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RE: GM outsold Ford??

I’ve owned all 3 majors over the years and consider them all to build good trucks. I’m not brand loyal, but have tended towards more GMs. I had my GMC 2002 3/4T for 11yrs and ~180k miles when I replaced it with a 2013 Chevy 3500; that now has 175k on the odometer and I’ve ordered an F350 that I’m looking forward to getting in a month or so. Interestingly, last week I took a look around the campground we were at. Ignoring grocery-getters, the distribution of 3/4 & 1Ts were as expected: 7 Fords, 8 GMs, and 6 Rams. All good trucks, and about the same distribution I seem to see running down the road.
MNRon 01/13/22 05:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Hitch maintenance

Had hitch installed in 2014, never even thought about it until this post…7-8yrs, ~60k miles pulling 14k first half, 16k second half…not planning on thinking about it again
MNRon 01/09/22 12:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Camping on Sand

OK. Thanks all. You’ve brought me to my senses. Long ago I accepted the maxim that I wouldn’t drive my truck out on the lake no matter how thick the ice was, the risk/reward just wasn’t worth it. Period. No need to think about it each year. Similarly I’ll just accept that I’m not pulling my 5er on the beach, risk/reward (including salt) just doesn’t make sense. No need to overthink, I’ll just accept that. Reaffirms why DW is sometimes called SWMBO…
MNRon 01/09/22 07:47am Fifth-Wheels
Camping on Sand

We’re at Mustang Island SP (Corpus Christi) in the conventional campground. Just walked along the beach and looked at the primitive beach campsites. I’m intrigued, looking out over the waves and listening to the breakers sounds inviting. DW is less enamored, especially after just watching a class c being pulled out because he’d buried it up to the axles. How many of you camp on the beach along south TX (S Padre Is has similar camping I believe). How risky is it with a 16k 5er, and an SRW 4wd truck? Am I just being too cautious, or too risky to think about it? Also, any tips or tricks? As always, thanks for your insights.
MNRon 01/08/22 01:25pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Sailun tires

It's unfortunate manufacturers don't publish reliability and longevity data on their tires (for obvious reasons). As ChuckSteed said, running any RV tires 9 years isn't the brightest move anyone can make. Yet, I'm confident that there are some, OF ANY MAKE, that will make 9yrs or more. The issue is that percentages of surviving tires, again on ANY make, will go down with time. Five years seems to be the consensus break-point where it's time to replace RV tires. Because we don't have data, I'll hypothesize that at 5yrs the survivability of good RV tires is somewhere between 98% and 99.8% depending on brand, and how you run them. At those numbers most of us will never have issues over our RVing lifetime. If you buy cheap china-pop's, overload them, and run them at 80mph that number is probably more like 5-10% but there probably are a few that might survive. With good tires, and care, I fully expect that most can get well over 5yrs BUT the odds of catastrophic failures go up with time and most wisely don't try to squeeze the extra couple/few years out of their tires. If tire manufacturers would give us better statistical information we could all make better decisions, and maybe get a few more years out of tires but that isn't in the tire manufacturers best financial interest. If you want to run your RV tires to 9yrs, good luck, but please don't drive next to, or in front of me, on the road...
MNRon 12/11/21 08:22am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Should I upgrade to a Magnum 3012RV inverter/charger

Groover - given you have soft starts and an onboard 6kW generator, I doubt you would experience the AC generator-inverter pass through power I faced; I’m pretty sure that either the Magnum or Victron will fill your need. If you desire the easy swap out from your current 2012 to a 3012 I wouldn’t be afraid of it, and you will certainly like the boost capability if you camp with 30A hookups very much. Not to recommend against the Magnum, but just to complicate your decision making :) Victron has a really cool GUI that I like for power management visibility, but they’re pretty proud of it (costs quite a bit more than Magnums ARC controller) - as pianotuna says, the Victron and Magnum will both have similar performance.
MNRon 12/10/21 06:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Should I upgrade to a Magnum 3012RV inverter/charger

