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RE: Load range E--ST Tire

Does your RV have a vehicle tire placard - located on the front drivers side lower? What does it say for size and inflation pressure? How old is the trailer? Still trying to sort this out, but it was common for many travel trailer manufacturers to use too small of a tire. What brand of tires? What country were they made in? Actually most TTs came OEM with just adequate tires. They only needed to match the axle rating, usually just a bit above. The placard likely shows a D-rated tire for that size trailer, with 65 psi for inflation. The E-rated tires would likely be an upgrade by previous owner. Jerry
MFL 08/31/23 09:56am Travel Trailers
RE: How to search for tires?

At the risk of seeming to agree with the NMed, I have purchased many new trailers of all types, 4 being RVs, and none of them came OEM with tires/wheels balanced. If I did replace tires (rarely), before buying another new trailer, I did not have them balanced. My reason...same thought as JIMNLiN back on page two. I see friends posting here, that are somewhat adamant about balancing trailer wheels. That's OK, I'm not saying you shouldn't! However, for those willing to look back at Jim's reply on page 2 of this thread, I agree with him, concerning actual need. I am anal about vehicle tire, and especially high performance motorcycle tires being balanced. Jerry
MFL 08/25/23 09:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Electrical Issue: Converter, Battery, Something Else?

I can't figure out how you're doing all that on 15 amps. That circuit is over loaded. ^This...running the AC alone on a 15A circuit, would be a heavy load. Any additional electrical load should trip the breaker. The converter charger is likely overloading, so helps to shut it off. To be there that long, a 30 amp circuit, with 10/2 minimum wire would be a wise investment. I used 8/2 to run 75'. Jerry We haven't had an issue with the breakers tripping. Our AC unit is as old as the trailer and fairly small. How would using too much AC power (not enough to trip the breaker) cause the converter charger to overload? I would think the breakers (in the house or in the trailer) would trip first before any kind of overload could occur. Maybe I should have said converter is overworking, possibly failing? In any case, a 15 amp circuit is not a good choice for full time living, supplying power for AC, microwave, toaster, coffee machine, hair dryer, etc. CB ground issue, battery issue, converter issue? Jerry
MFL 08/24/23 08:10am Tech Issues
RE: Electrical Issue: Converter, Battery, Something Else?

I can't figure out how you're doing all that on 15 amps. That circuit is over loaded. ^This...running the AC alone on a 15A circuit, would be a heavy load. Any additional electrical load should trip the breaker. The converter charger is likely overloading, so helps to shut it off. To be there that long, a 30 amp circuit, with 10/2 minimum wire would be a wise investment. I used 8/2 to run 75'. Jerry
MFL 08/23/23 06:27pm Tech Issues
RE: 1996 Nash Fifth Wheel

Welcome to the forum! ^Above advice is likely correct. If no visible shutoffs on outside, then look directly above inside. Jerry
MFL 08/23/23 08:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: How to search for tires?

Ah, life is short. But for some people it's not short enough. :) Ouch! Sounds like something I may have said.:) I was wondering how the centramatic dynamic balancing rings were working for you? Unless you have someone ride back there, near the axles, you likely can't tell from the truck. Had my partner ride in FW for about 30 miles, after putting my new tires/wheels on, to check out ride, and balance. She said ride/bounce is horrible, can hardly stand up! Huh? What she talkin bout? Felt just fine for me in the truck! Next time she can drive, I'll ride in trailer. She said "that'll kill us both". Sooo, good to go I guess. Jerry
MFL 08/19/23 10:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Need Water Heater Help

Often times a bit of wind would suck the pilot light out, on older models. Using a tooth pick stuck in one side of heater door, would help eliminate this problem. It would allow air to pass through, keeping the pilot lit. Not what your asking, but I can't help, as to finding the replacement. Jerry
MFL 08/18/23 03:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Battery Size (replacing)

https://i.imgur.com/qwvWv2Jl.png After having many different brands of this size battery, this is the one I'd recommend. Good power, and very long lasting. Jerry
MFL 08/16/23 10:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Installing new vinyl trim inserts, caulk or no caulk?

