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RE: Which Progressive Dynamics Converter/Charger To Buy

Even though the decision has been made, a lot of weight has to be thrown at two areas. Your vacation type. How you spend or not vacations away from a power pedestalHow fast your converter can recover the batteries when connected to a power pedestal For example, if your batteries are AGM, you cycle them on vacation, return home then connect them you a WFCO their lifespan will be short and ugly Connect wet batteries to a WFCO they'll end up sulfated and useless. It's either yes or no, can the converter recharge to batteries be recharged to 100% in a reasonable amount of time before they sulfate? Like anything else to do with batteries, the answer does not come easily. The longer they spend under-charged, the deeper the cycling makes all the difference in the world. Batteries that endure shallow cycling, fare better. Batteries that endure less time partially charged fare better. Batteries that endure don't give a **** ignorance also endure no mid-life crisis because they are dead, Batteries demand a full charge periodically. Perhaps lithium chemistry is different. But <1% of RV'ers have lithium batteries. Recharge batteries properly and it would be very usual to enjoy a 300% gain in lifespan. There is NO question that obeying the demands of AGM battery recharging to 100% full is significantly easier as compared to any flooded battery. Controlled voltage and the presence of a panel voltmeter and ammeter are necessary. Intelligence choosing the correct mixture of generator and solar is also necessary to gain full benefit. Sizing the battery bank to gain a full advantage is also demanded. The compromise is weight.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/15/19 11:14am Tech Issues
RE: 1979 dodge mobile traveler 360cl wont pass emissions

I tried but obviously, he wasn't into learning. I spent a lot of time learning the LA3 engine quirks. Californiastan is so far to the left it completed the circle but the occupants are convinced they made a 180-degree u-turn, and are going backward. Bassackwards is more like it. Proposition 13 the Gann Jarvis act slashed property taxes. When the Central Committee rediscovers twenty to ninety thousand dollars per year revenue waiting, half the state will be living in their rigs paying only a nominal ten to twenty thousand dollar tax living in their novelle micro homes. Imagine the revenue possibilities of ten-story parking structure filled with RV's in an abandoned mall site. San Francisco, parking structure. NO COMMUTING!
MEXICOWANDERER 07/14/19 09:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Add second air conditioner to 30 amp RV

Manufacturers asssssssssssume or refuse to ponder the fact that a customer would buy their product and -not- drive it to a power pedestal where it will spend the rest of its life connected until the wrecker comes for the remains 15-years later. By the way, WFCO offered me a warehouse distributorship an agreement in which said if I purchased 50 units annually the price would be 30% of retail but I must not under any circumstances sell the unit retail. This meant a -70% discount. Out the window and into the dumpster. I did get OEM pink sheet on Dometic primarily for their FC540 chest freezers.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/14/19 09:12pm Tech Issues
RE: 1979 dodge mobile traveler 360cl wont pass emissions

We need a public nick-name for double-digit IQ questions such as the 21 reasons a battery cannot be removed and tested at a parts store for free. Six pages of exotic permutations.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/14/19 04:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Add second air conditioner to 30 amp RV

My aim was to avoid Mississippi riverboat grade workarounds. I've seen some real off-the-wall "But if we..."
MEXICOWANDERER 07/14/19 04:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Add second air conditioner to 30 amp RV

Running a pair of A/C means every so often in a hot climate they BOTH will want to high head pressure re-start simultaneously. That's when compressor motors will fry and other electrical has to deal with an 80-volt brownout. Use a pair of 30-amp relays in the feed line. And an ON/ON toggle switch. Either or. This is the only safe way when a single 30-amp service is the only power available.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/14/19 01:09pm Tech Issues
RE: 1979 dodge mobile traveler 360cl wont pass emissions

