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Many thanks for the link. I pored over pertinent data. First speed reed, there's no doubt, and my conviction that Cytokine Storms are the Gran Mal of autoimmune reaction of a COVID19 episode are reinforced. My outcome looks bleak. I never suspected otherwise. Amplified T cell involvement looks inevitable. This is my fascination with the Oxford AZ approach. The unexpected dosage reaction creates a strong hunch that efficacy/ dosage discrepancies are T cell related. I will be interested in reading conclusions before and after peer reviewing. Long term efficacy due to eventual T cell rejection lends me to weigh more heavily on a particular modality. I will be monitoring white blood cell count with particular interest during the first week. A CBC on the 7th day. Urinalysis after 3 weeks. Malicious T Cell origin antigen activity will show up in renal rather than hepatic numbers.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/28/20 02:45am Around the Campfire

Mistake above is in your software. I used a reply globule. "........... No problem. Try again.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/27/20 06:34pm Around the Campfire

We know it is difficult, but again, we have to ask you avoid political references of any kind. Covid doesn't recognize politics, and it is up to us as 'citizens' to get control and then This best corroborates the statement I made about distribution. Mexico is flying the revised dosage AZ vaccine all over Mexico. The president flatly said it's for Medical personnel and the aged.take advantage of what ever vaccines have proven effective.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/27/20 05:51pm Around the Campfire
RE: Corn, Corn and more Corrn

http://forums.bajanomad.com/files.php?pid=1192085&aid=41885 height=500 width=599
MEXICOWANDERER 11/26/20 07:42pm Around the Campfire
RE: Living with only one arm

DITTO about one arm. Only mine was caused by almost ripping my hand off in a bad fall. It broke the bones then turned the long ends into an inch of mush. After 5 hours on the table they put Humpty back together again, sorta. It's taken me 9 years to almost be able to hold a mug of coffee by the handle again. I exercised by using a keyboard. But powering a manual wheel chair is not possible. Weak grip. But life goes on, with stretch shorts, pullovers (no buttons) and hanging a coffee mug on the crossbar of my walker KEEP TRUCKING
MEXICOWANDERER 11/26/20 05:41pm Around the Campfire
RE: 1-2-All Switch Wiring?

With a SMART BATTERY CHARGING SOLENOID the issue is limited solely to Battery Discharge. Forgetting to allowing charge is a major issue.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/26/20 12:45pm Tech Issues

I know of no medication that has more side effects at ½ dosage. Less efficacy yes. But not more intense side effects. Yet some entities are treating the ½ dosage efficacy as a defect. This is new technology and the immune system is reactive and not merely a slide. If WHO found trials failures of the AZ VACCINE that would have been entirely a disaster and different issue. The South African trials have shown no failures. What is unknown is the durability of ANY serum from season to season. Influenza mutates and NONE of the vaccines in use protects the vaccinated from season to season. None of the vaccines use the novel methodology of the AZ approach. They rely on the same tired rote as current antivirals. I am willing to chance the AZ innovation of nullifying the virus method of cell penetration. Oh Silly Me. Oh silly me.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/26/20 12:23pm Around the Campfire

AFTER my bouts last winter with "approved" flu vaccines I am ready to move on.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/26/20 09:14am Around the Campfire
Lockdown Hazard

http://forums.bajanomad.com/files.php?pid=1188382&aid=41716 height=600 width=500
MEXICOWANDERER 11/25/20 08:38pm Around the Campfire
RE: Burnt wires in power distribution panel

Non accuracy due to having a keyboard the size of a Saltine cracker
MEXICOWANDERER 11/25/20 02:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery failure puzzle: voltage good, little power

How I grumble about using derivatives for analysis (frown) . Connect 8 D cell flashlight batteries and Tah-Dah you have 12 volts. For dainty hands, Harbor Freight has a true adjustable carbon pile load tester. The 2nd best way to accurately test a lead acid battery. Parts store cheese grater load testers are as useful as a treadmill with a recliner chair. I've seen batteries that will exhibit 12 volts Put a 20 amp load on them and they slump to 0.00 Load test batteries at 50% of their cold cranking amperage rating. Welcome to the world of a ruined vacation :(
MEXICOWANDERER 11/25/20 02:26pm Tech Issues

I am expecting a boilerplate answer but I fired off a mail to AstraZeneca Mexico.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/25/20 11:50am Around the Campfire
RE: Hooking up trickle charger to golf cart batteries

In the middle joining the 2 batteries is a NO TOUCHIE + to -- cable. Do not touch. Use the other posts on both batteries. Red, black and green color coding spray paint help resolve the issue.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/25/20 11:39am Tech Issues

