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RE: Dealing with campground reservations

Reservations- Plan the route for your whole trip. Pick places, sights and towns you would like to make reservations. Use Good sam web applicaton to give you RV parks names near the areas to want to stay. Be sure and check their cancellaton policies if you need to change locations.
MarkTwain 05/06/21 08:37pm Roads and Routes
RE: Virginia to Oregon and Back 45 foot with toad

First cross country trip leaving from Southeastern Virginia bound for Oregon and back. Not new to RVing but have never traveled coast to coast (we have mostly explored the eastern seaboard and the south). Would like suggestions on the most beautiful, good roads for a 45 foot class A diesel pusher towing a toad? I’ve been using tools like RV Trip Wizard and RV Parky but there’s nothing better than hearing from someone who has experience! We want to hit the highlights along the way (Badlands, Yellowstone, Mt Rushmore, etc all the way out to Crater Lake OR). We have two months to do the circuit (June and July). For those who have done this trip before, we would really appreciate advice and suggestions on safe, beautiful routes and must see stops. Thank you in advance! Sounds like a great trip! My only suggestion is that you make all your reservations as soon as possible for the whole trip primarily because you will be RVing during the busiest time of the year. Reservations can always be changed to meet any changes, just be sure to check for any deposit charges.
MarkTwain 05/05/21 11:48am Roads and Routes
RE: Trailering

After several years of visiting this site I have to ask.... Why are so many interesting in such odd setups to their trailering???? I travel across the US from Michigan to Maryland to Las Vegas to Tucson to Florida every year pretty much. I have a Dmax and a 36' Jayco TT. I am wondering just how many of you really need or want items like 55 gallon diesel tanks, or worry about MPG or a reasonable speed to travel at. Unless you spend weeks and months on the road like we do annually then why would you sweat these items?? I am not a full timer but would guess our travels that takes several weeks never needed answers to these items listed above. I mean why sweat a 55 gallon fuel tank?? You only go out while on vacation a few weeks a year and your roan time is but a few days not weeks. Your speed is derived from knowing your set up and you experience again a few days on the road doesn't make you a hauler. I don't know but most inquires seem like not of much value to most. I have a Transfer Flow 55 gal. diesel tank. Does not affect my milage. When travling I want to have the option of stopping for fuel when I want and do not have to wonder if the diesel station is open or closed. It also gives me the chance to find the best fuel price.
MarkTwain 04/19/21 10:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: Need new tires

In October of 2020, WE bought our first 5th wheel, a 2015 Heartland cyclone 4150. From what we can tell, it was left on a seasonal site since 2016. I am thinking the tires are original, and although they look almost new, I am planning on replacing them as it sounds like dry rot is a problem when a tire gets this old. The tires that are on it are E-rated. This is a triple axle coach with a 20,000 lb GVWR. When I did the math with the tire weight capacity that was listed on the tire, there was only 540 lbs left if the TH was fully loaded (which I doubt I will ever come close too). Does this seem odd that the TH would have come with these tires from the factory? I am thinking I need to put "G" rated tires on it when I replace these. My local small town tire shop recommended: "G" rated not only for the extra capacity but also said they have never seen a "G" rated tire shred on a 5th wheel. The price is about $210 per tire vs. $170 for the E rated. I have no problem spending the extra money, but just wanted opinions from those who have been doing this longer than I have Buy the “G” rated tires!!!! Then buy the Good Sam Emergency roadside service plan for break downs and changing tires??????
MarkTwain 03/29/21 09:51pm Toy Haulers
RE: First time RVing. What should we consider? Insurance?

Check with your current vechicle insurance company for a separate insurance policy or check with Good Sam. To plan your trip. Use the Good Sam RV PARKS web site. Search for RV parks around each city you will be traveling through then make reservations. I would all your reservations for your total trip. You can always cancel if your plans change along the way.
MarkTwain 03/29/21 08:36pm Beginning RVing
RE: highway 49 California

Hi all, Anyone drive down highway 49 from South shore Lake Camanche to Co Columbia State Park towing a 35ft., travel trailer? Your experience? Steep climb out of Lake Tahoe. Plan on a slow and leisurely drive on Hwy 49 to Columbia.
MarkTwain 03/27/21 04:48pm Roads and Routes
RE: Cant find a place to stay near Harrisburg, PA, help!

