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RE: 910DB owners

The Adventurer 910DB seems to be a nice unit. It's available with a drop down bunk over the dinette, which is great if you're going to bring the grandkids. And it's not as heavy as the Lance 1172 or Host/Eagle Caps. The price point seems to be about $15-20k lower as well.
Lexx 02/19/21 11:10pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck Registration Weight

Yes, I remember this form now. The lady at the DMV had me check "A" for GVWR up to 15k lbs. My CVRA fee is $332. So I guess if I want to carry one of the big truck campers, I would need to check the "B" range for 15k-20k lbs and pay an extra $115 fee. I would then be technically legal per my registration. Some would question whether it's really legal however, since the GVWR if it were over 15k lbs, would most certainly be over the yellow payload sticker. Heck, technically even at the class A CVRA rating, if I'm at 14,800 lbs, I'd be 800 lbs over my class III. But as I've stated before since my rear axle ratings are good up to 16k lbs, and my tire ratings are good to 15,800 lbs, I'm technically just fine at 16k lbs GVWR. It's really too bad this stuff is so hard to figure out. That yellow sticker really confuses a lot of people unnecessarily. It goes in increments my truck fit the 10,000- 15,000 check box and the fees for the 15K but here is the weight fee schedule. this is in addition to the registration fees https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/uploads/2020/05/reg4008.pdf
Lexx 01/22/21 10:20pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck Registration Weight

Can't help you there. In California all pickups are treated as Commercial Vehicles. But only a Class C is needed to operate unless you are towing over 10,001 with a bumper pull or 15,0001 pounds with a gooseneck or 5th wheel then you need a class A. I have my F350 dually registered at 15,000 which is over Truck + TC + plus tongue wt when towing. It is not cheap Any idea how much more the registration would be for 15k lbs GVWR vs 14k? Mine's at 14k right now, but if I get a truck camper, I'm going to need close to 16k.
Lexx 01/22/21 12:13am Truck Campers
RE: Truck Registration Weight

My experience when crossing the border from US to Canada is they really care about banned produce and meats. However they do look at your license plates. I had temp tags once since the camper was brand new. They did ask to look at the registration and checked to make sure I really owned it. Luckily I had brought with me, all the paperwork from the sale and registration. Driving throughout Alberta and BC however, we hardly ever saw RCMP and certainly were never bothered by law enforcement in the thousands of miles I've driven over the years. I should mention however, that if they do happen to check your weights, unlike here in America, they look at the yellow payload sticker as a reference. And if you're overweight they can impound your rig. I was advised of this by a Canadian, but I have nothing other hearsay. In the US, what I've heard from forum members, is that if there's a checkpoint they weigh your rear axle and compare that to the load ratings of your rear tires. That's why you can register a class III 14k lb GVWR truck as a 15k or 16k truck in California. Heck, I drove through BC twice the same spring a few years ago, moving to AK. Once with a brand new F250, not in my name, paper tag stuck in the back window, loaded to the gills, rear suspension sagging pulling a trailer with a permanent license plate off of a different trailer I'd owned in the past in a different state. Even chatted with RCMP in the middle of nowhere. Pulled over to take a leak and he stopped to see if I was "ok." The following month, I had a 4500lb camper on the back of a 2500 with expired tags (just expired and didn't renew as I was moving to AK and not about to buy new tags just to buy new tags 2 weeks later) pulling a heavy trailer which I'd just bought and not yet registered, sporting the plate off my boat trailer that was left in the shop in WA. Neither the CDN or US border cared. Don't worry about what someone says about a place 3000miles from your home.
Lexx 01/22/21 12:11am Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper Weight...I know, I know

I tend to agree with this. We visit Vancouver every summer for at least a month. We've driven from Vancouver to Alberta and back several times. It's rare to see patrol cars on their highways. And I've never seen a checkpoint where they were pulling over RVs to check for weight. It's probably going to be the guy in the nose up SRW truck with a Host truck camper that gets noticed. I would think that most F450's wouldn't even get a second glance. There’s been “stories” like this for years, but nobody is ever able to give the details first hand. I recall 1 report given 1st hand by our BC member. But that was 1 in all those years forum exist. that I know of there has only been one ticket issued in BC for a overloaded recreational vehicle. he had a huge camper, some how had a quad hanging of the back of it and was towing a boat . they will only pull you over here if you look realy overloaded. I guess CVS could pull you over when they are doing their comercial blitz but I have never heard of it. if you truck is sitting level chances are you wont get stopped. Steve
Lexx 01/05/21 04:43pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper Weight...I know, I know