No need to caulk vinyl. When replacing rusted screws, that is the time to put a dab of caulk/sealant on the new screws, prior to snugging them. Jerry
MFL 08/13/23 07:05pm General RVing Issues
RE: raising ride height

Describe a LITTLE nose high. My FW is in lowest hitch setting, and about an inch or so nose high, depending how I am loaded. While I also have an option of raising the trailer, by using lower spring holes, IMO, would not be worth the bother, and could weaken the hanger due to more length, and less support. https://i.imgur.com/UfMvC1el.jpg Hole space is 2"s lower, but just on outside ends. It would likely lift the entire trailer an inch or so. A FW should tow just fine, with a slight nose high. Many tow too much nose high, and can add weight to rear trailer axle, and may cause bouncing/chucking. Jerry
MFL 08/01/23 12:35pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Selling an RV/payment

Absolutely an interesting thread! I've been revising/updating estate planning, so learning a lot about taxes of all kinds. Some that have posted, are quite knowledgeable, others, not so much, concerning bank business/forms that they file, things that require bank to make report, etc. Even when gifting to family members, in 2023, if giving away more than 17K, each person, you will need to file a 709 form with your income tax forms for that year. Many don't realize the records the bank keeps/files/reports, concerning your expenditures, of a larger amount, such as more than 10K in a single day. My investment broker can move money around, keeping off the skyline, more so, than my banks. In any case, if the OP actually managed to get a buyer to hand over 45K in a briefcase, the buyers bank will have a record of the cash payout. Many banks will want a few days notice before they will hand over 50K of your own money in cash. Banks do not have the huge vaults full of cash, that many think they do. Jerry
MFL 07/31/23 10:47am General RVing Issues
RE: Heating element?

OP said: "I don’t need to know where to get one I can’t see where it is on my heater? It is not in the front of the heater! I can’t see it on the inside of Mh?" Bruce Brown was only one to understand your question, and gave best answer. If someone here, has same RV, and model of heater, they would be a good source of info. If you can see brand/model number of heater, that may help too. Jerry
MFL 07/21/23 08:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Squealing rubber seal on slideout

I use ProtectAll on slide windows and frames. Keeps them clean, and slippery. I also put baby powder on the slide wipers, which makes them slide easily, and quietly Just the side wipers, not the top wiper, which needs to be a bit tacky. I use slide wiper conditioner on the top wiper. Jerry
MFL 07/13/23 09:49am Travel Trailers
RE: table top bubblig

I would peel the bubbled top, if possible, and replace the top with something better. There are kitchen repair businesses that may do this for you at a reasonable cost. I would rather pay for a professional job, than do my own cobble job. That's me though, maybe you can do a great repair? Jerry
MFL 07/12/23 06:00pm Travel Trailers
RE: AC leaking when running combined with heavy rain

An actual mobile tech, with just basic knowledge, should have already viewed existing gasket, snugged bolts if needed, or suggested replacing the gasket. Often times an RV that is just a few years old will need bolts snugged up. If you install a new gasket, snug it properly, it too will likely need a bit more tightening, after a couple years of towing, and vibration. Jerry
MFL 07/12/23 05:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towing an EMPTY tow dolly behind a Fifth Wheel east coast.

IMHO the pictured "TRAIN" is just plain STUPID!!! I've spoken with plenty of people that feel the same way about towing two trailers. Hey Bionic, not sure if that triple tow rig is yours? While I could see towing that setup, shorter distances, at lower speeds, I would consider it unsafe for towing at speed, especially in traffic. It seems the hitch wt on FW rear would be excessive too, since mine/most factory FW receivers say 300 lbs max weight. I've towed doubles since 95, and never felt unsafe. My second trailer, carrying 2-3 motorcycles, was never more than 1,800 lbs, and tracked very nicely behind several FWs. Jerry
MFL 07/12/23 07:53am Towing
RE: Tires- Tires - Tires

Sorry to hear of your damage Michelle! You gave an honest report, and from a person that understands tire care, and things to watch for. Hope you are still road worthy, until you can get parts and repair. J-panel shipping can be slow and expensive. Seems any tire can fail, even though some have a stellar track record in comparison. Jerry
MFL 07/10/23 06:09pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Creak when reversing the fifth wheel

Wrinkle for sure, that does not look good! A good tire dealer may offer replacement, but not sure of actual warranty. While you may have purchased them 6 mo ago, what is the actual date of manufacture on the sidewall? Jerry
MFL 07/06/23 06:27pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Concerns about golf cart roof in back of pick up

Now we know what one of those wind deflector roof wings, that mount on top of truck, would be good for.
MFL 07/06/23 07:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: Question on parking lot or walmart camping

While JMO, unless the slides are adding most of the wt to one side, just using the front jacks should be fine. It is recommended to deploy slides with trailer level. Most say for normal camping, to put jacks down, before putting slides out. Jerry
MFL 07/06/23 06:53am Fifth-Wheels
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