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RE: B&W Companion hitch removal

All good, just a figure of speech. Not referencing any thread poster, and certainly not any forum friends, that have posted on this thread. Lifting smart is key, and if that means mechanical, that is smart too. When I remove my base, I use a smooth piece of sheet board to slide it to tailgate edge, before lifting onto waiting wheeled cart, and reattaching head.
MFL 05/31/23 03:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: B&W Companion hitch removal

I second the THANKS for reopen Barney! I felt most things posted were relevant to original post. :) Often times, lifting these hitches, is more about technique, than brute strength. My bit of off topic potato lift story, was absolutely technique to balance, over head, for 10 seconds. Go for it Ron, make believers of the weenie boys! :) Jerry
MFL 05/31/23 11:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: F250 upgrades

^Well assuming you got the camper package or something on yours. OP is complaining about too much squat. So regardless he’s looking to shore that up…I think. The regular old F250 company trucks I had, a 2012 and then a 2015 had a compliant initial spring rate. They’d stiffen up pretty good with real weight on them, but that first couple inches of suspension travel was built for comfort. Yup, camper package was available, but I chose the heavy duty service suspension package. For the sticker readers...nothing changes with either package. The GVWR stays at 10,000, payload is GVWR, minus the curb wt, and RAWR remains at 6,200, even though I have similar capability as F350. For softer ride, when wanted, I lower the tire pressure, mostly on the rear, although front coils are HD as well. Jerry
MFL 05/31/23 06:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: New to RVing and In Need Of Advice! :)

Welcome to the forum! First time RVer, and living in full time, normally do not go together! A FW would be a much better option for full time living. It would require a HD truck to carry the pin weight, and tow it. Any trailer big enough to live in, will be a learning experience for someone not used to towing. As you add more information, as to travels, or mainly park and live in, we will be better able to advise. :) Jerry
MFL 05/29/23 03:43pm Beginning RVing
RE: Roof Opinions Please

The roof should not look like that, in only 6 years, unless the cleaning product caused a breakdown, possibly salt water air? The cover may not have been as breathable as advertised? These roof types often carry a 12 year warranty, and can last up to 20 years, in the right conditions. The Dicor does not look bad for the age, but does need to be cleaned, and a light layer added. My FW was bought new in Aug 2012. It sits outside, in the midwest year around, gets tree sap, bird cr@p, road dirt, and covered with ice/snow all Winter. I've washed it 4-5 times, added a protectant once. I have added fresh Dicor, as needed, but my roof looks way better than yours. Something seems to be causing yours to deteriorate prematurely. Jerry
MFL 05/29/23 03:27pm Tech Issues
RE: F250 upgrades

Didn't read the article, but agree with above, no reason to change out the block. Air bags would easily level the truck. The LT WT fiver in signature, should not cause much squat to a 250. It would be considered 1/2 ton towable to many. Your 250 rear axle, which will carry most all of the pin wt, should be good for 6,000-6200 lbs. The diesel up front will not change RAWR. The truck tires will have at least 6,400 wt rating. Jerry Those years are SOFT. Final spring rate is normal but they ride nice empty and are squishy in the first bit of travel. And those axles are good for close to 10k not 6k. Regardless, OP, this is less about the truck and more about being gullible. Learn to recognize click bait. And also learn just a smidge about your truck and things like leverage. Because your theory why your truck is “squatting” is also flawed. You are correct, the axle is good for at least 10K. I should have said the RAWR is at least 6K+, due to the springs, and maybe tires. However, in those mid teen years, several spring options were available, so not all are soft. My 250 supports an extra 2K over the rear axle, with minimal squat. https://i.imgur.com/ftCutwTl.jpg These are my F250 springs, with only a B&W FW hitch for load. Do these springs look soft and squishy to you? Let me tell you, they will carry any FW on the lot!!!:C Jerry
MFL 05/29/23 02:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: F250 upgrades

Often times, it is the same person that keeps spouting the civil suit nonsense, concerning GVWR/payload. I think he is just trying to justify buying a DRW truck that he didn't need. There are many things that are much easier to bring a civil suit for, than an RVer being over a number, that is not a legal requirement. The biggest reason for a civil suit, is a vulnerable individual, with deep pockets, that is an inviting target to dead beats, trying to legally steal from honest folks. The average American owes more than they are worth, so no target there. Jerry
MFL 05/29/23 10:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: Mopar M20 Hitch 5th wheel pin loose and clunks