The person who responded to the thread was himself stopped and had his truck/trailer weighed. He posted that what the CHP officer did was to weigh his rear axle and look at the load ratings of his rear tires to determine if he was overweight. It's as simple as that. I saw that somebody spoke to someone who got a ticket. That’s still second hand or did I miss it? Or, counting you or I, third hand.
Lexx 01/04/21 04:55pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper Weight...I know, I know

Here you go. Read starting with post #41: https://www.mygrandrv.com/forum/showthread.php/34487-California-CVRA-Stickers-Weight-Fees-and-Declared-Operating-Weight-Questions/page5?p=339404#post339404 I hope you don't mind but as written it's just another one of those "sister's boyfriend's cousin's former best friend from 2nd grade" type stories. It would be nice to be able to at least see the thread and see how first hand the story really is. I agree. Besides, they’d also have to check the tire pressures since load is highly dependent on that. Also, just checking the tires would mean just putting higher rated tires on while exceeding the axle rating would be ok. There’s been “stories” like this for years, but nobody is ever able to give the details first hand.
Lexx 01/04/21 03:46pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper Weight...I know, I know

FYI, on another forum a member posted that he recently got caught up in an operation by CHP where they were pulling all RV's over and checking weights and driver's license classes. Regarding weights, they had a scale that measured the load on the rear axle. They looked at the load rating of the rear tires to determine if someone was overweight. They did NOT look at the yellow payload sticker.
Lexx 01/03/21 10:58pm Truck Campers
RE: Has anyone seen (or purchased) a Taxa Mantis??

I'd opt for a Black Series Camper instead. The Mantis has very small holding tanks. The BS campers have configurable holding tanks of far greater capacity.
Lexx 12/20/20 01:48am Travel Trailers
RE: Truck Camper Weight...I know, I know

I understand. But we're not talking about some schmoe hauling a 6k lbs camper with a F150. We're talking about a F450 carrying a 6500 lb Host Mammoth and the like, which are technically over the payload of any F450 and most F350's even. Heck even a Lance 1172 would probably be at least a few hundred pounds over my payload if I add up all the options and install a bank of lithium batteries and solar panels. I've not read of any issues or accidents involving F450 pickups carrying these mega heavy truck campers, and the owners all seem to report that their truck handles the weight just fine. Unfortunately, that info would rely on 'people'. 'People' that dropped just shy of $200k on something and don't want to admit problems. 'People' that say their stock 1/2 ton carries their 5000lb camper just fine.
Lexx 12/19/20 10:26pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper Weight...I know, I know

What makes the discussion even more interesting is the same M300 axle the F450 has, is rated by Dana/Spicer for up to 16klbs depending on the application. Obviously there's more to weight carrying than just the rear axle alone but it is curious that the axle is rated by the oem much higher than the sticker from Ford. I've also read that the true arbiter of payload legality is DOT, and they don't use the payload sticker. Is this true? I've not read of any issues or accidents involving F450 pickups carrying these mega heavy truck campers, and the owners all seem to report that their truck handles the weight just fine. The issue is only confusing when it is moderated this way. It doesn't take much understanding that what you earn and what you pay taxes on usually are quite different numbers. So when truck manufacturer puts a sticker with 4000 lb taxable payload, doing your homework you can find out real truck capacities and in case of TC comparing rear axle rating to actual weight is 98% of what it takes.
Lexx 12/19/20 01:03pm Truck Campers
RE: Truck Camper Weight...I know, I know

