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RE: MorRyde IS is finally happening

Curious what this costs? I had a spring break recently on a trip. It could have been substantially worse, but makes me worry now. I believe that the 7K IS system is now running AROUND $6500.00 ? I am sure someone who just purchased can correct me. the cost of NO MORE WORRIES -$ PRICELESS MY OPINION is that it is worth every penny on a RV that will be around, if your planning on getting rid of it in a couple years, probably not...$6500 I think that to much can somebody confirm the price ? Sounds pretty steep. I got a quote from them about a year and a half ago, something like $3600. They also did rally specials knocking a few hundred off. But I guess those days are over... JK Are these price quotes with or without disc brakes? Is $6,500 with disc brakes and $3,600 without disc brakes?
Lantley 11/20/21 07:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: MorRyde IS is finally happening

I don't have IS but my rigs travels pretty smoothly. I have a Hensley BD3 air ride hitch. I have accidently left things on the counter and they are still there when I arrive. Nevertheless as mentioned I understand IS is a better set up.
Lantley 11/18/21 10:42am Fifth-Wheels
RE: MorRyde IS is finally happening

Thanks guys. I do get it that IS is simply a better set up I do have disc brakes so I understand the day/night difference. Disc brakes will be a requirement for my next RV. I'm still a working stiff so I simply don't use my RV enough to warrant IS suspension. But I imamagine my retirement RV will have IS. My plan is to get factory disc brakes next tme. I have a hard time taking a brand new trailer straight to the shop to have everything replaced! I understand replacing the brand new factory suspension maybe the only way to achieve the IS goal. But there are a lot of brand new parts that were just paid for going into the dumpster. Really seems wasteful to the point there must be a better way? I am hopeful that when the times comes for my next rig, that IS and disc brakes will be available as a factory option vs. the aftermarket trash and replace approach. I'm not sure that anyone currently factory installs IS with disc brakes,but if available from the factory it would really sway my buying decision. In the mean time, I'll enjoy my disc brakes and daydream of a retirement rig with IS one day. Thanks for the first hand info on IS. This thread has been very enlightening.
Lantley 11/17/21 07:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: MorRyde IS is finally happening

What are the benefits of independent suspension? Is it tire wear? Is it a smoother ride? Is it a more robust stronger suspension? Why should one invest in independent suspension? What sticks in my mind is getting something better than poor quality parts used on all RV's, but is it more to it that that.
Lantley 11/17/21 06:06am Fifth-Wheels
RE: MB travel park or Pirateland

I find Pirateland to be more hectic with lots of things going on. Kids may find Pirateland to have more action vs. being more hectic. In the end MB travel park is a more relaxing atmosphere vs. a busier, more going on atmosphere. Do you want a more teenager friendly campground or a more adult friendly CG. Both are both decent places but they are differences
Lantley 11/17/21 04:59am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Zoning that restricts RV use on your own land

I liked the reference to a "slaughter house' in a residential area. I think Elicott City, MD is about as yuppy, high end as you can get and there is a slaughter house right in the middle of it.... Also in MD in my county a few years back they tried to pass an ordinence prohibiting all sorts of storage--boats, SUVs, untagged cars, firewood, RVs of all types etc on your own property. That all went down in flames when I went to the county council meeting and pointed out that the council president had an RV and an untagged trailer on her property. I think the slaughter house you refer to is in Oella,MD not Ellicott City. Yes it is close next town over. The slaughter house is in Baltimore.Co. not Howard Co. You are correct the area has become quite upscale now. Wasn't too long ago many of the house still had out houses and did not have indoor plumbing.
Lantley 11/16/21 07:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Calling weight police - help

Congrats for soliciting advice and actually acting on the advice even though the advice was contrary to what you wanted to hear. Many are not man enough to own up to their poor vehicle choices. You took the advice and made a sound decision.
Lantley 11/16/21 04:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: Calling weight police - help

You are solidly in dually territory. You will certainly exceed your GVWR . More importantly it appears you will be close to your rear axle rating as well What is your unloaded rear axle scaled weight?
Lantley 11/15/21 07:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Tires Lighten my Wallet

It has nothing to do with the cost of the RV. Why pay $1,500.00 when you can get a comparable tire for 1/2 the price. Sailun up ended the marketplace by exposing how overpriced G614's are. Competition is a good thing.
Lantley 11/15/21 06:55pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Solar Learning Question, from a previous thread

"thats a case of a improperly set up system" So if the weatherman adds more days in a row like that, it's your fault for not having anticipated him by adding more panels. Got it! :) I am no expert. There is a limit to how long one can withstand cloudy days. However a well set up system can be designed to holdout until the sun returns when parked in an open field.
Lantley 11/14/21 07:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Replace just one tire?

