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RE: Work-anywhere towing assistance?

It can be insurance, or pay-for-service - either way. I just need that I can call it 24/7 anywhere in the USA and get reliably dispatched to locals Does such a thing exist? I'm pretty sure all the major Roadside Assistance Companies offer this service. We have AAA. I call the 800 number on my card (or I can use the App on my smartphone) and they find someone to tow my vehicle, repair flat, etc.. If I am not in my AAA Region, they will connect me to the AAA Region that I am in when I make the call. The only stipulation is I have to be with the vehicle. It covers any vehicle (even ones I don't own), as long as I am there with my card. AAA will tow me anywhere I want to go. I can get 4, 100 mile tows for free per year with AAA Plus. If I need to go more than 100 miles, I pay a few bucks extra per mile. Coachnet and Good Sam offer similar services, except they will tow the vehicle to the nearest service station/dealership. We had Coachnet for 1 year (came included with RV purchase). Since they wouldn't tow us where we wanted to go, the one time we tried to use them, we used AAA instead. We did not renew Coachnet. Most Roadside Assistance companies have contracts with a lot of the same companies. The time we choose to use AAA over Coachnet, the tow truck driver told us that both contacted him to tow us. -Michael JUST BE SURE you what towns,cities,counties , areas AAA does not service.
MarkTwain 09/14/21 02:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: Extended Warranty: Why do I need it?

My wife found a very good description of extended service plans a while back (they are not warranties, but rather insurance policies with lots of fine print). They are another form of legalized gambling. The company is betting that nothing breaks that would cause them to pay out more than you paid for the policy; you're betting it will. As in all forms of legalized gambling, the house usually wins. Otherwise, these companies wouldn't be in business or make a profit. Dave Ramsey and Clark Howard have commented on these plans many times, too. The standard seems to be that 80% of extended service plan revenue goes toward commissions and marketing. Only 20% goes toward paying for actual repairs, which means most people are getting a really bad deal. We prefer to set money aside regularly (earning interest) and pay for repairs as they come up. Rob Totally agree %100. Warranties are total scams and do not benefit the RV owners. Save your money!!!!
MarkTwain 09/10/21 09:13pm Beginning RVing
RE: Work-anywhere towing assistance?

Recently broke my wrist and couldn't drive. Luckily friends back home came out the 90 miles and We got truck and trailer home. If I was far from home though? The convenience of calling a work-anywhere phone number for: - Mechanical breakdown: repair or tow to suitable facility - Personal injury: Get truck and trailer home somehow. It can be insurance, or pay-for-service - either way. I just need that I can call it 24/7 anywhere in the USA and get reliably dispatched to locals Does such a thing exist? Check out the Platinum Good Sam Emergency Roadside Assistance plan and The GS Trip-Interruption Plan. The trip interruption plan is for major emergency incidents where you are unable to drive for medical reasons. They will fly you home and send a professional driver to drive your RV to your home. The wife has to pay for her own flight. I have had both for years and so far only came close to needing GS to fly me home and drive my RV to my house. IMHO, it is well worth the money for peace of mind.
MarkTwain 09/06/21 10:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Consider trip interruption coverage???

What is the premium for such comprehensive trip interruption insurance. I am sure others would like to know before My Good Sam Trip interrutption coverage is approx. $125 per year. Or figure about 3 meals a year for 2 people!!
MarkTwain 09/03/21 08:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Consider trip interruption coverage???

