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RE: Tow vehicle in the shop

Join Good Sam or other travel groups, purchase road coverage and they will handle everything for you. They tow your rv to a near by campsite and tow your vehicle to the nearest garage...........according to their sales pitch. Always had it, thankfully never used it.
Likes to tow 08/08/20 01:44pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Noob question

I cannot understand why the spacers or blocks between the axle and spring cannot be reduced to lower the bed????? All new trucks are significantly higher and this turned me away from trading my 05 Ram Cummins.
Likes to tow 07/16/20 09:27am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Snow Birds ??

We have reservations in Florida, December 1 - April 1. Five months to make a final decision. Five months ago was February 1. A LOT has changed in the past 5 months and I suspect the next 5 months will help us make a decision. We will remain flexible and leave later if necessary or we may have to spend a full winter in Michigan for the first time since 2012. Yes a lot has changed in 5 months but when you think about it a lot has changed in the last month!! We now have unbridled violence and destruction with no intervention by the governors. I fully expect the situation to worsen by November. I also suspect even something new will come up in the next few weeks besides racial violence and Corona.
Likes to tow 07/01/20 05:28am Snowbirds
RE: Snow Birds ??

Can't say about wintering in Florida because we don't do it..However we canceled our annual trip West in September! It's already been shown that the government can throw up a red flag in a heartbeat and you are to stay put...where ever you are. It was discussed back in March that interstate travel could be stopped except for commercial traffic. Thankfully that never happened! News media paints an ugly picture for the pandemic. Too many governors and mayors not controlling violence and destruction in their states and you never know when or where it will flare up and catch you in the middle of it. We are hopeful that after the November election that things will settle down. You probably should wait until then to make your plans for wintering. In my humble opinion this past two months is just a dress rehearsal for the shocking events of October/November.
Likes to tow 06/24/20 12:18pm Snowbirds
RE: Lp stove not percolating coffee

Get yourself a drip coffee maker, boil the water and pour it in slowly. The problem is solved and the coffee tastes better than perked coffee!!
Likes to tow 06/13/20 06:57am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Floor & Wall repairs

Anytime you are working on some structure and you have torn out all of the old material just go ahead and tear out another few inches or foot into the "good" area. By looking at what is good and not decayed will show you how the manufacturer put it together. In other words how did he fasten or mount supports and parts. When I was a young buck with my first house, I added another section to the house by just duplicating what I saw by crawling into the attic and under the floor.
Likes to tow 05/20/20 12:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Shore power plug conversion?

Get a 90 degree dog bone and you will love it!!
Likes to tow 05/19/20 02:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: New Truck 4x4 or 4x2 ??

I've never owned a 4WD truck and I've owned several trucks in my life. Currently on my 5th one. Through the years I've always ordered 2WD with limited slip differential and only been stuck three times since 1978. It always happens in my back yard when trying to put the boat under the storage shed. I cannot justify the added expense, height and insurance cost of 4WD. Why go down the road hundreds of thousands of miles in the past 40 years with an additional differential and transfer case I'm not using. I will also comment on your engine selection. The 7.3 V8 gas engine from Ford with a 10 speed automatic is getting great reviews on YouTube and other forums. The additional cost of a diesel is not necessarily a must have unless you are pulling HEAVY all the time. If your trailer weighs less than 12,000 pounds it's not necessary. When I replace my Ram Cummins this is what I would choose. In my opinion they have ruined the diesel with all the emissions hardware. I don't need to spend an additional $8k for a diesel.
Likes to tow 05/11/20 04:50am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Lifting fifth wheel

Then what happens when you load up a truck with a 3000 lb slide in camper?? The drive shaft angle changes by a considerable amount but this has no effect on the drive line or axles. I had 4 truck campers through the years and never had any trouble with any of my F250's. I think you would have to lower the rear of the truck by removing the blocks on top of the axle, then load a significantly heavly load directly in the bed of the truck to do what you are saying. The back of the truck would have to really squat to do that don't you think? To remove some of these blocks on the axle that the springs attach to thus allowing the bed to lower would be my choice. The pin weight of my 5th wheel is 1600 lbs and this is not near enough to significantly cause the truck to squat. The bed height of my 05 Ram 2500 2WD is 33 inches as it sits in my garage. The bed height of a new truck I looked at a few weeks ago was 41 inches...a full 8 inches higher than my truck!! Why do vehicle engineers have to design a truck to high off the groudn? Not everyone is going "offroading" and need so much ground clearance. If you look at the spacers they put between the axle and springs it looks profane!!
Likes to tow 05/08/20 12:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Lifting fifth wheel