Jeezo this is 180 degrees opposite from what the secretearia de Salud announced publicly last week. Dr. Jorge Alcocer Varela. AVENIDA SUPER AVENIDA LOMAS VERDES, #67, Int. 0, COLONIA LOMAS VERDES, Naucalpan de Juárez, NAUCALPAN DE JUÁREZ, ESTADO DE MéXICO, MÉXICO, CP: 53120 He said the vaccines will be ready to ship December 9-12. BUT BUT BUT. Having lived in Mexico and enduring Mexican government and private press releases for decades for more decades than I wish to remember. "Having a vaccine ready to ship" and actually doing it is 2 different things. The new discovery regarding a 50% potency 1st jab being superior certainly must have upset AZs grand plans. I passed by AZs manufacturing facility in 2011. It is huge. Perhaps 8-10 Costco stores in physical size. It is not located near AZs headquarters. It had its own commercial truck entrance. Keep in mind our own FDA declared the AZ serum can be manufactured four times as fast as the Pfizer and Moderna versions and the AZ can be stored for six months at refrigerator temperature. The serology has not changed in 6 months which surely makes the process simpler. It's the revised dosage and ramifications that has my eyebrows raised about release dates. A distribution center in the megalopolis of Monterrey would help with faster dispersal throughout the country.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/25/20 11:02am Around the Campfire
RE: Very Frustrated

I would really try to find 12-point metric replacement bolts which reduces the socket size (think bolts for headers). Then 3 or 4 36" extensions if I was going to keep the rig. Nickel based anti sieze which loves aluminum and steel. Imagining the process, does it mean removing the radiator and shimmying the A/C condenser aside?
MEXICOWANDERER 11/24/20 10:39pm Tech Issues
RE: English to Spanish app for phone

ZAPOTECO was overwhelming for my tongue. My pathetic attempts left my fire plug Zapoteca housekeeper howling and beating her fists on the floor.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/24/20 04:01pm RVing in Mexico and South America

I sped through the article and found the multiple bar graphs at the end especially valuable to me. I am a subject of a hyperactive immune (autoimmune) subject to R/A symptoms, severe (rheumatologist denoted) psoriasis, and a peculiar symptom if I drank water originating in a private well in seven or eight locales all over the west and in Mexico both hands would swell up to the size of baseball catcher's mitts. After switching to R/O water the swelling would go down and I would have peeling skin like that expressed after a severe sunburn on the hands. Rheumatologists were/are amazed at the reaction and Blood and Urine Panels revealed zero. Other than considerable discomfort no other reactions were noted. So my concern about immunological effects aren't merely theatrical.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/24/20 01:02pm Around the Campfire

Thank you, sir. Many times, links just hang down here, and yours must have been one of them. Regards for taking the time to re-post it. Clicking. Now.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/24/20 12:23pm Around the Campfire

THANK YOU FOR THE CORRECTION! Mexico is awaiting Great Britain's authorization then they will proceed independent of the USA. According to COFEPRIS they have millions and millions of doses stockpiled and the Oxford vaccine can be safely made 4 times faster than the US vaccines and exist comfortably in a standard refrigerator. Thank god for small miracles. The fact that 2 full strength vaccinations render 70% protection while a half strength 1st jab followed by a full strength second jab yields protection in the high 90's (not peer reviewed) will probably delay authorization here. I am anxious because I have surgeries (multiple) ahead of me. Most of you have family around you. My family is 2,000 + miles distant. While getting a full long-block physical rebuilding in the USA, I survive alone in a small house, on my own, except for two extremely limited time housekeepers. So I have to prepare for probable post inoculation side effects. Not having the ability to walk compounds the issue. As a chuckle, USA butterball turkeys sell for $4.00+ a pound here. Shipping while frozen must enter into that equation. Another day in paradise.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/24/20 11:41am Around the Campfire

WITH VACCINES YOU DO NOT HAVE A CHOICE. PERIOD. You get inoculated with what is available. Check with the FDA on this. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been granted emergency clearance for use in the USA. The Oxford AZ vaccine has not. But AZ needs consensual approval from the FDA to qualify Mexican green card holders entry. A binary approval that allows Pfizer and Moderna vaccinated entry on airflights. Most of the latter is in Spanish and has to be ferreted out of various newsfeeds including COFEPRIS. But my AZ inoculation remarks should be treated like your cousin Ralph's postcard visiting Hawaii the first time and not like the Physician's Desk Reference. You are unlikely to get any comments from anyone outside the Pfizer-Moderna realm.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/23/20 10:48pm Around the Campfire
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