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RE: Medicare coverage overseas

Cash or credit card in México. The underwriter reimburses the policyholder. Stabilize then haul bootie. Airlines will not allow a non ambulatory customer to board. Temperatures are taken.
MEXICOWANDERER 03/01/21 02:14am Around the Campfire
RE: wind power

That trait would be worth its weight in platinum. The onshore breeze dies at sundown here. I pencilled out a 930 kWh solar platform (30 days). It's depressing the cost of 12-hours of energy storage.
MEXICOWANDERER 03/01/21 02:08am Around the Campfire
RE: wind power

Where does the wind blow consistently on a hot summer's night?
MEXICOWANDERER 02/28/21 06:56pm Around the Campfire
RE: Generator breaker keeps shutting off immediately

Not definitive. Use 12 volts. A battery, a 0 ohm resistance will induce a substantial spark. No substantial spark no short. Use positive on the slip ring furthest outboard. This induces inherent magnetism. Opens are common direct shorts are rare. Check 20 M resistance slip ring to generator chassis.
MEXICOWANDERER 02/28/21 06:52pm Tech Issues
RE: wind power

That 85 year figure reminds me of the WE ARE OUT OF CRUDE OIL NOW in the 1980's. The San Francisco Bay delta holds so much natural gas they are not drilling for fresh water anymore despite the incursion of salt water upriver. Once a high pressure well has been drilled and then capped, it becomes the responsibility of the mineral rights owner forever. If it blows, they will need to flare it unless they can cap it again. Too bad it isn't propane or butane which is a hundred times cleaner. An unvented natural gas heater (like in a giant warehouse) gags and stings the eyes. It's a challenge to get enthusiastic about green when the Chinese are building dozens and dozens of new coal generation plants while declaring they will be phased out :(
MEXICOWANDERER 02/28/21 03:53pm Around the Campfire

Children Vaccination Phase One Pfizer announced Friday it is planning to start phase 1 trials with a vaccine on children as young as 5 years of age.
MEXICOWANDERER 02/28/21 11:05am Around the Campfire
RE: Harbor Freight - what happened to the 20% off coupons

I used to laugh at absurd Armageddon grade events in pulp ebooks. After noting the last 15-months I don't laugh any more. People really are that stupid. Full circle Dirt cheap short lived electrical tools. Improving quality, giving them brand names, now they cost almost as much as first line brand name tools except advertisements lie about performance.
MEXICOWANDERER 02/28/21 08:58am Tech Issues
RE: No Pain, No Gain!

May I harp? If you are 50+ and experience periods of not feeling well don't screw around. Go to the doctor. You may be having episodes of heartbeat malfunction called Atrial Fibrillation. Over a period of time unpumped blood in the heart thickens. It coagulates. When the heart resumes pumping the very thick blood can end up in a brain artery blocking it. The effects are a nightmare. A stroke. Ignoring not feeling well when you're elderly is just plain risky. With supervised Rx medications you can decrease the certainty of a stroke by perhaps 99%. End of mini rant
MEXICOWANDERER 02/27/21 07:21pm Around the Campfire

Verified Yesterday. Canada approves AstraZeneca vaccine. Today: USA FDA approved Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
MEXICOWANDERER 02/27/21 04:34pm Around the Campfire
RE: Unnecessary Warnings Shown on Products

California proposition warnings are pretty bad. They are everywhere. The very first warning I ever saw was back in 1957 in California. About asparagus. Pancreatic and liver cancer. Some people became suspicious. It was reported that a railroad train car would have to be consumed monthly for years to cause the chance of cancer. That took the bloom off the rose of warnings from California. When I contacted the assemblyman whose state bill prohibits the importation and sale of manual battery chargers in the state of California I explained... Force operation through a timer. He got angry at me. I blame much of the double-digit intelligence values on drugs. Cash register buttons have pictures on them. The power goes out cashiers close the store. An inability to make change counting up. Public forums (not this one) the syntax is so bad as to be frightening.
MEXICOWANDERER 02/26/21 04:34pm Around the Campfire
RE: wind power