Groover - You might be referring to a thread or two I had earlier this year regarding a Magnum 3012 hybrid inverter and AC. To summarize what I've learned: 1 - Magnum 3012 hybrid is GREAT for augmenting power when you're on 30A shore 2 - Magnum 3012 hybrid is a good, solid inverter 3 - Magnum 3012 will support heavy loads well, but extended drawing hundreds of amps WILL heat things up and shouldn't be done. A few minutes for a microwave, hair dryer, etc isn't an issue. The Magnum will easily start my AC (without soft-starts) but you pull hundreds of Amps and cabling etc heat up if you do that very long 4 - The issue I experienced with the Magnum and AC's was not when running from the inverter, or shore power, but the Magnum power-qualifing circuitry will not reliably pass through portable generator power because of the generator's inability to keep voltage up cleanly at AC start. By playing around with various settings etc I was able to fairly reliably power one 15k AC from a Westinghouse i4500 at about 5000 elevation when it was 100+ outside without a softstart. With that said, I've ordered a micro-air so that it's not so fussy in the future. 5 - Regarding the AC issue with pass-through power from a generator: Magnum's "best" advice on this is to use a generator at least twice the inverter capability (ie - 6.5k genny with a 3012 - NOT HELPFUL). My understanding is that the Victron unit has a 'lock out' setting you can use when just passing power through so that it's qualification circuitry doesn't get in the way, I don't have first hand knowledge on this though. Depending on your usage, upgrading the Magnum may, or may not, be a good idea. I upgraded from a Magnum 2800 and am glad I did for the hybrid capability. I would NOT plan on running an AC from 12v power due to the high current load. The generator interaction issue has been frustrating, if I had to do it over I'd look hard at the Victron but am not sorry with the setup I have.
MNRon 12/09/21 12:50pm Tech Issues
RE: A different take on the popular ‘Carbon Dioxide Narrative’

I'm surprised that this thread hasn't been shut down yet. It's purely political and was started as such. Many that are commenting don't understand science (methodical progress of understanding using reason, observation, experimentation, mathematics, etc and KNOWLEDGE to approach TRUTH...not just trying to justify your desired belief). Believing in conspiracy theories and not believing in science just because you lack understanding is like a 3yr old that insists that 2+2=5; just because you and your buddies say it loudly doesn't make it so. Open minded pursuit of knowledge is humbling...and educational... Most RVers recognize the wonder of nature we get to experience in North America, and I should think WANT TO preserve that for others that follow. It's sad that our generation seems to be becoming the "selfish generation" instead of following in the footsteps of the 'greatest generation.' And that it's become acceptable for those that don't know what they are talking about to proudly proclaim "2+2=5" loudly in the public square. If you don't believe the sea levels are rising, that temperatures are increasing, that fossil fuels pollute, etc maybe you'd do better posting in political echo chambers instead of polluting this RV site. End of my rant, back to RVing...
MNRon 12/09/21 12:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Puck system & hitch questions

Why would you cancel the 5er package on a new truck? I believe it comes with in-bed 7pin and some other things. I also ordered an F350 within the last month and can’t imagine not getting the 5er package.
MNRon 11/28/21 04:48pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Multimeter recommendation?

I’m an EE and have used lots of lab equipment for my job. At home I have a couple of DVMs and even an old analog one with a clamp-on current measurement capability. With that said, easily 80% of the measurements I’ve taken at home or RVing are simple voltage measurements (both AC and DC); the other 19.99% are resistance measurements (usually just looking for continuity); and the last 0.01% are current readings. My recommendation is to get a voltmeter and carry it, if it’s a cheap one it will probably do everything you ever desire; if you buy a nice expensive Fluke you’ll be able to admire it and be proud of it, but RV use probably won’t distinguish between the two.
MNRon 11/25/21 08:10am Tech Issues
RE: Damaged 5er hitch by backing too hard

Good PSA. Only problem I’ve ever had with my SuperGlide was high hitching and bending the trigger, had to take head off of hitch to fully release and bend pin back. Pullrite customer service was fabulous and sent me two trigger pins (in case I did it again :) ) for free. Since then I’ve always had the pin box ride up the hitch an inch or more to avoid high hitching. I also leave chocks in while hitching to avoid putting pressure on the front jacks.
MNRon 11/23/21 12:08pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Best sliding hitch recommendation

I’ve used a Superglide for the last 7yrs and ~60k miles. Love it. Numerous times it’s automatically prevented me from punching out my rear window even with a “new rounded corner” 5er. Will be moving it to the 2022 F350 when I get it (ordered).
MNRon 11/15/21 05:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 20# propane tank

This thread reminds me of a 'Red Green' skit years ago where he loosely bolted down an empty 20lb propane tank on the rear roof of his class C so it would wobble and bounce around just to keep people from tailgating him :) Red Green was the purveyor of back-woods Canadian logic, kind of like a northern hillbilly...
MNRon 11/14/21 09:03am General RVing Issues
RE: What's the best deep cycle AGM battery for 2021?

