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RE: 400 mile electric RV

Electricity versus petroleum includes more than motor vehicles. There are so few examples of all electric homes outside California and perhaps Texas and Florida that obtaining sample data is frustrating. Do *any* of you know what it takes to HEAT a 2,000 sq foot home when the Delta T is one hundred degrees? People scream in agony when they receive a bill for cooling a home with 30 degrees Delta T. Drop it to 60T or 40T Add an electric stove, kitchen accessories, fast recovery 50 gallon hot water heater, and presto zingo, you are looking at eight to ten times the power consumption as a motor vehicle. The government is going to chop carbon emissions by the old classic way. Tax it. I live in a country that allows the 1st 75 kWh inexpensively. 76 to 150 kWh is double the price 151 to 300 kWh triple that. But wait there's more DATA ALTO CONSUMO allows for "X" total kWh to be consumed in a two-month period. Then the cost triples AGAIN and all lower tiers are eliminated for the next six months to a year. Fifty cents, US per kWh. Can't be done! Won't be done? The federal annual mileage tax proposal is a myth. So are Pennsylvania Turnpike Style toll booths and automatic chip readers for cars. Nahhhhhhhh, they'll NEVER tax out of state purchases... Unless you are a credentialed electrical engineer that worked with power generation and transmission projections, be very careful about your theories. Start with this --- Pencil up a work sheet with 150,000 BTU electric heat, a six burner stove, 50 gallon water heater--- Forget about the car. What size electrical service does an all electric house consume. Hint: In 1977 The Summit, an all electric, new, luxury subdivision in Lake Tahoe had a revolt by new owners. Their bills were averaging $700 month To control consumption during the 1972-1974 gasoline shortage, they simply rationed gasoline. Don't be foolish and start believing the USA will not go the way of its southern neighbor and price tier what they consider excessive consumption. New construction will utilize underground distribution construction, with conductor size amplified 33%. Steel cored aluminum power lines will exceed doubled 1000 MCM cable. The price of aluminum will blast off like copper did. My crystal ball is becoming clearer. Wait for the day, a $50 or $100 excise tax is passed for LPG and natural gas water heater sales. Not green, I'll have to settle for a mild TAN down here. Before you show outrage, my TOTAL energy averages 88 kWh monthly. And ten dollars per month in gasoline at $4.00 gallon. You're champing at the bit, but I'll blow your arguments first, all electric houses are new construction presently in California. But if you're young, brand-new slip-in electric heater replacements will appear. Electricians will be hired, and petroleum energy price increases will encourage you to not delay. I'm fortunate to have a single-digit years lifespan ahead. It will spare me from hearing all the weeping.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/08/21 09:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Lithium cost keep dropping!

They supposedly commit Seppuku if drained lower than a certain percentage of capacity. 20%? Is a 100 amp hour *rated* lithium battery really an 80 amp hours usable battery? Solar panel wattage is measured at the equator on July 1 at noon on a clear day. Atop a 15,000 ft Andes mountain peak?
MEXICOWANDERER 10/08/21 04:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Remembering my best physical condition

My eldest granddaughter takes after her grandpa at the same age. Then I used to life a 50 gallon empty propane bottle into my pickup. She hoists a 5 gallon purified water bottle with each arm and walks across the beach. Thin but muscles like rope. She puts up with no guff from her three younger sisters. I recently stumbled across a bicycle pedal floor exercise machine. Sit in a chair and pedal away. With variable resistance and a control panel. I want to gain strength in my legs.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/08/21 02:33pm Around the Campfire
RE: Lithium cost keep dropping!