Several years ago I started carrying trip interruption coverage in addition to ERS and the usual full coverage. We were hauling my motorcycle on almost every trip and doing a lot of riding all over the west/southwest. While I did not anticipate an upcoming problem for around $100 a year it provided some comfort to my bride and I. Should we have a mishap on the bike just getting the coach and trailer home could be quite a challenge. The coverage deals with a number of other issues and happily we have never needed it. About 2 weeks ago we had reservations at Pinegrove {which are very hard to come by}, one of our favorite CG's located about 25 miles south of Flagstaff. Again we were taking the bike and were looking forward to this trip even more due to the unexpected kidney stone that rocked my world {and NOT in a good way} the week before our scheduled departure. After 4 days in the hospital I returned home and reluctantly canceled our Monday reservation on Saturday assuming that I still might not be up to the trip. This turned out to be a very good decision as Monday night I had to be rushed to the ER with serious Liver and Gaul Bladder issues. Long story short, I spent the next 8 days in two different hospitals, no longer have a Gaul Bladder or the errant stones that had escaped it. Had we gone to Pinegrove it would have turned into a serious 911 event with my bride, myself and our Class C, trailer and bike all 80 miles {which easily could have been hundreds or even thousands} from home. Had that occurred I would have been calling the trip interruption folks to get our rig and my bride back home. I won't name the coverage we have but based upon other reports believe they could/would have dealt with these issues. The key is contact them first before contracting with anyone to move the rig. It is not insurance per se but they will pay to get you, your family, the rig and even pets returned to your residence. I think we really dodged several large caliber bullets on this last incident, you can't imagine the pain involved and being medevaced out from an isolated CG certainly would have complicated things {vs being 2 miles from the local ER}. So now I ask: Do you have this coverage and have you ever needed it? What issues/problems {if any} did you encounter in using it? Will you continue to carry this coverage? I certainly will hoping that I will never need it {much like my fire extinguishers, EMS system and ERS}. :h Trip "interruption insurance" is a cheap price for a peace of mind and not having to worry if you actually need it. Each year we get older the probability of needing the insurance increases.
MarkTwain 09/02/21 10:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: Propane Tank level question

Thank you. Can you suggest where I would get the regulators? Find a good RV shop in your area. You can also just go to Amazon and order them. Just don't go to Camping World for parts or repair.
MarkTwain 08/31/21 07:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Propane Tank level question

My tank level indicator seems to be showing red even though I know both tanks are full or near full. Please see photo. Can anyone tell me what my issue may be? Thank you for any input you may provide. https://i.imgur.com/Q4fI0wll.jpg "border=0" https://i.imgur.com/m3zZPvb.pngClick For Full-Size Image. Buy 2 new regulators. Buy regulators with easy to read RED/Green window indicators.
MarkTwain 08/31/21 05:47pm Tech Issues
RE: How fast do the gray and black tanks fill

"Depends on how often you shower and use the potty"
MarkTwain 08/30/21 05:43pm Beginning RVing
RE: Astoria,OR to Florence OR

Assuming US 101. The hills there are pretty gentle, as there is not a lot of elevation change. A lot of it is along the seashore. Usually slow going, though, as some of the parts are pretty curvy, and there is lots of traffic. Mostly folks pulling 40 ft fifth wheels (!). It's an iconic and scenic road, and very enjoyable. I would also try to avoid driving on the weekends.
MarkTwain 08/28/21 04:19pm Roads and Routes
RE: Good Sam trip planner to Garmin 770

Why not just let Garmin plan out your trip?
MarkTwain 08/25/21 04:21pm Technology Corner
RE: Good Sam trip planner to Garmin 770

Hi all. Maybe someone with more tech savvy can help on this one. I have tried many times to follow the directions to get the final trip created in the Good Sam trip planner onto my Garmin 770. No joy ever! There must be a piece to the puzzle that I am missing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Give Garmin tech support a call. If it can done tech support will tell you how to do it.
MarkTwain 08/24/21 07:37pm Technology Corner
RE: CBC radio

I mounted one on the side above the drivers window, sold it with the MH. There are groundless antennas that use the coax for the ground, limites the range more than the already limited range. Not much chatter on CB these days, replaced by cells and ham radio. Questionable value these days IMHO. To talk with truckers to get info on accidents/road conditions/ detours use channel 17 on the west coast or 19 in other states. You will get info on conditions approx. 1 mile ahead and behind your location. There is no separate CB channel just for RVers. Use a Wilson CB antenna for the best distance when talking with truckers or other people.
MarkTwain 08/19/21 10:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Portable, Battery Operated Radio for Camping

buy a CC Brand radio from the co. Crane. Great radios with great reception am/fm/ weather alert. I would also buy a separate National Weather Alert radio that I leave on whenever I am on the road or parked at an RV park. I also have Cobra CB radio with the national weather alert feature. The CB is great for talking to the truckers on Channel 17 on the west coast or 19 to get road conditions/accidents/detours a mile in front and rear of you. If you buy a CB make sure and get a long Wilson antenna with a magnet base to fit on the top of your truck cab so you don't have to drill holes in your truck. A good antenna is what will get your reception for longer distances. The little short cute ones are useless and a waste of time.
MarkTwain 08/19/21 10:18pm Technology Corner
RE: Road side assistance

