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RE: No Headlights 2001 Knight DP

It was the headlight switch. Thanks for the help
Lurker52 06/11/19 09:18am Class A Motorhomes
No Headlights 2001 Knight DP

Hi Everyone, My 2001 Monaco Knight 36R Diesel pusher lost the head lights. All the other running lights work. Brake, tail, sidelights and backup. I have looked for a fuse in the front box and found what looks like a plug into the fuse board that says headlights. I hope this is not a circuit board. This may have something to do with it. While camping this weekend it rained like there is no tomorrow all night and into the morning before leaving. When I plugged in my tow dolly the brakes on it where locked up. All the lights where working on it though. After towing the car a ways without the plug in I stopped and plugged in the plug and everything worked. I figured it was wet from all the rain and the rushing air and heat from the engine dried it out. I really don’t know if the headlights where working during this or not. When I turned on the switch all the interior dash lights are on and I could see the side running lights so I assumed the headlights were on. I didn’t realize the headlights where out until almost home (still light out) when I went to flip the high beams on. I thought it was just the high beams. When I got home and checked no hi or low beams. Would one bad bulb make all the headlights go out? I pulled one and it looks good. I have a wiring diagram book but is kind of Greek to me. Is there a fuse somewhere? I looked everywhere I could think of. Even pulled the panel under the dash put did not see anything that looked like a fuse. I am at a lose as what to do. This is a pretty big problem as we are leaving for a cross country trip in about a week. I can go without headlights if I have to but I sure don’t like the though of that. Any help and suggestions will be appreciated as always. Phil
Lurker52 06/10/19 10:01am Class A Motorhomes
Walmart overnight parking

HI all, I am taking a trip from Florida to Wyoming the last week of June. I have done the trip before but this time I am considering doing a few overnights at Walmart or similar type places. My questions is, do you run the generator all night? I am assuming the temps. going through the south and mid- west will be pretty high. So,what do you all do when overnighting at Walmart in the summer time? Thanks as always
Lurker52 05/27/19 05:34pm Roads and Routes
RE: Car not tracking straight on tow dolly

Update question If I load the car and turn the steering wheel to lock and the tires are slightly turned and then strap down the front wheels. Does it stand to figure that the car should track ok. The front wheels would be locked and strapped in place and the dolly pans would turn and steer the car. So, shouldn’t the car then track correctly? The tires are only about 5 or so degrees from straight. I appreciate your thoughts.
Lurker52 04/16/19 03:31pm Dinghy Towing
Car not tracking straight on tow dolly

I did a test run with my motorhome and tow dolly (master tow with swivel pans). I discovered that my 2011 Hyundai Tucson tires do not lock straight. When I finished the test run the car was a little off center due to the wheels locking slightly turned in tow. The car was not tracking straight behind the RV. I am looking into getting the steering wheel adjusted to lock the front wheels straight. I hope this will not be a big deal. I assume it is not good for any of the equipment if the car is not following straight behind the motorhome. If anyone has had this happen and can suggest some way to resolve it if I can’t get my front wheels to lock straight. I would appreciate any help with this situation. Thanks, Lurker
Lurker52 04/16/19 08:59am Dinghy Towing
Air bags

I found a leaking air bay while installing my inverter. I want to replace it but can't find a part number. It's kind of scary under there.It is made buy Firestone. My RV is a 2001 Monaco Knight 36R It has 4 air bags one on each corner. If any one knows the part number and a good place to buy them let me know. Thanks as always
Lurker52 03/18/19 05:00pm Class A Motorhomes
Running the residential refrigerator on the inverter

Hello, I have a 2001 Monaco Knight DP. The previous owners installed a residential refrigerator. The rig also had a Xantrex 1500 watt modified sine inverter. The frig. was not connected to the inverter. I am in the process of upgrading to a 3000 watt Xantex pure sine inverter. I am doing this so we can run the frig. while traveling and not use the generator and maybe for some Walmart parking and some short boondocking stays. I installed the new inverter just like the old one. The way it was installed and how I have done the new one is that the output A/C electric has 2 lines coming out of it. These operate the microwave and a few outlets and 2 T.V. These items also are powered by the main breaker box. They switch back and forth from inverter to shore/genny power. I don’t understand how this is done. I would like the frig. to do the same thing. There is an outlet that I could get power from near the frig if I have to but I would like to have it on its own circuit. Is there some kind of relay that switches the micro and outlets somewhere and what do I have to do so the frig work this way? I believe if I just run a secound wire to the breaker box the inverter would then have 120 volts going back into it and I think that would not be good. Sure could use some help. Thanks as always,
Lurker52 03/15/19 07:56pm Class A Motorhomes
Motor home tire pressure

Hello Everyone, I have a 2001 Monaco Night 36’ DP. My question is about tire pressure. The tires are Goodyear G 661 HAS load range H 255/70 R 22.5 The tires say max. pressure 120# I am not sure what the correct pressure should be. I have not weighed the RV but I have a Cat Scale ticket from the previous owner. He weighted it ready to travel. Full fuel gear and water. The ticket shows a total of 27,140# but 3120# of that is his toad. The front weight was 8640#. The rear was 15,380#. If I understand this right that means each front tire has 4320# on each. The rears (duallys) have 3845# on each of the four tires. The sticker in the coach says to inflate front and rears to 80#. I have looked for an inflation chart on the internet for these tires and have not found an exact match. I have found very similar Goodyears that say the rears should be at 80# and the front at 85#. When I checked the tires, they are at 90#. I would like to lower the pressure a little to help with handling. The RV has the steering box that is not adjustable and has some play in the wheel and wonders a bit at high way speed 60-65 mph. Any insight on correct pressure or where I can find a chart is appreciated. Thanks as always, Lurker
Lurker52 02/13/19 07:07pm Class A Motorhomes
Inverter with residential refrigerator