The USA has a minimum of 3,000 years of natural gas reserves. Investing in stack scrubbers then limiting plant usage may be an alternative. Electrical generation for domestic air conditioner loads at night is the gremlin.
MEXICOWANDERER 02/26/21 03:20pm Around the Campfire
RE: 2005 IOTA power converter

Zzzzzzzzzz...just funnin' Do these manufacturers have operation manuals that can be downloaded? Especially with expensive batteries I always review manufacturer's preferences for changing. They TRUMP charger manufacturer recommendations. Temperature correct 14.4 constant voltage for absorbed glass mat batteries. It's one of the easiest specs to remember. And do not charge AGM batteries at amperages rated less than 20% of their amp hour rating unless you are starting out when they are mostly full.
MEXICOWANDERER 02/26/21 03:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery Question..

Temps 50-90F three to four months 30-60 six months 0-40 eight months A generator is neat for maintenance, turning lights on, vacuuming and dusting. If the batteries somehow are low a 1,000 watt may be too small and stall out.
MEXICOWANDERER 02/26/21 02:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Excellent video on brake repacking

https://products.lelubricants.com/item/all-purpose-chassis-2/almagard-vari-purpose-lubricant-3750-3752/3752-tube height=500 width=500
MEXICOWANDERER 02/25/21 11:37pm Tech Issues
RE: Moderna vaccine (Personal experiences)

It's all ahead of me. Problems with wheelchair access in San Diego. It was in the NTC 56 years ago that we received pneumatic vaccinations en mass. And then Australian vaccines in southeast asia. NOTHING could hurt my arm as bad as that. The Navy gave us shots while we had the flu. I ended up in sick bay on an I.V. But I need to cool my heels after getting jabbed. I have ended up on an exam table down here with mysterious bouts of anaphalactic shock. Beet red. Wheezing and rapid recovery after administration of ephinepherine IV. México. A billion words. No jabs. SPUTNIK. SINOVAC. The poupurri is scary. I'm going north.
MEXICOWANDERER 02/25/21 09:48pm Around the Campfire
RE: Harbor Freight - what happened to the 20% off coupons

Direct buying via eBay and Amazon carved the heart out of Harbor Freight. When it started in the early eighties it was known as HARBOR FREIGHT SALVAGE. Garbage ¼ and ? socket sets cost $3 and were worth half that. Today a purchase means standing in line for ½ hour to pay if you can find a parking spot. Their major counterpower is their garbage is returnable. Buy through eBay and extended delivery time items from the far east are chew & spit. I accidentally tried tools from Auto Zone and the quality was very noticeably better. I put on my reading glasses and read TAIWAN Simple INDIA hand tools are of tolerable quality. Korean made electrical gizmos are also tolerable. But I am fussier than hell about my electrical tools. GERMANY. Canada OLSA has a brand new forged bench vise that is magnitudes stronger than the old benchmark WILTON. About time. I need to get the kids a HF 2cycle 800 watt generator. But which Spark plug brand replaces the OEM no start?
MEXICOWANDERER 02/25/21 09:29pm Tech Issues

This is a cut and paste from today's Johns Hopkins health newsletter. To me the significance of the information is incredible. A joy to read. I hope this makes your day as well. Tip: It puts into perspective the "hazard" of emerging COVID-19 strains... Regeneron Monoclonal Antibodies Display Efficacy Against MERS in First Human Testing (Homeland Preparedness News) A pair of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) developed by Regeneron have shown promising signs against the coronavirus that causes Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) in a phase one clinical trial that marked the first such test conducted on people. In all, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)-sponsored trial pulled in 48 healthy adults for testing in California. Each was given either the mAbs — REGN3048 and REGN3051 — or a placebo by intravenous infusion. The participants were then followed for 121 days after injection, during which time no serious adverse effects were reported.
MEXICOWANDERER 02/25/21 12:19pm Around the Campfire
RE: Texas winterizing...