We would like to share our experience with road side assistance. We were driving from Minnesota home to Colorado. Our motorhome engine broke down,we having Road side assistance from 2006 started call asking for help.First person told us that we too far , 60 miles from any repair facility. It is 10 am in the morning, we have hope.. second person told us that they can tow us to nearest Walmart.(?)or campground (?), we explained that we need repair facility. Its already 2 o'clock afternoon, we are on hwy 29 southbound, it is hot and smokey from the fires.At this point we looked at our RV GPS, 70 miles away repair facility.So we are calling again, and asking for towing... Third person told us that they need extra $511 for towing, ok we giving our credit card.. waiting for towing...Then they called us that they could not agree on price, and her supervisor told that we can find our own towing.So it was last call... it is already 6:00 o;clock in the evening, we called this facility, and asked them , please, send us somebody.. we still on side of the road.Eventually this repair facility send us towing. My question is if you avoid provide any road assistance, why you in this business. People relay on this, paying money, you have people taking calls and do nothing.It is unacceptable. I hope it will help people to make their opinion about this Road Assistance. Thank you. What Roadside Assistance company did you call and deal with? That has not been my experience with Good Sam Roadside Assistance services!
MarkTwain 08/18/21 02:58pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: Route planning help

Route trip planning----- I use the Garmin Diesel for trip planning.
MarkTwain 08/09/21 12:23pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Florida to Arizona Trip

I was curious how long it would take to drive a Class C from North Florida to Arizona? My husband and I are thinking 3 days, but we are new to this and would rather know for sure from veterans. Figure out how many miles it is from start to end. Divide that number by 50MPH. This will tell you how many hours it will take. Then decide what kind of trip you are going to take. 1. marathon, few rests stops 2. easy with plenty of rest stops 3. Slow with stops with every rest stop and a lot of sight seeing.
MarkTwain 08/08/21 01:11pm Roads and Routes
RE: Towing a 42 footer… What do you think?

Hi folks, Found the perfect 5th wheel and it’s 42 feet. Started out looking for a 38 but it’s the 42 footer that best handles our needs. Not concerned about state parks etc. We will use an occasional parking lot on travel days but mostly RV park pull thru. When all is said and done does the extra 4 feet make that big of difference towing and in general? We go between Georgia and Montana most summers but pretty much stay in one place. So not a lot of traveling around with the Coach once we arrive at our destination. Thanks guys Too avoid surprises in your RV trip reservations, I would call ahead and ask how many 42'sites they have available .
MarkTwain 08/07/21 04:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Trailering after a stroke

I always use my computer or iphone to get a list of all medical emergency facilities and hospitals addresses and phone numbers and maps of the area at the next town I am going to stay at. After I get my RV unhooked and set up I take a drive to each of the medical facilities so I can quickly get to them in case of emergency.
MarkTwain 07/23/21 03:22pm RVing with Disabilities and General Health Issues
RE: Another GS roadside FAILURE

Had an air bag failure while on a trip called roadside assistance and they found no one around to work on a diesel as far out as 55 miles or a tow, so I said I would call around and see if I could find one and would call back if I needed a tow so she said she would keep it open. Well I called to get a tow and the guy on the phone said I could only tow 36 miles then a minute later he said 26 miles. I told him I have Platinum coverage which is unlimited miles and he still insisted on 26 miles well the call ended there. This is the 2nd failure I have had in the 2 times I called them. Well as soon as I find another Roadside I will cancel this and I am sure I will get a hassle with the refund. I will NEVER recommend Good Sam for anything. Marcus you should change the name to BAD SAM. Now I know I will get the standard response from corporate, and we will see. Give Customer Service at Good Sam and ask to speak to a supervisor to resolve your break down incident.
MarkTwain 07/21/21 07:43am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: F250 Short Bed Adding Diesel Auxiliary Tank

I'm interested in adding an Auxiliary Tank to my short bed F250 and wondering what the largest tank you've installed without running into turning issues with the 5th wheel. Thanks Call Transfer Flow Company in Chico , Calif. for all your questions. They have installed 62 gal. auxiliary diesel tanks in 3 different Dodge trucks. Never had a problem. they can install the tanks in 1 day.
MarkTwain 07/20/21 11:24am Fifth-Wheels
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