Yup, sell the Curt/Mopar, get the B&W 3600. Lots of people use Craigslist, but I see many hitches being listed on Facebook market place, so must be selling well there also. No one wants to start with new truck/new hitch, and listen to it clunk! Learjet is correct, no noise, no slop, but very easy connect/disconnect at any angle. Jerry
MFL 05/28/23 03:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: B&W Companion hitch removal

I'm sorry but that B&W comes apart to make two VERY MANAGEABLE pcs. I'm 65 and can easily lift each pc with one hand. I think people need toys for their implements. you make me wonder when you make post like this....are you suggesting lifting that much weight is really safe? one hand...give me a break! I agree, a pretty bold statement. My longtime forum friend 12V, is a factual kind of guy. I believe he is capable of doing this, or he would not have said he can. I have to say, beyond the capability of most men his age. Being active most of ones life, retains more youthful strength in later years! As a young man, working my way through school, I worked in a grocery produce department, that sold potatoes in 100 lb burlap bags. I learned to lift these bags over my head, arms stretched straight up. It was not the 100 lbs, but the unstable balance, that made this difficult. I'd make a $10 bet with other store workers, that they could not do this, after I showed them I could. Only one other guy, out of many, did manage it, and I paid the $10. Jerry
MFL 05/28/23 08:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: F250 upgrades

Didn't read the article, but agree with above, no reason to change out the block. Air bags would easily level the truck. The LT WT fiver in signature, should not cause much squat to a 250. It would be considered 1/2 ton towable to many. Your 250 rear axle, which will carry most all of the pin wt, should be good for 6,000-6200 lbs. The diesel up front will not change RAWR. The truck tires will have at least 6,400 wt rating. Jerry
MFL 05/27/23 04:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Bad Experience at Little Dealer Service Department

OP...you had a bad experience for sure, but much of it was self inflicted. We all try to be respectful when talking to/dealing with others. However, there is times, when standing up for yourself, maintaining your own self respect is necessary. I would have cut that service guy off at the knees, in front of everyone present. You don't HAVE to let others treat you with blatant disrespect! After putting him in his proper place, you could have discussed what happened, with the GM, or owner, if you wanted to continue to use their dealership. Coming on a forum to complain, is not going to regain your self respect, which is really what your post is about. Jerry
MFL 05/26/23 07:13am General RVing Issues
RE: Tree Fell onto My Fifth Wheel

If an RV dealer repairman, or insurance inspector, can see the RV, with tree still on it, they would be more able to guesstimate the damage/repair. A picture would help forum members, to be more able to give opinions also. It appears that you have a HitchHiker brand FW, which were a solid built brand. A tree falling over, but just leaning on that RV, may not have caused any structural damage. Hard to give advice, when no idea what it looks like. Hope they treat you fairly, Jerry
MFL 05/25/23 12:53pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Would You Caulk This Shower Tub?

Dallas Steve said: " That and when I try to unhook it the hitch won't let go until I have raised up the back bumper of the truck a few inches. Is that normal?" Yes, that is normal, especially with new trailer coupler, and new ball. A lube will help. I've always used a Teflon based trailer ball lube on all my trailers. It is less greasy, but super slick, and lasts longer. I put a little on the under side of coupler, and light coat on the ball. Like all things that fit tight, it will wear in with use. Have a good evening, Jerry
MFL 05/23/23 05:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Would You Caulk This Shower Tub?

I agree with others, nothing needed there. My shower needed additional caulking when new, due to the vertical areas, where the stall touched the wall had some gaps. BTW.. Is that new truck getting any smaller yet? All the trips to the store, and parking required, you should be getting used to it by now. :) Jerry
MFL 05/23/23 11:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Oiled my box fan and it broke...

