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RE: Leveling and turning on your refrigerator?

Gads just turn it on already. If you can't reasonably level the RV at home just load it with cold food/drinks and fire it up as you roll. If you are level enough to sleep then the fridge is level enough too. 3%?? People run their RV up 6% grades every day on the interstate and nothing happens. From the owners manual: Operation during travel: While the refrigerator should be level when the vehicle is stopped, performance during travel is not usually effected.
Lynnmor 05/22/19 10:51pm Beginning RVing
RE: RVs and the NEC

While you guys are discussing, arguing and looking up technical things, Jakie is tossing a handful of wires for Amos to fasten somehow. I'm sure those guys are well versed in standards and codes.
Lynnmor 05/22/19 12:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Leveling and turning on your refrigerator?

A "bubble" is not a unit of measurement, levels can vary quite a bit. Simply get a level app for your smart phone and forget about all the various methods that may not be correct.
Lynnmor 05/22/19 12:42pm Beginning RVing
RE: Toilet bubbles/spits up ???

Sometimes the toilet bubbles and or spits up while flushing. The toilet can be empty or 1/2 full just does it at random, any ideas how to remedy this. Thanks Check the roof vent to see if it clear and possibly slipped down into the tank.
Lynnmor 05/22/19 12:38pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Amp Adaptors

100 amp would be 2x 50 amp (NEMA 14-50 x2)So, a 100a hookup is 2 standard 50s? You really need to get that 100 amp figure out of your head.
Lynnmor 05/22/19 10:25am Tech Issues
RE: Hot Water Heater

Yes, everything else works. Her hot water switch as a reset light. If she runs her finger along the reset light it will comes on. It is not a button. But if she touches it light will come on or go off. Wondering about a short. That light may be normal and may be for the gas portion of the heating. A short will trip a breaker, cycle the breakers off and on, then retest. If the water was off, perhaps the water heater was not full and that will smoke a heating element in seconds. Bring a meter and check for voltage at the element, if voltage is present then replace the element, available at most hardware stores. A cheap tool is also available for changing elements. If you have no success, come back with the make and model,
Lynnmor 05/22/19 10:19am Fifth-Wheels

Without rules it's back to the wild west and every business and home owner doing anything they please. Yep, can't have people doing what they want, no place for that in America! :R
Lynnmor 05/21/19 07:26am Around the Campfire
RE: Installing a MorRyde Equalizer

If the grease hole is installed on the loaded side of the bolt, the hole will be closed and almost impossible to get grease in. Of course the loaded side is where the grease will do the most good. Do not expect the bolt to rotate enough to distribute the grease. Injecting grease on the easy (unloaded) side will result in a quick trip in and then out the clearance. My suggestion is to grind a groove in a figure 8 on the inside of the bushing so that grease will travel and distribute on the load side. That groove should not be very deep because the bushing is already thin and it does not need to be pretty. A Dremel type of tool with a small ball shaped cutter is ideal for this operation. Here is a visual of what I am talking about: examples
Lynnmor 05/20/19 03:00pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Aluminum Wheels

My aluminum wheels developed corrosion very soon after installation, despite being stored indoors except when used. My theory is that the stainless steel center caps reacted with the aluminum. If you can find plastic centers, or add additional clear coat where the centers touch, maybe you could head off the problem.
Lynnmor 05/19/19 04:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Drinking Campground Water...

You don't need as much coffee with this campground water. Yes, it was run thru a filter. https://i.imgur.com/v0DBTdxl.jpg
Lynnmor 05/19/19 03:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Suspenson

If you are SURE that there is no wear in the equalizers, then you don't need them.
Lynnmor 05/19/19 03:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Drinking Campground Water...