I find this to be a fascinating but confusing subject. I have a 2017 F450 with the Dana M300 rear axles. The rear axle GVWR is 9900 lbs. The front axle is 6000 lbs. This is the same GVWR given to the axles on a F350 DRW. Yet the half-shafts on the F450 are noticeably thicker and heavier duty. The brakes on the 450 are 50% bigger than those on the F350. BOTH trucks are limited by their yellow payload stickers to Class III at 14k lbs GVWR. Yet the F450 is clearly a heavier duty truck. And of course the tires are a non-issue since the stock tires have a load limit of 3950 lbs and there are four of them on the rear axle alone. I've seen posts from folks with really heavy truck campers like the Host Mammoth and big Eagle Caps, with wet weights in the mid-6k lbs range. Considering the typical Platinum F450 has a payload stick of about 4700 lbs, techically these folks are at least 1800 lbs over the payload sticker. Yet every one of these folks states their rig handles and brakes just fine with zero issues. So what gives? These folks are obviously not lying. It would seem their heavy loads are perfectly within the capability of the truck they're carrying it with. Yes they're technically over the yellow payload sticker, but so? What are the consequences? Is someone going to prove that a truck with a Class IV truck suspension is so overweight that he is at fault for overloading his Class III truck?
Lexx 12/19/20 02:04am Truck Campers
RE: Complaints about Cost of Mhs vs Motels

I'll chime in here. For us, our fifth wheel does save us money. We have triplet boys and a dog. Many hotels only allow 4 to a room. That would mean we'd have to rent two rooms. Then they charge $75 non-refundable deposit for the dog, if they even allow dogs. If not, then there's the hassle of finding a kennel and paying those charges. Then we have to find 3 square means for the family. My wife will NOT stay in a cheap hotel. It'd better be a Hampton Inn quality or above, preferably the Four Seasons. Before we had kids, we only stayed in Four Season, Fairmont, Ritz type hotels. Talk about throwing your money away!!! We eat healthy. No fast food. That means quality restaurants. We figure we spend an average of around $200 minimum a day for meals. Hotel would be $300-600 depending on if it's one or two rooms. That comes out to $500-800/day. I have the receipts to prove it. Yes, that's a CHOICE to live at that level, but that's our level. The fifth wheel has a memory foam mattress. We have all our own linens and towels. I love to cook and grill anyway. We buy mostly organic food and prime meat when we can. It's still not cheap. But we don't have the HASSLE of looking for restaurants and hotels. And our dog gets to stay with us all the time, which the kids love. We don't have to pack and unpack our bags every few nights. I don't have to worry about bedbugs, who slept in my bed the night before, and whether they laundered the duvet. If we fly domestically, airline tickets for a family of 5 are not cheap. We're not taking the red eye. I'm not waiting around in some stupid airport 3 hours for my plane, only to have to endure trying to sleep on an airplane with all that noise and rude people, and be served crappy food if they even serve food. So yeah it's a lifestyle choice, but IMO for us, there's also an economic benefit to traveling this way. At the end of the day, I get to sleep in MY OWN BED, and that counts for a whole LOT IMO.
Lexx 12/19/20 01:30am General RVing Issues
Black Series campers?

Anyone have one of these? What has your experience been? For those who are unfamiliar with the brand, it's an Australian company that makes rugged off-road trailers. These have uniquely tough suspensions that really articulate well and the bodies have skid bars and metal plating around the base of the walls. https://www.blackseriescamper.com/travel-trailers/hq17.html
Lexx 10/03/20 01:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Anyone pulling over 12K with new Ford 7.3 Gasser?

TFL Truck did the IKE pulling a 10k lb trailer in the 7.3, while they did it in roughly the same time going up the grade pulling a 30k lbs trailer in a F350 DRW with the 6.7 diesel. That's a HUGE difference in power considering the diesel was pulling an extra 20k lbs. Furthermore the mpg were roughly the same. Finally another noticeable difference was the diesel was far quieter going up the grade without the constant loud droning of the big block gasser. Going down the hill was also much easier with the advantage of the diesel having the exhaust brake. At the end of the day, the decision seems to come down to whether it's worth it to you to spend roughly $8500 less for the gasser but suffer with more noise and a towing experience that's not as relaxing as the diesel.
Lexx 09/29/20 05:16pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Upgrading to a better phone