Time for 4 new tires.
Lantley 11/13/21 06:21pm Travel Trailers
RE: Sailun Tires

Below is an old post from the late forum legend NC Hauler. It was his posts back when that originally attracted me to Sailun tires. As long as the tires are still being made to the manufacturing standards NC Hauler mentions I would not worry about Sailun quality. If the tires are no longer being made to this standard it is time to be concerned. Posted By: NC Hauler on 03/15/15 05:11pm Only Chinese manufactured tire that I know of that meets same stringent ISO audits (TS 16949) that my company has to meet to compete in the world market and have a good reputation when it comes to manufacturing a Quality product....To attain this certification, they have to prove out and have records on all manufacturing and Quality processes involved in their manufacturing processes. All training records, management, finances, ESH, HR and on...So I too will look at these tires when time to replace my GY G614's due to the fact that they cost less but seem to be every bit as good as the GY G614's.
Lantley 11/13/21 06:19pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best generator

The whole point of having a generator is so you don't have to make compromises like restricting yourself to campsites with full hookups in hot weather - or only staying in the RV at night to avoid daylight heat - or insisting on campsites with full sunlight exposure during peak solar hours. If altering your lifestyle to accommodate your solar system's limitations convinces you that your system is practical and makes you happy, that's fine - Just don't expect the average RV'er to accept those same beliefs. I have a built in genset. But here in the east there is limited boon docking. For the most part you cannot just camp on open land. Camping is done at public or private CG's. They all have restrictions on genset use. Yes I use my genset to wally dock occaisionally. Or I may camp at a friends property or meet boating friends at a marina. I also may use my genset for lunch stops or roadside breaks. I could easily replace my genset with a A/C capable solar system and not miss a beat. I seldom if ever run my genset 24/7 for days on end. As far as others altering their camping lifestyle yes it will happen. Now that solar systems are coming factory installed of course you will see many more adopting solar. Much in the same way residential fridges have become much more common than 10 years ago. People will adapt to new technology. Of course solar is not for everyone, no more than residential fridges are for everyone. However as solar continues to grow and develop, solar will certainly have a game changing impact in the RV world
Lantley 11/13/21 06:05pm Beginning RVing
RE: Sailun Tires

Sailun did not develop its stellar reputation overnight. Much in the way a RV trailer puts added stress on a tow vehicle vs. most other family use trailers. RV tires should be held to a higher standard than a typical trailer tire. RV tires carry a very non aeroadynamic load. They are heavily stressed when parked in tight spots. Typically they carry a heavier load than most non professional trailers their size They are used 100's of miles away from home, often in remote areas. Using a no name off brand tire for a utility trailer or a locally used boat trailer does not require the same rigor and reliabilty required by an RV trailer. With that in mind I prefer the weight, additional capacity margin and stellar reputation of Sailun vs. the other off brand tires. Sure you could gamble with some other off brand RV tire, but why when there is a proven and tested tire available? Sailun its reputation speaks for itself.
Lantley 11/13/21 12:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best generator

If enough panels are mounted.... the roof is fully shaded ;) Roof-mounted panels don't shade the sides of the RV. Most RVers (including myself) prefer shaded sites - and many sites have been designed to accommodate this preference. There aren't a lot of campsites that provide full sunlight exposure for their guests - which means that there aren't a lot of campsites where you can exploit your solar system's capabilities. THat's not really true. It depends on what your priorities are. If you are looking for sunny sites they are available. I agree most of us are not looking for sunny sites, because most RV's are looking to be in the shade. But most RV's do not have A/C capable solar systems. Those looking for sunny sites will simply avoid wooded CG's. Occaisionally you hear there are not many sites for 45' rigs. THe reality is those with 45' rigs manage to find sites that accommodate 45' rigs. Most of us don't find sunny sites simply because we are not looking for them exclusively. Searching for sunny sites may force someone to change their destination, much in the way I changed my CG choices when I went from a 30 amp rig to a 50 amp rig. Once I focused on 50 amp sites, my CG selection criteria changed and my destinations changed accordingly. In the end it was no big deal. It's a matter of setting your priorities.
Lantley 11/12/21 07:28pm Beginning RVing
RE: Best generator

