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I visited the Costco and Walmart stores in Chula Vista California Wednesday. I spent about 2 hours in each store. The crowding was intense. If I had to guess I would say each store had three hundred customers. Everuone I saw was wearing a mask. Neither store took temperature or dispensed hand sanitizer which they did during the Delta infestation. If I'm ever going to get infected (Ómicron) this was the time and place. The stores were almost impossible to navigate with that many customers. I had to wait dozens of times for someone to clear out from a display so I could grab a product. Every register in the store was open and all of them had waiting lines of perhaps a dozen or more carts and platforms. If I failed to get infected I will be surprised. It was that crowded for four hours solid. By Sunday evening I will have my question answered. In history if a cold or flu is circulating I'll get it. My Rx includes two steroid drugs. And I have three significant comorbidities. The interesting part is I am inoculated with a prime boost protocol. Supposedly the strongest defense available. The primer was one jab of Chinese Sinovac, four months later a jab of 100ug Moderna then 3 months after that (Nov 15) the second 100ug of Moderna. I'll certainly know by the end of next week. Seven plus days of incubation. I am due to be lab tested my next appt at Scripps. The second week in Feb. My Titer on 3 Jan had a very high count of both neutralizing antibodies and T cells. Frankly, after a year, I'm tired of the suspense.
MEXICOWANDERER 01/14/22 09:25pm Around the Campfire

Do you want proof that masks actually work? Masks are not designed to filter air They muffle expelled air travel distance It's winter so when you see your breath, it's moisture from your lungs. Go outside with another person. Take turns exhaling and seeing how far your breath travels. Then mask up. Do it again. This is a great learning tool. It's also undeniably accurate Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
MEXICOWANDERER 12/21/21 11:34pm Around the Campfire

An article of interest https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/beyond-the-spike-are-t-cell-covid-19-vaccines-the-future?utm_source=Sailthru%20Email&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=MNT%20Daily%20News&utm_content=2021-12-20&apid=38467169&rvid=7869dcec1ff7bd9288148c216084351fd4c466034232ee06e493377eac340d6a
MEXICOWANDERER 12/20/21 02:24pm Around the Campfire
RE: Ever Notice?

IDK if pockets were normal during that time period or not. I have read that making left and right shoos is a fairly new invention. Prior to that you just slipped them on regardless of which foot. I appreciate everyone's comments. I was afraid I was the only one who enjoys noticing unusual little trivia. Pocket Watch?
MEXICOWANDERER 12/19/21 02:29pm Around the Campfire

Back My laptop committed blue screen Seppuku. Apparently the dose/timing phenomenon works with the heterogeneous primer and subsequent mRMA protocol. I was fortunate to have had access to the killed virus Sinovac vaccine as the primer, and two 100 ug Moderna boosters. The folks I chatted with informed me that all four virologists (3) AstroZeneca (1) Cansino had no 2nd booster side effects other than a mildly d sore injection site. I was fully prepared to endure another 4 days, out of commission due to fatigue and appetite suppression. Day 2 passed then day three. A mildly tender injection site but zero fatigue. But I must repeat that four full months elapsed between primer and 1st booster then 3 months between Boosters Moderna 2 and 3. Again both boosters were full strength. Five out of five identical 3rd jabs is an eyebrow raiser. The fact that the homogeneous primer is noted as a particularly effective T cell generator did not escape me. Having based my limited virus education on study of the 1918-1919 pandemic which meant exhaustive study, I note that the Pathogen behaved similarly to what is being reported currently. The credible report of a New York subway passenger boarding a train and passing by three doctors in apparently good health only to fall ill and die with a high fever less than a half-hour later is most curious. If a virus were to mutate in a self destructive manner I can't think of a better way to ensure oblivion than to shorten its transmissability by brief infectivity transmission time. The Spanish Flu was an H1N1 pathogen. Within a month of the New York City subway episode transmission degraded in numbers. I have hope that the less aggresive Ómicron variant is a signal that we are seeing the beginning of the end of the ravage. Major pharmaceutical and research laboratories have an avalanche of data to process. Hetero primer Homo booster theory is intriguing. I hope research manages to answer questions regarding other pathogens like virulent influenza.
MEXICOWANDERER 12/07/21 02:14am Around the Campfire

Very interesting quotes made by AstraZeneca's CEO regarding efficacy of the AZ vaccine. This agrees with my plan to use a multi-vaccine, Prime-Boost regimen. AZ was not available but a similar type modified virus primer was. SINOVAC. Note that the CDC and NIH acknowledge Britain's low incidence of infection even after 6 months have passed. OPINION: There is little reason to be frustrated by Pfizer or Moderna's longevity. There are studies underway to vaccinate with modified virus serums after completion of mRNA innoculation. I am hopeful that the variation will produce long term protection. But it is important to follow the CDC and FDA recommendation until this is sorted out. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/health/medical/astrazeneca-vaccine-may-give-longer-protection-that-is-shielding-uk-from-new-covid-wave/ar-AAR1YSM
MEXICOWANDERER 11/25/21 03:19am Around the Campfire
RE: Early Television