What is the USUABLE amp hours of a "100 amp hour" lithium battery? Or is it hypothetical like solar panel wattage as measured on the planet Mercury?
MEXICOWANDERER 10/08/21 02:18pm Tech Issues
You'd Think This Is Why They're Out Of dept...

http://forums.bajanomad.com/files.php?pid=1222462&aid=43865 height=400 width=400
MEXICOWANDERER 10/07/21 07:46pm Around the Campfire

The population has yet to be forced indoors by cold weather and the closing of doors and windows. The additive effects of no masks, no distancing and no vaccine will start to show up.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/07/21 09:52am Around the Campfire
RE: Battery Problem

I traced down the case on my Costco group 78 cranking battery and it turns out to be a Johnson Controls. It is 11% heavier than comparatively priced Mexican Costco batteries with double the guarantee. May I suggest you check the amp hours and weight and post it? Some GC220s are 10% fewer amp hours than others.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/06/21 01:48pm Tech Issues
RE: 400 mile electric RV

Amazing but factual. After WW II Pacific Islanders demonstrated to have "whatever happened to sunken Japanese tankers, to 'do it again' because the fish harvest was magnitudes better than it was during even village elder's lifetimes" I thought it was a joke ha-ha until my father extracted commission news accounts of native behavior. Including photographs. It was theorized bunker oil had supplied the bottom of the food chain. With my generator day tank. Algae growth is 100 times greater in water at the bottom of the tank than it is with our untreated well water. I am posting this solely for its curiosity value and not as a political statement.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/06/21 01:38pm Tech Issues
RE: 400 mile electric RV

This argument is like having multiple recycle curbside bins while the rest of the town is hurling trash out the back window. It is absurdly easy for an automobile to exceed HC CO & NOX limits by 500% And Mexico has what thirty million automobiles and an inability to rationalize EVs outside of the largest cities. Mexico's GASOLINE Magna, has 4.5 times the USA permitted level of sulfur. And in the summer much of it blows north. To cure anything one must address and fix all facets of a problem. Starting with easing the 500 container ships swirling around offshore (they aren't anchored) burning bunkers of 600 PPM diesel 24/7
MEXICOWANDERER 10/06/21 02:07am Tech Issues
RE: Rental Car Question

Different tack. Take images covering every square foot of the vehicle inside and out. If you find damage outside or rip or stain inside make them note it on the contract. Refill the tank with gasoline before you return the car or face a pricey premium
MEXICOWANDERER 10/05/21 10:16pm Around the Campfire

The current IT'S ALL ABOUT ME attitude Pianotuna is loud but not ubiquitous. Remember the popular phrase from fifty years ago IGNORE ALIEN ORDERS? I automatically scroll past IF YOU HAVE TINNITUS DO THIS IMMEDIETLY advertisements. I am hanging tough with Johns Hopkins, The Lancet, and other Instutional information. JAMA is reliable. So is information from The Mayo Clinic. There is going to be a mind-numbing amount of raw data collected during this upcoming winter when people gather in heated ill-ventilated homes, stores, and houses of worship. Last winter the system was utterly unprepared. It's going to be a different story in 2022. So I am taking a different tack. Rather than argue, I try my best to protect myself and my family. I am subscribed to three professional clinical oriented publications watching the latest news. I chuckle when I hear myself saying I don't have enough time left, to waste arguing.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/05/21 08:42pm Around the Campfire

Merck, A pharmaceutical co I respect is making progress on an oral Rx to suppress mild to moderate infections. Not just symptoms but viral loading. Too much of the public is focused on manipulating things that to them appear to be in stasis. The reality is, it is everything but static as far as advancements are concerned. For the dubious, there is a lot of money at stake in oral suppression medication. And I try to keep in mind COVID-19 is a Novel pathogen. New. And research will inevitably branch out to new understandings and management of other very real dangers of influenza hybrids and zoonotic mutants. Stiff upper lip ;) https://www.statnews.com/2021/10/04/what-we-know-and-dont-know-about-mercks-new-covid-19-pill/
MEXICOWANDERER 10/05/21 05:08pm Around the Campfire