I cannot understand why truck manufacturers make trucks too tall. It seems wrong for me to raise the center of gravity of my trailer just to accommodate the taller bed on new trucks. I've now decided to just keep my 05 Ram 2500!!
Likes to tow 05/04/20 04:14am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question on Lippert 3 Auto leveling system

on my 2017 Reflection 27RL I just push the "Retract" button then push the "front" button..........and down she comes. I guess mine is the Lippert 3.0
Likes to tow 04/12/20 03:42pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Lifting fifth wheel

I would rather remove the blocks between the axle and springs on the truck!! Trucks are made much higher now, I suppose it's some kind of marketing strategy to make the truck seem bigger, more powerful, more manly...etc?? There is no good reason for it in my opinion and if I were to replace my 05 Ram with a new truck this is what I would do immediately. These blocks of steel are removable. You don't have to take them all away, just remove enough to make the bed of the truck lower. I've talked to guys who have done it. The last thing you want to do is raise a trailer, especially a 5th wheel which is already very tall, and cause the center of gravity to be in favor of a roll over in high winds or in a surprise sharp curve. I think 4WD trucks have more blocks anyway to get extra clearance for off roading??!!
Likes to tow 04/12/20 03:32pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: cabinet door hinge

Should not be too hard to replace. Take it off and take it with you to your local home supply store or cabinet shop. I found some cabinet handles on the Internet a few months ago to match what was on all the rest of my kitchen cabinets in the house.
Likes to tow 04/03/20 05:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fords new 7.3 Godzilla

With computers now showing on the dash how much MPG you are getting I'm beginning to believe some of what I see on this engine. People have shown an actual video of their dash and 14-16 non towing has been posted. Modern diesels with emissions control will not get much better. My 05 Cummins will get 21/22 non towing if I drive it right and sometimes even more! I've ruled out replacing it with another diesel. My 5th wheel weighs 9K. I could go back to a gas engine. my previous truck was a 96 F250 with the 7.4 gas (460) and it consistently got 10 or 11 Mpg but was 100% trouble free for 12 years and 100,000 miles. Apparently this new 7.3 is similar in design and with improved injection and 10 speed transmission the MPG is considerably more. I'm going to wait a few months before test driving a new truck. I'm afraid of any new engine offering until it is proven. Ford's 6.0 diesel is a good example of that!!
Likes to tow 02/21/20 07:43am Tow Vehicles
Fords new 7.3 Godzilla

Been reading a lot about the new 7.3 gasser from Ford and it certainly looks impressive. People are reporting 15 mpg non towing. New diesels with all the emissions **** are not doing a whole lot better than that and at a cost of $8000 more for the diesel option. That would buy a lot of gasoline. The complexity of the newer diesels have changed my thinking on engines. I run an 05 Ram Cummins and will at some point buy a new vehicle. I raised the hood on a new F350 last week and could not believe how everything is jammed in there. Looks like this push rod V8 from Ford may be a real winner.
Likes to tow 02/21/20 05:42am Tow Vehicles
RE: seal pulling out?

Just trying the app to post pictures Million Dollar Highway in Colorado https://i.imgur.com/iZrnZQ2l.jpg
Likes to tow 02/19/20 05:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: riding nose high

Why can't the blocks under the springs on the truck be removed to lower the back of the truck?? I've heard it puts a strain on the drive line by changing the angle but this same thing happens when you put a really heavy load on your truck. The factory puts several of these spacers under every truck and I can't see why some of it can't be removed
Likes to tow 02/05/20 04:20am Fifth-Wheels
RE: "Lite" 5th wheels

Truck manufacturers have all increased their towing capacity on half ton series trucks like the Ford F150 so as a marketing strategy the RV industry is doing their part to couple buyers with this increase. Grand Design Reflection is a good example of "half ton towable" offering. I own a Reflection 27 RL which is marketed as one of these units and I tow it with a 2500 Ram Cummins. I cannot imagine towing it with an F150. There are significantly more folks out there with half ton trucks than there are those with heavier F250 or 2500 series. The RV industry is just trying to get into this market. Yes a half ton will tow some of these trailers but for the long haul or going to the mountains you better have more truck in my opinion. I met a guy in Colorado last year towing the exact trailer as mine and he said he screamed the engine to get over some steep grades with an overall MPG of 8.
Likes to tow 01/08/20 04:13am Fifth-Wheels
Is dash cam evidence allowed in an investigation

This topic has been moved to another forum. You can read it here: 30017166
Likes to tow 12/25/19 04:18am Fifth-Wheels
Is dash cam evidence allowed in an investigation

Big question about dash cams and the legality of using them in court. Has anyone actually used the recorded video proof in an accident investigation???? It seems some people are saying dash cams are illegal in some states or their use in an investigation or litigation is not allowed as evidence!!! Is this true??? It seems logical since many times during a law suit incriminating evidence is not allowed. What are some opinions on this from those who have experienced an accident.
Likes to tow 12/25/19 04:18am General RVing Issues
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