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RE: RV satellite

Thinking about buying a new satellite system. Tail gater satellite and the Wally receiver. Any recommendations and comments? Correction---- how about the Wingard Play Maker
MarkTwain 09/21/19 10:49am Technology Corner
RV satellite

Thinking about buying a new satellite system. Tail gater satellite and the Wally receiver. Any recommendations and comments?
MarkTwain 09/21/19 06:10am Technology Corner
RE: Hwy 99 to Stockton instead of the 5

OP Here, Thank you for the replies, I am towing a travel trailer and I do get into the left lane once in awhile to avoid some of the really bad spots, but I am afraid to stay too long and get a ticket. I will give it a try and report back next month to let you know how it was. Cheers I don't especially worry about getting a ticket for driving in the fast lane as long as I am not blocking traffic or creating any safety hazzards for other drivers.
MarkTwain 09/18/19 05:08pm Roads and Routes
RE: Hwy 99 to Stockton instead of the 5

I will be traveling from southern California to Stockton, the last time I took the 5 it was so rough stuff was bouncing out of my cabinets :E Is the 99 any better? Thank you.......... Hwy.99 is a better choice. If you choose I-5 try to drive in the fast lane as much is safe.
MarkTwain 09/17/19 04:31pm Roads and Routes
RE: Fuel nozzle gets stuck

Is your RV diesel or gas?
MarkTwain 09/05/19 07:03pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hurricane advise?

Make sure you have a good National Weather Radio. make sure you set the stations for the areas you are traveling in. As soon as I get a weather warning of a hurricane or tornado heading towards my direction/location, I immediately start driving in a direction away from the weather and keep driving until I am out of the area. I do not wait. I was coming out of Texas near the border Fort Stockton. I pulled into the nearest RV park for cover and protection. In 15 min. the tornado did $16K damage to my truck and trailer. :(:( I will never drive through Texas again and especially Tornado alley:(
MarkTwain 08/29/19 09:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: No Propane Flow to RV Appliances

I have a problem with the propane on my 5th wheel (2019 Montana High Country ) I just bought the unit second hand and have never used the propane system before. When I turn my bottles on, then go inside and try to light the stove, I get a short (1 second) hiss, and then no further pressure. If I let the system rest for half an hour and turn it on again, I get another 1 second hiss, then no more pressure. It appears that there is only a tiny bit of gas coming from the cylinder. Things I've tried: 1) The cylinders do have propane in them, I estimate about half full. How did you estimate? Propane tank gauges are seldom accurate. Did you weigh each tank? the side of the tank will tell you what the tank should weigh when full and/or empty. Personally, I would take the tanks and have them bleed out all the propane currently in the tank and then have them both refilled. I would also use a little piece of wire and run through all the propane tubes in your stove, then take a air hose and blow them out. Are the tanks beyond the certification date, if so buy 2 new tanks and have them filled. If this dosen't solve the problem, I would replace the propane the propane regulator. Do you have any ideas of what I should try next? The RV is only 6 months old, so I can't imagine the regulator would be bad. I bought it from previous owners who had free electricity at their RV park, so the previous owners never used any part of the propane system. Thank you! Randy
MarkTwain 08/29/19 08:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: pulling fifth wheel with f250 supercab 6.2L engine

1. Get 16 inch rims and G rated tires 2. Get a long bed truck 3. Buy Diesel truck with a Exhaust Brake 4. Contact Transfer Flow in Chico ca. To replace your stock fuel with an auxlilary larger fuel tank. 60 gal or larger.
MarkTwain 08/28/19 04:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Sacramento to San Diego

I want to go from Sacramento to San Diego pulling a 35 ft fifth-wheel. All the maps on the computer say to take I-5 all the way to San Diego. I would prefer not to do that. Would it be easier to get to Bakersfield, take hi-58 to Barstow then take I-15 to San Diego. Or take I-5 to Santa Clarita, then take Hi-14 to Hi-138 to I-15. Or is there another better route? Yes to hwy. 58 to I-15. I will drive 100 miles extra to avoid driving I-5 through L.A. Especially towing a th wheel. The time of the day you drive any where in Southern Calif. is critical. If possile avoid early morning commuter hrs. and late afternoon times when people are going home after work. An alternative but longer route would be I-5, hwy 58 ,I-15 , I-10 to Indio, hwy. 86 to I-8 then west to San Diego.
MarkTwain 08/25/19 09:10pm Roads and Routes
RE: Escapees?