As for shade, depending on your camping style many will carry a small portable genset to recharge batteries when required. So, your solution to the shading problem on solar systems that are touted as being replacements for a generator - is to use a generator instead? Sure if I need a genset once or twice a month, why not? I have no foolish pride that keeps me from running a genset if that will charge my batteries. Gensets and solar can coexist. It doesn't have to be one or another. Depending on where your at shading is not as critical as ou make it. Plenty of solar systems performing very well in western desserts. Would you agree it's always cooler in the shade? Shade will reduce the need for A/C and ultimately conserve power. Just because you park under a tree does not mean your batteries instantly discharge.
Lantley 11/12/21 04:05pm Beginning RVing
RE: Carrying a 500 lb motorcycle on the back of a Solitude 5er

Does your 500# figure include the weight of the rack or contraption you plan to use to carry/support the motorcycle? Once upon a time I carried a 170# genset on a rear rack and it definetly impacted my tongue weight. Including the weight of the rack you will be close or in excess of 700#.
Lantley 11/12/21 08:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best generator

In his case he doesn't need or want to run his A/C 24/7. He spends his days hiking,sightseeing,or just enjoying camping life outside and away from the trailer. However on Hot nights he has the ability to run the A/C to cool down the trailer for sleeping. For the most part he can do this wherever he camps and he manages this quietly while being fully self contained. So he has adopted a lifestyle that allows him to live within the limitations of his solar system. Do you think the average RVer would accept a scheme that only allowed him/her to operate their AC for 5 hours per day - and required the RV to be parked in the sun in order to use it - and paid a hefty price premium for it? I don't. Solar allows you to have A/C without the noise it is a came changer. Until its very obvious disadvantages and limitations are addressed, it is NOT a game-changer. You claim to have brushed up on solar but its obvious you have not. 5 hours is not the run time limit for solar powered AC. The sytem I mentioned is limited to 5 hours but that is simply because the owner only has 4 batteries. 4 batteries is not a defining limit. You can easily improve the run time by adding more batteries. One can develop any run time scheme they desire. Large solar system are now being installed as OEM equipment by many major manufactures. You mention paying a premium, but prices on solar equipment is dropping. Batteries are getting cheaper. Panels and controllers are getting cheaper. Meanwhile as prices drop the equipment is getting better and more capable. 10 years ago when I purchased my rig solar powered AC was an impossible pipe dream. 5 years ago it was an expensive possiblity. Today there are affordable DIY packages available. Give it another 5-10 years and solar AC will be commonplace. Yes there are lots of RV'ers that want to go off the grid a boondock away from everthing and everyone. They don't want to rely on fossil fuels for electric. Renewable solar energy gives them lots of options to develop power schemes. They can stay for months on end with solar power. They don't need to rely on gensets and gas for power. As for shade, depending on your camping style many will carry a small portable genset to recharge batteries when required. keep in mind this genset may not be AC power capable but it is capable of charging batteries At this point if you don't realize solar has changed the game you may have been sitting on the bench too long!
Lantley 11/11/21 07:32pm Beginning RVing
RE: Best generator

I have a neighbor with a Grandesign with 4 lithium batteries that can run his A/C about 5 hours. That's only 20 percent of the time. What does he use to power his A/C during the other 19 hours of each day? If he's only running his A/C for 5 hours a day, he could probably avoid running it all if he didn't park in the sun to get power on the panels. And for me to run a generator 24/7 to have air conditioning would ruin my style of camping. If I need A/C like that I am finding hookups. Yes, I prefer camping in quiet areas, too - and generally avoid using the A/C at all. However, there are a lot of locations where running a generator 24/7 isn't objectionable, due to all the ambient noise already present in that location - Race events, tailgate parties, camping on the beach, etc. In his case he doesn't need or want to run his A/C 24/7. He spends his days hiking,sightseeing,or just enjoying camping life outside and away from the trailer. However on Hot nights he has the ability to run the A/C to cool down the trailer for sleeping. For the most part he can do this wherever he camps and he manages this quietly while being fully self contained. I understand if your at a race track enviroment running genset 24/7 is considred normal. However in CG's , or most other public places 24/7 genset use is not typical or desireable. Solar powered A/C is the wave of the future. Everyone wants A/C however no one wants genset noise. Solar allows you to have A/C without the noise it is a came changer.
Lantley 11/11/21 05:13am Beginning RVing
RE: Gas prices

Gas prices are up over 40% today than they were last year at this time ” Does that mean is should rush to sell my RV? Should I park it and not use it.
Lantley 11/10/21 06:49pm General RVing Issues
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