I highly recommend Lifeline’s. I just checked batteryguys.com (where I found cheapest prices 3yrs ago, no affiliation) and it looks like they have in stock to ship. If you instead decide on LA, I’d recommend Sam’s Club or Costco GCs at about $1/AHr
MNRon 11/05/21 05:06pm Tech Issues
RE: What's the best deep cycle AGM battery for 2021?

Lifeline. Give them a call, their tech support and info is top notch. If you care for them you should expect 10yr+.
MNRon 11/04/21 03:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Upgrade from 2500 to 3500 Question

The 3500 hemi will tow just like your 2500 hemi, except more payload. Same power (or lack there of in mountains), same gas mileage (or lack there of again). Etc Get a diesel and you’d have a smile on your face when pulling…but maybe not when buying :(
MNRon 11/02/21 07:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Residential fridge

Austinjenna - a quick reply to your question: our residential fridge (and 1k inverter) draws 160A over 24hrs. Remember that for lead acid batteries you only want to draw down about 50% before recharging. Therefore assuming your golf cart batteries give you about 200AHr, you get about 100AHrs or 100/240= 10hrs running the fridge without other loads. If you’re driving you probably get 2-3A/hr charging from your truck so that you’re good for going site to site. If you want to overnight you really need the equivalent of 4 GC lead acid batteries.
MNRon 10/24/21 09:59am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Amps Draw and Voltage Drop Question 2

Unless I’m missing something, most of responses are missing the point of the issue (as the OP might have with how he’s thinking about this). I believe the 0.2V drop is not IR from the 8A flowing through wiring to the furnace, but instead is internal voltage drop in the batteries (assuming normal battery connection wires). OP is not measuring 0.2V drop across the wire to the furnace, but sees that drop in battery voltage. Doesn’t sound like a big battery bank, or strong (low internal resistance) batteries like Lithium or Lifeline AGMs. There is a reason that SOC is measured with resting batteries and not under load, any battery will have some voltage drop when sourcing significant current. To answer the OP question - no, a larger wire to the furnace will not help the situation. Any small IR change by beefing up this wire would have 2nd or 3rd order trivial change in motor draw, fan speed, etc. Better batteries and/or more capacity is the issue you’re dancing around.
MNRon 10/17/21 02:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Westinghouse generator 4500

I purchased a Westinghouse 4500 this summer to run our AC when traveling out west that our Yamaha 2000iS wouldn't. The Westinghouse is heavier (100lb vs 50lb) and doesn't have the switch to run the carburetor out of gas but otherwise is superior to the Yamaha I had (hopefully that statement holds up for years...). The 4500 is as quiet as the Yamaha (frankly quieter since it doesn't run as hard for the same load); the electric start is very nice; and it has twice the power. Additionally it has some nice readouts on hours used, etc. Based on a recent purchase and ~30hrs of use I'm happly to have it and I'd recommend it. If you read the thread 2oldman referenced from my use this summer the issue turned out to be a Magnum inverter issue NOT a generator issue. After much digging and conversations with Magnum it turns out that their "pass-thru" power mode is too sensitive to voltage fluxuations to work well with generators (they recommended at least a 6500W generator!). It wasn't a generator problem. I've since communicated with several Westinghouse 4500 owners that easily run 2 ACs with this generator.
MNRon 10/10/21 08:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Tonneau Cover

Another vote for soft tri-folds. I’ve had a TonnoPro on my Silverado since 2013. Works great. Well supported by company (have contacted them twice in 8yrs and they’ve been very responsive and sent free replacement parts for what I consider just worn out straps etc. We run with it folded forward when hitched to 5er and easily cover hitch and all when not hooked up. Also lived in MN for first 3yrs and it easily handled 1’ snow loads.
MNRon 10/08/21 06:25pm Tow Vehicles
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