I have recently purchased my first class A. A 2001 Monaco Night DP. The previous owners installed a residential refrigerator. My questions are ones that I know has been discussed before. But I am still kind of confused as to what I need to do. I have 4 6 volt batteries that provide 400 amp hrs. 200 usable. The rig also has a Xantera 1500 watt modified sine inverter. I tried plugging the frig into the inverter and although it ran when the frig kicked on and off the inverter board flashed and other lights flickered. I guess my inverter does not like my frig. Other things like the tv and micro seem to work ok on the inverter. Should I get a 2nd small inverter to run the rig or upgrade to a pure sine inverter. The frig is a Whirlpool WRT 108FZDW02. I have had some difficulty finding the specs as to energy usage. We are not boon dockers but would like to stay a couple of nights here and there and plan on doing some Walmart overnights. Will the inverter/charger keep the frig going and charge the batteries enough while traveling? I know I can turn the frig off but it would be nice to not have to while traveling and an overnight stop. I do understand any extended off grid time will need the generator to recharge the batteries. Solar may be in the future but not now. I will also want to use a laptop and charge a couple of cellphones. I am also looking at a Victron battery monitor. Any advise on which model would be best for my use would be helpful. So, should I upgrade to a larger (maybe 2000 watt) PSI or get a small one for the frig and if so what size? Will the rig run the frig/inverter and keep the batteries charged while driving? Will my 200 amp hour batteries run the rig for a couple of day if we boon dock some. Thanks as always
Lurker52 12/30/18 10:33am Class A Motorhomes
2001 Monaco Knight 36R Need shocks

Hello ALL, I just purchased a 2001 Monaco Knight 36R. It is an oldie but looks and runs pretty well. I have it a local diesel shop having it serviced an checked out. They tell me for 95k miles it runs really good. I have a few questions I am hoping I can get some advice on. The coach has according to the Monaco brochure is on a Roadmaster RM4C chassis. I want and need new shocks. Everywhere I look on line for Bilstien or Koni they only go back to 2002. The Monaco brochure for the 2002 year says it is on the same chassis. Is this true? Does anyone know what and where I can get shocks for this RV? I may do some other handling upgrades in the future but want to take it one step at a time. Any help finding the RIGHT shocks is appreciated. My other questions are about the roof. The RV has a fiberglass roof with a seam down the center. It has a silver tape on it. It looks very similar to Eternabond white tape. It is in pretty bad shape. Can I use the Eternabound to replace it on the fiberglass roof? Also has anyone ever just gone over the old tape with a wider one? It looks like it will be a real PIA to remove. The edges of the RV roof where it meets the side wall I want to also reseal. It looks like it has been done before. Is it necessary to remove the old caulk or can I just add new over the existing? Again, it looks like it will be a pain to remove. What type of caulk is best for this location. I believe this seal is what holds the fiberglass in place. I hope that anyone who has or does one of these RV's will chime in. I had a 5th wheel for years and a Ram diesel so I am familiar with a lot of the house stuff but this is my first motorhome. There is a lot more to consider with it than a trailer. I have been a member of this site for many years and always found it a great place for help and advice. If there are other forms I should look in to for help I appreciate that information. Thanks again for all the help. Phil
Lurker52 10/02/18 07:08am Class A Motorhomes
2004 Tiffin Allegro Bay 37DB

After many month and miles we have final found a nice RV and put down a deposit. It is the above couch. It is on a workhorse chassis with about 55K miles. We decide on it because it is in excellent condition. It looks almost brand new. It has full body paint with only 2 very minor wear spots. The interior looks brand new. If I didn't know better it could easily pass for a 2014. We have looked at over 100 other RVs (gas and diesel) and none hold a candle to this one. We spent many a weekend driving 2-4 hours to look at advertised (PERFECT CONDITIONED) rigs only to be disappointed with smells leaks and wear. So,I have not been able to find much info on this year. Everything I have found for a brochure only goes back to 2005. If anyone knows a website I can go to please let me know. What I have determined from the Vin.# (5B4MP67G743385392) is it is on a W-22 chassis and has a Allison tranny. I would appreciate if anyone can confirm this. I am wondering about carrying capacity and towing a car. To start I will probable tow our Hyundai Tuscon that weights about 3500# on a tow dolly and maybe move to a 4 down tow of a similar weight. I think I should be OK for this. I will try to keep the (STUFF) down as to help with the carrying capacity. We will be doing short trips to start here in Florida and the southeast. In a year or two we will would like to summer in the mountain west (Colorado or Wyoming). I know this rig will suffer on big grades put it is what it is. I would like to hear from others who have this model RV and how it has preformed for you and how it handles your towed vehicle. As always all insight is appreciated. Thanks to all.
Lurker52 08/05/18 09:34am Class A Motorhomes
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