My experience California 1987 At a friend's machine shop reading a six color pamphlet hawking upcoming deregulated power. I couldn't believe what I was reading. The gyppo company was offering tiered rates at "current market rates" The Market Rates would be released from Oversight by the California Utilities Commission. In other words "wide-open-no ceiling". People do not spend millions of dollars in advertising to lose money. I knew from corresponding costs of utility power from the Pacific Intertie that the current public power kWh price that public price was a little fat but not predatory. So how was TARLICK ENERGY going to buy power from current suppliers (Then Diablo Canyon and SMUD's nuclear plants were under intense pressure to close), and the Pacific Intertie, and render its investors a profit? Like today's PG&E morph, it didn't fit. It couldn't fit. It was a con. A blatant Ponzi Scheme with retail consumers clutching their ankles. In 1989, 22 years ago, it all fermented. Power costs increased 5000% during the winter. Misery was widespread but short-lived due to California's propensity for liberal government control. Since then demand digital meters have boosted non-constant kWh consumption. Hobby garage enthusiasts found out the hard way that striking an arc or starting a one horsepower split phase motor raises kWh price (sometimes) dramatically. The premium price tag lasts for hours and hours so all power may incur a 150% premium. Power companies argue the premium is justified. Grids and distribution must be designed and maintained for worst case (California not Texas). A year or so ago, I was amused when Comision Federal de Electricidad, tried soliciting new digital demand meter replacement in residential areas under the overt guise of "Super Modern and Precise". The change would be voluntary not mandated for existing meters. New construction or upgrades from existing 30-amp 127 volt service drops means getting a demand meter. Commercial businesses who MUST provide their own 3 phase transformers were not given an option. Mechanical meters are a thing of the past. Mere use of a refrigerator, boosts expenses into the next tier of kWh calculation. The posted price of power remains unchanged due to political ramifications down here. But total consumption is warped. I have an incredibly expensive 3-phase power analyzer in Michoacan. I connected it to MY POWER but because of branch circuits it was visible from the service drop. CFE saw it. An automobile came and CFE threatened to sever my power even though the device is 100% inductive. No disconnections on MY service. UNAUTHORIZED DEVICE they pronounced. They couldn't care less that the analyzer showed less than 04% total kWh error between their meter and my equipment. This was "peeping-tom" insulting. But when I checked several 30-amp 127-volt services with demand meters I found that incidental surges "Refrigerator starts" boosted demand meter consumption by 17% and it did not return to base price for hours. Mexican homes in my community are incredibly basic. Refrigerators and fans comprise the largest consumption percentage. CFE refused to take back the digital meters claiming they had no inventory and old meters had to be recalibrated which would be an impossibility. I do not know because I do not and did not follow the history of deregulation in Texas. But it is a wealthy well-educated state. For the public to claim ignorance of the working demonstration of unbridled deregulation in California is to me, both depressing and amazing. No public outcry? Not a squeak? No complaints about 100,000 words in No .5 font detailing what they were signing up for? Not one whisper? Sheeple? Would you enter into a contract for an automobile or mortgage that clearly stated "APR subject to current market rates?" Vulnerable mentalities rejoice when they learn the "Market Value" of their home zoomed without giving thought to open-ticket threat of property tax rate increases. Young people who rejoice today at low-cost electrical car fuel costs, haven't a clue. It's bait. Fossil fuel costs are largely market driven. There is no true market force for the cost of electricity. If you argue go back to the beginning of this article. With vanished petroleum energy alternative, cost for home energy becomes legislated. Principal cost for industry and agriculture become 100% legislated. Points to ponder.
MEXICOWANDERER 02/25/21 12:04pm Around the Campfire
RE: Harbor Freight - what happened to the 20% off coupons

Down here the Koreans and Taiwanese are trying direct email marketing for their products. And ads for the newest incarnation of Canada's Owatonna Tool Co. OLSA.
MEXICOWANDERER 02/25/21 09:52am Tech Issues
RE: Stand Alone Charger

MEXICOWANDERER 02/24/21 11:44pm Tech Issues
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