I went from a Samsung Galaxy Note IV to an iPhone XR. I was very worried about the change. But honestly the experience with the iPhone has been so much better. I don't have the phone dying all the time. Gone are the software hangups and crashes. I don't even remember the last time I had a frozen screen that required a phone reboot - an all too common occurrence with the iPhone. But the NUMBER 1 best thing about the iPhone is the Lightning jack port. I HATED teh stupid mini-HDMI of the Samsung. The stupid mini-HDMI connector would get loose and lose communication/charging ability after a few months. I went through so many new mini-HDMI cords. With the Lightning jack of the iPhone, I get a solid connection EVERY single time. I bought one 10 foot cable for the iPhone when I first got it, and the connection is still like NEW.
Lexx 09/14/20 08:48pm Technology Corner
RE: % bleach to sanitize fresh water tanks

Here's my two cents as a retired healthcare provider. I am concerned not only with the bacteria in the tank, but also in the waterlines. So to that end, I use the 1/4 cup of Clorox bleach per 10 gal formula. Since my fresh water tank is 43 gal, I use a bit over a cup. I bypass my water filters and siphon the bleach into the tank. Then I fill my fresh water tank until I see water coming out of the overflow pipe. At that point I run all the faucets and shower in the trailer so that I know there's chlorinated water in the lines. I let that sit for 24 hours. Then the next day I dump that chlorinated water, fill the tank with fresh water and run the lines, dump the rest of the water, refill the tank again, and then dump it again. This way I know I've gotten rid of most of the chlorinated water and I'm confident that the waterlines are fairly clean. Biofilm in the waterlines is a big issue. Bleach is one of the better ways to kill the biofilm. There are other commercial products we used to use in the office but I'm not sure of their compatibility with our plumbing systems in the trailer.
Lexx 09/14/20 08:39pm Beginning RVing
RE: Dental Assistance

Here's my two cents as a dentist. My practice only took the top tier plan at Delta. That's because even the top tier Premier plan is about 20% or more off my regular fees. The PPO plans are about a 40-50% shave. The HMO plans are OMFG unprofitable to the point where the dentist is paying the patient to sit in the chair. As a business, the office has to turn a profit. If I offer quality dentistry at 40-50% off, while my office overhead is 75-80%, I won't be in business for long. Heck, my hygienist makes $50/hour. Front office staff is $25-30. Same with good assistants. The offices that take the cheapie discount plans are by and large either upselling you to a procedure that's not on the fee schedule or they're massively cutting corners to make a profit. I can send your crown to a top flight lab or I can send it to a lab in China. You'll never know the difference in the beginning, but the metal from China is who knows what composition, nevermind the inferior porcelain they use. And fit wise, I've never seen a cheapie crown that really fits all that well. Cheap porcelain doesn't look right, and it fractures much more easily. The same goes for those Mexican dental clinics. What recourse do you have if something goes wrong? At least in America you have access to our court system and the dental societies make sure our members are performing at the standard of care. I can't tell you how many patients I've seen who went to Mexico to have work done and then when they came back, they found out it was a disaster. I'm talking about bridges and crowns that have giant open margins, overhangs of porcelain leading to trapping of debris and therefore leading to gum disease, implants that are only a few months old with 50% bone loss, and worse. The discount dental plans operate by finding the cheapest dentists in each town and signing them up for their plans. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want the cheapest guy in town cutting into my body. The old adage of you get what you pay for is very true. Find a dentist who is willing to work with an all cash patient for a discount. Don't expect a 50% discount. If you get 5-10% off, I would say that's very fair. Find someone who doesn't jump around from chair to chair. Those guys double and triple book, and I just don't see how you can do very high quality work like that. At least I never could. I always booked one patient at a time and I took my time to make sure the procedure was done right.
Lexx 09/10/20 02:42pm Full-time RVing
RE: Internet

From my research it seems the way to go is to get a cellular router and then get a sim card for a data only plan from an eBay reseller that offers a truly unlimited data plan. You have your pick of T-Mobile, VZW, and AT&T. Right now we just tether our cell phones and use cellmapper.net to plan out where we're staying so that we have a good cellular signal.
Lexx 09/10/20 02:46am Full-time RVing
RE: Recommendations on a +/- 30 footer for a family?

We have triplet 8 y.o. boys and a dog, and we really love our Grand Design Reflection 28 bh with the double bunk beds. The 2021 models have a different 3 bunk design that might work out better for you. Another nice thing about this design is the kitchen is fully accessible with the main slide in. This is very convenient when we need to stop for lunch.
Lexx 09/10/20 02:22am Fifth-Wheels
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