Are we talking about something more special than your avg $19.99 box fan? Like the kind I have 3 or 4 kicking around. 1 that hasn’t been shut off for idk, over 5 years now down in the pump house. I mean, the alternator went out on my sons 1986 truck last night too. Had to drive home w no lights on. But never thought about posting it on the inner webs….Wondering if if dog hair (not doll hair, that’s just creepy) caused it to fail…lol. My thought exactly! Why fix/repair/oil a $20 box fan? Just get a new one, or if a tight budget, a garage/yard sale model for $1.50? For Grit...dangerous to drive at night with no lights!! Another time, you could just stand in truck bed, wearing proper head lamps. https://i.imgur.com/1rGgtehl.jpg Comes in convenient 2-pack I know you're not asking for help, but hey, what are friends for!! Jerry
MFL 05/21/23 06:44am Tech Issues
RE: Will Air bags make a big difference?

You don't mention what your P-rated truck tire max pressure is, but in any case, the front truck tires would not need to be at max pressure. You are not adding much extra wt to truck steer axle. Truck rear tires at max sidewall pressure. Jerry
MFL 05/20/23 06:25pm Towing
RE: No more training wheels

"You get what you pay for." A good saying, often true! However a fool and their money...well you know. :) The BD-5 is a good hitch, can't deny that. Jerry
MFL 05/19/23 05:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Will Air bags make a big difference?

Tire pressure will make a difference, especially the rear truck tires. If stated is 35 psi, that is for normal no load operation. Towing that size trailer, I'd run rear truck tires close to max pressure on side wall (maybe 44 psi)? Tires, truck or trailer maximums, are set cold. The closer you get to max pressure in the trailer tires, the better it will handle, and they'll run cooler too. If the front end of truck feels light to steer, you may need to transfer more wt to front. A scale would help if you have one nearby. Hitch wt should be about 12-13 percent to lessen the sway. Jerry
MFL 05/19/23 12:56pm Towing
RE: No more training wheels

It appears Andersen sells a safety chain kit to go with their hitch. https://andersenhitches.com/product/ultimate-connection-safety-chains-with-plate/ As to the law, this is a gray area, and not sure if it is federal or state-dependent. In the current statute here in Ohio, a gooseneck hitch requires chains unless you have a 5th-wheel hitch connection to a commercial tractor; it needs cables or chains. See here, https://codes.ohio.gov/ohio-revised-code/section-4513.32 Curt does offer a gooseneck safety chain adapter for a Dodge puck system. Not sure if these would fit in the truck bed with the Andersen in place. They might. https://www.curtmfg.com/part/60617 It is close, but chain adapters may fit, if installed before hitch? The BIG QUESTION...why didn't Andersen just expand frame of hitch a bit more, and add solid attachments direct to Ram pucks, which would eliminate the problems involved with that single point attachment?? Jerry
MFL 05/19/23 10:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: Goodyear Endurance is 5 years too old?

I am of the same mind as Mark Twain, to me tires are the most important items on a trailer (and tow vehicle for that matter). The last set of tires (also Goodyear Endurance) I bought 4 years ago, arrived at the dealer with two year old production date. I was not happy, but the dealer said "take em or leave em". Unfortunately, I was about to leave on a trip so had no choice. So, they are now 6 years old (even though only 4 years of use) and I am shopping for replacements (at $1000 CDN, for 4 trailer tires...jeeez). Under different circumstance (short trips, easy speeds), I would likely let them go another year or two, but our trips are always long distance (BC, Canada - Denver, Co) on Interstate Highways at 64-65 mph and I won't take a chance getting a high-speed blowout in the middle of nowhere. As others have suggested, it probably should depend on your anticipated use (short vs long trips etc) and how well you have cared for them, among other things. Marpel - It is good to know that other people share my opinions of RV tires. I had the same problem with tires not being more than 1 yr. old. I called my tire dealer 6 months before I planned on buying new tires and told them I would not accept any tire more than 1 yr. old. Les Schwab in Calif. They had to search for them but finally got them.:) I found a deal on new Provider tires, mounted on quality higher rated Vesper wheels online at Gallagher tire in PA. I chatted with sales guy online, asking about date code, and online wheel picture being accurate. He was ready to go for lunch, and he said "if you give your email, I'll check date code, send pic of code, and pic of exact tire/wheel combo, from warehouse". About 2 hours later, I received perfect pics in my email. He added that all 4 would be same code, which indicated 10 months old. I emailed my info back, and in a few days UPS delivered them. All was as described, including free shipping. My experience was great, an honest sales person, a tire dealer I'd recommend. https://i.imgur.com/fTcR8j7l.png Jerry
MFL 05/18/23 07:54am Fifth-Wheels
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