I did a search and didn't find anything much about the Escapees. For some reason I assumed that the group was a Class A bunch and never paid much attention to them. But I was reading a blog post on groups to join like KOA or Passport America and the author had quite a section on Escapees. Since he generally agreed with my opinions: only Passport America and SAMS are worth joining I took his opinions seriously and he really liked the Escapees. Only $40/yr to join and they provide a lot of services. So what do you people think, worth joining? Any members out there? The key question is the location of all the Escapees RV parks. Are they located in the areas you want you want to stay at.
MarkTwain 08/18/19 02:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: New to RVing.....please help

Last question. What's a dog tail? Lol and thanks for the rest of the advice It is a little electrical cord 2' long that has a 50 amp connector on 1 end and 30amp on the other end. you can also buy a dog tail that is 30 amp on one end and 110 on the other end if you need to plug you trailer in when you have it home. 1st look to seek the size of your trailer/RV electrical cord. The 50 amp cord is bigger than the 30amp. If your trailer was has a 50amp, and you get into an RV park that only offers a 30 amp connection, then that is when you connect your dog tail. Just go to Amazon or Camping world to buy the dog tail. They are not real expensive.
MarkTwain 08/13/19 07:40am Travel Trailers
RE: New to RVing.....please help

Would this be an okay one for us? Also do I need 30 or 50 amp? Sorry if these sound like stupid questions. I have been reading other posts but didn't see anything about this. https://i.imgur.com/JbyEOpMl.jpg Get 50 amp with a dog tail to let you reduce down to 30 amp if you need to. Most RV parks are set up for 50 amp. With 50 amp you don't have to worry about how many appliances you can use at the same time without blowing your circuits, especially if you are running 2 air conditioners at the same time. Buy a " Progressive surge protector 50 amp", cost a little more but you get much more protection. The Camping World surge protectors are cheaper but don't give you much electrical protection compared to the "progressive" surge protector.
MarkTwain 08/13/19 12:26am Travel Trailers
RE: New to RVing.....please help

Instead of grease on the ball we use several layers of wax paper. Don't have to clean it off your pants... Use white lithium instead of grease. Go to Amazon and look for trailer ball covers.
MarkTwain 08/12/19 07:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: New to RVing.....please help

Thank you so much for the help. Any other advice for a first timer? Surge Protector!! Do not RV without one. Without one, you could destroy electrical components and appliances. You always hook up the surge protector to the shoreline electrical box at the RV park. Do not hook your electrical cord to your trailer until your surge protector indicates that your RV electrical shore box has no electrical problems. It is a dangerous assumption to assume all RV park managers maintain all the RV park systems on a regular basis.
MarkTwain 08/11/19 07:38pm Travel Trailers
RE: I need a large 5th wheel but am I looking too large?

Well, I think I have heard enough to know that the 50 footer is not going to be my option. I don't want to go through the hassle of maxing out my capacity and I certainly don't want to add this much to the inconveniences as I'm sure there will be many other inconveniences without having an oversized rig. Thanks again everyone for your answers. You have quickly educated me against making a bad choice. :) How many total people and what ages do you need to fit in your 5th. wheel? What kind of RVing are planning on doing? short trips? long 3 month trips? what parts of the country do you plan on RVing in? Where are you planning to spend your winters? As you answer these questions you will begin to get a more realistic picture of what your RV needs are realistically.
MarkTwain 08/06/19 09:44pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: I need a large 5th wheel but am I looking too large?

I've never owned a 5th wheel so I can't help with your questions. I am curious, what will you use to tow the large 5th wheel you are considering? The truck we are planning on buying is a 2017 or newer Ford F350 Diesel Dually. The 50' has a 21,000 lb capacity so it should work out great. Right size truck but choose a Dodge diesel truck with an exhaust brake. I would then add a Transfer Flow auxiliary fuel tank 60 to 80 gallon tank??????.
MarkTwain 08/06/19 06:52pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: proper hook up procedure?

:h I have had a fifth wheel parked in the pole barn for storage for over 18 years now on a level cement floor without chocks. Why would I be chocking that thing up? Will you ever use the trailer outside of the pole barn? If you are walking around inside the trailer, chocks will make your trailer more stable and minimize any rocking.
MarkTwain 08/06/19 07:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: proper hook up procedure?

OK I've got it now. Rubber chocks from Horrible Freight OK? I do the "bump" test now but the advice to only slightly raise the front legs makes a lot of common sense in case the hitch is not fully latched. Thanks for the help. When you see a pick up with bed rails bent , you just found some one who did not do a BUMP TEST:):):)
MarkTwain 08/05/19 03:07pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: proper hook up procedure?

Definitely use wheel chocks. The trailer brakes are nowhere near adequate for hooking up. Also, best practice is to have the 5th king pin a bit lower and have the hitch "lift" the trailer as it latches. This takes weight off the legs and helps prevent what you are talking about. 5th hitches have a bit of a ramp, presumably for this exact reason. Then remove the chalk after you have raised the front jacks about an inch from the ground. Then do the "bump test" by using the brake lever lock up the trailer brake, then pull the trailer forward about 6 inches to make sure you have the hitch hooked up correctly, then raise your front jacks completely up.
MarkTwain 08/04/19 09:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Correct inflation of trailer tires

Everything I read says tires should be inflated to Max psi. Is there general agreement on that? I plan to do whatever is safest and as of last evening, my tires are at 60 and Max is 80, so I have some filling to do. I called my tire dealer (Les Schwab) with the same question. The general agreement is to fill the tires to the max. capacity of your tire. To run your tires at 60 psi could lead to tire damage/blow outs/damage to your trailer and accidents. When I am not towing my 5th wheel trailer I run my tires at about 60 to 65 to make the ride more comfortable.
MarkTwain 07/29/19 07:43am Beginning RVing
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