Hello all, I am out of options so I thought of posting this to see if anyone had any ideas. We need a place to camp in the Harrisburg Pa area or within half hour or so. We want to try and find a house to buy, with emphasis on "try". This alone may be impossible these days, but now since the whole world owns rv's we have no where to park that doesnt charge 60 or more dollars a night. Looking for a better monthly rate so we can survive while trying to find a house and am coming up empty. Sorry to be so blunt, but I'm stressed to the max and out of options. Any ideas? Use Good Sam RV Parks application to find parks in the area you want. Contack the "Escapees RV club on the internet" to see if there are any parks where you want to be.
MarkTwain 03/26/21 08:37pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Lassen Volcanic NP Highway 89

Well, RedRolling is a former trucker, and I am not. So I would trust his judgment over mine. Having said that, I have taken 89 north to south, towing my small trailer, and it was not a problem at all. I did have to downshift several times, but I do that on many downgrades. And my wife said the scenery was great. I was looking at the road, so I can't comment. ;) There is one hike at the crest that you do not want to miss -- it is called "Bumpa$$ Heck." (The names have been changed slightly to avoid the anti-obscenity software.). Bumpa$$ was the name of the poor guy who discovered it by getting burned and dying. Here is a blog post that may be useful -- scroll down to the part on Lassen: Lassen post Great pictures/Video of an outstanding RV trip!. Keep posting your trips.
MarkTwain 03/18/21 08:47pm Roads and Routes
RE: Water Hookup Order

Hello all! We are back in the RV Community after 15 years or so. Please consider us newbies. We just bought a 2018 K-Z Connect 251RK and are looking forward to our first trip! Question: All the videos and articles I have seen say to hook my pressure regulator and water filter up at the supply. The pressure regulator is fine but it seems to me that it would be better to hook up the water filter at the camper. The water will at times sit in the hose for hours when it is not being used. Wouldn't you want to filter that water? Am I missing something? Thanks! I want the weight of the water filter on the water faucet not on the plastic connector on the side of the RV.
MarkTwain 03/17/21 03:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Lassen Volcanic NP Highway 89

How is the road North to South through the NP pulling a 36 foot 5th wheel in first week of August? We are thinking about staying a few days at Manzanita Lake Campground. Any suggestion on the best site are welcome. You will be traveling in the summer heat. Make your reservations now:)
MarkTwain 03/15/21 08:14pm Roads and Routes
RE: Tire life

I have a fifth wheel with Goodyear G614 G rated tires. They still have very good tread and still look good but they were made in the 19th week of 2014. I read that you can go between 6 to ten years. I know there will be many different opinions on this but I would like to hear some. Thanks. A lot depends on how much of a risktaker you are and if you have a good Roadside Emergency Service. Another variable is what kind of RV trips you take and how often. Long trips .ie 1K to 5K 2 or more times a year. Short trips 500 miles or less. Are you ok dealing with possible damages to your RV from a blowout? As they say, "roll the dice and take your chances" I used the G614 Good Year tires for years and used to get new tires about every 5 to 6 yrs.
MarkTwain 03/13/21 05:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Truly towable with 1/2 ton?

We are looking for a lightweight 5th wheel that can truly be towed by a 1/2 ton truck. I would buy a 3/4 ton if I could find one, however they seem to be hard to come by these days, unless you want one that has been well used, or was a Fleet/Rental truck. A number of the lightweight trailers (we like the Rockwood Ultralight) are pushing the limits of 1/2 ton trucks and require "max trailering" packages, which most trucks don't have. The trailer will be for two - no pets. I would love some ideas on trailers from this experienced group! Time is of the essence, as we would like to get one before summer. TIA Look for a Casita 5th. wheel. Small and light for your 1/2 truck.
MarkTwain 03/12/21 10:44pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Load Range D tire confusion

Tire load size. Personally I would recommend moving up to a "E" rated tire if you have the room with your trailer. I prefer to have extra pay load with my tires even it is more than my trailer needs. I used to run "E" rated tires on my 5th wheel but switched to "G" rated. They felt more stable travling down the road and lasted longer. I replace my tires every 5 yrs. regardless how they look or how much tread is left. Having a blow out with your trailer can be dangerious and do some costly damage to your trailer from my own experience.
MarkTwain 03/11/21 09:10am Travel Trailers
RE: Trouble on the border