The OP abandoned ship. I passed the NIASE test for emissions in 1979. Curing the alphabet stew of emissions complaints had to be studied then tested. As a 6-month stint for MoPar line mechanic I have lots of experience with 360 and 440 engines. That was 40-years ago. Are any forum members capable of a factory quality rebuilding of a Carter Thermoquad carburetor? Or emissions test qualification? I had access to Factory Technical Tip Bulletins when the carburetor was brand new. The OP asked a specific question and he specified CO2 not CO. I responded to that question. He since disappeared. Waste of time, except to folks that actually own and use and register that era's motor vehicles. High CO2 is a CLUE to troubleshoot OTHER emissions problems. I should have known better than waste my time. Shame on me.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/14/19 01:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Slide out motor problem

Lexan and make it 1/4" thick with as much area coverage as practical?
MEXICOWANDERER 07/14/19 12:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Switch to LIFePO4?

https://texashillcountry.com/wp-content/uploads/Rattlesnakes-in-a-culvert-may-not-have-come-from-Texas-660x400.jpg height=500 width=500 Just funnin wit'cha :) Looks good The price per foot is a stunner but SILICONE wire from eBAY can be bent a tight 90 degrees. And the claimed AWG is accurate.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/13/19 01:29pm Tech Issues
RE: 1979 dodge mobile traveler 360cl wont pass emissions

If the old spark plugs you changed had pure white insulators with perhaps blisters on the center electrode then the system is running too lean. That eliminates the ignition system. Get a can of starting fluid, and if you can find a tip that fits that takes a plastic straw. Set the engine idle to 1000 RPM. CAREFULLY squirt around the base of the carburetor. bit by bit check the carb throttle shaft bores, Then around manifold fittings. If there is ANY noise change or RPM stumble from the engine speed, you've found your culprit. There are a ton of tiny vacuum tubes on the intake manifold and carburetor. Go to the parts store and buy a three feet piece of this hose. Disconnect one-by-one the hoses that lead to the choke pull of diaphragm, the secondary of the Thermoquad and the vacuum advance on the distributor. Suck on the hose. No resistance -- is the culprit. That's a vacuum leak. No push-back on the brake pedal after pumping it several times then holding it down hard and starting the engine is a "tell". Leaks in the air injection reaction system will cause a lean high CO2 reading. A tachometer will "tell" when noise is too high to hear subtle engine speed changes. All of this will take longer than an hour. I vigorously encourage the use of a tachometer. Take your time being meticulous. I used a vacuum hand pump with gauge instead of my mouth to test vacuum components. Good luck to you.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/13/19 01:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Disconnect load before stopping generator?

Field forcing is a generator killer. My little KATO has six 1000PIV 150 amp rated rectifiers which is overkill times 4 the maximum possible field primary exciter potential. But the Delco H9000 regulator ramps down softly as it approaches 55 Hz. No free lunches it is still bad for the loads when an uncontrolled spin-down occurs. I still unload the generator before shutdown and it has a turbo prtection 5-minute timer borrowed from a White Freighliner chassis.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/13/19 12:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Need help about surge protection

I use GAS TUBE DISCHARGE devices in my protection devices 200 volt triggerThen fused MOVs and TVS avalanche rectifiersThe MOVs are 20mm and the TVS are 2000 watt ratedThey are not inexpensive to buildBut they are far lighter than an isolation transformer to haul up and down hotel stairsAnd yes some transients have enough energy to make a 60 watt medical brick insides look like a whole chicken look like it sat on a barbecue for 12 hours.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/13/19 07:30am Tech Issues
RE: Help on coach battery wiring

Before and after images of what YOU did would be even better. :) ROUND fuse just hanging in the wire is something new tp me.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/12/19 07:36pm Tech Issues
RE: What gauge wire do I use

With plastic conduit, SAND the glue joints, then assemble with glue. Wait you're not done. Seal the seams with Shoo Goo. But anywhere the glop is applied it has to be sanded first. Don't try it with silly-cone
MEXICOWANDERER 07/12/19 07:30pm Tech Issues
RE: 1979 dodge mobile traveler 360cl wont pass emissions