I remember Winky Dink, Arthur Godfrey, and when I was about twelve after the National Anthem, Static. Later on the first show on Saturday was Industry On Parade and year around the producers seem to use Christmas music as a background. Stores sold "color tv" tinted transparent film. Slap it on the screen. Bottom shaded pink, middle third green and top third blue. It worked best with Westerns 60 years ago there was the Chet Huntley David Brinkly News. I have forgotten when I first viewed a Motion Picture on television. But the very first thing I remember was a cartoon with no speech just music. Depicting Africa. A cartoon small child following a black bird. Every so often the bird would hop. I was around 4 at the time.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/23/21 07:15pm Around the Campfire
RE: Converting Honda generator to propane

I converted and serviced dozens of LPG gensets. The larger ones were Wisconsin V4 37.5 horsepower air cooled. Intermittent selective loading is the big advantage of LPG fueled generators Start engine use microwave, shut down. Start engine charge flooded batteries for 3 hours then shut down. Nkcase pse Keep in mind changing over an air cooled generator makes it operate at a significantly higher temperature. This is where I met Pabst ventilation fans. The engines also gain crankcase pressure meaning oil leaks are increased. When I ran a one ton pickup exclusively on LPG I built a special engine with 12.t to 1 compression, large valves and special camshaft. The rest was about as much power as stock engine and recovered about half the lost economy. That was several decades ago when scarce Mexican premium gasoline wasn't equal to cheapie USA regular gasoline and butane was ? the price of regular gas. When switching away from gasoline the benefits should be weighed against the minuses. That pickup had a stake bed on it with a vertically stacked pair of 83 gallon motor fuel tanks.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/23/21 06:53pm Tech Issues
Early Television

Please Stand By (test pattern) My brother and I would leap from the carpet and stand like sentinels alongside the glowing round picture tube that even had an image of a Sioux chieftain in the lower right hand corner.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/22/21 12:05pm Around the Campfire
RE: Anybody use Aliexpress??

MEXICOWANDERER 11/21/21 11:09pm Around the Campfire

Do you filter visitors to your home? How?
MEXICOWANDERER 11/19/21 07:43pm Around the Campfire

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhMlZczq4Ns Interesting presentation (not peer reviewed) of comparative results between booster types.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/12/21 01:15pm Around the Campfire

Injection # 3. Sinovac, Moderna, Moderna, all were full strength. # 3 no unpleasant side effects up until and including today, 3-days after the jab. The hospital took another labs which I did feel :) Five vials. A friend also got his second Moderna shot after 2 Sinovac jabs. No after effects. But a hospital nutritionist told me oral iron supplements were ineffective without taking vitamin C concurrently. I was diagnosed as being anemic years ago.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/08/21 06:03pm Around the Campfire
RE: What's the best deep cycle AGM battery for 2021?

Try and beat this...heh heh heh Lifeline in storage, DISCONNECTED for one and a half years 12.58 volts measured Saturday.
MEXICOWANDERER 11/08/21 01:33pm Tech Issues

Doctors at Scripps and Sharps, both teaching medical centers, are stunned. This high of titer level after that length of time for a 75-year-old with multiple life-threatening autoimmune comorbidities is almost unprecedented (so they say). After my 2nd MODERNA jab 5 November, I am looking for a period where I can forget about hoses down my throat. Next June, I intend to get a followup TITER and if it remains high, no more jabs. I do expect to get infected. I do HOPE that it will be utterly asymptomatic. After that, que sera sera. I've done all I can. But, I feel strongly the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA are omitting valuable public information by not even commenting on the PRIMER / BOOSTER methodology for a protocol. Would an inverse mRNA + ADENO protocol work? I see silence. This disgusts me. Shareholder impact taints every level of our federal health system.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/30/21 03:31pm Around the Campfire

So be it
MEXICOWANDERER 10/29/21 11:26pm Around the Campfire

Reminder: personal experiences with Covid and vaccinations go here: Personal Covid and Vaccination experiences Thank you. Discussions about highly technical rest results go where?
MEXICOWANDERER 10/29/21 08:41pm Around the Campfire

My titer count is 776 This isn't the forum for this...
MEXICOWANDERER 10/29/21 06:21pm Around the Campfire
RE: And Another Battery Question

Goosing the hydrometer bulb lightly ensures the bobber is vertical and free. It'll jiggle up and down. If you cannot get the reading up to 1.280 or individual cells are uneven then your cells are sulfated and need equalization. Read the Rolls Battery download and follow the instructions. Then say HELLO to perhaps 20% more amp hour capacity.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/28/21 09:59pm Tech Issues
RE: My wife is gonna kill me, please help

Remember Few if any made-in-China devices are checked. Especially true of small appliances. Nothing like paying $20 return shipping on a $40 item.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/28/21 04:11pm Tech Issues
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