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RE: Winter 2022/2023 trip plans changed!

Have traveled Mexico Mainland / Baja 16 times. Looking for company and joint safety. Send private message for planning the trip if interested. rocmoc n The Great SouthWest Contact the Baja Vagabundos travel club in Rio Vista, Calif.
MarkTwain 06/25/22 06:24pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Where have all the members gone on this forum?

Couldn't figure any other place to ask this question... I've been here since 2005. Have no idea how many posts I've done during that time. Back a several years ago I could ask a question about something and get numerous answers quickly. In the last couple of years I've noticed a very real decline in the activity on RV.NET. So, where has everybody gone? Other forums, Facebook, etc. Can't afford the price of Fuel:(:(:(
MarkTwain 06/20/22 09:16am General RVing Issues
RE: Goodbye China Bombs, Hello Made In The USA

9,000lb trailer with load range D tires which came on the trailer. I just had my second blowout in only a few hundred miles. Time to go to load range E in a Goodyear Endurance. Thinking the D is not heavy duty enough & thinking I need to go Goodyear. It will be nice to tow without worrying about my tires. :):):):):):):)
MarkTwain 06/17/22 09:36am Travel Trailers
RE: New member looking for 1st TT!

JIMNLIN Sorry, total girl here. Thought I'd said, 1500. Also, our trips will mostly be long weekends. Occasional week I suppose. Sadly we have a while to go before retirement, by then I suspect we'll be looking at larger vehicle and tt. ?? With a 1500 truck, I would look at the smaller Lance trailers for weight.
MarkTwain 05/24/22 09:33am Travel Trailers
RE: New member looking for 1st TT!

Hello campers! Total newbie here, headed out to what looks like a good place to purchase our first TT on Friday. Truck we'll be using is husbands 2014 Dodge Ram 5.7 Hemi. 2 WD 8 speed. Any general recommendations on brands, sizes? We know ( ok, he knows ) a bit about tow weight etc. Most trips will be him, myself and our dog. Would like ability to take 2 adults along occasionally, also one grandchild. We want at least one slide out and def a dedicated bed, not the table or bunk for us. Husband takes very good care of our vehicles, his biggest concern is transmission and not wearing it out, at least not real fast! We do plan to be traveling mountain areas sometimes. Not sure if a signature is added but in case it's not, I'm Dianne, husband is JD. IMHO, I would recommend you look at the Lance trailers. I would suggest the 24' or 30' trailer. depending on the length of time you normally are out for an RV trip. If longer than 2 weeks I would choose a 30' TT. Trailers can get pretty claustrophobic. In addition the larger the trailer the larger the black and grey tank capacity. Under 30 gal. tanks fill up pretty quick, especially with 3 adults and grandkid which means more frequent dumping unless you have a sewer connection at your site. Recommend a Reese Dual Cam hitch for trailer for stability (wind from 18 wheelers) and ease of hooking/unhooking. You also want 2 propane tanks. New trailers tend to come with low quality tires. Personally I threw away the original tires and bought good tires. Get the biggest tire that will fit your trailer, i.e. E or G rated tires. I would not tow with C or D rated tires. Next buy a good Emergency Road Side Service policy i.e. Good Sam, but there are others. Buy 30 to 50 amp adapters and 50 to 30. Buy a good surge protector for the trailer electrical system, don't buy a cheap one. Buy a 15' and 10' sewer hoses. a stack of 2' levelers and a good sam block ramp to raise a flat tire or just call good sam to change the tire.
MarkTwain 05/23/22 10:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: What do you need to cross the border into Mexico

I know I need insurance for my car, but do I need a passport to cross for the day? Going into Mexico without a passport is not a problem until you return to the U.S. and you are asked for it.
MarkTwain 05/17/22 09:40am Snowbirds
RE: What do you need to cross the border into Mexico