No exemptions for commercial vehicles. DATA allows perspective. List HC, CO, and NOX data. it will have max/min + your numbers listed. One such example a VACUUM LEAK will raise CO numbers. Can we see some numbers, please?
MEXICOWANDERER 07/12/19 01:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Onan hot hot hot

HOT HOT HOT? Push ambient air into the generator compartment https://media.rs-online.com/t_large/F7719102-01.jpg height=500 width=500 and... it cures the ambient generator compartment hot tamale syndrome.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/12/19 01:02pm Tech Issues
RE: What gauge wire do I use

If MONEY is the issue use 3AWG aluminum wire. But bare aluminum MUST MUST MUST be connected to TIN before it then connects to copper. Tin-plated aluminum works. Tin plated copper works. But the interface must be sealed water-tight outdoors. Bare copper or SOLDER does not work. Aluminum is 4-alarm fire, fussy. And remember the THIRD WIRE for earth ground can be #12 CU COPPER or #10 AL ALUMINUM 100 volt starting at high-head will destroy a roof air compressor motor
MEXICOWANDERER 07/12/19 12:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Trimetric Monitor and Battery Charging Help

Battery death sentence Not guesswork. The WFCO snotrag is 101% sure to destroy your excellent batteries. 101% is pretty bad odds. I'll make fifty to one book on it and walk away grinning at the loser's expense. I've done the following to a 55-amp WFCO. From a different power supply I passed 50 amps through the solid block aluminum heat-sink for nine minutes. I was foolish enough to not testing thermally before I touched it. HELLO FIRST DEGREE BURN thumb and forefinger. The aluminum was at >400F Say nothing about the cooling fan. The factory fan is obstructed and is near useless. For finishing charging the most economical fix is to buy the 400-watt MEGAWATT Set the EXTERNAL VOLTAGE ADJUSTMENT TO FOURTEEN POINT FOUR 14.4 VOLTS, USE 10 GAUGE WIRE TO THE BATTERIES. and plug it into 120 volts AC. When the batteries drop charging amperage to 3.0 amperes, the batteries will be happy. If charging with a generator when the WFCO falls flat on its face and charges less than 30.0 amps, shut it off and start the Megawatt. Add 2 hours of charging time every week until you get home. For 1st aid at home connect the Megawatt for 2-days solid with your battery bank. Then disconnect. For pure rig storage, you may then want to connect a battery maintainer. Your reward if you deeply cycle those lifelines will be DOUBLE the battery life. The formula for charged voltage is one half of one percent of TWELVE VOLT (six cells) total amp-hour capacity. The above meets and agrees with Concorde's Lifeline operating manual exactly. No factory charger or converter is preset to do this -- not even close.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/12/19 12:20pm Tech Issues

YES. They ride like a buckboard, get hotter n snot at freeway speeds especially when you back off the pressure to ease the ride. You can not use these tires with common wheels they will split the wheel flange. I finally gave up and used 14.5" mobile home tires and wheels. Your experience may vary.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/11/19 03:18pm Tech Issues
RE: What gauge wire do I use

If you want CHEAPER use COPPER PLATED aluminum wire and SOLDER the terminals. Avoid NoOx chemicals and prep with D100 antioxidant cleaner then smear with silicone grease. "Ah bah off-spec gaso-leen twenty fahv cents a gallon cheapah. So what is an occasional hoal in a piston?" Replace a roof air and a couple of converters. Focus on the hundred dollars or so you saved when you bought the wyah. Redneck logic. Ah caint be overdran Ah still got check left, logic. Mr. Chum Lee, take a gander at a high head pressure re-start with even 200' eight gauge wire. What is your voltage? It'll have you squeezing your buns tighter than you'd ever expect. Gotta nearby oak tree branch and a come-along you can drive out from under? Electricity is mean it has no sense of kindness.
MEXICOWANDERER 07/11/19 03:06pm Tech Issues
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