The following I can claim with absolute certainty When hydroxychloroquine was declared as the "miracle" cure and prophylactic for COVID it did the following... Caused an acute shortage of the drug in generic and patented (trademarked PLAQUENIL) which left me, an immunocompromised elder of then 74 years without recourse for treatment of LUPUS, Look up the malady on GOOGLE and see the consequences of untreated LUPUS. I had to resort to steroids and methotrexate. Look those up. Either or both will greatly decrease the body's defense mechanisms against all virus, and all bacteria. Starting with an already compromised immune system, I was left defenseless for many months. I am anything but dull witted. I knew then, and I know now, that when HCQ was finally deemed almost worthless, NINETY EIGHT PERCENT OF THOSE Rx WERE FLUSHED DOWN THE TOILET. Down here in Mexico, I have seen far too many "Thirty Something's" become ill, and be tested positive for COVID. The worst exhibited a blood O2 saturation of 82. When I travel to the states for medical and do my shopping, I do a mental calculation as I enter a store. If there are too many unmasked customers, I do a U-turn. I have to do this because I get no free-shots with the virus. If I get it I die. So, no matter what your disposition may be regarding the virus please keep in mind there are severely immune compromised individuals out there who cannot live in a glass bubble. We must hope others do not kill us.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/05/21 12:45pm Around the Campfire

Interesting Clinical Study Regarding Mask Efficiency https://academic.oup.com/cid/advance-article/doi/10.1093/cid/ciab797/6370149
MEXICOWANDERER 10/04/21 07:34pm Around the Campfire
RE: 400 mile electric RV

China announced they are building three thousand new coal generating plants and will begin to reduce the total number starting in 2030. The newspaper in Wu VICTORY RED FLAG is openly sold in Mexico and is an official Chinese CCP organ. I know the person who read it to me verbatim. Do you know China is facing a critical power shortage in Manchuria? It is so serious the Chinese government is trying to divert attention from it and turn the focus on Taiwan. Hundreds of thousands of workers are idled and some large cities are experiencing blackouts. The native lignite coal is of such low BTU that boilers are operating at 30% capacity. There are no large rivers to feed a nuclear plant.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/03/21 11:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Not much posting

I always look for a post that teaches. And try to adhere to the same. Information is now primarily proprietary. So the premise is a learned customer is a less valued one. Applies when service is for sale by the vendor. I like the thought of reconstituting a marginal quality product into a superior one if possible. Thank goodness I aged-out of my rebuilding business before rebuilding became extinct by chew and spit "new" replacements. Garbage meant to last 3 years then end up in landfill.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/03/21 05:08pm Around the Campfire
RE: Repair and electrical manual purchase and download

Detailed chassis wiring manuals are costly. Forty years ago I paid three hundred dollars for (3) Mitchell manuals. From a quick glance, I gather they changed formats. Online only and subscriber only (monthly). The best information (by far) is direct from the chassis manufacturer. GOOGLE FACTORY CHASSIS WIRING MANUAL with your information. The same applies to Technical Service Bulletins related to wiring and everything else. Don't expect this to be cheap. But in perspective, hourly service labor rates should be considered.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/03/21 11:35am Tech Issues
RE: Truck Battery discharging overnight

Starting off Yank the cruise control fuse Yank the windshield wiper stalk fuse Yank the main Accessory fuse
MEXICOWANDERER 10/02/21 01:52pm Tech Issues
RE: 400 mile electric RV

The USA went from a top petroleum exporting country to importing crude in one year. Refinery output and demand remain stable. But prices are absurd which makes fracking attractive... And study after study claims the continental USA has enough easily recovered natural gas to supply twenty-centuries worth, even counting growth. I simply do not understand the controversy of coal or fuel-oil fired power generation. We have a 1.8 GIGAwatt oil fired combination generating and seawater distilling plant close by. But natural gas is not available. The electric car industry needs consumer comprehensible fact comparisons like how many hours of operation will a vehicle battery supply in 30F weather at night in stop and go rush hour, as well as daylight open flat highway operation? Upgrading the nation's electrical capacity is a trillion dollar venture. I've a feeling that the last thing the government wishes is to let the public know how these upgrades are going to be funded. It is common for a 4 bdrm all electric house to consume 4,000 kWh monthly. Then add 2 cars. Compliance will be achieved by making traditional energy sources absurdly expensive.
MEXICOWANDERER 10/02/21 10:19am Tech Issues
RE: 400 mile electric RV

https://i.insider.com/586eaa51f10a9a6d008b6e5a?width=500&format=jpeg&auto=webp height=500 width=500 Green As Shanghai Coal?
MEXICOWANDERER 10/01/21 08:22pm Tech Issues
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