I have seen water from very good to very bad. I use bottled water for consumption. Water filters vary and most will not be effective.
Lynnmor 05/19/19 12:09am General RVing Issues
RE: F150 Ecoboost vs F250 Diesel mileage

It appears to me that everyone I have heard claiming that Ecoboost pickup engines (non High Output version) have to run diesel are trying to justify their decision not to buy one. It just might be that some might want a truck that weighs a ton and a half more, gets good mileage, can have a larger tank installed for incredible range and can handle a large trailer with a much higher degree of safety.
Lynnmor 05/18/19 07:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 Ecoboost vs F250 Diesel mileage

What's the point of the comparison if you are going to handicap the Ego Boost with cheap gas. That is the point that some just don't want see. Then go by an Ecoboost and you will find out that a lot of what you are saying just isn't true and it will tow the rating of the F150 fine with 87 octane. Until then, you are only going on assumptions that you want to be true instead what is actually true. I have been quoting the owners manual, Ford says the things that you question.
Lynnmor 05/18/19 06:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 Ecoboost vs F250 Diesel mileage

The transmission does indeed go thru a learning process. With the driver playing with the manual shifting, that process might be disrupted. Also, you are not to tow for 500 miles, so again that disrupts the learning and is abuse of a new engine.
Lynnmor 05/18/19 06:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 Ecoboost vs F250 Diesel mileage

What's the point of the comparison if you are going to handicap the Ego Boost with cheap gas. That is the point that some just don't want see. Penny wise, pound foolish. And no, I don't have the F150, instead I chose a more capable F250 diesel. Believe it or not, I do understand that heavy throttle, higher temperatures and low octane gas causing ******** ignition timing as well as other adjustments is something that I don't want. Many report poor fuel mileage when towing, gee, I wonder why. Ford tried to keep the recommendation simple, but it is still over the heads of many.
Lynnmor 05/18/19 02:35pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 Ecoboost vs F250 Diesel mileage

Lynn and I had the conversation many times before, but he insist that the EcoBoost requires premium when pulling anything or the engine will explode. I am not sure if Lynn is based on real world experience or off of his own perception of what the manual states. I simply copy and paste from the Ford manual, but what do they know about the EcoBoost engine? My post was a direct copy & paste once again. I never said "explode", so don't put words in my mouth. Read the manual and use your own "perception."
Lynnmor 05/18/19 09:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: F150 Ecoboost vs F250 Diesel mileage

Of course when selecting 87 octane fuel, just completely ignore the owners manual: We recommend regular unleaded gasoline with a minimum pump (R+M)/2 octanerating of 87. Some fuel stations offer fuels posted as regular unleaded gasoline with an octane rating below 87, particularly in high altitude areas. We do not recommend fuels with an octane rating below 87. For vehicles with EcoBoost engines, to provide improved performance, we recommend premium fuel for severe duty usage such as trailer tow.
Lynnmor 05/18/19 06:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Gauge of extension cord

Yes, it can be an issue. If you need the full length, then limit the load to less amperage so that there is less voltage drop. Sometimes you might be in a campground where the voltage is already low and you can't afford any loss. Get a voltmeter that displays all the time so that you can see at a glance what is going on. Running a motor driven appliance like the A/C can result in damage if the voltage is too low.
Lynnmor 05/17/19 12:49pm Tech Issues
RE: New You Tube Harbor Freight Inverter Generator noise Test

I hope he had a transfer switch at his home that he turned off to isolate his home from the incoming utility power before setting up the generator on the front porch. Otherwise I'm glad I wasn't a lineman working in the area. Dangerous stuff.? Do you really think that tiny generator will power up the entire neighborhood? Perhaps he was intelligent enough to turn off the main breaker if he connected to the house wiring. The generator won’t power up the entire neighborhood but it will backfeed high voltage into the system. The transformer feeding your house typically takes 8000-20000 volts and ‘transforms’ it to 120/240V that you use in your home. The same transformer will happily take a 120V input and convert it backwards to thousands of volts which can energize the powerlines for a long distance. Modern safety work practices will normally protect a utility lineman. It’s probably more dangerous for the unsuspecting public who assume a downed line is dead because the lights are out in the neighborhood. Exactly! You do understand that the generator will immediately go into overload and trip its breakers if connected to external power lines? While I do know better than to allow this to happen, it is mostly an old wives tale.
Lynnmor 05/17/19 05:51am Tech Issues
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