Check with your insurance provider to see if the vehicle is covered in Mexico, some companies cover some do not, and make sure it has medical coverage. All State does cover for a few miles in to Mexico. A passport or border crossing card will be requiered upon return to the U.S. or other document that proves you are a citizen, drivers licence are not proof anymore. Do not take any weapons in to Mexico at all! Also do not purchase medicines without a valid perscription. Althow small amounts of mariguana for personal use are legal in California and Mexico and related drug parfenelia, under federal laws they are ilegal, if you use leave all at home and do not bring any back, if the K-9 snifs it out you are done. Otherwise engoy the trip, it is a different world Next post down deals with travelling to Mexico and the requiered documents for a longer and further travel in to Mexico. navegator If you have a lien holder on your vehicles, you will need a written document from the lien holder allowing you to take it into Mexico.
MarkTwain 05/17/22 09:36am Snowbirds
RE: New Jersey to California

the trip back is even more fluid then the trip out.... im going to ride glacier and ive learned not to try to plan rides on a particular day because weather might not go along with your plans...lol we have been to Mt Rushmore during previous Sturgis trips so its not really on the radar for this one. we are going to bring our passports and i would like to drive back through the different providences of Canada...however i carry a handgun on the coach and im not sure how they handle that... but i guess thats another thread!.....lol Before you enter Canada, have your gun mailed to a postal box in the city you will re-enter the U.S. Pick up gun there.
MarkTwain 05/09/22 09:55am Roads and Routes
RE: New Jersey to California

My wife and I are heading out to California from New Jersey. We should be headed straight out to Columbus, OH then snake down to Joplin, Missouri, to Amarillo, Flagstaff to see the Grand Canyon on our way to San Diego. Then to the Pacific Coast Highway. We are interested in any any comments from the forum regarding "not to be missed" sites, restaurants, small charming towns, etc. Can't wait to hear from you. Personally l avoid any where from San Diego to Los Angles!! Congested traffic and crazy drivers, especially with an RV!! From Ariz. start your Pacific coast adventure from Santa Barbara north. By pass San Francisco unless you park your RV in an RV Park for a couple of days. The pacific coast north to the Oregon border is great. Instead of San Diego and L.A. I would do the whole Oregon coast!!
MarkTwain 05/07/22 05:52pm Roads and Routes
RE: Hemet, CA to Klamath River RV Park, CA

Driving over the Golden Gate with a trailer coming from S.F. would not be a choice for me due to traffic and congestion. An alternative but longer trip plan if crossing the G.G. is that important is to cross over at Vallejo over to 101. Go south until you find an RV park near the G.G. bridge, unload your trailer to stay overnight. Then drive across the G.G. bridge and make a day of it by going to Fisherman's Wharf for a great fish dinner.
MarkTwain 05/01/22 10:11am Roads and Routes
RE: extended fuel tank for C class

It depends on whether you have a gas or diesel. Larger fuel tanks are easy to find for Diesel engines but not for gas. "Transfer Flow" in Chico ca. 1-800-442-0056 is a great company. I have had 4 different tanks installed. It usually takes 1 day in their shop to install. They can also ship a tank to your shop nearest to you.
MarkTwain 04/26/22 05:37pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: best route from Barstow to Pismo Beach, CA

I have looked at Google and it does look like a fair amount of twisty curves on 58. We head to Pismo Monday morning and I'm still undecided. I'm now liking the looks of the long straights on 46. I do appreciate all the suggestions and recommendations. Monday after my coffee I'm going to have to make a decision! Go hwy. 46. Easy route for RV's. There is a McDonalds on the edge of town for breakfast with parking on the right side of the hwy 46 with room for a big RV parking.
MarkTwain 04/17/22 05:19pm Roads and Routes
RE: best route from Barstow to Pismo Beach, CA

Thanks everyone. It looks like 58 or 46 is the preferred route. How much further is it to go north to 46 and then backtrack to the 101? From 58 north on 99, it is about 15 miles.
MarkTwain 04/15/22 09:38am Roads and Routes
RE: best route from Barstow to Pismo Beach, CA

58, 99, 46, 101 all good truck routes. Check fuel prices at Lost Hills, Arco usually lower. MarkTwain - Did you mean N on 99? Yes, north on hwy. 99 and then west on hwy 46 through Wasco to Hwy. 101, then south to Pismo.
MarkTwain 04/13/22 10:09am Roads and Routes
RE: best route from Barstow to Pismo Beach, CA

Barstow to Pismo 1. Go west on HWY. 58 to Bakersfield. Just keep your speed down from Tehachapi down to Bakesfield. I keep my speed down to 50 mph towing my 34' 5th wheel. 2. Go north on I-5 to Hwy 46 (Wasco) then go west straight to Hwy. 101 3. At 101 go south to Pismo. 4. Make your reservations as early as possible as the area is very popular. Be sure and go to the Splash Cafe for the best clam chowder near the Pismo pier.
MarkTwain 04/12/22 10:02pm Roads and Routes
RE: CBC radio