We have Big Bend, Texas on our list of things to see and do this year and we are wondering how safe it is with all the problems with the border crossings? Anyone have Big Bend on their list this year? Given the current immigration and political issues going on right now I personally would not risk taking my family or my RV rig to that area. Or, wait for a year to plan your trip when the govt. has a chance to decide how they are going to deal with the immigration issues.
MarkTwain 03/09/21 01:27pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Road way and Elevation issues while traveling

Good Sam trip planner or RV Trip Wizard. On my Garmin GPS you can select "RV" and input your length, height, width, and weight. Good Sam will route you around propane restrictions, Google won't. Buy the Garmen Dezl 770 LMTHD model. The 7 inch screen makes the world of difference as you are driving along and bouncing on the highway. The screen is steady, clear and easy to read. Life time map dates are provided free. The smaller screen Garmen models are difficult to read as your RV is bouncing along the highway as you have to keep your eyes on the road with only quick glimpses to your Garmen.
MarkTwain 03/09/21 09:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Will it be difficult to find a reliable 5er on a 20K budget

As an adjunct, if a potential buyer wanted to hook up my fifth wheel and tow it to an RV dealer for an inspection I would tell them no. The effect for that type of action would be to talk me down on my price, and impart a huge inconvenience on me, plus take the trailer off the market for a while, let alone liability issues. I would sell it to the next person with the ability to inspect it himself on site and recognize the value that it is. Not worth it for a $20k sale. I couldn't agree more. If I have something for sale it's not leaving here until paid in full. You can inspect it all you want HERE. Also when looking if you're serious carry a substantial amount of cash for at least a deposit. A stack of $100 bills in sight can help in negotiations. Be ready to buy while there if it's what you want. The last 2 I bought, from individuals, took a couple hours or better. Checking it over and negotiating can take a while. A few years ago I was about a 100 mi from home looking at one. Made the deal, paid them and waited for them to unload all their personal items then pulled it home. If you see it and want it don't hesitate buy it. Used trailers are like used cars, no two are the same Depending on bad you want to sell your RV rig, I would hire a mobile RV mechanic to inspect your rig at your place. If your rig has any major repair issues, you really can not expect a buyer not to want to negotiate the price if you want to sell.
MarkTwain 03/08/21 02:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Campground recommendations for OR coast

We stayed at coastal state parks only and all were great. We did reserve ahead for all of them. It is absolutely necessary to make reservations many months prior to your reservation date. This is especially necessary for weekend reservations. Many of the people in Oregon are limited to RVing during the weekends which makes it difficult for RVers wanting to spend a week or longer. My daughter lives in Oregon and RVs all the time and she has difficulty getting reservations when she tries a year in advance.:( I would have a backup list of RV parks to use if needed.
MarkTwain 03/08/21 01:40pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Extended Dealer Warranty

You have to realize that these warranty companies would not exist if they paid out more than they collect, so buying a policy is going against the odds. I look at extended warranties as lack of confidence in your purchase. If it is built properly, you will not need one. If you are concerned about that random failure that may be costly, put away the money you spend on that warranty and use it for repairs if required. Otherwise, you will have a good reserve building up for your next purchase - How you use that money will not be directed by contract. Totally agree %100!!!
MarkTwain 03/07/21 11:34am Truck Campers
RE: How long do you drive/tow in a day?

Driving more than 4 hrs. per day will create a medical condition called "TB or Tired Butt". I also stop every 1-2 hrs. to get out and stretch and loosening up my body.
MarkTwain 03/07/21 08:51am Travel Trailers
RE: Extended Dealer Warranty

About 85% of the cost of extended warrantees are pure profit for the seller. IMHO ,The exclusions and fine print exceptions make warranties a financially poor choice for the consumer. Take the $3000 cost for the warranty and put it into a separate bank account to be used in an emergency when needed. You have to be a lawyer to be able to read and understand extended warranty benefits. Most RV manufactures offer a 1 yr. warranty to cover the repair and replacement of products.
MarkTwain 03/07/21 08:15am Truck Campers
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