 25' is a effective length and should ensure you can reach the pedestal. You mentioned storage is at a premium, however it would be silly to get a 15'-50 amp cord because you did not have room to store a 25' cord?
Lantley 06/16/19 08:41am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tire plugs

This topic is often over thought. I don't disagree that patching is a more effective, foolproof method. However plugging is more convenient, effective and adequate in many cases. Maybe I have been just lucky but I have plugged many tires without issue.
Lantley 06/16/19 08:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Hard wired camera at rear of trailer.

I do respect and understand your thoughts on going with a wired system. But wireless has finally caught up and is now very reliable. I have a wireless BC-20 camera on the rear of my 40' fiver and the signal is great. The BC-20 camera is made by garmin and is compatible with my Garmin GPS display. The image syncs wirelessly and displays on my GPS screen no additional monitor required. Actually I'm not a big fan of rear cameras, but once I had my Garmin GPS adding the camera to it was too easy to pass up. I'm not suggesting that you go Garmin, but I'm just giving you one example of a wireless system that I know works. Furrion who are infamous for their cheap RV electronics also makes a reliable wireless backup camera that is installed OEM on many units. There are others decent wireless options as well. 10 years ago or so wired was the reliable way to install a rear camera, but in 2019 there are lots of wireless options that actually work! Before you go cutting connectors and running wires I think you should take another look at your wireless options, improvements have been made.
Lantley 06/15/19 08:33pm Tech Issues
RE: storing power cord on new f'ver

I grab one end of the cord....then the other...drag those to the storage and place the ends in the compartment first...then pile the rest on top. Always the last in and first out. Works for me :) Funny but that is basically what I do. I just put the cord in last on top of everything else. No need to coil it or spool it or put in a bucket! It's not that complicated. Just toss it on top at the end of a trip and pull it out 1st at the beginning of a trip
Lantley 06/15/19 09:36am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Greetings and weight question

Ok You just bought a great truck. Problem is, it’s a 2500 which has an artificially low payload. There’s been fight after fight on these forums on numbers. The same truck I have is a 3500 with a payload of 3800 lbs and there is only a small difference. So I’m my opinion look for a fifth wheel, dry weight, around 12500 lbs and a pin weight around 2100 lbs. GVWR will be around 16000 lbs. You will exceed the weight ratings on payload by a lot but not the tire ratings. Your tires will be good for around 7200 lbs. but loaded you will be around 6300 lbs maybe less. If you watch your loading the camper will weigh out around 14500 and that will give you 2700-2800 lbs on the pin. If she feels a little shaky in the rear with those springs there are several options to stiffen the ride. Don’t exceed the tires ratings Hook er and go. A 16K GVW is a bit much for a 3/4 ton truck. Researching after buying increases the risk of having the wrong truck. Unfortunately many end up trading or compromising in order to get it right the 2nd time.It's always cheaper to get it right the first time.
Lantley 06/14/19 10:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Camping with Dobermans

After all is said and done, it still comes down to a simple fact. The large powerful breeds are capable of inflicting significant physical damage IF they do bite. And no RV park owner has the time or expertise to determine the personality of every dog that may enter their park. Yes, you are probably more likely to be bitten by a high strung little yapper than a large dog. But where the yapper may break the skin and cause some bleeding, that large dog can tear flesh and muscle. I am not opposed to large breeds by any means. My Golden weighs 88 lbs. But the large dogs do require special considerations by their owners and by those who own or operate facilities in which they may enter. The restricted list applies only to certain breeds it is not based on the size of the dog. Is a 75# trained Doberman any more dangerous than a 100# Lab? Are all Doberman's bad and all Labs good?.....What's the logic?
Lantley 06/14/19 10:16pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Camping with Dobermans

https://www.thesun.co.uk/archives/news/30836/jack-russell-tops-cops-list-of-dogs-most-likely-to-bite-humans/ The dangerous breed list changes with breed popularity. Yep. As soon as people start getting dogs because of a tv show, movie, celebrity, etc., that breed starts having "aggression" issues. But it can't simply be because people get dogs that they don't understand, are unwilling or incapable of training, and/or breed indiscriminately. No, it must be that the breed "is bad". What's ironic is that a few of the breeds on the list are used in law enforcement and the military, Because they are intelligent and have predictable behaviors. These same breeds are focused and can perform life saving/threatening task under pressure. But yet they are not worthy of entering a CG. A lot of the breed list is based on hype and not actual data.
Lantley 06/14/19 10:07pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Camping with Dobermans

"It's really not about the breed it's about the owner!" I would be rich if I got a nickel every time I heard someone, usually a Pitbull or Rottweiler owner, say this. My experience has been different. More than once my dog has been approached/attacked by some aggressive yapping ankle biter. Some owner that has very little control over their dog. Or then there are those who try to contain there 4 yappers in a portable plastic pen, that collapses and lets all the dogs escape and come chasing after my dog as we walk the CG on a leash. Again it's about the owner. Those of us with larger dogs tend to make more effort to see to it that our dogs are secure vs. the little yappers who are kept in makeshift pens or on 25' leashes. My dog has never been approached aggressively by a loose large dog or a dog from the restricted lists. But we have been approach more times than I can count by small and medium sized dogs that the owners cannot control.
Lantley 06/13/19 07:46pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Camping with Dobermans

Get a Million $ insurance policy guaranteeing coverage for any and all damages they might cause...I would then let them into my RV Park as that would make up for voiding my insurance. No need for a policy you keep your vacancy and I will keep my money. I know I can find another park without breed restrictions to accept my money, I hope/trust you can find another camper to fill your vacancy. It's a win for both of us no policy required. I've spent thousands in camping fees over the years, unfortunately none of it went to your CG. Unfortunately your breed restricting policies are restricting your revenues along with the dogs. You are only seeing one side of the issue. As a non-pet person, I always check out the pet rules at potential parks and choose the ones with the strictest rules. So, in my case, they are gaining business because of their rules. I'm pretty sure there are far more people RVing without pets than there are people RVing with dogs on the aggressive breeds list, so the parks with stricter rules are going to be the winners. The fallacy is that there is an aggressive breed list. I can understand you are not a dog person,but to believe we can somehow judge or determine a dog's aggression based on its breed is ridiculous. We cannot determine a dog's aggression no more than we can determine a humans aggression. If you choose no pet parks maybe your free of aggressive dogs. But if dogs are allowed than there is a chance some idiot owner may have brought an aggressive dog to the CG. Breed restrictions do not eliminate the potential for aggressive dogs. It's really not about the breed it's about the owner! Since we certainly can not judge an owner/person by looking at them, we also cannot determine the dogs aggression. When it comes to winners and losers, I'm still spending my camping $$$$ somewhere. I'm just not spending it at the breed restricted CG. I'm not sitting home with my Doberman with no place to go. However a CG with breed restrictions is losing/refusing me as a customer. Hopefully they can replace me as easily as I can replace them. AT the end of the day it is their loss not mine.
Lantley 06/13/19 07:07pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Why 4.1 axle?

If your talking 4 speed transmissions the gear ratio can be critical and make a significant difference but with the newer multi speed 8-10 gear trannies the ratio is less of a factor
Lantley 06/13/19 05:45pm Tow Vehicles
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