There is no separate CB channel just for RVers..There use to be, and still technically is. Channel 13, and some RVers still use it. Just like Channel 9 is the emergency channel and 11 is the calling channel. To get the most complete and current road information and conditions, I use channel 17 for the west coast and channel 19 for other states. These are the channels the truckers use. Some people have the opinion that the "language" of truckers is objectionable. After 20 yrs. of using CB talking with truckers, this has not been true for me. I actually hear more foul language on High school campuses after spending 30 years as a high school Principal. Just my opinion.
MarkTwain 04/09/22 07:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dealer Services

I have a friend looking to buy a used travel trailer. Is it normal for these charges, 1, $300. walk through after the sale 2, $285 Cleaning fee 3, $400 Check gas appliances. I think they are out to lunch, but I have not had any dealer dealings in over twenty years. Help me out. Thanks in advance. Jim Thats all BS. All manufacturers REQUIRE their dealers to check the gas appliances for obvious liability reasons... Tell them to skip that as you know a guy that does it.... Watch them change their story. Agree 100%. I would not deal with this dealer. Find another dealer!!!!
MarkTwain 04/02/22 07:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Apple Assistant Siri - Glitch - FYI & beware!!

Listening to one of the call-in radio programs today. Caller was looking for advice. His 94 yr old mom is very(?) computer savvy - has various Apple devices. She asked Siri for a phone number for Amazon. Siri came back with a number which was a phishing (bogus) number for Amazon. Unfortunately, she trusted the phony number and allowed the supposed Amazon folks to access her laptop....:( Time for a data save, wipe & fresh re-boot. She is 94 yrs old - "we" all know better, right?...:W . I search the Amazon web to get their phone number then I put it into my contact list. SIRI is too unreliable and undependable.
MarkTwain 04/02/22 07:32pm Technology Corner
RE: Best way to travel the Pacific Coast

I've done the trip multiple times in various pieces, and I also did the whole coast from Victoria, BC all the way to L.A. It's a gorgeous drive, but there's also a whole lot of nothing in some of those places. It's all beautiful, but it depends on your need for variety and for stops along the way. Highway 1 through California isn't for everyone. It's narrow through Mendocino (but gorgeous) and 101 is an easier detour. The 101 is gorgeous up there, so it's no real compromise. Highway 1 between Carmel and San Simeon can be a tough drive and I wouldn't recommend it if you're towing. I think you could easily cover this road on a day trip though. You could camp in Morro Bay (in San Luis Obispo County) and drive up hwy 1 through Big Sur to Carmel, and then turn east at Carmel to the 101 and come back south to 46 at Paso Robles to cut back to PCH below Cambria or keep going south down the Cuesta Grade and back up hwy 1 to Morro Bay. You could do something similar to see the coast at Mendocino so you don't miss any of the highlights like Ft. Bragg. In short, there are amazing things to see along the PCH, but I don't recommend towing a trailer down the whole thing. Good travel information!!! Hwy 46 is great RV road to get back to the centeral coast. Pismo Beach area is great choice.
MarkTwain 03/31/22 07:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: Best way to travel the Pacific Coast

Good morning everyone, The DW asked me to start planning a trip to see the Pacific Coast (CA, OR, Wash). My simple question to start is " Is it best to travel north-south or south-north to do so? My plan would be a fall trip allowing at least a month to do so. Thanks in advance for any advice/comments. Happy Trails In Washington not much to see along the coast except for Whidby Island. It is a RVers dream loaded with many beautiful little towns and sights. Easy to spend a week on Whidby Island. Riding the ferries to different islands is also great. I would suggest starting in Astoria and going south all down the Oregon and Calif. coast. The southern route gives the best sights and places to pull off the highway and take pictures. It is also much safer not having to cross the highway watching for other vehicles. BUT BEFORE YOU EVEN GET ON THE ROAD, MAKE RV RESERVATIONS FOR YOUR WHOLE TRIP AND DO IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. You can also call and cancel reservations if needed but be sure and know what the cancellation policy is for each RV park. Traveling in Calif. is fantastic as far as San Francisco. I would not choose to drive an RV through S.F., too much traffic and congestion. I would bypass around the city and then continue down Hwy. 1 all the way down to Santa Barbara. Not much to RV travel beyond that. Personally I would not drive any where near Los Angles especially with an RV. TRAFFIC, CONGESTION, TRAFFIC CONGESTION!!!!!
MarkTwain 03/31/22 04:00pm Travel Trailers
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